The True Face of Occupy Wall Street

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The occupy movement in Oakland was originally warmly embraced by city authorities, including Mayor Jean Quan who spoke glowingly of the movement’s objectives and even gave city employees time off to attend protests that shut down the Port of Oakland last fall after the demonstrators threatened violence against port employees. But as the weeks dragged on and the encampment in front of City Hall turned into a haven for crime and rats, draining the city’s budget and tying up police, Quan attempted to edge away from the increasingly violent occupation by forcing the closing of the tent city. This resulted in another riot and harsh criticism from other officials and the local media.

Now, Quan has fully reaped what she sowed. Like most Democrats around the country who initially praised the OWS movement to the skies, and now find themselves backing a revolution, Quan has placed herself in a difficult political situation. She has responded by harshly criticizing the group, saying that she will seek monetary damages from the organization and that protesters who are convicted will participate in “restorative justice” by cleaning up garbage in a nearby slum. She condemned OWS tactics, saying that they were “a constant provocation of the police with a lot of violence toward them” — an ironic statement considering the fact that Oakland’s police union sent the mayor a letter criticizing her for sending “mixed messages” on dealing with the OWS demonstrators.

What has the OWS movement cost the city? In dollar terms, at least $2 million in cleanup costs since October with at least that much in police overtime and other costs. And while police were busy trying to protect property from the modern day Vandals seeking to sack City Hall, there were 5 homicides over the weekend and responses to 911 calls were delayed, according to police. Police Chief Howard Jordan told the Los Angeles Times that “personnel and resources dedicated to Occupy reduce our ability to focus on public safety priorities.”

All of this does not bode well for cities caught in the OWS crosshairs. Matthew Vadum wrote in FPM about the planned demonstration in Chicago during the G-8 summit where the organizers, including OWS founders Adbusters, have all but openly called for violent confrontations with authorities during the meeting. Their violent rhetoric barely conceals their desire to force police to respond to their provocative tactics:

And if they don’t listen … if they ignore us and put our demands on the back burner like they’ve done so many times before … then, with Gandhian ferocity, we’ll flashmob the streets, shut down stock exchanges, campuses, corporate headquarters and cities across the globe … we’ll make the price of doing business as usual too much to bear [ellipses in original].

While there are no outright calls for violence, a reasonable person cannot mistake their intent.

Democratic politicians like Quan and President Obama will seek to use the rhetoric of the OWS movement without openly embracing the protesters. If Republicans are smart, they won’t let the Left get away with this subterfuge. It should be hammered home to voters between now and Election Day that the violence being perpetrated by OWS movements across the country is the result of a calculated effort to overthrow the existing order. And those who imitate the language of revolution — couching the violent rhetoric in terms of “fairness” or “income inequality” — should be called to account for aiding and abetting those who seek to destroy the essential character of the United States and replace it with ill-conceived ideas of “justice” and revolution.

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  • Monique Jacobse

    A little better research maybe? Plenty of videos online – even people in Europe are besser informed thant the “press” in the US – shame on you!

    • Ken

      Maybe you should learn to spell before you comment on something!!

      • Brandon Godinez

        It was typo.. stick to the subject at hand instead of trying to make others feel lesser.

        • Haveseenitallbefore

          Oh no, making others feel "lesser". Listen twerp, you couldn't get any "lesser"

        • aspacia

          I doubt it. Besides, Monique is mistaken.

      • davarino

        Maybe he meant to leave in the SS

      • Chiggles

        "Besser"=German for "better". Despite her Froggy sounding name, Monique appears to be a Squarehead.

    • aspacia

      Not really, I read much international news. Oh, and learn how to spell. It is better and than.

  • mike

    So what if people are confronting the 1% police force. Lucky they are not coming out with guns and bullets. With high unemployment, underemployement, and rising frustration we might look like Syria shortly

    • aspacia

      They should be protesting O for providing the bailouts and funding now bankrupt green industries.

      • trickyblain

        They are.

        • aspacia

          No, they are protesting the banks that were forced to change their lending practices by the government. This started a long time ago, and O bailed them out.

          They are protesting the wrong group.

          • trickyblain

            I work in a downtown environment and see it everyday. They are protesting everything related to gov't — money in politics mainly — and Obama is not spared.

          • aspacia

            Proof? All I see is antiSemitism and anticorporation propaganda.

    • davarino

      Oh brother, and I bet you always got a smiley face in high school just for trying, didnt you. Go find a real job and learn how to work and earn a wage for once in your life

    • reader

      You are the 1%, dude. If it wasn't for drugs, and if you could count, you'd realize this and, perhaps, find a job someday.

    • kongMing

      Zero protests against the international drug trade consisting of the real evil rich which by the way "protesters" subsidize.

      Zero protests against the GSOs that started the economic downturn which "protesters" demand the creation of more.

      Zero protests against Bashir Assad, whose horrific crimes including the torture murder of children takes the back seat to moral degenerates banging drums in the street because they want free heroin, mandatory public schooling where budding serial killers plan to bomb assemblies and the release of Charles Manson.

      These "protesters" are solely a creation by the big government sympathetic media in response to the Tea Party and their effect on the 2008 election. Meanwhile real protests occur in Syria, Iran, Russia which no one reports because morons take up the coverage.

      • kongMing

        All this, by the way, has been orchestrated by Barak Obama and Van Jones.

        In the LA riots, George H.W. Bush was destroyed by the media who claimed he was asleep while the city burned. In hindsight, if a quick federal response was made, he would have been destroyed by the same media for escalating the riot and continuing the police brutality.

        Now compare that to Obama, whose not only does nothing but exacerbates the situation for political gains and the press holds him to no accountability whatsoever. Seven dead bodies already and no consequences.

        By the way George H.W. Bush, along with Ford and Nixon, is very underrated and in my opinion a better president than Reagan. If he kept office a lot of the issues we face today, like Islamic terrorism due to Jamie Gorelick's wall and the credit crisis due to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would have been prevented.

    • tagalog

      If the demonstrators confronted the cops with bullets, the cops would have shot dozens of them. Don't think that the typical left-wing American is much good with firearms. They support gun control. The One Percenters like guns, own some, practice and go to the range, and since we're all so rich, we can afford well-made, accurate guns and LOTS of ammo to practice with.

      • aspacia

        Tag, remember the peaceful Tea Party protests? No violence, no camping overnight. No unsafe practices. Families were protesting the bailouts and knew who was at fault. The OW's are drug addled idiots

        • tagalog

          True, and part (I say PART, much of the reason is that the Tea Partiers are generally civil people) of the reason is that the Tea Partiers were confident that they could be responsible adults and that it isn't necessary to confront the authorities with defiance and violence; they could be confronted with resolution, and that's enough to scare the stuffing out of them.

    • jmz

      yeah cuz everyone them a living..wait ows…OWS..hmmm i think a corrilation is there huh. screw freedom and capitialism lets have communism where morons like ows can be opressed slaves for real instead of rich punks looking to pretend. there is NO such thing as the 1% and if you want to make one up, just look at OWS who consist of rich subsidized college kids, union thungs, and marxist professors. keep supporting ows keep pretending to be opressed, if supporting freedom, capitalism and limitied govt make me a 1% i proudly support the 1%. OWS=99% OF THE PROBLEM!

    • Asher

      Unemployment is the fault of the Government who wants to keep everyone indebted to them so they can rule, too many EPA regulations and restrictions on businesses, including Obama care….Businesses who create jobs are not responsible for your lack of unemployment. Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with everyone in need.

  • Brandon Godinez

    This is lies. Watch this and see what really happened.

    • aspacia

      Lean some grammar. Do you mean "This article is full of lies." Remember, videos can easily be edited.

      • Trot

        "lean" some grammar… will do, thanks.

        • aspacia

          LMFAO! I am red faced regarding my typo. Thanks for the correction.

    • jmz

      yeah ows wasd just walking alon..doin nothing…answer me this Brandon. why is OWS never responsible for anything? why do they say the represent 99% then deny responsibility for any of their members that they goive a forup to? seems to me that ows loves anarchy, communism and destruction as long as their buttbuddies in the media and govt give them a pass

  • Brandon Godinez

    This is lies. Watch what really happened uncut.


      We know the truth. It is a Marxist revolution.
      You can put up 6 thous vids and nothing will change.
      They are protesting for nothing, they already have their Bolshevik dictator in the White House.

      • Adam

        "Mad," as in crazy delusional… I get it.

  • Brandon Godinez

    Watch what really happened.

    • HermitLion

      A hint to the ignorant: nagging people to watch your truth isn't a good way to show that the 'occupy' crowd aren't self-imposing, inconsiderate, rude, self-righteous nitwits.

      • aspacia

        You left out dirty and violent.

    • tagalog

      What really happened, according to the youtube video is that a crowd of demonstrators advanced slowly on a line of police officers. While both lines were stationary, the police notified the crowd that they were engaging in an unlawful assembly. Some police were sent out in front of the police line to disperse people who were getting sufficiently close that they posed a potential threat to the police, and they were told in no uncertain terms to leave. Nothing up to that point involved violence.

      • tagalog

        Then the cops started shooting some smoke bombs at the crowd. The crowd began to advance slowly on the cops, and stopped about 75 to 100 yards from them. Both the police and the demonstrators stood still. The cops used bullhorns to inform the crowd that it was an unlawful assembly. The crowd did not respond to the police warning. Then the police started shooting some form of tear gas or CS gas, or something that doesn't seem to have been very strong at the crowd. The gas guns were quite loud and sounded a lot like firearms, so the people near the photographers got a bit panicky.

        One or two individuals, presumably demonstrators, ran up within a few yards of the cops. Perhaps they were acting provocatively, but it's not clear. The cops did not respond to them.

        No one attacked anyone. Both the crowd and the cops acted in a restrained way. Shooting smoke and gas at the crowd wasn't nice, but it was deemed to be an unlawful assembly that would not respond to police demands to disperse, so it's hardly an unexpected tactic.

  • Whatsthisshit

    I hate the author of this article and I hate the protesters who used violence, which gave this dirt bag the fuel to type this misinformed sad attempt at journalism. I am an occupier, I am non-violent, I am NOT a communist you neoconservative poop stick. I love capitalism, I hate crony capitalism, bottom line. The top capitalists should not have the ability to hold our government hostage, like they do.

    A piece of advice for the author of this article:

    If you want to be a real journalist, start reporting the facts and nothing but the facts. Leave your delusional opinions and misinformation out of the article, maybe you would have a job as a REAL journalist, instead of submitting your garbage to little known online magazines. Anyone with any intelligence at all will take the accounts, and form their opinion based on information from people that were there and from primary sources such as raw un-edited video. Not from some guy sitting behind his keyboard regurgitating far-right-wing rhetoric.

    Did someone trick you into thinking that this was an application to Fox News?

    • Rocky Mountain

      So, so typical of left wing self-indulgence. Listen up you childish creep. I was on the SF State campus during the sixties and I witnessed the birth of the BS that you think you are somehow are originating. Nearly 50 years ago! You were A##holes then and you are A###holes now.

      • Stephen Weber

        Rocky Mountain : You obviously were circumcized as a kid. Which the new kids Know is mutilation. Looosing half of your sexual sensitivity makes you part of the problem. Built for anger and abuse.

        When you die you can return to being part of the mountain, old boy…


        • jmz

          and your lil pecker was obviously completly cutt off and replaced with a mao shaped vagina, for your govt to F u with..bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yayy

      • Leftwinger

        Yeah, you witnessed a thang. Look what you sheep let happen to our country. You oppose welfare, unless it's for the wealthy. You helped institute a system where money is speech, cutting off all poor people from equally participating in the countries political process. You helped create a country where our students are taught lies, and consistently fall below the worlds education standards. You helped develop one of the richest countries in the world, yet still; a majority of its citizens live in poverty or hover barely above it. Don't believe me, look at the indexes. Keep beating your chest old man, you did great. You don't even realize that your generation is going to go down in history as one of the worst in America. Keep up the good work. You call me self-indulgent, but you're really just projecting, you know; like the defense mechanism.

        • jmz

          no we oppose welfare for everone. we support protests, not occupations or destruction of private property. "a majority of its citizens live in poverty or hover barely above it" yeah and99% of thoes "poor" have running water, tv, cell phones and an education. most of thoes poor live better than the rich in many countries, and its because we use a system of capitialism instead of socialism like you want. education IS crap..why? because we allow union teachers to stay teaching no matter how bad their are. 80% of their buget goes to union benefits not education. what you fail to understand is ALL the problems you complain about are due to people like you aka PROGRESSIVES demanding more and more govt intervention and special privlidges. dont talk about evil business paying politicians when you got mr Union/community organizer obama in office now. he has taken more than ayone. and while he is not the sole cause of our problems, it is a fantastic focal point and example of left wing policies not working.

    • aspacia

      Protest O's administration for bailing banks, bankers, GM, and now bankrupt green energy companies.

    • aspacia

      Fact: STD's outbreaks in the OW's campsites.
      Fact: 78 rapes in these camps.
      Fact: OW's have committed murder
      Fact: Frequent acts of indecency, including public defecation.

      What, admit the idiocy of these protests. Try to behaved in a civilized manner as the Tea Party protesters did. Remember, how they left the protest sites clean. Try to stop acting like savages and we might listen.

      • Stephen Weber

        The problem with that advise is the marginalization that happens in a Police State. Without the voice of the protesters we are headed back into another World War.

        Look we are repeating Goose Step the exact sequence of events from the Great Depression…
        And it did take 10 years after that started for America to enter WWII. But crisises don't disappear just because the media is bought and works only for profit…

        • aspacia

          Protest peacefully, and do not vandalize the area. This is how the Tea Party behaved, try to do the same to gain credibility.

      • Leftwinger or WTS

        Fact: STD's outbreaks in College campuses.
        Fact: Rape, sexual harassment, on rise at Ivy League schools
        Fact: Police Departments and the state unjustly commit murder every day
        Fact: Corporations commit frequent acts of indecency, including societal defecation

        There are lot's of facts out there.

        • aspacia

          The protest camps are being closed due to the unhealthy sanitary conditions and violence. When has any "corporation" every defecated in public? A business cannot $hit you dolt.

      • extreme far middle

        To aspacia: You do realize that the Tea Party had, at one time, dressed up like Indians, occupied a few ships, threw all of its cargo into the water, and helped start a violent revolution; you call that civilized?

        • aspacia


          Of course I know. Do you realize that the colonist were protesting being denied representation in Parliament? The tea was tossed because of taxes being imposed without representation, hence we turned into a nation of coffee drinkers.

          We the Patriots running around naked? We the Patriots defecating in public? We have come a long way since this time, and basic hygiene is mandated in our civilization. These OW's stink, and behaving like savages. Actually, they were not vandals destroying private property, and they did declare war on Britain.

    • StephenD

      So, you seek "Truth, Justice and The American Way" by way of occupation of space that ISN'T YOURS! The fact is (as you call on the author to learn them before posting), that Obama has received more money from "Wall Street" than any other President in history. You want to protest "crony capitalism?" Go to the White House!
      Frankly, I think you're full of Sh*t and just needing an excuse to be noticed. Is that it? Are you wanting to "belong?" Awwww, you poor thing.
      Tell you what, you want to "change" things for the good…go to church.

      • stephen weber


        He needs to be noticed. And I noticed him. And you noticed him. I don't approve of either of you badmouthing another humans ideas. But both of you and the author and perhaps even me are willing to let our voices be put down in time immortal here and we won't go quietly into the night..

      • Legion

        >go to church

        Moron detected. User ignored.

    • Whit

      The Democratic party has been attempting to destroy this country from it inception. This is just one of many examples where the Democratic party has continues to support anarchy. Look at the history of the Democratic party from the support of slavery for over 150 years, to killing over 500,000 Americans in the Civil War, to hanging 4,800 American post Civic War, which 3,500 were black American and 1,300 were white American. What did they have in common they were all Republicans. Don't forget Woodrow Wilson who segregated the Army. A true racist. I can talk about FDR or how the Democratic party supported for Mao, which lead to the deaths of 70 million or Cambodia where 2 million people were destroyed. Read your history

    • Rick Moran

      Did it ever occur to you that you are a tool – a cats paw for those who believe in violence as a means for revolutionary change? I have no doubt that the foolish and naive still believe in non violence and in protesting against corporatism and what you consider to be "greed."

      But before you express your hatred for me, perhaps you should look in a mirror and ask yourself "Am I being used by others whose intentions are not as peaceful or whose agenda is not as patriotic as mine?" It is obvious that many in the crowd came armed with projectiles to throw at police, hoping to get them angry and provoke a response. This is the essence of "direct action" — as is the use of fools like you who your masters in the movement are more than willing to use as cannon fodder in their revolutionary cause.

      • Flipside

        Excuse me, but were the French and the American Revolutions nonviolent?

        • kasandra

          So, then, you're admitting OWS is trying to provoke a violent revolution. Refreshing honesty for once.

          • Flipside

            I would say that the banks and the Fed are trying to provoke a violent revolution. As for me, I am simply ready to fight it.

        • Rick Moran

          You aren't serious in comparing King George and King Louis with Barack Obama, or even Mitt Romney?

          Besides, I would guess the percentage of Americans who don't want a revolution and would prefer to reform the existing system is in the 90's – a far cry from the large pluralities that supported revolution in America and France.

          • Flipside

            Those types of numerical figures simply give embezzlers the illusion of more time.

        • Sage on the Stage

          As Ronald Reagan would say, there you go again. Wrong, Flippy; the French and American Revolutions weren't the same. The American Revolution was essentially non-violent.(With the exception of the March 1770 Boston Massacre;
          in which John Adams defended British soldiers who had fired into a crowd) About the most that happened in the Amer. Rev. was a few people got tarred and feathered. But the French Revolution–years of murder and mayhem. Read Ann Coulter's book, "Demonic." This will tell you all about the murderous Jacobin hordes(Read: Democrat OWS radical types) who executed King Louis and his innocent wife, Marie Antoinette; and anyone else they didn't like.

          • LOVE

            Umm, the American Revolution was essentially non violent? Where the hell did you go to school?

          • tagalog

            The American Revolution was non-violent, with the exception of Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, the seizure of Fort Ticonderoga, the battles on Long Island and White Plains, the Battle of Trenton, the two Saratoga battles, Fort Stanwix, Herkimer, the Mohawk Valley, Cowpens, Yorktown, the sea battles of John Paul Jones, the Great Lakes battles of Stephen Decatur and one or two others, the attack on Montreal, the Battle of Valcour Island, and so on. The soldiers of the Continental Army spent most of their time picking daffodils and putting the stems down their rifle barrels as they sat on the big chain links that crossed the Hudson River at West Point to keep the British from pursuing their three-pronged plan to separate the rebellious colonies from each other.

          • aspacia

            They were both violent, albeit the French Revolution was far more violent.

          • tagalog

            Yes, when the American Revolutionaries focused on liberty, they insured that few would be killed for solely ideological reasons. When the French Revolutionaries decided to focus on equality, large-scale mass murder became inevitable. There were many fewer battles, but many more executions.

      • DMW

        Been out of the business for awhile, but "Direct Action" is/was a US military term for Commando operations.

      • Left Field

        Nice buzz words Rick. Did you learn them in high school? I said that I DO NOT condone violence, therefore; I am not happy with the way SOME protesters and MOST police have conducted themselves. Can you say the same for yourself? I'm pretty sure you don't have a problem with police bashing people in the heads for speaking out against your ideology. Also, is it me or did your SUPER WELL KNOWN blog start laying down the censor hammer?

        • Rick Moran

          It's you. And I find it telling that you give absolutely no credit to your friends who bring rocks, IED's, lit flares, and broken glass to a peaceful demonstration. Do you think they were going to play show and tell with those weapons?

          You are a piece of work. The whole point of these demonstrations is to provoke a violent response from the police by attacking them. And you blame the cops. A few innocents get in the way – as your violent buddies fully hope and intended — and get their heads bashed in. Is the headline the next day "Rioters Assault Police" or "Innocents minding their own business get clubbed?" This is the essence of direct action – blame the police for defending themselves.

          The number of revolutionaries on the streets of Oakland the other night was relatively small – perhaps 10% of the thousand or so demonstrators. But they succeeded in their efforts largely because people like you allow yourselves to be used as cannon fodder by people so much more dedicated to "change" than you. Wake up and at least try to take the movement back from the revolutionaries before they precipitate a tragedy that no one wants.

        • jmz

          come on dude. its not censorship OWS has no message other than marxism. if you want to be 99% then YOU must take responsibility in your group. good or bad. its not "some protestors" its the majority of them. OWS gives them harbor and a forum, therefore OWS is responsible. Please you and ows quit trying to fool people by trying to mince words. ya want people to believe you are for capitialism then get rid of all the socialists, communists, anarchists in your group and put in free market capitialists and business owners.

        • tagalog

          In the Lefty videos I've looked at, involving Occupy demonstrations, despite the Occupiers refusing to disperse when ordered to do so by law enforcement, both the Occupiers and the cops avoid a lot of physical conflict. Some folks DO get arrested, but it doesn't appear very oppressive to me. Just some person going limp, getting handcuffed, and dragged off to the paddy wagon.

      • trickyblain

        Pretty vague stuff there, Rick. Who are these "others"? What is the agenda? What proof do you have? Who is at the top of the OWS power structure? How are they submitting thier orders?

    • Questions

      So Front Page is a "little-known online magazine?" One wonders: Where have you gotten published lately? The author of this piece did his homework and reached sound conclusions. Amid your smug shrillness, I notice you didn't challenge a single statement anywhere in the piece. I take that to mean that you couldn't find anything to challenge.

    • jmz

      yeah fox news made ows protestors, burn rape, steal and destroy…Come on dude you can do better than that. answer me this. how can fox (who you people say does nothing but lie) give you such a bad name especially when govt and the rest of the media are..or were behind you huh? apparently you and ows give more than enough evidence to cooberate FOX news "lies" dont ya. so they really dont lie do they? this aurthor isnt really lying is he? OWS is not against crony capitialism..they are against capitialism PERIOD. only a fool cannot look at them and figure this out. So either you have it completly wrong and are supporting communists, or OWS is so incompotent that they cannot even get out a simple message. And FYI The TEA PARTY was against the bailouts b4 OWS. unfortunatly OWS chooses marxism or freedom. too bad you cant see it

  • JRM

    Occupy Wall Street has stated time and time again that their objective is to remove money from politics. We on the actual radical left want to remove politics. Tare down a fundamentally unredeemable system and work from the ground up. OWS is not your boogyman. Take it from your boogyman.

    • Rocky Mountain

      You want to "tare" it down? Wall, gud for u! We have taken it from the "boogyman" and we're not taking much more jerk!


      We on the actual radical left want to remove politics

      That is a lie. You screamed 'we want a totalitarian' in October.

    • Questions

      What you despise are not the distortions of capitalism, but capitalism itself. By spoken and (badly) written word, your kind has made that point clear, time and again.

    • truckwork

      And most importantly you want to replace capitalism with what? Socialism? Communism? What?

      Capitalism may not be perfect but it does work and it works for all who are willing to work. Socialism and communism haven't, anywhere at any time.

      Now put down your pipes, bottles, and sticks, take a bath, brush your teeth, cover up your tatts and find a job.

    • trickyblain

      Remove politics, and replace it with what? Be specific. It's much easier to tear down than to build. What do you want to build after you have your fun?

    • jmz

      JRM so you want to tear down a "fundamentally unredeemable system" that has been proven to support freedom and prosperity and replace it with an opressive system that has led to countless millions of deaths and opression. take it from me, you wont get power. even if your system came about you wont be in power and will be a slave with the rest of us. you want to start from the ground up, go for it, just remember OUR CAPITIALIST SYSTEm will alway be the one you come to, because its the only one that works.

  • isabelleelise

    Someone with LexisNexis access needs to do research on how many of the OWS arrests are dismissed. With a simple Google search it appears that most of the arrests are simply thrown out. I fear Eric Holder and the DOJ have ordered that these cases not be prosecuted.

    • guest

      interesting conclusion. A person with common sense might infer that the charges had no merit and that these were preventative and unconstitutional detentions aimed at clearing the streets rather than arrests for, you know, breaking the law.

  • sciamage

    While the sad state of education in this country is frustrating, including the seeming inability to spell and construct a simple sentence, the fact that so many would spend time attacking that instead of debating the concepts, simply shows the strength in the ideas. When you cannot discuss the concepts, then attack the messenger.

    It should be noted that the people who lack the education are a product of the schools that WE failed to properly fund and oversee. They are a product of the schools that WE failed to properly shepard into the new changing technological environment. And, more importantly than the role of the schools, it should be noted that they are the result of the failure of WE their PARENTS to care enough, or more accurately, to be able to AFFORD to be involved because they were too busy simply trying to survive given the effort taken to hold onto the ever receding American dream.

    Here is the truth. Yes, there are some elements of the OWS crowd who want to destroy the system. And, yes, some of those elements are loud. However, the vast majority of us want to SAVE the system from the corruption that has become institutionalized over the last 40ish years as the failed policies of trickle down economics have been tried. The policies which even the architects of those policies have admitted were a mistake. We HAVE to admit our mistake, and we have to return to a sensible set of policies prior to their destructive influence. We HAVE to do so in order to save America, save American capitalism and root out corruption from the system. It is that simple.

  • Amused

    What is the REAL difference between Liberals and Conservatives ? Teapartyers and Occupiers ? Aside from dog whistle and redmeat throwers on either side , wjhat is the true difference , because accusations going back and forth are purely emotional , and true facts take a back seat to what is in reality "tribal politics ". For BOTH are Americans ,and BOTH love and appreciate this country . Here is an excerpt fropm an interesyting observation –
    For Occupy Wall Street, fairness seems to be the chief concern—as it appears to be for the Tea Party. Occupy's version opposes rich people taking money through cheating and exploitation. The Tea Party's restores karma by punishing laziness and cheating, Haidt has written, "and they see liberalism and liberal government as an assault on that project." But, as tonight's meeting shows, the right owns an advantage in creating effective groups: Far-left activists dial down "authority" to zero.


      The difference is the #OWS are Communist, America hating, Christian hating, Jew hating evil sobs.
      The T-party just wants their Constitution back.

      • WOW

        You are a racist, stereotyping, bigot. Also, why do you think the #OWS are carrying around constitutions? Have you been to an #OWS rally, or just getting your information from other people who have not been there?

        • nightspore

          Wow, WOW! Calling someone a communist or an anti-semite is "racist", is it? And what is this nonsense about these idiots carrying around constitutions? These people are just what the author of the article says they are. Whether they carry around consitutions or not is irrelevant when they burn flags and trash public property.

          If you're going to play the sophist's game in order to pretend that black is white and up is down, do it a little more cleverly.

    • truckwork

      I could give a rats butt about fairness. Fairness has nothing to do with our society from a governments standpoint. It isn't the job of the government to make outcomes fair. It isn't in the Constitution as a function of our federal government. What my next door neighbor has is his and I don't have any claim to it. To be envious of it and attempt to get any of it is a mortal sin, listed in the ten commandments along with murder, stealing and lying.

      Any comparison of the TEA party and the OWS crowd isn't accurate. Do you really think that anyone in the TEA party would have broken into a locked public building or burned an American Flag? REALLY?

      • wowyouredumb

        Wow, you're really stupid. Are you forgetting that the "TEA PARTY" was a pre-revolutionary event where people dressed up like Indians and BROKE into a ship, and LOOTED, and VANDALIZED the goods?

        • truckwork

          Nope and I'm sure those who acted during the original TEA Party, did so because King George had no problem taxing everything that moved, similarly to our present government and our POTUS.

      • tagalog

        Well, the original Tea Party almost certainly didn't involve the burning of an American flag.

    • tagalog

      The deepest difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals tend to be Platonists, with all that that entails, while conservatives tend to be Aristoteleans.

      • nightspore

        There are deeper differences than that, but we will need a thoroughgoing sociobiology of belief before we can properly understand them.

  • Amused

    If you remove the radicals on the Left , AND the radicals on the right , there just might be room for coherent conversation between the two .Unfortunately , writers like Moran ,in this article represent and accentuate this ever dividing factor .No one half of the country will eliminate the other half , and anyones who thinks so , is merely kidding themselves .

    • mrbean

      “Two world wars, three monstrous dictatorships — in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Red China — plus every lesser variants of devastating socialist experimentation that are all responsible for a global spread of death, brutality and despair, have not prompted the modern leftists to question or revise their sick dogma. They still think that it is daring, idealistic and unconventional to denounce the rich and those who are successful. They still believe that money is the root of all evil — except money the government siezes by force to create dependency classes as the solution to all the problems caused by the government in the first place.

  • Steve Chavez


    They want to turn the U.S. into an ISLAND PARADISE LIKE CUBA so I would send them to nearby Alcatraz and then have a lecture titled: "What's the Difference Between Cuba and Alcatraz?" All their dreams will come true. Free healthcare. Free food. Warden tells you where to work and how much you make no matter your IQ. It's easy to get in but hard to get out. No election hassles since one man runs and one man gets 100% of the vote. Snitches aplenty. And you don't even have to THINK SINCE ONE MAN DOES ALL THE THINKING FOR EVERYONE! FIDEL IS THEIR HERO!

    DIDN'T OCCUPY THROW TWO SMOKE BOMBS OVER THE WHITE HOUSE FENCE? Where''s the investigation by Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano? If the Tea Party had done this, they'd by labeled "terrorists" by now who "attempted to assassinate the President!" I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THIS ACTION!!!

    • scum

      OWS is being pushed out of DC as we speak.

  • James

    It is easier to prove a point when you are calm and rational and objective.
    So, if I may, I'd like to point out some facts. Mit Romney just spent 16 million in Florida to make newt look bad. Half of that money came from unknown corporations. The other half came from Mit Romney corporation. If he becomes president, our president will represent corporations, not the people. But we are supposed to have government by the people serving the people. Many of our politicians were appointed the same way, by corporate money. So we have a small group , about 1% running the country. If anything looks like a communist dictatorship, there is your picture. The same people claim to be very religious Christians, but they don't care how many people go hungry and sick, because they believe in Darwinian law, the survival of the fittest, i.e., the richest. So, There.

  • Flipside

    You quoted Matt Vadum as a legitimate news source. Can we have some journalistic standards here? How can you cross-quote members of the same Hasbara with any degree of validity? Also, don’t you know that the United States was founded on direct action? What do you think George Washington was doing when he sacked Manhattan while riding a horse and waving a sword? Was he doing an intellectual exercise before “dispersing” before the “authorities?”

    • Rick Moran

      "What do you think George Washington was doing when he sacked Manhattan while riding a horse and waving a sword?"

      When did Washington "sack" Manhattan? Are you being funny or are you just an idiot by nature?

      Manhattan was never "sacked" by the Continental army – or the British for that matter. It was occupied by the British for 7 long years – until the Treaty of Paris ended the war and the British up and left.

      Also, you are confusing "direct action" – a tactic of the Communist left that has more to do with "raising the consciousness" of people and demonstrating power than anything else – with actual military action as conducted by Washington and the Continental army.

      There may have been isolated incidents of direct action – the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre come to mind. But they played a very minor role in what turned out to be a revolution based on ideas rather than a grab for power.

      • Brain

        did we lie down when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? LMAO

      • Flipside

        Pardon me. Sieged Manhattan. Fully armed. Was the Siege of Boston also only a minor thing? Was the siege of Manhattan only a minor thing? Was the Battle of the Foot of the Rocks only a minor thing? Perhaps the Articles of Confederation was only a minor thing too. You people complain about violence when Americans raise their fists and signs in a park, but you advocate nuclear wars against Iran. You attack protesters for not being peaceful, but right next to that you attack the Methodists and the Quakers, who are the epitome of nonviolent protest. The way you espouse selective truth and bend it like putty is more reminiscent of Communist action than any of these tent pitchings are.

      • trickyblain

        Ever heard accounts of being tarred and feathered? A very common "direct action" of colonial mobs that was extremely brutal.

        Somewhat idealitic and naive to think that our Revolution wasn't a power grab. Did not its leaders obtain power?

  • Amused

    Thank you Steve Chavez for making my point . There was a 'kid ' back in the early 60's whose name was Dylan . That's when songs had purpose as well as entertainment ,as many may forget that Bob Dylan cut his teeth on Woody Guthrie . Is there any among you who would call Guthrie a "commie " or a "marxist " ? lol…yea I'll bet there are ….but back to Dylan , wiser than his years , as well as writing many great songs there are TWO that stand out . " My Back Pages " where the foibles of the liberals are painfully exposed , and " Subterranian Homesick Blues " where the same was accentuated for the Right .
    Dylan's a centrist !

  • tagalog

    Regarding the OWS movement, some other poster here recently observed that they followed the evolution of the 1960s antiwar movement, from non-violent protest to violent temper tantrums in about 3 or 4 months, telescoping a years-long process into a TV show kind of thing.

    And, after all, why not? Just skip all the agony of the difficult interim when trying to get the powers that be to get with your program (after, all they already have done so, haven't they?) and failing; after all, that's boring – let's just cut to the chase.

  • tagalog

    Woody Guthrie was a card-carrying member of the CPUSA in the 1930s and 1940s, if not considerably beyond that period.

    Him and Burl Ives and Lee Hayes of the Weavers and Pete Seeger and their pals. You could find it in your heart to respect their love for and commitment to their fellow man if they hadn't been ardent Stalinists (and people knew what Stalin was doing even way back in the 1930s – just read Mission to Moscow).

    My personal favorite Bob Dylan songs that I thought reflected the era accurately were (1) Ballad of a Thin Man, (2) Positively 4th Street, and (3) Like A Rolling Stone. But that's just me.

    • trickyblain

      I wasn't born until '72, buy Times They Are A-Changing was brilliant as well.

  • tagalog

    The article says: "One could speculate on how difficult it might be to “depart” an area that police have instructed protesters to leave."

    In fairness to the demonstraters (not that they deserve it), I would call upon veterans of the 1968 Grand Central Station Spring Equinox "Yip-In" midnight demonstration, fomented by the WBAI radio station, to remember how the cops entered Grand Central Station by all the entryways and corridors, occupied them, then, with bullhorns, told the demonstraters to leave, but they had to run the gauntlet of police waiting for them along the passage-ways to the exits. That was terrifying. A dress rehearsal for Chicago a few months later. Today's demonstraters don't know what they're asking for. I can still summon up some of the feeling of being trapped to this day, nearly 45 years later. They waited in the passageways, clubs in hand, while they sent flying wedge after flying wedge into the crowd in the main concourse. It was not pretty.

    OWS is asking to get its collective ass kicked, and they don't even know it.

    Orwell: "So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know that fire is hot."

  • stephen weber

    There is already another word for capitalism that is Ferengi. (Star Trek Race of Capitalist­s.).

    And words mean only what they mean. One can torture someone using language untill the word "Love" makes them vomit on command, BUT….

    The root of Socialism is stilll "Social".
    The root of Communism is still "Community­".

    Deal with that truth.

    • Ken

      I do not want anything to do with YOUR version of the truth!!

    • tagalog

      The following revelation will probably not disabuse you of a single preconception, but Star Trek was a fictional story, and the Ferengi were figments of a screenwriter's imagination.

    • tagalog

      Let's take a look at that for a moment.

      The root of Socialism is still "Social."
      The root of Communism is still "Community."

      I suppose that's true in the etymological sense. So let's deal with the truth of the political sense of "Social" and "Community." If we're going to have a "Social" group living in a "Community," who decides what the "Social" and "Community" norms will be? Who would make the big decisions?

  • BS77

    OCCUPY SUCKS. End of story.

  • Amused

    Which " feeling " is that tagalog , busting heads by the police or protesting the war ?

    • tagalog

      I never thought that protesting the Vietnam War carried with it a feeling of "being trapped," so I'd say the "feeling" I was talking about was the feeling that I had allowed my naive self to get trapped by the cops in a way that raised the risk of getting my head busted to an intolerably high level.

      Although there IS the sense that having been a pacifist during the war of my generation DID limit my ability to take a public stand in favor of later military enterprises in my lifetime. That's a sort of trap all by itself. But it isn't terrifying, just uncomfortable.

      • Amused

        Funny , that is funny that back then your anxiety was caused by an actual reality that cops were willing to bust heads WITHOUT any violent provocation /Putting aside the radicals like SDS ,Weatherman , Panthers , etc, the overwhelming majority of protests were peaceful .And who'da thunk it ! Our own National Guard firing on its fellow citizens with live ammunition at Kent State .I'd like to think we all had evolved since then , but we haven't . There's always some jerk in the protest crowd willing to throw a rock ,and still some cops with issues who want to badsh heads when it is unnecesssarry .No ones taking ques from the 60's , not atb all , this is simply human nature -there will always be asssholes on both sides of an issue .

        • Amused

          I'm not a pacifist , have no objection to those who are , I was against the vietnam war for for pragmatic reasons , not to mention the fact that all wars are inherently immoral -there are no good ones .Yet when my invitation to Ft.Hamilton came I went nonetheless . I did what I had to do , and was loyal to my country and a President I did not like .I had no bones against protesters then , nor do I now .I was for the invasion of Afghanistan , NOT Iraq, nor a continued presence in either. So if your conscience does not bother you , you take your stand where you will .

        • tagalog

          Well, there was SOME violent provocation: a few people threw bottles and beer cans at the cops. But it wasn't VERY violent., except on the part of the Tactical Police Force.

          There were plenty of people who weren't SDS or Panthers who were willing to be violent. Take a look at Peter Davies's book The Truth About Kent State, a left-wing publication that has many photos showing ordinary students individually throwing rocks and bottles at the National Guard. The same thing happened at every demonstration. There was a significant number of wannabe revolutionaries who were worried (rightfully, as it turned out) about having a law-abiding record who were nevertheless ready to establish (at least for themselves if no one else) their radical credentials by throwing something at the authorities.

        • tagalog

          The National Guardsmen who fired on the demonstrators at Kent State have pretty much been acknowledged as a small group, acting in isolation, that made a group decision to load their M-1s with live ammo. Again, the book The Truth About Kent State makes a pretty compelling argument, with photos, that that group acted outside the main group of National Guardsmen and against orders from both the governor and their commanding officer.

  • mrbean

    The forcible occupation of another man’s property or the obstruction of a public thoroughfare is so blatant a violation of rights that an attempt to justify it becomes an abrogation of morality. An individual has no right to do a “sit-in” in the home or office of a person he disagrees with—and he does not acquire such a right by joining a gang. Rights are not a matter of numbers—and there can be no such thing, in law or in morality, as actions forbidden to an individual, but permitted to a mob. The only power of a mob, as against an individual, is greater muscular strength—i.e., plain, brute physical force. The attempt to solve social problems by means of physical force is what a civilized society is established to prevent. The advocates of mass civil disobedience admit that their purpose is intimidation. A society that tolerates intimidation as a means of settling disputes—the physical intimidation of some men or groups by others—loses its moral right to exist as a social system, and its collapse does not take long to follow.

  • Interpol

    The Oakland PD keeps assaulting people first, and then they face retaliation by the worst of the Occupiers. It's a vicious cycle down there. The peaceful marchers got assaulted by the police on Saturday. The police should be facilitating the march and co-ordinating with the protesters themselves so that law and order can happen as well as the peaceful marches they want. But if you just start throwing tear gas and shooting people in the head with rubber bullets, they're going to retaliate, as we have seen. The Oakland PD is reaping what they sew.

    • LOVE

      The police don't want to to keep people safe, they want to shut people up; bottom line.

    • Maxie

      "Peaceful march's" toward what specific purpose? This is just typical Leftist infantilism – like throwing their oatmeal on the floor when they were little. Thumb-sucking writ large. Grow up, do something constructive and quit whining.

  • Ano

    Agenda 21 is the real culprit here. If you don't know about it, please learn. It will answer all questions about occupy.

  • Amused

    BTW tagalog , Pete Seeger was in fact a "card carrying " member of CPUSA , however Guthrie and Burl Ives were not , Ives was blaclisted for attending meetings and associations with Seeger . I find it curious that you claim to have been around in '68 , I would assume not in diapers and old enough to know what was going on , yet you seem to be totally iognorant of the history of your country in the 20's and 30's. To be a populist then was considered to be a communist .And that is because most of those AMERICANS in those times who sympathised with communism , did so only in the sense that it freed the Russian people from feudalism and serfdom under the Russian Czars .It was not the idea but the example that morphed, even before the Revolution was finished , into the monstrosity that Russia became . The CPUSA incorporated many base ideals that were held by those who spoke up for , or were themselves part of the downtrodden and exploited masses that existed in this country in those decades . Using your rationale I guess you'd call "The Grapes of Wrath " a communist propaganda novel ., and would consider the blacklisting of the McCarthy days just .

    • tagalog

      The great populist in American politics was William Jennings Bryant. No one considered him a communist, either with a capital C or not. The most numerous populist political party was the Grangers; no one considered them communist. Some populists, like the famous Louisiana government Huey Long, were considered fascists, not communists.

      Both before and after the Bolshevik Revolution, American leftists advocated the violent overthrow of the government by force or violence. In the Depression, they got some support because American intellectuals and many workers believed that the Marxist-Leninist formulation of capitalism had come true, and the capitalism was on its last legs. That view was discredited by FDR and his administration, and it lost ground fairly quickly. That didn't stop thousands of American workers from immigrating to Stalin's USSR to trade their skills for jobs, and ultimately wind up in the gulag at nearly a 100% rate. World War II put an end to anti-capitalist agitation as the unemployed joined the armed forces, became government employees, while other unemployed joined the government's huge war effort.

      • tagalog

        I was born in 1946 and was aged 22 in 1968. I was out of diapers by then. I went to college in New York City and was deeply involved in the protests against the Vietnam War until the early 1970s, when I took a closer look at my fellow leftists and woke up.

        Burl Ives was not blacklisted; he spent most of his career as a folk singer and that was before the blacklist period. Also, he worked as an actor in numerous films (where the blacklist was most employed) during the 1950s. Evidently he was able to hide his CPUSA connection. Woody Guthrie was, in fact, a member of the CPUSA. He has been quoted as saying, "The best thing I did in 1936 was join the Communist Party." Some folks claim he wasn't a CPUSA member by saying that he was never asked to join. OK, so what? Maybe he just joined without being asked. He said he was a member. I believe him.

        The CPUSA did NOT, definitely and categorically, incorporate many ideas that were adhhered to by the "exploited masses" of the United States; to say so reflects a profound ignorance of who was calling the shots on the Left. Moscow told the CPUSA what to think, and the CPUSA passed the Moscow line on to the masses. Examples: the Scottsboro Boys, the Flint Strike, the anti-facism, followed by Popular Frontism, followed by advocacy of neutrality after the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, followed by anti-fascism after the invasion of the USSR, the Masses disciplining of Albert Maltz, if I gave it some time I could probably come up with half a dozen other examples, but why bother? I'm dealing with what the philosophers call "invincible ignorance."

        • Amused

          Did you ever hear of any of those aforementioned , Ives , Guthrie or Seeger , ever styating , implying or suggesting the violent overthrow of the United States ?
          What you're dealing with is your own narrowminded opinion . Burl Ives "redeemed " himself only agfter appearing before the House Un-American Activities kangaroo court and stated that he was nt a member of the Communist party , but had attended and had freinds whoattended their meetings . When asked if Seeger et al were members of the Communist party his reply was "go ask them yourselves " . IF you had the tiome , you'd discover that NONE of those men EVER advocated the violent overthrow of the United States .As far as any "neutrality stands " ? Half the damn country was against getting involved in WW 2 , and I'm sure they all were'nt communists .So I guess your by your rationale Andrew Jackson was KING and the Whig Party -all traitiors . I'd call that " invincible bias " .And following that faulted logic Occupy AND the Tea-Party are anti-American .

          • tagalog

            Well, I'm sure that Burl Ives (and Pete Seeger when it was his turn), with his deep and abiding respect for the likes of Richard Nixon, Martin Dies, Thomas Parnell, and their ilk on HUAC, told them the strictest truth. Read the book Thirty Years of Treason for a transcript of their testimonies. Woody Guthrie avoided testifying before HUAC because he was already deathly ill with Huntington's Chorea. As an aside, it should be noted that the people like Edward Dmytryk, Elia Kazan, and Larry Parks, who (unlike most HUAC witnesses) admitted to being CPUSA members were treated by the lefties of their time (and even much, much later) as "stool pigeons," beneath contempt. So if you cared about the Lefties, you'd tend to lie to HUAC. That continued even into the 1990s when Elia Kazan was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his movies by the Academy and some doofuses like Michael Douglas and Susan Sarandon refused to applaud his accomplishment.

            I always enjoyed and respected the F**k You attitude of Lionel Stander in his HUAC testimony, when he accused some the HUAC Congressmen of being former Nazi Bundists. He was wrong in his politics, but he had stones.

            The IWW advocated the violent overthrow of the United States government. Read the Preamble of their constitution (although I've noticed that they've amended it to tone it down now that the IWW has become a historical curiosity). So did the CPUSA, following the dictates of the USSR.

            Guessing and speculating about my views on the politics of President Jackson and the Whig Party really won't get you anywhere; give that tactic up, will you?

            Occupy is anti-American because they advocate the end of the free-market system and federalism, things our Founding Fathers intended to protect and preserve by the Constitution. They are also wannbe revolutionaries (although that, taken solely by itself, is not anti-American); just ask Michael Moore. The Tea Party are not anti-American because they don't want to overthrow the government; they seem to be after following the Constitution via the employment of a republican form of government, which is just what our Founding Fathers created for us.

  • BLJ

    These "protesters" are frauds and lowifes. They hate America and anything that is decent. Anyone who defends them are of the same ilk.

    If they hate America so much get the hell out. They will not be missed I guarantee it. I despise these creatures and hope they get their just dessert.

    • LOVE

      So you condone violence against individuals who don't agree with your ideology?

    • Amused

      lol….and may YOU get your own…just dessert .

  • Fred Dawes

    and your point is? well yes monkeys it is a Red movement how long did it take you to understand that? "My God",for a Jew you are really stupit! its mostly Black or Brown or yellow that is what it is a real life fact that, most Non Whites are Reds or some kind of Nazi want-to-be! so take your monkey head out of your monkey butt and get a life.

    • tagalog

      Wow, you've managed to offend nearly everyone. The women seem to have escaped.

    • Amused

      That was brilliant Fred , you been sleepin around with Mr.Bean ? btw …thanks for help making my point .

  • Moishe Pupick

    Tu., 01/31/12 common era

    If the Occupiers persist in their property destruction and attacks on police, the National Guard may soon be called out to restore law and order. The lefties are so quick to yell "Fascism!" The National Guard will likely fire live ammo, and all the Communist
    songs of solidarity won't mean a damn thing then. Grow up, kids!

    • tagalog

      Well, if the past is any predictor, it will become clear after the smoke clears how much the songs of solidarity mean.

      If Kent State's example is a predictor, the songs will be forgotten in the mad scramble of the demonstrators to find safe harbors, where they can successfuly deny any involvement three times before the cock crows.

  • LOVE

    If we get the hell out, you will be left alone.

  • gary fouse

    What is needed (which we won't get under this administration and Justice Department) is a federal investigation using the RICO statutes. This is clearly being coordinated on a national level. For one thing, you have national organizations like the SEIU, CAIR and the National Lawyers Guild involved. The NLG was created in the 30s as a legal arm of the Communist Party USA. It's LA director has been active in Occupy LA and was arrested in NY. What happened in Oakland, Washington state and other places has national tentacles. You can't expect to simply let local police break up the riots. It is time for a serious federal investigation. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Obama is out of office.

  • BLJ

    I never said anything about condoning violence. If I did I would be a brainless idiot like you who does condone OWS which is turning violent. You need to pull your head out and wake up.

    Oh, please do leave. Don't flatter yourself so much. There are more of us than there are of you. We just don't have to destroy personal and public property to draw attention to us.

  • topperj

    As with most revolutions, the useful idiots are led to slaughter by the anarchists who eventually assume control of the "movement." History is replete with cases of well-intentioned people thinking they're in charge when, in reality, they are being led. They become followers when the true professional agitators take control. The OWS debacle in Oakland was so predictable. We'll hear it was just a few who started the trouble but this is a red herring. The trouble started with the beginning of the movement, not the moment the flag was burned or buildings and artifacts trashed. A mob cannot be controlled or cajoled. That's why it's a mob. Any comparison to the actions or motives of the TEA Party is a joke perpetrated by people living in an alternate universe.

    • tagalog

      Well, yes, except that the anarchists have traditionally been the useful idiots who have the stones to actually carry out the revolution part of the revolution, while the Bolsheviks and party theorists plot how they'll get rid of those pesky, hard-to-control, veterans of violence once the new revolutionary party is in power and begins Business As Usual by purging the people who actually might sustain revolt.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,I'm just going to sit on the sidelines. I have no wish to get involved with OWS. Spending time in jail isn't something I want out of life.

  • Guest

    Wow! It looks like this site got hit by a lot of the wall OWS children.

    Remember, most of these protesters have been educated in public schools and universities, little more than day care centers for the unwanted.

    No republican candidate has the guts to confront the democratic party regarding this. They are too busy distancing themselves from the tea party and trying to slay one another because they are self centered and can only see their desires for power.

    Bring on the violence
    Saga spotter 7.62
    380 bersa
    12 gauge

  • BLJ

    The only equation you need to know is:

    OWS = 100% Anti-American.

  • Maxie

    " If Republicans are smart, they won’t let the Left get away with this subterfuge."

    Yeah, and if elephants had wings they'd be birds. The GOP is useless as an opposition party and always has been – that's why we're in this mess in the first place. GOP "leadership" is probably sitting around in their newly-soiled underwear sucking their thumbs wondering what to do, if anything.

  • Amused

    Republivcans like Wilson jump up in the capitol and shout liar at Obama , Christy of NJ stated that the civil rights struggle could have been settled with a "simple " vote by the states , a republican in Utah issues a prayer for Obama's death [and his wife and children ] using of course the "Holy Bible ' , and another Republican call for Obama , Pelosi ,and two other prominent democrats to 'get the hell out of the US " .
    Yea , you repocons got the high ground all right .

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Don't forget, aliens from above remove them in food ships for galactic
      monsters…………….gotta get rid of em somehow…..just helpin!…………William

    • tagalog

      If that's all you can come up with for Republicans crossing the line of propriety, then we "repocons" actually DO "got the high ground all right."

      I could cite similar quotations from lefties and Dems, in substantially greater numbers, if I took the trouble to think about it for a moment.

      I always enjoyed the "Who? Us?" attitude about the TV drama featuring the assassination of George W. Bush…

  • Asher

    OWS does not represent Democracy, it represents total lawlessness and destruction of property… Violence does not convince any of us that this movement is about anything but destroying civilization and costing the Police Departments and taxpayers millions of dollars in revenue! There are cameras out there that show what really happened, so don't lie!

  • OKCloud9

    This article clearly demonstrates "yellow" journalism to the point of gross negligence to the public in my opinion. There has been so much information to contradict what Mr. Moran says in all kinds of media as well as in videos that speak for themselves about the facts surrounding the events that have taken place in Oakland, that one wonders what Moran's true agenda is that leads him to print so many distortions. I came to this article via a link from what I thought was a reputable conservative website. Very disappointing. I just stumbled upon FrontPage today but I wouldn't bother reading anything here in the future if this is what passes for journalism here.

  • JohnB

    The OWS morons posting here are just that–Ignorant of economics, ignorant of history, ignorant of our Constitutional Republic. You have created a straw man that conforms to your own perverted idea of history. You are just a bunch of mindless street rabble with no coherent message. Your very name suggests that hope to gain through violence what you could never gain through reason and the democratic process. Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you form a political party and nominate candidates for office. Then, we'll see you for the pathetic bunch of children that you are. Time to clean the streets and parks of you and your excrement.


    Amused has no idea what he's talking about. By the 1930s, anyone with any intelligence knew exactly what the communists were all about. Yes, there were many fellow travelers, or useful idiots, recruited through benign -sounding front groups. That's what the Abraham LIncoln Brigade was all about that fought in the Spanish Civil War. These fools who volunteered from the U.S. didn't realize that Stalin was merely using them and had no intention of winning against the forces of Franco because Stalin didn't want to alienate Hitler, with whom he hoped to achieve a rapproachement. The Communist Party raised tons of money in Hollywood and elsewhere from brain-dead liberals who were too stupid to realize they were being manipulated. "Liberalism" has always been a mental disorder, whether in the 1930s, the 1960s, or today. Read Walter Krivitsky's"In Stalin's Secret Service" or Stephen Koch's "Double Lives." The OWS movement represents the dupes of today being used by the Obama administration.

  • TerryM

    The OWS movement uses the same tactics used by organized labor–threats, intimidation, street violence. A Wisconsin State Senator was driven from office by threats by a labor union thug. This is what OWS and labor unions are all about. They are not interested in democracy. They hope to gain throgh force what they cannot achieve at the ballot box. The people of Wisconsin must wake up to this threat to their state. The unions are throwing a gigantic temper tantrum because they can no longer run the state as they wish. They think the employees should be in change, not the taxpayers. They are not victims, but victimizers.

  • CommiesSuck

    "The root of Socialism is stilll "Social".
    The root of Communism is still "Community ".

    What drug are you on? The root of socialism is coercion. The root of communism is total state control over individual liberty. Communism is the most anti-social and anti-human creed ever devised. More than 100 million were killed during the 20th century in its name. Communists must never be allowed anywhere near power.
    You are, without a doubt, one of the dumbest people on the planet.

  • nightspore

    Don't fall for any line from this guy. Notice how he equate the violent antics of the demonstrators with the arguments of a commentator. A typical piece of sophistry.

    False equivalences like this are one of the mainstays of leftwing discourse.