Hillary Clinton Blesses the Brotherhood

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As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohamed Morsi, demonstrators gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo to protest the United States’ uncritical support for the new regime, which has promised to impose Sharia upon Egypt. In the days when the U.S. was the world’s foremost defender of freedom, such a demonstration would have been unthinkable: protestors held signs reading “Message to Hillary: Egypt will never be Pakistan”; “To Hillary: Hamas will never rule Egypt” and “If you like the Ikhwan [Brotherhood], take them with you!”

But instead of standing outside with those who were demonstrating for freedom against a radically repressive ideology, the Secretary of State was inside, having a friendly meeting with that repressive ideology’s foremost Egyptian exponent. It was a telling sign of how quickly America’s international stance has changed during the regime of Barack Obama. “Things change (at) kind of warp speed,” Clinton enthused to Morsi during their meeting. Indeed.

If Clinton had any comment on the demonstration, it was not recorded. During her meeting with Morsi she mouthed platitudes about the new Muslim Brotherhood government’s looming showdown with the Egyptian military, telling the President condescendingly that reaching a mutually acceptable agreement “requires dialogue and compromise, real politics.” She also assured him that the U.S. would do everything within its power to “support the democratically elected government and to help make it a success in delivering results for the people of Egypt.”

It wasn’t immediately clear whether or not by “delivering results for the people of Egypt,” Clinton was referring to freeing the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a man who had plotted to murder Americans in the hundreds of thousands. Soon after his election, Morsi announced his determination to work for the Blind Sheikh’s freedom; Clinton was almost certainly far too polite and determined to hew to the rules of realpolitik to rebuke Morsi for this unmistakable insult to the United States. To have done so would have been a completely unexpected reversal of the line the U.S. has taken since the beginning of the “Arab Spring” uprisings that paved the way for the Brotherhood to come to power in Egypt.

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  • truebearing

    From this point forward, Hillary Clinton has no standing to champion women's rights, or human rights in general. She just endorsed a group that treats women, and humans in general, worse than anyone on earth. She has shown her true commitment to democracy and people's freedom. like Obama, Hillary seems to appreciate totalitarian leadership, regardless of which ideology it comes from.

    I can't say what delusional thoughts propel someone like Hillary to abandon their alleged principles and endorse a cult that is the antithesis of those beliefs (and lifestyle), but it seems epidemic on the Left. Maybe Hillary doesn't really have any principles to compromise, but how stupid can the Left get? Do they think Muslims will share power? Do they think the Muslims think the Left would share power?

    • WildJew

      "I can't say what delusional thoughts propel someone like Hillary to abandon their alleged principles…"

      In part, her disposition toward Israel's Jews?

      From Daniel Greenfield's piece this morning:

      What is the mark of a “settlement”? It isn’t the age of the buildings or the number of inhabitants. Jerusalem is ancient and Maaleh Adumim is about the size of Atlantic City. It is race that marks a settler as a target for persecution and ethnic cleansing.

      An Arab Muslim with Israeli citizenship who buys a house in Jerusalem is not condemned by Vice President Biden, the United Nations and the media. But when a Jew demolishes the former home of Hitler’s Mufti, after legally purchasing it in order to build an apartment building on the spot, then Hillary Clinton issues a specific statement denouncing the construction of a 20-person apartment building, for no other reason than because Jews will likely live there."

      This, from yesterday's Washington Post:

      At a State Department appearance with the Egyptian foreign minister, Clinton, speaking for Obama, said, “He wants to see a stop to settlements — not some settlements, not outposts, not ‘natural growth’ exceptions.’

      “That is our position,” she said, outlining a demand publicly stronger than any to date. “That is what we have communicated very clearly.”

      White House officials acknowledged recently that her comments were a mistake. But the president declined to soften that position when he had a chance.

  • Poupic

    Any Jew that hasn't left the Democratic party as I did is either def blind of dumb. The Democratic party stinks from the head like a dead fish. My old party is infected with anti- Semitism. It is high time to leave as a protest to regain some honor lost when US Jews voted for Roosevelt who closed the doors of escape to Jews in the European inferno. Today it is no different. Anti Semites Obama and Hilary rejoice at The Islamic Brotherhood win in Egypt, call Turkey a friend and ally. They used to call Assad a reformer! Today the conference on terror gathered by anti- Semite Obama of course excluded Israel from it. Is there another nation that suffered more, longer from relentless Islamic terror? Is there another nation that has more experience in fighting that terror? Yet US Jews will still vote for this anti- Semite Obama! It is sickening!

  • hsh

    I am a European and it saddens me to see what America has become, dont get me wrong, I would expect this ludacris from our leaders, but from an AMERICAN?? Democrat or not! This is insane.

    • WildJew

      Americans elected a dangerous Muslim-born president with deep sympathies for the world of Islam. It was well known in 2008. It is even better known now. Notwithstanding, according to polls Obama is still very popular. Have the American people lost their collective minds? Do you think?

    • mlcblog

      I can't really consider Hilary an American, though she was indeed born here. She was a traitor from her early days with Bill when they were student activists. In their era, the rabble realized that to be effective they would need to put on suits, and so they have!!

    • Guest

      Sad that so many Europeans hailed Obama as the newest god when he ran in 2008 when those of us in the US were fighting so hard because we had taken the time to do our homework and could see what was on the horizon.

  • ★FALCON★

    Carter got it wrong again. And that's why America hates that bastard.

  • Alvaro

    Protesters shouted: "Monica, Monica!" They also held up posters like these:

    Support liberty, not theocracy: http://www.rt.com/files/news/clinton-egypt-tomato

    Don't send your dollars to jihadists: http://www.rt.com/files/news/clinton-egypt-tomato

    And finally, Egyptian beats a portrait of Hillary Clinton with a shoe (the ultimate Arab insult): http://www.rt.com/files/news/clinton-egypt-tomato

    • mlcblog

      Monica, Monica!! That's hilarious.

  • oldtimer

    It's is NOT Hilliary's money, or Obama's money. I am so sick of our government pledging OUR money to these evil governments.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Dear Mr Barack Hussein Obama,I hope and pray that you will not be re-elected as president
    of the U.S.A. I will give you a free advise: why not run for president of Egypt?,a much nicer place
    to fulfill all your secret dreams.

  • KKKK

    any Christian or Jew who has the SLIGHTEST SENSE ought to be out of the Democratic Party by now. the Muslim Brotherhood is the world leader in jihad, both bombing and stealth kinds. it is from whence sprang Hamas and the Al-Qaeda. CLinton said nothing of the rights of Egypts Christians, who are now fleeing in unprecendated numbers a new regime that will almost certianly make life much harder for them than ever. and Egypts relations with israel is deteoriated since the outbreak of the "Arab Spring" there in January 2011. while relations with Iran are moving so quickly in the warmign direction theres talk of reestbalishing diplomaitc ties and forming a Muslim World Alliance.

  • Tommy Peters

    Consider this. The position of the lady is as irrelevant as her boss – both appointed and nicely puppeteerd by the world’s only keystone that managed to neuter a large group of underground neighborhood thugs by substituting their bombs for Zegnas. In other words the infamous tripwire practitioners have been transformed from beasts to business and placed in glass edifices where they can be supervised. Everyone relax. Now, get back to work and find a cure for cancer.

  • Zinnia2

    I'm so sick of this admin – with all the exec orders and obamacare – he's on his way to be caliphate (btw, he's raising campaign funds in foreign nations)… come on elites, you really think he'll let you have any say if you allow him to continue this road? this arrogant snake destroying our sovereign nation needs to be walked out Today…

  • mrbean

    Part 1: Hillary Rodham Clinton has never done anything significant in her entire life and her inflated opinion of herself is downright laughable. If she had not chased and married Bill Clinton and hung on his coat tails she would never be a "carpetbagger" New York Senator from Arkansas, and for damn sure she would never have been an also ran failed contender for the Democrat Party 2008 Presidential candidate nomination. Hillary Rodham Clinton has never gotten one single job on her own anywhere in her life. And when she got them she botched every single one of them. But now this inept failure is the Secretary of State and again failing miserably.

    • Kufar Dawg

      This isn't quite true, she has cleared millions from business dealings with islamofascist petrostates. Which is a comforting thought isn't it?

      • mrbean

        That is Bill Clinton as well as a lobby shill for Dubai.

  • mrbean

    Part 2: Professor Tommy "The Commie" Emerson, her mentor at Yale, got Hillary Rodham first job assigned to the CPUSA financed defense lawyer Charles Garry in the Black Panthers Bobby Seale murder trial. The defense was funded by the Communist Party USA. Professor Tommy "The Commie" Emerson also got her her law internship as the personal law clerk to Robert Truehaft, the head of the CA CPUSA and the Chief Counsel for the entire Communist Party USA. She not only worked for him as his law clerk for a year, but lived with Trueafts, who were both carding carrying CPUSA members.

  • mrbean

    Part 3: Edward Kennedy's lawyer, Burke Marshal, who was a friend and colleague of Robert Truehaft along with her Yale mentor Professor Emerson got her the job on the Watergate committee staff. She was outrightly fired by general counsel and chief of staff of the Watergate House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Zeifman, for lying, outrageous behavior (throwing tantrum tirades), unethical conduct, and serious Constitutional procedural violations. Mr. Zeifman, general counsel and chief of staff for the Watergate Committee, said he fired her, "Because she was a liar," in an interview. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality. Had she she submitted briefs like she wrote to a court she would have been disbarred."

  • mrbean

    Part 4: When she applied for officer candidacy for the Department of the Navy JAG program after she graduated from Yale she was rejected by the Department of the Navy for as an "unfit as an officer candidate" because of her fellow traveler activities with CPUSA members and the radical SDS at Yale. Her fabricated story about her eyesight being the reason for rejection is sheer nonsense.

  • mrbean

    Part 5: Hillary Rodham failed her Washington DC Bar Exam at least once, so she got a job at the University of Arkansas not on her own, but through Bill Clinton who was already an instructor on the faculty at University of Arkansas. She apparently wrote her Arkansas Bar Exam on site at the University of Arkansas which was under some very suspicious conditions for monitoring and passed it – you may suspect that this was not completely on the up-and-up!

  • mrbean

    Part 6: She only got her position at the Rose Law Firm as a political favor to Bill Clinton when he became Attorney General of Arkansas. And she was only made a partner in the Rose Law Firm as another political favor to Bill Clinton when he became the Governer of Arkansas. Her job there was funneling misappropriated monies through Edward Hubble for political purposes. She also deliberately had all the records of her activities at the Rose Law Firm burned when she was under investigation for Whitewater. This has been well documented.

  • mrbean

    Part 7: Her political appointments to corporation board positions at Tysons Food, Wal Mart, and other organizations where she really did nothing but collect monies were always for political favors owed her husband, both when he was Governer, President, and later as an ex-President. She doesn't even write her own books – and her editing according to her ghost writers is light skimming at best. She has ghost writers like Barbara Feinman, who wrote “It takes A Village” and she stiffs them by not paying them in full even when she gets multi-million dollar advances.

  • mrbean

    Part 8: Her integrity is zero, as she lies constantly, like being born in 1947 and claiming she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed Everest in 1953 who was not knighted until 1955; and the Bosnia whopper lie that she was under sniper fire where a video shows otherwise , and the lie about the lady who died without health insurance etc.,.. stealing Whitehouse artifacts and getting caught, receiving illegal monies from the Chinese Red Army agent Johnny Cheung at the Whitehouse, $100,000 Cattle Futures, Whitewater, Travelgate, 900 FBI files illegally held by her staff at the Whitehouse, obstruction of justice in the Vince Foster suicide investigation, and perjury before a Federal Grand Jury on Whitewater and her Rose Law Firm activities, and, on, and on. She is a pathological liar.

  • mrbean

    Part 9: Oh yes, the debacle she ran for nationalizing healthcare in Bill Clinton's first term was not only a disaster, had she not been the first lady she would be in a federal penitentiary for the deliberate misappropriation of a massive amount of government funds she could not account for and has never been accounted for.

  • effemall

    Mass media has ignored the Reuters report of Egyptians throwing tomatoes and shoes at Clinton’s motorcade and shouting, “Monica.” It is comforting and encouraging to see, however, that in spite of Obama’s support for his Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s military are not about to accept an effort to turn Egypt into another Pakistan or Iran and individual members of Congress should assure the Egyptians that it is not America that is supporting the MB but only Obama.

  • ricky obrique

    We have U.S cities going bankrrupt all over the place and these idiots are supporting other nations and thugs, obummer and the clintons we always about destroying America. the real agenda for obummer is to bankrupt the U.S od A and make this a black muslim nation any smart observant person can see the only thing that matters is protecting blacks no one cares about making we have a country to live in. it is all about killing off whites and jews. every black organizations such as the panthers,sharptongue wright and faraconvict preach hate for jews and whites and obummer is behind them

  • Chezwick

    "Israel, meanwhile, is taking necessary steps to defend itself from a country that has maintained an imperfect but nonetheless real peace with it for thirty years."

    Nice to see Robert admit as much. For years over at JW, Hugh Fitzgerald, Robert's former second-in-command, consistently advocated Israel's repudiation of the Camp David accords, insisting they weren't worth the paper they were written on. I tried to interject some sanity into the equation, pointing out that as imperfect as Mubarak's regime was, there were alternatives infinitely worse. Today, we're all witnessing as much.

  • kendrick1

    Perhaps she would like to volunteer to be on televison while they circumsize her with a piece of broken glass!

  • kendrick1

    This upcoming election will produce no different conditions if we don't get out and campaign! Donate! Go door to door! Ask people to vote! Ask if they are registered to vote! Register them yourself! Drive them to the polls! A click of the mouse won’t do it! We can't just sit at our internet! We may not have it much longer if we get a Deja Vu!!!

    I don’t want to live on my knees, do you?

    If we don't quit straightening the deck chairs while the ship is sinking, I'm afraid our nation is sick to death!!

  • popseal

    How could our representatives be so wicked as to promote policies that are so dangerous? The latest lie from the multicultural left is that wopper about Muslim contributions to America and her development. Obama would have the public forget that the first line in the Marine Corps hymn decalres "….to the shores of Tripoli" in referrence to their defeating the Islamic Barbary pirates (slave traders all) near the end of the 18th Century. The USMC's ceremonial sword is from the design of the Mamluk Dynasty symitar they received on the occasion of the victory against the pirates.. "We should not fight them at all unless we determine to fight them forever!" declared President John Adams when the depoyed those Marines. President Adams knew then that the politics of Islam were/are contradictor to the dignity of the individual so stated in our own Constitution. There can be no meeting of the minds or co-existence with Sharia and its totalitarian goal.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mensch.keymelon Mensch Keymelon

      The right to self determination is a canon of American philosphy and thus we have the democratically elected leadership, wrong right or indifferent, the system is not perfect. Egpypt has exercised the free democratic right to self determination, and the US Government has to resepect…unlike the Palestinians, Egypt is strong enough to stand on its own…the illiusion of power is cast by the American media as if they really had power over the world…well, they don't. Right now they are scrambling to realign their fleets to defend themselves from the Chinese world economical and regional military dominance…they can't put out every forest fire that starts, and they know it. So rather than going in like an idiot they went in with wisdom…a partner in regional peace is what the US needs and Israel desperately needs…lose Egypt then Jordan follows then the sea is the only escape for Israel…so be glad thus far the respect has been shown and received. It is best for all that the Egyptian people finally be free after 7,000 years of despostism.

      • Kufar Dawg

        How do you know the election that swept the MB into power was "free" or "democratic"? How do you know that the Egyptian people will "finally be free after 7,000 years of despotism." Do you consider the imposition of sharia law on the Egyptian people to be liberating and/or "democratic"?

        • http://www.facebook.com/mensch.keymelon Mensch Keymelon

          How do you know GW was elected through a "free" and "democratic" process? Was there a full recall and revote? Did the candidate who got the most votes win, or was it otherwise? As I said, the system is not perfect, but it is the best we have. I know many native Egyptians personally, and yes, theya re freer now than they have since Mubarak was put in his cage. Most Egytians already live by some form of sharia….a sharia system of law has it's own democratic processes and liberating elements…with the system in Egypt being a democracy you can not have sharia in the classical sense…some compromise in between is what will take place.

          • Kufar Dawg

            LOL, a compromise between freedom, liberty and sharia law?

            How does Dubya's shady election make what happened in Egyptistan anymore palatable or
            acceptable? Ever heard the term argument by red herring?

            Sharia law has "its democratic processes and liberating elements"? LOL, what are you an
            islamofascist propagandist?

          • http://www.facebook.com/mensch.keymelon Mensch Keymelon

            You imagine a "compromise" is needed. It isn't…Egyptians are free, have liberty, and have sharia law…it isn't even a question to them…they just know it…and only the people who hate Islam think otherwise, and those people, as far as I am concerned, can GTFO of Egypt.

            You asked a question and I gave you an answer an example of your own election process ( I assuem you are American?)…you should have understood my point,

            Is any political election process "free' and "democratic?"

            Yes, Egypts process was free and democratic, and, by comparisson to what they had before, it was light years ahead of what the integrity of American elections have been term to term.

            What kind of weak mind uses a blanket term like "islamo-fascism?"

          • Kufar Dawg

            What kind of maroon equates sharia law with freedom and liberty? Unless you're re-defining freedom and liberty in some sort of Orwellian, islamic sense.

            Why shouldn't I hate Islam? It's an ideology founded in hate.

          • http://www.facebook.com/mensch.keymelon Mensch Keymelon

            Your ignorance is what you "hate"… if you are one of the people here who believe what these hacks type on this blog…yeah, you have no idea what Islam is.

            But hey, be free to hate the boogey man FPM and Jihad Watch invent…it's all in the interst of selling copy…it's just entertainment.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Yeah the Jew hatred in the holy quran and hadeeths is just a figment of everyone's imagination as is the muslim freedom loving protestors yelling "Khaybar, Khaybar, ya, yahud." Your Al Taqiyya is showing Ahmed.

            Oh BTW Ahmed, what happened to the formerly prosperous Jewish population of Egyptistan?

            Why is the teaching of the Coptic language outlawed in Egyptistan?

            Why are Coptic Christians being persecuted by Muslims in Egyptistan?

          • http://www.facebook.com/mensch.keymelon Mensch Keymelon

            We ar not communicating from the same platform…your understanding of freedom is not my understanding of freedom…and your understanding of libery is not my understanding of liberty…there is a contradiction in terms on this page regularly employed…it is not the same as our difference of views, but substantive changes and alterations of the meaning of terms…"with a twist of their tongues" is they way they once did it with oral traditions, the enemies of Islam that is, they would purposely twist words and changed their meanings doing this to insult as well as change their own sharia, their own religious law, to fit their perverted ideals…here on FPM and as well at Jihad Watch, the terminology is an English transation with no meaning to anyone…they twist the meaning by beating the same drum again and again when they present it, to the point where ingrained in the common FPM and Jihad Watch reader is something entirely different from its true meaning…don't get me started on context.

          • Drakken

            Well muslim since you are such an advocate of sharia why don't you move back to the ME where I am sure you will be much more happier than trying to impose your islamic nonsense on us kaffirs here in the west.

  • Jerry

    The rise of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood are frightening, especially when you read John Daniels new book "The Coming: A True Story Of Horror", which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Islam is the "Beast" written of in Revelations. It may also show the part played by the M.B.

  • Coptic John

    Has the US administration ever cared about Christians? No … on contrary they let islamists Kill and abduct and persecute christians in Iraq and Sudan and Pakistan and Indonesia and finally Egypt and Syria but they hastened to help muslims thugs in Bosnia and Burma and China … I know that the American people are good but where do you get those bad and manipulating politicians from?

  • Hubcap

    When she realized she was softening up America for Obama and his Muslims she thought she could double cross him by acting friendly to the Brotherhood. In doing so she has proven to be a self-serving weak old socialist who will never be the top control freak to run the NWO. She must resign.

  • Glennd1

    Listen, I think Hilary should have summoned Morsi to DC instead, and then showed him a video of someone putting a bullet though through the blind sheik's head, for starters. Then, after telling him that Egypt would never get another penny from the U.S., she should have then informed him that the 'Ikwhan' has been placed on our terrorist list, and that since he was just elected President of Egypt, that Egypt had been placed on the state sponsor of terror list, and be subject to all punitive actions we take against all such nations. Then, tell him he has 4 hours to clear U.S. airspace, otherwise he would be added to Obama's "kill list".

    However, what I think most FP readers here miss is that one of the main reasons we are sucking up to them is to try and con them into honoring their treaty with Israel, aside from Hilary's Chief of Staff being a daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood. So sad, so pathetic, we are vapor locked into stupidity.

  • Ghostwriter

    I think the Egyptian protesters saw through Secretary Clinton. They see her and President Obama as fools for believing the Brotherhood's mild rhetoric. A much wiser person would have seen through it. Hopefully,when November comes,we elect people who live in the real world and not the fantasy one that President Obama and Secretary Clinton inhabit.

    • Glennd1

      Lol, so you think that the friends of liberalism were out there, throwing shoes? No, it was the members of the Ikwhan – and they hate us because we funded and trained a military apparatus that oppressed them for 30 years – or did you miss that little fact?

      • Kufar Dawg

        Yeah, the MB is so much more liberal and tolerant. Tool.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Oh Hilary ! Hilary ! Why hast thou forsaken us. Did I hear a cock crow thrice ? Or is that Muhammad's donkey braying ???

  • Drakken

    When Egpyt finally goes back to the dark ages and the idiots in charge of the White House wonder what happened, all they have to do is look what that moron Carter did in Iran and they will have their answer in spades. This will come back to haunt us.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Hillary Clinton is not as some of my friends say "Crazy" no she is just evil and progressing to
    be the Queen of Evil……………Obama is the master devil in the mix for foisting Islam on America
    and the World. Islam will attack Israel and the Obama Administration will help Islam and blame
    Israel. These people can lie all they want but the truth comes out and the truth is we have a
    government of liars, destroying our liberty, economy, system of values, religious freedom
    and National identity. I think they will have us in a position that the November election will
    not matter to their thinking, maybe Americans will surprise the traitors………….William

  • Voice of Reason

    From the sound of all of this, I guess you want Mubarak back in power. Gee you guys are so smart…. that was sarcasm in case you didn't get it.

    • Kufar Dawg

      SO the Muslime Brotherhood is your viable alternative? Shouldn't you be braying: "Khybar, Khybar, ya, yahud"