The Rape of Christopher Stevens

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By obsessing over the 14-minute YouTube Muhammad video and its maker, the mainstream media ultimately exonerates the inexcusable and murderous response of the Islamic world.

There is only one question: did those who make this movie break any law?  No, they did not—and so the matter should end there, and the media should move on.  Focusing on those who did not break any American laws as a way to take the focus off those who murdered and initiated an act of war against the United States is not only misleading; it validates and gives Islamic blasphemy laws precedence over American freedoms.

Worse, even if making movies deemed offensive to Muslims was illegal in the U.S., the fact is, these embassy attacks, which “coincidentally” began on September 11, have nothing to do with the movie.  On September 10, I wrote an article titled “Jihadis Threaten to Burn U.S. Embassy in Cairo.” The demand that the U.S. release its imprisoned jihadis, including the Blind Sheikh, was behind these threats.  There was no mention of  “offensive movies.” My source, El Fagr, an Arabic website, reported all this on September 8.

In other words, several days before Muslims were angry about this movie they were threatening to burn down the U.S. embassy in Cairo.  I had even seen sporadic Arabic reports, from months back, talking about “extremist elements” threatening the embassy.  The movie is just a pretext—aided and abetted by the media, not to mention the Obama administration: Hillary Clinton called the video “disgusting and reprehensible,” wording which is more befitting those who murdered (and possibly raped, see below) Americans; the U.S. embassy itself apologized for those who “hurt the religious feelings of Muslims”; and the administration asked YouTube to remove the 14 minute trailer.

Thus the U.S. administration validates Islam’s blasphemy laws and, once again, aligns itself with America’s jihadi enemies.

Seventy-year-old, retiring Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) put it well, when he suggested that the administration’s response to the embassy attacks was akin to a court asking a rape victim for an apology, saying: “It’s like the judge telling the woman who got raped, ‘You asked for it because of the way you dressed.’”

Nor is the rape entirely allegorical.  According to the Arabic website Tayyar, “the American ambassador in Libya [Christopher Stevens] was sexually raped  before being killed by the gunmen who stormed the embassy  building in Benghazi last night [Tuesday, September 11],  in protestation of a film insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him.”

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  • joachim

    so, like this is the isl_m that obam says has the same principles as our nation has?
    um ya, what's wrong with his critical thinking skills?

    • Aminullah A. Lucman

      It's about decorum, film making or video crafting is as much a responsibility for everybody. The video profess to enrage a nation of Muslims and so I must say the 'project' did well, it triggered an inferno that could likely engulf everyone in the saner world like that we are in Southeast Asia into a firestorm that I believe is with totality and with unpredictability that might even detonate nuclear bombs. Well, who knows. Civility should start from among the learned, and it is a responsibility that we in the academe find to have been deeply compromised in behalf of the 'proviso' freedom of speech, in same category as pornography because we need so much of this freedom that we abuse with impunity, and so this inferno.

      • Zinnia2

        you take too much upon yourself – civility started with the ten commandments which the founding fathers used to create the founding documents of our country – the interpretation of those documents by "academe" is why we are where we are today…

        • Brian

          The men responsible for building the foundation of the United States were men of The Enlightenment, not men of Christianity. They were Deists who did not believe the bible was true. They were Freethinkers who relied on their reason, not their faith.

          If the U.S. was founded on the Christian religion, the Constitution would clearly say so but it does not. Nowhere does the Constitution say: "The United States is a Christian Nation", or anything even close to that. In fact, the words "Jesus Christ, Christianity, Bible, Creator, Divine, and God" are never mentioned in the Constitution not even once. Nowhere in the Constitution is religion mentioned, except in exclusionary terms. When the Founders wrote the nation's Constitution, they specified that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." (Article 6, section 3) This provision was radical in its day giving equal citizenship to believers and non-believers alike. They wanted to ensure that no religion could make the claim of being the official, national religion, such as England had.

          • JoJoJams

            Very few were avowed deists. And even Thomas Jefferson, one of the self-professed "deists", believed in the basics of Christianity enough to write his own "jeffersonian" bible. The problem with people like you – at least those I've debated – is that you seem to take "deist" as another form of "athiest", when it most certainly is not. Jefferson himself, when questioned by one of his friends, was adamant in that he wasn't an atheist, and firmly believed in a "higher power". Certainly they took great pains to keep ANY form of religion as being federally institutionalized, in order to unite all the different sects of Christianity in this nation, however, that doesn't mean we "aren't a Christian nation". When, at that time, nearly 99% of the populous is "Christian", and they found a nation – it can be said that, "We are a Christian nation", despite the founding fathers not codifying it in law – which is a GOOD thing!

          • JoJoJams

            But for you modern day atheists (and even deists) to proclaim that they weren't aware they were forming "a Christian nation" is hubris and ignorance – ignoring the writings from the founding fathers themselves and what they believed and professed – even as they kept from codifying it in law. (and rightly so)

          • Zinnia2

            Brian you are afraid of anything that might awaken your conscience… btw, the Jews were given the ten commandments by Moses who received them from G-d… Like it or not, they are the foundation of our country's principles and values…

          • pagegl

            Perhaps you missed th elast line of teh Constitution:

            "done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independance of the United States of America the Twelfth In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names"

            There's that pesky word "Lord", which pretty much everyone whose named that sentence meant the Judeo-Christian God.

            Applying twentieth or twenty-first century atheist blather to what the founders were thinking when they wrote the document does the document a tremendous disservice and pretty much indicates you don't know what they meant or intended. Jefferson's "wall of separation" was, by Jefferson's own words, applicable to the federal government only; it had no effect on the individual states and any decision they may have made relative to establishing an official religion for a state.

          • jon

            your VERY misled to think that the men responsible for the foundations of the US were not men of convictions based on their beliefs of christianity and even CHRIST'S OWN EXAMPLE of FREEDOM from the religious bigots and the tyranny of "The Law" in his day – i.e. the woman accused of adultery where the religious TYRANTS of the day brought her to him and said "RABBI – THE LAW SAYS TO STONE HER – WHAT SAY YOU?" His answer was a SNUB in their "hypocritical religious" faces! Our founding fathers would SELDOM talk about the subject of their beliefs bc they had come out of RELIGIOUS TYRANNY with the king of england (and pope) using "religion" to harass the common people. BUT – one has only to read their personal journals and letters to understand HOW DEEP their convictions truly ran…
            so don't put

          • ron

            (CONT) so don't put this generalization on them without at least READING THEIR PERSONAL JOURNALS and trying to understand what they TRULY BELIEVED. Thats not fair to do to them. It was because they were so DETERMINED to separate "church from state" to ensure ALL men freedom of religion and LIBERTY from religious oppression and persecution – that in their PUBLIC STATEMENTS they would RARELY mention their Christian faith. BUT – we DO have their personal journals as their "testaments"…

            Our first president Washinton would often be observed and recorded to fast and pray during the War, he appointed christian chaplains to all the regiments AND he wrote this particular note in his personal prayer book –
            ***I have sinned and done very wickedly, be merciful to me, O God, and pardon me for Jesus Christ sake…. Thou gavest Thy Son to die for me; and has given me assurance of salvation, upon my repentance and sincerely endeavoring to conform my life to His holy precepts and example.

          • ron

            John Adams wrote –
            Jesus is benevolence personified, an example for all men… The Christian religion, in its primitive purity and simplicity, I have entertained for more than sixty years. It is the religion of reason, equity, and love; it is the religion of the head and the heart.

            Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to Franklin –
            My views…are the result of a life of inquiry and reflection, and very different from the anti-christian system imputed to me by those who know nothing of my opinions. To the corruptions of Christianity I am, indeed, opposed; but not to the genuine precepts of Jesus himself. I am a Christian in the only sense in which he wished any one to be; sincerely attached to his doctrines in preference to all others…

            The doctrines of Jesus are simple, and tend to all the happiness of man.

          • ron

            James Madison our fourth president said to the general assembly –
            We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We’ve staked the future of all our political institutions upon our capacity…to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God

            The list goes on and on… so to say they were not men of Christianity and did not believe the bible is simply not true and you shouldn't malign them that way. I dont think they would APPRECIATE ppl saying that sort of thing about them. Indeed, i'm fairly certain they'd be INSULTED! No idea where you got that but you need to read all their journals and personal writings and reflections…

            And – btw – the last of the Constitution states quite plainly – "In the Year of Our Lord…"
            and i'm pretty sure they meant the Judeo-Christian one…

          • Danny

            But because they were true Christians they didn't push their faith on anybody, but they surely tried to protect there own from losers like you. They knew what every true Christian knows without doubt. True Faith is a result of God's election. No one can ever undo what God has done. And yes there are a lot of false religions out there and these men knew to protect against that too. Not Christian Founders? Now that takes a lot of faith to believe.

          • Rem

            Treaty of Tripoli. But that doesn’t count, riiight? Although yes, most of the founding fathers were indeed Deists or at the very least heretical for their standards. This is, no matter how much you attempt to quote mine it, a near irrefutable fact. Good day, and good night.

      • pagegl

        The stupid video portrayed Mohammad as he was, so are you saying Muslims are rioting because they have heard the truth about their prophet? Secondly, the only responsibility academe has compromised relative to free speech is that which guards all free speech not just that which academe believes.

      • Drakken

        You muslims make NO demands on us westerners period, keep pushing us muslim and that day of reckoning you fear will come to pass, think Crusades on steroids, and you should fear it.

      • Ahmadi

        The movie was released in 2011, not on 09-11-2012. Was on Youtube on 2nd of June:
        But the Khalifa at the house put a spin at the truth. He told OMMA and media, to use the movie as an excuse for their jehad.

      • KingJefferson

        F everyone that doesn’t defend this man’s right to make movies that offends mindless idiot Muslims.

    • avi

      “They should be explaining why it is that, after four years of appeasing the Islamic world in ways unprecedented, including by helping oust America’s longstanding allies like Egypt’s Mubarak to empower Islamists, all we have to show for it are dead and violated Americans.”
      I don’t agree , America supported earlier rule and was silent on support for revolutionaries.

      “The al-Qaeda affiliated men who sexually abused and killed Gaddafi are the same men who sexually abused and killed America’s ambassador.” don’t agree.

  • Rifleman

    The dp/msm are too busy using his coffin as a prop, to bother with what happened to Ambassador Stevens and his murdered staff members.

    If the msm/dp weren't such hypocrites, they would be insisting the government fund 'art' work titled "piss mohomed" and "Koran covered in dung" about now.

    • Douglas Wayne Tipton

      It's also worth noting that Isl_m is the far left's biggest ally in their hatred of Christianity. It'll be too late for them to find out an "enemy of their enemy" is NOT their friend. The jihadists know all they need to do to get what they want from arrogant liberals is tell them how great they are for humanity, flatter their ego. The liberals get their way, the jihadists get theirs, and everybody's happy… until the liberals wear out their welcome, as all this action in the Mid-East proves.

      • Kufar Dawg

        If the muslo-fascists do come to power, the amoral, apathetic lieberals will have the choice: convert to islam or die and that may not even save them, as the Iranian Communists discovered shortly after the "glorious" Islamic Revolution there in '79'.

    • Asher

      Which is worse, some stupid video, or the Sodomy of an American? I am sick of these Barbarians in the Middle East!

  • @RobinDallasTX

    Obama, Hillary & her #1 assist (daughter of radical muslim extremest & muslim bro-hood) Huma pushed 4 & got UN Resolution 1618 – the Obama admin fought with 54 other muslim nations so that NO ONE in the world can legally speak out against Islam… pretty interesting isn't it? But that's not the only reason the Obama admin is denying they had anything to do with the mess in the middle east… they don't want people knowing they were in Sudan taking 70% of the oil from one group & turning it over to another – probably BP is behind it – they are super tight with Obama – have been since his '08 campaign. They don't want to publicly say – the USA deserves what's happening… until the election is over & he's left in power. Get the zombies around you to wake up folks.

    • PaulRevereNow

      If the U.S. was in Libya to increase the flow of Libyan oil, why did Obama support the rebels? If Obama wanted more oil from Libya, shouldn't he have simply made a deal with Ghaddafi, rather than supporting the animals that killed Chris Stevens? What does oil in the Sudan have to do with the attacks on U.S. embassies?

    • John

      They called it Arab Spring!!?

  • Lady_Dr.

    Everything 'offends' these animals. Dropping the 'big portobello' on them may be the only answer. On the bright side from their perspective a lot of them will automatically go to heaven. if we do that, refuse to give them ANY aid, and dril, baby, drill. Well – the world will be a better place.

    • mike geremia

      like your term—the big portabello—I agree with you —kill them all and let GOD sort them out…..

    • wibbys1

      These are the most easily offended savages you could find anywhere! If our leaders don't get their heads out of their posteriors the world is likely to enter a very dark period.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I believe "our leaders" are FULLY aware of what islamofascism is allah about. The explanation lies in corruption and graft on a scale that the mafia could only dream about.

    • Jericho

      You all make me absolutely sick to my stomach.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Good then move to any one of the 57 islamobarbarian states of the OIC so you won't have to be nauseated anymore.

  • ras

    I pray smoke inhalation numbed them from experiencing their final time. What vile, vile crimes.

    • needaname


  • Calliope

    You morons, there's video of those guys in the still photos. They RESCUE Stevens from a charred building while anxiously checking to see if he's dead. When someone says he's alive, they all cheer and say "praise god, he's alive!". They then proceed to pick him up to TAKE HIM TO A HOSPITAL.

    On top of that, the "source" from that google-translated Arabic site is the AFP, who have issued a strong denial and say their name is being used without their permission on a story they never had.

    Seriously, are you this dumb, that you can watch a week of Muslims rioting about a hoax inflammatory film on YouTube and then immediately take the bait on a hoax inflammatory article about Stevens? Because I'm guessing there's some creep in Egypt or Saudi Arabia cackling away at how darn easy it was to get this rumor started. Don't be pawns.

    • Calliope

      Video. With translation, even. How am I the only person who remembers the footage of Americans dragged through the streets in Somalia? Or how journalists were attacked in Tahrir Square? Or Gaddafi after capture, even? This is not a mob dragging a captive – too much care is being taken with him, and no one's reaching in to tear clothing or hair. It's a rescue.

      • oldtimer

        That's what I was thinking. I have not seen the video, but, the pictures I have seen do not look like that of people trying to save someone.

        • oldtimer

          That's NoT what I was thinking.

        • Calliope

          There's the video. It's in Arabic, though, so go to the Times story for translation. I have no doubt that some jerk will promptly subtitle that video with a completely incorrect translation that implies the crowd are hooting about capturing Stevens, so the translation is kind of key:

          “I swear, he’s dead,” one Libyan says, peering in.

          “Bring him out, man! Bring him out,” another says.

          “The man is alive. Move out of the way,” others shout. “Just bring him out, man.”

          “Move, move, he is still alive!”

          “Alive, Alive! God is great,” the crowd erupts, while someone calls to bring Mr. Stevens to a car.

          • jstan442

            who would trust the times???? they are obama lovers

          • Calliope

            Translation is the same no matter what the news source. It's not like the Tmes can suddenly change the meaning of Arabic words to "he's alive, thank god, get the car" from "we've captured him, death to America!"

            If you don't believe me, look at the YouTube comments. There are plenty of Arabic-speaking US soldiers providing almost identical translations.

          • Frankie

            They are cheering because they found him alive ..!!! so go to hell u hating moron

          • Calliope

            What on earth are you on about? Yes, they're cheering because they found him alive, and then they shout for a car so they can take him to the hospital. That's what I said.

            Not sure where you're picking hate up in that.

          • aspacia

            Go to MEMRI for valid translations. The Times whitewashed the Red Revolution and the USSR Gulag's, along with numerous other lies and omissions.

            Balance is necessary for understanding.

          • White Hunter

            A direct question for you, "Calliope": What if it were reported that our men had treated Osama bin Laden's corpse exactly the same way the Mohammedans treated our ambassador's?

            Just answer the question, please. …I'm waiting….

          • Calliope

            We shot Osama bin Laden in the face, then SEALS sat on him in the helicopter on the way back to base. That's what we've been reported to have done to bin Laden. And I'm fine with that.

            The only remotely credible reports of how Stevens was treated say Libyans pulled him from a burnt building and brought him to a hospital where a doctor wasn't able to revive him. I'm fine with that too.

            If you're implying that the rape story should be treated as accurate, then that's worrying, because the only reliable source in that story (the AFP) promptly made it clear that the Arabic post was incorrect in claiming the information came from AFP. I have no idea why you'd believe information coming from an unknown blog which has already been proven incorrect once and which seems to contradict video of the event.

          • Calliope

            Oh, my. It's like you're speaking in an elaborate code that's only understood by other Morlocks. Speak English, you mysterious creature!

          • Ahmadi

            There is a BIG difference between what a person does out of his or her poor decision or based on their religious order.
            I hope you got your answer. They raped any man or woman that was arrested in Iran too.

          • SafeTea

            You're either delusional or a liar, or both. This is another picture of the deranged animals that pass themselves off as humans dragging their prize through the streets.

          • Calliope

            Take a closer look at the photo. The guy holding him is not grabbing him or clawing him, he's got Stevens carefully supported by his.hands and is also using his knees to support him. The only other person touching Stevens in the crowd is holding an arm and not pulling it.

            They are being very careful with him. There is absolutely no blood. This is not a mob.

            I've seen a lot of mob photos, working at a news desk. The ONLY similarity is that Stevens looks to be covered in dirt. But when you realize that he looks exactly like someone pulled from a fire with inhalation issues, it's clear that "dirt" is actually soot.

          • DrBukk

            But why are his pants missing? If they were torn off from dragging he would be covered in scrapes. Nobody removes their own pants in a firefight!!!
            I think the story was retracted to keep the rage of American people under control, because the media/Obama think the right is composed of mob-mentality bigots.

          • Calliope

            They're not missing. About 12 hours ago I saw the original photo posted, and it shows about 40% more of the scene than the screengrabs that are all over the place now – in the original photo, you can see Stevens' belt is still on. He's clothed. I specifically looked for that, given that this "news" story was already circulating.

            Little did I know that that photo would be deceptively cropped and then it would FLOOD the internet 12 hours later. I now can't find the original, because practically every right-wing blog is running the zoomed-in, cropped screengrab that excludes the right side of the image, which IN THE ORIGINAL shows that Stevens is clothed.

            I never even guessed that people would take advantage of photos of a corpse in this way. This is totally disgusting. It's manipulating a photo of a dying man to push a politically-motivated rumor. Unbelievable. I never thought to post the original here, because it was SO OBVIOUS that he was clothed. I thought anyone else looking at the photo would draw the same conclusion. Little did I realize they'd never see the original, only the manipulated version.

            If I find the original, I'll post it. This is totally enraging.

          • SML

            I'm sorry, I read to here and was inclined to be swayed by your reasonable tone. You discredit yourself totally with "I never guessed that people would take advantage of photos of a corpse in this way." In this propaganda war "people" have been taking advantage of pictures of children, corpses, weeping mothers, burning babies, mutilated bodies….and so far (unless your take on this story should be true) it has ALWAYS come from 'independent' Arabic journalists via the MSM. I would love to see the original as you say. Please do post.

          • Calliope

            That's a fair point – I should rephrase that I never guessed that Americans would present manipulated photos to support the unsourced allegation that an American ambassador had been sodomized. Because that's where I'm seeing a lot of the cropped images.

            But after posting the last comment, I also realized that the cropping isn't necessarily willfully malicious. I think many sites are choosing the cropped photo in the interests of decency towards Stevens' corpse. They don't realize that cropping out pants that have slid down his hips, they're encouraging the rape interpretation.

          • Sjhome4

            No, wrong. His belt is not ON. it is UNDONE. There is another picture of him with no pants. Two pictures dear. in addition to the one with cell phones all over. Three pictures total.

          • Calliope

            Okay – so it looks like the original photo has been cropped because the original photo showed part of Stevens' behind. I would guess that, out of respect, people are cropping the photo to avoid exposing Stevens' rear.

            Unfortunately, that means they are ALSO cropping out his PANTS, which have slipped down on his hips a bit, but are very much present.

            So incredibly, it appears that in an effort to be sensitive about a photo of an injured Stevens, it's actually made this rape rumor far harder to refute because people now are only seeing a photo where it looks like his pants are gone. Fantastic.

          • Sjhome4

            Why is his belt undone? Look at the photo of him on the ground carefully without your Hillary glasses on.

          • aspacia


            From the mouths of the perpetrators. Calliope, you are foolishly relying on our media, and this includes Fox. Read other sources for insight. The above link provides a huge amount of evidence.

    • Blossom Kelley

      You may be the moron, moron.

      • Calliope

        Excellent retort, really shows your level of critical thinking. Full marks.

        • aspacia

          Oh, another snarky Limey. I know the elitist tone as Mum is one.

    • Brenda

      And whose pawn are you? Everyone lies,it seems. Better to bury our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening, Obama's a prince, the government is our beloved nanny and all is right with the world. Thanks, 'moron.'

      • Calliope

        I'm a pawn of critical thinking.

        • aspacia

          You have zero balance nor insight. You are a typical liberal like Chamberlain who refused to see the threats as Churchill did. Read ME media and what the average man or woman claims regarding the USA and Israel. Ten to one, you also bash Israel, the only truly tolerant land in the ME that allows equal rights to all citizens and faiths.

          • woke up

            Did you know that Churchill was a 33rd degree freemason? He practiced satanic rituals.

          • aspacia

            Funny, I have read his autobiography, and several POVs regarding him, and none made this claim.

            lights on, and no one's home you cannot support this with a valid link and you know it.

          • Rhobaux

            Link? Links are your power, proof, jury and judge in all of this? Using an autobiography is hardly trustworthy at all in of itself as well. One cannot simply just go off of an autobiography and assume that POVs or words are of true merit. Anyone is capable of getting false information, bending the light any way they see fit, right-out lying. The internet is the most malleable source of information in the world and censorship/manipulation takes place at anytime, all the time. The information around you is only as good as your own personal experiences and even then your word MAY have been altered by your dishonesty, by necessity because of how sensitive information can cause thousands of deaths or by simply being censored or warped by a third party before you could get your final word in. That is all.

          • aspacia

            Valid link? You blew smoke and mirrors with no substance. I have also read numerous critiques of Winny, and had a communist history teacher who made many erroneous claims about Churchill, which I pointed out to him.

            You have an agenda and are not interested in facts.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Assuming that those in the video were carrying Amb. Stevens to the hospital; aren't you forgetting about how he got to be unconscious in the first place? We'll have to await the autopsy results; but it doesn't appear to me that he was burned to death. Asphyxiated perhaps; but whatever the cause of his death, he lost his life as a result of the riot. And how do you know he wasn't beaten by the mob?

      • Calliope

        Oh, I'm not remotely suggesting that Amb Stevens wasn't killed by Libyans who attacked the embassy and set it on fire. He was. As we wait for the autopsy results, I look at the photos and he's got a hell of a lot of soot right round his mouth, looks like he may well have died from inhalation injuries (either not getting enough oxygen or damaging his windpipe with superheated air).

        I just don't think the Libyans we see in the video and photos are the same ones who attacked the Embassy. If the autopsy shows differently I'll change my tune, but for now it looks like sympathetic locals went looking for him, found him, then brought him to the hospital.

        • Sjhome4

          You will not see any autopsy results. You fool.

    • Asher

      You are the moron….the pictures are there to see, and many in Washington got briefings of exactly what happened…so don't try to deceive people!

      • Calliope

        Who "in Washington"? Provide sources. And what "happened" – you're implying they were briefed about Stevens being mistreated, be specific.

        And if you have pictures of the alleged sodomy, then that's news to me and I've been looking at contemporaneous photos all afternoon. Link to them if you have them.

        • Darren Ord

          Sadly they'll believe anything bad about Muslims with out giving it a second thought Unlucky for them the allegations that he was raped have no merit

          • SML

            I didn't think this had anything to do with Muslims? aren't these just 'radicals'?

          • aspacia

            No, I respect Jasser whose arguments closely resemble many of those on FP. Stevens was raped, as was Ghadaffi. (sp)

          • aspacia

            What is valid is the fact that 30,000 Libyans ran the terrorists out of town.

    • Victoria

      Calliope: In one of those photos, the ambassador is being toted like a bag of potatoes, his head toward the ground. If that is the treament the sick get from kind and caring Libyans, I hope I never find myself needing their help.

      • Calliope

        Victoria, they're not trained first responders. Most people in the US don't know the correct emergency procedures for on-scene trauma either, and the priority for these guys was getting an unconscious-but-alive man to a car and into the hospital.

        I've been trained to do a fireman's carry in certain situations (, so it's not an unusual choice to throw an unconscious person over your shoulder to move quickly. In this case was it the best position to choose? No. But there also weren't any medics onsite and no Americans either, so the Libyans did the best they could: they focused on speed and getting Stevens to the nearest hospital.

        • Bobo

          When you carry an unconscious person, it's four people, one to each arm and leg. It's not upside down and naked.

          • Calliope

            Generally, you shouldn't move an unconscious person at ALL, especially if they may have airway trauma or breathing trouble. You should call for an EMT and monitor breathing and pulse. Positioning victims on their backs in any way can cause unconscious people to stop breathing or aspirate vomit. But most people do not know this.

            Something tells me that in the middle of a burned-out consulate in the middle of the night after a four-hour gun battle with no Americans in sight, untrained civilians were not ever going to get a medical evacuation completely right. And in the end, they did get Stevens to a hospital still alive, though barely.

            The naked thing's a red herring. See the photo above, with writing strategically placed over Stevens' rear? It's trying to protect Stevens' dignity, I think, but it has the unfortunate side-effect of obscuring his belt. His pants have slipped (as will happen when you hoist someone like that), but they're there.

        • SML

          How do you know all this?? How can you possibly know that "they" were not trained in first aid? What – don't they do that in Lybia??! that's a bit of a racist assumption, isn't it? How can you know that there was no medic among the people? Lybians don's go to medschool? People don't have internet over there? They have no access to information on health issues? No-one ever watches Western TV?
          How can you know what their priority was?

          • Calliope

            I was a lifeguard in the States with a lot of advanced EMT training – in my experience, in almost any crowd there are few people trained in correct emergency response. I give a lot of credit to people who keep their cool enough to even try. Race and nationality don't matter at all. I've rocked up to a swimming pool to find someone trying to do compressions on a kid who had a pulse but needed rescue breathing – what you see on TV is not always a one-size-fits-all solution. In this case, throwing an asphyxiated man over your shoulder was probably not the best solution, given there was no urgent need to get out of the area, but they tried both to get him treatment onsite and then at a nearby hospital. Given the circumstances, they did well.

            As for the rest of your post: They guy who took the video says they carried Stevens to the larger crowd looking for a doctor. When they couldn't find anyone with medical training, they took Stevens to the hospital. He also suggests that maybe they carried Stevens the wrong way.

            No need to try and make this a race/nationality thing. Human bodies are human bodies, they all have similar reactions to trauma.

          • Calliope

            And because I may not have answered your question directly enough: I know that they are not trained in first aid (or not practicing first aid) because if someone has breathing difficulties, you don't carry them in a way that makes breathing harder. I'm sure that there are people in Libya who know exactly how to treat an asphyxiated victim – I'm also pretty sure these well-meaning rescuers aren't medics.

            It's like saying "that person doesn't know how to make pasta" when you see someone put spaghetti into a bowl, then pour boiling water on it. Yes, after half an hour you'll end up with pasta that can be ingested, but there's a right way to do it for optimal results. With first aid, there's a right way, and then there are other ways. The guys in the video weren't taking any of the steps that someone trained in first aid would take, therefore I think it's a pretty safe bet that they didn't have first aid training.

            Do you have first aid training, by the way? Could you do CPR, clear an airway, position someone in the rescue position, splint a limb, monitor convulsions – any of that? Most people can't. This is not some huge failing, it's just that few people train for those skills. It's true in the US and I'd expect it to be true in plenty of other countries, including Libya.

        • aspacia

          Another liberal apologist. Get real Calli, many in the ME would murder and rape you as well. Oh, and Wiki is not a valid source which proves your lack of academic training.

    • atthebeach

      I/They then proceed to pick him up to TAKE HIM TO A HOSPITAL. /
      You know this per your 'caps' because??? Oh, right "THE REPORT" (?) And we have the unequivocal 'time line' of all this, right?. . .You are right on one thing, Calliope; they are cheering . . .(Yes, they were taking Gaddafi to hospital too, no? And cheering as well!) After all; these ARE happy people!

      • Calliope

        Because of reports like this, yes:

        The AP notes in the article that they spoke directly to the guy who took and uploaded the film. The film matches photographs taken by an Agence France-Presse photographer at the scene. The same guy who took the footage says he followed in the car behind Stevens to the hospital. They then handed Stevens over to a doctor who worked on him for 90 minutes until he died – the doctor confirms the timeline and events, and that no one knew it was Stevens, just "an American". The other Americans found out a while later that Stevens was dead at the hospital. And the AP followed up and confirmed as much of that story as they could.

        So yes. That's a better timeline than "missing for 5 hours" that we had previously, and has multiple points of independent confirmation. It's not bulletproof, but it's plausible and partially confirmed.

        The thing with the cheering is that they don't start cheering until they realize he's alive. It's a little thing, but it makes a difference. These weren't hooligans looking for a trophy, they're civilians who found an injured man and they're happy he's not dead. And then, as the translation notes, they immediately get a car to transport him.

    • Sailor

      Study the photo on this article before you say another word! Stevens was alive, his arm is up and hand in his face from extreme pain. The people are stopped. Not running, not saving anyone. Look at the photo! Focus your eyes to Stevens Stomach. Look down an what do you plainly see? A man who's hands are bloody with a knife. His body is behind Stevens upper torso. The man in the black shirt and others are witnessing something happening to Stevens. That Stevens himself seems to be feeling great pain from. Why is Stevens pants not in that photo? The only other photo is of Stevens now off the shoulders of the guy. The guy in the black shirt seemingly pulling up Stevens pants with a cell phone in his mouth..Wheres the other photos of this hidious event? Wake up people. They carry viagra, just for this cruel treatment!

      • Calliope

        New video:

        As you can see, the video shows Stevens being hoisted over the guy’s shoulder and then quickly moved. You seem to be really good at hallucinating (bloody knife!?!), so no doubt you’ll have another explanation for what’s on the video, but so far all evidence has backed up that Libyans evacuated Stevens as best they could.

        If you believe the Viagra thing, then you are one sick puppy.

        • aspacia

          And if you believe all the liberal media like the Washington Post, then you are one sick puppy. Try some balance with The Washington Times.

      • Calliope

        You're seeing what you want to see (and grossly, you want to see a rape), with little proof. And if you're willing to believe that revolting Viagra thing as a general "that's what they do!" attitude for all Libyans, then I can't help you.

        That's a special sort of shuttered thinking that leads to nuttiness, like hallucinating bloody knives where there aren't any.

    • Bill

      Wow, and just cause you hear audio over a video image then it must be real. Go on vacation to Libya and see how many friends you can make.

      • Calliope

        Good lord. You're now saying that someone dubbed over the video with similar crowd sounds, just with different words that say "he's alive, yay, get the car"?

        That is a level of conspiracy deeper than the Mariana Trench right there.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Who killed him idiot liar? Djinns? The Jews?

      • Calliope

        Pretty sure smoke inhalation and asphyxiation killed him. Smoke inhalation as the direct result of a small group of Libyan terrorists chucking grenades and mortars at the embassy and setting it on fire.

        Unless you have a more compelling djinn theory – I mean, they are portrayed as traveling in clouds of smoke.

    • Jackie

      Calliope dissembles:
      1. It does not matter who those guys are, whether they are rescuing him or not. The question is – why is Stevens' pants pulled down? You can clearly see his buttocks.
      2. This story is not from AFP, who say that Tayyar apologized and took it down. Well, the story is still there, and no mention of AFP at all

      • Calliope

        1) Oh for heaven's sake – have you ever carried an unconscious person? Their clothing is not glued to them, it moves, and since the person is unconscious they're not making any effort to readjust their clothes. When you throw someone over your shoulder and they're wearing pants, you end up holding onto the pants fabric to keep them stable and stop them from sliding off your shoulder. Sometimes, that means that pants ride down, especially on men who don't have broad hips. This is also the reason "pantsing" someone as a prank is possible – when you yank on the fabric, the pants can slide partially or completely off. This is not a sinister plot, it's physics. Seriously – if you have a kid, go dangle him upside down while holding onto his legs to try out this theory. The only people immune to this principle are hipsters wearing skinny jeans, and that does not apply to most Ambassadors.

        2) I don't particuarly care about the Tayyar article, which already proved itself to be unreliable in that it falsely quoted the AFP to start with – that's not an easy mistake to make, sourcing a major news organization and then basically saying "oh, I guess we didn't hear that from you! We're not going to supply another source, though. So just trust us on this thing we claim to have heard somewhere.". I have no idea what sort of journalistic standards they're accountable to, or if they're even considered a reliable source in Tunisia. It's not actually a positive to say that the story is "still there" despite the withdrawal of the AFP sourcing claim – because now it is a wholly unsourced article. They didnt supply any further reportage, and no credible source looking into this seems to have found background info to support the rape idea either – in fact, multiple videos and interviews have surfaced showing quite the opposite.

        It's rumor. Papers that publish unsourced stories are tabloids.

  • Calliope

    "Sexual abuse and degradation is a common tactic used against non-Muslims, especially women, as the repeatedly raped Lara Logan found"

    It's actually a common tactic used again WOMEN in that area of the world, full stop. When Lara was raped, so were a lot of Egyptian women, it was a huge problem in Tahrir Square at that time. Rape and sodomy were also used as torture techniques in pre-Spring Egypt when people were arrested by the secret police. But there's no link between being a non-Muslim and getting raped more, so I have no idea where you picked that up.

    • Brenda

      Yeah, they love us about as much as we love them. I know that they are not all savage barbarians, but that is their history, killing, beheading, trying to destroy anything and anyone who does not embrace their religion (15th century Ottoman Empire). And before you start railing about how many savage wars were fought for Christianity, I know. But except for a few idiots, it is not a common thing today. As a matter of fact, I read a lot of the violence is directed at Christians, even in this country now, which is a disgrace. But if the media would just seek out some good behavior to report on both Christianity and Islam, maybe we'd have a less biased picture. I think they relish the fact that they keep the public all worked up, to what end I don't know, but I'm sick of it.

      • White Hunter

        Excellent, Brenda. Thanks.

      • Calliope

        I was just saying that Muslims seeking out non-Muslims to rape is not actually a pattern, as the article claims and which, I think, is part of the "media keeps us worked up" theme you mention. The fact that this unsubstantiated rape story has gotten any coverage at all is just infuriating. It's completely irresponsible and the worst type of rabble-rousing: finding a remote, unsourced story and then promoting it as truth. Disgusting.

        Link me to some examples of Christians in America being targeted, please. Seriously – I can never find anything, I'd be grateful for a link.

    • amused

      Calliope , you do realize you're arguing with a bunch of F—ing Idiots dont you ? You can show these schmucks a video , with a translation . you could bring eyewitnesses , these brainwashed little meme parrots are impervious to facts ….they've got their marching orders , you're spitting in the wind .

      • Calliope

        I live in hope, amused! Besides, if you let a comments section devolve into a single mindset, it tends to reinforce itself and convince people they're right. Introduce an opposing viewpoint and it at least forces a little analytical thinking, even if all people are trying to do is poke holes in my statements.

        (I do this maybe once every few months, and only on stories that are particularly awful and misleading.)

        • Amused

          That’s called the “echo chamber ” Calliope . This is where the known limits of their universe exists . You attempt to apply logic , reason , lol…even a video ,it is inconsequential , these rubes never let FACTS stand in the way of an argument . As for “awfull and misleading stories ” ?
          Lololol……most of the “alleged ” journalists here jump back and forth between FPM and , what does that say ? 95% of the “stories ” are just that ,[ AWFULL & MISLEADING } as the authors blow the dogwhistle and wait for the Pavlovian Responses .

    • Debra Hackbert
      • Calliope

        Here's the thing, Debra: I know and like modern Muslims. Would I like to be around certain Muslims in the Middle East? Heck, no. I've been around Saudi Arabian women enough to know that Islam can be interpreted in a way I, as a Western woman, would find completely untenable. It was annoying enough to get hissed at for accidentally showing my hair or elbows. But there are different strains of Islam just as there are different flavors in EVERY religion. I can not like some types without hating the whole religious body.

        Also, that was a pretty Christian-themed video. Guy's got an angle, and that's not helpful. If you show your bias that blatantly, then it becomes difficult to believe you're impartially assessing facts. He's too invested in a Christian-centric worldview for me to take him too seriously. I've got the same relationship with Christianity that I do Islam and Judaism: some flavors I like, some I don't and stay well away from.

      • Calliope

        To be a bit more specific: Warner tries to make a big deal about the Barbary Pirates, the corsairs. One million Christians enslaved, awful horrible system, dun dun dunnnn.

        This is true, but it is by no means honest.

        Yes, the corsairs were swooping in and taking people (not exclusively Christians – they didn't care who they snatched, religion was unimportant in the Barbary trade unless you were Muslim) off of coasts between 1530 and 1780. But did you know that the most successful Barbary pirates were actually Europeans? White dudes! White dudes who realized that being in the navy didn't make you rich fast enough, and who decided that they could make more money in North Africa by selling Europeans into North African slavery. And so they became privateers, modernized the Barbary slave trade and enslaved a good percentage of those 1 million.

        At a similar time period, 1500-1800, Christians enslaved over 12 million Africans and shipped them across to the Americas.

        So there's a little perspective. Warner talks about the Barbary slave trade as though it's shocking, but it's really not in the context of history. Barbary piracy also had a couple of interesting hitches not seen in the Atlantic slave trade: Barbary corsairs frequently offered their captives up for ransom (they wanted money more than the slave labor), there were difficult-but-available routes out of slavery through purchasing your own freedom, and most importantly and in stark contrast with the Atlantic trade – the children born to Barbary slaves were not enslaved themselves. Interesting, no?

        I was fascinated by the Barbary slave trade when I first ran across it a few years ago, and it's an undoubtedly horrific period in history when looking back at it now. But for them they were only 200 years past serfdom, which was its own form of slavery and that had happened IN Europe, by Christians to Christians.

        History is interesting, but Dr Warner is picking and choosing his talking points, and in a way that struck me as kind of dishonest. It's like he decided on his thesis and then forced other elements to fit. That's not the path of a curious, inquisitive mind, that's the path of a fanatic.

        • VIJENDRA

          I think Govt.Should deport you as an Ambassador next time to such Country.

          • Calliope

            To where? Barbary? Because Barbary is not a country.

            And you're aware that Ambassadors aren't actually deported, right?

        • Western Canadian

          “At a similar time period, 1500-1800, Christians enslaved over 12 million Africans and shipped them across to the Americas. ”

          Complete and utter drivel. Western christians did dirty their hands by adopting the abomination of slavery, but they were very small change in slave raids. They usual ‘merely’ purchased the product from africans, and more often then not from arab muslims, who didn’t restrict their market to the west. That is such a blatant falsehood on your part, that any other comment you have made can now be doubted.

          • Calliope

            I framed it that way as a counter to Warner's "Barbary pirates enslaved 12 million Christians" claim, so there's some hyperbole involved because the original premise was hyperbolic. "Westerners, mostly Christians, imported 12 million African slaves" might have been a better way to phrase it.

            You're absolutely right that many of the slaves were procured by other Africans, but let's not be naive about the laws of supply and demand. Massive demand by Westerns whites not only caused a huge increase in number of slaves taken, it changed the concept of slavery from the varied African models to the exclusive European chattel model.

            The nature of slavery in Africa before the advent of the Atlantic trade was very different. Sometimes it was like a serf/lord relationship, sometimes it was indentured servitude, sometimes it was domestic drudge. Slaves often had a means to earn money independently (though giving a cut to their owner), and that money could then be used to buy their freedom. Their children were not classed as slaves. In short, they were not property.

            In contrast, Westerners purchasing Africans practiced chattel slavery exclusively. Any money you earned was your owner's, any children you had instantly became his property, and as property you had little opportunity to buy your freedom. Westerners changed African slave trade for the worse, something that becomes all the more evident when you account for the difference between being enslaved 100 miles from your hometown and being shipped off to Virginia.

            You can doubt anything you like, of course. But it would be foolish to find one awkwardly phrased sentence and then declare the entire exchange tainted. That indicates you were looking for an opportunity to discredit what I've been saying, which isn't a very unbiased way to operate. As it is, you've highlighted the part that irked you and I hope I've responded in a way that meets your criteria.

    • Rafael Torres

      Calliope, did you know that the rape of Lara Logan was whitewashed and full of PC? Even her 60 Minutes interview, which was her only interview on this because she doesn't want this to define her, was loaded with political correctness and bias; not a thing about radical Islam was mentioned, and she did not say the words Islam or Muslium. She said that she was raped by Egyptian men, not Egyptian Islamists, another example of PC. Also it said that it addreses the issue about sexual violence against journalists but it does NOT address Islam's violence against women. Once again, CBS hid the bad guys, and history has repeated itself. Time to call for boycotts and for Ms. Logan to resign.

      • Calliope

        I'd back the hell off of Lara Logan if I were you. She gets to disclose exactly what she wants of that event and nothing more. She owes you nor me nor ANYONE anything, and it's ridiculous to project your bias or your expectations onto her.

        You do realize that Logan was assaulted by a mob, right? She didn't ask for their religion before they raped her. She probably didn't get a look at many of them. She can't say she was raped by Egyptian "Islamists" because no one has any idea who the guys were. They could have been anyone, both Christians and Muslims were in Tahrir Square at the time, not that it matters because religion does not make you rape someone, being an entitled jerk makes you rape someone. Many Egyptian women were being assaulted around this time, because this is a CULTURAL problem in Egypt, not specific to any particular religion. Generally, rape is not the situation to highlight when you want to whinge about PC terminology.

        This might shock you, but women don't really give a flying crap about the religion of their rapist. The 60 Minutes interview was not the time to talk about Islam and women (a topic that has been extensively covered in many many other news outlets, and rightly so). Logan's experience as a journalist was the more important angle, and if you're interested in that aspect of women journalists and sexual assault, I suggest you read Mac McClelland, who will bring you up to speed.

        I've never even thought about the religion of my rapist before, by the way. I've thought often of his height and his clothing and his ethnic background and his stealth and his utter silence during the attack, but his religion is so completely irrelevant that it's never remotely crossed my mind. It's a stupid question to ask. He didn't rape me because he was religious. He raped me because he saw a total stranger on the street and decided he really wanted to force her to have sex with him.

    • Kufar Dawg

      FOAD liar, I've read about the Pakistaini and Egyptian predilection for love jihad against Hindus and Christians.

      • Calliope

        There are words in there, but they don't make sense in the order you've arranged them. "Love jihad"?

  • mjazzguitar

    If this is how good the President protects Americans then it is time for another President.

    • Sunbeam

      He should definitely not be given another chance to govern, The governing of the Administration of American Constituents lies solely in the hands of the American people, and NOT WITH THE GOVERNMENT. If you think it has not carry out its duty according to the expectation of the people, then it is time you got to pressure them out, rather than let it continue as this might have adverse effect on the nation, which is the most important issue of all issues.America must be able to stand up again by itself just like in past glory with all the patriots align behind their beloved country.

    • woke up

      It doesn't matter who the President is, he is going to do what the elitist say or his employment will be terminated as is with what happened to Kennedy. The President is not working for the people. If he starts to work for the people, then he will no longer be. How do we know that this conflict was not perpetrated by the U.S. (CIA?). We don't. They have a habit of doing things like this.

  • Mosta

    The problem is with ur media and your freedom , it has always a double standard . most of muslims and arabs are against what happened to the ambassador , it's so savage and brutal and we all admit that . on ur article you focused on u're blaming lots of millions of the world for a mistake that's made by a small group of savages, and that does not show any professionalism, also you neglected a very important thing at the beginning when u asked if they break the movie makers had ever broken f the us law ? well the answer is no they did not , but they have broken the law of all muslims around the world that their prophet should be respected and here I wonder if your law allow you or anyone else to say any word against Holocaust ? you have also criticized Obama, Hillary and .. for trying to solve the problem and showing respect for muslims which is really considered to be a good move . honestly this is the worst and the most stupid thing I have ever read and my only advice for u is to read more

    • Brenda

      The only thing about Obama and Hillary showing respect is that it hasn't worked. The Muslim world doesn't care about them or how much respect they show them. Their actions have very little to do with how we treat them, but rather, how we voice our opinions and beliefs and they are in opposition to theirs. They just don't like Americans, and that's putting it mildly. I just don't want to use the 'h' word. In America they are free to practice their religion, but they should not try to force it on us, any more than we would force ours on them. That is just wrong in America. And it seems the radicals of their religion are all about force and violence; so they kind of smother the voice of the peaceful Muslims. We need to just leave them alone, keep them from taking over our country and killing our people, but otherwise leave them alone; and they need to leave us alone. The world is big enough for us to live peacefully apart from each other.

    • 2Anglico

      So, it is OUR fault? Talk about someone who needs to "read more". Sorry, Bud, only Muslims act this way. Jews and Christians are insulted MANY, MANY times EVERYDAY. Do you see them burning and raping EVERYDAY?
      There is NO requirement for me to respect YOUR prophet!!!
      The leader of Iran says the Holocaust did not happen, should we rape and kill him for his WORDS???

    • White Hunter

      If u r such a "moderate" Moslem, "Mosta," then why you not stand up for Bill of Rights in USA? Why you not teach peace of Islam to Believers, in mosque? Why not? Why you not teach "true" Islam, a "religion" of peace, and educate those "Moslems" who "misunderstand" Islam? Why the F**k not? If "the vast majority" of Moslems are "peaceable, good and loyal citizens," then why in H*ll don't they stand up to, and against, the "tiny, microscopically small minority of Muslims" who want to cut our heads off and blow us to bits, and who think about how to do it, every waking minute of the hate-filled lives? Eh?

    • pagegl

      How many Christians are rioting because some idiot imam in Egypt burnt the Bible? The only double standard that exists is the one in which Muslims expect non-Muslims to respect their religion while they refuse to respect any religion except Islam. If you want respect from me you then show me some respect.

    • Ted

      Yes. You can deny the holocaust without breaking any laws. Our constitution recognizes that free speech is a natural right, no matter how stupid or insulting it is, because words cannot cause real harm, at least among sane people. By the way, did the ambassador have anything to do with the video you find so insulting? Hell no. And being insulted is not a sane reason for committing murder of anyone. But, since the ambassador was a non-Arab American, I guess this was also a racist murder.

    • Ghostwriter

      Mosta,since when have Muslims ever cared one whit about the lives of Americans or Israelis? Answer that question for me.

    • CBlack

      Unfortunately, we are not talking about a small group of "Savages"…..we are discussing an entire culture of Savages, minus a small number of the more educated Savages who, deep down, still ascribe to the tactics, teaching and practices of these Cretinous and ignorant followers of this known pedophilic figure of Muslim history who was nothing more than savage himself…There! If that hurts the feelings of Muslims, So Be It ! Let me state, catagorically, that nearly 99% of Westerners feel this same way towards the Zombie Worshipers of the Mood God known as Allah ! May his memory Rest in Hades and burn for eternity!

      NHCHAZ….In Manchester, NH


      Stop fooling people.

    • darla

      R u for real dogs and male children r treated better then woman and young girls.If u want to come to the USA Show your face.R men and woman r over there to free the people and give them rights.We don't hide our faces with rags on our heads,If they believe in there cause fight face to face don't cause innocent citizens and children to get killed.I hate to break it to them but there are not 72 virgins and Allah waiting for them.If this were true why r the leaders of these groups hiding.And if so many muslims don't agree with what happened to the Ambassador then why didn't they get them out they new three days before the attack.I think we should throw all there butts out of the USA.We have our own natural resources to last 200 years/And let the middle East eat there sand and sea water.And the my great grandmother family were killed in the Holocaust.That exactly what the Middle East wants to do commit genicide on all other races and religions.I believe Isreal has every right to protect themselves.And the United Nations should stand behind them.Stop all trade with the Middle East that will get there attention.

    • darla

      R u for real dogs and male children r treated better then woman and young girls.If u want to come to the USA Show your face.R men and woman r over there to free the people and give them rights.We don't hide our faces with rags on our heads,If they believe in there cause fight face to face don't cause innocent citizens and children to get killed.I hate to break it to them but there are not 72 virgins and Allah waiting for them.If this were true why r the leaders of these groups hiding.And if so many muslims don't agree with what happened to the Ambassador then why didn't they get them out they new three days before the attack.I think we should throw all there butts out of the USA.We have our own natural resources to last 200 years/And let the middle East eat there sand and sea water.And the my great grandmother family were killed in the Holocaust.That exactly what the Middle East wants to do commit genicide on all other races and religions.I believe Isreal has every right to protect themselves.And the United Nations should stand behind them.Stop all trade with the Middle East that will get there attention.

    • aspacia

      The million who are against this should revolt against the Islamists instead of being silent.

    • Uncle Sam

      As a Muslim man or woman, you need to get two things straight:

      According to International Law, this was an act of war.
      If there indeed are millions of good Muslims in the world against the violence that began on 911, it is high time they grow a pair and stand up and call out your inmams and clerics encouraging these attacks.

      Remember, there were lots of good but silent Germans who died at the hands of the allied forces in WW-II. I am sure the same could have been said for the Japanese as well.

    • woke up

      Obama and Hilary are not trying to solve a thing. They are part of it. Please do some research.

    • AJKSC

      Where is the respect for Christianity? Its against my religion to do many things but not in yours, so should you adhere to my religion? No. As freedom allows that ability to be free to have your religion… but don't get upset when not every one agrees. I don't agree that the video was right or just or appropriate in the slightest. It's not. However it's an opinion no matter how back woods it is.. And there are MANY people that believe the Holocaust was a hoax, that it didnt happen, or that support it to this day and are not shy about it. Respect has a two way street. Respect my belief in my God and I will respect your belief in yours.

    • Guest

      I hear my Lord's name used a cuss word every single day, yet He doesn't call me to maim and murder, nor do I. "Vengeance is Mine," our God told us, and "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you." The real God is not afraid of your persistent blasphemies, and indeed continues to give you every opportunity to receive the truth. Your "god," who we all know is satan, is terrified, and demands "slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the …" Quran (2:216) May you wake up to these truths, and may satan not have even a single victory.


    i have read wonderful comments of different ppl, whether they are Muslims or belongs to other communities. My questions are: If a person try to save his family, friends or country men, will he be treated a terrorist?? If a person ask you that I respect your religion and I expect the same that you respect my religion; will he be a terrorist? If a person tries to break the laws of country; he is punished as per laws of that country but if he breaks the laws of Allah, God, Holy Prophets, Holy Books: Do you think that people of this land have right to disobey and break the laws. We believe that such person should not be given chance to be heard and be punished as per Allah's Orders.

    • Brenda

      No, the people of this land, if you're talking about America, do not have the right to disobey and break the laws of this land. But we are not, nor do we want to be, under Sharia law. That is your law, not ours. But if you live in this country, you should be held accountable by the laws of our land, America. If we live in a Muslim country then maybe we should be held accountable under the laws of that land. If ;you want to live in America, then you should become an American and abide by our laws. It's simple, really. Immigrants have been doing it for centuries, the German, Japanese, Irish, Russian, Hispanic, all came to America to be free, and they became American citizens and abided by the laws of this country. I am a Christian. If you break the laws of God and/or the Holy Bible, it is not my right to judge or punish you. That is God's right, and only His. This land is not ruled by God's law per se, but by the Constitution, which includes some of the principles set forth in the Holy Bible, but it is not a religious law, but a law of the land. As a Christian, I am commanded to love you and your people, whatever their beliefs or behavior. I do not have to love the behavior, but I must love you; so I do. Jesus loved the whole world and died for the whole world, you, me, the radicals, everyone. But God gave us the choice to accept Him or not. And if we do not, then He will judge us some day. I am accountable to God's law as a Christian. I am also accountable to the laws of the Constitution as an American citizen. May you be blessed.

      • White Hunter

        Thank you, Brenda. You're a calmer person, and certainly a better Christian, than I am.

      • LizzyF

        You forgot the thousands of Greeks who immigrated to American for Freedom at the turn of the 20th Century. And to the religion of Peace, I remember what you did to my Greek ancestors for 400 years.

        • ron

          and they are STILL DOING IT & persecuting the animists and christians of AFRICA after ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED YEARS!!

          …and to basically all christian minorities in islamic countries the ENTIRE world over…

          oh – and don't forget the Hindu's and the Buddhists too – i guess this religion just can't get along with ANYBODY!

    • White Hunter

      So, "AHSAN," if a Moslem burns or defecates on my country's Flag, or on The New Testament of The Bible, which would certainly very much offend me, would you protect my "right" to kil that Moslem, or firebomb his country's embassy in Washington or New York? Please answer. RIGHT NOW.

    • Drakken

      You muslims will try to punish us infidels over your dead bodies, take your islam and leave the west, continue to provoke and push us will result in your demise.

    • LizzyF

      You are so brainwashed it's pathetic. Your people have not advanced to a civilized mind set. Why?

    • Mike Villano

      The left has been trashing Christianity and Judaism for the last 30 years in this country so this new call to respect religion is bogus and counterfeit.
      Combined with the overt annihilationist Jew-hatred coming out of the Middle East on TV and radio including children's TV shows each and every day, please!
      Enough with the lies.

    • MER

      Mosta: Our law is Freedom of Speech, without qualifiers about who we are free to speak of or about. We can say whatever we want about anything. We have plenty of people in this country who actively say and advocate that the Holocaust was a hoax, offending millions of people. We have hundreds of people condemning and speaking badly about any religion including atheists who believe in nothing.

      • MER

        We can say whatever we want and are protected by our laws for doing that. What we condemn is an intolerant religion and its followers that believe the best way to react to an insult, real or perceived, by anyone anywhere for any reason is to create and justify mass violence, rape and murder. We all decry the stupidity of the video. However, we criticize Obama and Hillary because they keep insiting the video created the problems in Benghazi when the problem there was not the video, the problem was their lack of security for our personnel overseas on the anniversary of 9/11 and failure to prepare. This makes them look bad to the American people in an election year so they are insiting that it wasn't their lack of preparedness and underestimation of the situation but instead blame the video.

        • MER

          The video has existed for months with no one caring anything about it and it is well known now that it was used by Muslim extremists to call for violent protests on 9/11. Sadly Mosta, your own religious leaders manipulate your people to acts that are decried all over the civilized world. Requiring that America change their constitution and their laws to accomodate Islam's sensitivity (or any other reigion anywhere) is not a viable response to virtually all Americans. We are not a theocracy. We are a free people and mean to stay that way. I suggest you read some more about us.

    • MER

      Ahsan: You have your laws, we have ours. Our laws are not based or enforced on religion because our laws have to represent and protect all peoples. Sharia only represents and protects Muslims. Woe to those living in your countries who are not Muslims because neither you or Islam tolerate or respect anyone else's faith. If you lived here, we would respect your right to say anything you want about any of our religions here. What we would not respect and would punish swiftly is violence against anyone who believes differently from you. That's the difference, Ahsan. You have no tolerance, no respect and worse teach your people that hatred and violence against people not of your faith will actually be rewarded in heaven thus justifying your own violent actions on Earth. The rest of the world does not want you, Islam or what you represent.

    • America has rights

      YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. I live in USA, I can say whatever I want about muhammad. . . IT"S MY RIGHT! I will now start to defame him everywere I go for I cannot stand what muslims are doing to MY country. According to God, YOU will burn in hell for your sins against him and for fallowing a false idol. (how do you like it when others become radicol??? maybe you should just be glad that you have the right to fallow the religion of your choice, but if others speak against you, you do NOT have the right to attack) You are a godless hethen. Enjoy eternity :)

      • aspacia

        You go America has rights. Why do others come to my land and try to force me to tolerate their intolerance and misogyny.

    • aspacia

      Why should I respect your faith, when your faith does not respect my Deism? Nope. Mad Mo was one warped sociopath.


    What is meant by Freedom??? What is Freedom of expression?? Can we say against any Government especially USA? Can we disobey President of US? Can we kill any American? Every persons answer should be in negative including me coz we don't have to say any thing as we have nothing to do and they never do bad for me, my family, friends and country men. But If they will do bad to us, how a bad person can say that its his right to dis-respect, disobey laws of land and especially Laws made by Allah, The Almighty. No way. We cannot give permission to say any thing, we have to do wht Allah Has said. That all.

    • Brenda

      We should not go into your country and disrespect your laws or laws made by Allah, because those are your laws. But in America, we all have the right to worship as we see fit, whether it be worshiping Allah or Jehovah God. If you disobey the laws of God, then God will judge and punish you. Not me. Not the law of my land either. My God can take care of Himself, he doesn't need me to fight you. He will take care of it Himself at some point. I don't know when or how, but He will. That is the difference in our beliefs I think. You believe you must punish those who disobey Allah. But I believe that I am not held accountable by those laws in America. If you try to punish me for disobeying Allah's laws in America, then you will probably violate some part of the Constitution and would be accountable under the Constitution. Please, let us live peacefully together. You cannot make me believe as you do. I would not try to make you believe as I do, that would be up to you., your free choice. I totally respect your willingness to have conversation about these things. It shows you are sincere. May we live in peace.

    • Brenda

      Ahsan, freedom of expression, yes in America we can say what we think of the government even if it is negative. To kill any American or any other human being is wrong, both under my God's law and under the Constitution; so no, we cannot kill, or should not. As a Christian I cannot disobey the president or the law of the land unless it violates or goes against God's law. Then I must choose God's law. But God's law never tells me to kill or commit violence against another person. No one in this country should do bad to you or disrespect you or your religion. But we both know people do bad things all the time. In my religion, I believe my God will punish the person. The Constitution of the USA gives the right to punish certain crimes committed here in this country. Even persons who commit crimes are granted a hearing, an opportunity to speak for themselves in this country. We're not allowed by the law to indiscriminately kill another, though. May we live in peace.

    • White Hunter

      You, "AHSAN," are clearly a fanatic, and exactly the sort of Moslem that every sane, civilized person understandably worries about. Your idiotic rhetorical question, "What is Freedom of expression?" (I guess, to you, it's the "freedom" to repeat anything that Mohammed allegedly muttered, gasped, or snarled), followed by another, "Can we disobey President of US?" (well, duh, yeah; it's what we, here, call "an election"–an idea totally unknown in Islam). Any further questions?

    • Jim_C

      Ashan, I have heard it said that trying to explain freedom to someone who grew up without it is a bit like trying to explain baseball to a martian.

      Watching a bad movie does not hurt you. It may insult you, it may even enrage you–but it never hurt you. Beheading me hurts me, quite a bit.

    • Ghostwriter

      Here's a little something for you to chew on AHSAN. For years,Muslim terrorists have been going around the world killing Americans and other non-Muslims simply because they exist. No one in the Muslim world has EVER condemned those acts. Forgive me,but your words ring hollow to me.

    • Christine

      Ahsan, please explain to me why you worship a God that thinks it is a good thing to treat other human beings this way? Really? In the name of RELIGION? Why would you WORSHIP a God that wants you to kill, maim, or mistreat other people? WHY? That does not make ANY sense. I continue to wonder how so many people can believe in and worship a god that believes it is good to kill or mistreat others. To me, that is not a god I would want to worship. I prefer to worship a god that forgives and loves. That is my choice. You have a choice too but you don't seem very free to think for yourself.

  • dodo

    There's an aspect of sexual violence to most muslim terrorism that is very troubling. Brainwashing troubled young males with suicideforsex combined with murder is not what any valid religion is about

  • Jamie

    If Ambassador was indeed raped and his dead body violated, progressive, lefty media, the Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Obama will find an excuse for that as well, perhaps concluding that Christopher Stevens deserved it. I really wouldn't put past these traitors anything. Hussain Obama probably knows exactly what happened.

  • Samir

    usa is in deal with those extremists – exactly as was with Bin Laden. This r all usa planned actions in order to be ablt to intervene in middle east. Look for the responsible in CIA.

    • aspacia

      Samir, you are an apologist, and will not accept the facts that Muslims committed this heinous act. I read both sides, and what your leaders say in Arabic as well as the translations. They lie to us, and some of our leaders are duping us.

  • drivesguy

    I would tend to trust the autopsy report before I would trust a news article, even if the News sight was Arabic (Tayyar,). That being said, the question is whether or not this corrupt organization will allow the autopsy report to be released.

  • Indioviejo

    May we please see those"most Arabs and Muslims" who are against what "happened to the Ambassador" come out to defend freedom of Speech? May we see them criticize the "Life" of Mohamed for pedophilia which is an accurate description in the video? I will be watching for these demonstrations anywhere in the World.

  • Reacher

    Obama and the Dimocrats will be out of power for 20 years over this. Especially if Obama continues to turn the other butt cheek…
    Not over…

  • LindaRivera

    Libya’s Gaddafi was fighting AGAINST AL-QAEDA. US, France and NATO
    united with Al-Qaeda and other barbaric terrorists and waged war for
    many months to defeat Libya and Gaddafi and place excessively cruel
    Muslim terrorists into power.

    The US/NATO war enabled and empowered the ANTI-Gaddafi Muslims to
    perpetrate horrific atrocities and genocide of blacks in Libya. Blacks
    were safe under Gaddafi. Obama, Clinton and our supposedly civilized
    Western leaders were silent about the atrocities and genocide.
    SILENCE IS CONSENT. US/NATO created hell on earth in Libya.

    America is reaping the harvest of horrors they sowed in Libya.
    Gaddafi was hunted down by a US/NATO aircraft enabling his violent
    beating and savage sexual attack by ANTI-Gaddafi Muslims. The exact same thing that was done to U.S. ambassador, Christoper Stevens. Stevens supported the jihadis who barbarically murdered him.

    This is what happens when you COOPERATE with, and EMPOWER EVIL.

    The West must stop empowering barbaric Muslims! Stop supporting global jihad!
    The West must stop waging wars for totalitarian, colonizing Islam!
    Our world is being placed in great danger and and our beautiful and extremely MERCIFUL civilization is in great danger of being destroyed by Western leaders!

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Obama vilifies a video which mockingly tells the truth about the Prophet Mohammed because it's deeply offensive to Moslem believers; but he sends a gay ambassador to a city of Moslem homophobes which is offensive to practically everyone living there. By doing this how did Obama show respect for Islam? Is this not emblematic of the incoherency and confusion of Obama's Middle East Moslem outreach policies? Is it any wonder it's going up in flames?

    Google ApolloSpeaks at to read more on this subject

    • LizzyF

      Apollospeaks. I wondered about Stevens being gay. If he was, indeed, that was a stupid move by this administration. But then, most of what they do is stupid. No surpirse.

  • LindaRivera

    Infidel-haters, Islam-adoring Western leaders are condemning a film instead of condemning the mass violence of Muslims in many countries. The killings and barbaric murder of the U.S. ambassador. The Muslim violence has expanded into Australia where OUR policemen have been severely beaten by Muslim immigrants and OUR policemen are carried injured and bleeding to the hospital.

    Eternal shame on our Western leaders who make it appear that it is ACCEPTABLE to wage violent jihad on our people for a movie.

    This despicable behavior by our Western leaders who continuously bow down and submit to Islam, massively encourages Muslims to increase their violence and murders against our people. What a horrible betrayal by Western leaders of non-Muslim innocents!

    We are in desperate need of patriotic Western leaders who believe that non-Muslims should be protected! Who believe in freedom and human rights for non-Muslims! Western leaders and Quran-obedient Muslims have teamed up against us!

    We are in a desperate battle for our freedom, safety and human rights. For our beautiful and extremely MERCIFUL civilization. It is a battle we dare not lose or the darkest period the world has ever known will descend upon us!

    • Kristina O'Donnelly

      Very true, Linda. We are being sold out by our very own people, Western mass manipulators who are in cahoots with their Eastern counterparts. Indeed indeed a multi-faceted group of Greedsters, regardless of their race creed and nationality are united in destroying our hard-won civilization while enriching themselves far more than when they acted alone. After they finish devouring us, they'll turn on each other.

  • chowching259

    Muhammadanism is a cult whose members believe that their hero was an ideal human being. But the media has the talent to change that image and portray Muhammad as vile and perverted. In less than a decade the cult would be without membership, the enlightened would jump ship because they had no desire for being associated with a pedophile.

  • LindaRivera

    When will millions upon millions of us take to the streets declaring we will no longer accept the rapes, atrocities and barbaric mass murders of our precious non-Muslim brothers and sisters?

    To the hundreds of millions of my precious non-Muslim brothers and sisters barbarically murdered by Quran-obedient Muslims, rest in eternal peace.

  • LindaRivera

    WND.COM: Muslim cleric Abu Islam burns Holy Bible
    Tells cheering crowd: 'Next time I will urinate on it'

    (CONTINENTAL NEWS) Muslim cleric Abu Islam Burns the Holy Bible in front of thousands of Muslims at protest outside the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, on Tuesday, 9/11. His action was met with applause and anti-Christian cheers from the demonstrators.

    According to Mary Abdelmassih in a story carried by the Assyrian International News Agency (, the cleric, before leaving the demonstration and getting into his car, told the crowds “next time I will urinate on it.”…

    Quran-obedient Muslims constantly reveal their rabid HATE for God and their rabid HATE for God's eternal, HOLY Laws given to His faithful Jewish, Hebrew servant, Moses, in the Bible:


    The Quran calls for the massive breaking of God's Laws.

    Who will not fear the Mighty, One Great God of the Universe, the Magnificent and Awesome Creator? Who will dare to make WAR on God and God's Holy Laws?

    Bible, Psalm 47:2 For the Lord Most High is to be feared, A great King over all the earth.

  • Questions

    Islam attracts the shallow, the ignorant and the predatory. The worst men, excitable conformists looking for easy "answers" to life's hard question, assert their puny sense of manhood by raping. They are the ultimate version of Nietzsche's lower type of man.

  • RiverFred

    According to Obozo it was work place violence.

  • UCSPanther

    Flamethrowers for embassy defense sound real good right now…

  • BLJ

    Obama is a Muslim. He is also friends with the Muslim Brotherhood. Pretty simple math.

    • Calliope

      Your math is wrong. You apparently don't understand numbers.

      Obama is not a Muslim. Never was, isn't, shows no inclination of becoming one.

      Claiming Obama is a Muslim as a default just shows breathtaking ignorance and stubbornness. It's like saying that because my father was a Catholic, and because I grew up in an area of Boston that was later shown to fundraise for the IRA, I am therefore both a Catholic and an Irish terrorist. It's just insane reasoning.

  • george

    Most ot the Muslim world, I say "most," like the crowd that murdered our ambassador, AN ACTOF WAR, have never gotten past the Seventh Century. It is useless to talk them unless its in a language they understand. While the thought is uncivilized it is time to take reprisals, and kill a hundred of them for every one of us. Sooner or later even the IQ of room temperature will understand that it is no longer worth the price to kill an American.

  • Angry Mama

    If you do not likeour constitution, goive someplace else.

    • Angry Mama

      If you do not like our constitution, go live someplace else.

  • texasron

    We should flood the internet with cartoons and films that Muslims might take offense at. Maybe they'll destroy all of their infrostructure. When they've destroyed all they have, they can rest.

  • scum

    Mind you, Ibrahim is saying all this with a straight face. Wow.

  • LizzyF

    You delete my comment? I asked a simple question of Ashan. Why has your nation not advanced into a civilized country. Why? What the h*ll is wrong with that?

  • scum

    One wonders why Ibrahim, or anyone here for that matter, would even care about the 'useful idiot' Stevens, as FPM calls him elsewhere. THAT'S blaming the victim. And by the way, a big shout out to the criminal Nakoula Nakoula, who has worked tirelessly to make the world a better place to live. We all thank you. Wow.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,what Mr. Nakoula did may have been stupid,but in America,he had a right to do it. Criticize him if you want but he has as much right to make that film as other have a right to say he shouldn't have.

  • Dale

    These Islamist talk about being the Religion of peace and of following the word of God; If that were the case would the rape of a man not be considered sodomy??? According to the Koran would the sodomist not necessarily be put to death… If this is indeed the case it appears to me that Islam is nothing more then a religion of convenience that can be twisted to whatever they want to happen…

  • ElenaG

    Time to flatten some islamist cities. Islam only understands the eternal grudge and the sword. Flattening their cities won't stop them, but it will deter them for a season.

    • Calliope

      As a resident of New York City, I'd ask that you reconsider advocating the wholesale and random murder of a city's civilians as a political/religious message. That is not a winning strategy.

      Basically, I didn't like it when it was done to us and have no wish to cause that sort of agony to another city, no matter what its religious inclination.

  • Amarican

    I'm afraid the Muslim Brotherhood is in deeper then anyone thought with Americas media at this point. They knew that is where they need to start.

  • Asher

    Well, does anyone respect the fact that Obama has enabled dogs like this? This should wake people up about the Evils of Islam! ….And Susan Rice says this wasn't pre-planned, there is also evidence that he was still alive and dragged through the streets.

    • Goering

      Really? What evidence is there he was "alive and dragged through the streets" let alone Mr. Ibrahims wild and unsupported assertion "The al-Qaeda affiliated men who sexually abused and killed Gaddafi are the same men who sexually abused and killed America’s ambassador."? How does he know, is there any evidence at all he was actually sexually abused and killed? The current explanation is he died to smoke inhalation from the rockets that set the compound on fire, was discovered alive and taken to hospital where the doctors could not revive him (see any stand news report like WSJ… . As far as I can see any ideas about torture, and sexual abuse come from the the fearful and grotesque imaginations of writers and are not fact based. It merely is an exaggeration to make worst of a horrific situation and use one mans death to stir fear in the hearts of others. A pitiful and embarrassing memorial not to mention a cheap shot.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Now we see a new twist in Islamist depravity………..Necrophilia, quite the religion of peace.

  • stevef

    If Mr. Stevens was a homosexual, is it homophobic to call this rape?

    • Calliope

      Firstly, the only reason this "rape" story got any credence at all is because some random Arabic site quoted the AFP as a source. The AFP say it's bull, and have demanded the Arabic site retract and correct. So now it's "a rumour on an Arabic site with absolutely no sourcing".

      Secondly, don't be a jerk. Rape has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation and you bloody well know it.

  • PJ

    A bit late, but-

    If the Constitution was based upon the Ten Commandments, then

    – Why are Sundays, or Saturdays for 7th Day Adventists, days in which one is permitted to work?

    (ref. (Commandment) Cm. 4)

    – Why do we have free speech? (ref. Cm. 3)

    – Why do we have freedom of religion? (ref. Cm. 1&2)

    – Why is the US involved in so many wars, either directly, by proxy or support? (red. Cm. 6)

    – Why is adultery legal? (ref Cm. 7)

    If your reply refers to interpretation and advancement of civilization or US exceptionalism, then please don’t reply since 1) interpretation wouldn’t directly contradict the source (eg. the Cm. orders you against misuse of the Lord’s name, but the Constit. protects your right to do so); 2) adv. of civ. falls prey under the same argument

    • aspacia

      Our laws are based on the realities our founders suffered through with King George. The Pilgrims and Puritans fled from Religious prosecution.

  • Blossom Kelley

    Only those conducting the autopsy knew what happened to the ambassador. And that will be manipulated by the three witches, Hillary, Susan and Samantha. God save us from these feminazis.

  • Sig

    Seriously "Calliope" – (obviously chosen to sound less islamic) – "methinks you doth protest too much"…..careful, your qur'an is showing…

    • Calliope

      Oh, please. I'm a white girl whose ancestors are made up entirely of Catholic potato farmers and Protestant factory workers, and I'm personally non-religious. Stop seeing reds under the bed.

      I generally protest when I think people are misusing information. It's not to anyone's benefit when a story like this is published. It was based on a lie – the only reason this rape story got any credence at all is because the Washington Times idiotically hyped an Arabic blog posting that claimed AFP sourcing, but didn't bother to follow up the source. And then the AFP immediately declared they weren't the source and sent takedown notices to the original blog, but by that time the "story" had spread like wildfire.

      Honestly, I blame the woman who published the Washington Times story. She's meant to be a reporter and do a proper job of it. Instead, she published rumormongering off of a random Arabic website. She should be ashamed that she's provided the fuel for this idiotic fire.

      • aspacia

        The story was all over ME media as well. If you trust the BBC or Guardian, then you are in trouble.

  • BruceMajors4DC

    Romney let his gay foreign policy advisor Richard Grenell be black balled by social conservatives;

    Obama let his gay Ambassador Christopher Stevens be raped and murdered.

    • amused

      what a schmuck you are

  • Islam is a cult 2012

    ALL Muslims should be wiped out! Islam is a satanic cult whose prophet was a pedophile! I spit on the Koran daily!

  • chaslie

    Doesn't that make the Muslims who raped the ambassador homosexuals too? So, I wonder now if they are going to kill themselves for participating in a homosexual act.

  • amused

    The man was not raped you dumbasses , not that that fact lessens the severity of an Ambassador being killed , but why can't you lackeys just stick to the truth instead of making up bullsheet ? Just do what you do best – blame Obama and be done with it , rather than disrespecting a dead man , calling him gay and raped . No brains , no sense , NO CLASS . What a bunch of A -holes !

  • Diogenes71

    I wonder if Ambassador Stevens homosexuality had anything to do with his horrible mistreatment.

  • Abdullah

    any one who played his part in making ,producing ,directing ,promotiong and picturizing this movie will be in deep trouble

    • aspacia

      Nope, he did not violate our laws, and was not in a ME country when he made this low budget film.

  • sara smith

    hope all you islam psychos burn in hell eturnally

  • TopAssistant

    If you want to see why the Obama administration and Secretary of State Clinton keep coming back to the excuse the video caused the uprising in the Middle East; it comes down to those that believe in Shariah/Islamic law. You might look at how and when they supported UN Resolution 1618 that forces it upon America, even above the Construction. Think not? Go to YouTube and watch an excellent briefing by Stephen Coughlin titled: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its Role in Enforcing Islamic Law. This is the State Department’s version of Fast & Furious. They want to slowly force a global Caliphate on us.

  • mdjgirl7

    I vote we cut off the foreign aide they hate us and they always will we are not Islamic and I never will be Praise and Glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

  • Shalhevet

    This article makes me so angry – because it’s showing the truth. And nothing else. I’m very worried about those filthy arabs. People who rape and kill as a cultural matter are not meant to be Christian’s and Jew’s friends. The world doesn’t need Islam. But probably it’s already too late to stop it.

  • Frank

    I had the honor of meeting Chris Stevens, he was devoted to his job, committed to rebuilding Libya as well as the Middle East as a Democracy, he served his country with distinction. What happened in the U.S. consulate in Benghazi has the dirty finger prints of Al Qaeda all over it. New Libya had nothing but admiration for Chris and were cooperating with him and the U.S. on many fronts including security. The question of rape should not be speculated on and should be left to expert opinion resulting from the autopsy. What is now called the Islamists and Jihadists are nothing but misled ignorant and poor people being manipulated by sinister political forces, most of them are ignorant of Islam's teachings and fall prey to the mental manipulation of leaders who use their poverty and ignorance to commit atrocious deeds against innocent people in the name of Allah

  • winston

    This is definitely a contender for the most stupid article I have ever read.

    And to those of you that uninformed that you believe that 19 Muslims pulled off the 9/11/01 attacks, you better look at the facts again:

    • aspacia

      Oh, please, at least use a valid site .edu, or demolition expert’s opinion, or for that matter how about the perpetrators who claim responsibility.

      • mjazz

        Demolition experts say no, resoundingly.

      • IAmOneofMany

        Why don’t you reconsider your recommendations and find a demolition site that is NOT followed with a GOV investigation. Or take a look at expert witness who are the DEFENSE. Isn’t this how a jury works. To hear BOTH SIDES TO A CASE. Be the jury before you judge. Not being knowledgable makes you vulnerable I ask that for your safety and the safety of your family QUESTION EVERYTHING Don’t believe what you hear THINK FOR YOURSELF and do your own research Americans are vulnerable. Because of our willingness to TRUST. Trust has been destroyed.

  • juk

    I don't want you in my country. You're dangerous….Go back to your country of sharia and abuse..Lying murderers!
    ..GET OUTOF USA..we don't want you here!

  • kram elab

    This whole affair smacks of a Mossad Black Flag Operation. Why do I say this? What do we know?
    1) On Sept 11, 2012, the American Embassy in Libya was attacked by jihadists.
    2) Ambassador killed with 3 others. Possibly raped. Can't tell for sure without autopsy report. Autopsy report not made public. ????

    • IAmOneofMany

      Agree. 100%. The behavior I us politicians is NOT the beliefs of American citizens. I can only imagine the rage the middle east has for Americans. IT IS NOT the patriots of US that make and follow through with such heinous crimes. Such as the capture rape and murder of MGODAFFI. It’s greed of Weatern ELITE. overthrowing anyone in their way. This now includes American patriots. Scary times we are approaching Israel. Is a HUGE RED FLAG Many Americans see things for what they are. Heck. Israel is dominating the US too. I suppose soon they will tell Christians to get off of their US land.

  • kram elab

    3) Back at the ranch….USA Administration blames a video made by a Jew in the US which was uploaded to YouTube shortly before the attack. Attack obviously planned for some time BEFORE video uploaded.


  • kram elab

    4) Ipso facto…attack not a result of video. Yet the shills blather on about some idiot video as if it was to blame, citing First Amendment to the US Constitution 'freedoms'. I guess we keep getting attacked because 'they' hate our freedoms every Sept. 11th.

    Result—More War on Terrorism, more money spent on Israel and on Muslim countries to 'keep the peace' so we can continue to get oil.

    Significance of Sept. 11th to Muslms?
    -The Ottomans (Muslim Turks) suffered defeat in the Battle of Zenta on September 11, 1697.

    -Vienna was rescued by the Christian army under the command of the King of Poland on September 11, 1683.

    -"The Oaths of office for the High Commissioner and Commander in Chief for Palestine were administered at Jerusalem on September 11, 1922. So that is 9-11-22 when the British Mandate for Palestine was officially begun…"

    May be significant, may not. I lean toward significant.

    Sources –

  • ringwind

    The selective use of polygraphs by corrupt FBI officials must stop! No one is above the law, including FBI Director Robert Mueller, who conspired to cover up the Pan Am Flight 103 incident. Google "the selective use of polygraphs" … When asked what his priorities will be when he arrives in Libya, Amb. Stevens stated that he wants to help ensure that there is a stable democracy and to find justice in the Pan Am 103 case.

  • smaa werfalla

    USA has supported those rebels so why r u taking now about what they r doing ???????????

  • Hisham


  • Judith Shipstad

    I am more traumatized by the rape of Muammar Khadafy. Did he not rank highter than a diplomat? The U.S. bombed Libya and encouraged the murder of its leader, and then it is surprised that the Libyans rejected the U.S. diplomatic team. If I were the Libyans, I wouldn't want U.S. "diplomats" in my country either!

  • shafawn

    I’m wondering if the media will still be mesmerized with Obama after the United States has been nuked? Or will we be sending out XXXOOOO and apologies to our attackers?
    “We’re so sorry Mr. Terrorist. Please please forgive us.. we’re just not even worthy of your intolerances” bow bow bow scrape cry, wring hands, bow some more

  • Religion of Peace? Yea right

    And of course the media continues to ignore the real news

  • Anybody with a brain

    Send FPM more money, they need it to keep making up false stories.

    • Coolreit

      Raymond Ibrahim is a national hero for exposing the truth!

  • Paranormal Skeptic