Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood: Bachmann vs. McCain

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However, it is odd that McCain would expect Bachmann to produce the outcome of an investigation before any investigation has even taken place. As Bachmann noted, “these questions are raised by the U.S. Government of anyone seeking a security clearance.” So why should Huma Abedin be exempt? Would an official who had family connections with the Ku Klux Klan or the Aryan Nations be similarly exempt from scrutiny? If not, why should someone with familial connections to a group dedicated to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within”?

As Bachmann pointed out in her letter to Ellison, the Muslim Brotherhood ties of Abedin’s mother, father and brother have never been a secret, and have long been noted in the international press. Abedin herself has never publicly distanced herself from the Brotherhood, or explained how her worldview or her vision of Islam differ from that of her parents or brother. So by what moral calculus can it possibly be “sinister,” as McCain put it, to ask that Abedin be subjected to the same scrutiny that would be focused upon anyone seeking a security clearance that would allow access to sensitive material comparable to that which she enjoys?

What’s more, the Obama administration’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is so obvious that Egyptian demonstrators just days ago pelted Hillary Clinton’s motorcade with tomatoes and shoes for delivering that country up to the rule of the Brotherhood and the imposition of Islamic law that is almost certain to come. Protestors held signs reading “Message to Hillary: Egypt will never be Pakistan”; “To Hillary: Hamas will never rule Egypt” and “If you like the Ikhwan [Brotherhood], take them with you!”

Did Huma Abedin have any influence over the Obama administration’s warm support for the Brotherhood? No one knows. Michele Bachmann doesn’t know, and doesn’t claim otherwise. John McCain, for that matter, doesn’t know that Abedin didn’t have this kind of influence. That is precisely why an investigation should be made.

In Abedin’s defense, McCain recounted: “Some years ago, I had the pleasure, along with my friend, the Senator from South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham, of traveling overseas with our colleague, then-Senator Hillary Clinton. By her side, as always, was Huma, and I had the pleasure of seeing firsthand her hard work and dedicated service on behalf of the former Senator from New York – a service that continues to this day at the Department of State, and bears with it significant personal sacrifice for Huma.”

In this McCain demonstrates a naivete that is astonishing if he really means what he says. That Abedin works hard and has served Clinton with dedication is not at issue. But the lingering question is: To what end? It may be that she is just as patriotic and loyal to American principles and American freedoms as McCain implies. It may also be that her familial loyalties have led her to take a positive stance toward the Muslim Brotherhood that is ultimately inimical to the interests of the United States. There simply isn’t enough to go on to answer that question either way at this point. That’s why there should be an investigation, and why John McCain is wrong, and Michele Bachmann is right.

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  • Kufar Dawg

    I wonder if McCain has any financial ties to islamofascist petrostates or NGO's? I'd love to see a list of who
    his top campaign contributors are.

    • YLEM

      I just called McCain's DC office telling him what I think of him. I encourage you all to do the same.

      241 Russell Senate Office Building
      Washington, DC 20510
      Main: (202) 224-2235
      Fax: (202) 228-2862

    • warpmine

      I agree. The two RINO bros are idiots extraordinaire. Old fart politicians should be assets for the country but concerning these two, they will be the cause of why we have Obama in the WH.

      I propose an amendment to stop running for president while secure in your senate seat. Retire your seat and run, plain and simple. Be brave, show everyone your true intentions without the fallout of losing your prestigious Senate seat.

    • islamophobe

      Again McCain has shown he is not to be trusted to do the right thing. I wonder who bought him off?

  • Randy

    This stinks of McCarthyism at its finest!

    • Larry

      McCarthyism at its finest was busily successfully identifying Soviet agents in US Govt employ.

      Seems that the same thing needs to be done now to dig out the MB operatives in the White House.

      • richard sherman

        McCain obviously would have defended the "patriotism" of Alger Hiss, Elizabeth Bentley and Harry Dexter White.

    • WildJew

      As evil an ideology as Communism is, it pales in comparison to orthodox or 'fundamentalist' (shariah-compliant) Islam. When did the Communists murder three thousand innocent Americans at the hand of Communist suicide bombers / martyrs like Islam did on 9/11/ 2001? They called it a cold war with the former Soviet Union. With all the suicide terror attacks, beheadings, bombings, etc., perpetrated on the West, especially around and since 9/11, can you call it a cold war with Islam?

      • johnny911


        When the commies provided financial support to organizations that pushed for legalized abortion.

        Since then, over 53 million americans have been slaughtered in abortion clinics, and the moral behavior of our young citizens between the ages of 14-35 have spiralled to the bottom of the barrel.

        • IamFluff

          And those religious institutions that seek to control what should be a woman's choice between herself and her conscience are nearly as bad. Christian Sharia should be fought as well as Islam.

          • jay

            you HAVE the right to choose

            How about, in exchange you fight for my right not to have to hand the govt over 50% of my income!!

      • warpmine

        There's no difference at all. Both are political ideologies that oppose freedom.

      • Bridgeport Guy

        Communists murdered an estimated 90 million people throughout the world. I believe the numbers are something like 20 million in Russia, 50-60 million in China, and so on. The fallout from Communism and its evil ideology is still being felt throughout the world, including the United States. For all of his faults, McCarthy did a lot of good for our country because time has proven him to be correct about many Communists and Commie-friendly people rising up the ladder in the government and attempting to whitewash Communist ways of life via movies/entertainment. Do you not think that innocents were killed by the Communists? Like the cartoon "Transformers", many Communist-supporting Americans have changed into Neo-Cons who parade around like gallant patriots while pushing an agenda that is in the best interest of another nation – Israel.

    • Ar'nun

      Of course the difference being that McCarthy went solely on suspicion. In 2004 the FBI found the Muslim Brotherhood manifesto in a suspected terrorist’s home in Virginia, just 20 minute drive from DC. In the manifesto step 3 was to infiltrate the US government at ALL levels and pave the way for Sharia. All the evidence they found in that terrorists home all linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and stopped just shy of naming names. It did however implicate Hugo Chavez and showed evidence of Hezbollah and Hamas activity in Venezuela. Google "Holy land Trial" and see for yourself. The Muslim Brotherhood has been active in the US since the 1930's. Their plans are now starting to come to fruition.

      • Larry

        McCarthy went on information from at least 3 sources, and when they got a look at the KGB archives in the '90s he was proven right.
        As for knowing the methodology of the communists, they had that back then as well.

        The difference is that McCarthy (and people like Bobby Kennedy, who worked for him) took it seriously and went after them. They were still protected by the establishment, both sides, but at least he got a few. Bachmann is going to have to watch her back or they will do to her what they did to Joe.

        The closest equivalent back then to Abedin would have been FDR's in house China specialist, Lachlan Currie, who was a Soviet agent.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Just starting? Look who is Presdent, Mullah Obama………we have a greater infiltration and
        subversion than has been thought, it could look like Europe here in short order………..Chavez
        and his kind love Islam, tyrant heaven, much better than Marxsm for the megalomaniac.
        It seems they are closer to their goals than anyone thought…………….William

      • gray man

        I'm not sure where you get the idea that McCarthy went solely on suspicion, but it is wrong. He had documentation to back him up.

        • warpmine

          True dat

        • IamFluff

          McCarthy is an easy target and almost a sure sign that the person using his name knows little about history. Conveniently all the good that was done by McCarthy has been buried under a garbage heap of political correctness. Now we are so afraid of being unfair we are willing to lay down. Look to Europe and their spineless stand against political Islam. In France, it's as if they drew their own body outline in chalk and are simply laying down in it.
          On Wednesday, the DOJ (the good folks who brought you fast and furious) got involved in making sure the much contested Murfreesboro Mosque could open for Ramadan. It was a secret hearing which ignored the fact that they continued construction after a court order to stop and over road a court order delaying occupancy. In other words, the Department of Justice has claimed that not allowing Islamists to break American laws is a violation of their religious freedom. Way to go Holder!

    • Steve Chavez

      So true and if Joe was alive today, his first Soviet apologist on the witness stand would be Barack Obama with evidence of Frank Marshall Davis, and all the rest of Obama's COMMUNIST past.

      STANISLAV LEVCHENKO, a Soviet KGB defector, was asked by me on the Jim Bohannan Radio show in the late 80's, and tape to prove it, said that Joe McCarthy had a legitimate concern since the Soviets wanted to infiltrate ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT. The other topic of interest was the World Peace Council, run by the KGB and it's main affiliate, the United States Peace Council run by the Communist Party USA. He said that it was an honor for the Soviet KGB to have their front in "the land of the enemy." Recruitment too was at universities AND BARACK OBAMA WAS WILLINGLY RECRUITED BY THE KGB AND THE CPUSA as evident in Obama's rare, if not only, article he wrote: Google "Obama Sundial 1983." This Soviet apologist piece was on the most radical Marxist groups at Columbia which proves Obama sought out the most radical students as well as "Marxist Professors."

      Since the 80's, I have researched the CPUSA AND CAN PROVE DIRECT TIES TO THE SOVIET KGB with the Peace Councils. In New Mexico, we have Los Alamos Labs, the birthplace of the Bomb, Sandia Labs, Kirtland AFB, the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, Holloman AFB which housed the Stealth Bombers, Laser research including the Airborne Laser, which Obama scrapped, Intel, Cannon AFB which directs drones on the other side of the world, and SPIES AND TRAITORS LIKE THE ROSENBERG'S AND FUCH'S!!!

      Our former Gov. Bill Richardson, the head of DOE and former UN ambassador under Bill Clinton, met with a North Korean delegation for four days in Santa Fe on the second week of becoming Gov.. He also went to North Korea on several occasions and went there to defuse tensions two years ago. After Bill playing tour guide in Santa Fe, with a great view of Los Alamos from his hilltop mansion twenty miles away, North Korea tested their first nuke. Did he give them plans? Material? The okay? Advice? The North Koreans don't even trust their own people BUT THEY TRUSTED BILL RICHARDSON??? WHY?


      • Indioviejo

        Thank you for saying what needs to be said, unfortunately most people don't care abut communist or Muslim infiltration in our nation. Nor do they care about the power these people yield in our government. We are truly headed down a dark road.

    • degmdpa

      First, McCarthy was right, but the usual msp damage control and eternal obfuscation machine buried it over the last several decades. Second, Bachmann must have hit the bullseye of a powder keg, given the explosion it caused. Third, McCain is damaged goods, has always long been damaged goods, and can no longer be relied on for appropriate behavior. His emotions are clouding his judgement, or there is financial interest at play here. (Remember, he has a history of unpunished, documented corruption.) Go Michelle! America needs many more like you.

      • David Stiefel

        Amen. I have myself been trying to remind everyone that McCain is damaged goods and a traitor and unreliable in any way, shape or form. He's almost as worthless as John F'n Kerry in every respect. And his "war hero" thing? He was betraying secrets during that time, and he is nothing more than a war SURVIVOR. His "hero" status thing is 98% pure hype. Except everyone fell for it.

        For ABC News to take McCain's word for it, rather than, you know….INVESTIGATING every possible lead…which is their JOB…and joining in with the cheer squad in bashing Bachmann just because she's Bachmann?

        Wholly unprofessional for a news organization and wholly irresponsible with a possible national security threat.

        It sickens me that my government treats ME as a national security threat just because my ex-girlfriend is from the Philippines; but lets REAL threats like Huma's mother get off scott free for posign a REAL threat, just because she's Arab.

        You wonder why I'm discussing racial prejudice? That's the entire way Obama, Hillary, and Eric Holder run national security. Anyone conservative is automatically a threat; especially if they're white. Anyone liberal / Muslim / whatever is automatically above reproach, especially if they're brown.

        Filipinos and Israeli Jews get along well with Conservative America. So Obama and Holder piss on both of them every chance they get. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to kill us. So Obama and Holder make love to the Brotherhood and get off to its propaganda every chance they get.

        • David Stiefel

          *instead joining in with the cheer squad…

    • stevefraser

      Wasn't Joe M right?

    • David Stiefel

      This stinks of RINOs taking after the Democrats of old. They're protecting the new Alger Hiss (Huma) and trying to discredit the new McCarthy (Bachmann,) as the new Whittaker Chambers (Walid Shoebat) does everything in his power to expose a spy of the New Soviets (namely, the Muslim Brotherhood.)

      Expect pumpkin papers to arrive in 30-40 years proving that Bachmann and Shoebat were right all along about (almost) EVERYTHING, just as the 1995 investigation proved that McCarthy and and Chambers were right about EVERYTHING about Alger Hiss.

    • jay

      Bachmann is trying to investigate actual islamic infiltration into govt, and it is called Mccarthyism.
      What about when william rehnquist was to be appointed to the supremme court. It was argued by the liberals the he be denied this position on the grounds of suspision that he belonged to certain groups in Arizona that had the audacity to be against the incone tax and involvment in the UN. That's worse than Mccarthyism because your not even looking for actual physical ties to some enemy, but banishing someone for simply holding an idea. The right has had to deal with this for decades. You hear about blacklisting reds in hollywood in the 40's, they never had to suffer at all, they just used different names, while the people who testified against the communist were the ones who were truly blacklisted. Even in university, try supporting capitalism, and see what happens to you grades!!

  • y Brnadtstetter MD

    Its hard to distinguish between mc Cain's blindness to BHO's Islamic affiliation

    • Michael

      McCain is a brave and honorable man,psychologically damaged but a loser,political idiot full with hot air indignation. The voters shall relieve him from the Senate duty ASAP

  • WildJew

    John McCain seems (as of late) to be exercising poor judgment in terms of foreign policy visa-vis the Muslim world. Libya and Egypt are some of the latest examples. McCain became the most senior foreign-policy figure to call on Egyptian President Mubarak to immediately step down, leaving an opening for Muslim Brotherhood to fill the void. Lots of people believe McCain is a war hero but this latest bit "naivete" might turn out to be treasonous. Time will tell.

    • mlcblog

      Of late??! The only time McCain had a grasp of reality was in his heroic act when he intervened in the airplane fire on deck and averted death for some fellow airmen.

      I think the time spent in the hole (POW) affected his intestinal fortitude and sense of reality….plus he married money. That, too, can mess up a guy's thinking.

      He's never been a person of much character in my book, a dim bulb it seems.

    • Joseph

      McCain's judgement has always been terrible–it's why he lost in 2008 to the Leftist in the White House now. He should never have been elected to the Senate in the first place. By the way, since when does surrendering to the enemy in time of war make a soldier a hero? That's another mystery to me. My own idea of a hero is Audie Murphy or Sgt. York–but then I guess I'm just old-fashioned…or sane.

    • Sage on the Stage

      Sen. McCain is an elitist, and a phony, who has ridden his war-hero status for all its worth;
      and he's run out of gas with that. He tries to play both sides of the fence–he claims he's for Israel, then demands special treatment for Muslims in the government, that he likes. McCain's highest value is political correctness, and he gave us a glaring example in 2008, when he apologized for saying the Great Zero's entire name in public. THAT gave the election to the Great Zero.

    • Al Viggiani

      People in the public eye are too scared to take a stand. Too afraid. A brave and clear eyed Michele Bachmann dosent hesitate, its the Mother instinct to protect the flock. Some thing McCain dosent get. She has the right to call attention to a possible security threat.

  • Éamonn Gavin

    With all due respect to John McCain's military record, his performance in his attempt to become the President of the United States of America showed that his days of valour, flair, dynamism and guts have been left a long way behind.
    He should now allow those who have the steel and the guts to take on Islamism to do so without his making appeasing comments towards those connected with terrorists, and/or apologists for, terrorism. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

    • tremain2004

      McCain shows himself as just another politition, blowing in the wind.

      I voted for McCain in Arizona, and I deeply regreat it.

      He has lost power and credibility and grasps at anything to show that still has relavance

      He does not, and he should be ashamed

      Thank God Bush beat McCain

      • warpmine

        Why on creation would you have voted for the RINO last time out in the primary?

    • stevefraser

      Yup….He was broken and reassembled in a Communist reeducation camp.

    • Rick/MT

      McCain is no longer an asset to this country. His conduct as a senator is questionable, and he should resign before being asked to leave.

  • kafir4life

    When TonyD took the shahada in order to prevent huma of the ummah from being "honored" by the muslim community, the kapo Senator from NY Cheesey Chuck (you) Schumer presided, and will announce that he too has become a muslim as he can no longer count on the Jewish vote as he and President Stinky (-bo) have driven most of that block away.

  • WildJew

    Michael Calderone, the senior media reporter for The Huffington Post, has written an article which appears on the website of Arab American News that appears to “credit” Senator John McCain for helping get carriage for Al-Jazeera English (AJE) on Time Warner cable in New York….

  • Jerry

    So he believes Huma is a wonderful person. There are many who said Stalin was a wonderful host and worked tirelessly for his people. McCain is an idiot! Would we give a security clearance to the daughter of Putin? With this administration…probably.

    • Larry

      Given who this administration has given security clearances to, there is no "probably" involved.

      Just look up the backgrounds of people like Jarret and Axelrod, to name but two.

      For that matter, if the obamessiah had applied for a Govt job that required a high level security clearance he wouldn't have gotten it.

    • YLEM

      Look at who Huma married. Weiner! That shows that her judgement about people is very off. He's a degenerate and she married him, after knowing what he was up to at the time. How/Why would she stay with him after those twitter pix? If she is accepting him in her life and the life of her child, then she is also a degenerate.

    • Nancy

      I read a laundry list of Huma's discreditation immediately after her husband aired HIS discreditation.
      What has taken ANYONE in WDC so long to address this potential horror? I was horrified and welcome Bachmann attention to the matter. Does anyone in Washington read?

  • Infidel

    This is pure ignorance on McCains part. Any wonder why he lost the election?

    • YLEM

      Let McCain know what you think. I did. Google 'contact John McCain'. If they request an Arizona address, just use John McCain's phoenix office address.

    • Wakt

      I continue to wonder how, and why, politicians and their staffs can be provided with security clearances without the proper investigation as to whether they should have the privilege to have access to classified material – and it is a privilege, not a right! That includes a normal 9 month-1 year period for a full background investigation, and then if granted a clearance, continuing scrutiny and polygraph sessions, etc.

      In my 40 years of having the most sensitive and compartmented of clearances, a full background investigation was done on me which took almost 7 months when I joined the Navy. After retiring 20 years later and getting hired on to do the same job for an NGO (gov't contractor), an initial polygraph test was added, administered and repeated every five years (or as necessary).

  • M Starry

    Thank you Robert, for giving me ammo for defending Michele in our local paper today! Just what I needed.

    • YLEM

      Here's some more: I don't know if I can post web address here, but search for The Ulsterman Report. Today he has an interview with a Military Insiders (MI) for the first time, and the Wall Street Insider (WSI). Also, if you have the time, look at the other interviews with the WSI and the White House Insider (WHI) who is a Democrat and who hates Obama and what he's trying to do to America. It will frighten you!

      I actually could post it here (see above).

  • Frank95054

    This is the same Senator McCain who wrote the Indefinite Detention Bill (NDAA)! A clear piece of treasonous legislation. Now this traitor is defending a Muslim Brotherhood member! Give me a break. I can’t believe what McCain has turned into.

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    Thank you Robert.

    Keep up the good work.

    Globalism and Islam go hand in hand.

  • Amused

    Yea go ahead and attack McCain , for having the decency and common sense to put aside these ridiculous rumors . Bachman's an idiot and slanderer . There is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER , regarding this woman other than that she has been a loyal American . .
    If it were a Republican President sitting in the White houise , all of you a-holes would have NOTHING to say , no false claims or rumors to spread . And you ALL know it .
    What a bunch of sheeetheads !!!
    Too bad , I like Spencer and been rteading his blog since it's inception , but it looks like he's either gone senile , or losing his marble . Tsk,tsk , tsk -maybe too much time spent with the screechingGeller creature .
    Maybe Spencer oughta get a room with Sheriff Arpaio and his " Birther Bullshheeet " .
    Too bad Robert , but you just lost a good deal of your credibiity . Put some distance between you and Geller , she's rubbing off on you man .

    Ok sycophants …'s see all those "thumbs down " . This should warrant atleast a -100 . Schmucks !!!

    • kafir4life

      Don't you have a union boss to service? That's amusing! I think he wants a raise too, so your dues about to go up. And don't forget his cars. Weekends are for waxing.

      • Amused

        GFY kafir4life .That;s about all of a reply you're worth .btw , you're also a gullible moron 4LIFE

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Tsk, tsk, Not Amused. That's quite a rant. Don't like Joe Arpaio either, do you? Remember that your morning meds are the most important of the day. Wanna raise your blood pressure a few hundred points? Google "LATMA TV" & see if you like it. I doubt you will.


      • Amused

        Wrong Karshi-whatever , I liked Arpaio until he latched on to his birther b.s. exposing himself as a true ignoramus , as for Spencer , he had my greatest respect , as I said I 've posted on and read his blog since it's inception , defended him on LGF , to the point of getting banned by Johnson . Ive had the greatest respect , admiration ,gratitude to McCain for his service to country , but he became a dirtbag in my eyes when he was up to his ears in the Banking Loan Scandal in the 80's and Keating . I do however give him credit for not being a lock-strep moron like the rest of you idiots on this blog …lol….and of all people whose arse to lick ? Bachman ! Who would cut another persons throat to get in the news and invited to the convention . And don't worry about raising my bloodpressure ,[ you are incapable ] just my level of chagrin , for when this bogus B.S. story first broke , I could have predicted word for word what would expectorate out of the mouths of you idiots .

        • Amused

          The only surprise here , is that Bob Spencer ,a highly intelligent man , whose message is extremely important in this country and in these times ,and throw away much of his capital in credibility, would lick the arse of ,and suck up to a hairbrained batshiit crazy broad like Bachman , who no doubt would cut another persons throat to get back in the news and maybe get invited to the convention . After all Romney is actually NOT the official Nominee until it's made official at the convention….maybe Bachman smells the utter stupidity that has gripped the Republican party visa-vis warped conservatives and teabaggers ,and actually thinks she can pull sometyhing off at the convention ….but then again Arpaio was puting on a pretty good act as a sane person until he joine the birther troupe , now I consider him no less an idiot than most of the posters on this thread.
          Perhaps you Karshi-blah blah , have enough sense to retrieve your brain from up on that same shelf ,and actually think for yoursel , unlike kafir4life , in whom their is no hope since already proving himself a mindless moron quite some time ago .

          • Amused

            I still believe however too much palling around with Geller has clouded Spencers thinking , lol….maybe he'been plunking her .

          • Kufar Dawg

            LOL, sticking to the moral high ground eh?

    • Isabellathecrusader

      I think you meant "Confused".

      • Amused

        not quite Isabellethedumber

    • Mensch Keymelon

      "Too bad Robert , but you just lost a good deal of your credibiity"

      What? You mean he had credibility?

      Now that is a laugh… oh, I'd admit to his in-credibility, yes, outrageous-outlandish-and-off-the-chain-islamophobic-in-credibility… but straight up credebility?

      No, I don't think so.

      • Drakken

        That is really funny sand ape, you muslims have zero credibility to us infidels period, In God(not allah) you trust, all muslims are suspect period.

      • HoR_Emperor

        Screw off, anti-Semitic troll.

        • Mensch Keymelon

          Just beacuse I am Anti-Spencer doesn't mean I am Anti-Semetic…it just means I have good taste…

      • Amused

        No Robert Sprencer was doing fine until he palled up with the screeching Pamela Geller . Too bad , he's got islam pegged , but chose to corrupt his own message .

    • HoR_Emperor

      Recurrent Lefty troll, your claim to "like Spencer" is a lie.

      And your typing skills are rather… lacking. Getting a little over-excited? Too much coke?

      • Amused

        GFY HoR_Imbecile , come back and show me the egg on your face when this pathetic attempt revisiting McCarthyism blows up in your face .

    • keyesforpres

      No evidence whatsoever….uh duh, that is why Bachmann said it needs to be investigated.
      As Robert said, this woman's family ties would have warranted her being denied a security clearance. It most certainly warrants an investigation.

      I'm not buying it that you have read Robert's blog since its inception. You would not be acting the way you are acting. You would have more sense if you'd actually been reading his blog "since its inception".

      You would have enough sense to know that o's not being eligible for the office is very serious.

      I do agree with you on one thing, there are a lot of sheeeeetheads in the muslim world! I am so sure that is what you meant by that term!

    • Kufar Dawg

      How do you know there's no evidence? Clairvoyance? Or is the angel Gabriel speaking in your ear? Maybe a Djinn told you?

    • Carolina

      Your "argument" is nothing but a wad of insults. You did not address or refute a single statement.

      Learn to make a case instead of waste everyone's time.

    • Nancy

      In order to have clearance to serve in the U. S. Government your close associates must not have associations that are anti American. I'd have to say father, mother and brother are pretty close associations. You need to wake up!

  • ★FALCON★

    McCain declared in a statement on the Senate floor that “recently, it has been alleged that Huma, a Muslim American, is part of a nefarious conspiracy to harm the United States by unduly influencing U.S. foreign policy at the Department of State in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist causes.”

    What is there to allege? Huma Abedin is a Stealth Operator – everyone knows this.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      "Check for the boogeyman hiding under your bed…….he's no longer Red…"

      • no one

        Falcon is just here looking for some company to curl up to.

        Where the hell does falcon come from?

      • Kufar Dawg

        Tell it to the millions of Armenian and Assyrian Christians killed by your Turkish muslim brethren in the early 20th century. Tell it to the million Jews who have been ethnically cleansed from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Egypt through muslim persecution. Tell it to the tens of thousands of kufars slaughtered by Indonesian islamofascists in the 1970's. Tell it to the more than 2 million Hindus slaughtered by muslo-fascists in Bangladesh (also in the 1970's). Tell it to the million odd Christians and animists who were slaughtered and enslaved by your muslim brethren in the Sudan/Darfur in the late 20th and early 21st century. Then take a big swig of your camel urine cocktail and yell allah ackbar.

    • Amused

      What kind of A-hole are you Falcon ? WHERE is "everyones " proof ?? And why didn't you bother to put the rest of McCain's statement in your post ? Oh I forgot , that 's how you conservative assssholes operate , so I guess you're just staying true to form….. eh chump ?

      • Drakken

        You are either with the muslims or you are with the rest of us infidels, there is no longer any middle ground, pick a side and choose wisely.

        • Amused

          Not really dimbulb , you are in a class of your own . The behavior of you schmucks on this issue puts you squarely in the realm of islamic bullshiiit and propagana . Make up a lie and then kill the infidel ….that is what you are doing , and the fact that the VICTIM in question is a muslim does not rationalize your hypocrisy . You're pathetic .

          • Drakken

            Well Sparky you go ahead and keep those I feel therefore I am lib/progressive policy positions instead of facts,logic and common sense. The rest of us will see the islam for what it is, a clear and present danger to the West, please by all means take your kumbaya singing lib azz and go join your jihadist friends.

  • Ar'nun

    John McCain can go pound sand up his…. This is the same pos that went to Egypt, and gave statements to the media in front of a picture of Hosni Mubarak with the words "JEW JEW JEW" spray painted over it and a schwatzstika, and then claimed he saw no evidence of an anti-Semitic or even an anti-Israel back-drop on the "Arab Spring". Add his name to the list.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      I thought you guys were all about freedom of speech and expression here?

      I mean, wow, some of the rabid psychotic drivel you people spew out here, it would be unbelievable if it weren't in black andwhite….and you get twisted up over some punk tagging a poster of Honi?

      • HoR_Emperor

        Says the anti-Semitic troll.

        • Mensch Keymelon

          Hating Zionism is not equivalent to hating Semetic Tribes, you idiot.

          • keyesforpres

            Well,well, Robert must be over the target…..with all the flack you and a couple of others are spewing.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Yeah, no kufar would be smart enough to figure out islamofascists are using Zionist as their new euphemism for Jew, because, after all, they're not the "best of people" are they?

        • Mensch Keymelon

          "rabid psychotic drivel " the shoe fits you doesn't it?

          • Kufar Dawg

            "Rabid psychotic drivel" sounds like an apt summation of the contents of the holy Quran and hadeeths.
            Is that what you were referring to?

  • Jaladhi

    McCain is clueless and no wonder he lost the last election due to his delusional self righteousness when he won't even talk about big O's questionable past!! This is what happens when one won't face the truth and pander to the lies of leftist liberals aka communists.

  • Schlomotion

    Great! I hope after the Muslim Brotherhood is disenfranchised in the US, Ms. Bachmann shows the same fervor in disenfranchising AIPAC, JINSA, the ADL, Opus Dei, Scientology, FACES of Coal, and the American Petroleum Institute.

    • Larry

      Happy eternal nakba, deadhead.

    • HoR_Emperor

      And another anti-Semitic troll grunts out its hatred.

    • keyesforpres

      Aw….you down with the Muslim Brotherhood? You know, those sweetie pies that are the father of Hamas, Al Qaeda, most other of today's terrorist organizations?

      Guess you like those cliterectomies performed with dirty blades or broken glass and no anesthesia. Guess you thinks it fine and dandy to murder your daughter for being raped or for refusing to wear the head bag?

      Got it.

  • Mike Villano

    Manchurian McCain just needs to learn to shut up.
    He really needs to shut his ignorant mouth and just retire.
    Whatever credit he earned as a war hero he has squandered as a sell out of his party, his country and the American people.

    Thanks Mr. McCain, now please just go off to pasture and stop selling us all out.

    • Amused

      YEA Mr.McCain just shut up leave and let us continue with our witch hunt . .There's no room for you in the FACIST world Teabaggers /Conservatives and cuckhold Republicans envision . Go look under your bed for some of those mooozlims Villano .
      BTW -MCCain screw you and your service and suffering for the United States , you dare question the the new McCarthyists???? How dare you , you TRAITOR >
      Bet you never served eh Villano ?

      • gray man

        McCarthy was right dumazz

      • keyesforpres

        islam is the ultimate facism. You are aware that the Grand Mufti pufti paired up with Hitler during WWII?

      • Kufar Dawg

        LOL, look an islamofascist (a redundant term if there ever was one) complaining about fascism. It's almost as funny as a nazi complaining about antisemitism.

  • Steve Chavez

    EXCUSE ME ROBERT! Obama, Hillary, Czars, appointments, and many others in their "CIRCLE OF COMMUNISTS" COULDN'T GET PAST THE FIRST INTERVIEW IF THEY EVEN GOT THAT!

    If there is any person on Earth who knows about this topic, IT'S ROBERT SPENCER and all his books are eye openers but if you have heart trouble, read slowly.

  • sdeakins

    John McCain wouldn't know a Muslim Brotherhood Supporter if he ran against one for President and lost …. HEY!

  • Daffy Duck

    Anthony Wiener, a Jewish man, and Huma Abedin, a Muslim woman, are a married couple.

    Neither a rabbi nor a Muslim cleric performed the ceremony.

    How could Huma's family with its strong Muslim Brotherhood ties allow and accept this marriage?

    Because William Jefferson Clinton performed the ceremony.

    Figure the rest of it out for yourselves.

    • Amused

      Hey Daffy , Elmer Fudd's calling you .

      • keyesforpres

        Got a valid argument? Or just pathetic namecalling.

    • http://frontpage richard sherman

      Weiner’s mother was not Jewish! He therefore is not Jewish!

    • keyesforpres

      Taqiyya baby. Taqiyya.

  • patriotwork

    My opinion. There's the good old boys' club, then there's the Washington insiders SOB Club. Among the Repubicans, John McCain is probably the leading establishment SOB.

    Now for the issue. Michelle Bachmann is not only in the right, but John McCain has to know it. So what is his motivation?

    • Amused

      how about something called truth , or proof , or evidence ?

      • keyesforpres

        That's why Bachmann wants an investigation…to see if there is evidence. That what investigations are about.

        Me thinks ye protest too much.

        • Kufar Dawg

          As does McCain…

  • Fred

    I do not trust McCain since he "threw the election" to Obama. What a weak candidate. I think this was all planned out for him to act like a serious candidate and lose the election. He should have gotten an acting award.

    Also MCCain was one of the guys behind the unconstitutional NDAA Bill. The Vietcong should have kept him.

  • Linda Rivera

    John McCain is a TRAITOR. Tragically for America, he is not the only traitor in government. Obama, Clinton and Huma Abedin, show no allegiance to our nation. Their allegiance is to totalitarian, colonizing, expansionist, global Islam.

    Wonderful Michele Bachmann is a very strong woman and extremely patriotic. If only she could become our president, she would save America!

    • Amused

      yea " Wonder Woman " incarnate …….take an aspirin Linda .

      • keyesforpres

        Oooooo another intelligent response.

        You are really starting to sound like a muslim.

      • Sage on the Stage

        Why don't you put your money where your big mouth is, and buy some stock in Ocean Liner companies?

  • YLEM

    I just called McCain's DC office telling him what I think of him. I encourage you all to do the same.

    241 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510
    Main: (202) 224-2235
    Fax: (202) 228-2862

  • YLEM

    I just called McCain's DC office telling him what I think of him. I encourage you all to do the same.

    Main: (202) 224-2235
    Fax: (202) 228-2862

  • Good boy

    if I were a member of the Triads, I don't think my son would have gotten a scholarship from the NSA.

  • Larry Wood

    It has been alleged that Hilliary likes to surround herself with women of the liking women persuasion. However, if this woman is a Muslim, she is in an influential position with Hillirah, which is in of itself not worrisome, but she should be vetted. Clinton is the Secretary of State, not the mayor of a small town someplace.
    Islam is a threat, but, again, Clinton is noted for the sexual preference of her female staff. It is unlikely that this woman would be an exception, thereby making her amoral under both Christianity and Islam.

  • mrbean

    I have often wondered what the Clintons have on John "dead man walking" McCain.

  • Civilus Defendus

    This reminds me of the "Communist Euphoria" of power-hungry people attracted to the ideals of a totalitarian state.

    Soon the money and honey sweet words will disappear and reveal the sedition, domination and terror they are hiding.

    • Amused

      looks like you got the Republicans , Teabaggers and Conservatives pegged , eh chump ?

      • gray man

        are you stupid?

      • keyesforpres

        You know notamused, I gotta tell ya, we Tea Partiers had never heard of that term before you guys starting calling us that. Most of us didn't know what it meant. But I'll tell yah something…..folks like you sure do seem mighty familiar with that particular activity.

      • Kufar Dawg

        "Conservative" isn't that what the MSM calls imams that call for the extermination of Jews?

  • Raymond in DC

    This issue came up on NPR’s Dianne Riehm show this morning when she interviewed Sen. Marco Rubio. Rubio dismissed the letter as just one person’s opinion, but one which he couldn’t support. His position is little different from McCain’s.

    Meanwhile, there are Jewish Americans who have trouble getting a security clearance because they have family or themselves have spent time in Israel.

  • Ghostwriter

    It seems that Senator McCain has just made himself look like a fool. It's sad. He should have thought a little harder instead of making himself look stupid.

    • gray man

      Senator McCain has been making himself look like a fool for years.

  • YLEM

    MILITARY INSIDER: President Obama – “By Any Means Necessary”



  • Oleg

    mcCain is like vc charlie now, gives special treatments to big boss pow… me think vc charlie got to his head, now anybody with a big enough purse can.
    …my my, all those pow secrets the vc was willing to share.

    • Amused

      You weren't there Oleg , what do you know .

      • Amused

        Stop being a "pretend " Vietnam Vet .

      • Oleg

        hey, I don't have to be in your head to know what "empty" feels like.

        • Amused

          Of course not , and even if that were possible for a dolt like you , you are familiar with that feeling , because your own head is empty . Imagine that ! All that open space for your two neurons to chase one another around .

          • Oleg

            …now that you've cleaned up, how many heads did you say you have?

  • patriothere

    of course this "magazine" Is going to be the ONLY one defending what even the Mainstream Media is calling a witch hunt and a joke. Are the editors here even interested in credibility? I guess not.

    • keyesforpres

      LOL, you referenced the lame stream media as a credible source! Thanks for the belly laugh. Sure do appreciate it!

    • Kufar Dawg

      LOL, the same MSM that portrays islam as a religion of peace. All the MSM inspire now is incredulity.

  • YLEM

    THESE ARE A MUST READ FOR ALL — AND PLEASE PASS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. The Ulsterman Report (first post) has interviews with big Wall Street Insider and a Democrat operative White House Insider. These men are doing all they can to take Obama down. We need to help them by educating everyone. WE ARE AT WAR WITHOUT WEAPONS.

    MILITARY INSIDER: President Obama – “By Any Means Necessary”




    • Amused

      somehow I think you truly resemble your avatar . LOL…Beck ….Bachmann in one place !! Get the plunger and break out the lithium , the toilet's overflowing !!

  • Amused

    Hell no . This is jut another proxy for an attack on the arch-enemy . It doesn't matter that this is no more than an aspersion cast by a brain damaged woman named Bachmann ,and some angry disaffected Republicans . They chose their time in which to expectorate this drivel , and they know there's certainly enough DUMB people in this country to suck it up …lol…just look at the posters on this thread . Even Spencer , a man with a very important message , possessing a high level of intelligence , has lowered himself to bend down and lick this vomit up off the sidewalk ….destroying the high degree of credibility and respect he has enjoyed in the past .
    This indeed SMACKS of McCarthyism .And you accuse McCain , a man with balls enough to stand up for sanity …..of being a TRAITOR ??

    • bridget horton

      Conservative Friends, I’m a bright, informed citizen and this story has always confused me. Here is a Muslim woman with deep connections, on every level, to an Islamic terrorist gang. She, nevertheless, holds an important position in our government and is married to a Jew with deep connections to the pervert community, on many levels. We all know his story as a disgraced congressman and pathological liar. Laughabley, he now promotes himself as a candidate for mayor of NYC.

      • bridget horton

        This is to continue….So please help me through this. It is a factual that he is a traitor. He betrayed his marriage, his child, his constituentcy and ultimately ran afou

        • Amused

          oh wonderfull bridget , what do you do for encores . Please state atleast one fact which would indicate this woman is a terrorist .
          BTW , you're not bright , niether are you informed .

          • gray man

            hey numb nuts, no one said she was a terrorist, what was said is that she has ties to hamas which is a terrorist organization.

          • Kufar Dawg

            Not all muslims can be terrorists, after all someone has to act as bagman.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    John McCain, retire to your porch and swing, your day has been long over………….William

  • bridget horton

    Yes, yet again….Finally, of which Weiner should we be more wary? I vote we begin at the top. Let’s rid ourselves of these two (neither of whom can decide on his/her own name.) But i would like opinions if any who has put this together.

  • bridget horton

    These two being BHO and the increasingly frightening Hillary Rodham.

  • ink

    McCain is progressive a lot of his previous comments are in line with the far left democraps. when he was campaigning he stopped one of his supporters from using Obama's middle name. His middle name is a fact, and he suppressed that so this don't surprise me one bit. We might find out the truth when the MBH flood in from the border of his state.

    • gray man

      McCain has become an insignificant little nothing

  • Jimi Belton

    Mr. Mccain is a Has Been…..The Major from Fort Hood Tx. was a great patroit American, with an unblimished record… dare anyone question his priorties….But he killed several 1 Cav. soldiers…..and now where are the Mccains that overlooked his affiliation with the MB, and other Rad Isiamic murderous groups…..I do not trust any MUZZY….And will someone tell me what a Jewish man, Former Cong. Weiner doing marrying one of these sworn enemies of Israel….

    • Annette

      According to the Quaran Jimi Belton, a muslim can break Muslim laws if he/she is practicing jihad against infidels (the United States). So she marries Weiner, a Jew, to get in the political door to undermine our country in the name of Islam! As stated in the Qur'an, deception of "infidels" is a blessed military tactic to advance the cause of Islam, world domination.

    • Oleg

      For a Jew to marry a muslime is an oxymoron, it can never happen!!!… either neither is Jewish or they're both muslime… this weiner is a jino (jew in name only) and therefore a dino (democrat in name only)!

  • hermeneutica1

    And the point is? The State Dept has always been fraught with enemies of the state, witness the Venona Tape disclosure in the mid 90s that dates subsversive State Dept activities since the mid 40s. HOW ELSE WOULD WE CONFUSE THE HELL OUT OF OUR ENEMIES and make them think they've got us where they want us! Look, Hillary can babble at us and the UN all she wants. It makes them 'feel like' they are accomplishing something and keeps those tin pot dictators from getting frustrated and committing genocide against each other. Sure we're going to disarm! Sure we are going let the 3rd worlders steal from the American taxpayer! Sure we are going to betray Israel! Sure we are going to let the Chinese and Russians have a military secrets! SURE SURE SURE! (and what the pigs fly come Nov) And then…… the 'negotiation cycle' starts all over again……GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Panchito42

    What does McCain have to do regarding national matters of paramount importance to America's security when he served obama the Presidency on a silver platter? (Read Trevor Loudon's "Barack Obama and the Enemies Within")

    In addition to McCain other RINOs and establishment-Republicans (e.g., Boehner, Jeff Flack, etc.) are thundering against Bachmann. But who deeming himself/herself an American of good birth will listen to them?

    Hillary Clinton is also hurling barrages of flack on Bachmann, but which patriotic American will listen to her?

    Hillary and Huma are two peas of a pod. Hillary is such an Alynksky devout that her graduation thesis at Weslesley College ( is a shameless glorification of Alinsky, who in gratitude offered her a job working for him but she rather went to law school, Then Hillary, relatively well-connected as her parents were, chose to do her law-internship with the Oakland (CA) law offices of Robert Treuhfat, who was not just a Marxist-Leninist of the Bolshevik strand, he was a Stalinist-Bolshevik, from his own words and writings. And here Hillary is, the Secretary of State in the Obama regime.

    Who would give any serious consideration to any vouch from Hillary for Huma? The two women are two femmes with a dubious past…and present.

    Fortunately all those vermin and ruderal –starting with obama– will be out by noon, January 21, 2013, when the eviction by the ballot of barack hussein obama off White House premises will be consummated.

  • K Okins

    Seriously…. do you people have any idea how ridiculous you all are. The woman has been vetted and earned security clearance that none of you could ever hope to obtain. These questions and concerns have been addressed and Ms. Bachmann knows that full well. She is an muckraking, fear monger who preys on the uninformed.

  • Bridgeport Guy

    Who's putting Bachmann up to this? Is it AIPAC? It's funny how so many men and women in government positions in the United States have dual citizenship and take actions that are definitely not in the best interest of the United States, but are beneficial to Israel. Many people in the U.S. are waking up and realizing that the greater threat to our existence as a country comes from within, with the perfect example being giving billions of our tax dollars per year away to a country in which a lawmaker just the other day tore up the New Testament on camera for all to see just how much they love Christians.

  • jaymike

    Robert is spot on as usual in matters Islam. The good Senator has long outlived his credibility he deservedly earned as a Vietnam War Hero. Does no good to yell "Fire" in a burning theater if he doesn't speak loud enough to be heard because he is afraid to wake up those asleep next to him. Kind of like his weather vane proclivities when his RINO genes appear….like now. His grating voice, mushy demeanor and wimpy delivery merits a channel change everytime he appears.
    Watched all of the Keating 5 hearings in the early 90's. Have not liked or trusted him since. Had to hold my nose and vote against BHO in 2008.
    He and Hatch are part of the problem in the Senate…..All hat! No Horse!

  • rulieg

    did we need any more proof that McCain is a complete maroon?

  • Starleys

    I am a Conservative. I believe in Justice and Rule of Law. And no inference of wrongdoing should be initated without evidence.
    I do not like what Secretary Clinton supports and will be happy to see her leave office. However,this woman, Huma Abedin,has been in the public eye for over 15 years with nothing but admiration and a sterling reputation from her peers. At no time has her loyalty been in question. By naming her as a person requiring investigation, she has been personally attacked.
    Her family history has never been a secret. To suddenly infer she is a possible threat with no evidence smacks of McCarthyism of the worst kind. We scream when unfounded allegations are made against conservatives, to make an inference like this without evidence is hypocrisy and bigotry.
    We hear people complain of immigrants, and most recently moslem, who fail to integrate into american society. This woman is an American. Born in America. Her history of success and hard work appears the epitomy of the immigrant success story. To attack this person without evidence only further drives others striving to be a part of our society into frustration.
    I, myself, offer my apology and best wishes to the lady.

  • a.h.

    McCain sliding dangerously close to Article 3 Section 3 territory.

  • Damon Whitsell

    Bachmann's official FB page is under heavy attack

  • Omar Kahlid

    McCain is a disgrace. Sure he was a POW and God love him and grant him peace for his suffering. Being a POW does not, however, make you smart or honest. Twenty years of corruption has taken a toll. McCain has sold out to the Saudi interests. maybe some photos of John with the young Filipino boys that the House of Saud so likes to play with. Someone OWNs McCain completely. He cannot get off his knees when it comes to endorsing the islamist agenda. When BHO is found to be an illegal president it will be McCain who champions BHO's cause calling for understanding while some muzlim practices stretching old John's anus for some high times.
    McCain, Once a man, now just a has been that should have left office with pride years ago. A muzlim hand puppet.

  • watsa46

    “the letter and the report offer not one instance of an action, a decision, or a public position that Huma has taken while at the State Department that would lend credence to the charge that she is promoting anti-American activities within our government. Nor does either document offer any evidence of a direct impact that Huma may have had on one of the U.S. policies with which the authors of the letter and the producers of the report find fault.”
    Mr. Mc Cain statement is shocking at best. It is not what she does that matters. She would be stupid to do anything visible or detectable. It is WHAT SHE LEARNS FROM INSIDE THAT IS THE PROBLEM!
    How DUMB can people be!

  • vdfgdddd

    Who gives a damn about his military record…McCain is proving to be more liberal by the day.

  • StevenDobbs

    John McCain is a jackass and a RINO. He should be tossed from the republican ticket. Let him run as an independent or as a democrook.