Tunisia: Muslims Threaten Church, Cover Its Cross with Garbage Bags

According to Al Quds, last Tuesday it was revealed that the Christian Orthodox Church in Tunis, one of very few churches in the country of Tunisia, is being “abused” and receiving “threatening messages” from “Salafis.” Church members are described as “living in a state of terror,” so much so that the Russian ambassador in Tunis specifically requested the nation’s Ministry of Interior to “protect the church.”

The abuse has gotten to the point where “Salafis covered the cross of the church with garbage bags, telling the church members that they do not wish to see the vision of the Cross anywhere in the Islamic state of Tunisia.”

Among all the Arabic-speaking nations, Tunisia has long been described as one of the most “secular” and “liberal”; it was also the first nation where the much ballyhooed “Arab Spring” began. Now its very few churches are not tolerated, and their crucifixes abhorred. If this is “tolerant” Tunisia, what should one expect from the more “radical” nations? More evidence of the true nature of the “Arab Spring.”

  • Chezwick

    Muslim-American advocacy groups should be compelled to answer for this and the myriad of other monstrosities that afflict non-Muslims on a daily basis within the Muslim realm. The question is a simple one: If Islam is so benign and we infidels have nothing to fear from it, why are such incidences of discrimination, repression and violence so pervasive?

    • PhillipGaley

      And you wish to know "why", . . . Well, the answer is rather simple: they lie, . . .

  • dedy tomo mangkubumi

    if islam is rahmatan lil alamin, why a lot of discrimination, oppression?
    The answer is not
    why not … because they lie
    because the true Islam does not do anything like that
    yeah ……. the true islam is just the concept who ignore the majority facts on the ground …
    in fact, there is an agreement between the concepts and facts about it in islam
    This is a huge rejection of most of the facts in the history of

  • jacob

    I'm glad this happens, so those believing in ISLAM is a "Religion of Peace" get it in the face, although they
    may claim it was done by some "extrermists"among the "faithful"…
    If anybody expects as he who signs CHEZWICK the American Muslims to apologize for what their brothers
    did, better reads the holy KORAN preachings about deceit and even for the faithful to deny their religion
    when inconvenient or dangerous…
    But then againj, our own Administration still licks its fingers about the "ARAB SPRING" and proof of it is
    that even our President rushed to free the American subsidy to the Egyptian military….
    Interesting to watch how we have to borrow money at interest to keep these subsidies to Arab Spring

  • RoguePatriot6

    "The abuse has gotten to the point where “Salafis covered the cross of the church with garbage bags, telling the church members that they do not wish to see the vision of the Cross anywhere in the Islamic state of Tunisia.”

    You know, doesn't this kind of remind you of liberal/progressives and their disdain for the cross in our own country? Well, they don't threaten you with violence, instead they threaten you with law suites and get MSM to demonize you by exaggerating and saying that "Christians are imposing their religion on us". What a bucket of horse manure!!!

    What a surprise!!! Islam moves in and Jews and Christians have to flee for their very lives. As if no one saw this coming the moment this Islamic Winter…..eh….um….I'm sorry "Arab Spring" started.

    • Wagz

      Good observation of parallel oppression going on in what used to be the paramount Land of the Free! Not since Abraham Lincoln….me thinks!

  • puc

    Good to hear from you Chezwick. I am encouraged by the insightful comments and questions of yourself and the other commentators. I had the opportunity to work in the Middle East for a little over two years and I shudder to think of how naive and ignorant I was prior to that time. This is not to say that I now feel well informed and prepared to deal with the threat that a growing islamic community presents whether radicalised or so-called moderate. My experience did initiate my interest however enough to realise a couple of things:
    We must do our utmost to support the great work being done by heroic folks such as Robert Spencer, pamella Gellar, Horowitz,Glazov,Raymond Ibrahim et al. I believe also on a positive note that it is important to bear in mind that the salafis and their like will turn on their own after savaging the non-muslim communities. There is a muslim demographic in the Middle East small though it may be that is dismayed by the vicious radicalization in their communities. They dare not be too outspoken and we know why. We must slog on at the task of informing and waking up others. And speaking as a canadian, please get that machievellian coward out of office. His betrayal of courageous dissidents in Iran still makes me angry. puc

  • tommy651

    if muslims don't lie what is the islamic concept of taqqiya?

  • kelvin


  • RoguePatriot6


    Or what seems to be most effective are the things that these institutions of education omitt from their lesson plans, such as the Islamic Crusades. Now, you'll hear about the Spanish Inquisition and the Christian Crusades however you never hear about Islamic Crusades. I wonder why? Would this destroy the BS propaganda of them always being painted as victims? Of course it would, which is why you'll never hear of it in liberal dominated schools.
    To this day, I believe one of the most effective weapons used by these goons are the liberals/progressives in this country (useful idiots) that have always hated American principals and values. Particularly the ones that are based off of biblical principals. What they don't realize is that people like them are the first to be gathered together and exterminated, by the people that they promoted or supported. (cont'd)

  • RoguePatriot6

    All one would have to do is think of many of the things that lib/progs promote or support, "gay marriage, homosexuality, freedom from religion (a Godless Society), entitlement to contraceptives, pornography….etc" and bounce this off Shariah. Now, what place would people who promote such things would have in an Islamic society? NONE So they most likely would be discarded like yesterdays trash. But as "useful idiots", many are to ignorant and caught up into their own hatred of this nation and their eagerness to destroy it, to even consider the long term consequences of their actions.

  • Chezwick

    Amen, amigo.

    And let's add that the virtue of Islam and Muslims represented in the collective mind of the Left – a religion which, as you rightly point out, is antithetical to all the sacred cows of the Left – is primarily: 1) their non-white skin (all ethnic minorities are scripted as intrinsically virtuous and victimized) 2) their non-Western culture (a reflection of the cultural self-loathing of the Left) and 3) on a subliminal level, their barbarism, (e.g., Levi Strauss's "noble savage").

  • Scott L.

    You slam 'lib/ progs' for doing what appears to me more like 'love your enemy' towards muslims, but you yourself and your conservative compatriots SHARE the same views of islamists by being against "gay marriage, homosexuality, freedom from religion (a Godless Society), entitlement to contraceptives, pornography….etc". Have religious conservatives also never bothered to consider what position the pharisees of jesus day, who conspired to murder him, would have taken on all those issues you mention? They would be against all those things too wouldnt they duh. So let you and your religious conservatives be counted with the religious conservative islamists and the religious conservative pharisees of jesus day. Count me, who also believes in Jesus and actually took a very close look at what is printed, with atheists, liberals, prostitutes and gay people.
    Yes, the people i count myself with wouldn't live long in a conservative Islamic society, but then neither did Jesus live long in a conservative religious society. His apostles, disciples and REAL followers also didn't live well. You and your conservative christian and conservative jews, on the other hand, can live among them as dhimmis. have you ever wondered why? Do you even suspect that they see you as one of them, albiet a lite version?
    i have many other reasons, back by scripture and reason, and Jesus own words for choosing to be counted with who the religious people think are going to hell, but i'm not the priest of conservatives.
    This was just religious mumbo jumbo. i also have my reasons backed by country. For God and country right? why do conservative infringe on the peoples rights to liberties and pursuits of happiness endowed by the creator by blocking gay marriage? or smoking pot? (i'm straight and dont smoke) When conservative see 'gay marriage' they see 'gay' because they're obsessed with sex and think only in the flesh on all the damn issues, You chose the less weighty matter, the flesh, which condemns us all, while i and who i am counted with see 'marriage', equality and justice, the weightier matters of the law that Jesus said people neglect(justice mercy and faith)…ah i'm back to god again.
    Let me tell you something pal. The reason this country is going down is because of guys like you have your hearts minds and religion all wrong, Not because of my peoples sins of the flesh. And we are going to take the kingdom of heaven from all you religious but unrighteous people. All that while your people pay lip service to God, and mine dont even acknowledge God. Just like Jesus said: The kingdom of heaven has been taken from you, and given to those more worthy.
    Your bible says more than once that God takes no pleasure in fools. I did my homework.
    May god have mercy on you and yours. Bye.

  • Chezwick

    Friend, there's a profound difference between opposition to gay marriage and executing homosexuals. The fact that you and others on the Left equate the two just highlights the vapidity, sloth, and willful ignorance of the relativist narrative.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Your may deceive yourself about what Jesus taught but his relationship to sinners was
    to save them from their own actions. Never did He ever promote sin but forgave the sinner
    who was repentant and in His words "Go and sin no more". Islam and the Left are anathema
    to Christianity. Loving one's neighbor and a sinner is far away from loving sin, you need
    to get your head screwed on better and educate yourself to the fact promiscuous conduct
    is the road to misery in this life and Hell in the next……………..William

  • RoguePatriot6

    "So let you and your religious conservatives be counted with the religious conservative islamists and the religious conservative pharisees of jesus day."

    There's a slight difference, Scott. I may be opposed to certain lifestyles or mentalities but the difference is CHRISTIANS AREN'T GOING TO KILL YOU BECAUSE OF IT OR MASSACRE YOU'RE ENTIRE FAMILY!!!!
    Yea, it's true that Jesus did talk to and show compassion to people who were mixed up in adultry, homosexuality, promiscuity, atheism…etc however he never condoned any of it. It's amazing how people like you read what you want to read and omitt things that you disagree with out of the bible or when people just try to talk some sense into you.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "You and your conservative christian and conservative jews, on the other hand, can live among them as dhimmis. have you ever wondered why?"
    Let me get this straight, Scott, Islamists HATE CHRISTIANS AND JEWS!!!!(especially Jews). I honestly don't know how much more simple I can break it down for you. It doesn't matter if you are a conservative Jew, moderate Jew or liberal Jew, they hate Jews, period, point blank and simple. Why is this so hard to understand? They actually praise people like Hitler as model heroes, yet people like you dare liken Christians and Jews to Nazi's. REALLY?
    And if lib/progs think they are their freinds, they are even more braindamaged than I ever could imagine. All lib/progs are means to an means to an end, a tool to be callously discarded after usage and all of you are just open doors to whatever they want to impose. They are just using them to accomplish their goals and when their usefullness is expired, so will they be. You can read about "unholy alliances" in the bible if you ever care to read what's actually in it and all throughout secular history. Once the Islamist establish Shariah as the law of a nation, do you really think that they will coexist peacefully with people like you or me? (cont'd)

  • RoguePatriot6

    They are using the lib/prog's hatred for this nation as a tool to lead lead them by the nose to do whatever they desire for them to do, to obtain their goals of destroying Western Civilization. It's a common practice by foreign entities that are hostile to this nation. The Soviets did it, the Iranians are doing it along with Al Qa'ida and many others that hate this nation. It's been done all throughout history. You think that Christians and Jews persecute you? We only oppose and may hurt your feelings a little by reminding you how God denounced such things in the scriptures. Islamists will exterminate you without mercy or remorse but I guess that's a final lesson that alot of you will learn, if they ever have their way.

    May God forbid.

  • Scott L.

    i didnt say anything about punishments, i just said that islamists and guys like you are against gay marriage. you cant even take what i said word for word you have to add to it and interpret it into something i never said.
    with that cheap reply to all i said for you to call it dull and lazy and willfull ignorance only reads like projection to me.
    and dont call me your friend please. i dont call anyone friend who infringe on the peoples liberties.

  • Scott L.

    Sex again…you just cant get your mind off it can you and look at the more important issue.
    If guys like you will not stand up and protect other Americans liberties and pursuits of happiness, then let your own liberties and happiness be infringed upon by others next.
    You really didn't give honest consideration to a word i said did you.
    You think i deceive myself about what Jesus taught. You think i'm not educated. That I'm not educated about what Jesus taught.
    How about i give you something else Jesus said to the religious people of his day that I'm sure is never mentioned in Sunday sermons:
    Let the harlots and publicans enter the kingdom of heaven before you. For the harlots and publicans believed johns way of righteousness, but you, having heard it, repented not, so that you may believe.
    Or lets call them prostitutes and tax collectors as other versions of your bible read. today you guys would call them democrats, liberals, marxists, whores and homos.
    why do i get the feeling that part of what John the Baptist was preaching was about equality and other weightier matters' and not about sex?
    Or lets talk about grace. grace is getting from god what we don't deserve right even tho we are sinners. But you guys will not extend that grace to gay people, who you obviously feel don't deserve to be married. Very interesting William.
    Or lets talk about Jesus again William. Would Jesus support a man marrying a man? According to your bible, Jesus is a husband. the church is a bride, there is a wedding feast of the lamb, the two become one with christ as the head and the church as the body. It seems there will be plenty of man-brides for Jesus, If Jesus is going to marry men, and be against men marrying men, then Jesus as you see him is a hypocrite. But my Jesus isn't a hypocrite, and would give the go-ahead for men to marry men. but i'm fairly sure most of you guys will only see 'gay sex' in men marrying men. bleh.
    How about 'Christ came to save sinners'. which sinners? everyone is a sinner right? But Jesus called his a 'little flock'. So i listen to who the religious people are calling the sinners going to hell and treating as bigger sinners than they are, then i i think aha! there they are. thanks for identifying to me who the sinners are that Jesus is going to save.
    i could go on and on here with my reasons but this is getting too long. take care.

  • Wagz

    WoW! Well said. :)

  • Scott L.

    rogue my comments have to be approved by the site now. i guess i am just too politically incorrect for a conservative website. to you admins, if youre not going to post my comments with its criticisms then dont send me emails of replies with the heading of 'intensedebate' please. i'm not trolling this site.
    rogue how many families do you know of that muslims have massacred recently? well there was part of one in france. but there are millions of muslims in europe. 10 million copts live in egypt. a few jews stil live in syria and iran. now how many muslim families have been massacred by americans? just recently the american soldier took out at least 2 whole families. how many afghan and pakistani wedding parties of families have we taken out with drone strikes rogue. how many iraqi families were wiped out in the first couple days of shock and awe when about 25,000 iraqis were killed?
    rogue nobody can conquer the usa by force. no foriegn tyranny can rule over us unless we let them thru our laws. but we already let them. i'm not talking about muslims. i'm talking about money. the people with the money have already changed the laws to benefit themselves. the central bankers do anything they want. and they are, or call themselves, jews. they took over our currency and transformed it from 'lawful money' as defined in the constitution(backed by precious metals) and turned it into a fiat debt based currency without a constitutional amendment. means if we all paid all our debts there would be no money left, and we would still owe the interest. the constitutional amendment to collect income taxes was declared unconstitutional in 1897 by the supreme court, and was never ratified by the states in 1916. i could go on about this too.
    the DHS has placed an order for 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollowpoint 'man-shredder' ammunition. rogue why and who is all that ammunition going to be pointed at? thats a domestic agency. what about the size and hidden budget of the NSA rogue. they are spying on americans. its not to shoot muslims rogue.
    we have much bigger problems than muslims. its what isnt being told by the MSM that are the biggest threats. if i owned your country i would divert your attention to other smaller threats like illegals and muslims and global warming, and not the crimes of the govt, corporations, the rich, whether right wing or left wing, and the media they own, etc.
    rogue i go to the TROP website its not even packed away in favorites its right on my chrome toolbar. i know what you know. islam is a problem yes but its not our biggest problem. in this article they attacked a church building and beat up a cross not slaughtered christian families
    i'm 50 years old rogue, i had to sign up for the selective service when i turned 19 years old when ronald reagan became president. i've been keeping an eye on the islamic world ever since hezbollah blew up the marine base in lebanon cuz i couldnt understand the concept of a suicide bomber back then. but our fathers do when they fought japanese kamikazees.
    i'm aware that many muslims want to see the world ruled by shariah.. but they arent our biggest threat. i'm sorry to say it, our own govt is.
    rogue i voted for bush jr. both times and i voted for mccain. personally i think i should be fined for voting for bush the second time. i think elections were stolen. decreasing taxes for the rich didnt create jobs. what a lie. it made the rich richer. and any attempt by the people to recoup is labeled a class war. i think the very rich have waged class war on the average person since civilization began. diebold machines aren't reliable and voting looks like a scam nowadays. some time in bush second term i started to become disillusioned. i voted for mccain only because i was leery about obama. but obama only increased my disillusionment when his 'change' campaign slogan didn't pan out. so i turned the MSM news off, listened to alternative viewpoints and the conspiracy theorists etc. ya know i was a boy scout and a conservative most of my life. now ive hit the delete button on most of what i have always believed and i am seeing the world in a different way. dont let the media government manipulate us too much rogue.
    take care dude.