Dealing with the Devil in Syria

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Thousands of Christians have been displaced from their homes, and others have left Syria altogether. Melkite Greek Catholic Bishop Philip Tournyol Clos lamented: “The picture for us is utter desolation. The church of Mar Elian is half destroyed and that of Our Lady of Peace is still occupied by the rebels. Christian homes are severely damaged due to the fighting and completely emptied of their inhabitants, who fled without taking anything.”

They have done so in the face of increasing jihadist assertiveness. In mid-July, a group calling itself the Brigade of Islam claimed responsibility for a bombing that murdered several key Syrian officials, including the nation’s defense minister and Bashar Assad’s brother-in-law. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, has said that he believes that al-Qaeda was responsible for this bombing – and certainly it is active among the Syrian rebel forces.

The main beneficiary, however, of the toppling of Assad could be the Muslim Brotherhood. Syria Brotherhood chief Mohammad Riad Shakfa has said that after “long years of repression by the regime,” the movement has its best-ever chance to seize power there. The ANSAmed news agency explains: “The biggest force on the Syrian National Council, which is the West’s main opposition interlocutor, and very influential in the Syrian Free Army, the Muslim Brotherhood is supported by Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is also a Sunnite, and whom Assad accuses of fomenting a religious war in his country. If Syria were to follow the Egyptian model post-Assad, the country’s next leader might well be from the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Of course, Barack Obama enabled the new Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt to take power, and has warmly supported it despite increasing signs that it intends to impose Sharia, continue the repression of Christians that has been rampant in Egypt since the beginning of the “Arab Spring,”  and even go to war with Israel. So why should Syria be any different? And indeed, it is not: in both cases, the United States is applauding and abetting the installation of regimes that will not show any gratitude toward its patrons in Washington, but which will instead pursue a jihadist course that is almost certainly to mean decades of strife and bloodshed to come.

If Jimmy Carter had any vestigial moral sense, he would deeply regret his active role in enabling the advent of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And if Barack Obama has any, he should likewise one day regret his role in the advent of Islamic supremacist Sharia states in Egypt and Syria. But however those men view their sorry legacy, conservatives of all camps should not make the mistake of supporting U.S. intervention on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies in Syria.

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  • BS77

    Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia……countries lost in misery, war, starvation, mental and physical terror, war war and more war. Tragedy upon tragedy. Our poor planet

    • Roderick

      Rather peaceful where I live, mate. Everyone surfs, the girls have that right as well. Gay folks party with us. Everyone listens to Bob Marley. Very peaceful… and no Muslims with their hate.


    • Victor Mc

      Yessir all due to ISLAM……….

      • BS77

        Read books by Pam Geller, Brigitte Gabriel and Melanie Phillips……get educated about the true nature of this hideous ideology. The West needs to take off the rose colored glasses and face reality.

  • Terry

    Has anyone noticed the rise in and how mainstream anti-Semitism has become since Obama came to power? Also, how all of a sudden these Arabs discovered “Spring”? Basically Obama/Democrats has made Islamism acceptable and Judaism a little less.

    • Jerry

      Not a little less so, a lot!

  • Pagael John

    The Left and and West are hypocrites and their bias is verging on evil. "They sermonized on Fridays in the mosques that it was a sacred duty to drive us away." Where is the Left/Liberal pressure on the Muslims when there is so much pressure on the settlers in Israel! War is coming because of the Liberal/Left support for Islam instead of drawing a clear line at what is acceptable in a civil society.

    • jacob

      Well, if it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, what do you think is it ????
      A RHINOCEROS ????
      Our President was born a Muslim, raised a Muslim and by his actions, favors Islam….
      Would you then say he is a CHRISTIAN ????
      May I remind you that he "Holy" Koran advises the faithful to hide their true religion whenever inconvenient
      or dangerous and would you believe he would have gotten where he got by making known then he was a Muslim ????
      Or what does tell without the shadow of a doubt his apologizing to the Muslim world for American misdeeds
      to them, his genuflexing to the Saudi monarch, his claiming America in indebted to Muslims for its
      independence and his backing Israel into a corner on behalf of the invented people, the "Palestinians" ???

      Why use eyeglasses to see something that is in plain view ?????

      And now he is running for reelection ?????

  • Theo Prinse

    Franklin D. Roosevelt struck a Ribentrop pact on a US marineship near Suez with the Gulf Sheiks what became the practice of the western world funding Al Qaeda through the islam oil of the Saudi's now fighting against the western world in return for billions of Boeing, Loral etc arms deals. In Europe the catholic North European export industry manipulates the Dutch and German governments to bail out Greece at the expense of the protestant Dutch and German taxpayer in return for export products. In the 16th century Dutch politics was a battle between Lutheran and later Calvinist (Hugenot) republicans and protestant monarchist against the Spanish Reyes Católicos. The son of Prince William of Orange proceeded his fathers will to become protestant despot and murdered republican Raadpensionaris Johan van Oldenbarnevelt and the founder of the Dutch Marines Cornelus de Witt. History not only repreats itself … it develops along the same lines.

    • Indioviejo

      Good post. Most people don't know the history of our relations with the Muslim Fascist, but it shows a western willful blindness to the threat. Exxon and Shell made the Saudi tribe rich and now they are using that money to conquer the West.

  • Jerry

    Obama is not the only one helping the Muslims, nor is it just democrats. Many so-called conservatives have also jumped on the band wagon. All of these traitors have their hand out for money from these oil rich nations.

  • Rifleman

    Those "better the secular tyrant we know," arguments the left made against enforcing the GWCFA were obviously just partisan politics, because here they are handing countries over directly to the muslim brotherhood.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Murder and oppression will be replaced in all Islamic Nations with murder and oppression, the
    difference will be who the leaders of the West support and how much they have been paid.
    Though Assad is under great pressure the war moves forward and death stalks the land with
    a much greater potential due to Obama's support of the Muslim Brotherhood who look for another
    link in Syria to the Caliphate and World domination. Russia and China are in this and their
    influence and power is in question, what are thy being offered and will Iran not invade at some
    point or divert hostilities on Israel to give Assad time to destroy insurgents. Maybe the insurgents
    are not rebel Syrians, it seems more like and Islamic invasion controlled and supported by
    the Brotherhood and Mullah Obamas help…………………….Consider the Brotherhood is in our
    State Department and Defense Department with the White House as backer…………William

  • flowerknife_us

    Having changed sides is hard to choke down.

  • ★FALCON★

    Someone should ask Obama why his administration has alligned with al-Qaida in Syria, as did Clinton in Bosnia.

    That should get the attention back on Obama's foreign policy blunders.

  • Steve Chavez

    THE WORLD has been dealing with Jimmy Carter's IRAN for forty years and now THE WORLD will be dealing with OBAMA'S ARAB SPRING FOR CENTURIES!

    What if Obama had supported IRAN'S GREEN REVOLUTION as vigorously as he did the ARAB SPRING?

    LISTEN TO OBAMA'S CAIRO SPEECH ON YOUTUBE and watch his demeanor, face, body movement when he gets to "EXTREMISM IS NOT THE ANSWER" BUT HE'S ACTUALLY SIGNALING THEM THAT EXTREMISM IS THE ANSWER TO THE PATH OF "DEMOCRACY." The word "Democracy" is very important since it is the Western way and the West will be satisfied as it is "the will of the people."

    THOSE RADICALS WHO WIN ELECTIONS THROUGH "DEMOCRACY" IMMEDIATELY DISMANTLE ALL DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS, intimidate, silence or kill their opposition, takeover of the branches of government, and subjugate the very people that put them into power.


    • Indioviejo

      The Stockholm Syndrome.


        The Sharia Syndrome.

    • Western Spirit

      You'd think so wouldn't you Steve? Bucking the culture and the religion, though, makes it hard, if not impossible, to overcome what is both inside as well as outside of them.

      At least that's the way it seems to me because I can't make sense of it, otherwise.

  • mrbean

    Right after he was inaugurated, Obama set out on an apology tour across the Middle East, bowing to Arab dictators and begging forgiveness for American foreign policy.

    The results speak for themselves: We’ve made unilateral concessions to Russia, Israelis consider this to be the most anti-Israel administration in decades, Iran is closer than ever to having a nuclear weapon, and North Korea remains a threat to destabilize their region. The Obama-Biden foreign policy assails our allies, appeases our enemies and apologizes for America.
    This November, Americans will elect Mitt Romney, and come 2013, we will have a President – and Vice President – who believe in a strong America: no exceptions, no excuses, and no apologies.

    • Amused

      keep dreaming mr.bean , lol….you certainly will have a New POTUS ….For the Corporations and By the Corporations….and one which will not make concessions , but buisiness deals with Russia , ya know just like China .
      And expect a
      reeeeal rock solid health-care plan , in fact it'll be the best " PLAN " – Health Care Lobbies can buy .

  • aspacia

    Obama is a delusional idiot, or a master manipulator implementing a worldwide caliphate.

  • Indioviejo

    Thank you Robert for your clear analysis of the situation in Syria. This post should be required reading in out military academies. Sometimes we feel alone in our struggle against Islamic supremacy. Recently the final report on the Ft. Hood massacre became known, and it is as PC as to avoid mentioning Islam as a principal factor in Maj. Hassan terrorist attack.
    You mention Barak Osama’s intervention in Libya and his accommodation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, but even if you do not say it, we know where his sympathy lies. Jimmy Carter, an unabashed Anti-Jewish moral midget, already has American blood on his hands since he pulled the rug from under the Shah of Iran. Can we expect anything better from Barak Hussein Osama?
    Republicans are just as evil in their deception to the American people. Notice how fast McCain and Boehner turned on Michelle Bachmann in order to defend the Muslim Brotherhood’s liaison at the State Department, Huma Abedian. We are in trouble

  • A.T. Halmay

    One would have to be blind not to see that Obama, in his heart, is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and his actions make it clearer every day. The question is, cannot Congress curb his financial aid to them? Why does the GOP not shout it from the rooftops to educate voters. If Obama gets in again, America is finished.

  • Bamaguje

    As a Muslim, Obama doesn't give a hoot about Christians and other non-Muslim minorities in Syria.

    • Amused

      he's not a muslim.. dimbulb.

  • kendrick1

    This would be a good time to start pulling out of all the countries in which we have our noses and U.S. taxpayer money. Cut off the funds we give them, reinforce our defenses here at home, get busy drilling for oil and natural gas, produce more coal, and strive for more renewable energy (with no taxpayer subsidies)! To a man, all countries of the world hate us!! So I say, let them go on their own and let's take care of our own people. We are now being held hostage by the Islamists!! The following link can give you an idea of what can happen when other nations are left to their own devices!!,8599,171

  • curmudgeon

    murderous islamics take a break from murdering innocent infidels so they can revolt against an evil dictatorship. thats not all bad. evil dictator is killing a lot of murderous hate filled islamic lunatics? what could possibly be wrong with that? only our islamic traitor in chief would even consider intervening.

    • Amused

      lolol…why don't you scroll down the topics and read the contradictory written by FPM's Moran ……….make up your minds ….so I guess its ..if Obama does something – he's wrong /if Obama does nothing -he's wrong / if Obama does "something in the middle -he's wrong "

      So what is it ? Hypocrisy or Schizophrenia ????. .

      But after a year of passing not one piece of meaningfull legislation …..THESE 525 or so BUMS ARE GOING ON VACATION FOR FIVE WEEKS !

  • weroinnm

    Communists and Muslims: The Hidden Hand of the KGB!
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  • eleanor

    Barak Obama does know exactly what he is doing…bringing ruin to America, helping her enemies, and rejoicing in the personal advance of his own power.

    • guest


  • Amused

    yea man , but our legislaters know what they're doing ………going on vacation for five weeks….great , after one year without passing one piece of meaningfull legislation , and leaving all the drought stricken farmers and cattlemen to "hang out to dry " for another FIVE weeks , and most likely when they get back , they'll have to have their traditional pisssing contest over it , extracting their "pork " FIRST [sorry Pig Farmers in drought distress too , } no pun intended , then and ONLY after then , maybe they can [only if they want too ] ….and after they determine it wont hurt them politically …..and after they determine it won't make either side look bad [ lol..or the "other side " look too good] making sure of course not to alienate no potential vote from radical supremacists on the right to radical anarchists on the left , finally declare an emergency and help their fellow Americans , if they're still alive by then .

  • Amused

    Too bad Eleanor , that you have been tricked into believing that there is only ONE villain ruining America …when in REALITY there are about 525 …and SISTER , they got the Best healthcare Plan on the Planet , perks that equal the average workingmans yearly salary , and a PENSION [ "entitlement " ] Plan after TWO terms …8 years , that can't be beat . lol….plus anything they can steal .

    • BS77

      It is like Animal Farm. All Animals are equal….but some are MORE equal than others……

  • Yq32

    Pharaoh Hussein supports Mohammedan terrorists in Syria, Kurdistan, Turkey, Lebanon. The USA under Pharaoh Hussein is an enemy of everything that is good and should go down onto the rubbish heap of history where all sodomite nations have gone.

  • Matt

    The Shabiha deserve it, they are all going to be liquidated, Assad made the ROE, in Afghanistan we had a different set of rules,he made the rules of this conflict. There is no law so it is simple for the FSA command structure to use Sharia Law (hence it is not war crimes), they are acting under general directives. The Shabiha bought hell on earth raping women, slitting babies throats, now they are treated with extreme prejudice, if they like hell so such they are dispatched to Malik. Don't shed any tears for them. Lucky for the FSA the Shabiha like social media, after the fall they will not be able to hide.

  • Porky's2istan

    I hate islam as much any freedom lover but I think Spencer's blind hatred of Obama is clouding his vision.

    Firstly, these regimes are going to fall. We might as well PRETEND we support the rebels. Notice that the only time Obama actually helped any of them was in Libya, and we had a very personal score to settle with Qaddafi (Lockerbie).

    Secondly, there's a big difference between overthrowing a dictator and running a country. Most of these islamists are complete morons. They think that once they institute sharia they will live in perfect peace and prosperity. After a few years of this idiocy most people will throw out these diptards with elections or with guns (if they can). I think Obama is just biding his time. The ones that entrench themselves and abolish elections might just find THEIR opposition funded by the CIA, MI6, and Mossad. While they fight each other, they won't be terrorizing us.

    Thirdly, There were THREE economic and military powers in the mideast: Iran, Iraq, and Saudia Arabia. President shrub for brains decided to take out Iraq (not just Saddam) because Saddam tried to kill his daddy. This left Iran free to fund Hamas and international terror (like Bulgaria) and left Saudi Arabia free to fund Al-Qaeda. Iran has it's hand so far up Syria's butt that when Assad smiles Iran waves at you. With no Iraq to contain Iran we might as well replace a hostile Iranian puppet state with a hostile incompetent islamic state.

    Fourthly, none of these states have no oil. Islam is so inherently incompetent and corrupt that the only way it can even break even with the west is by pumping oil (or conquest of a PROSPEROUS NON MUSLIM nation which will never happen again). Every one of these states: Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria, are worthless failures as nations. If they want to go jihadi and become even more destitute and worthless let them. The only time they can ever affect us is when Iran or Saudi Arabia GIVES THEM MONEY to conduct terrorism. Without Iran and Saudi money they would be the 7th century retrogrades that they Islam has made them.

    Lastly, the only legitimate concern is for the Christian minority in Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. Considering how backward islam is, if they want to chase out the Christian minority and make their countries even more pathetic let them. Those Christians can come to Europe and America and prosper in a real country, unlike their muslim cousins who always do badly no matter where they move to (as long as they take islam with them).

  • Len_Powder

    There is a trend now. Obama has supported the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and is now doing the same in Syria. He allows, and encourages, the infiltration of MB acolytes into the US government. Why can no one state the simple truth? Obama is an MB sympathizer, advocate and possibly even a member – philosophically, if not otherwise. We can't always obtain 'hard evidence' to support the conclusions which are based on observation, logic and intuition. There are laws we must be wary of before we making assertive public pronouncements, lest we be sued and bankrupted. On the other hand, how many countries does Obama have to support in their transition to fundamental Islamism before we can publicly acknowledge that he has an unequivocal policy to support the Muslim Brotherhood (even Al Qaeda, possibly, despite his public pronouncements to the contrary).

    How advantageous for Obama that there are so many distractions to divert attention away from his Islamist support. At the moment the main distraction is the Summer Olympics in London, but this Regime, if lacking any other diversions, is more than capable of generating new ones on demand. It's a technique similar to the one used by the Roman Empire to numb the brains of its plebeians: 'bread and circuses'. It may have kept the Roman public distracted and satisfied but it did nothing to avert the barbarian stampede which was, inevitably, going to overwhelm them and end their welfare and entertainment benefits.

    Today, in our time, we are as threatened by the Islamist barbarians as Rome was threatened by the Goths, the Vandals, the Huns and others. The Roman government actually taught the barbarians all they needed to know in order to destroy the empire and Obama is doing the same thing today with Islamist infiltration and subversion. But then, as long as the welfare money is direct-deposited and the food stamps arrive on schedule why should we care about another barbarian invasion?

  • Victor Mc

    Islam is responsible for ALL this. The morons in the West refuse to accept an obvious truth. It truly is an evil cult.

  • Asher

    We are facing steady decline and loss of freedom…Progressives and Islamists have been on this path for 50years. The Muslim Brotherhood is well-funded and has far-reaching influence in our nation. Their stated goal is to see Islamic law, (Sharia) as the governing political and religious legal code over every facet of life in the United States..and the world, for that matter. They have accomplished through phase 3.
    1. Establish leadership
    2.Infiltrate all levels of our society.
    3. Use our own system to gain acceptance and support.
    4. Use political pressure and our legal system; begin weapons training within the US to prepare a takeover.
    5. Seize power and establish and Islamic caliphate, (Islamic government) ruled by oppressive Sharia.

  • Western Spirit

    The truth will out! And Romney should be shouting this reality from the roof tops that Obama is aiding the Arab aggressors to gain power.

  • Mensch Kaymelon

    I find it intersting to note, some posters can throw up 360 to 450 word posts, and yet others try to put up 150 words and some how the system says what means "break your comment into two it's too long."

    And selective censorship takes place based on subject matter and style.

    And here I thought FPM touted itself a free speech entity.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Kinda like islamofascist states claim to be "republics" eh Farshad?

  • Drakken

    I find it interesting to note that unter mensch continues to tell us infidels that there is no muslim problem and that to just look away and that islam doesn't condone violence when it is clearly demonstrated every single day that it does. Events are going to spin out of control soon enough and when it does the rise of nationalism will sweep away the blight of islam.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      Oh there's a "Muslim problem" alright…it starts with bigots like you.

      • Drakken

        Take your race and bigotry card and bloody shove it where the sun don't shine sand ape.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I'm sorry, but bigotry against pisslam is commonsense. Commonsense because all your muslime states,
        without exception, persecute people of other faiths. Most of them also persecute women. All on the basis
        of your 8th century, supremacist, totalitarian ideology of hate called islam. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and pubes.

  • Mensch Keymelon

    I find it intersting that people as simple in their outlook as Drakken would think that anyone would rise up at all…they don't even turn out to vote…and the radical people with similar mind sets as him make up the tiny majority of Americans…kind of like the KKK they would hold a rally and maybe three people would show up…but boy would they be motivated! Raising their fists in the air, railing against the advance of the hated other…yup, they would accomplish a lot. He's so thick headed he missed the nationalistic uprise…maybe he didn't notice the US occupied Iraq and Afghanistan for the last ten years…and now, giong broke, they have withdrawn entirely from one, and will soon from the other. If he is dumb enough not to understand the economics of war then maybe he should read the Art of War, and put down the Art of Simplemindedness.

    • Drakken

      Like a sleeping dragon, tempers are slow to rise, but when they do all the muslim opologists and appeasers will not stop the tribes vengeance. History always repeats.
      Once we withdraw to our shores and we will, the ecomonic meltdown will bring out our tribal loyalties like nothing else, especially when the 3 rd worlders aren't getting their govt handouts. I understand warfare far better than a simple minded sand ape as yourself hadji.

  • LindaRivera

    The Obama-Clinton administration is adamantly opposed to secular governments. The only governments they want are governments made up of devout Islamic organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood who will rule strictly according to Islamic sharia law.

    America worked to oust U.S. ally in Egypt, moderate Mubarak, in order to bring to power U.S. leaders' top FAVORITES, the Muslim Brotherhood whose stated goal is the DESTRUCTION of civilization and global Islamic conquest.


    • Kufar Dawg

      Israel has stood up for the independence of the Southern Sudan from the islamonazi regime in the North. Some of the Druze who live in Israel have come out in support of the Jewish state of Israel. Israel seems to be the only state standing up for freedom anywhere in the world these days.

  • Bud MacFarlane

    Who do you think lead 50,000 Muslim men in prayer on the Mall in September 2009? Al Barack Hussein Obama.
    They prayed from morning till night for "The Soul of AMerica>"
    That Rite was an act of surrender to Islam.
    It also determines the "Future Destiny of America.
    Have you heard the blowing of the Shofar since?
    Can you hear me now?

    • Kufar Dawg

      Good point, although very depressing.

  • What hypocrasy

    Why is it that Al Qaeda, USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia are currently allied together in trying to topple Assad?
    Is it because they are progressive and human rights oriented?
    Or is it because they are warmongers with no scruples whatsoever about their own morality or the lives of the innocent civilians they so regularly sacrifice, not only in Syria, but also in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and anywhere else these savages get their hands on?

  • What Hypocrisy

    US strategy of, infiltration, interference creating chaos as a way to destroy a regime is well underway in Syria. Anyone suggesting we (the US and NATO) are creating chaos because they worship democracy should realize no one is falling for that any more. The mid-east is littered with evidence that, if the US can't have a puppet dictator in its pocket, then it'll settle for a nation in a perpetual chaos of warring factions.
    Wherever the US (& NATO) go in the Middle East, things end up much worse for the people they say they're helping.

    Watch Confessions of an Economic Hitman: