Idolizing an American Traitor

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Since the evidence seems ironclad, the left has tried to change the subject, saying that while in custody at Quantico, he has been “tortured.” Glenn Greenwald of Salon has been the most hysterical in this regard:

In sum, Manning has been subjected for many months without pause to inhumane, personality-erasing, soul-destroying, insanity-inducing conditions of isolation similar to those perfected at America’s Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado: all without so much as having been convicted of anything. And as is true of many prisoners subjected to warped treatment of this sort, the brig’s medical personnel now administer regular doses of anti-depressants to Manning to prevent his brain from snapping from the effects of this isolation.

When asked about the conditions of Manning’s confinement, President Obama said at a news conference last year, “With respect to Private Manning, I have actually asked the Pentagon whether or not the procedures that have been taken in terms of his confinement are appropriate and are meeting our basic standards. They assure me that they are.”

Manning is not believed to be suicidal, but he has admitted to being severely depressed. He claims to have a “gender identity problem” — a woman trapped in a man’s body — and even wrote a letter to one of his supervisors. “Everyone is concerned about me,” Manning wrote. “Everyone is afraid of me and I’m sorry. I joined the military hoping the problem would go away and it did for awhile.”

His supervisor claims that his “problem” led to violent outbursts, including punching his team leader at the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) where he worked. The female soldier, one of the few in the army who believed that Manning was unfit for intelligence work and should not have been in Iraq, kept telling her supervisors about Manning’s unfitness for duty but they ignored her.

An introvert, an openly gay man who had recently ended a love affair, a soldier working in extremely close quarters at SCIF (he referred to his job as “Groundhog Day“) where he was shunned and belittled, and someone who convinced himself that leaking the classified material would make him a patriot — this is the real profile of leftist hero Bradley Manning. A forlorn loser elevated by liberals to a status reserved for Nelson Mandela or Fidel Castro. He has been granted civic sainthood and declared a martyr for betraying his country.

Matt Shaffer at NRO complied a smattering of perspectives by the left on Manning. The city of Berkeley, California entertained a resolution that would have declared Manning a hero. Chase Madar, writing in The Nation, claims that Manning has “brought these wrongdoings to light out of a profound sense of duty to his country, as a citizen and a soldier, and his patriotism has cost him dearly.” Kevin Zeese writing at Huffington Post says that Manning “shows the true meaning of patriotism,” and is being “punished for seeking a more perfect union.”

We saw the same treatment given to Cindy Sheehan, the mother who lost a son in Iraq and who the left adopted as a “typical” suburban mother who was standing up to President Bush by demanding to see him and ask why her son had to die. Eventually, Sheehan’s zany antics and hyperbolic rants about America proved even too much for most on the left and they quietly tiptoed away from the “Mother of the Anti-War Movement,” leaving her to spew her bile in obscurity.

It is hard to see how Manning can avoid the same fate. His actions have demonstrably harmed American diplomacy and American interests. By any rational application of logic, whatever supposed “good” that came from publishing our secrets is far, far outweighed by the danger to individuals who have helped us, the irreparable harm done to the personal relations our embassies have with foreign government officials, and the valuable intelligence given to our enemies as they are able to study our doctrines and tactics in a way that would be impossible otherwise. And there is little doubt at his upcoming trial that part of his defense will rest on his disturbed mental state.

This is the “hero” the left is holding up as an icon of self-sacrifice and patriotism.

The chances are slim that Manning will actually be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Other nominees include Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Gene Sharp, an American scholar and advocate of nonviolence cited as an inspiration for the Arab Spring and other protests.

But even nominating Manning as a serious candidate for the prize is an outrage. Past winners have fought for peace and justice in countries where raising one’s voice against oppression could lead to jail time, or even death. Manning has done nothing remotely praiseworthy unless one wishes to count feeding the leftist media machine with fresh examples of supposed American perfidy and crimes.

For that, he will almost certainly, and deservedly, spend the rest of his life in prison.

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  • Ruec

    E. Good morning. I think, it is neccesary to have the facts right. Manning was not a traitor. Neither he is the kind of hero that some people believe. Manning however is a citizen that aknowledge how some corporations, polititians and individual committed crimes abroad, while deceiving the fundamental principles of the United States.
    On the other hand, the US interests, are not those that you suggest. I doubt that the US interests lay in continuing paths of corrupt practices. This is important for understanding what is the US as a political project. Please, dont use rethoric.
    Wether if Manning deserves the Nobel prize or not is not important. He was more brave by allowing the people of the world to know about the exceses of the US in the Middle East, than the mayority of young and naive soldiers exploited by the same corporations of individuals. The history always remembers that. (I am afraid to say, that I ignore, how the issue of the genre of the person has to be with this discussion). E.

    • marsconi

      "Manning was not a traitor." – Oh, yes he is and was…and he will rot in his jail cell for it! The little bastard!

      • Rued

        E. Marsconi. Traitor means nothing. It is just a word. If you find yourself attached to a country but you see your country comitting institutional crimes abroad. And you have the proves for the world. You are in a dilema. It is a moral dilemma. If you just continue as nothing has happened, good for you, maybe everything is just that easy. There are people however, that in the front of that situation find themselves in moral dilemmas. If you have take a look of the video collateral damage, and if you are ideologically autonomous enough to understand that it was wrong, then you have a dilemma. The world is not black and white, although some religious leaders in the middle east, and some corrupt corporate polititians in the west want to believe so. Best.E.

        • sedoanman

          "If you find yourself attached to a country but you see your country comitting institutional crimes abroad. And you have the proves for the world. You are in a dilema."

          No, you are not. The proper action to take in this situation is to report it to your immediate supervisor.

          • fightwarnotwars

            right…. so say you were serving in the German Army during WW2…. would you now call those who refused to follow orders… traitors?

          • Rifleman

            That’s a conscientious objector. They got the firing squad. Traitors got hung with piano wire. Your point?

          • sneefa

            the point is that this is a hate rag

          • Rifleman

            Lol, manning himself said he did it in anger over the Army's policies regarding gay people. There's your hate, deal with it.

          • RoguePatriot6

            What!!!!!??? Are you saying homosexuals are capable of being hateful and spiteful?

            Forgive me for being a little sarcastic, but my point is that the public and our leftist sewage spewing media have painted the liberal/LBGT community as being peace loving, compassionate and accepting people. What a crock. It's a shame when the PC Protection agency prevents the sane from doing the right thing.

          • Rifleman

            Lol, yep, I grew up in Atlanta, gays didn't miss out on their share of Aholes.

        • Stephen_Brady

          Mr. Rued, you say that the word "traitor" means nothing. You say it is just a word. Former President Clionton and I shared the same Professor for Philosophy of Lanuguage, a Dr. Thomas Vernon. Dr. Vernon's thesis was that … as you believe … words have no "real" meaning. Their true meaning exists in the existential being. Mr. Clinton accepted this thesis, and I rejected it.

          Note that I do not deny that there is an existential component to the meaning of words. However, society also assigns meanings to words, and this societal component cannot be escaped, because it is also backed up by law, in many cases.

          Merriam-Webster defines "traitor" as"

          Definition of TRAITOR
          1: one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty
          2: one who commits treason

          The Constitution of the United States defines "treason" as:

          Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

          Manning has "adhered" to the enemies of the United States … both foreign and domestic … and given them "aid and comfort".

          In other words, he is a traitor.

          • Rued

            Mr. Brady. E. Yes, the constitution of the United States is clear. And your argument is clear, the debate however remain. Out of rethoric, Manning has not really gived confort and aim. In fact, current US officials have mentioned that no domestic damage has been reported from the publication of the leaks, conversely, the image of the country today, seems to be cleaned internationaly by the publication of that material.

            It is not my role to decide the character of Manning, but what he did, was ethical and brave. On the other hand the behaviour of the soldiers part of the massacre reported as a colateral damage (including 2 kids gunshoot wounded), the countles dead citizens, the brave young US soldiers involved in a war for profit(many of them suicide victims), say that the criminal minds are elsewhere.

            Mr. Brady. I am very sorry, legally, he is a traitor. (To a certain extent for a few politically also), but many of the people giving opinions here, are unfortunately losing the real picture.


          • Stephen_Brady

            I served my country in Vietnam. I was a volunteer, not a draftee. I also volunteered for Vietnam duty. I was a sniper, and had 47 confirmed kills, with 17 probables.

            Was what I did "ethical and brave"? You seem to be the expert on military ethics, so you tell me …

          • Rued

            Mr. Brady.

            Good evening.

            I am very sorry. I dont have the answer for that question.


          • Stephen_Brady

            That's interesting, because you seem to be able to define Pvt. Manning's actions as "ethical and brave".

    • CanadianConservative

      Actually Ruec,

      He is a traitor. He was a member of your armed forces and he swore an oath to protect your country. He was entrusted to handle sensitive information, had he come across something that was damning and out right criminal, he should of brought it up to the chain of command, albeit, you probably assume they would suppress him, however, unlike Hollywood's and the left's portrayal of the armed forces, evil and corruption are not the hallmark traits of the US military, and someone would have done the right thing. Everything that has been leaked has exposed no wrong doing as far as I know other than hurt US relations abroad.

      Your attempt at elevating him to hero status is a disservice to all the men and women who have actually given their life and limb to protect your freedom.

    • mlcblog

      he betrayed a trust

    • Ron Carnine

      Manning is a traitor. Our country already has in place a proper way to deal with lawlessness. I spent my life supporting the constitution and the laws of the state of Kansas. To leak documents that could have been used to stop the violation of US law, this imbecile releases them to the press and causes the death of American patriots. Benedict Manning should be executed for treason, not give some crappy little award. The fact that he could be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize shows that the prize is no longer noble.

  • Ken

    Manning is a traitor to the country that gave him the most freedom of any country in the world. With all the tension caused by his betrayal of trust has caused, not to mention all the individuals he potentially put in danger, he should rot in jail for the rest of his life.

    • Juan Connor

      Gave him freedom? The tension caused by his so-called betrayal is that which the evil and wicked who perpetuate war are feeling for the truth has been brought to light. Manning committed a crime, yes but those who were hiding such information from public scrutiny are guilty also. Our sons and daughters are being killed in the name of money…..that's evil incarnate.

      • Rifleman

        Guilty of what? I'm yet to hear of any criminal activity by the US government from those documents. All it did was give our allies reason to distrust candid communications with our government. Thanks for acknowledging the point of the article, that manning committed a serious crime.

      • TEM

        Juan- have you ever served in combat duty? Have you ever been in a position of leadership? You sound like one of the “sheep” who take utopian type ideas out of a faculty lounge and believe they will work in the real world. There are very,very bad people in the world. It’s folks like yourself,incapable of defending themselves who reap the rewards of those making the real sacrifices.
        Getting killed in the name of money? That came straight from some weak knee professor,who lives an undemanding life and believe the lie they have lived,basically their entire adult life is reality.

        You are probably the same type of person who would not use a firearm in the event some crazed drug addict kicked your door opened at 3 a.m. Why? Because arms are for hugging or you may not have the proper license. Then it may be my personal favorite, you can talk some pyschopath into liking you and therefore you will no longer be in danger. I think the namby pambys refer to that as “conflict resolution” It all sounds real nice,however, it will get you killed in places like Yemen,Egypt,and Pakistan.

    • maturin20

      Ken, do you work for the government? I notice that frequently your statements sound like someone from Herndon, VA or Apple Co, who makes generic statements that endorse obedience to the state and it's corporate partners. Do you really believe that the United States "gives rights to people?" That is not what I would call a Free American's perspective of rights. A Free American knows that his rights are natural and inalienable, and can not be given by the state, they can only be infringed upon by the state. Your opinions appear to be organizational in nature, and trying to elicit conformity.

      • Ken

        I am retired military. You know, one of those people who put their butt on the line to protect those freedomd you and other seem to take for granted. And, just to clarify, when I said this country, I mean that great document that is the basis of our governmernt, the Constitution. You might read it sometime.

        • maturin20

          You can always tell which guys did not distinguish themselves in combat, because they are not humble but instead make a big deal about how they served and how that makes them better than civilians. Did the man at the gas station get that job so that I can drive my car? Did the woman at the supermarket get that job so that I can have groceries?

          You got a job in the military for selfish reasons. Either your dad did it, or you needed straightening out, or you needed money for school, or you came from a town with no economic prospects, or you were afraid to defy the draft, or you just habitually do what you are told, or you knew someone would force you to become physically fit, teach you a trade, give you a gun and let you travel somewhere. In any event, whatever your reasoning was, it has no bearing on my own long ancestry in the United States, or on my natural rights, or on my Constitutional fluency. Who did you protect my rights from? Who specifically, and who in general? Probably no one. I am sure that I have probably defended my own rights more than you have defended my rights for me, and probably with more bravery and certainty.

          • Ken

            I served because I thought it was the least I could do for because of all that I enjoy because I was fortunate enough to be born in the US!! I expect no thanks or special favors for my service, nor did I serve for "selfish reasons". For you to impugn that my service was done for personal gain or some other benefit is appalling!! It just shows the typical Leftist view of the military and those who served!! I bet you would not even consider putting your A$$ on the in the line of fire like so many of us have!! So until you have walked a mile in the boots of those who have served, I strongkly suggest you do not pass judgement on those who have!! And, just to counter you inevitable comeback on how I passed judgement on Manning, I have that right. I served and took an oath just like he did. The difference, he decided to ignore that oath and commit treason!!

          • maturin20

            I don't believe you for a second, and clearly you do expect special favors in the form of praise and accolades from me, and low-priced drugs, to the point that you sound like a Teamster when it is your own personal blue collar benefits package that is threatened. To you, everyone is a leftist but yourself, until you turn blue in the face about having to pay your fair share. Did you single-handedly conquer a nation? Did you trade your legs for world stability, peace and freedom? If so, where? How are you different from a "veteran" shaking me down for change at an intersection? You sit in your chair with a gun finger and point at people of conscience and say "bang-bang," but when your benefits are threatened, you almost, almost barely get up out of your chair to reclaim your alleged honor and glory, but probably grab a beer instead.

          • Ken

            I don't expect ANYTHING from anyone, especially your assinine self!! The only things I expect are the things I earn through my efforts!!

          • maturin20

            OK, so when did you earn the position on a high-tribunal that gives out life and death sentences to Americans?

          • Ken

            When did I say anything about taking his or anyone elses life?? Typical Lefty BS. Making up facts.

    • Rifleman

      Nah, he undoubtedly got Americans and our allies killed, they should execute him.

  • Geneww

    Everything Manning exposed is proving the our battles and problems are not political but Evil versus Righteousness. As we throw out our Bibles (which God Authored ) the void is filled with hatred of Judeo-Christians as infidels, Israel as a country that should not defend itself and our lust for greed, power, wealth, immorality and every vice the Bible condemns. We are our own enemies. Stop and pray for a renewed heart and mind's view of things.
    Here we are when "right is wrong and wrong is right" and criminals are praised.

    • Rifleman

      Yep, and manning and you are clearly on the side of evil, inverting morality and such.

    • Stuart Parsons

      This is very good news. I mean you presumably have some verifiable evidence for the actual existence of this God ? Do you have a photograph a signed letter or something. Evidence please. As a first class infidels, please tell me he likes those of us opposed to Islam. Or is he the one who wants to repeatedly burn off our skins and drink that described as being like molten brass. I await the evidence with keen anticipation.

  • kafir4life

    Why didn't Adolf Hitler get a nobel prize? Fidel Castro? OH! How about bin Laden? When you read the real list of winners, it really makes you scratch your head about the ones I listed. Good Lord!!! They gave one to White House Stinky (BO)! They gave one to that homosexual Yessir Imarat! They gave one to the terrorists pal and second worst president in history, Jimmeh Cahta!! They gave one to the inventor of BOTH the Internet AND global warming, the man from Krypton, GoreAl.
    It's like T-ball in the 21st century. Everybody's a winner!

    • mlcblog

      It used to be a noble prize.

  • HermitLion

    Should Benedict Arnold be awarded the Nobel peace prize posthumously then?

  • StephenD

    How do you get to be able to nominate someone? Looking at the list and considering all those that received and those that were nominated but didn't get it, you have to wonder. How does such an award still carry any credibility is beyond me. “ Nobel Peace Prize” It ought to be given from the bottom of a crackerjack box.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    A Nobel Prize something to consider for some form of low life toady, in the halls of Nobel picture Manning alongside Obama,
    now that will be a classic leftist/marxist crap, turn what was once good into a prevalent evil. I hope he gets the award and can
    hang it on his jail cell wall for company while doing life in prison, Nobel mocks America……………………..William

    • KarshiKhanabad

      When the Nobel Committee gave their award to Jimmah Carter, they thoroughly discredited themselves as the dhimmified Scandahoovian socialists that they are. Muslim thugs are overunning Norway and I say to the Norsies "It serves you right!"

  • pierce

    It gets worser and worser(intended), and funnier and funnier. What in the world are people thinking and doing. This whole thing is becoming a farce, no not becoming, it already is a complete farce.

  • maturin20

    In what world is Bradley Manning a a homosexual leftist? In what world is shooting children and BBC journalists and unarmed civilians not a war crime? In what world is the group that took down the Geir Haarde government and rewrote the manual on bank bailouts an obscure far left party with no influence? In what world is a Parliament not a mainstream part of government? In what world is it a leftist act to oppose the economic sabotage of the United States? In what world is Eisenhower a leftist?

    • Amused

      You are PARTIALLY correct , BUT – in WHAT WORLD is it patriotic to endanger MORE lives SO RECKLESSLY ? Assange and his BUMS, as well as his maladjusted VINDICTIVE LACKEY Manning , have gone far beyond any credible concerns for the US economyisolated caswes of military errior or misconduct . In fact the divulging of all STOLEN INFORMATION, regardless of consequences , used as a THREAT .

      • maturin20

        If you subscribe to the Information Theory of Shannon or the Shannon-Nyquist sampling theorem, you can't really steal information, because obtaining it and distributing it doesn't actually deprive the original owner of the information. In fact, you are simply cloning the information. What is being stolen in the case of all this leaking is the cryptofascist monopoly on the truth. I am all for for stealing that. That is why I support antisec. Since the Pentagon is trying to abuse people and nation-states with their monopoly of information, it is out of sheer self interest that people "steal" it and share it with their peers. Keeping information private and using it to attack people with anonymously is the real danger as is mixing so much noise and feedback with the information. For that, the Media Industrial Complex is a criminal cartel and deserves what it gets.

        • kasandra

          Then how about you post here your birthdate, Social Security Number, and throw in the credit card number of your choice. After all, posting it here wouldn't deprive you of the information. Come on. Do it.

          • maturin20

            It will do them no good. All my credit cards are maxed out, Social Security is bankrupt, and everyone has a birthday.

          • cjk

            Do it then you hypocrite.

          • maturin20

            I don't do anything people tell me to. It's a matter of principle.

          • cjk


          • cjk

            Masterful reply to the hypocrite.

  • kblink45

    I've got an idea. How about a KOCH peace prize, awarded only to people who promote liberty and civilization.

  • Amused

    Manning is indeed a traitor . He deserves nothing less than a FIRING SQUAD . And yes , the author is correct in that, atleast as far as the left blogs go , he's considered somewhat of a hero . We're not talking about corporate misbehavior , but about vital secrets ,and endangerment of his own countrymen and their human assets abroad .Nary a thought given to their safety , in fact WORSE ,a casual apathy and COMTEMPT shown towards the lives of many peiople . As far as the MORONS in Iceland ? I say piss on them and their LUDICROUS nomination .
    All efforts should be made to to fully prosecute the DIRT BAG Assange. [ An easy target for another Seal Team Operation] Assange should be strung up by hid balls .

  • morgy

    The best thing that could happen would be for Manning to receive the Nobel Peace Prize as it will demeanor that organization even further considering the other absurd winners. He can use the price money to buy cigarettes when he is not in Locked Down!

  • Amused

    Assange and Anonymous et al , pose an existential threat, "a clear and present danger " , and should be dealt with accordingly .

  • Amused

    Where I find a MONUMENTAL DISCONNECT in all of this is , our own military , in its ARROGANCE or INCOMPETENCE continues to make the same blunders over and over again . Will we relegate the U.S.ARMED FORCES to be " LEFTISTS ???
    So what about warnings from his peers about Manning ???


    • DMW

      Just for grins, I decided to look at Manning's biography on Wikipedia. ( What is most interesting is his late teens and early Army "career" before being deployed to Iraq. Question: How the hell did this guy manage to be trained and slotted/assigned and then continued in duty as an Intelligence Analyst? How did he get in the Army in the first place after pulling a knife a knife on someone (an incident which necessitated the police showing up).

      From Wikipedia: "He decided to return to the United States after sitting his GCSEs, moving in with his father, sister, and his father's second wife in Oklahoma City. He took a job with a software company, Zoto, and was apparently happy for a time, but was let go after four months, and became increasingly depressed. In March 2006, he reportedly threatened his father's wife with a butcher's knife during an argument. She called the police, and he was escorted from the house. He lived in the pick-up truck his father had given him, and took several low-paid jobs, before moving in with his father's sister, Debra Manning, in Washington, D.C.[10]"

      • Amused

        Whatever happened to SCREENING of people who will have access to sensitive information??? Did we relegate that "chore " to the Chinese TOO ??

  • Jim_C

    Manning is no hero to me, I assure you. The people who champion him are pretty misguided.

  • BS77

    When the Nobel Prize went to Arafat….that was the end. Now the prize is garbage.

    • Jaladhi

      Nobel Peace prize has always been a garbage prize as it is "political" with the people with views similar to those of leftist Europeans getting the prize. Nothing to do with with people really promoting peace. Mahatma Gandhi's case amply proves the point who was nominated/considered three times and declined three times.

  • mrbean

    If ever there was a poster boy for not allowing any homosexuals in the armed forces it is this twinkle-toed fudge-packee who is the top candidate. Apparently he had a perverts spat with his fudge-packer lover and was depressed.

    • Amused

      back in your cage Mr.Bean ….today is Tuesday …that means the blue pills today .

      • mrbean

        Hmmm… perhaps you have the high hard one for Private Manning as well yourself?

        • Amused

          Sorry fella , that just ain't my stick . Remember – blue-pills – Teusday .

          • mrbean

            You're in denial. When is your coming out (of the closet)?

          • Amused

            How is it Mr.Bean , that you know all the Euphemisms of the subject ? And it's not the first time you've used them in your mindless posts . Seems like a fixation to me .

  • digdigby

    Homosexuality and treason. This subject is now verboten, 'off limits', radioactive.

  • C.R.

    The promotion of Bradley Manning is a direct result of cultural Marxism and it ruthless promotion of homosexuality and it hatred of the US military!

  • C.R.

    The promotion of Bradley Manning is a direct result of cultural Marxism and it ruthless promotion of homosexuality and its hatred of the US military!

    • C.R.

      Bradley Manning should have never been allowed in the US military; in addition far too many low level personnel are allowed access to restricted documents!

    • Amused

      I'd like to agree , because that indicates agenda , and agenda indicates intelligence [of sorts ] , unfortunately , given the track record of military blunders in several arenas , [horrendous blunders ] but sadly I must conclude that it's that old " usual suspect " ……..S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y .

  • Guest

    Why does this surprise anyone. After all, we actually have members of society who worship people such as Charles Manson. There will always be lunatics running free in any free society.

  • Stephen_Brady

    Treat him like traitors have traditionally been treated. Put him in front of a firing squad, give him a cigarette and a hood, and then blow him into the next world ..

    • Christian West

      Give him a cigarette only if that POS is a non-smoker.

  • clarespark

    Here I offer a chronology of the ascent of the West and those policies and forces that have encouraged decline. See….

  • Choi

    Manning is a POS TRAITOR no better than BENEDICT ARNOLD,the original American TRAITOR.
    WE are AT WAR and Manning is a TRAITOR and a MURDERER(in Wartime) of any American who has or will die as a RESULT of him.

  • Nakba1948

    How heartening that so many of you take a hardline stance against treason to the United States. I agree, Bradley Manning deserves little sympathy. Neither do Jonathan Pollard and Larry Franklin. I'm sure you all agree.

    • Rifleman

      If Pollard had cooperated with the investigation, he'd probably be out by now. No cooperation, and he gets made an example, as manning should be. In manning's case, he directly endangered American and coalition forces in the field, so that example should be death. I won't hold my breath.

    • jericho777

      I do, we will never know if this weasel caused any lives of our Troopers and must assume it has or will, and will go a step further. He should loose his life for it without questioning, after he is publicly stripped of rank and a yellow stripe is painted down his back, and traitor tattooed on his fore head…Then turn him over to Southerners for a good ole swamp burial, actually feeding of the Gators as it's called…Then can we rest assured, that he was punished…

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,how about your people who danced in the streets celebrating 9/11 huh,Nakba1948? Bradley Manning was and is a creep,but then so were your people who had no sympathy for those who died on 9/11. Think about that before you write another comment.

    • Nakba1948

      A total non sequitur, but I wouldn't expect anything less of you. What a handful of Palestinians may or may not have done on 9/11 reflects on me as much as what the five Israelis who were dancing in NJ as they watched the WTCs fall reflects on you. When you learn how to argue coherently and address my points, rather than deflecting them with red herrings, come back and see me. Actually, don't even bother; you're a waste of my time. Take some hints from some of your more intelligent ideological bedfellows on this website.

      • Ghostwriter

        The problem with you,Nakba1948 is that you didn't get my point. Those are the facts. Your people didn't care a whit when three thousand Americans died on 9/11. They danced and sang and celebrated while three thousand Americans died. Most Israelis wept when 9/11 happened. The majority of Israelis cared about Americans and still do. Your people didn't and still don't. Same with Bradley Manning. He didn't care about that his country might be hurt or what might happen. He wanted to do what he wanted to do regardless of who might get hurt. Like Mr. Manning,the majority of Muslims hate America and Americans and will celebrate anyone who hurts both. He didn't care about this country or it's people and neither do the majority of Palestinians.

  • Ghostwriter

    To be honest,Bradley Manning was a creep. But those in Iceland to nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize is insulting. If Alfred Nobel were around today and could see how his Peace Prize was being used,he'd vomit.

    • Anamah

      Not in Iceland but Norway .

  • Reason_For_Life

    The issue isn't treason if what Manning revealed were incidents in violation of Article 93 of the UCMJ governing cruelty to prisoners. He is obligated to report such activity even if his commanders ordered it. The "I was only following orders" defense was rejected in the case of William Calley who was found guilty by a military court of violating Article 93.

    If Manning had reason to believe that these incidents were, in fact, violations of Article 93 and had further reason to believe that his superiors would punish him for reporting these incidents then he had little choice about what he did.

    If, on the other hand, these incidents were not violations then Manning did violate his oath and is subject to a trial for treason.

    • Amused

      That statement must be qualified , for far , far , more material was STOLEN and released to an alien source than an alleged violation of Article 93 .

    • Stephen_Brady

      Then, he should have revealed the "cruelty to prisoners" to his superiors, rather than released classified documents to an alien entity. If he were to be punished, then he would be punished. This was his duty under the UCMJ.

      Under the code, if you receive an illegal order, you have a duty to disobey that order, even if it means punishment.

  • Amused

    Well it was only a matter of time before a jew hater chimed in . First of Pollards doing life . Second their crimes are not comparable – Did Pollard endanger ANY US lives [ or anyones ] ? Was it Pollards agenda to do any harm to the U.S. or its interests ? Did ther information he gave the Israelis do harm to the US or any of its interests ? Is Israel an enemy to the US / we all know Israel is an enemy to you nakba as you are to Israel . Pollards position and job was to track worldide ship movements , identifying ports of origin , cargo and point of landing.Unfortunate;y for Pollard , Reagan was engaged in arms trading with Iran at the time ….and that to gain cash to circumvent Congressional restrictions put on arms to the Contras . The Administration was in it up to its ears , and Pollard most likely knew it . And after all he DID break the law , the sentence he recieved was harsher than those meted out to lesser offenses. Cap weinberger made sure of it , and the Old Guard , still influential beyond that administration made sure the sentence stuck . Pollard and manning = apples and oranges .

    • Reason_For_Life

      Pollard stole material and turned it over to a foreign power secretly with the US knowing nothing about what was revealed. Manning turned over documents for the purpose of having them published. These are two very different crimes. There is no evidence that Manning's release endangered anyone since everyone knew what was released and actions could be taken to limit the damage.

      Pollard attempted to sell information to the South Africans but failed to get them to believe him. In the opinion of the courts Pollard did endanger lives because because the damage assessment made by the Defense Department was what got the court to sentence Pollard to life. The prosecutor has only asked for a substantial number of years.

      For years the Israelis lied about Pollard being an Israeli spy and finally admitted that Pollard took money from Israeli intelligence to deliver the documents he stole. Pollard was a paid espionage agent. Manning was just a frustrated fool.

      Understand, I'm not defending Manning. If he revealed sensitive information unrelated to criminal activity then he deserves to be tried for treason. Pollard, however, has been tried and convicted and the evidence of his crimes is pretty substantial.

      • Amused

        Not denying that . However there are mitigating and aggravating circumstances in EVERY criminal case , and thus in the sentencing proceedures .Pollards life sentence simply does not compare to similar crimes , nor does the mitigating or aggravating factors compare to Mannings case . As to Mannings sentence , that has yet to be seen . If Mannings intention was to expose wjhat he felt was criminal activity on the part of US Armed forces , thaen there were several ways in which he could of expsed it without giving everything away to a source unknoiwn to him , whose intentions were unknown to him , in addition ,Manning was in no way ignorant as to the nature of all materials that were stolen or to the fact that it would lead to the endangerment of innocent lives .

  • findalis

    Manning should get down on his knees and thank G-d that the US isn't trying him for Treason, Sedition and demanding the Death Penalty.

  • jericho777

    Why should it surprise any of us, Obama won it didn't he? And he stands accused of aiding and abetting the damned Donkey Rapist Muslim Brotherhood, who are now murdering by the thousands, innocent Christians…

  • maghrebchristians

    Pray for the nation of Morocco as they might go though partnership with the Salafi's.



  • Guest

    As a liberal Manning is a traitor to the American people. Many of his supporters point out that he had thought hard about his discussion before he acted. This is obviously false. They also claim that he acted to expose government corruption, which is also false. Manning didn't take the time to check the information that he release, or thing of its relevance, nor who could get access to the information. Those who support the traitor Manning seem to be more anarchists than anything else.

  • Emma Flavell

    This is all about 'intent' , A real hero's motives and intentions are truly altruistic, this is not the case with Manning, who's Hero status has been given to him by the Left, and he has gleefully accepted, even though he knows he is a fraud.

    He never fitted in anywhere, his last chance saloon was the army, and guess what? He didnt fit in there either, now, either everyone he has ever met has a personality flaw, or he does, and he is the lowest common denominator, not everyone else!!!

    He leaked that info with not a care for the victims in the video, with not a care for the 'aftermath' of his actions, and what would happen to the men on the ground in Iraq, he did it because he knew he would get instant 'love and acceptance' from Assange, his followers, and any other lefty who is anti war. The man is a big fraud, and deserves to be punished to the very extent of the law.

    Vile despicable human being, well, he finally fits in, but at a heavy heavy price for those troops still fighting out there.


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