Salafi Sex Scandals

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Not at all.  After Friday prayers, hundreds of protesting Salafis marched out in the streets with Wanis, shouting anti-police slogans and conspiracy theories.

Just as Egyptian secularists have long argued, Islamists like the Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood hide behind a mantle of piety and morality—yet, when it comes to it, such piety and morality is not something they strive to live by, but rather a weapon to use against non-Islamists, who are by default always portrayed as corrupt, immoral, etc.

Quick to grow beards and have a zabiba—the callous forehead mark produced by head-banging on the floor during Muslim prayers—Islamists like Wanis are more concerned with outer signs of morality, even as they engage in forbidden sexual relations, which are banned on pain of death by their own Sharia.  They strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

Yet there is more to it than this.  Operating according to the Islamic notion of niyya, or “intention,” no doubt the Salafis have concluded that, even if Wanis is guilty, admitting it only harms the Islamist movement’s progress—hence, the best strategy is to deny it.  After all, in the words of their prophet Muhammad, “War is deceit”—and the Islamists have certainly been treating the elections as war.

Speaking of equivocation and sex, immediately before this scandal, another prominent Egyptian Salafi, Osama al-Qusi, declared that it is permissible to view sex scenes in movies—“so long as the plot calls for it,” concluding, in the words of Muhammad, that “deeds are judged according to intentions.”

Sex scandals can strike any politician’s career.  What is important, here, however, is that a sex scandal has just struck the one political party in Egypt whose only appeal is that it stands for morality, religion, and “family values.”  It has nothing else to offer—and now it doesn’t even have this, as its thin veneer of piety continues to slip away.

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  • dos

    Oh, he forgot that KOOran says if Muslim males have illicit sex before they become martyrs, they will be greeted with 72 male martyrs (shown up as if they were freshly killed) at the place they were supposed to go. LOL.

  • kafir4life

    It's just islam.
    He's a muslim. A moon god worshipper. A follower of the pedophile mohamat the pig faced dog. He's a reader of the terror guide, the koran, the original copy written in hardened feces.
    He was behaving properly considering he's a muslim.
    allahu snackbar, and pass the pork rinds.

  • StephenD

    Why didn't he take her as a "Temporary Bride" for the hour? THAT would have been legit in the cross eyes of Islam right?

  • kafirman

    There are almost 96K views of this video. While there are hypocrites in Islam and in Christianity, only Christianity offers the means to truly good behavior: the believer's erstwhile "body of sin" (Rom. 6:6) is, by virtue of the crucifixion with Christ, "done away with" (Rom. 6:6). Further the Christian has been forgiven of all sins, even future sins. Therefore the Christian is deeply motivated to love: "he who has been forgiven much, loves much" (cf. Lk 7:47). Islam, as well as humanistic Christianity, "…are matters which have, to be sure, the appearance of wisdom in self-made religion and self-abasement and severe treatment of the body, but are of no value against fleshly indulgence" (Col. 2:23).

  • Atikva

    These guys are going to destroy each other, and the sooner the better. Give the shiites, sunnis, salafis, etc. enough rope and they'll hang themselves. Here is another example of muslim love for one another:

  • theleastthreat

    The girl could face stoning over this.

  • Guest

    Give the guy a break. Maybe it wasn't sex at all – just a Lewinsky. He could use the Bubba defense: "I didn't have sex with that woman, my niece/fiance (pick one). Now I have to get back to work for the Egyptian people." That should work.

  • Lan Astaslem

    I guess the family goat was unavailable. At least the gal wasn't dead although she may have wished she was looking at this creepy rapist.

    • Tanstaafl

      Maybe her glasses were in her other hijab.

    • SKIP

      NOT a joke actually, there are islamic rules for the disposition of a goat or sheep that has been….fuc*** by the owner, I excrete you not, the previously sexed animal cannot be sold or used for food within the tribe, village or WTF ever and must be sold to other villages, tribes or WTF ever! The rules are in the Quran and are rather specific. On there are night vision videos posted by some members of the U.S. military of herders having sex with various animals!!! G.I laughter is audible , what a hoot they are too.

  • Schlomotion

    Last I heard, having s.ex with a 19 year old was legal. Is the crime here that he was down a country road or a dark alley? Because, extremist ultra-Orthodox Jews do that a lot too… during hot summers and in thick wool coats.

    • Laura Latini

      Yes, thanks for that most helpful contribution.

    • delores

      NOPE!! He did a nasty thing according to YOUR koran….how sad you did know your own religion/political system. Too bad so sad for you…NOT!!

    • Zionista

      Hey shmo – every time I see Jew hatred or Israel bashing coming from you, I'm putting $ in a fund to go to Jewish and Zionist causes. My husband loves the idea and will match it (he's a prominent radiologist – we're the kind of people you'd enviously call 'rich Zionists') Thanks for the idea troll!!

      • Schlomotion

        I'll make sure to keep it up, since it's philanthropy now.

      • C B Hatrder

        God Bless You sister!

        • C B Harder

          My reply is to Zionista! i think you're on the money.Good comment!

    • poppakap

      You would know, wouldn't you?

  • Ghostwriter

    Somehow,this doesn't surprise me.

  • johnnywoods

    So how is it that having sex with his niece is permitted by the Koran? What a stupid religion this Islam is. Custom made for beasts and idiots no doubt..

  • Yusuf in Obamastan

    Was she wearing a headscarf? If yes, hijab, niqab, or other?
    If not, he should not have been together with her as she was immodestly atired. Amd her hair might intice him to want to try mixed dancing. I'll stop the cynicism now but last question, What was she thinking?

    • Tanstaafl

      Not that much thinking going on in Islam.