Clearing the Way for the Taliban

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The United States has agreed to give control of most special operations to the Afghan army, including the controversial “night-time raids” that have strained relations between the two countries for years. Many observers agree that the night raids have been the most effective weapon against the Taliban during the course of the war. The fact that the US no longer has control over these operations could mean that actionable intelligence would be wasted because of delays brought about by the Afghan army taking too much time to decide on a course of action.

The deal comes on the heels of another agreement signed last month that hands the management of the sprawling Bagram prison and its 3,000 prisoners over to the Afghan government. The two pacts clear the way for a comprehensive treaty on the long-term strategic partnership sought by the United States that would govern American policy after all combat troops are withdrawn in 2014. Washington would like that deal in place before the NATO summit in May.

Despite reservations by many US Afghan commanders, the agreement will give the Afghan army veto power over any suggested night-time raids, while allowing Afghan special forces to be “first through the door” when the raids are executed. Decisions on the raids will be made by an as yet unnamed board made up of “an inter-ministry Afghan command center with representatives of the Defense and Interior ministries as well as the National Directorate of Security,” according to the New York Times. An Afghan judge will have to sign off on a warrant for any raid, but not until a court is “capable of issuing timely and operationally secure judicial authorizations.” It is believed that some warrants may be granted after the raid is completed, but within 48 hours of their authorization.

American forces will still be responsible for most logistical aspects of the raids, including intelligence, transportation, and fire support in case air power or artillery is called for. One controversial provision of the deal is that all prisoners captured during the raids will be in Afghan military custody. The US will only be able to interrogate them if the Afghans ask them.

The pact encompasses most special operations, except for those conducted by the CIA, and other unspecified unilateral US combat actions.

The agreement removes a sore point in US-Afghanistan relations. President Hamid Karzai has been complaining for years about night-time raids that have terrified Afghan civilians as soldiers break into their homes in the middle of the night seeking Taliban commanders and fighters. While casualties are rare, there is nothing that enrages the locals like the killing of civilians in their own home. There have also been cultural concerns and bitter resentment, as the soldiers not only violate the sanctity of the domicile, but also Afghan traditions regarding the hiding of women from strangers, especially men. For Karzai, there was also the question of Afghan sovereignty being ignored in these raids, largely carried out with no consultation with his government. Although the US claims that lately, most of these raids have been conducted with Afghans in the lead, that practice has now been formalized with the advent of the agreement.

US Commander in Afghanistan Marine General John Allen hailed the pact as being “one step closer to the establishment of the U.S.-Afghan strategic partnership. Most importantly, today we are one step closer to our shared goal and vision of a secure and sovereign Afghanistan.” Afghan Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak said, “This is an important step in strengthening the sovereignty of Afghanistan,” adding that it was “a national goal” and “a wish of the Afghan people” that raids be conducted and controlled by Afghans.”

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  • The Infidel

    As it is almost garanteed to be a success for the taliban and a complete failure on the afghans side, either through incompitence or delliberate, we should immediatly upon handing over this task, leave lock stock and barrel. They will be so scared for their very lives they will either leave the country, or they will be woken up from their sleep and actualy do something about becoming serious about dealing with the taliban. I lay odds on them leaving with the money and hiding in other ME or our countries.

  • Dispozadaburka

    This is nothing short of surrendering to Islam.


    Barack (name of Mohammed's white horse)
    Hussein ( name of third Imam and 12th Imam)
    Obama (in Persian means "he is with us.")

    National Day of Prayer Sept 2009, 50,000 muslims prayed for "the Soul of America."
    Obama leading the prayer.
    Freemasonic rite of surrender.
    Which determines the "future destiny of America."

  • diann

    These actions put our military in extreme danger. When the Commander in Chief puts the lives of his soldiers into the hands of the enemy, the soldiers know they are in trouble. Let there be no mistake – any Islamic nation is a religion mandated enemy of the West. With Obama betraying the US military, there is no option but to get out of the Middle East altogether. Come home, bring our soldiers and money home, and stop killing our own people for a country and ideology that despises us. There is absolutely no hope for freedom and democracy in any Islamic nation – as it is forbidden in their religion. Bring our people home – NOW!!

  • Schlomotion

    It looks like the only solution is going to be for armchair soldiers to form a counter-jihad of their own and go invade Afghanistan. I look forward to any reporting of your endeavors, acts of bravery, and successes in the field.

  • kongMing

    Conservative “War on Women” : You have to buy your own birth control pills.

    Leftist “War on Women” : Millions of women abandoned in Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya to men who saw off their faces, stone them for being raped, shoot them in soccer stadiums and behead them. In Mexico the drug cartel’s torture, forced prostitution and extortion through murder is only addressed as a way to bash America.

  • mrbean

    If you expected anything else other than a betrayal of the American military out of the clandestine Muslim Marxist in the Oval Office, that makes him a total disgrace as a Commander-In-Chief, then you are naive. He is an true manchurian candidate practicing his two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under Islam, taqiyya and kitman. These are typically those that advance the cause Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. And his betrayal is not even hidden.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Obama has again demonstrated which side he is on and it is not the side of the USA. He has ceded control of operations to the Afghans. It is my firm belief that Obama wants our military to suffer defeat. Our military is in a dangerous and unfriendly enclvironment and Obama is making it suicidal. We are no longer fighting form American interests. Afghans have been murdering our military members and I expect that body count to go up.

  • tagalog

    Afghan troops will lead the way in night-time raids? A death warrant for American troops. That's assuming that the Afghans don't tip the terrorists off long before the raid begins…

  • Babyann

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    • tagalog

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  • KKKK

    expect this to be a success for the Taliban in ridding hte country of the "infideal" Americans. why are we even in Afghanistan? there is no clear, defined goal, and, in any casse, any bgoal worth wining is not attainable. we certianly are fighting for democray and freedoom-sharia provisons are in th Afghan constitution. the Talbian is so strong that both Obama and Karzai are makign overtures to it.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The two pacts clear the way for a comprehensive treaty on the long-term strategic partnership sought by the United States that would govern American policy after all combat troops are withdrawn in 2014. Washington would like that deal in place before the NATO summit in May.

    The long-term strategic partnership would amount to a one sided agreement for the USA to protect what in effect are our eternal mortal enemies. Could our federal government be any more incompetent?

    but also Afghan traditions regarding the hiding of women from strangers, especially men.

    Afghan traditions? Yeah right. You mean oppression of women per the dictates of mainstream orthodox Islam. Give me a break! How long ago was 9/11?

    US Commander in Afghanistan Marine General John Allen hailed the pact as being “one step closer to the establishment of the U.S.-Afghan strategic partnership. Most importantly, today we are one step closer to our shared goal and vision of a secure and sovereign Afghanistan.”

    Yeah right….more like the blind leading the blind. Not to mention the total denial of reality and the covering up on a massive scale. The truth is along with Iraq, the Afghan theater of operations is one of the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history. Meanwhile, the Generals and the federal government continue to pretend as if Afghanistan and Iraq were splendid successes instead of acknowledging the truth that Afghanistan and Iraq are really the two biggest strategic blunders ever in America history. Thus, it's poised to repeat the same strategic blunders again in the future because it refuses to acknowledge its failures.

    given that there are some prisons run by the Afghans that have been discovered to have tortured detainees. Despite our giving the Afghans control over Bagram, we are still responsible for the treatment of those prisoners according to international law, and being able to keep an eye on conditions after the handover was something US negotiators insisted upon.

    Uhm…torture is legal under Sharia. Indeed, one of the biggest sources of contention against the USA in Iraq was that the US installed government in Iraq routinely tortured and brutalized prisoners, and, of course, they did, but because torture is legal according to Sharia, which is the overriding law of the land of Iraq thanks to the US installed constitution, then there wasn't anything the US could do to stop the torture.

    Which is what inevitably happens when the USA creates and props up totalitarian Islamic Sharia states, under the guise that Islam is just a religion instead of what it really is, which is a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology and political system. Oh yeah, Christians and other non-Muslim unbelievers also get ethnically cleansed and murdered in genocides as well.

    While the document will be short on details, it is likely to permit several thousand trainers and special forces personnel to remain in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of coalition forces in 2014.

    Cannon fodder? Jihadists trainers.

    This agreement may lead to a broader, more comprehensive treaty covering our long term commitment to Afghanistan. But it may be ruinous to the security of the Afghan people in the short term.

    If we are lucky, a jihad between the Taliban and the Afghans will ensue as soon as we leave and then last for many years, as Muslim on Muslim violence is very advantageous for the Dar al Harb (us) and very disadvantageous for the Dar al Islam (the enemy, i.e., them)

    • mlcblog

      I like that last part!!

  • Ricky Michael

    If they are going to do stuff like this, then bring our boys home right now. We are wasting our time there.

  • AgentRose

    THIS IS DEFEAT! at our expense; We know who Obama is; Who are the commanders who are putting our men and women at risk; about a year ago I said the only reason we are still there is to get more Americans killed…….

  • wctaqiyya

    We, as in the U.S. and NATO, need to pull all of our people out of Afghanistan right away. Immediately! These agreements are going to do nothing but lead directly to more deaths of U.S. soldiers. SCRAM! And shoot anything that stands in the way.

  • Fred Dawes

    The Taliban has been and is part of the military arms deal of the CIA And others its about the drug dealers and 500 billion in cash, The Jews will be toss-out soon and this country will disappear into the dust of time and disappear into nothing. read book there " PLATO THE REPUBLIC ", Still less the, gods,as you say,he replied then we shall not suffer such as expression to be used about gods as of Homer when he describes how.

    If you get that line you can see what is happening but if you can-not or will not may the gods help you.

  • RonCarnine

    What's next, a Barney and Andy relationship? Will American soldiers have to ask their Afghan counterparts for their ammunition? When politics enters into a military operation to this extent the results are almost always a disaster. I wouldn't want to fight with so many restrictions. Glad I'm too old to worry about it. I always thought when the bullets are flying in your direction, you ought to be able to shoot back, no matter the time of day, and w/o permission from foreign military officers. This is unbelievably stupid.

  • maghrebchristians

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  • babyanng

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