Jihad At the DNC

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It is no surprise, after four years of Obama Administration pandering, Muslim groups have a prominent role at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. The Charlotte Observer reports that organizers expect as many as 20,000 Muslims to attend the “Jumah at the DNC” series of events being organized by the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA). Among these events is an all-day “Islamic Cultural & Fun Fest,” which will include a “TownHall Issues Conference” that will address “issues such as Islamaphobia, Anti-Shariah, Middle Eastern Crisis, Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act and more.”

There is no doubt whatsoever that this “TownHall Issues Conference” will not include any discussion of Islamic jihad terror plotting in the U.S., or of how Muslim groups have tried to exaggerate the problem of “Islamophobia” by faking hate crimes. It is likewise certain that the “Anti-Shariah” issue will be portrayed as an attempt by bigoted Americans to restrict Muslim religious freedom, when in reality it is solely an attempt to prevent the political and supremacist aspects of Islamic law that are at variance with constitutional freedoms from gaining a foothold here. Certain also is that the discussions of the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act will focus on how these measures are supposedly excessive and unfairly target Muslims.

The overall thrust of the entire “TownHall Issues Conference,” as is clear from its stated agenda, is to portray Muslims as the innocent victims of a bigoted, racist and “Islamophobic” government and law enforcement establishment that is unfairly scapegoating Muslims as a whole for the misguided deeds of a few on September 11, 2001. It will include no discussion of the many attempted jihad attacks against the U.S. since then, or of the successful ones, such as Nidal Malik Hasan’s massacre at Fort Hood or Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad’s murders outside a military recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Any and all scrutiny of the Muslim community in the U.S. will be portrayed as gratuitous and unwarranted. The assembled Democrats, meanwhile, will be falling all over themselves to promise that whatever domestic counter-terror apparatus the Obama administration has failed to dismantle during its first term will go under the knife during its second.

But the most disturbing aspect of the entire “Jumah at the DNC” is not the obvious victimhood-mongering of its agenda, but the people involved. The Democrats are playing host to an unsavory gang of Islamic supremacists with numerous ties to jihad groups. Even this is not surprising, but it should be a matter of concern to any Americans who are more aware of the jihad threat than the average politically correct Democrat pol.

Take, for example, BIMA spokesman Jibril Hough. Hough’s mosque, the Islamic Center of Charlotte, is owned by a Muslim Brotherhood group, the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), which was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas terror funding case. When confronted about this on a radio show, Hough first professed not to be aware of the charges against NAIT, and then refused to disavow the organization, saying only that he himself was “not necessarily” a member of NAIT and: “I was not involved in the decision to allow NAIT to be the [title] holder.”

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  • Yossi Bar-Negev

    "But there is about as much chance of that as there is of the Democrats ditching Obama and nominating David Horowitz as their candidate for President of the United States." ….. Just in case they do nominate Horowitz, he's got my vote!

    • Drakken

      Well since that is not going to happen unfortunately, you had better vote for Romney.

      • yossibarnegev



    This convention will end up solidly linking the DNC with islamofacsists and Barack Hussein Obama.

    • WildJew

      Let's hope there remains a distinction between Democrats and Republicans on this issue.

      • curmudgeon

        good point. it wasnt our muslim in chief that declared islam to be a GREAT RELIGION OF PEACE and invited muslims to colonize us for 8 long years. the muslim in chief has only invited muslims to invade us for three and a half long years. it is hard to tell which party is more determined to surrender to islam.


      GWB had the best intentions. Unfortunately GWB made the mistake that Islamists have the same values as Westerners and East Asians.

    • wri7913

      Just remember that we should work to get many of the leftists on our side. We canNOT afford to lose this vital group. "A house divide will fall, a house united will stand" Some leftists are waking up to the terrible facts of Islam, many like Eric Allen Bell. We need to work to convince more of the dangers of aligning with Muslims and Islamic Supremacy.

      • Rick

        a house divided is the democrats . gays muslims jew christain the democratic party will fall

    • Prof Allison

      no one will report it


    If democrats try to make Mormonism an issue, then Islam will be an issue.

    I have never heard of a Mormon hijacking passenger planes and flying them into buildings, or stoning women to death, or shooting American soldiers in Fort Hood Texas,…

    • http://www.facebook.com/charliemoney3 Carlos Leal

      Islam is an issue because the Ideology is very dangerous to the Vital Interest of the United States of America and these Muslims (with Obama's blessings) are actively promoting their Islamic-Cultural Movement. Those of us that have taken the time and trouble to google and Research The Muslim Brotherhood Project for North America, have read their ' Plan ' and it's not good for the United States; actually it calls for the Overthrow of the US Government ' From Within ' . Guess what, that is exactly was is happening and it is exactly what we are witnessing.

    • Teed off in Texas

      Indeed! Follow the violence!!!

      These Americans are doing their duty…check out:
      http://www.theunitedwest.org http://www.jihadwatch.org … and educate yourself.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The MSM has already been smearing the Church of Latter Day Saints. Despite the fact that Mormons would prefer their faith be called LDS, the steaming piece on CNN referred to them as Mormons and insinuated the Mormon faith as being inherently and explicitly misogynistic. This despite the fact CNN is and has been completely silent on the systematic persecution of women practiced in most all muslime states.

    • guest

      You never will hear of a mormon commiting anything but acts of love and compassion. Right now there are thousands of young Mormons doing mission work all over the free world Many people who have similar traits could learn from their examples.

  • oldtimer

    Over and over 0 shows his tru colors, but the pc people refuse to see. I see no mention of other religious leaders attending, are there? Those pc blind people are always screaming for separation of church and state, and where are the atheists, as far as I'm concerned, this is prime example of where this should be applied.

  • davarino

    And you thought in this modern age there was nothing left to fight for. That the oath, "to defend against enemies foreign and domestic", was just a hollow phrase today because all the enemies have been vanquished. Well guess what, Thomas Jefferson statement about the Tree of Freedom is just as true today as it was then.


      davarino, Correctomento!

  • Confucius Say

    Obama lead 50,000 muslim men in prayer in September 2009 on the Mall in Washington DC.

    They prayed from morning until night for "The Soul of America."

    This Rite determines the "future destiny" of America and it was also an "Act of Surrender" to Islam.

    The Left is the 5th Column of Islam.

  • Gene W 1938

    All aspects of Islam [and their derivatives] are a satanic theocracy . Their book is written from shortest to longest chapters and is not chronological. Where there are conflicting statements, the most recent is dominant. Judeo-Christians are clearly defined as infidels and all aspects of their lives and influence must be purged from their system. Theyy encourages false agreements, abandoning contracts and lies as long as it has the long term effect of promoting their cause. They are not related to the beliefs of the God who created and sustains this universe and authored the Bible.

    Why any free society that understands what they believe would encourage infestation from that sort of life is be beyond understanding.

    Those who are not solid Biblical believers and do not understand the above are blinded by Satan and will buy into his system. Can you name any solid Biblical believer who has dedicated their life to glorifying God who endorses integration into or with their theocracy?

    • Bartimaeus

      Due to the increasing secularization of our culture and the increasing rejection of our Judeo-Christian heritage, we are now morally and spiritually weak enough for the virus of Islam to invade our system. The democrat party, with its multicultural blinders on, is trying to drag us farther left at every turn. We are definitely arriving at a last chance to turn things around.

      • Kufar Dawg

        But are they trying to drag us to the left? Or to an islamofascist 8th century theocracy?

  • Zinnia2

    well, bho in his iftar dinner speech said that sandra fluke could find refuge in islam, so the dnc has literally declared war on women with this recognition… these people must be defeated in Nov…

  • ★FALCON★

    Democrats have been on the wrong side of history since their inception – why would anyone suddenly think they're going to get one right? If democrats align with a religion, ideology, or political action – you can rest assured it's going to be bad for America.

    Democrats have a saying – never again, until the next time.

  • mrstarry76

    Not sure which to be more afraid of, the crucifying of Christians in Egypt or the Immans being invited to the WH and DNC convention.

    • BS77

      Be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID.

  • ChrisLA

    Readers should know that Muslim prayers, and the Friday Jumah prayer in particular, are highly anti-Jewish and anti-Christian. For insight into exactly what Muslims pray for see: http://islam-watch.org/authors/139-louis-palme/10

    • Mburu

      who hates christians more???????? is it rabbis or imams???????? what do rabbis say about jesus christ as compared to imams??????

      • Kufar Dawg

        A tuquo que argument. Yet another fallacy of argumentation. I don't notice Jews anywhere slaughtering, raping and forcibly converting Christians to Judaism in the 21st or 20th centuries, I can't say the same thing about muslo-fascists though.

        • Mburu

          ask the christians living in "israel" that question……they face continuous harassment from the orthodox jews who spit on them with impunity and contempt in the streets…

          .i have never seen any article in this website condemning the strident anti-christian rhetoric of the rabbis in israel and esewhere

          what double-standards!

          • Ghostwriter

            That's probably because there's very little anti-Christian or anti-American rhetoric coming from Israel while there tons of it coming from the Muslim world. Wake up and face reality,Mburu!

  • marios

    The Egyptian Christians crucification and Islamists ties to BHO WH and DNC have the same core: BHO.
    BHO said in his Cairo speech that USA is the biggest MUSLIMs country and he meant to change this country to prove it. He brought each year by 1MLN Muslims to our country as devoted Muslim himself and to have loyall DNC voters forever. Islamists support BHO in 2008 financially and voted about 100% for his election as well.
    Obama must be defeated in Nov to save our country from socialism and islamization.

    • Mburu

      the US needs to b urgently saved from zionification!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Choi

    The Jihadists have been at previous Democratic National Conventions,but kept a low profile.
    In 1996 when the Democratic Convention was held in Chicago,my wife and I had occasion to be in the "Sheraton Hotel",Downtown along the Chicago River, to visit a friend who was in town for a business show at McCormick Place and was staying there.
    The Sheraton was Convention HQ and wandering around checking the "sights" we walked past a Hospitality Room of a Muslim group. Who was standing at the door SHILLING?
    Abdul Rahman Al-Moudi , since then ,CONVICTED JIHADI and a CLOSE FRIEND of Grover Norquist

  • Questions

    An Islamic "funfest" — gee, I can't wait. There probably will be halal food, drink, workshops and even rides for the kids!! Of course, many curiosity-seekers will be seduced by this act. Which, of course, is the whole point of this exposition.

  • Bert

    Will the U.S. Muslims come into conflict with the left and the Jews whose social values are diametrically opposed to those of Islam and Sharia law? Or will they find common ground in promoting polygamy?

  • http://www.lambspoet.blogspot.com David Severy

    The world is quickly aligning into those for Israel and Her God and those opposed to Her AND her God! The Democrat party is sliding into line against God and Israel. It can’t be any clearer. May all who love JESUS and all who should be saved stay away from the democrat kool-aid stand.

    • Mburu

      who do israeli rabbis think of Jews and christians???????????????? please stop the deception

      • Mburu

        i meant:
        who do israeli rabbis think of Jesus and christians???????????????? please stop the deception

  • Drakken

    I say let the democrats fawn and cower before the muslims as much as they can, it gives the regular Joe citizen a good view of what the left stands for and it sure as heck isn't us. The more the muslims tell us the infidel what they are going to do, and we should encourage them to do, the greater the chance for that backlash the muslims fear to begin.

    • Wish

      Drakken, I wish it was true that the more muslims expose themselves for who they are and what their intent is that the backlash would begin but I can't get people around me to LISTEN! I just can't believe they've been so hoodwinked. I'm surrounded by FOOLS!

  • Gee

    The Democrats supported slavery and the Republicans ended it. Nothing has changed in 165 years

    • Questions

      Actually, your Jonah Goldberg version of history is factually challenged. First, "Democrat" and "liberal" have never meant the same thing; in the context of the pre-1970s South, in fact, they usually meant the opposite. It was Northern Democrats, by the way, who ended segregation in the 1960s (and with mixed results). Second, and more relevant, Democrats have become the ANTI-WHITE party, not the anti-black party. For that reason alone, all whites, whether liberal or conservative, should oppose it.

      As for blacks, let them handle their own publicity. They don't need our help. They're too busy organizing flash mobs to attack us. How about it if the GOP actually sought out the white vote?

  • clarespark

    The Democratic Party is now equivalent to the Old Left and the New Left "anti-imperialism. I say this as a former leftist. I wrote about the turn toward Communism and our decreasing ability to recognize it here; (the blog is about the persistence and power of the Popular Front): http://clarespark.com/2012/08/20/ernest-hemingway…. Hemingway, Carlos Baker, and the Spanish Civil War. Those are the jumping off points for a broader exploration.

  • Liz

    I wonder how the name "Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs" (BIMA) is going over with Native Americans? Whoever came up with it obviously based it on the "Bureau of Indian Affairs" agency title. The big difference between Native Americans, and Muslims, of course, is 1) Native Americans are an indigenous people to the land now known as the United States; Muslims are not and 2) Native Americans were, in fact, the victims of widespread American prejudice and a campaign of genocide against them; Muslims were not, and are not. It seems obvious to me that those who started this group are working up to cementing yet another Muslim lie of historic proportions; namely, that Muslims are "indigenous" to America. Just another swindle in the jihadist race toward victimhood.

  • pennant8

    BIMA. Oh no not another Muslim alphabet soup organization. I have been trying to construct a glossary of these groups for my own reference but I am starting to run out of disk space trying to keep up. If this wasn't so serious it would be comical. Seems like anyplace there are at least two Muslims you have an acronym organization.

  • marios

    islamists know that they can not conquer the world winning war by military. So they use both form of Jihad violent (terror) and non-violent ( penetration and infiltration into all institutions of Western civilization's countries).
    One of their prominent tactic is using taqiyya, deception to promote Islam. Muslims "indigenous" of America is nonsense as hundred years ago there was no Muslims at all here. They use "indigenous" of America at the same manner as invented people :Palestinians" in the ME. Unfortunately it works for corrupted Western countries establishment and for gullible common people.
    Thank you Robert Spenser for such important job to educate all of us in that subject..

  • bblsu63

    Rest assured that there will be thousands of Christians at the RNC. While they are there let's all say a prayer that God is not through with this country being great yet and an awakening of spirit in the people in the Will of His Spirit will bring victory and renewal to our country. God Bless America and God bless those who put Him first in their lives.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002830936475 Frank Jones

    These events coincide with the Democratic National Convention in September, they are not hosted by the DNC.

    While I strongly oppose islam and that specific event, this article is misleading.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I had thought Robert Spencer was describing what is planned for the DNC?

    • Gary Pharis

      Frank, I just became aware of the Jumah prayer fest by Muslims at the DNC in Charlotte last night. From all appearances it seems as though President Obama and the Democratic Party have not only sanctioned this event, but also condone it. Frank, do you have verifiable information indicating this is not the case?

  • http://southernrunner.blogspot.com loseyateefa

    I wonder what the Islamists will do when they come face to face with the Gay pride folks who should also be there in droves if the DNC officially supports Gay Marriage as one of its platforms. Don't think the 2 can exist in the same room. Let the fireworks begin! May be better than Olympics opening.

  • LittleDon

    Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs Etc., What a joke? What the Hell is with this U S Govt. and the DNC and Maybe RNC? If I want Muslim Rule I will move my A's to the Middle East! I live in America and You all want to come here FINE. But Respect our Country and we do not need your laws we have our own. Try them you may like them "IT IS CALLED FREEDOM" FROM TERRORIST!
    You all Want Us to understand You All? What a Joke! Most You folks want to do is, Be-head, Kill Women that talk to another man. Honor Killing's! Hate Jews and Christians! You all are The F. Treat!!!
    God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.villano.71 Mike Villano

    Dems have treason and the impulse to betray burned into their bones and genes really.
    That's accounts for the theology and attitude they offer in place of a thought process.
    That's why they are so quick to smear their opponents in the most hateful terms they would never use for the communists and jihadis they have been in bed with in the past and are in bed with today at the DNC.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What we see here is the new face of the Democratic Party, it has nothing to do with the future of
    America, only the future of evil, destruction, slavery and death to the great Satan which will
    be the true name for a Democrataslam……..a self fulfilling prophecy………………William

  • LEE

    Please, please, everyone who has added to this blog, VOTE. This is the only way to stop that maniac Obama.

  • A. Keen Observer

    Entertainment acts will include Debbie Wasserman-Schultz doing a nude bellydance.

  • Mburu

    why are ZIONISTS SUPREMACISTS allow to run and control strategic institutions/offices in the US when they r more loyal to israel/jewish community than to america???????????

    • Western Canadian

      They are not. And you are merely a vicious jew hating moron. Goody Bye.

  • Ghostwriter

    Why are you such an anti-semitic slimeball,Mburu?! Answer me that!

    • Kufar Dawg

      Antisemitism is part and parcel of the islamic faith and been ever since MuhamMAD slaughtered/enslaved/deported all the Jews who lived in the Soddy Barbarian peninsula.

  • Wish

    My sister is votes Dem no matter what. Just told her about this story & she said she'd have to read it herself & not only doesn't believe it, she said she doesn't care. This is how we'll lose America….BLIND FOOLS!!!

  • Wish

    I was a democrat my entire life till BO. There was just something very wrong, very different and very alarming about him, his followers and the people he surrounded himself with. No, I didn't vote for him & the democratic party isn't one I know any longer. Now, if I can just wake up my family to what BO is and what he's doing!

  • Asher

    The goals of Islam and Obama are blatently in the open now…..they will hold a spot at the DNC as a valued ally….and this means that the they are not favorable to a Free American Society!

  • http://www.facebook.com/marialilyD Lily Darcey

    Islam is the beast 666, or the antichrist. Read "The Coming," byJohn Daniels.

  • Michael Melio

    There is no JIHAD at the DNC.
    There has been, however, a coup detat in these United States, and it was signaled on 9/11/2001.

    The 'corporatocracy' has come out into the open; the events of 9/11 have so dumbfounded and 'shocked' the American psyche that clear-headed analysis has become nearly impossible. But sufficient time has elapsed that the shock effect has worn enough to permit a more objective analysis. The 'official' story of 19 Islamic fundamentalists having defeated the worlds best protected air space, is ludicrous on its face… for it makes a mockery to the hundreds of billions the American people have expended on their security.

  • William Lucas Harvey

    MY personal opinion, concerning President Barack Hussien Obama,
    Obama is our “Apparent”:
    1. Socialist Leaning.
    2. Muslim Leaning.
    3. “Terrorist” Sympathizing.
    4. Sharia/Jihad Sympathizing.
    5. “Appologist” (all around the World) for the U.S.A.
    6. Almost a “Dictator” President.
    7. Always “Blaming” HIS failed Polices on everything and everyone else BUT himself and HIS Administration.
    8. “Deceiving” the U.S.A., with his New founded “Powers” of the Oval Office”.
    9. A President, and his Administration, who seemingly wants to “Shred” and “Re­Write” our 200+ Year Old Constitution in HIS Image.
    ALSO (My humble Opinion again):
    1. As a 69yo Senior Citizen – Barack Hussein Obama’s MediCareObamaCare Policies = Obama’s “MediSCAREObamaSCARE” Policies, intended to “Brainwash” and “Scare” Seniors, i.e the only
    people really “Deceiving” you is our Government’s Obama Administration.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002830936475 Frank Jones

    We need to stop muslim immigration and deport those who are already here. The US is their enemy #1 and they are hell bent to take it over, no matter how.