Who Defames the Prophet?

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Which is more damaging to the reputation of Islam's prophet: the above illustration, or terrorism, murder, hate, misogyny, and intolerance in his name?

Editor’s note: Raymond Ibrahim provided the translation and introduction to the article below, originally published by the Stonegate Institute. 

The following op-ed, written by Ahmed El Aswany, appeared in the popular news website El Bashayer, December 22, 2011, following several lawsuits against Egypt’s Christians, most notably billionaire Naguib Sawiris, who allegedly “defamed Islam” by posting on his twitter account an illustration of Mickey Mouse with a beard and Minnie Mouse veiled, accompanied by the comment “Mickey and Minnie after” [the Islamist takeover]. Hard-hitting and self-critical, the op-ed deals with an important question: exactly who is it that defames Islam and its prophet Muhammad?  Many in the Muslim world insist it is the West, specifically non-Muslims—whether through cartoons, books, or simply free speech.  However, as El Aswany boldly argues, no one defames Islam as much as “we Muslims, for imposing a terroristic, hypocritical, and life-hating model of Islam that feeds on killing others in the name of jihad and fighting freedom of expression…”  

I do not believe that cartoons, books, or movies can defame any religion or affect the faith of its adherents and true believers.

Those who defame the Prophet are they who slaughter and bomb innocent people all over the world—in New York, Madrid, London, Bali, Riyadh, Cairo, Kabul and Baghdad—while citing the name of Allah and his Prophet and under the banner of Islamic jihad. Ongoing demonstrations follow in support of their acts, while Internet sites sing praises of the “knight” Osama bin Laden, the “hero of the two raids on New York and Washington [i.e., the strikes of 9/11].”

Those who defame the Prophet include men like [Yusif] Qaradawi [the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader], who incite killing Jewish babies in their mothers’ wombs (his lecture at the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate in 1996), and who incite and support suicide bombings and declared jihad in Iraq, in the name of religion and the Prophet, leading to the killing of innocent people.

Those who defame the Prophet are they who demand the world to enact resolutions against the “defamation of religion,” while they practice this defamation in every prayer in their mosques, schools, and satellite stations—especially against Christians and Jews, whom they curse in every prayer. (After the Islamic Human Rights Commission of the United Nations motioned this resolution against “Defamation of Religion,” according to the Saudi internet site ArabiaNet, the Saudi Shura [Consultative] Council opposed the resolution—because defaming other religions is a rite and part of the rituals of Islam.)

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  • kafir4life

    I'm afraid I don't understand. Why *wouldn't* sombody insult the pedophilic madman mohamat that many muslims consider the perfect man, when in reality he's a POS of the first order? Can someone explain it?

    • Asher

      Yes, Mohammed is the one who married young girls before they even knew what sex was about…Sick….They people are such liars!

    • Blaze Pascal

      It's true. What's not to insult?

  • Rick

    This article is a very good honest insight which many moderate muslims would do well to take note of. However, all organised religion is evil, no matter which brand you follow and no good will ever come of it. It needs to be cut from the world like a cancer before it finishes us all off.

    • Ghostwriter

      Not everything that organized religion does is evil,Rick,but like everything else it can be twisted and abused to justify anything. I don't believe that religion itself is evil,but it's abuse IS.

    • Blaze Pascal

      I'm organized, I'm religious, and I'm not evil. Let's stick to the real cause of suffering in the world today, one particular religion.

  • MikeWood

    The fact is that muslims insult themselves by believing in Muhammad.

    • Fred Alexander

      That is a great line, unfortunately you can't change ignorant people.

  • davarino

    As I have said before, the muslims will squander their wealth in this stupid attempt to take over the world instead of building great nations and infrastructure. And when the oil runs out they can go back to being the backwoods retards they are.


  • StephenD

    The continued reference to "The Prophet" was an insult in and of itself. The simple act of giving credence to such a despicable personage (Mohammed) is incongruent with anything that could be called Holy or Heavenly. Deranged and Demonic; Loathsome and Ludacris; Vile and Rotten are words that come closer to describing him and the entire system called Islam.

    • Blaze Pascal

      History's worst Monster, the Puppet Mohamhead.

  • http://frontpagemag.com Francisco Bravo

    Mohamed admited that he only one was misled by satan. The Koran is a filthy hate book. HBO BM

  • Marty

    Evil is incapable of reform or moderation. islam, like fascism and communism, is totalitarian and violent in its ideology and agenda. For fourteen centuries muslims have only conquered and occupied. No society has ever voluntarily converted to islam. Today's muslims are either unfortunate wretches whose ancestors were forced into the death cult or sociopaths who were enticed by the opportunity to slaughter and enslave and then achieve paradise.

  • Asher

    Who put the spook outfit on Micky Mouse, a fun cartoon symbol for our children…These people are really perverted!

  • steven L

    Did Karen Armstrong get it right?

    • Blaze Pascal

      No, she got it the opposite of right. She got it right, only in reverse.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm glad someone from that part of the world had the courage to say what needed to be said. I wish that someone from that part of the world would write something like this:
    "What do Americans see when they think of Islam? They see violence,hatred,anti-Americanism,antisemitism,and terrorism. To them,jihad has become synonymous with terror. For years,on their television screens and in newspapers,they've seen terrorism before 9/11 and since it. They've come to see Islam as a religion of violence and hatred wanting to destroy their society and force our religion onto theirs.
    "The most recent term is Islamophobia,or an irrational fear of Islam. Unfortunately,we have given Americans good reason to be scared of us. They see places like Iran and Saudi Arabia and fear that we will turn their country into those places. They see and hear about the persecution of Christians in Egypt and Nigeria and fear this maybe imported to America.

    "For many years now,people have emigrated to the United States seeking political and religious freedom as well as a hope for a better life. They have come from every part of the globe. They and their children fear that we will import our problems and savagery to their country. It has been we who have caused Islamophobia by our own action and our words. We scream 'Death to America' and now many Americans are concerned that we might mean it.

    To be continued

  • Ghostwriter

    "We have not stopped to consider how Americans feel. How do you think they felt when they saw the celebrations put on by Muslims when 9/11 happened? That has only confirmed the belief that we are heartless savages,incapable of kindness,decency or humanity. Americans have heard about the death of Theo Van Gogh and others because they made fun of the Prophet. Now they see us as trying to take away their free speech rights,one of the many rights given to them by Allah.
    "We constantly blame the Americans for problems they did not cause and now we are surprised when they have negative feelings about us and our religion? Sadly,Americans have seen only the negative side of Islam,they have not seen the positive. They see Usama Bin Laden,Khoemeni,and others like them as representative of Islam,a religion that has become to be seen as inherently hostile to the American way of life. And who has caused such a negative image of Islam? Hollywood and others have done their part but we OURSELVES have played the largest role. By not condemning terrorist acts done in the name of our religion,we have caused others to see us in a negative light.
    "Also,Westerners who have converted to Islam have not done a very good job in explaining our religion to them. They have done it in such a harsh and ham handed way make Americans even more concerned about Islam. They see it a threat to their way of life,wanting to destroy religious liberty in their country. We have to do a better job of saying to Americans,'Look. Islam is not a threat to your country. We are genuinely sorry for what has happened so please forgive us.' Americans are a forgiving people but sadly it will take more than words to earn American forgiveness for Islam. It will take actions,actions up to now we have not done to lessen their fears of Islam."

  • maria

    Bravo Ghostwriter!
    We should demand our Repr. and Senators stop Islamic invasion/immigration. Let's voted for candidate who stop that potential terrorists influx. Any active mosque should be under surveilance. If there is hate speeches and prayers, mosque should be closed.
    Those treacherous barbarians respect and understand only power. Now they used our democracy against us and in their eys we are all stupid. To say the truth, they are right in that point.

    • Ghostwriter

      Actually maria,that wasn't the point I was trying to make at all. The point I was trying to make was that Muslims should at try to see how Americans feel about things and they haven't. No one in the Muslim world has attempted or even tried to. That was the point of my postings.

  • Blaze Pascal

    Muslims Fully Intend to Take Over The World.

    Personally, I have a problem with that.

  • Yoshi11

    With all due respect, Aswany is just not being honest. Who is Aswany to say that he knows more about Islam than the most respected Islamic religious authorities? They all disagree with him. The only time they might oppose a violent reaction to insulting Allah and Muhammad would be for the for reason that Islam would look bad in the eyes of the unbelievers who need to be fooled into thinking that Islam is really a peaceful and tolerant religion. Mohammad had poets murdered because they mocked him. Muhammad had thousands of people killed, enslaved and exiled merely because they refuised to become Moslem and submit to his dictatorial power. Aswany knows this full well, but he is not telling.

  • ahmadnb

    As a Muslim, I have to agree with this article and its author 100%. We are our own worst enemies. Islam cannot be destroyed by outside forces, no matter how determined they can be. Islam has withstood countless challenges in its 1,400 year history. Never has it faced more dangers than it faces now…because a lot of Muslims refuse to think critically and follow a bunch of screaming fools and fanatics like mindless sheep.