Muslim Grave Desecration and Jihad

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Video has recently surfaced of Muslims in Libya desecrating Australian war graves, just weeks after reports that Muslims there, in a rage over Qur’ans accidentally burned in Afghanistan, had also desecrated British graves. Such behavior may seem puzzling to those who believe the statements of Islamic supremacists in the West about how Islam tolerates and respects non-believers and non-Muslim religions; in fact, however, such behavior is fully in accord with standard Islamic theology regarding the nature of non-believing society, and the value of its cultural artifacts.

The general Islamic term for the period of history before the advent of Islam, as well as the pre-Islamic period of any nation’s history, is jahiliyya, or the period of ignorance and barbarism. Consequently, any art, literature, or architecture that any non-Islamic culture produces has no value whatsoever: it is all simply a manifestation of that ignorance and barbarism. The celebrated writer V. S. Naipaul encountered this attitude in his travels through the Islamic world. For Muslims, he observed, “The time before Islam is a time of blackness: that is part of Muslim theology. History has to serve theology.”

Naipaul explained how some Pakistani Muslims, far from valuing the nation’s renowned archaeological site at Mohenjo Daro, see it as a teaching opportunity for Islam:

A featured letter in Dawn offered its own ideas for the site. Verses from the Koran, the writer said, should be engraved and set up in Mohenjo-Daro in “appropriate places”: “Say (unto them, O Mohammed): Travel in the land and see the nature of the sequel for the guilty…Say (O Mohammed, to the disbelievers): Travel in the land and see the nature of the consequence for those who were before you. Most of them were idolaters.”

In other words, Mohenjo Daro has no value for what it reveals about an ancient civilization. Its value is solely in its present condition as a ruin, a sign for the unbelievers of Allah’s wrath. Likewise in Iran. Naipaul notes: “In 637 A.D., just five years after the death of the Prophet, the Arabs began to overrun Persia, and all Persia’s great past, the past before Islam, was declared a time of blackness.”

We have also seen the fruit of this assumption in our own times in Cyprus, where Muslims attempted to use the fourth century monastery of San Makar as a hotel, and in Libya, where Qaddafi turned Tripoli’s Catholic cathedral into a mosque. And the most notorious recent example, of course, was the Taliban’s dynamiting of the Buddhas of Bamiyan in 2001.

The non-Muslim graves in Libya are not, of course, central elements of any country’s cultural patrimony. But the Muslims who felt free to desecrate them were working from the same attitude of contempt for unbelievers and their works. “Muhammad is the Messenger of God,” says the Qur’an, “and those who are with him are hard against the unbelievers, merciful one to another” (48:29). While Muslims are “the best nation ever brought forth to men” (3:110), the “unbelievers of the People of the Book” (that is, Jews and Christians who have refused to become Muslim) “and the idolaters” are the “worst of creatures” (98:6).

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  • Anonymous

    Correct me If I'm wrong, but I think that video you linked to was filmed in Libya, not in Australia.

  • jacob

    Get a better pair of glasses.
    It meant the Australian (soldiers) WWII graves being desecrated by the Lybian "Freedom Fighters"….the
    same of the "LYBIAN ARAB SPRING" aided so much by the Western powers…

    THIS shouldn't surprise anybody, as when ISRAEL freed JERUSALEM from the Jordanian Arab Legion
    at theSix Days War, it was found many of the ancient tombstones of the Mount of Olives cemetery used
    by the Jordanians in their latrines…
    So much for the respect Muslims have for the "Peoples of the Book" and one can rest assured that our
    abject, rotten and venial media will not mention a single word about this and GOD forbid publish the
    picture, lest it offends Muslim "sensibilities"….

  • Bronson

    Slightly ambiguous wording: 'Australian war graves' refers to the nationality of the deceased killed during WWII who are buried there, Australians having been part of the British Commonwealth forces there fighting against first the Italians and then the Germans, before the US joined the war. What is missing from Roberts article is references to the jihadists yelling Allah akbar etc as they smashed the headstones and referred to the deceased as 'dogs' in reference to the commonly accepted muslim view that Mohammed had said dogs were unclean and so do they to this day. Of course this is still ignored by the wilfully blind who prefer to see them as vandals out to obtain a thrill by wrecking a graveyard.

  • Dispozadaburka

    "Islam, Pure Luciferian Doctrine.
    (Ba al)
    Worship the same g-d as the freemasons.
    "Most don't know that the actual title of the Shriner organization is "Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine." Not only is the Shrine openly evocative of Arab culture, the"shrine" is actually the sacred shrine of Islam, the Kaaba in Mecca! Few outsiders realize that behind its exotic, clownish exterior, the Shrine ceremonial is steeped in demonic Islamic religion, utterly foreign to the G-d of the Bible." Page 207
    Masonry beyond the Light by William Schnoebelen

    • Truth Warrior

      That is the most pathetic posting I have ever read. You are an obviously sick person. Nothing that you have said is true. If this is an attempt to demonize Masons, you have failed.

    • tony

      The freemasons dont have a god you are merely required to believe in a higher power freemasonry is not a religion its a dinner club for middle aged men get a grip

  • Barry Aldridge

    Of course, the true wake-up moment for the West ( or more likely not) will probably come when the Sphinx and other Egyptian monuments are destroyed by misunderstanders sometime after the May 2012 Egyptian Presidential election. However, we can safely rely on our media to make sure that Islam's proud name will not be besmirched in the analysis of such actions. Instead, the destructions will be called, vandalism by "rogue elements" and "unislamic actions" carried out by a fringe minority of " rogues". Honestly, can someone please fund a positive story from the Islamic world? Perhaps some kindly mullah who has rescued a lost puppy? OK, that's too much. Perhaps a kindly Mullah who has restrained from stamping on a lost puppy?

  • Spider

    "The general Islamic term for the period of history before the advent of Islam, as well as the pre-Islamic period of any nation’s history, is jahiliyya, or the period of ignorance and barbarism"

    This is the Year Zero doctrine put forth by none other than Pol Pot. This so that no living person could have any recollection of the events before the official government brainwashing began. This is further proof that Is-lam is simply a Totalitarian Political System and not a Religion.

  • Schlomotion

    Al Qaeda in Libya seems to have the same ferocious strength in conquering the dead as many of the authors here do in attacking Manning Marable, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Leonard Bernstein, Haj Amin al-Husseini, Trayvon Martin, Rachel Corrie, Barry Goldwater and others. When the Taliban blew up the massive Buddha statues, it looked like the day Stalin blew up the Cathedral of Christ Savior. There is a whimper of this behavior in kicking over gravestones. There is a sub-whimper of that behavior in writing articles that trash the memory of dead political leaders and dead political activists. It is all political necrophilia.

    • UCSPanther

      With that in mind, keep your grubby mitts off our war memorials…

  • Scontrone

    Someone please tell me why we permit muslim immigration into the US.

    • randy

      Who allowed the christians to immigrate to north america by the millions at the expense of the natives. The ones that did not get killed off were rounded up and put on reserves.

      • Ghostwriter

        Has anyone ever told you that you sound like a broken record,randy?

    • peter

      That's not true Randy. Europeans emigrated to Canada just the same way the Indians did but they happen to be just a little bit here sooner. There were opportunities here and we are enyoying enery day in this great country. The Indian population in Canada is still less than 1 million. This country was to big for them and they were glad we came. Europeans were country builders, and they sure did on the other hand, Muslims come here to tear our country down.

      • randy

        The natives were here fir thousands of years and had populated the whole continent. So genoreous of the christians to give them a few hundred acres. Christians are scum.

        • RonCarnine

          Now Randy you've gotten a bit personal. I am a Christian and I live in the southern part of Kansas. The Cherokee nation is to the south and east. The Osage are to the south and west. I've many friends who are Native American to one degree to another. The Christians who first came to this nation stole nothing. The lands were purchased from Native Americans who were rich in land but had no iron implements which were traded or used as payment for lands. Even food was purchased and not stolen. You're education is devoid of important truths. To call me scum is nonsense. You don't know me or others like me. There were wrongs done on both sides. There were also right things done on both sides. The stronger tribes pushed out the weaker tribes who had settled on lands before the stronger tribes came on the scene. The lands held by some tribes, even today, were lands "stolen" from other tribes. In actuality, that is the way of the Indian. It is the way of the world. Muslim lands are not Muslim lands, they were stolen from someone else who were weaker. Do a bit more study and you will see the first Christians stole nothing, it was purchased. Just like the Israelis, much of the land that came to be was purchased. The rest was taken by the victorious armies from the Arab's who supported Hitler in WWII. The aggressor loses conquered land when they are defeated. There is much about the world you need to be aware of. Those Native American's you were worried about? Don't, they don't need you pity or warped sense of history. They have carved out their profitable and comfortable homes w/o your help.

  • Ghostwriter

    I remember seeing in a documentary of the Atlantic war about some British war graves in Virginia. They were of British sailors who died when a U-boat sank their ship in either 1941 or 1942. They lie there today,in a place that looks a lot like England. At least the sailors can rest easy there,knowing that their graves won't be desecrated,like their Australian and British counterparts in the Middle East.

    • Lucy

      Or at least not until the mohammedan immigrants outnumber the civilised citizens…

  • Ghostwriter

    I was wrong about my earlier post. It was in North Carolina where this happened.

  • wctaqiyya

    Islam is as Islam does. Muslims are always so helpful in providing reasons to hate them. Thanks Muslims.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I remember by Commanding Officer recounting actions in North Africa during WWII and how the
    Arabs would rob the graves of the war dead and the punishment meted out for that conduct.
    Would it be he were alive today and let loose on these Muslim Cretins, time just does not change
    slime into anything but slime, looking at the picture makes me want to break his leg up to his neck.

  • curmudgeon

    a suggestion for australians who may be offended at islamic barbarians desecrating the graves of australian soldiers. to begin with, there is no way to educate muslims. muslims cannot be shamed. muslims are incapable of considering the feelings and sensibilities of infidels, because infidels are only here to be slaves, and then die when muslims so order. to do anything about the libyan grave desecrations, other than grovel and cower, an offended people must do something that really, really hurts the muslim cause (conquering the world and committing genocide), and which cannot be retaliated. i suggest the expulsion of all muslims, imported and home grown, "moderate" or "violent", male and female, of every age. send them to some country they dont hate. to do less is to invite more aggression, and dishonor the brave dead.

  • jonmc

    "The way to restore Allah’s sovereignty over the earth is to impose Islamic law (Sharia), which mandates a subjugated second-class status for non-Muslims."
    Perhaps I'm being a bit picky here, but since non-Muslims rank lower (in Islamioc society) than Muslim slaves, who in turn rank lower than Free Muslims (or at least teh free males), wouldn't that make non-Muslims third class citizens?

  • babyanng

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  • Mary

    It is amazing that they yell their god is greater while doing such reprehensible actions, as if such rotten behavior makes their god greater. Of course, replace Mohammad's allah with the word satan, and it makes complete sense.

  • KKKK

    combine Satan and Mo, ti makes total sense why the lunatics yell "God is Great!" and do horrible thigns at the same time.

  • ali

    Wrong. You can’t just say a man’s behaviour can be excused by his religion, maybe a hundred years ago, but not now. All man’s action’s are false.

  • Journii

    FIRST WHY? This world and its violence is based on hearsay and reaction. Ignorance and lack of education! People do what they want…and interpret things as they will for their so called cause. Oh when God(Allah) calls us home!!! What an awakening we will have. Contempt for the unbeliever? What is an unbeliever? The belief that Jews and Christians’ believe in a different God ? Read the Quran. Maybe people ignore the fact that the Quran states the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was taught the Torah and the Scriptures by his uncle and that the Quran was sent to confirm what the Torah and the Scriptures said. (This is in the Quran). It is also said to teach the unbelievers…not kill them first!!! When you kill you take a souls chance a way from finding God!!! Whose the martyr now? Desecrate a dead mans grave?? What symbolism is this? Why not set an example for the world and do something good??