Egyptian Democracy: New President Vows to Free Blind Sheikh

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In his first public speech after being elected president of Egypt, that country’s Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi vowed to work to free Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center jihad bombing. In doing so, he revealed the catastrophic consequences of Barack Obama’s warm endorsement of the “Arab Spring,” which (contrary to persistent Leftist media myth) is about as much of a “democracy movement” as was Adolf Hitler’s becoming Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933.

Sheikh Omar, aka The Blind Sheikh, is currently serving a life sentence in prison in North Carolina for his role in plotting the 1993 WTC bombing, as well as for planning to bomb other New York City landmarks, including the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels. He had piously hoped to murder 100,000 people in the Tunnel bombings and 250,000 in the World Trade Center attack. Earlier, in Egypt, he had been charged, although not convicted, of issuing a fatwa calling for the murder of Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel.

Omar was forthright about his role in the New York plots, and his Islamic motivations for participating in them: “If those who have the right to have something are terrorists, then we are terrorists, and we welcome being terrorists … the Qur’an makes it, terrorism, among the means to perform jihad in the sake of Allah, which is to terrorize the enemies of Allah.”

The Muslim Brotherhood of Mohamed Morsi is dedicated to the same goal of terrorizing the enemies of Allah and extending the rule of Islamic law over the world. Morsi recently repeated the Brotherhood’s credo in a speech: “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal.” By calling for Sheikh Omar’s release, he showed his approval of violent as well as non-violent tactics in the service of Islam.

Morsi’s action, as much as it was a poke in the eye to his foremost international supporter, Barack Obama, came as no surprise. Back in March, Egypt’s parliament voted unanimously to expel Israel’s ambassador to Egypt and declared Israel to be Egypt’s “number one enemy.” Since then, the Muslim Brotherhood has signaled in numerous ways that the Camp David Accords would soon be a thing of the past. Barack Obama’s response to this egregious trampling upon the agreement that has kept an uneasy peace between Israel and Egypt for thirty years? He announced a resumption of military aid to Egypt.

From the beginning of the “Arab Spring,” I said repeatedly that it was not a democracy movement, as the Western press was enthusiastically claiming, but an Islamic supremacist takeover that would result in the creation of Sharia states that would be far more hostile to the U.S. and Israel than the Arab nationalist regimes they were supplanting. This assessment was greeted with the usual scorn: the Islamic supremacist media machine charged “Islamophobia,” on Fox Juan Williams said I was “fearmongering,” and the usual suspects made the usual ad hominem attacks. Yet everything that has happened since then has shown that the “Arab Spring” is indeed an Islamic supremacist winter, ushering in repressive Sharia regimes with the blessing of Barack Obama.

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  • Ken

    I would not be surprised if the "president" sends the Blind Sheikh home. He does not care for rule of law, unless it benefits him and his cronies, so why would it be so hard to believe he would release him. Although, if it happens, there should be NO doubts where his loyalties lie!!

    • Amused

      sorry Ken , your paranoid nightmare is just that …now pinch yourself and wake up before going to your keyboard again .

      • Choi

        Has anyone told you lately ,"amused" that you are an UNAMUSING CRETIN?

      • RoguePatriot6

        Do you really believe in the stuff you post or do you just do this get a rise out of people? Because to beleive that this article is just as you say "paranoia" is to be blind or just eager to convince yourself of a comfortably pleasant lie. Ignor the words that the politicians are saying and look at actions and results.

    • Roger

      I wonder if he bows as they help him onto the plane?

    • harry

      There are doubts now?

  • Fred Dawes

    Obama will help for race and political reason just keep a good eye on obama. and yes the rule of law is dead inside the so called USA, THE Next move will be to open up the so called USA To 50 million muslims like Bush did. May God help us all when the Globalists start the last move on the so called USA.

  • kafir4life

    Why is Santa in jail?

    • Fred Dawes

      for mass murder of Americans see 1993

  • KarshiKhanabad

    Obama will spring the Blind Sheikh after Election Day, whether he's reelected or not. Oh, and if he's diselected, Obama will exact revenge by signing a blizzard of executive orders intended to cripple his successor.

  • Amused

    I think we should invite the new Egyptian Leader to come over and fullfill his "vow " . Yes he can bring along his crack Egyptian equivelant of sardines …I mean er ..SEALS……and we could clear the air space so he can lead the assault on the Federal Prison to "free the blind sheik " .
    Of course we could have a lottery amongst The US Navy's Seal Teams , the winning team gets to Defend the prison . The Blind Shiek can get to watch ..I mean listen on closed circuit TV as the battle progresses .
    At the end , the Blind Shiek get's a bullet to the head , and is thus buried with the rest of the jihadi warriors on the nearest pig farm ….yea we could giv'em a monument right in the middle of the swill .

    • Roger

      So much violence, are you wee wee hiding behind a new name or something?

      • Amused

        Justice Roger ,justice . In case you didn't know the blind sheik was behind the '93 WTC attack which killed innocent Americans . In addition the plot of his main underling who escaped , who participated in that attack , had planned to do a 9/11 type attack using 10 American passenger jets from the Phillipines, crashing them into cities on the American West coast .The plot was discovered and foiled . Aware of this same knowledge , the new Egyptian Leader vows to free this man ?
        This is not murder Roger , it is killing , there is a difference you know . If an enemy attacks you KILL him , this is not MURDER .

        besides , I think you knew that about me already . I'm not a pacifist , nor a war monger …..people can be balanced you know .

        • Roger

          Yes, and I just doubt that you are one of them.

  • Amused

    plan B of course would be more peacefull , we give him the Shiek , that is we give him the Shieks severed head via Federal Express refrigerated and gift wrapped . Again the body to be buried on the nearest pig farm .

    • Roger

      Or we let the rule of law do it's thing.

      Why do you advocate so much violence?

      • amused

        The rule of Law Roger has already adjudicated the fate of the Sheik ….he remains in jail for the rest of his life . Any attempt to "break him out " would be BREAKING the law , which puts one at risk fighting the law , which in some instances will bring about a violent death . The new Egyptian Leader knows that not even under Obama would this man be set free .
        Now stop being facetious Roger .

        • Roger

          So, you are a bit challenged.

          I suspected it as much. Most anonymous posters are.

          • amused

            Very "catty ' of you Roger , but dont blame your games with me . My poositions are clear and staedy .I seek no one's approval OR affirmation . I iperate according to observation and FACTS .Political ideology has no place in my beliefs , opinions or point of view . The FACTS are gleened by earnest investigation , I have no use for lackeys ,sycophants ,liars or the politically partisan brainwashed . I'm very simple Roger , and extremely transparent , and you as well as any other on this thread bloody well know that I do not mince words , nor play semantics or give lip service .
            So Roger , let me simply say ..NO ….I am not challenged in any way , no more than my views can be changed by mindless ideologues . Try a different path Rog ole ' boy . What you "suspect ' Roger , are the machinations of your own mind , and foolish assumption. But that is common practice among the denizens around here , The "all seeing eyes " know the whats and the whys of all their enemies , based not in fact or objectivity , but of swayed and learned opinion .

          • amused

            Dont try playing me Roger , you're out of your league .

          • Sane

            You have a league?

            That's funny.

  • AKS

    I wonder: do all these naive gestures of Obama against a determined enemy – Islam — not because of naive teachings of Christianity? Christianity after all does preach: Resist not evil; treat your enemy as friend; love your neighbor as yourself and that sort of things. So, logically, so long as Americans follow Christianity, such idiotic naivety would continue!

    • Coptic John

      And Jesus said also " be therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves "
      it's called " the dangerous of the sole verse " when you take a verse and leave others … or you will be picky

    • JoJoJams

      You're misreading what is meant by those scriptures. Do you honestly think that the Christian G-d would espouse standing there doing nothing, while your wife and child/daughter were being raped, and your home being pillaged? It's so annoying when people, whether they "believe" or not, misuse and misinterpret scripture. You can't parse out single sentences and say, "See!" – it has to be taken in context with the verse, in context with the paragraph, in context with the chapter, in context with the book, and how that all fits with the rest of scripture. Which, unfortunately, iss too nuanced for most people, such as yourself.

      • Amused

        Allright children , there is nothing in Christianity that offers , you should bare your neck to the enemy . JoJoJams has hit the nail on the head ./ And it certainly would not be the first time , taking Bible verses out of context to serve personal or idealogial agendas .

        • Roger

          Children? How 'childish' of you.

  • Mach1Duck

    Showing the Islamist "good will" is viewed by them as a sign of weakness. They only know one gesture aside from Allah…power…absolute power. There is no satisfying the Islamist, you must think like them, act like them, look like them or they will kill you. Taking prisnors only makes them a martyr, does not leave a lot of choices except to return Shiek Omar in a box.

  • Spider

    The outcome of the Arab Spring was as predictable as the rising sun . Obama has abetted his Mu-slim brothers at every turn and will continue to do so as long as he remains in office. Put simply Obama is the MBs best friend in the world and actively assisted their ascention to power. The reason I say this was pridictable is there is just no evidence in history of any Isl-amic majority country becoming a healthy vibrant democracy based on human rights.. All are backward dictatorships or theocratic Sharia hell-holes and that is never going to change.

    • rob

      Except for places like say Turkey or Indonesia. Seriously do you guys even have an education system over there?

  • RoguePatriot6

    I don't buy into this "…in hopes they will become our friends" garbage either. What's happening in the Middle East right now is exactly what Obama wanted to happen. "Being friends" is just a side effect and a delusional one at that. Islamists are not our friends nor will they ever be. This article could not have been more truthful about the Quaran and this is what many overlook about Islam. Islamists are doing exactly what the Qu'ran is telling the to do, Barrack knows this and is gluing everyone's lips shut about this fact with the usual PC BS; "…no reporting from Federal Agencies will have terrorism linked to Islam in anyway" or "Islamic Terrorism is no longer a acceptable term….".

    He and the rest of the lib/prog community has turned this entire country into one big lame duck waiting to be cooked.

    • mlcblog

      We can only hope to stew that said lame duck, and pray and work.

  • effemall

    Romney is focusing on the economy issue but he should be encouraged to expose to all Americans Obama's love for Islam and all his moves to further the ambitions of Islam. There are millions of Americans who are still blind and naive about this aspect and they'll vote against Obama once they are as aware as the readers of Front Page Magazine

    • Amused

      Not speaking for ALL of the readers , but it is much more likely the conservatives will shoot themselves in the foot , because they are already blinded as to who the reaL ENEMY , capable of bringing down this country is .

      • Roger

        Yes, militant islamists.

  • Steve Chavez

    FREE THOSE who BLINDLY follow the CULT of Obama!

  • Ronald Johnston

    This what should be expected from a terrorist plant like osama obama!!!!

  • Mickey Oberman

    If North Carolina does not have the death penalty Sheikh Omar should be transferred to a state that does.
    Then let justice be done and let the punishment fit the crime.

  • Ghostwriter

    This creep Morsi has no right to ask for the release of Abdel-Rahman. In my view,he should stay right where he is now,IN JAIL! That where he belongs and I hope Abdel-Rahman dies in prison. That bloodthirsty maniac deserves no pity or compassion.

  • mrbean

    Like to read this: "the State Department regrets to inform the President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi that Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman died in Prison as the result of an altercation with another inmate. We farther regret that due to some clerical mixup, the Sheik's corpse was inadvertantly cremated and the ashes have been lost. Our deepest apologies/

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama would let him go if he could, he is on the side of the Muslim terrorist…………….William

  • pauly

    Even though it is galling and enraging that this Muslim B-hood POS Mursi would even quip that he will work for the release of Rahman, the Democratic party must know that if they actually did release him to Egypt, that the Dems would, not in a hundred years, never again have the White House nor a majority in Congress. It would be political suicide and the Democratic party would be at each other's throats repudiating, casting blame, and attempting to wash their hands of the whole abomination. I can see the Republican political ad now–first Obama bowing low to the Saudi Royal Prince, then his Egypt speech with a camera pan to the invited Muslim Brotherhood, and then a shot of Abdel Rahman returning to Egypt and a hero's welcome. As they say in the VISA card ad–Priceless!

  • UCSPanther

    Goodbye Egypt. It was nice knowing you.

    Enjoy your Judenrein Muslim Brotherhood-dominated totalitarian theocracy. It's going to get more brutal from here on out.

  • guest

    This after a discussion with Obama, they ask for that. What did Obama say that made them think they could have the blind muzz rat back? Saddam Hussein said Obama was a muslim, and he knows what to ask.

    When you talk about "rat Pack" you need to include O.

    Any idea when they will be killing Christians again, Mr Obama? How much US aid is going to that effort?
    You must be laughing at how stupid America is.

  • guest

    This after a discussion with Obama, they ask for that. What did Obama say that made them think they could have the blind muzz rat back? Saddam Hussein said Obama was a muslim, and he knows what to ask.

    Here is the results of American aid

    [General Abuse, Debasement, and Suppression of non-Muslims as “Tolerated” Citizens]

    Egypt: A court verdict that was criticized by many human rights groups as “unbelievable” and “extremely harsh” towards Christians was decided according to religion: all twelve Christians were convicted to life imprisonment, while all eight Muslims—including some who torched nearly 60 Christian homes—were acquitted, all to thunderous cries of “Allahu Akbar!” in the courtroom. Another Muslim judge in Upper Egypt dismissed all charges against a group of Muslims who terrorized a Christian man and his family for over a year, culminating with their cutting off his ear in a knife attack while trying to force him to convert after they “falsely accused him” of having an affair with a Muslim woman. And a new report describes the plight of Coptic girls: “hundreds of Christian girls … have been abducted, forced to convert to Islam, and forced into marriage in Egypt. These incidents are often accompanied by acts of violence, including rape, beatings, and other forms of physical and mental abuse.”

  • patenglish1

    Excellent article from Robert Spencer. Morsi has now shown his true colours. It is time the US withdrew ALL funding from Egypt and all other countries that practice Sharia law where women do not have equal rights. No equal rights = no democracy = no foreign aid!!!!


    If the Blind SNAKE is blind, why does he wear sunglasses?

  • Leo

    Put these words together. Islamic Brotherhood and Arab Spring. and Democracy. A stupid thought. How about Islam, Muslim, Sharia law and Democracy. Nope doesn't work. How about Freedom , the Justice Party, Islamic Sharia Law and and The Islamic Brotherhood and Democracy. Doesn't work either does it. How about Parliamentary Democracy and the Islamic Brotherhood with a Military dictatorship and Sharia Law. These are words that the leftist media have used to describe what is happening in the Islamic world of the middle east. When will the WANKERS of the leftist media get it through their thick skulls. There is no such thing as an Islamic Democracy. There is no FREEDOM or DEMOCRACY with Sharia Law. This religion of hate is pushing the world to the edge of a catastrophic solution. Another world war- fought for religious reasons.

  • pyeatte

    The Sheikh is responsible for the murder of at least six people for the 1993 WTC attack. The thought of that rat being released is revolting, and I am sure Obama will reject the request. If he doesn't, he might as well write out his resignation.

  • Amused

    It aint gonna happen freind , dont mind these irresponsible fools who say that Obama will release him…… for ANY reason .