Refuting Apologetics Over Islamic ‘Creative Lying’

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Sam Shamoun of Answering Islam recently forwarded me an article titled “Tawriya: Islamic Doctrine of ‘Creative Lying’? Response to Raymond Ibrahim,” appearing on a website called Muslim Debate Initiative, and written by one Shadid (“Severe”) Lewis in response to my recent exposition on the doctrine of tawriya. Although this response—poorly written, poorly argued—would normally be ignored, I address it for three reasons: 1) To date, it is the only rebuttal I have seen from a Muslim concerning tawriya; 2) Far from rejecting tawriya, it actually validates it (the author spends his time chasing red herrings, not disproving the doctrine); 3) It is a good example of the speciousness and sophistry employed by those who try to downplay or rationalize some of Islam’s more problematic doctrines, in this case, tawriya. (Note: Although Shadid’s original article is littered with grammatical and punctuation errors, in the interest of readability, I have corrected the more egregious when quoting him.)

At the start, after informing readers that he “read the article of Raymond Ibrahim posted on and I just had to respond,” Shadid argues that tawriya really “means deliberate ambiguity rather than creative lying.” Discerning readers understand such euphemisms change nothing about the doctrine.

After I pointed out that most Muslim scholars (or ulema) are agreed that tawriya should not be used to commit an “injustice,” I added “‘injustice’ as defined by Sharia, of course, not Western standards.” To this, Shadid responds: “Says who? None of the sources he [me] cited said as only defined by Sharia. A commonly known wrong is a commonly known wrong just the same in Islam (stealing, cheating, murder, etc. is wrong and accepted as such in Islam).”

First, of course the Muslim authorities do not bother pointing out that they mean justice and injustice as defined by Sharia; that’s a given. Likewise, anyone familiar with Islamic law and doctrine—presumably Muslims like Shadid himself—know that many of Islam’s views on “right” and “wrong” do not agree with “universal standards.” One example: Islamic law holds that any Muslim who converts out of Islam and refuses to return is an apostate to be executed. Whereas in Islam, such executions are deemed “just,” from a Western point of view, which acknowledges religious freedom, they are unjust. In this context, then, it is “just” to use tawriya (lying) to enable the execution of an apostate.

Next, Shadid distracts the issue by making irrelevant points: “Sheikh Al-Munajjid, another source cited by the article’s author, said excessive use of puns leads to lying. So the claim that this [tawriya] can be used whenever and wherever is a lie in itself.”

Yes, at the very end of his fatwa, after giving many proofs validating tawriya, Munajjid warned that too much tawriya can “lead one to slip into a lie,” meaning that, by getting caught up in one’s own dissembling game, one can end up committing an actual lie—one that is not “technically” true, a criterion of tawriya—without realizing it. More to the point, saying that some ulema warn against using tawriya too much, does not change the fact that Islam permits lying through tawriya, and that it is up to the individual Muslim to decide how much is too much.

Shadid continues: “Al Munajjid said this [tawriya] is used for embarrassing circumstances. Yet the author would have us believe Muslims can use this to lie in business transactions, and to take peoples’ property and other commonly accepted wrong activities.”

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  • Imnokuffar

    I gave up reading the rubbish that the Muslim produced after reading half of it.

    It is utter specious crap.

    We all know that Muslims lie through their teeth and take pleasure in fooling the gullible Kuffar. Otherwise how could they colonised and invaded our lands with such ease.

    But the Kuffar are waking up to their dissembling and to the traitorous actions of their equally lying politicians.

  • The Infidel

    WOW, the real islam must be truly embarasing to this fellow, the amount of tawriya going on with him is truly astounding. I wonder if he has to hold his nose and leave the room every time he reads the koran, hadith and surra. it must, cause the whole work of islam stinks to the high heaven. Fortunatly here in Australia, there are still enough straight talkers who are prepared to tell these bs artists they are full of crap. Just ask the moozlims what happened in Cronulla when they decided to have a mini jihad, needless to say they have decided to become extremely quiet and "peaceful".

  • cheese_burger

    From the article: "In light of all the above, readers are free to conclude whether, as Shadid put it, my article on tawriya is “a clear example of how these haters just make up blatant lies to taint Islamic teachings and draw false conclusions based on their over zealous bias against Islam,” or whether Shadid’s entire rebuttal—which strains out a gnat while accepting that Islam permits lying—is itself an example of obfuscation."

    Lying has been bred into every Muslim who has ever been born, since birth. They are trained by their elders to lie, before they are old enough to walk.

    How could it possibly be otherwise, given the indisputable fact that the Koran, Sira and Hadith all institutionalize lying of every sort imaginable, and also lying of every sort not yet imagined?

    Muslims, trained since birth to lie, cannot help but to grow up into pathological, sociopathic liars. Every Muslim adult they meet, is a liar. Muslims lie more to their fellow Muslims, than they do to non-Muslims. It might, on the surface, seem that one can practice deceit somewhat, and then be honest the rest of the time, but when one is immersed in a religion/society/culture where deceit is the norm, the rule the chances for that religion/society/culture to produce truthfulness and honesty is permanently crippled.

    For Muslims, lying becomes habitual… normal, long before the age of reason.

    There is literally no hope whatsoever, for the vast majority of Muslims. They never had a chance to be formed into whole, functioning human beings.

    Add to that the 'inbreeding factor'… that Muslims, due to the atrocious doctrine of Muhammad's, where marriage is concerned, prefer their first cousins. Of course, that would be bad enough, but Islam promotes sexual practices far more pernicious and toxic… the hideous act of mufa'khathat… sexually molesting infants, as young as two years old. (google it if you think I'm making it up).

    Of course, as we all know, at the ripe old age of six, grown Muslim men can joyfully and openly sexually molest… the word Khomeini used was 'sodomize' little girls, and at age nine, of course, the little girls are old enough for 'Rape and Marriage'… the Islamic equivalent of 'Love and Marriage', when normal human beings usually wed, around the age of 18 or more.

    More sickening still, where Islamic inbreeding is concerned… in a culture that isolates its young girls from all but family members, and reveres the idea of sexually molesting these little girls in various ways, and at various ages (like 2, 6 and 9), what do you suppose the incidence of Incest might be??? How many of those 'honour killings' of Muslim girls just might be the result of Islamo-Daddy repeatedly molesting and raping his daughter(s), and then murdering her, to hide what he has done?

    So there you have it… Islam is a lie from the ground up, and it's very roots in the Koran stink of deceit, sociopathy, infant rape, child rape, inbreeding, incest, and all the evils that go with it… inbred mental illness, inbred genetic diseases, suicidal rage, failing economies (how can a social entity composed of inbred, mentally retarded people create a functional society?)

    So it is only natural that the Mooze would crave Atomic Bombs, which they would promptly use, both on their 'enemies' …the entire human race, and upon themselves.

    • Beth

      "It might, on the surface, seem that one can practice deceit somewhat, and then be honest the rest of the time, but when one is immersed in a religion/society/culture where deceit is the norm, the rule the chances for that religion/society/culture to produce truthfulness and honesty is permanently crippled."

      cheese_burger – (very well said). I wonder how many people in society understand the importance of teaching our children not to lie? Lies bring destruction (that's why muslims use that tactic).

      I prefer a religion/society/culture that sees the wisdom (and Peace) in the teaching of "Thou shalt not lie". My prayers are that Americans will finally take a stand and apply laws that already exist to ban islam altogether.

      Freedom of religion and speech (both) NEVER included the right to incite the masses into violence (which is precisely what their koran does). It's no wonder that violence prevails in muslim nations.

  • kafir4life

    So muslims lie. Obama lies. Is Obama a muslim?

    • cheese_burger

      You asked: "So muslims lie. Obama lies. Is Obama a muslim? "

      Could be.

      The Islamic Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-Banna was known to have envisioned his plans for the Global Caliphate on a very long timeline. Stealth Jihad is not a modern invention. It is reasonable to assume that the Muslim Brotherhood began grooming and placing 'Sleeper Muslims' in the U.S.A. decades ago, with long term covers, as non-Muslims, so that they could gradually infiltrate our political organizations, as these sleepers advanced in their political and other highly influential careers.

      If I was a member of the Islamic Brotherhood, I would work long and hard, to get a Muslim Sleeper Stealth Jihadist in the Oval Office.

      • Francisco Bravo

        The white house and State Department the CIA the FBI , the MB infiltration is real.

    • jacob

      KAFIR :

      If it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc,., could it be an elephant ???

      Born Muslim, raised Muslim and schooled Muslim, if he is a Christian, he must be some"sui generis" Christian….

      Arabs I've known years ago, whenever asked about thweir faith, they would invariably answer :
      CHRISTIAN …! ! !
      But the minute the first mosque bas built, you could see these "CHRISTIANS" sporting the Muslim
      big beads prayers rosary around the palm of their hands while musitating their prayers…

      Now, is somebody who apologized to the Muslim conference at CAIRO for American "misdeeds" to
      the Muslim world, existing onlyin his biased mind, is to you a Christian ???

      Is the one who geneflexed to the "keepr of the Faith", Saudi Arabia King, a Christian ????

      Is somebody who stated America is "INDEBTED" to Muslims for its independence, a Christian ??

      Just because if he is, ten I'm the POPE…..

    • Beth

      By his works (and associations) – you will know him.

  • kafir4life

    These are the very reasons we refuse to hire muslims. We also do not shop in their stores. We don't shop in stores that hire muslims, and explain to management why.

  • Eopithecus

    I hate to say it, but unbelievers are not waking up in sufficient numbers to be in any position of authority. The West won't even go down swinging. Political correctness has destroyed society and Western democracy just won't have a place in the future. Most people are satisfied being led and being led badly through life. In democracy extraordinary doesn't rise to the top instead it is only the average with money. A ruling class that has had civilization and society serve at their whim for 5000 years. Technology is a veneer for human society to keep the ignorant stupid but satisfied. In all honesty islam serves the needs of the masters more efficiently, complaints to the contrary are a voice in the wilderness. Islam is a greater common denominator than democracy and most humans probably just don't care enough to understand the clash between civilization and tyranny. So after China and the Middle-East get all the wealth of the West, the West will be filled with Islam from within, after our politicians meekly ,make our Western democracies into third world pestholes. Western Liberalism in smithereens.

  • zemplar

    You didn’t need to write this or your original piece. All you had to say was “muslims are liars”. End of story.

  • Crossbow87

    Mr. Ibrahim, when I receive my morning email from FrontPage, I always read your stuff. Good job with this one, it gives me the experience I need to argue effectively.

  • ahmadnb

    Yawn…can't see the forest because of the trees. As usual. Nice try, Raymond, but I know better.

    • Crossbow87

      You know what better?

      • ahmadnb

        Of course I do. I've been a Muslim all my life. He's trying to tell me that Islam is something that I was not raised to believe. I've read the Qur'an cover to cover multiple times. Truth be told, you can take any Scripture (take your pick: The Old Testament, the New Testament, the Qur'an, the Book of Zoroaster, the Geeta, the Tripitak, etc.) and twist it into something that it is not. One must always bear in mind that truth, knowledge and wisdom come to those who actively seek it without fear or reservation, and only by God's Will. Mr. Ibrahim seems to be more concerned with tearing Islam down. Well, what's a better alternative? My answer, is that he doesn't have the truth with regard to Islam, and that he's either wholly ignorant with regard to Islam or dishonest. He might try preaching that whatever religion he follows is better than mine and closer to the ultimate Truth, but he seems to be unable or unwilling to do so. I wonder why?

        • Beth

          "Truth be told, you can take any Scripture (take your pick: The Old Testament, the New Testament, the Qur'an, the Book of Zoroaster, the Geeta, the Tripitak, etc.) and twist it into something that it is not"

          and that is where you FAIL ahmadnb! and quite miserably too!

          There is not one single sentence in the New Testament that teaches humans to be violent with each other. (which is online for all to see for themselves). Maybe you should try reading that Book for awhile….and possibly – the Command "Thou shalt not lie" will sink in!

          • ahmadnb

            Well, then, explain the FACT that the rise of Christianity in Europe didn't exactly bring peace to the continent. So what went wrong? We had feudalism, a violent strain of anti-Semitism that refused to die out, forced baptism of pagans, a regressive and ignorant society, one that didn't tolerate any kind of dissent, and of course, war after war after war. When European Christians were't fighting Muslims, Jews or pagans, they were fighting each other.Where there's smoke, there's a fire. I wonder what the source of that might be???

          • Beth

            You say, ahmadnb "Christianity in Europe didn't exactly bring peace" I could call you a liar, but that would just be my opinion. But I would rather present the proof:

            First Christian Commandment:

            Mat 22:37 Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

            Mat 22:39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

            Rom 13:9 For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

            Beyond these commands – there are no more in The New Testament.

            There is not one single New Testament Scripture that teaches humans to be violent with each other. Not One!

            In your koran (and this is only a small example of the violence that is taught):

            009.029 Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, even if they are of the People of the Book, {The Jews and Christians} Other non-Muslims are not so lucky] until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

            033.061 They shall have a curse on them: whenever they are found, they shall be seized and slain without mercy. {Genocidal teaching – no matter how you look at it!

            You will never be able to provide proof that Christianity is violent – because there is none. (the New Testament is online for all to see for themselves).

            (That's a challenge to you ahmadnb – to present New Testament Scriptures that teach humans to be violent with each other. Until then, you are a liar every time you claim Christianity is violent – which, being a muslim, may not bother you – because your koran teaches mankind to lie to each other which can NEVER be justified – a lie is a lie – and it is simple logic to understand that the Kingdom of God is not made up of a bunch of liars for God does not need lies to build His House. Satan, on the other hand – does. You might want to think about that simple little piece of logic)

          • ahmadnb

            You mental midget…did you even understand what I said here?Tell me…DID CHRISTIANITY BRING PEACE TO EUROPE??? If the answer is yes, then feudalism, the Dark Ages, constant wars, armed conflicts, the brutal persecution of Jews and non-conforming Christians and the successful elimination of pre-Christian European religions either never happened or could be said to have been part of the Christian religion. Or maybe it was something else.So please explain to me: Why did the rise of Christianity in Europe not bring about a lasting peace? Why did it not prevent the “Dark Ages” from descending over Europe? I want simple answers here. You can quote all the scripture you want over here in order to make your point. But you can't quote the whole thing…not from the New Testament nor the Qur'an…and there's a LOT MORE in the Qur'an than a few selected verses.Just remember that it takes wisdom to truly understand and appreciate Scripture…whether it's the Bible, the Qur'an, or any other Scripture in any other religion. You can remain stuck in your own little worldview where “Islam: Bad, Christianity: Good”. I, for one, have a much broader worldview than you do based on extensive study, research, experience and contemplation. I could compare you to the Taliban.

          • Beth

            The tactic of changing the subject to "Well, Christianity is violent too" ….

            STILL DOES NOT ADDRESS (I'm not shouting) the fact that your koran teaches vicious violence. It does not matter to me who is right and who is wrong in this debate. What matters to me is how society will turn out for the future for my children.

            My hope is that an ear deafening roar from the voices of society will rise up to charge that old tactic "Well, Christianity is no better". In that day – I will feel there is hope for a peaceful future for my children. And you, ahmadnb, will then be left empty-handed for defending that which you continue to defend.

          • ahmadnb

            Here you go again…All Scripture came from the same God. How it looks depends on how those who claim to believe in it interpret it and live by it.I have nothing to defend. I'm not afraid of seeking the truth. I never started out by saying Christianity promotes violence…some of my best friends are Christians and Jews and Hindus. But there are people in every religion who promote violence, and find something in their Scripture that they will use to defend their point of view. How else can you explain Apartheid, the KKK, racial segregation and Jim Crow laws? Those who supported such things will also claim that they're being “good Christians”. I actually had someone tell me in my face that “as a Christian, he believes that God, according to the Bible, condemned inter-racial marriage”. Truth be told, there are very violent verses in the OT…more so than you'll ever find in the Qur'an. No Jew or Christian can ignore the OT, which lays out the very foundation for both religions. Unlike you, I don't go out there attacking Jews and Christians for being so. I don't have a problem with Jews and Christians. But you seem to have a problem with my being a Muslim and adamantly standing by my beliefs, even though I have never promoted violence against anyone based on religious/political beliefs. I have no problem here and don't need to defend anything. You, on the other hand, need to justify your attacks against me. You're the one with problems here. Nothing that a shrink couldn't cure…

          • Beth

            I know that I have upset you (by reading your other replys) (not my intentions).

            The bottom line for all of mankind, ahmadnb, if they want True Peace is….

            Do Not Lie
            Do Not Steal
            Do Not Cheat
            Do Not Murder
            Do Not Covet (for this leads to violating the other four)

            You be your own judge ahmadnb, as to whether the koran violates those golden rules. Those are the rules that bring Peace for all. The Creator does not need for any one of us to lie for Him….no matter what the reason may be. The Truth is the Truth is the Truth (and none can change that fact…no matter how hard they try).

            Those are the laws that bring Peace for all. It's up to you to decide for yourself if the koran violates any portion of those laws….with any Scripture. For see, It was written, that there is not one bit of defilement in God. If anything claiming to be God has any defilement in it…well then, it's not from God. I believe you know that much. So, you be your own judge of the words/Words preached….for your own eternal life.

            Isa 34:16 Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail.

          • ahmadnb

            Upset? Who's upset and why? You know, you're being very condescending here. You're lecturing me as if I'm some sort of scorpion that crawled out from underneath a rock.You obviously don't get out very often, do you? For starters, don't think of yourself as some sort of savior out there doing God's work. I would love to engage someone like you in a face-to-face debate and watch you violate as many of your principles as possible that you think I need to follow. I would draw out your rather obvious weaknesses and shortcomings and expose them to you while I amuse myself. You won't be the first person I've done this to.What exactly are you really afraid of? A wrong answer is all I need in order to draw a solid conclusion on you with regard to your faith in God.Do you think I'm not aware of them already? I've known them for over 30 years now. I was raised by Muslim parents in a Christian environment. I was exposed to Judaism, Christianity and Islam from a very early age. After I came to go to college in the USA (a strict Christian college, mind you) I had a choice to make: To remain a Muslim and continue to educate myself in the faith and pursue the truth, or abandon Islam and embrace Christianity. That choice was an easy one for me to make. I would remain a Muslim and grow stronger in the faith in the years that were to follow. Now not everything remained the same…I abandoned socialism and embraced free-market capitalism after I realized that socialism didn't work, and that in order for any society to be free and prosperous, the free market was the way to go.

    • Mandy

      Typical. "i know better" but then he doesnt tell us how. Only one more reason to be convinced by Mr Ibrahim's points.

      • ahmadnb

        Of course I know better. I've been a Muslim all my life. I have no desire to leave Islam…not out of fear of fellow Muslims (I also happen to be a strong conservative/libertarian who supports the Republican Party and even Israel against the Palestinians, Iranians, Hezbollah, etc.) but because to do so would be to deny obvious truths. There are way too many to list here.You don't know. And neither does Mr. Ibrahim, who seems to have been twisted by bitter experiences back in Egypt at the hands of the dysfunctional society that exists there.

        • Monsour

          So, you admit that Egypt is a "dysfunctional society," and we know that Egypt is a major Muslim nation; so what do we get when we put the two together? Islam=dysfunctionalism.
          And there it is.

          • ahmadnb

            Another amateur…Look at the slew of dysfunctional Christian societies spread all over Central/South America and sub-Saharan Africa. By your own methods, Christianity=dysfunctionalism. BTW, that last one isn't even a real word.Nice try, though, but puerile at the best. Is there ANYONE out there on this forum other than myself with even half a brain that can come up with something that makes any sense when it comes to sticking something negative on Islam???

    • jacob

      AHMADNB :
      What do you know better ???
      Are you another jailbird converted to "Nation of Islam" of straight Muslim ???
      Just because, the ignorant/illiterate Mohammed was taught by the Jews of the Jewish tribe he later
      had beheaded.
      So he took whatever percentage of Judaism and of Christianity, added his own drugged visions, put
      it in his Osterizer and viola, here is ISLAM….
      On the contrary, Nation of Islam as preached by ELIJAH O'TOOLE, self named ELIJAH MUHAMMAD,
      The Messenger of Allah and whose first convert was the late MALCOM X, claimed in the beginning,
      the world belonged to the black man. They allowed a white demon, one JAKUB to live among them
      This white demon started makig trouble for them and they decided to exile him to a deserted island,
      in which he procreated (cloned ?) 3636 copies of him, which returned to the continent and enslaved
      the black people.
      Therefore, all those names black people have (Jefferson, Washington, Smith, etc,.) are slavery
      names and they have to be replaced by X's and the more with same first names, the more X's after
      his name …

      • ahmadnb

        I see…another know-it-all, or one who thinks (s)he's a know-it-all with regard to Islam and Muhammad. More like a know-nothing. Can't even spell “voila”.Come back with something intelligent and factual and we can have a discussion. Otherwise I'll twist you into a mental pretzel that you won't be able to get out of. I would do that just for fun, for my own amusement.Tat-ta…

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Islam commands Muslims to force infidels to either revert, submit, or die.

      True or false?

      • ahmadnb

        I strongly believe this to be false. Nowhere in the Qur'an is it commanded for Muslims to force anyone to accept Islam. The opposite is true…the Qur'an clearly states that there is no compulsion in matters of religious beliefs. God guides whom He will and leads astray whom He will.Most anti-Islamic like to point out “violent” verses in the 9th chapter of the Qur'an (Repentance). They conveniently skip over a verse that follows the “violent” verses where it clearly says that if an idolater were t seek protection from a Muslim, the latter would be compelled to give it to that person so that the former could hear verses of the Qur'an, and then be conveyed to a place of safety. Again, no mention is made with regard to whether the idolater accepts Islam or not.

        • Beth

          In YOUR koran ahmadnb:

          009.029 Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, even if they are of the People of the Book, {The Jews and Christians} Other non-Muslims are not so lucky] until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

          033.061 They shall have a curse on them: whenever they are found, they shall be seized and slain without mercy. {Genocidal teaching – no matter how you look at it!)

          What's the punishment in islam for calling your very own prophet a liar? ahmadnb?

          • ahmadnb

            Again, nice try.I happen to have not only read the entire Qur'an cover to cover multiple times, but also looked into the history of Islam from various angles. The verse you mentioned in Ch. 9 (a favorite chapter of every anti-Islam critic I've come across) cannot stand by itself but be combined with verses elsewhere in the Qur'an, and the actions taken in this regard looked at from a historical context. When all is said and done, it was actually more compassionate towards Jews and Christians than the way Jews and Christians treated each other during that time. Of course, you can say that I'm full of it, but I couldn't care less as your opinion means nothing to me.As for 33:61, did you read the preceding verse and the one that follows it? Combine the 3 and you'd get a totally different meaning that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with genocide. You must think I'm either too lazy to do my research or too stupid to see through your game here.And who's calling my own prophet a liar here? There's no punishment that I'm aware of as it's not a crime. Muhammad was trusted by all, even those who hated him. He was known as “Al Amin” to the townsfolk of Mecca, before as well as after they shunned him and the message that he preached.Now please tell me: What religion do you follow? Please don't tell me it's Christianity…you'll be giving that religion a very bad name. Some of my best friends are very strong Christians…you would not hear one bad word come out from their mouths.

  • Lou J Apa

    Sort of sounds like someone I know of at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC! {in an oval like offices space}….What say you all??

  • DogsHateRomney

    RE: "Apologetics Over Islamic ‘Creative Lying’"………………

    Satan/Lucifer is a LIAR! (note: Romney's LDS believe Jesus and Satan are………..

    What Does Romney/Mormonism Teach about "Satan"? (read here)

    There are different theories on truth such as…

    • mrbean

      babble babble babble goes the rabble lef by BabbleBart himself!

      • Old_BBart_School

        Have any facts to discuss, beany?

        …..ya know what a diet of Marxist dialectical mybeans produces?

        BRAIN FARTS!

      • Beth

        To post or not to post (?) oh well… goes….

        Beans, beans, they're good for the heart
        The more you eat, the more you fart
        The more you fart, the better you feel
        So eat beans at every meal

  • mrbean

    Ahhhh,,, that explains Obama and why everything coming out that kentucky fried chicken hole in his face is a outright lie. Then again, that is what we should expect from a clandestine Muslim.

    • Old_BBart_School


      ~ Mr. Bean. – YOU BLOW!

  • Old_BBart_School

    Speaking of LIES:

    ………… "Obama is Beautiful!

  • Cry Me a River

    How many Jews actually believe in God? Probably not many. Jews are of the most secular, god-hating people the world has ever known. European Jews were, and still are, behind socialism and communism and every other atheistic trend in Christendom, with the ultimate motive always being Jewish selfishness and desires for control over the Goyim. Even in your own Torah, the Jewish people are famed for rejecting God's message time and time again. Instead, Jews go after wealth and sin in the bible. Many continue to do so today. So who cares what the bible says about Jerusalem? Do you really believe it yourself? If Jews want Jerusalem, they need to fight for it. And the fact that Jews don't believe in an afterlife, and are consequentially cowardly, is not the fault of Islam. A Jewish nuclear bomb will only decide regional politics for so long. Perhaps Jews need to do more soul-searching on why they are so universally despised, today and throughout history.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Oh you are naughty people. The followers of Allah and his 'Prophet and Messenger' wouldn't tell fibs. Does not Quran 115:1 say, 'Naughty people wot tell fibs will only get 71 virgins and a goat."

  • Mary

    In a cult (Islam) that prohibits analysis or critical thinking and whose prophet lied and advocated lying, such is the caliber of the arguments for Islam.

  • Old_BBart_School

    There was no "Arab Palestinian" history before the Arabs manufactured one shortly after 1948.

  • Beth

    These people (who bow to the koran) are so twisted that they can't even understand that in NO WAY is the Kingdom of God made up of a bunch of liars. The True God does not need lies to win ANY battle. That's what satan does…..No? Satan is a liar and the father of such. Why is it they can't understand such simple logic? especially when considering the fact that it is eternal life that is at stake? Regardless of whether any reader here believes in eternal life or not – the point STILL stands with every single muslim!

  • LoveFreedom

    Excellent article, Mr. Ibrahim. (as always)—We haven't forgotten either that allah hizself is "THE BEST SCHEMER!" If the so-called god, creator of the universe, and supreme judge of all mankind is a liar, his submissive slaves will be liars too! —— -—–

    Notes section: "2. The Qur'an states twice that Allah is the best of the deceivers:

    'And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers (waAllahu khayru almakireena).' S. 3:54 Pickthall

    'And when those who disbelieve plot against thee (O Muhammad) to wound thee fatally, or to kill thee or to drive thee forth; they plot, but Allah (also) plotteth; and Allah is the best of plotters (waAllahu khayru almakireena).' S. 8:30 Pickthall

  • LoveFreedom

    "On the other hand, Jesus identifies Satan as the father of lies, i.e. as the master deceiver:

    'You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.' John 8:44 NIV

    It is up to the reader whether or not he dares to see a connection between these passages, but I do not consider such a connection to be far-fetched."

    Whether a person is a follower of an organized religion or not, it's clearly evident that the core, text, foundational teachings of moohamed are evil! (the linked article also has good commentary about the deceit many translators of the kuran have done by making violent commandments seem less threatening)

  • peter

    The daily killing in there own countries and abroad runs in the thousands all done by muslims. Those are the guys that are sneaking into our country and take all the money they make back to Marocco, they buy a lot of new cars all with our money. Beheadings are done with saw. I can't understand why our governments are letting them in by the thousands and they will ruin our country.

  • Margaret Boerner

    I bet the? baby was saying. In his head do not touch my. Girl

  • gfmucci

    Good job, Raymond. Have you ever considered being an advisor to Mitt Romney? Maybe you can convince him that Jihadism IS in fact, a part of Islam. It doesn't seem that Walid Phares is effectively communicating with him.

    You have to have tons of patience to continually reiterate the obvious to counteract the non-sensical lying of Islamists. Keep up the good work and often thankless job.

  • john in cheshire

    Does the Holy Bible mention anything about farting and how to behave once one has farted in public? The koran is a joke book, is it not? Does it also have jokes about how many ayatollahs it takes to change a lightbulb? Or the etiquette of nose-picking whilst sitting in a traffic jam?

  • Bruce

    It thought it was "taqqiya". In Islam, a Muslim IS able to lie, and, is able to lie to even friends and family. I'm not sure of the scriptures for lying to friends and family, but, a Muslim IS able to lie thanks to Quran 3:28 and 16:106, along with Muhammad saying "war is deceit". You couple that with a Muslim believing anything NOT under Islamic territorial contol as the abode or war "dar al harb", and, you can no longer trust Muslims. Quran 3:28 is the worst, though, because it not only tells Muslims to NOT be friends of non-Muslims, but, tells them they will be cut off from Allah if they are UNLESS they "guard themselves AGAINST" the non-Muslim. In otherwords, unless they don't really mean to be friends of non-Muslims.