The Islamic Schoolyard-Bully and Obama’s America

In an era of high education and specialty degrees—from psychology to political science—perhaps it was inevitable for simple common sense to fall by the wayside.  The embassy attacks across the Muslim world, especially the most savage in Egypt and Libya, are a testimony to this: U.S. policy towards these countries fundamentally exacerbated their wild reactions.  To understand all this, one need only turn to the classic “schoolyard bully” paradigm, that any child can understand.

Not especially large or strong, the schoolyard bully—generally a prickly, nasty fellow—picks on two groups: 1) those who are obviously weaker than him and 2) those who, while larger or stronger than him, willingly give in to him—willingly appease.  Bullying the first group, the weak, is an easy matter for the bully.  As for the second group, whose capacities and responses are unclear, these he must first determine through a few bully trial-runs—to see whether they will fight back, or whether they will give in.  He begins small—a shove and harsh word here and there—and takes it from there, always seeing how far he can go.

The bully will receive one of two responses from the second group, those not smaller or weaker than him: either appeasement and giving in, or a punch to the nose.  If he receives the former, he continually ups the bullying to see how much more he can get away with: harsh words and shoves become demands for lunch money and stolen jackets.  His work becomes complete with the absolute subordination of his victim.

As for the one who does not put up with his bullying—who gives him a swift punch to the nose—not only does the bully leave him be, he even begins to respect if not befriend him.

For centuries, people from all walks of life knew this—from experience if not common sense.  Children knew it.

Now consider how the schoolyard bully paradigm helps explain America’s relationship to the Muslim world, especially in the last four years, culminating with the U.S. embassy debacles in the Muslim world.

To set the stage, here are the main characters: the Muslim world represents the bully and the international arena is the schoolyard where his shoves and demands are made; the Muslim world’s religious minorities, Christian and otherwise, represent the weak—they who are bullied incessantly because there is nothing they can do about it, and whose plight is a testimony to the bullying mentality of the Muslim world; the U.S. represents the ostensibly strong figure in the international-schoolyard, whose response to the bully is not wholly known and needs to be tested.

Soon after taking office, Barrack Obama made it clear in numerous ways that he was intent on appeasing the Muslim world—whether by bowing to the Wahabbi King, commanding NASA to make Muslims feel better about themselves, censoring security language deemed insulting to Muslims, or giving terrorist Osama bin Laden an Islamic funeral. No American president has been more appeasing to the Muslim world than Barrack Obama.

Of course, much of this may not be naïve appeasement; it may be something much worse.  But the Muslim masses interpret it as appeasement.

Obama’s most recent concessions were unprecedented: he betrayed America’s longtime secular allies—whose existence was fundamental to U.S. interests, not to mention the interests of the secular and non-Muslim segments of their societies—to appease the Islamists of the world, those groups that share the same ideology, if not always tactics, of the terrorists who struck the U.S. on 9/11; those groups that are fundamentally hostile to the U.S.; those groups renowned for bullying the weak in their midst.

Of all Middle East nations, it was his policies in Egypt and Libya that were especially appeasing to the Islamists.  In Egypt, he threw Hosni Mubarak—a staunch 30-year-ally of the U.S.—under the bus and helped empower the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis; in Libya, he provided military aid to the al-Qaeda-affiliated “rebels” who overthrew Gaddafi.

And what thanks did America receive from Egypt and Libya? More bullying, more demands.  Like the proverbial schoolyard bully used to getting what he wants, during the embassy riots and protests across the Muslim world, it was the Islamists of Egypt and Libya—precisely those two groups which Obama did so much for, the al-Qaeda affiliated rebels in Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis—who went on the most violent sprees, made bolder demands (including the release of the Blind Sheikh or else), stormed and terrorized embassies, burned American flags, and murdered and raped American diplomats.

Thus, as all the talking heads analyze how and why the embassy attacks occurred, the greater lesson is obvious for those with common sense: nothing short of a punch to the nose—or at this very late date, when the image of an appeasing America is so ingrained, several punches—will ever cease the bullying and earn some respect for the United States.

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  • Mrs. Rene O'Riordan

    I like the bully example and let's take it a little further – a bully needs to be stopped not just for the victims' sakes but for the bully himself. Muslims have so much catching up to do, it is an injustice to not punch the face of islamism and force the muslims to listen to what we have to offer.

    • Lily

      Islam, and those who follow the Quran, and I do not mean apostate moderate muslims, will NEVER be compatible with human beings and the western world. While other religions, and people have learned to coexist, the Quran does not allow for coexisting with anything, or anyone outside of Islam. It must be completely erradicated.

      • devdeep

        very very true

    • Dara

      Yeah punch the face of islamism mam!

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Ibrahim left out the third kind of schoolyard bully: the kind who lies about people all the time, trying to socially undermine them. That bully regularly gets grabbed and pummeled, but he runs to the teacher and principal, gets his victim suspended, and then resumes lying about him while he is suspended. He is used to being pummeled, has an unlimited supply of thick glasses and button down shirts. That is the kind of bully the Hasbara lobby is.

    • Lee Poteet

      Schlomotion himself, CAIR and all the Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood front groups are even better examples of this.But I think he knows this.

      • Schlomotion

        I know that it's pretty funny getting accused of being a Muslim by the Tripod Bishop.

        • tagalog

          It only gets more serious when the Bipod Bishop sights down on you.

    • tagalog

      Schlomotion's bully is the reason for the evolution of the blanket party. In the larger, international, sphere, the blanket party involves such folks as Navy SEALs, Delta, CIA, and the like. Osama bin Laden got blanket-partied.

      President Reagan employed the blanket party metaphor in a limited way when he sent the fighter/bombers to Libya after Khadaffi did his thing with the Lockerbie PanAm plane terrorism.

    • Pontotoc Bill

      You perfectly identified yourself, SchloMo. The kind who lies about people all the time, to try to undermine them.

    • Drakken

      I'll bet you got your azz kicked a lot in high school didn't scumbag? Now you think your smarter and morally superior to everyone else. Got news for you Sparky, your still a puzzy and always will be because you would never in a million years say to anyones face what you write here.

    • Kufar Dawg

      As any muslime will tell you, islam isn't the problem, it's the Jews. This is the crux of Sharia-moron's
      defense of islamofascism, albeit usually hidden under a pile of ten dollar words gleaned from a thesaurus.

    • Andrew Whitehead


      Andrew Whitehead
      Founder, Anti-Council on American-Islamic Relations (Anti-CAIR)

    • Ghostwriter

      And you'd know a lot about bullies,don't you,Schlockmotion. Since you seem to be one.

    • Dionissis Mitropoulos

      " That is the kind of bully the Hasbara lobby is… the kind who lies about people all the time, trying to socially undermine them".

      I had to look up the term "Hasbara" to find out what it means. Apparently it refers to the Israeli government's efforts to disseminate information that counters the delegitimisation of Israel that is widespread.

      This is a legitimate effort, but you assert that it is based on lies.

      Could you name a few lies? The proper course of action when you accuse someone is to provide evidence or indications of her misconduct.

  • Questions

    Islam, however, attracts and reinforces a certain kind of bully — the kind who feels a moral duty to intimidate, and all too often, is perceived as morally superior after doing the bullying. And they enjoy the feeling of inflicting total conformity on others. It's a syndrome I see on the Right as well as on the Left. Nobody has squeaky clean hands here. The best revenge against morally righteous bullies is living well.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The bully that is islam, won't allow you to live well if given half the chance.

      • Questions

        Neither do self-righteous Jews or Christians. I've seen them bully the innocent a hundred or more times.

        • Western Canadian

          No you have not.

        • Dionissis Mitropoulos

          "Neither do self-righteous Jews or Christians. I've seen them bully the innocent a hundred or more times".

          I am an atheist, and i have just found myself for the first time in the position of having to defend Christianity or Judaism because of your claim.
          The truth is that Jews or Christians don't blow themselves up among civilians, whereas Islamists do.
          So it is clear that Islam manifests a tendency of ruining your life. This is not the case with Judaism or Christianity.
          It's all a matter of proportion.

        • Kufar Dawg

          The Jewish state of Israel is the only place in the Mid-East where Jews, Christians, Druze and Bahais aren't be systematically murdered, persecuted and raped w/impunity and glee by scuzzlums. Maybe you should be getting some camel urine — direct from the source.

        • surj1936

          " Neither do self-righteous Jews or Christians …." If this be the case, muslims will behave better . As a muslim you lie .From Muslims Quran Sura 5:51 " Believers take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends and protectors ,for they are friends and protectors of one another.Whoever of you seeks their friendship and supports them shallbecome one of their numbers.Allah does not guide thewrong doers " Quran is full of hate towards Jews and Christians .see and

  • aynjewlfaycc

    Check out this anti-bullying rap song to help spread awareness and understanding to teens!!!

  • pierce

    It is funny, but the other night I thought Obama was acting like a school yard bully, telling Romney he didn't know what he was talking about. Now we know Obama has no affiliation with Islam, but he does favor Muslims, I mean after all, he is a Muslim, and he does think he knows everything, so in a way he is a bully.
    Questions above knows of what and who I refer to.

  • Tmantom

    Very Good Article ! – " Hit's the nail on the head. Thanks Raymond; Keep it going ! ! !

    • Kufar Dawg

      I want to thank you Mr Ibrahim as well, it's obvious he's striking a nerve with the islamofascists as well — as evidenced by their desperate attempts to discredit him.

  • Drakken

    The more the Obummer administration and EU gives into these islamic savages the more likely we will get another 9/11 and Americans and Europeans for that matter will have had enough and begin purging muslims from their midst. We are wll on our way to playing cowboys and muslims, and the muslims will only have themselves to blame.

    • curmudgeon

      we can only hope. we do not have the courage to do the right thing and expel our muslim invaders. if 9-11-01 was only sufficient an injury to get ilam declared the religion of peace by the execrable traitor george w bush, what will it take to get america to declare islam unacceptable in america, and send the invaders home? i fear it will take a couple of nuclear attacks to get the idea across to the fools in charge that we just cannot tolerate any islam in our country. evict them now, or they genocide us later. it really is that simple.

  • riverboatbill

    Unfortunately, your bully paradigm is out of date. By today's "progressive" standards, the person who stands up to the bully and bloodies his nose, is the one who gets suspended and turned over to the sensitivity counselors.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Or the victim gets suspended for provoking the bully.

  • Tanner

    The Left's "Sharia Law", called Political Correctness, is the cause of why the Middle East is still being the big bully. People don't understand why Islamists need to be taken seriously, especially their ideology. But because our society is so dumb-downed, that's why there are people who are saying, "Oh yes, supporting the Syrian rebels will lead to freedom for them. That's a good idea." If only they knew their beliefs and their true colors, then they would have second-thoughts. The Syrian rebels are no better or different from the Syrian government forces. Both of them deserve defeat. Political Correctness has made it to where we can't speak the truth about the enemy's ideology; therefore, those under Political Correctness become the ones giving-in to our enemies or supporting them. This is a game that the Left has got to stop playing.

  • quantiger

    I voted for Obama, and I'll vote for him again (holding my nose) as the lesser evil. I'll vote for Obama again because his domestic policies are better. I'll vote for him because he is less of a liar than the overstuffed con men who are attempting to take over completely and remake the USA in the model of the third world. The USA has serious poverty now and the gap is nearing third world status. The bottom 50% argue over a bit less than 1% of this nation's wealth. Romney stole his money from the pension funds of well run companies and bankrupted them – barely skirting the law this side of prison. He left the US taxpayers holding the bag to pay for his stolen fortune.

    That said, if there was any real choice I would never vote for Obama again. He has turned the White House into the protector of the worst crew of criminal swindlers this nation has ever seen. (See Bill Black on S&L crisis vs. the 2008 global financial crisis.) Obama and Hilary are both spineless on foreign policy. I will grant that Obama wasn't enthusiastic about going into Libya and was dragged along by Europe and that fool Anderson Cooper. But he didn't stand up and say, "No. We don't have a dog in this fight like Poppy Bush did." Obama is an appeaser of a human being – period. (He actually said that to get what he wants he will give up 90% of his position.) So he went with the flow on Libya.

    In Syria, Obama is not interested in going in because the Pentagon isn't. But we shall see if he has the ability to prevent Anderson Cooper and other fools from dragging the USA into fighting on the side of the same jihadists that brought down the WTC in New York, the same jihadists that are fighting us in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    That is who is running Egypt now. Al Qaeda has its roots in Qtub, the Egyptian. The Muslim Brotherhood is to Al Qaeda like the Kremlin was to the KGB. They are the same. That is who is running Libya now, the same people who took down the Twin Towers, the same people who declared war on us several times in the 1990's.

    And the big gambit is still exactly the same. The big gambit is to get nuclear weapons that Pakistan has, to move them into American and European cities, set a few off and demand surrender to Islamist demands. That is the big game going on here.

    I have always said this. Recently, in Ken Ballen's book "Terrorists in Love" he has an interview with a fighter who said exactly that. The whole 9-11 thing was a ruse to draw the USA out so that the muslim world would rise up and the Muslim Brotherhood could take over Pakistan enough to get nuclear weapons.

    • Betty

      if you have to hold your nose to vote for ob some thing is wrong. the safety for this country and its people should come first and foremost. get our people home drill for our own oil and let the rag heads kill each other. I would never ever vote for ob he is self centered and cocky and I can't stand people that think they know it all. he is in love with him self. he cares for no one but him self. to me he acts like he has a mental problem.

  • surj1936

    Sooner we wake up the better and realise muslims are here to do damage to our way of life and have their way of life installed on us ,Sharia Laws and so on . see an Get wiser.