A Heinous Crime and a Double Standard

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An American soldier has committed a heinous crime in Afghanistan, entering the homes of Afghan civilians, murdering at least 16 people, and wounding five. Barack Obama immediately called Afghan President Hamid Karzai to offer his condolences, said that he was “deeply saddened,” and announced that he was launching an investigation “to get the facts as quickly as possible and to hold accountable anyone responsible.”

Obama also said in a statement: “I offer my condolences to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives and to the people of Afghanistan, who have endured too much violence and suffering. This incident is tragic and shocking and does not represent the exceptional character of our military.”

Indeed it does not, and the soldier, reportedly a staff sergeant, should be prosecuted and punished as severely as military justice allows: he has brought shame and discredit upon the U.S. military at a particularly delicate time in Afghanistan, when tempers are running high after the Qur’an-burning incident. And Karzai was in no mood to accept American assurances that the crime would be investigated and the perpetrator punished, saying in a statement of his own: “This is an assassination, an intentional killing of innocent civilians and cannot be forgiven.”

It is noteworthy, however, that in the riots and rage that followed the discovery of the burned Qur’ans at Bagram Airfield, Afghan Muslims have murdered numerous civilians. Just last Monday, a jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber murdered at least two civilians at the gates of the airfield. Thirty people have now been killed in protests over the burning of the Qur’ans, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that Obama and other American officials have apologized repeatedly, profusely, and abjectly for the burning of the Muslim holy book.

Yet no apology has been forthcoming from Karzai or any other Afghan official. Instead, Qazi Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, the Afghan government official heading up a panel investigating the Qur’an-burning incident, has demanded that those responsible for the Qur’an burning face Afghan justice: “The military leaders who ordered the burning and the offenders should both be tried and punished…This evil crime has been done inside Afghanistan so the punishment must be according to the country’s law.” He didn’t say anything about the civilians killed in the riots over the Qur’an burning, or take any notice of the fact that none of the people killed in those riots had actually burned any Qur’ans at Bagram Airfield or anywhere else.

Karzai’s office, meanwhile, issued a statement from a council of Muslim clerics who met with the Afghan president: “The council strongly condemns this crime and inhumane, savage act by American troops by desecrating holy Korans. The council emphasized that the apology for this evil act can never be accepted. Those who committed this crime must be publicly tried and punished.”

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  • Alvaro

    It is just disgusting to see westerners so spineless that they adopt the moral standard of the enemy. Time after time they show through numerous apologies and crippling rules of engagement that the value of the lives of their own troops is worth less than the lives of the enemy.

    I wonder how many civilians the Taliban (this time disguised as "protesters") will kill this time, while the ISAF soldiers are standing there with their hands tied on their backs: They need to arrest as many of them as possible, but it certainly won't get done.

    • mrbean

      No doubt that the clandestine Muslim President Obama will apologize again and again and again…. and the infiltrated Taliban will assasinate several American soldiers and the MSM will report it as retaliation – and of course the clandestine Muslim miserable excuse for a commander-in-chief will not support his troops at all. Put me in charge and I'd kill 'em all, wrap 'em in their prayer rugs and put 'em all in piles, burn 'em all using Qurans as kindling and pork grease for a fire-starter, and let Allah sort 'em out. Oh deaaaarrr, I am just sooooo awful aren't I? But…. the crispy Muslim critters won't ever come back for a rematch!

  • Mary2222

    Other articles reported Karzai's account of what happened as fact. I do not trust Karzai or the media to tell the truth. We all should know by now that women and even children do act as enemy combatants under Islam, and those who attack U.S. soldiers or support those who attack U.S. soldiers are NOT innocent civilians. And, if the U.S. soldier, having been subjected to four tours of war zone duty did indeed snap and take matters into his own hands, then he should receive the help he needs (or do only jihadists receive a mental health defense?). We should not throw him under the bus, and our troops should NOT be sacrificed for political ambitions. Let Obama apologize to the U.S. for his traitorous conduct in catering to the Muslim world with taxpayer money and U.S. lives.

  • crackerjack

    A simple solution for the USA. – Get out and keep out of other peoples countrys.

    • Rocky Mountain

      No complaining then when genocides or mass starvation occurs.

      • davarino

        Ya right, he'd be crying and moaning "why doesnt the US do anything for these poor people". I do tend to believe though, that we should have hit them and then got out. There is no rehabilitating these people.

      • crackerjack

        No. Its their business.

        • mrbean

          I for no foreign aid of any kind either. Let them all starve (or eat each other) and/or die of AIDS and other deseases.

    • dirofbag

      Same to Islam and Sharia.

    • Indioviejo

      Get out and use our drones to FTUp. Constantly, periodically or anytime they pose a threat.

    • mah29001

      Simple solution for radical Islam, stop having the Jihadis meddle into other people's affairs, maybe you should be telling the Jihadis that dummy.

  • Rejoice Dwight

    I am sure that many people will have their own opinion or feedback about this but I think this is also one of the eye opening issues that must not be taken for granted. VZ 58

  • Larry

    Osama is dead, time for the all the Westerners to come home, and at the same time destroy all the infrastructure in the place on the way out.

    Those schools and mosques we payed for and built are only going to be used as venues to teach hate against us, so why leave them standing. Those communications networks, power stations, roads, bridges we payed for and built are only going to be used to disseminate that hate, so why leave them standing. Take the place back to physical stone age that the mindset of the inhabitants so desire.

  • http://www.answeringabraham.com Derek Adams

    Excellent article Robert. I suspect that these and other reasons included driving this solider mad.

    • diann

      this soldier had 3 tours in Iraq before being deployed to Afghanistan. and to what end? there is no helping these people as they prefer revenge over prosperity. Hatred and control of women rather than embracing their potential contributions to society… No group can succeed when they insist on only blaming others. The double standard is nothing new… the Taliban and ordinary citizens kill their own people – often women and girls… where is the Afghan outrage for that? It's all pointless – the west must get out of all Islamic countries – and stay out – let them sort out their own lives. That's what they will do anyway, so stop the blood shed of our soldiers.

  • Amused

    Time to get out ….long past overdue .

    • JoJoJams

      For all the disagreements you have with many of the people here, please take notice of the thumbs up you recieved here on this one. While we don't agree on much, we all do have some common ground with you for some things, and I thank you for your generally reasoned responses, even if we don't agree with most of them. We don't mind guys like you sticking around. You're not a troll – since you mostly do try to discuss and debate. Thanks again.

  • Wallabee

    Our basic purpose for waging warfare on Afghanistan (and Iraq, for that matter) should have been simply to destroy or at least cripple the enemy (e.g. Taliban/al-Queda) and eliminate the terrorist training camps that were operating freely in Afghanistan. This would have been a righteous punitive action.

    After doing that we had two choices:

    1. Help found a government based on democractic values and a genuine support for human rights.
    2. GET THE HELL OUT (and let the F#@ Afghanis rebuild their country back to pre-war stoneage state)

    The problem we are in now is that we have done neither. We have dumped billions of dollars into this God-forsaken sewer pit on the pretense of rebuilding their country, while allowing the new government to be created without regard to human rights. The minute we allowed Sharia to be supported by constitutions in Afghanistan and Iraq was the minute we declared defeat.

    We have been paying the price ever since, while watching apostates condemned to death, women stoned, US and NATO troops executed and murderous rampages over book burnings.


  • StephenD

    I don't understand what is taking so long to get through our heads that "Nation Building" doesn't work. We can show good intentions all day long but as soon as you "offend" them they justify murder…and we do nothing! They want to live like 7th century cave dwellers, let them. Dust off your shoes on the way out and don't look back.

  • davarino

    Why get mad at this soldier. As soon as we leave they will start killing each other on a much larger scale. In hind site we should have just hit them given them a warning not to do it again and got the hell out, cause there aint no rehabilitating these backwoods retards.

  • Mike

    Ya know, I don't really care that a soldier went on a killing spree in Afghanistan. I just consider it payback for the killing of Americans in response to the quran burning.

    • Mike

      How is killing 9 kids that never hurt an American "payback"?

      • mrbean

        Look at it in a positive light. It prevents their parents from having the kids fitted with suicide bomb vests to kill Americans.

        • JoJoJams

          No. I can never agree to the killing of actual children (as opposed to the young teens that pick up arms and that the media calls "children"). If you're a Christian, think of it like the gospel and grace. While in some "religions" you will be killed for adultery, Christ gives us the chance to repent and turn our lives around. These children, that you so callously don't mind being murderd, won't necessarily become jihadi'sl, though yes, they more than likely will grow up to hate us and want us dead. Still, grace gives them the chance. If they do grow up to try to kill some of us – them shoot them then. NO as little children. We ARE better then their 7th century culture!

  • EZ Rider

    It is so obvious to the entire world that any efforts exhausted in that cesspool of a country by Americans and their allies beyond killing OBL was and will continue to be a complete waste of time and major money. Either of which are easy to come by these days. Even the inhabitants of said cesspool act as though they don't want the help. And even go as far as eagerly killing the people trying to help them every chance they get.
    The question remains……Why do we continue to try? Day after day!……Year after year!…..While the death toll keeps rising and the bills keep adding up. It is all completely ignorant. Why do the American leaders and decision makers insist on portraying America as a total sap.
    Get out of Afghanistan ASAP. Completely cut off ALL financial support in ALL Islamic countries. Ban muslim immigration into the U.S and deport ALL muslims currently there. And last but not least……Call Islam what Islam really is……..PURE EVIL!
    The leaders I spoke of have their days numbered. They WILL find themselves in the unemployment line soon!

    • Mike

      I agree. We need to cut all funding to EVERY Islamic country immediately. Immigration of all muslims to the U.S. definitely needs to stop. We could then save a lot of money on security. Any non-muslim domestic terrorist needs to be told to direct his efforts in taking out specific targets, not massive casualties of innocent life. If non-muslim domestic terrorists want to terrorize, terrorize the corrupt government employees. Leave the hard working American citizens alone

  • KKKK

    of course murder in clod blood ought to always be condemed, especially of civilians. but why is osama-obama, who will be out in less than 11 months, behaving like this? does he not know he is only giving amunition to the jihad cause and harming America?

  • maturin20

    Robert Spencer is an entrepreneur in comparative atrocity. I think this is despicable. After shedding what seem to be genuine crocodile tears for the murdered families, he goes on to haggle for equivalent outrage over the Koran burning riots.

    • kentatwater


      The pot tried to call the kettle black, but it couldn't stop laughing.

      • maturin20

        What a nonsequitur link! What else is funny is it turns out that Gilad Atzmon is a fantastically amazing saxophonist.

    • Western Canadian

      Like all of your comments, this one merely demonstrates your inability to think, clearly or otherwise, and your pathetic level of hatred for those not as ignorant as you.

    • mah29001

      And you're an entrepreneur for Palestinian Jihad.

      • maturin20

        You said Palestinian! You are an antisemite.

        • mah29001

          What a dirty, dirty dumb libel you Palestinian Nazis like to say, that you are the "new Jews" even though you're even more Nazi than the Nazis were. Shut up you Palestinian Nazi.

          I am going to say that Palestine benefitted from the 9/11 attacks, why else would you Palestinian apologists then lay blame toward Israel as the "culprit" behind the problems of the Middle East?

          • maturin20

            It's true. The last 10 years, 6 months and a day have been fantastic for Palestine. A new Golden Age of revelry and general joie de vivre.

          • mah29001

            You know what you Palestinian apologists are equvilant to? A lying monkey who pretends he's starving, but hide sthe food for himself, then no one's looking, the money takes the food from his hiding place, and retains being the symbol of "repression".

            Shut up you dumb monkey.

          • maturin20

            That's a wonderful image! I will think of it every time I go into a Costco. Although I suspect you didn't invent it. Bull Connor used to say strikingly similar things.

  • Georgina

    Don't apologize! Just Inform Karzai that this American soldier was reacting to the "evil crime" of desecrating Christian crosses and gravestones, and that he suspected someone had burnt a bible and believed that the people he shot were guilty of defaming Jesus.

    I am sure Karzai &Co. will understand, after all, this is what they do.

    • Will Doohan

      Excellent suggestion.

  • BS77

    When you consider the thousands of dead and maimed for life US troops, from Iraq to Afghanistan, from the USS Cole, bombings, assassinations etc etc….the compounding tragic loss of life with the utter chaos of strategy and outcome…..leaves a shaken public. Most Americans cannot understand the nature of this mission and never will because it has never been presented in a comprehensive or logical manner. Why are we in Afghanistan? ANyone know? After the withdrawal from Iraq there were no victory parades or anything…..just a dismal sense of meaninglessness.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    The actions of this sergeant are dishonorable, and are not to be countenanced. They ARE however completely understandable.

    • cheese_burger

      I disagree. There has never been a single Muslim, anywhere on the face of the earth, who would ever, ever, ever adhere to any form whatsoever, of 'Rules of Engagement', where non-Muslims are concerned. As far as Islam is concerned, ALL, ALL, ALL…100% of ALL non-Muslims… men, women, children, infants, unborn babies in-utero… are targets of opportunity, to be murdered, annihilated, genocided, until only Muslims are left on the face of the earth.

      This is not an opinion, this is absolute… the words of Muhammad, and all who have followed his deranged, pedophilic path, for the last 1.5 millennia.

      Non-Muslims, therefore, and the Nations they are affiliated with, should be granted the same right, by their governments… to slaughter ALL Muslims, wherever you find them. The Human race should collectively issue a legal genocide against Muslims… wipe them from the face of the earth.

      Do unto others, as they do unto you.

      I sincerely believe that this horror that I describe is EXACTLY what will eventually happen, because Muslims will never, ever, EVER, stop their jihad against humanity, and when it finally gets completely intolerable, humanity will rise up against all Muslims, good, bad indifferent, men women, children, until there are no more Muslims to exterminate.

      Don't misunderstand, I would prefer a more humane 'final solution'.. peaceful, even. It is Muslims who declare, loudly and repeatedly, that they will have no peace with the kuffar, and that only global genocide will do.

      I predict that a decade from now, the streets of Europe will be awash with Muslim blood, and that statues of Slobodan Milošević, the genocidal Muslim Killer, will be standing tall on many a European corner.

      Yeah, sure, he was a monster, but compared to most Muslims, he was a saint.

      • Supreme_Galooty

        I agree with your sentiments, but disagree with your methods. Extermination, genocide, etc. is ultimately more deleterious to the perpetrator than to the victims. Strong, vigorous retribution – unrelenting retribution – unrelenting, severe punishment for ANY offenses committed by ANY Musselmen anywhere would go a long way toward establishing some sense of reasonableness amongst those benighted folks. I would start with destroying one mosque somewhere in the world for each innocent person killed by any Musselman. Destruction of Mecca and Medina would get their attention. Forced expulsion of ALL Muslims from Lebanon, forced expulsion of ALL so-called "Palestinians" from anywhere NEAR Isreal, would not be unreasonable steps to take in retaliation for their ignominious acts. But wholesale slaughter? Nyet!

        • cheese_burger

          I can't disagree with you completely, but in history, there is a pattern wherein first, the pendulum swings too far in one direction, then it reverses course and swings too far in the other direction. I figure that Muslims have already poured so much of their vile poison, ugly hate-filled rhetoric, rape of women and children, their penchant for pedophilia, destruction murder and deceit… that once the pendulum starts to swing back in the opposite direction, governments and law enforcement will just turn their backs and let the angry non-Muslim mobs tear the Muslims to pieces. Hate begets hate, and Muslims have poured their hate, arrogance and violence on the bonfire for centuries.

          What goes around, comes around.

      • curmudgeon

        you may be right, cheese, but before that happens, the west will have to get rid of its own suicidal governments, and its poisonous politically correct elites. these are the monsters who waged criminal war against serbia to enhance the ethnic cleansing of christians from their own historic lands by "peaceful" muslims, and who criminally persecuted milosevic. for the west to win the war declared on it by islam, the first blood that must be shed will have to be the blood of the west's traitor class. hopefully, the traitor class will be much smaller in the future than it is now, but it seems to me that the traitor class is growing. if we were not willing to recognize the islamic threat on 9-11-01, when will we?

        • cheese_burger

          Being retired U.S. military, I get a lot of feedback from Marine and Navy personnel who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are, in the main, totally aware of this Traitor Class. I remember the Traitor Class that was in play during the Vietnam conflict. Two things happened in that era… Returning war veterans took some of the more vocal and visible Traitors aside, and beat them to a living pulp. More significant, many of the returning war veterans entered mainstream society, and contributed to the nation greatly, in every field of endeavour.

          I expect that history will repeat itself in the current era.

          The current Traitor Class, same as all the Traitors who came before them, are basically cowards of the lying, sniveling, spineless variety. Like the Muslims that they worship, they hide behind women, and abuse children, seeking only their own sick self-gratification. One can only pity them, and despise them, at the same time.

          I do believe that the political winds are beginning to shift. 'Liberalism' and the 'Leftists', are falling into disfavor with the majority of Americans. Occupy Wall Street, and its utterly depraved behaviour, going as far as the 'Occupy' people screaming Alahu Akbar, while they destroyed property and beat people up, went a long way toward alienating all but the Jihad-Loving Left… the Traitor Class.

          These scumbags are their own worst enemies. Irony of ironies, the Muslims who they worship will, in the end, simply murder them, for the sin of being 'kuffar'.

  • dave

    Hopefully eventually the west will realize what Islam is all about and understand that Islamic countries do not want democracy or even share our values. For me the really scary thing is that western world leaders make huge decisions without knowing anything about Islam! They think it is ok to use psychological projection, 'we have these values, and everyone else wants them' well no they do not, and it is about time we learn from these wars that Islam is different from all other religions. We have been in denial for years.

    • dmw

      Yep. Denial that religion (especially one infused with socio-political idealogy) and tribe trumps the Western concepts of freedom and progress. And, in some instances, race as well.

  • clarityrising

    The thing I would add and wished Mr. Spencer had mentioned, is that the crime our Prez apologized for and people died for, was not a crime at all. There is a fatwa that was issued based on the actions of the 3rd Caliph that allows for burning as proper disposal of desecrated korans. The caliph also stipulated that any koran that was written in constituted desecration. Since these “holy” books had been written in to pass messages to prisoners they were desecrated and hence; THERE WAS NO CRIME.

  • tagalog

    When you apologize to these people, they take it as a sign of weakness and are encouraged to be even more vicious, calling their vindictiveness by the name of "outrage."

    Clarityrising makes a good point. This so-called anger is a mask for something else. We need to just get out. Even our so-called friends want us dead.

    • trickyblain

      I'd be fine with no apology and just handing "sarge" over to the Taliban.

  • lookmyway

    If foreingers invaded the USA, fragment bombed weddings, urinated on US rebels, burned Bibles and ran amok in towns and villages, what would the people of the USA do? Or the people of France, Germany, Sweden, Canada???

    • kentatwater

      I'd say our response to OWS has so far been quite staid.

    • tagalog

      You mean if the USA welcomed foreigners who liberated them from religious autarchs who were brutalizing Americans, what would we do if we turned on those foreigners?

      We Americans would tell them to get out in no uncertain terms, and we would expect them to get out.

    • ASG

      In order to answer that question properly, did any Americans high jack a bunch of airplanes on the same day, filled with civilians, and fly them into buildings filled with civilians killing over 3000 of their people? And was there a decade of provocation leading up to that day, like a first failed attempt to take out those same buildings with a manure bomb in a van, did we bomb one of their Naval ships like the USS Cole? Did we bomb their embassys? If we did, I would understand why a country might want to.

      Let's not forget, this is why we are in Afghanastan. If they didn't want accidental Koran burnings and, (well you call them rebels, I call them terrorists) urinated on etc, maybe they should have prevented a terrorist organization from getting emboldened and powerful enough to murder 3000 American civilians on ONE DAY.

    • rolf

      You mean like Dearbornstan,the muslim enclaves in SC,IL,MO,TN,FL and CA stealing welfare funds and sending it to support terrorists and The muslim invasion of our government ?

      The US,Canadian ,Australian and European mass muslim immigration ,escalating crimes rates, gang rapes,bombings in Europe and destruction of their economic system?

      Or the current genocide of Christians in Africa ?

      Foreigners HAVE invaded,being uninformed and ignorant of the fact doesn't make it a non fact

      We have spent trillions of $ and thousands of Americans lives on these worthless people and have accomplished nothing.

    • mah29001

      What a "mortal relevance" you Islamic apologists really are. Stay the hell away from the USA you invader.

    • curmudgeon

      islam IS invading our country, and we ARE doing nothing to defend ourselves. does that answer your half-wit question?

      • ebonystone

        Curmudgeon is right. We in the U. S. and Europe are already being invaded by the Moslems. I don't know if they've bombed any weddings yet, but they have killed, robbed, raped, vandalized, and cheated. And so far our ruling elite's response has been to coddle them, to give them special privileges,to give them more hand-outs, and to apologize to them for not doing enough.

  • Dan

    This act should not be viewed in isolation of our involvement, meaning our armed forces, in Afghanistan. While indeed the soldier involved may have "snapped" as some have said, his actions are completely understandable. Our people are operating in a sea of savages who's norms of behavior are beyond barbaric, especially the taliban. And yet they call this act barbaric; by whose standard? I suspect the notion of a standard doesn't even exist in their minds. Their actions are based on an eye for an eye, w/o any further thought. Our military should be brought home and relieved of their obligations. We should unshackle ourselves from the energy domination of our economy by the middle east and we should look upon islam in all its ramifications w/o any romantic notions; it is a profoundly disordered ideology that doesn' t belong here any more than communism, or any other totalitarian ideologies.

    • fiddler

      "We should unshackle ourselves from the energy domination of our economy by the middle east"

      We know who stands in the way of THAT though, don't we???


  • mrbean

    Too many tours of duty for combat soldiers. This guy was on his fourth. One tour with these mickey mouse Harvard mother's boys rules of engagement is enough for anyone unless they love being a target.

  • fiddler

    Understand. Who has apologized for FORT HOOD (Nidal Hassan)???

    These were people who come HOME and are massacred. How ironic!

    • tagalog

      Nidan Hassan had an excuse; he had "pre-traumatic stress disorder" brought on by knowing that he was getting a future posting to Iraq or Afghanistan.

    • ebonystone

      Right! Where was the Moslem outrage when Hassan killed 13 Americans?

      And why didn't Obama dismiss the Afghan killings as "work-place violence" like he did with the Fort Hood killings?

  • maturin20

    "Nose?" That's anti-semitic!

  • maria

    "Completely cut off ALL financial support in ALL Islamic countries. Ban muslim immigration into the U.S and deport ALL muslims currently there. And last but not least……Call Islam what Islam really is……..PURE EVIL!" said Ez Rider. AGREE!!!
    We should toss up our House Representatives and Senators with those demands

    • randy

      Is it more evil than christianity that came to north america and enslaved and murdered the native peoples, then rounded up the survivors and put them on reserves? All christians should be deported.

      • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ JasonPappas

        They were killing each other long before we came here. More Indians died from the hands of other Indians than from the settlers. Most Indians assimilated and became civilized. Many Americans have Indian ancestry. Assimilated Indians live far better lives than their ancestors.

        • ASG

          And more settlers died at the hands of Natives than Natives dieing at the hands of settlers or even by virus.

      • mrbean

        I see that you are another mind;ess product of a progressive education. Maybe we should send all the blacks back to Africa, especially the Black Liberation Theology types like Obama and Reverend Wright.

      • rolf

        Yes it is.
        Your repetitive ,inaccurate,tedious diatribe has nothing to do with any topic you obsessively post it to.

        I'm sorry you are incapable of reading an article and commenting on the actual story.

        You may want to try an anti- American ,anti- white, Nativecentric, socialist /communist site that blames their self destruction on everyone but themselves .Where you can blame nameless ,faceless people for the illegal Indian-Mexican immigration and drug trade,the 90% rapes on reservations and the fake claims of being slaves to attract African – Americans to your cause,when Indians were the largest slave owners in N.A.

  • dirofbag

    While our brave men and women fight for their beloved country, they are facing tremendous pressure from their enemies. However the administration back home is also putting tremendous pressure on them by stabbing their backs through ambiguous strategy, funnel money and apologies to the ememy

  • maturin20

    Pointing out a person's nostrility is simply a way of caricaturing them for not having Nordic features.

    • kentatwater

      Sounds like a practice you would indeed be familiar with.

      • maturin20

        Are you accusing me of having a practice? That's very antisemitic.

        • kentatwater

          I am loathe to contemplate what you practice. As I said in another post responding to one of yours, keep the lotion to yourself.

          • maturin20

            That's antisemitic! I use a Dead Sea scrub. Stop your BDS!

          • kentatwater

            You're the one who Bathes with something from the Dead Sea.

          • maturin20

            I did. Lilith. I taught her the cowgirl.

          • kentatwater

            Something? Like I said, the lotion's all yours.

          • maturin20

            Generosity is one of the great virtues, and I thank you for it, sir.

          • kentatwater

            Yeah. I'm all about the tzedakah.

  • Lt Calley

    Our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan have been asked to do the impossible, to engage in some ill defined, nebulous mission of "nation building" and "establishing democratic societies." The only way to pacify a violent, fragmented country is to identify the most trustworthy allies, make them dependent for their very lives, by giving them all the weapons they need and stand behind them 100%. Trying to be "fair" or help "build a national identity" or "win hearts and minds" is like wading into a pack of wild dogs armed with a box of doggie treats (or like responding to a domestic violence call on a Saturday night). Tragically, many of our most courageous and dedicated people are being destroyed in the process. The fact that more haven't "snapped" is a credit to the caliber of people who have volunteered for our armed forces.

  • ASG

    I don't know, with the way the Liberal Media has reported just about anything over the last two decades, I wouldn't even be so quick to condemn this soldier. For all we know this soldier was justified in his actions. We don't know the motive, or even weather or not he was attacked by them and he had to fight his way out of there. Sure, it might be an accurate report that he was unprovoked, or it could even be that one of the 6 service members that was killed because of the Koran burning sent him over the edge, and when he saw his own President grovel over it he snapped. Not saying that would justify it, but it might make it more understandable. War is Hell, and maybe those who have never seen it should delay judgement.

  • george

    please get out and leave them to their own cesspool !!! ( never should have been their in the first place )

  • Indioviejo

    I believe we need to get out, but continue to bomb them at will whenever they need to be punished for their savagery.
    Any politician who gives aid and confort to the enemy should be brought to trial and executed for treason.
    Islam is our enemy and we should all know this by now, and never forget it. How long until we learn this lesson?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Our accomplishments in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East can be seen in how
    the indigenous peoples are treated that acquire American traits, style and candor through the
    association with our troops. We are out of Iraq, struggling with ever increasing proplems in
    Afghanistan and hope for what, what do we really hope for, the destruction of those who attacked
    America and our interests, killed our people, how is that working out for us. The present leadership
    in Washington (lack thereof) has worked the situation into such chaos that what we went to war
    to avenge and stop is becoming the same place as where we started but with greater loss
    and chaos. Now in Iraq high school students are stoned to death if they appear in Western
    (American) style as in cahoots with the great Satan. I get it as America is the great Satan
    so any poor kid taken with America after all of our years there is now doomed, over 90
    taken out of school and murdered by the Iraqi Moral Police. America if it did any good it
    is being erased with Iranian influence, Islamist revenge and hate America from abroad
    and at home.

    That the MSM and leftist forces in America are responsible for the mess is absolute, we need to
    retrench and evaluate and start over under the governance of American Patriots, not political ideologues,
    subversives in control of the Democratic Party nor leftist Republicans. Americans must get serious
    about the future and see just how great the stakes are, we must demand responsible leaders.

  • mah29001

    The Organization for the American Conference and the Council for American-Relations condemns anti-American bigotry and threatens death upon any cartoonist who depicts the USA in a negative light, no wait….that's what the radical Jihadis do, along with also doing it to those who even criticize Islam, but when everyone else does the same crime they're the first hypocrites to whine and complain no wonder they found allies among the Saul Alinsky Left since they do the same stupid things too.

  • curmudgeon

    there is near unanimous opinion by all of us powerless peons that we should get out of afghanistan, and out of islamic countries. they are wrong, because they dont see the complete picture. we should not just get out of islamic countries, we should also get islam out of our country. if it is right for muslims to commit cold blooded murder on the excuse that americans are in their precious islamic hellholes, then we have the right and duty to exercise the same policy: get poisonous, evil islam out of out country. entirely. that means get poisonous, evil muslims out of our country. religion of peace, indeed.