Uganda: Muslim Converts to Christianity Under Attack

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With only a 12% Muslim minority, and an 84% Christian majority, Uganda may not seem a hotspot of Islamic activity.  Yet, in recent weeks and months, story after story of attacks on Muslim converts to Christianity have emerged, with troubling implications beyond the intrinsic level.  Consider the following anecdotes:


Tortured Daughter

A Muslim father, in accordance with Sharia law, imprisoned and starved his teenage daughter, Susan Ithungu, because she converted to Christianity.  He had warned her and her brother “not to attend church or listen to the gospel message. He even threatened us with a sharp knife that he was ready to kill us in broad daylight in case we converted to Christianity.”  When she refused to recant, “he locked her up in a room of the semi-permanent house for six months without seeing sunlight. The younger brother was warned not to tell anyone that Susan was locked up in a room and was not given any food.”  Still young and un-indoctrinated, Susan’s brother smuggled scraps of food to his sister, though “most days she could only feed on mud”; he also dug a hole under the door, pouring water through it, which she was forced to lap “using her tongue.”

When she was finally rescued, she “was bony, very weak, and not able to talk or walk. Her hair had turned yellow, she had long fingernails and sunken eyes, and she looked very slim, less than 20 kilograms [44 pounds],” requiring over a year of hospitalization.  In an update, she has “forgiven her father,” and is thankful to all the strangers who have supported her.  Meanwhile, “none of my family members has come to see me….  My own people have abandoned me.”

Blinded and Disfigured

Last Christmas Eve saw Muslims throw acid on a church pastor, leaving him with severe burns, blinding one eye and threatening sight in the other. In his own words: I was attacked by a man who claimed to be a Christian. He called out to me shouting ‘pastor, pastor,’ and as I turned to see who he was, he poured acid which burnt part of my face. As I turned away from the attacker, another man poured the liquid on my back and ran away shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ (god is great).”

The pastor, Umar Mulinde, originally “came from a strict Muslim family and his father was an imam. He was a sheikh (Muslim teacher) before converting to Christianity, a decision that caused a strong reaction in the Muslim community.”  The 38-year-old father of six was also a leading figure in a campaign to block the introduction of Sharia courts in Uganda.  After being taken to a hospital, where specialists struggled to restore his vision, Umar was relocated to an Israeli medical center for advanced treatment.  According to his wife, The main point of contention between Muslims and Christians in Uganda is that Muslims are yet to embrace the reality of freedom of worship or coexistence, but Muslims always think that any person who doesn’t believe like them is an enemy who deserves to be killed.”

Hunted and Forlorn

After announcing his conversion to Christianity, Hassan Sharif Lubenga, formerly a prominent member of an Islamist organization, suffered the usual consequences: “They [former colleagues] were furious. They then kidnapped me and blindfolded me for three days, coupled with beatings. They demanded I deny Jesus as the Son of God, which I consented to because I feared that they were going to kill me…. The whole family and clan members were out to destroy me.”

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    While all these apostasy-related cases are intrinsically troubling, they further suggest that Uganda’s 12% Muslim minority is increasingly “radicalizing.” 

    Yeah right, which presumes that they were allegedly so-called moderate and peaceful Muslims beforehand. Please explain this so-called mysterious radicalization process for us layman. Is it similar to an exorcism?

    Of course, we are all repeatedly told ad nauseum that Islam is a Religion of Peace™, then this strange mysterious radicalization process takes place behind the scenes somehow, and which almost overnight suddenly morphs them into becoming vicious Islamists, i.e., so-called radical Muslims. Of course, they stop following the Religion of Peace™ as a result and begin following radical Islam instead, even though the texts and tenets of Islam are immutable. But nonetheless this is the kind of idiocy we are all expected to believe. Give me a break. It's getting more and more ridiculous everyday. What happened?

    Why not just tell the truth? Mainstream orthodox Muslims are inculcated cradle to grave to be exactly what they are and that the existence of a mysterious radicalization process is just another made up and absurd false PC multicultural myth. In other words, it's a damn lie!

    How about you proponents of a non-existent radical Islam, which is another false PC multicultural myth, producing the radical texts and tenets of radical Islam so that we can compare and contrast them them to the peaceful text and tenets of the Religion of Peace™? Good luck.

    I think Ibrahim here is scared to death of being branded an Islamophobe and is kowtowing to the tyranny of the Left. That's what I think.

    • SanityInspector

      Saudi wahabhism has made Africa's Muslims more radicalized in recent decades. They used to not be quite so torqued as at present.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        The notion that Muslims somehow become more radicalized via some sort magical radicalization process is a false and ridiculous PC multicultural myth. Muslims are inculcated cradle to grave to be what they are: Muslims and jihadists. The expansion of the Muslim population in Uganda manifested via deceptive and covert non-violent jihad for the purpose of infiltration and stealth demographic conquest, is what is responsible more than anything else for what is occurring today in Uganda.

        Now, of course, billions of Saudi and Gulf State Emirate petro-dollars are spent each year to support and fund the stealth global jihad, which manifest primarily via mass Muslim immigration to the West and everywhere else, which in reality is deceptive and covert non-violent jihad for the purpose of infiltration and stealth demographic conquest to make Islam supreme. As Muhammad famously said, “War is deceit.”

        However, mega violent jihad attacks such as the 9/11 violent jihad attacks perpetrated by AQ were counterproductive rogue attacks, and they are considered counterproductive by most jihadists because they invite wars against Muslims and also because they attract unwanted attention and focus on Islam, which puts the entire stealth global jihad at risk.

        Of course, Saudi and Gulf State Emirate petro-dollars have effectively blinded the West via influence pedaling and the hijacking, co-opting, and usurping of the Middle East Studies Departments in the elite colleges and universities throughout North and South America, Europe, and Australia. Hence, via massive infiltration of the West, which in itself is deceptive and covert non-violent jihad, the Islamic world has been extremely effective in blinding the West.

        • NorthStar

          So you're claiming that all forms of Islam share exactly the same beliefs?

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Yes, all major schools of Islamic jurisprudence, which covers all sects within Islam teaches that jihad, which is holy fighting in the cause of Allah against non-Muslims unbelievers to make Islam supreme is an obligatory duty for all Muslims on earth. No exceptions.

            Between 10:03 PM and 10:22 PM tonight you hit me up with 11 replies all of them insulting and derogatory as part of you and your leftist moronic buddies stupid campaign of cyber stalking me because first of all, you want to attempt to intimidate and harass me, and second because you want to marginalize me as being an Islamophobe in order to apologize and sympathize with the Muslims in which you idolize and in order to help them like gullible useful idiots to cover up their covert and deceptive non-violent jihad.

            In other words, you spent an average of 1 minute and 43 seconds per posts, which includes locating 11 posts, reading 11 posts (and my posts are painfully long), composing 11 insulting and derogatory replies to them, and finally hitting the submit button. Hell, you couldn't have come close to finding all of them, let alone reading them, much less responding to all 11 of them in 19 minutes, and that irrefutably proves that all of your posts are part of that same childish cyber stalking campaign you and your moonbat buddies have been pursuing against me for months now. As this same pattern of cyber stalking has been repeated numerous times by you and your other unhinged cyber stalker buddies.

            Of course, I had the audacity to respond earlier this morning to a stupid comment made from one of your favorite cyber stalker buddies, which no doubt incited your 11 insulting and derogatory replies tonight.

            Meanwhile, I'm just so proud that little ole me can rankle up the emotions of all you leftwing cyber stalkers so badly. So let me thank you useful idiot loons from the bottom of my heart for being such loyal and generous fans. I truly appreciate it, because without my fans, I would be nothing. Your cyber stalking campaign gives me a deep seated feeling of fulfillment because you picked me out of everyone else to repeatedly cyber stalk, and for that I'm very gracious. Thanks a lot buddies. I'm glad you and your fellow moonbats enjoy my posts so much.

            Indeed, I'd give you my twitter account, but then again you'd not only find out who I am, but you would also join my long list of followers as well so you moonbats could spam my twitter account and it would then take me hours retweeting all your spam.

  • MK1

    Ibrahim is being 'politically correct' and kowtowing to the Left???
    Wow, youve really gone off the deep end – even for u – such mindless rubbish
    Politically correct people would never even handle such a topic , not to mentio n never write for this website.
    Get a grip.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Dude, I hate to rain on your naïve parade, but nonetheless if you believe in some sort of mysterious radicalization process and in radical Muslims and radical Islam as opposed to mainstream orthodox Muslims and mainstream orthodox Islam, then you believe in false PC multicultural myths and fantasies.

      • Anonymous

        When are you going to grow up, "dude"? I've seen many commenters take swipes at you here, and have to say I'm beginning to see their point (like Western Canadian). Your rants are always same, and always ignore what others are saying. Give it a rest, will ya?

        • NorthStar

          Obama Yo Moma can't give it a rest. His delusions force him to act out fantasies of self-importance.

  • purplewings123

    The title of this story is very misleading. It makes it sound that Muslims are being forced to convert to Christianity, rather than they chose to convert and then were tortured by other Muslims. The title should be changed to coincide with the actual story.

  • Whatsinaname

    I heard Douglas Murray say that when Islam is a minority, it is obsessed with minority and "human" rights. When it is the majority, minority rights are non-existent and their very mention is considered an outrage. Here Islam is 12% of the population — too few to attack the Christian majority but certainly powerful enough to murder and torture their own. Therefore, I reject the concept of a "radical" Islam as opposed to a "moderate" Islam. Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, Walid Shoebat and other former Muslims all state that there is only one Islam, and there are plenty of Muslims who state that all Muslims want Sharia. I think Islam must either be resoundingly defeated by force or allowed to kill themselves in their own countries. We must stop being concerned with the well-being of Muslims in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Gaza, the PA, etc. and let them die out by their own hands.

  • juma

    Do u have any idea how many Muslim have been killed in uganda such Because they are Muslims.
    Converting from islam doesnt mean Islam is falling rather it is eliminating people claiming to be muslims
    when actually they dont know.
    Those converts are inpatient people who think that turning to be a pastor and collect money in your own church will make u rich.but the sun will rise after the rule of the devil and the truth will reveal Inshallah

  • Lea

    This is shocking. Political Islam and perhaps even the entire pagan cult must be declared a crime against humanity for it is unable to meet common humanitarian values and principles. Islam is in the process of plunging us into complete anarchy which is their expressed desire seeing that as a divinely predicted fate and are therefore willingly and deliberately working towards this very goal. I urge all sane individuals to form a collective with the rest of humanity so that we can bring this demonic threat under control until Jesus comes, and minimise the damage. May God strengthen us and guide us.