Egypt’s High Court Tries to Stave Off Sharia

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Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that one-third of the parliamentarians had been elected illegitimately; as a result, “the makeup of the entire chamber is illegal and, consequently, it does not legally stand.” The court dissolved the parliament entirely, dealing a major blow to the pro-Sharia forces in Egypt that had dominated it since elections last November.

Will the court’s action be enough to prevent Egypt from becoming an Islamic state? For that, it may be too late. Many see the upcoming runoff presidential election between Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi and secularist Ahmed Shafiq, a longtime friend and associate of Hosni Mubarak, as the great showdown that will determine whether Egypt will embrace Sharia and become an Islamic state, or whether it will continue on the relatively secular path it has been on for decades. But in reality, even if Shafiq is elected, it is unlikely that the Islamization of Egypt is going to be stymied in any significant way.

The transformation of Egypt from a Western-oriented state to one dominated by Islamic law has been proceeding for decades. The Muslim Brotherhood’s societal and cultural influence has long outstripped its direct political reach, and shows no sign of abating. One highly visible example of this influence is the fact that while in the 1960s women wearing hijabs were rare on the streets of Cairo, now it is rare to see a woman not wearing one.

Meanwhile, since the presidency of Gamel Abdel Nasser (1956-1970), the Egyptian government has practiced steam control with the Brotherhood, looking the other way as the group terrorized Coptic Christians and enforced Islamic strictures upon the Egyptian populace, but cracking down when the Brotherhood showed signs of growing powerful enough actually to seize power. Nasser’s successor Anwar Sadat (1970-1981) not only released all the Brotherhood political prisoners who had been languishing in Egyptian prisons, but also promised the Brotherhood that Sharia would be fully implemented in Egypt.

Sadat didn’t live long enough to fulfill that promise; he was murdered by members of another Islamic supremacist group that was enraged by his peace treaty with Israel. Sadat’s successor Hosni Mubarak didn’t keep that promise to the Brotherhood either, and so it remains unfulfilled to this day, and the Muslim Brothers still want to see Sharia in Egypt.

So do most Egyptians. A Pew Research Center survey conducted in Spring 2010, before the Arab Spring and the toppling of Mubarak, found that no fewer than eighty-five percent of Egyptians thought that Islam was a positive influence in politics. Fifty-nine percent said they identified with “Islamic fundamentalists” in their struggle against “groups who want to modernize the country,” who had the support of only twenty-seven percent of Egyptians. Only twenty percent were “very concerned” about “Islamic extremism” within Egypt.

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  • Matt

    Silence is golden, and time spent in reconnaissance is time well spent.

  • dave

    On the BBC news last night they had a piece basically saying that Shafiq was going to be the next President and that the Brotherhood would lose and have significantly lost support. I guess we won't know until after Saturdays elections.

  • Anthony

    Fact: A significant majority of Egyptians want to be free to be slaves to Islam.

    Fact: America’s political class and their stupid proclivity for foreign entanglements begs that we make their problem our problem.

    Fact: Our politicians authorized billions annually in foreign aid to Egypt, let’s shut it down.

    Fact: Islam can NEVER be excised from a people once it has taken hold without expulsions and war as was the case in Spain. Turkey is reverting back to what Attaturk suppressed. Egypt, the same. Syria, next. The only effective defense against Islam is containment.

    Open societies in the Western world make containment unlikely. So the idea is that a new type of Islsm will mutate and be rendered harmless by assimilation. This is not happening.

    What to do?

    • Atlas_Collins

      Islam Delenda Est.

      • Lan Astaslem

        hey atlas – yabba dabba doo, ibbity bibbity bop!

  • Mick

    …"eighty-five percent of Egyptians thought that Islam was a positive influence in politics. Fifty-nine percent said they identified with “Islamic fundamentalists” in their struggle against “groups who want to modernize the country,”
    Do these people seriously NOT want to modernise their country? That is frightening, because it basically means they wish to remain rooted in the past, gradually abandon the western influences that have enriched an already historically rich Egypt, and abandon themselves to the dictates of a 7th century despot. If that is what the Egyptian on the street truly thinks, then the sooner the west cuts all ties, and lends its support to bolstering Israels position in the region. To do otherwise would see another holocaust for the Jews, one that Heydrich, Eichmann, Himmler and others could only dream of achieving.

  • Anthony


    They don’t want Coca Cola, MTV and Madonna and Gaga-orgyle turning them Into us. Let them develope their society as they want, and we should mind our own business.

    What we need to do is restrict their movement to our lands and leave them to their Islam.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Exactly right. But be especially tough on the restrictions. Frankly, I don't believe Islam to be a genuine religion, and it should not be recognized as such in America….

  • imnokuffar

    Let them have their Islamic state. They have no oil wealth and will destroy what industry exists (tourism for instance) the country will then revert to barbarism and the people will then ask why and be told its the fault of the Jews and the Kuffar. They will slaughter the Copts and anyone else who gets in their way whilst the west looks away.

    They will close down the schools/universities, build more mosques, pray to Allah and starve whilst the infrastructure of civilisation slowly collapses around their ears.

    Should they have thoughts of attacking Israel and actually do, their moon god will not save them from the consequences.

    But they will be happy !!!!!!!!

    Let Egypt be an object lesson for the rest of these people who want the Sharia.

    • Fred Dawes

      good ideal but obama would just send for 10 million more monkeys to come here and vote in the monkey allah laws known as sharia.

  • Anthony

    I universe

    What do you mean? Robert Spencer and others have been sounding the alarm for years and the Mislem problem only increases.

    What are your ideas? I’ll agree though, defending against the Islam problem and talking, writing and strategizing against it seems an exercise in futility.

    • Steeloak

      Don't waste your breath Anthony – that was just some random Spam-Bot post, as evidenced by the link in the poster's name.

  • Mach1Duck

    The only problem with Egypt becoming an Islamic State it then becomes a failed state. Not one country in the Middle East dominated by Saharia is progressing, many are sliding backwards.

  • Eric Holder

    some mo @$$holes trying to purge the ballots (votters) it aint gonna work in Florida and it we wont Let it work there , just take yo medicine and accept the almighty allauh we will rule tha world right after we overtake and throw out the white devil honkies in that country brittion and the states. then we will change the anthenm sos it wont offend me and obummer and mechele and get a new black flag

    • Asher

      You know where you can stick Allah!

  • Drakken

    Welcome back to the dark ages Egypt, when your intellectuals flee to the west and the aid is cut off and your population will want to come west because like locusts you stripped everything bare and want us infidels to pay for everything, may you savages all rot.

  • Iron Yank

    I say let the Islamonazis take over & drop the peace treaty with Israel, Lets see how fast Israeli tanks roll back across the Sinai in another 6 day war (cause thats all it would take). Of course I wouldnt be against a few daisy cutters over Cairo either to wipe the crapstain of Sharia out of the country.

  • Anthony

    Their intelligencia are mostly Islam believers.

    That is why I know the only way for us to be safe is to restrict their movement to our lands. But this will never happen.

    Just today it was announced hat Barack Hussein Obama, B.O. For short, wants to halt removal of alien illegals. If these young adults and children are deemed “legal” by presidential fiat, that implies in practice that both the 18 year old and under illegal AND his/her family will not be deported. That shows that we are no longer a nation, we are now the property of the world.

    B. O. Sees this as payback on several levels, corporate America sees us as ” Consumers ” , nothing more, and they both don’t care any about national identity, culture, indeed, Western Civilization as do most normal Americans.

    What to do?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    If Islam and its essence, Sharia and Jihad, cannot become dominant in Egypt, then it means that Islam is impotent.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      It may also be that there are to many Egyptians and we can expect the Muslim Brotherhood to
      bring about a new thinning of the population of those who would like life without Islamist pressures.

  • Eric Holder

    the bottom line is we dont need yo honkies around no mo, yall aint got no chanst ta get no jobs as long as us blacks is in charge of hirin and wes gonna hire our blood so yall whities is gonna suffer like wes did for many years, and when thars enought mulsim s we gonna run yall christans outta the country

    blacks will always stand up for our own kind , america be damd Lmao

    • Fred Dawes

      ok non black monkey!

  • Asher

    Even muslims in the Middle East do not want Sharia….So what does that say about Radical Islam when your own people want a Republic form of Government without Sharia!

    • Fred Dawes

      ask our boy obama and that ass Bush who setup all you see today! ask the one world bankers who want total control by using others.

  • Tanstaafl

    Freedom to be slaves………..Islam is full of irony.

  • wctaqiyya

    "A Muslim cleric, Shaykh Usamah Qasim, was clearer about what this meant when he warned of violence if Islamic supremacists were denied power and Shafiq or anyone else but Morsi were elected president: 'The fate of any of them who reaches the presidency will be like that of former President Anwar al-Sadat, who was assassinated.'"

    This is why the generals will not give up their power. They know they will be killed by the mobs of fanatics if they do. Right now, they hold all the power of the military, the major institutions and most of the significant business interests in Egypt. While they try to placate the mobs, their efforts only lead to more unrest. That is because the Muslim Brotherhood takes those small compromises as signs of weakness and as opportunities to foment rebellion. Muslims are not known for working and playing well together. Nor do they comprehend the idea of compromise. The military leaders and the officers and men in uniform are all Muslims of course. The vast majority of them have no problem with sharia. However, they won't surrender their interests in safety, security, money and power just to hand over power to some raggedy band of Muslim clerics. Especially if the clerics are foaming at the mouth for blood. So, the military council will keep power until it gets a candidate elected who will pacify the masses. Then, they will still retain power. It will just be behind the scenes. Muslim dominated societies, even the ones with a well educated populace, are almost impossible to transform into a viable republic with separation of powers, individual liberties and free elections. They are Muslims and to be a Muslim is to be a slave or a slaver.

  • Jonathan Gal

    20 Year Study Compares Job Growth & Living Standards in Conservative Texas versus Liberal Massachusetts. Texas trounces Massachusetts, even during high tech boom of the 1990's.

  • Fred Dawes

    Would love to know how long before our courts got to stave off sharia Law here, its not a joke! the question git to be asked why is this government moving so many muslims inside the USA And why so many hispanic who love our enemies?

  • Looking4Sanity

    The entire purpose of "the Arab Spring" was to propagate the Islamist Caliphate. The fate of Egypt is NOT in question. They will fall to the Islamist fascists and Sharia law. It is their fate for enslaving the Hebrews. God's Judgement is on them and there is no escape. I urge ALL Christians to flee Egypt as fast as possible! It is not going to be a good place to be…and I say this considering how inhospitable it is already!

    • wctaqiyya

      Egypt will not fall to sharia. It is and always has been sharia. As for the Egyptian Christians, please direct my attention to whoever cares. The pope in Rome doesn't. In fairness, neither do the televangelists with their blood of Christ prayer cloths for ten dollars apiece, plastic Jesus statues and free opportunities to get rich quick.
      I would laugh, but my ribs hurt too much.

      • Looking4Sanity

        You're a vile little turd if ever there was one.

  • Porky's2istan

    Some good replies and insightful comments (sans the spam bots). I'm a secular humanist atheist and even I am worried for the innocent Christians in Egypt. No group can ever live near muslims for long before they are eventually exterminated. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Shintos, Confucians, Ancestor Worshipers, Nature Worshipers, Agnostics (and of course) Atheists are all at risk.

    I wonder if the west will bomb Cairo to protect the besieged Copts and stop the genocide like they did to Serbia to protect the (muslim) Albanians.

    Somehow I doubt it.

  • Fred Dawes

    nothing unique about any posts just people seeing the world the way it is.