Robert Fisk Demonizes Mideast’s Persecuted Christians

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Robert Fisk, the Middle East correspondent for the U.K.’s widely-read Independent, recently showed why it is that Islamic jihadists and terrorists, including the late Osama bin Laden, strongly recommend his propaganda to Western readers.

In a recent article, Fisk goes out of his way to demonize the abused Christian minorities of the Middle East for supporting those secularist leaders most likely to preserve their freedoms and dignity.  For instance, after portraying the Middle East’s “old guard” in the worst possible terms, he complains that “Ahmed Shafiq, the Mubarak loyalist, has the support of the Christian Copts, and Assad has the support of the Syrian Christians. The Christians support the dictators. Not much of a line, is it?”

In Fisk’s way of thinking, Christians of Egypt and Syria are unpatriotic freedom-haters because they support secularists, whereas the Sharia-pushing Islamists are patriotic freedom-lovers for not.

“Not much of a line, is it?”—especially from someone who supposedly lives and travels in the Middle East and is deemed an authority on the region.  Completely missing from his narrative is why Christians are supporting Shafiq and Assad: because the alternatives, the Islamists, have been making their lives a living hell.

Fisk’s biased narrative is, of course, not original to him, but rather originates with his friends—the Islamists.  Soon after the first presidential elections in Egypt, many Islamists bemoaned Shafiq’s good showing, laying the blame directly on Egypt’s Christian Copts, who reportedly came out in large numbers voting for the secular candidates.  Tarek al-Zomor, a prominent figure of the Gama’a al-Islamiyya, the terrorist organization that slaughtered some 60 European tourists, including several of Fisk’s countrymen, during the Luxor Massacre, “demanded an apology from the Copts” for voting for Shafiq, threatening that “this was a fatal error.”

Others, like Abu Ismail, the Salafi presidential candidate who was disqualified, expressed “great disappointment” in “our Coptic brethren,” saying that “I do not understand why the Copts so adamantly voted for Ahmed Shafiq,” portraying it as some sort of conspiracy between the Copts, the old regime, and even Israel: “Exactly what relationship and benefit do the Copts have with the old regime”?

The uncritical Fisk follows suit and asks the same questions, portraying the Mideast’s Christians as unpatriotic.

Missing from the Islamists’—and Fisk’s—narrative is the fact that Christians are under attack by Islamists, especially in Egypt and Syria, where Christian women and children and regularly abducted, molested, and forced to convert; where churches and monasteries are regularly attacked; where blasphemy laws imprison or kill and calls for jizya are back—in short, where Christians are persecuted (see entries for Egypt and Syria in my monthly “Muslim Persecution of Christians” for an idea).  Moreover, the ultimate goal of Fisk’s supposedly “freedom-loving Islamists—the enforcement of a decidedly anti-freedom Sharia law—will naturally spell disaster for Christians, since this draconian law code emphatically condemns non-Muslim “infidels” to dhimmi status—barely-tolerated, second-class “citizens” of the Islamic state.

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  • Chezwick

    Back in 2001, Fisk was covering the war in Afghanistan. He was moving south from Kandahar to Quetta alongside a stream of refugees as allied bombing was taking its toll on the Taliban. His jeep broke down and when the locals noticed a Westerner in their midst, they started pummeling him….almost beating him to death.

    Fisk later recounted the event, but in a fit of masochism, told it from the perspective of his attackers. The words were a bizarre example of liberal obsequiousness: "[As the blows reigned down on me, I had nothing but understanding and compassion for my attackers. Who could blame them for their anger.]"

    It made me want to puke. Fisk would offer no such "understanding and compassion" for American anger after 9-11….anger directed not at an unarmed, defenseless journalist, but at the perpetrators who murdered 3000 of our countrymen. THAT particular anger, he'd have no trek with.

    • mike

      The problem is that a lot of people take the vile detritus of this mediocrity’s facile but shallow intellect as informed wisdom.

      • mcwrath

        Pity they did'nt finnish him off…his fellow islamist apologists could say how brave he was etc and he would do no more harm to the true concepts of liberty and freedom (the very antithesis of what he espouses)

    • Drakken

      Subserviant dhimmis like Fisk will be kissing the boots of us Nationalist soon enough. Otherwise the lamposts will be filled with him and his ilk for the traitors they are.

  • Morton

    No one should support dictators even if s/he is in danger for his/her life. Fisk is right to condemn the Christians for supporting dictators. America, the best country in the world, wasn't built on compromises with dictators or kings, but on an uncompromising stance against totalitarianism. And so the Christians should be the light to others in rejecting dictatorships and totalitarian governments, whether secular or Muslim. I expect more principled stances from writers on Frontpage magazine.


      Moron, I am surprised that SOCIALISTS support dictators.

      Socialists try to present themselves as enlightened people, but what is "enlightened" about supporting
      – the Castro family dictatorship
      – the Assad family dictatorship
      – the Kim Jung family dictatorship of N. Korea
      – the Stalin dictatorship of Russia
      – the Mao dictatorship
      – the Pol Pot / Khymer Rouge dictatorship
      – the Hamass theocracy
      – the Hezbullah theocracy?

    • stern

      Oh for heaven's sake. You are actually saying that the Christians should NOT support the candidates who offer them the best chances of simple survival? Really? So you would rather have someone vote for their executioner – who, by the way, is unlikely to give them another opportunity to vote against them in the future – than for the candidate most likely to leave them alone?

      It must be nice to live in a dream world.

    • kafir4life

      I have never heard anything so stupid in my life!! And with the likes of Stinky (-bo) running the show, that's saying a lot.

    • Choi

      You NEED to drive to your nearest Psychiatric Hospital and check yourself in.
      You are a very sick man,Morton.

    • hajid

      You deny the middle east Christians' "right of survival" under what ground? Fisk is only partially right if he condemns MB and all the would-be dictators the same way. He didn't because he is a coward. You are right on "America, the best country in the world, wasn't built on compromises with dictators or kings" and Obama should read your post before he bowed 90 degrees to the Arab Kings and dictators. If you claim yourself a Christian, try to be in the middle east Christians' shoes and be passionate. Do not let your "free" freedom fools you into thinking you are more righteous than middle east Christians' right to "beg for survival"!

    • Drakken

      Please by all means keep trying to appease the muslims,in the end you will hang right along with them and good riddance traitor.

    • Mike

      They who should they vote for, Morton? The secular dictator who keeps them alive, but under his boot, or the Muslim dictator who wants them dead because of their faith? There doesn’t seem to be a non-totalitarian in this election for them to vote for.

    • Mel

      How can you say America wasn't built on compromises with dictators or kings? How do you explain America's cozy relationship with the Saudi Arabian dictators? Obama even bows down to them. In Syria, Egypt and most of the Middle the East, Christians have little choice. They are right to vote for the ones who will protect them the best. And that certainly is not the Muslim Brotherhood candidates.

    • FPF

      You deny the middle east Christians' "right of survival" on what ground? Fisk is only partially right if he condemns MB and all the would-be dictators the same way. He didn't because he is a coward. You are right on "America, the best country in the world, wasn't built on compromises with dictators or kings" and Obama should read your post before he bowed 90 degrees to the Arab Kings and dictators. If you claim yourself a Christian, try to be in the middle east Christians' shoes and be passionate. Do not let your "free" freedom fools you into thinking you are more righteous than middle east Christians' right to "beg for survival"!

  • Long Ben

    Moslems sadly , are fit for no other kind of government besides a stongman . A stongman whose only recourse in the maintenance of order is to spill the blood of all who hate and kill their neighbors . So long as those poor benighted ones remain untransformed by the Love of Messiah Yeshua who gave himself for them .

  • oldtimer

    What is happening to Christians is an outrage. Christians need to learn from the Bible, from examples like David, Samuel, and Peter. Peter carried a sword, how else could he have cut off the ear of the slave, and he had to be a good swordsman to do that.

  • Harry Ormond

    You can listen here to an interview (from early June) with a nun about life in the Diocese of Homs, Syria

  • oldtimer

    The real dictators are the Islamists who will take over and initiate Sharia.

  • RonaldCarnine

    Morton, have you ever been to a crime scene? I mean a bad one where a perp has brutalized the victim and has done all he could to destroy human life? Would you stand by and let your wife and daughters be raped and your sons tortured and slaughtered? If you would, then you are a coward. The Bible says that a husband is to love his wife and give himself for her. How does that fit into you observations? In fact, the Scripture makes it clear that to love is to lay down your life… Standing by to the slaughter of your family would earn my contempt and dismay. The Copts have the right to live in peace and safety and the Islamist takeover would mean cruelty and murder that is why Christians can't support the Islamists. As a pastor and law enforcement officer I would beg you to reconsider your position.

    • Choi

      That insane POS is UNWORTHY of you "begging" him to reconsider.
      In fact,Morton should MOVE to an Islamic country where they'll be very "kind" to their fellow LUNATIC.
      You're a good man ,Ronald, and Morton is NOT.

    • Drakken

      The time for turning the other cheek is over, the time to pick up sword and shield is now here. Bring the Crusades on steroids to their frutaition.

  • Eamonn Gavin

    I am ashamed to say that Fisk is the darling of the anti-Israel media here in Ireland. His views are without exception cycloptic and bigoted, but they are accepted by the Irish media as the factual comments of a supposedly unbiased journalist. He is arrogant, condescending, patronising and shovels disinformation as if it were slurry in a farmyard. His views should be questioned at every turn – he should be made to explain himself, give evidence for what he says, and not be simply allowed a platform from which to pontificate without fear of a professional question in response. So, well done Front Page, for taking Fisk and his ilk to task regularly.

    • jacob

      It is no secret that Jews have never been darlings of the Irish…
      I wonder what did Jews to deserve it from the Irish, unless they are as stupid as Polacks and other
      Catholics swallowing lne, hook and sinker in what the GOOD POPE JOHN XXIII finally expunged
      from the Cathecismus, that is, the Jews as DEICIDES….

      Imaging the kind of GOD that was, that it could have been killed…..which by rhe way, was done by
      the Romans, then the power in Judea but since Petr allegedly founded the church in Rome, that
      was conveniently swept under the rug….

      • Drakken

        Hey now ! As a Catholic myself I view and defend the Israelis as if they are my own period. If Israel goes, the rest of us westerners go with them, it is that simple. Get rid of the marxist clergy and stuff their turn the other cheek nonsense and give ole St. Peter his due.

    • John Mc Grath

      How right you are Eamonn, Fisk is wheeled out all too often as the 'middle east expert' by independent newspaper group. And you would'nt want to hold your breath if you were waiting for one of your letters to the editor to by printed if you were castigating his 'expertise'. ( mind, one can have faith in kevin myers to tell it true for the meaning of freedom)
      However some light broke through with an artical by John Bradley in the Irish Daily Mail monday 2/7/12. expressing the delusions that so many 'liberal' journalists have been victim to esp the likes of fisk.

      • Éamonn Gavin

        Thank you John, I haven't seen the John Bradley article but I will certainly look it up now. I also admire Kevin Myers for his insight into many issues and for his having the guts to say what he thinks. The main problem is that many, even the vast majority of people, appear to take "their own" opinions verbatim from the media and regurgitate it as "fact". AS most of the media (nearly all the media in Ireland) is left wing liberal "progressive", there is a lot of education necessary!! Best Wishes.

  • Schlomotion

    This is exactly what I meant when I said that Hasbara has a dilemma between Censorship and Hype. If they censor the opposition, then they can't exaggerate it. If they exaggerate it, then they can't censor it. Mr. Ibrahim is caught in the middle. FPM has decided to showcase Mr. Fisk's views, believing confidently that they can exaggerate them into a 50 foot woman stomping through Tel Aviv, knocking over buildings. This indicates that FPM is gearing up to build the Golem of character assassination stories against Mr. Fisk. This all reminds me of how Benjamin Franklin converted to Deism after hearing someone vilify Deists in such a way that he looked like a jackass.

    • Choi

      One does NOT have to build anything against Fisk,HE DOES IT HIMSELF.
      Like you,he's a Jew-Hating POS!
      And like Fisk,your every TROLLING POST further demonstrates that fact.

    • stern

      Once again, the troll proves that it has nothing to say with a post that says nothing.

      • Schlomotion

        The sternpost is raked to the aft, sez I.


          Happy Eternal Nakba Schocky!

    • jacob

      How about how much is FISK getting paid by the Saudis ????

      If ex-US President "JIMMY WHO" Carter can be in the payroll of the Saudis for writting garbage against
      Israel, why not FISK ??????

    • Drakken

      Sooner rather than later traitors like you to the West will hang with your islamist friends, God Bless the Crusades!

  • Harold J. Harris

    It seems to me that in Robert Fisk we have a wonderful example of the "pignoramus," which is to say the person who pretends ignorance of a subject or issue that everyone who is at all well-informed and thoughtful knows to be the case. In Fisk's long and notorious career he has pretended ignorance of Israel and the Israeiis, the Afghans, the Copts….on and on.

    Harold J. Harris, Ph.D.

  • kafirman

    "At a time when Christian minorities in the Islamic world are experiencing a form of persecution unprecedented since the pre-colonial era, it is commonplace for Western “reporters” to ignore or whitewash their plight. Robert Fisk, however, takes it a step further and paints these persecuted Christians as the bad guys, thereby facilitating their ongoing sufferings. He and the Independent should be ashamed of themselves." Absolutely correct Mr. Ibrahim.

    However by describing Mohammadians as "Islamists," Mr. Ibrahim himself facilitates the persecution of Christian minorities. The term "Islamist" suggests "Islamicism." But the problem is "Islam," the Koran and "Mohammad." The problem is that Islam creates little Mohammadians who terrorize. It is the Jizya tax of Koran 9:29 — and not the Jizya tax of Koranism — that is behind Islamic persecution.


    I say drug Robert Fisk, paint a Star of David on his cheeks, the ones above and below his belt, and drop him off in Tahrir Square.

    The Muslim Brotherhood will go on a little Jihad on him.

    .Happy Independence Day!

    • Drakken

      I would pay good money to watch that! LOL!

  • Linda Rivera

    Anti God, Christian haters, Robert Fisk, and the Independent, place Christians in even greater danger, by their wicked lies and deception for Islam. They are cooperating fully with devout, infidel hater Muslims. Huge slave trader, Mohammad, founder of Islam, declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

    Is Fisk and the Independent paid by the global jihadists for their filthy Islamic propaganda, or do they volunteer their services for free?

  • Linda Rivera

    Hillary Clinton Admits US and Al-Qaeda On Same Side in Syria

    The entire Free World should be very concerned that the U.S. constantly takes the side of the most devout, Koran-obedient Muslims. Christians in Syria are now living in fear. The Christians are specifically targeted, attacked and murdered by the U.S. backed Syria opposition. God help them!

  • Linda Rivera

    Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda

    What kind of people create a barbaric Muslim terrorist organization?

    • kafir4life

      That would be muslims, with an assist from the left.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Fisk is and idiot and is bound to reveal that Christians who are being murdered by Islamists
    are absolutely ungrateful, so much so they will demand a new rope to be hung with, a clean
    blade at the beheading, high test gas for the immolation, fresh trees for the crucifixion, what
    thinks Fisk will these ungrateful Christians demand next, a Christian burial, unbelieviable.

  • Ghostwriter

    I've never read Robert "Wilson" Fisk's reporting. (I gave him the "Wilson" thing as a nod to Wilson Fisk,a villain in Marvel Comics) Unfortunately,we have the village idiots supporting him like Morton,Schlockmotion,and others like them. Those like Morton shouldn't be surprised. Mubarak at least left the Copts alone. The new Islamist government hates them and wants to destroy them. As for Schlockmotion,he demonstrates his usual idiocy by blaming the Christians for their current situation. Maybe he should consider reading something other than the Islamist's talking points and start using his brain,if he's even capable of using it.

  • Coptic John

    " The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkens to counsel is wise " ( Proverbs 12:15 )
    I think that the first part of this verse applies on you Mr. Fisk

  • Silver Scumbag

    When the Western men have finally destroyed our worthless governments and have dragged into the street to be beaten all politicians that have wilfully acted against us to preserve their salaries and pensions, the next gang will be the journalists.

    Robert Fisk makes me proud that I am not British.

    • Drakken

      Fisk and other like him will rue the day they sided with our enemies, the lampost arounf Europe will be filled with him and his ilk of traitors. and good riddance.

  • LibertyMan

    Fisk didn't care about the organized rape and murder by the PLO and Hezbellah of over 400,000 Lebonese Christians in southern Lebonon… is this a surprise?