Christie’s Embrace of Islamo-Fascists

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held an Iftar dinner at the Governor’s Mansion in late July. He took the opportunity to declare himself a foursquare tool of jihadists and Islamic supremacists, and even adopted their language in deriding those who have pointed out how he has allowed himself to be compromised by them.

Christie complained about a “gaze of intolerance that’s going around our country that is disturbing,” and referred dismissively to concerns that he has gotten too close to Islamic supremacists: “These are the kind of red herrings that people put up who are bigots, who want to judge people based upon their religious beliefs, want to judge people with a broad brush.”

Attending the dinner was the prominent New Jersey Imam Mohammad Qatanani, and Christie was glad to see him, telling him before the audience: “I’m glad to have you here.” Qatanani, he said, was his “friend,” and someone who has “attempted to be a force for good in his community.”

Christie did not mention several salient details about his “friend.” Investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield reports that “despite the fact that Mohammed Qatanani was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both al-Qaeda and Hamas, despite his own guilty plea to being a member of Hamas, and despite the fact that even in the United States, he had defended a charity that provided funds to children of suicide bombers (this is done as an incentive to reassure terrorists that if they die their families will be taken care of), Qatanani was not deported.”

Christie also referred to another friend of his, Sohail Mohammed, whom he appointed to a Superior Court judgeship in Passaic County. Mohammed was Qaranani’s lawyer when he pled guilty to membership in Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Christie has defended Mohammed before, and last year even went out of his way to slam opposition to Sharia in the U.S. as “crap.”

What is actually “crap” is the idea that anyone would consider Chris Christie fit to be President of the United States. “Ignorance is behind the criticism of Sohail Mohammed,” Christie declared, without bothering to explain how “ignorance” provoked Qatanani’s guilty plea, or involvement in Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, or Mohammed’s other ties to Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-linked individuals and groups.

But Christie’s most egregious statements at that time came after a followup question about the spread of Islamic law, Sharia, in the United States. “Sharia law has nothing to do with this at all.  It’s crazy!” Christie sputtered. “The guy”—Sohail Mohammed—“is an American citizen!” He declared that “this Sharia law business is just crap … and I’m tried of dealing with the crazies.”

Listening to all that from Christie, you’d get the idea that Sohail Mohammed is being unjustly maligned out of “hatred,” “bigotry” and “Islamophobia”—and that any concern about Sharia in the U.S. is just another manifestation of the same thing.  Never mind that courts in 23 states have already used Sharia as a factor in their deliberations, despite its contradictions of American law on the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, equality of rights for women, and more.

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  • GrayEagle

    I have to say that this is my first knowledge of Christie's coziness with Islamic radicals. I am so glad Romney did not select Christie for his VP running mate!!! Christie's association with the Islamists is alarming. Christie needs to read "The Islamic Anti-Christ" so he will known just what kind of barbarians he has taken up with.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The Mr. Spencer's article makes it pretty clear that Christie knows exactly the kind of people he's dealing with and defending. I smell the stink of corruption emanating from the capital of New Jersey and it doesn't smell sweet.

    • subee

      Christie needs prayer and the spirit of blindness bound off of him so that he may see the truth.

    • Audrey

      Wow, you have not been reading much if this is the first you've heard of Christie and his alliance with Political Islam. I prayed that man would not be picked as VP and Thank God he wasn't. He fools the people with his rough talk and they think he's so great! He's a snake!

    • SKIP

      He knows!

    • @Gengm7

      It's bothersome to see the Naivety Of Christie, I hope his career in Politics comes to an end soon, we are in need of wise servants of the Government, Not one's that are this Naive

    • Suzanne St. John

      You are so right on! I have written to his buddy Ann Coulter re the above and she never answered but is still a big fan. He is pro mosque for 9/11 site; pro amnesty; pro obamacare; pro sanctuary city. UGH!

  • mlcblog

    Apparently this is news to many people.

    • SWB

      Radio talk show host Mark Levin talked about this problem with Christie many months ago, when people were saying they wanted Christie to run for POTUS. Levin also said Christie was not a true conservative.

      I think a major reason why Christie declined running was because he knew that vetting him would bring this out in the open, and he couldn't defend it. Also, it's probably one of the reasons Romney did not pick him for V.P.


      • Kufar Dawg

        I think I read on the comments here, but it might have been BNI, that Rick Perry, the governor of Texas dropped out of a debate when it became apparent that islamofascist propaganda was being taught in public schools in Texas. The kind of islamofascist corruption we're seeing in Texas, DC and New Jersey I think is more widespread than we care to think.

      • mlcblog

        fleas! ha ha ha

    • WilliamJamesWard

      It is all about money and Christie sees himself as a clean ……made guy……..who can do no
      wrong but like any smart alleck he overlooks that he is not bing overlooked and cash flow can
      always sink the boat. I never trusted him and see him as a bully with a big mouth. The hard
      part is he is smart………………………William

      • mlcblog

        I know. I must admit though that I did enjoy his take-downs of the union robots.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Wth New Jersey on the brink of insolvency he had no choice, no place to hide the problem
          and it was a no brainer politically, now watch what he does, duplicity will become the
          byword in Jersey……..again…………I can not find it in myself to give him any leeway with
          his remarks of affection to a cause that is anti-America allowing nothing but submission
          to them and their system of Sharia, so it goes…………..regards, William

  • Huffer

    Gov. Christie,

    If you would take some time, study the Bible, and learn something about the nature of man, you would be able to see where your discernment of evil is in error. You have obviously thrown in with the wrong crowd and are unaware of it. This makes you a danger to America!

    There is one central point to Islam and that is to conquer the world and to kill everyone who will not convert to this heathen social disease. They are using your own ego against you, the same way the Illuminati, Communist’s and Muslim’s are using Obama!

    It’s time for you to step down from the political scene and ask for forgiveness for aiding and abetting America’s enemies. Give up your position to a patriotic American!

    • Glennd1

      You are one of the "crazies" he's talking about. One can know evil without ever reading the bible – billions of people do so every day, you religious bigot.

      • Mo_

        Why do hate-filled, intolerant bigots like YOU bother wasting time on this site?

        • Glennd1

          Truthfully, are you really as stupid as your comment makes you seem? I said nothing hateful, but rather responded to the commenter's assertion that one can't know evil properly without reading the bible, and that by not doing so is a danger to the country. If you can't see that as hate-filled, religious supremacist rhetoric – rather than my critique of it – you are hopeless.

          • Mo_

            Rant, rant, rant. Insults and more name calling is all you have. Did you even bother to read the article? Anything to say about THAT?If people such as yourself spent as much time speaking the truth and educating others about Islam and sharia as you do raving about the oh-so-evil Christians (who've done nothing to you, by the way) we'd move forward in this battle for freedom. But you are too cowardly for that. Christianity doesn't teach its followers to cut off people's heads. Islam does.

          • Glennd1

            And of course, I never said a thing about Islam. Are you a Dominionist? If so, our founders would despise you…

          • Mo_

            What on earth are you blathering about?

            And of course you never said a thing about Islam. That's the point! (Since that's the focus of this article as well.)

            All you have to offer is ranting and raving about the Bible and Christians – who again, have done nothing to you and have no teachings about cutting off your head – but not a peep about Islam or the Muslim Brotherhood or cowardly politicians like Christie or anything else pertaining to the substance of this article.

          • Glennd1

            Lol, I wish you could see yourself as others see you. My comment, was aimed at the comment I replied to, not the article. He was talking about the bible – or did you miss that? I was talking to him (Huffer), not you. You are in an argument that I'm not party to – do you realize that? You are just so reflexively vicious and partisan that you have become detached from reality. If you want to talk about the commenter's comment, let's do so. Otherwise, get some help…

          • Roger

            I see him and you as something completely opposite of what you expect.

          • TruthWFree

            Unless you have a bais for your morals…like the Bible, you have no basis to judge right from wrong. Our society is based on Judeo Christian principles and teaching. I submit that if you grew up in ancient Babylon, your morals would be completely different that having grown up in our Judeo Christian society. Your moral basis is largely Christian whether you believe it or not, just by virtue of living in this society.
            Islam teaches (Quran…supposedly allah's word) to "Slay Pagans",9-5, "Fight people of the Book (Bible) until they are subdued", 9-29, and "not to make friends with Christians andJews", 5-51…This is 99% of Americans and there are at least a 100 hate filled verses against unbelievers.
            You are wrong…Huffer is correct in his statement. The Gospels (good news) of Jesus Christ is the only way to live and gain eternal life.

          • Glennd1

            Lol, you know virtually nothing about philosophy or history, do you? The great moral questions of humanity were debated and present in pre-biblical peoples in Asia, Africa and Mezo-American peoples. In fact, any substantive study of the moral code you claim for Christianity shows that it pre-dates Christianity – that's how uninformed you are. In fact, when studying how societies evolve, the basic code of don't kill others, hurt others or take their stuff arises over and over again, and clearly it's an "emergent" property that gives societies using it great advantages – and there are wide variations. In other words it's ahistoric and anti-intellectual to claim morality for Christianity. Wake up, get a clue and join the rest of us on the modern world, okay?

          • Mo_

            No response, eh? That's what I thought.

      • Carbondioxide

        You refer to the conscience God has given us. There is also ample evidence the conscience is not so trustworthy.
        The bible is nonsense to the spiritually blind. I often hear their reactions/slogans such as "God is so violent and cruel. We know better and are comfortable with our own position. Science will lead me to the truth, not an outdated book. God promoted slavery God hated women. God is all-loving and accepting to all. All who die are heaven-bound. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah died because of their poor hospitality. Islam is a religion of peace. There are many paths to heaven. We all worship the same god. Christ rejected no one, neither do we."
        If God calls you out of your unbelief, begin preparing for Satan's attacks, since the Christian life is not so easy.

        • Glennd1

          Bring it on "God", call me out for my "unbeliefs" – I'm waiting. Hmm, nothing – typical, how come this God of yours never shows up when asked???

          • Carbondioxide

            I wrote "if". He is not an errand boy to you or anyone else. Consult scripture and pray for the correct way to ask God to show himself to you. Not that there is some strict formula there, since Christianity is a religion of the heart. What we pray for should be in line with God's will, and I am sure it is his will that you find peace with him. God knows your heart. "In fact, God thinks of us as perfume that brings Christ to everyone. For people who are being saved, this perfume has a sweet smell and leads them to a better life. But for the people who are lost, it has a bad smell and leads them to a horrible death." Cor 2:15-16(CEV)

          • Glennd1

            So I'm being led to a "horrible death" according to your lovely scripture? Listen, in another comment a week ago you already conceded that Huffer was incorrect to assert his view of morality as superior – the argument we were having here. But still you persist?

            Some moral code there, if I can't smell the perfume of your BS, I get a horrible death – I mean, how immoral is that? Do you nincompoops actually stop and try and look objectively at the abject drivel and nonsense that you claim is the word of God? But what do you expect when you are basing it on a book written i pre-modern times by people who never met Jesus? The really funny part here is that if you actually study the history of the bible and it's various sources, interpretations and revisions you would never, ever cite it as a final authority on anything.

            Christianity is a complete joke of a belief system. If you can actually believe its claims in the 21st century, that is a testament to your lack of credulity not the validity of its babble. You can have it, but don't dare assert that I am somehow less of a good American than you or the other Christians are. You can beg and bleat to your absentee landlord of a God till your head explodes – but don't tell me that is "the way" that I must follow. to be so obtuse and reactionary and then to act surprised when someone like me dismisses you as absurd indicates how out of touch with the real, modern world you are. It's you who is out of step, it is you who is peddling an utterly debunked, pre-modern mythology without a shred of proof – and it's you who is unnecessary to take seriously.

      • calculus10

        You're an absolute moron. Go move to Yemen or Syria where you belong.

        • tjodog


      • Kufar Dawg

        Um, why is Huffer a "religious bigot" exactly?

    • Carbondioxide

      You are right, and I understand the nasty replies to your comment. I join those who battle when being told they are wrong or have their sin pointed out.
      To the other repliers:
      Does not Christ refer to those outside of faith in his redeeming work as the spiritually dead?
      Without the indwelling of God's Holy Spirit, which takes place when one places their faith in Christ alone, no one is able to be shown where they are wrong or what is right or true. No human action is required or desired by the God of the bible. We cannot in the smallest way save ourselves from the penalty for sin.
      Read the bible as Huffer suggests. Try beginning with the book of John, also praying for the Holy Spirit to teach you the truth that is there. (I like the contemporary translations such as NLT or CEV that do not assume knowledge of the all-important theological terms.)

      • Glennd1

        I was raised Christian and have done all the bible reading I'm ever going to do. What you folks seem to think is that those of us who reject Christianity don't understand it or had some kind of "bad" experience. What you don't get is that many of us atheists have studied the bible and prayed and been observant, but at some point (maybe all the way along for some of us) we decided to deal with our disbelief honestly. My atheism comes from a place of integrity, not ignorance. I don't believe what the bible says – after having examined it thoroughly, and over 10 years of instruction and 30+ years of faithful observance. I never hated "church" or religion, and never had a bad experience, in fact I have been very involved with my church and religious community. However, when I honestly asked myself do I believe any of the biblical dogma, I had to say no.

        I'm really tired of people assuming they are in possession of some secret understanding of Christianity that I somehow "missed" – I didn't, I understand it and reject it. And I did so out of a moral need to be honest. You can disagree, but when you Evangos start telling me you are morally superior, don't act so surprised when we laugh at you and reject your assertions utterly.

        • Carbondioxide

          It is true that not all inherit the Kingdom of God and the sure promise of eternal life in heaven through faith in the redemptive work of Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross. There can be an assurance of salvation for the believer, but we have no way of knowing such things in others.
          I accept criticism for projecting moral superiority and apologize. Just like you, perhaps God laughs at much of what passes for human wisdom. It is a repugnant thing I seem to get from some who seem to be communicating that theirs is a moral plane I could only aspire to. For instance those in certain fields with the right background are theself-declared true gatekeepers of the truth. All we need to do is follow like sheep. But God instructs us to search the scriptures for ourselves.
          Good deeds and learning are great things, but the bible says that all our works are just a joke in the eyes of God as far as earning salvation goes. It also says that whenever a Christian talks of the things of God it is by the power of God's Holy Spirit (so not credit there for the individual).

  • Chezwick

    Very sad. Christie has a brilliant personna on the bully-pulpit. He's one of the few politicians in the nation that can speak extemporaneously and yet thoughtfully, cogently, and without putting his foot in his mouth. He can articulate conservative principles with passion and verve. He's also a psychological dhimmi, carrying water for Islam.

    Very, very sad.

    • WildJew

      I still hear Rush Limbaugh and others promoting Christie's brand. Maybe Limbaugh, though he calls Andrew McCarthy (former federal prosecutor of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman) a friend, thinks his friend is another one of those "crazies."

      • amused

        Limbaugh ??? lololol…another BLIMPIE !

        • WildJew

          Ann Coulter adores Chris Christie in spite of his well-known support of and connections to jihadists. Coulter claims she is a Christian.

          • calculus10

            Christie is a clown and a buffoon. How in the world can Coulter "adore" such a frickin' moron? An Islam-loving frickin' moron?

          • Kufar Dawg

            I'll bet Coulter has never had a cross word for islam or muslimes has she? Maybe she's drinking from the same well as Christie.

  • Boxer

    This is a sad day for america, New Jersey, and all of us that fought for freedom for this country! Islam is the opposite of freedom and He should step down. What a shame!!!

    • Roger

      Either Christy is ignorant as to what sharia is, or he's dangerous.

  • amused

    C'mon Christie just took another opportunity for a "food feast " …lol….too much of a gap between the 4th of July and Labor day ..August being a dead month for an excuse to have a State Feast .
    " Mingya wheresa da spaghetti and sauca " .

    • calculus10

      Can you imagine Fatso's food intake each day? Can you imagine him visiting starving African countries?!

      • WilliamJamesWard

        He may be part of the cause of starvation in the outer world……………….William

  • richard sherman

    New Jersey was a warm and friendly place for Muslims to plan the 1993 World Trade CEnter bombing. Thanks to Christie nothing has changed.

  • amused

    Yea man , let's just cut New Jersey off the map and let it float out to sea …damn leftist state !!!

  • WildJew

    NY Daily News
    Christie in Israel fuels Prez talk
    Monday, April 02, 2012
    JERUSALEM – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie kicked off his first official overseas trip Monday, meeting Israel's leader in a visit that may boost the rising Republican star's foreign policy credentials ahead of November's presidential election. Christie, 49, is mentioned as a potential vice presidential candidate in 2012 and a possible presidential candidate in 2016….


    • Kufar Dawg

      Kinda makes the difference between Democraps and Repubs kinda insignificant — at least WRT islamofascist corruption.

    • SKIP

      WHY! do state governors have to make "official" trips overseas? They don't dictate state department policy nor to my knowledge, do they have anything at all with it (officially)

      • Kufar Dawg

        They need to meet w/their largest campaign contributors and benefactors: islamonazi states and NGO's on their home turf.

  • Kafir Harby

    Muslims are commanded by allah NOT to take non-muslims as friends. In the eyes of these imams and muslims, Christie is just but a brain- and gutless, useful idiot on their path of Da'Wa. He will be killed last, but he will be disposed of in the end.

    • Kufar Dawg

      For all we know Christie could be a convert/revert to the ROP. Lying to advance the cause of Islam isn't problematic in the theology of islam, up to and including mis-representing your faith.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        He seems like the type to sit on a throne of large cushions wearing a huge turban while
        surrounded by slavish minions………………..William

    • PatriotInk

      You can be a "friend" to infidels as long as you are advancing the cause of Islam. -PI

  • calculus10

    Name-calling Christie aids and abets America's enemies by defending Islam, the "religion" of terrorism. He is such a moron it's unbelievable. Had Romney picked Islam-loving fatso Christie it would all be over – Hussein would win as no one in their right mind would consider Christie as a VP or POTUS.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Christie is no moron. There might be more pecuniary reasons for his slobbering defense of islamofascism.

      • calculus10

        Fatso Christie is a moron. End of story.

  • Asher

    Well Chris, Do you want your country and your family to be governed by Sharia Law? You see the islamists already sense that people are going to the right…so now they have to convert and convince the Right or the Moderates to accept their religion and Sharia. RINOS in the Republican party are now under speculation!

    • calculus10

      Christie should go ahead already and start sporting a black tent with eyeholes! Can you see his gigantic bulk cruising down the street in an Islamic Hefty Bag?!!! I'd pay to see that, worth every penny!

  • eib

    I think he should say the shahada right now and get it over with.
    He submits. Not to God, but to the Ummah.
    In fact, in Islam, the Ummah is their only god, their fear of it their only motivation for worship in the first place.
    Chris Christie, the hypocrite of the world bowing to the prince of the world.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Who's to say he hasn't already?

  • Kathleen3

    Short term gain for long term pain. Embracing radical Muslims may benefit Christie in the short term; however, such recurring actions on his part will/has most certainly significantly diminished his chances of ever ascending the political ladder. He should plan on having a long career as a governor and then lobbyist or a stand up in a comedy club at the NJ shore.

    • calculus10

      He's a joke already. No need for any Comedy Club. He is the Comedy Club.

  • Ozark Aware

    While most everyone says the old holy Roman empire will be the end time beast in the last generation the bible says different, Daniel 8:21-23 states that the king of fierce countenance appears from in the end of this age the broken kingdom of Alexander the Great, today all of this region is Muslim, also something to consider is that Rev. 12:7-9 states that Satan the Dragon will be tossed out of heaven also his angels, they will come to the earth and make war with those whom keep Gods commandments and have the testimony of Jesus Christ ( Rev. 12:17) Satann hates Christians and Jews and so doe's his earthly counter part, the (KoFC) , Satan is and has prepared a religion to receive him when he arrives, since the seventh century, Rev. 13:4-7 tells us Satan and this earthly beast will make war against Christians and subdue them Rev. 13:4, states the world will worship both The Dragon ( Satan) and the fleshly beast, the ( KoFC), the false prophet will kill those whom refuse to worship, WOE, to the inhabitors of earth, Muslims love to deceive & when their master appears Christians will be their meat…. be aware, be not weak, be not deceived, & pray…

  • Gene W 1938

    It no longer shocks me to find ‘very good’, ‘non practicing Christians [in name only]’ supporting policies and causes that are anti Judeo-Christian. If anyone extends the points [] used to prove God authored the Bible to other non-Biblically based books it then become extremely obvious those faiths have Satan as their founder and author. These people are blind and do not see the evil in what they support regardless of how well they mean by their actions.

  • Nakba1948

    Bravo to Gov. Christy for speaking the truth regarding Islamophobia and the sort of hysterical conspiracy theories promoted by the FPM crowd. The majority of Americans are with you!

    • Chiggles

      In your dreams, chingacabra.

    • calculus10

      So, when did you have your lobotomy?

      • Kufar Dawg

        When he embraced islam.

        • @GlendaFindley

          Awesome reply, Kufar Dawg!

  • waldemar

    And think about Ann Coulter's unrequited love for that guy – when will she don a burqa?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      She may be setting herself up as a woman scorned………………William

  • C.R.

    I knew when Christie came under the national media's scruntiny and most everyone was proclaiming him to be a conservative–that he was NO conservative and a RINO; Chris Christie is a Marxist globalist–and yes he is a useful idiot–its very typical of these types to suck up to Islam and Muslims who are the enemy of freedom!

    • calculus10

      Yes, the Lardo is a useful idiot to the Islamic Barbarians. He's also an utter and complete a-hole.

  • Bdouglas

    There were a few people who could see through his BS when people like Coulter were touting him as a great leader. He is your typical northeastern liberal with a financial libertarian exterior.

    • @GlendaFindley

      Ann's column this past week was about Republican's problem being that they don't read. Maybe she needs to heed her own advice. Seriously, until I read it here, I did not know this and was a fan of Christie's for the way he handled the teacher's union in NJ. Having said that, I just read, as Ann suggested and I have now concluded that Christie is a putz.

  • Tanstaafl jw

    Dhimmi with a donut.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Christie never saw a donut or islamofascist petrodollar he didn't like!

  • PistolPierre

    This is depressing as hell.

    • Kufar Dawg

      It is and I get the feeling things are a lot worse than we know because there are people in our federal and state governments trying to conceal the truth.

  • Troy Riser

    Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller have made similar 'useful idiot' accusations against Governor Rick Perry of Texas. Now it's Christie's turn, I guess. As an aside, Emerson's accusation of corruption is unfounded–or at least unsupported. If there's been pay for play in the Christie/Qatanani relationship, then back it up or walk it back.

    Senator McCarthy was eventually proven right: there was communist infiltration of the federal government and in several key industries such as the entertainment industry, but McCarthy ultimately failed in his crusade to expose and oust them, partly because he was an alcoholic and partly because he claimed General George Marshall, arguably one of the greatest Americans of the 20th Century, was a communist sympathizer.

    So who's next, Spencer? What other highly placed target do you have in mind? Instead of pulling names from a hat, why don't you and Pam go after General David Petraeus? Imagine how much publicity you'd get by making that particular accusation. You'll be relevant again, I promise.

    • Van Grungy

      Betrayus cares more about the ""holy"" quran than the Bill of Rights.

      • Troy Riser

        'Betrayus', seriously? I intended the 'accuse Petraeus' bit as hyperbole, since I think Spencer's 'Witchfinder General' approach to the threat of extremist Islam and Islamic terrorism to be little more than counterproductive grandstanding.

        Some of you need to get out more.

      • calculus10

        So right calling him "Betrayus." He just loves the "Kill the unbelievers" KKKoran.

        As for Troy – move to an Islamic cesspool where you belong.

        • Troy Riser

          Yeah, keep up that ‘Betrayus’ stuff and accusing prominent, well-regarded GOP leaders of being agents for the Jihad, alienating the daylights out of people who would otherwise sympathize with your concerns. That’ll work.

          • Troy Riser

            So what about you, Mr. Horowitz? This is your magazine, right? Do you really buy into this whole 'Christie Embraces Islamo-Fascists' business? What about Spencer's and Geller's claims regarding Rick Perry? More importantly, do you think articles like this (and the accusations they contain) are an effective response to Islamic extremism?

            I've read your works for a long time and regard the discovery of your book, 'Radical Son', as a turning point in my own personal political and philosophical journey. As a long-time admirer, I ask you not to go down this road. Credibility dead-ends at the point where David Petraeus is referred to as 'Betrayus'.

          • WildJew

            Troy, I'm not sure to what extent Governor Rick Perry was compromised but he was. I tried to follow that issue closely, reading as much as I could. I think Geller and Spencer were on solid ground. When Perry entered the race, I was delighted thinking him a strong conservative. Perry did not say anything as silly as Christie about concerns over shariah law being a "bunch of crap" though he did introduce a curriculum in some Texas schools that white washed Islam and Islamic history. I also have a copy of a statement he put out from the governor's office after the 9/11 attacks. It is as deplorable as Bush's repeated apologetics on Islam. We don't really need that in our party. How can conservatives be so dishonest about Islam? Quite honestly I am worried about Romney.

          • CHOI

            As YOUR FELLOW VETERAN, it's hard to understand YOUR position.
            An Agent of Jihad is an Agent of Jihad.
            Christie has obviously been "harnessed" by Grover Norquist.
            WHY shouldn't a quacking,walking duck,NOT be labeled a DUCK?

          • Kufar Dawg

            Maybe if Christie et. al. were to open their personal financials and campaign contributors up to public scrutiny we would all have our fears allayed. Fact is, ABSCAM had no problems finding senators willing to sell out to faux Saudi sheikhs. Fact is, you're trying to obfuscate the fact organizations like CAIR, a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, are trying to take over the US (as has been amply demonstrated by the anti-Cair website). I think you're trying to spread COINTELPRO here.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Oh really? Texas public schools have been teaching islamofascist propaganda in their classrooms. Perry claims he knew nothing about it, yet he is C-in-C of Texas so there's no way you can spin it to make him look good. If he didn't know, then why didn't he? If he did know why didn't he do anything about it? Furthermore why hasn't he done anything about it to date? Your attempted smear of Pamela and Robert is pretty plain to see for those who look behind the veneer of your fake moral outrage.

  • calculus10

    El Gigante Chris Christie is a menace, dangerous, and a traitor to America. So much food intake has damaged his brain. Go and join your Mohammedan pals in a Muzlim country, Christie, and make sure to wear your Black Tent with eyeholes, as the Muzlim males force the Muzlim females to wear. Enjoy yourself in Yemen and Syria.

  • A.T. Halmay

    I have a failing which I know to be wrong. Often I prejudge people based on appearance. And often my first impressions turned out to be wrong but more often than not, my instinctual impressions were dead on. The first time I saw Christie I asked myself how did he get to become a governor? Who would vote for him? He looks like something that fell off a truck, a piece of dead, smelly meat; and here we are – he turned out to be exactly what I figured him to be on first impression. A dolt. But can he actually be that dumb? Could anyone with some petrodollars influenced him in some way?

  • jimretnavy

    This is news to me too. I suggest everyone write Gov. Christie about this concern at: It is disturbing. Especially considering the disgraceful behavior of "so called" American Muslims in Dearborn (known as Dearbornistan), Michigan who stoned and verbally abused peaceful Christians last month. And this was done with the blessing of the local police and local government. The video is on YouTube. Gov. Christie needs to be reminded that he is an "infidel". And Muslims have no loyalty for "infidels".
    Sorry, but this is true. God Bless the U.S.A.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I doubt there's any point in writing Gov. Christie. It's clear where his loyalties lie and it's not to the US Constitution.

  • Ghostwriter

    It seems that Chris Christie has fooled himself into believing that two members of the Muslim Brotherhood are decent people. They're not. We need real leaders,not useful idiots.

  • @2012Lucy

    I knew he was a bs artist from the minute I laid eyes on him. I"m amazed he's fooled people this long about how ignorant he is. #chrischristie

  • PaulRevereNow

    Good article, Robert; and necessary, to shine daylight on Governor Christie's Islamophile tendencies. As another comment above says, how very sad. Christie is an arrogant, self-righteous disgrace, who needs to be investigated.

  • Katharina Sri

    Unfortunately, these kind of Saudi ?Qatar-loving Republicans are mose widespread than we think – even the promising Paul Ryan is thinking like the Muslim Brotherhood-loving MacCain, by bowing to the Saudi-king, the most evil double-face snake charmer, whose footslodier is the vicious Islamic Nazi Muslim Brotherhood! Any Saudi oil-power loving Republicans or Democrats must be investigated in their bank accounts, or their families!

  • Mike Villano

    Repubes like Christie and McCain need to either be taken out to the wood shed for some schooling or they need to go.
    I'm so sick of their mental conformity and their cowardice.

  • Indioviejo

    It seems like Gov. Christie suffers from the same disease which Grover Norquist ails from, Islamophilia.   The main difference is that Gov. Christie has a bigger stage to ply his subtle sedition in.    The fact that both Party’s’ are immersed in this treasonous behavior is not only a national security matter, but a disgrace of their oaths of office.

  • Indioviejo

    It seems like Gov. Christie suffers from the same disease which Grover Norquist ails from, Islamophilia.   The main difference is that Gov. Christie has a bigger stage to ply his subtle sedition in.    The fact that both Party’s’ are immersed in this treasonous behavior is not only a national security matter, but a disgrace of their oaths of office.

  • dotherightthing4

    Can someone forward this to Ann Coulter–she is SO in "LUV" with CC!! I listened to that for 2 years. Once he appointed the Muslim to the Supreme Court and spouted the usual apologetic crap–that did it for me. If Romney had picked him, I would have stayed home in November.

    • calculus10

      Agree. If Romney had picked Islam-loving Fatso I would not have voted in Nov.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Ditto here as well.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    As long as people like Christie hold public Office we have the danger of being sold out
    and made vulnerable to our enemies. Has he never heard of the 'Great Satan", where was
    he when the twin towers went down, tossing candy in a street with his Jihadist friends
    He played fiscal conservative cards to become New Jersey Governor but he is a professional
    politician that is exactly what Americans want to get rid of in order to restore fiscal and
    moral sanity to our Nation………….William

  • TruthWFree

    Christie is a Muslim/Islamic panderer and not fit for public office unless in a Muslim country.
    He is compromized. He can't be that stupid on the EVILS of Islam.

  • 1389AD

    The very act of holding an Iftar dinner is treasonous.

  • gamma

    Christie knows that if you want to be voted in, in NJ the way to go is pander to the Muslims. That's because of the growing Islamic population of New Jersey. According to Wikipedia "In 2005, more people from Islamic countries became legal permanent United States residents — nearly 96,000 — than in any year in the previous two decades.[8][9] In 2009, more than 115,000 Muslims became legal residents of the United States.[10]" Aside from conversions in prisons this is in part due to U.S. immigration policies. Obama issued an executive order allowing in an additional 80,000 Muslims into the U.S. in 2011. (see… He knows they'll vote for him. I know of no such order allowing in Christian refugees from Muslim lands.

  • amused

    Christie chosen to be the " KEYNOTE SPEAKER " at the Republican Convention !
    Tampa – lock up your refrigerators …Papa Johns Pizza stocks – see record gains …. MONGE ! Monge !

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I wonder if he has and Al Qaeda or Islamic Jihad membership card……………William

      • Amused

        I dunno ,. but I'm sure he's got a food pass somewhere .

  • Michael

    Christie unlike McCain is not useful idiot,he knows what he is doing-he is just gutless,corrupt politician infected by dhimmi virus.

  • PatriotInk

    Christie has always disturbed me, Ann Coulter's drooling love for him notwithstanding. -PI

  • Amused

    Dont worruy about Coulter , she'll turn disappointment to joy ….she'll write a book on Christie and make some more money from her sucker fans .

  • Jeff

    This is just the start. Its horrible to see radical influence in government, and now in this:

    National Religious Leaders Call on Southern Poverty Law Center
    to Withdraw from August 15 Conference with Extremist Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

  • Jon_Babtist

    Christie did seem to go out of his way to malign those who did not want the World Trade Center mosque.

  • Selma Soss

    Sorry to say, I'm not surprised about Christie.

  • Mile High

    Governor Chris Christie's pro-Islamo-Fascist influence has been broken by the Death, the Shed Blood, the Blood-Red Strips and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Deborah

    Christie never struck me as a real conservative or Christian. His gross obesity is embarrassing. When someone eats to excess to that degree there is a serious, underlying problem in his faith/self control/decency. Just because he talks with directness and bluster doesn't mean he is truthful. Honestly, this doesn't surprise me.

  • Blake

    dark times ahead

  • Darlene Johnson

    Can we please get some leaders with plain old common sense!? Please, Mr. Christie, learn what Islam is about. It is a political/religious system of violence and slavery. Sharia law has to be above all other laws. That means it would supersede our Constitution. Somebody, please educate Mr. Christie before it’s too late! Oh, and in Islam, it is good to lie to infidels. We are the “infidels” Mr. Christie!

  • Jim McCormack

    I could never vote for him or any of like mind.

  • usmcwarrior

    Christie is a useful idiot for the Ummah. What is more troubling is that this big-mouthed, arrogant idiot is the front runner for the GOP. In my entire adult life, this will stand as the first time I will state this; if Christie “rises to the top”, I won’t be voting in 2016.

  • paul

    If this author feels this way about Christie, how does he feel about Obama appointing “brotherhood” members to hold office in our homeland security counsel?