Jihad Denial in New York

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A controversy has broken out this week that epitomizes how bold the Islamic supremacist forces in the U.S. have become, and how weak and supine those who are charged with protecting the public have become.

The New York Times has run a news story and an indignant unsigned editorial about the showing of The Third Jihad, a relatively tepid anti-jihad film, to New York Police Department personnel. The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) immediately got into the act, compelling New York’s ever ready to accommodate Mayor Michael Bloomberg to apologize and denounce the film, which he almost certainly has not seen. But that wasn’t enough for Hamas-linked CAIR: they’re calling now for the resignation of New York’s Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

And that stands to reason, based on the principle that when one’s enemy is down, one should kick him some more. Hamas-linked CAIR sees its chance to end all effective counter-terror measures in New York, and is going for it.

This whole controversy is epitomized by the photo illustration and lead paragraph of the first New York Times story on this issue: “In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims,” which was by Michael Powell and appeared in the January 23 issue. The photo shows the black flag of jihad flying above the White House, with the caption, “An Islamic flag atop the White House in ‘The Third Jihad.’”

Then the lead paragraph says: “Ominous music plays as images appear on the screen: Muslim terrorists shoot Christians in the head, car bombs explode, executed children lie covered by sheets and a doctored photograph shows an Islamic flag flying over the White House.”

Both the Times’ use of the image and its reference to it at the beginning of the story suggest that the producers of The Third Jihad doctored the photo themselves in order to push their cockamamie idea that some Muslims want to “infiltrate and dominate America.” But in reality, Muslims originated this image, as we have reported here several times. Here is a photo of Muslims holding up this photo at a rally in New York in February 2006:

And another:

Yet this whole controversy is predicated on the assumption that The Third Jihad is whipping up hysteria about a non-existent threat. In reality, it covers much the same ground that I cover in my book Stealth Jihad, in which I show that the agenda of infiltration and subversion on the part of the Muslim Brotherhood and its allied groups is very real.

In “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America,” by Mohamed Akram, May 19, 1991, Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the U.S. are told that they “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

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  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ JasonPappas

    The inability to even debate this issue in the MSM has given the jihadi a victory. CAIR is just cashing-in on the PC nonsense that is blinding our leaders. As Sharia spreads in Egypt and other “democracies” expect more propaganda about how we shouldn’t fear it there and ultimately here. We have a long fight ahead of us.

    • http://alwaysonwatch3.blogspot.com/ Always_On_Watch

      Hi, Jason.

      I've come to the sorry conclusion that the West is going to continue to deny the reality until "the bad thing" happens — "the bad thing" being something much worse than 9/11.

      Meanwhile, the West has become the frog in the pot. Worse, the young frogs are being trained to ignore the fact that water even boils.

      • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ JasonPappas

        Good to hear from you AOW. If we continue to keep our eyes close, I fear far worse will happen. But we can't stop trying. It's good to see Spencer is still going strong. His ability to keep at it is inspiring.

        • http://alwaysonwatch3.blogspot.com/ Always_On_Watch

          Mr. Spencer is so dedicated!

          I'm still around but, of necessity, I've had to cut back — because of my husband's grave disability.

      • http://eloivsdiablo.blogspot.com eloivsdiablo

        When 'the bad thing' happens you know all too well front groups like CAIR will state the usual islam is peace line and the backlash victimology clap trap. Police will be stationed around mosques protecting them from this imagined back-lash ultimately reinforcing the notion…

        • http://alwaysonwatch3.blogspot.com/ Always_On_Watch

          The front groups will try to do that.

          But denial will go only so far if "the bad thing" is as hideous as I think it will be.

          Stealth jihad is much more dangerous than "the bad thing" in the long run.

  • MiddleEastInterpreter

    As someone who feeds from different media outlets, I have no yet decided whether I think there is a hype, i.e. most Muslims are law abiding citizens that would distance themselves from any extremist action, or whether a big number of Muslims do harbor thoughts of domination and are just waiting for the right time or prefer to take a less active role.

    The reason I don't know the answer has a great deal to do with the mainstream media that are only looking and sensationalize, in order to make headlines.

    However a reason just as important is the fact that I have not witnessed a Muslim uproar about these accusations.

    The day I hear that Muslims in the US and Europe have decided to banish from their mosques extremist Imam's, demonstrate in great numbers against any terror attack carried out by other Muslims and cease financial support for groups invovled with killing civilians around the world, I will make up my mind.

    MiddleEastInterpreter http://MiddleEastInterpreter.wordpress.com

    • jacob

      To all of those believing in "MODERATE" Muslims, I want to ask whether ALL
      those who on 9/11 were joyfully dancing and giving out candy in the streets of
      QUEENS, N. York while people were jumping to their deaths from the WTC
      windows, were ALL of them "terrorists" or rather "MODERATES" ?????????

  • MiddleEastInterpreter


    Jews to a large extent have done this (there have been demonstrations against Israel's policy), Germans have done it (making it illegal to deny the holocost). The Muslims have yet to show any will to do the same.

    The ball is on their ground.

    MiddleEastInterpreter http://MiddleEastInterpreter.wordpress.com

    • Maher

      “Moderate” Muslims call Islamists “unislamic”. Hundreds of imams issue hundreds of fatwa a day against anything “unislamic”. Have you ever seen a fatwa against these “unislamic” animals? Against Ben Laden (like the one against the “unislamic” Salman Rushdie)? Anybody? Hypocrites!

    • RonL

      There is a large difference between banning Holocaust denial and banning warnings of a new Holocaust or the intentions of jihadis. It isn't our fault that liberals have developed a mental illness that prevents them from noting distinctions.

    • WildJew

      You wrote: "Jews to a large extent have done this (there have been demonstrations against Israel's policy)…"

      What is wrong with Israel's policy?

      • MiddleEastInterpreter

        First lets make it clear that whether Israel's policy is wrong or not, I only stated a fact, which is that a large number of Jews demostrated against Israel's policy.

        My personal analysis of the situation is that Israel is in violation of some UN laws, but only because it would not be able to exist if it did comply, as none of the others player comply either. And the UN is no longer an objective org able to uphold justice (i.e. can't even unite to stop the massacre in Syria)

        I wrote about my analysis in May following Obama's speech here:
        http://middleeastinterpreter.wordpress.com/2011/0… ‎

  • Rocky Lore

    CAIR needs to clean their own damn house first before going after others.

    • pagegl

      To do so would make them something other than what they are and want to be. So, that's not going to happen.

  • RoguePatriot6

    As I mentioned many times before, LIBERALS are the gateway for these goons to operate right under our noses.

    You see, they can't do it through overwhelming violence and force, too many Americans fed up with the threat of Islamic terror(and on top of that too many Americans have GUNS!!!) So, they use our liberal treasonist press, the ACLU (who wages war against anything Christian and promotes everything evil and perverted), Hollywood and our school systems which criminalizes Christianity and Judaism then paints the victim label on Muslims and all others undeserving of it. (cont'd)

  • RoguePatriot6

    What really boggles me, is Europe's attitude with "America needs to get with the program and come on board…" was more or less their statement in regards to tolerance towards this bunch. Really? Yea, right, we can see how they have benifited from their "TOLERANCE". They tolerated themselves right into enslavement and a new title "EURABIA". Europe has become pretty much an Islamic state. The crucial factor in all of this was the knockout punch to "freespeech", taking away the others means to resist, which goes back to our situation. Since they can't take away our guns, YET, they'll silence the masses through political correctness. Free speech is the crucial weapon against this type of jihad they are waging against us. They realize this and are attacking it. Of course, the brainwashed generation we have now, are naive and foolish enough to totally overlook the double standard hypocrisy of this administration's one way tolerance towards these clowns. (CONT'D)

  • RoguePatriot6

    I'm sure you've all heard of unholy alliances. After the Islamists attain their goals, what happens to the liberal minded, homosexuals, those who are tolerant of ungodly practices, and all others who shouted "separation of church and state" when Christians tried to spread the message?….HMMMMM……I ask this because, from what I've read and seen of Islam during my tours in Iraq, I don't think they will have too much of a function in an Islamic Republic. They'll dispose of them like yesterdays garbage for all of their hard treachorous work against the patriots and God fearing citizens of this country. To those who want to be "TOLERANT" like Eurabia, this is just food for thought.

  • kkkk

    'how weak those in chagre of protecting the public have become." rather, how stupdi they have become and willign they are to bow to the Islamfascist agenda.

  • Nakba1948

    Israel-first Islamophobe Robert Spencer, dismissed as a quack by all respect academicians, is at it again, I see! The charges against CAIR for allegedly supporting the Hamas were dropped, and the NYT similarly found no evidence to support these libelous claims. Yet again, a small group of extreme Zionist Jews and rapture-happy Christians are fanning the flames of Muslim-hatred. You people are no different than the KKK back in the day. Do you really think any of this nonsense is bolstering domestic support for the Apartheid State? Think again.

    • RoguePatriot6

      You must be living proof that the braindead can still physically function to have posted something like this. You compare the "KKK" to Christians? REALLY? Islamists exude intolerence and hatred. Islam it's self was born by it. Open your eyes. The KKK and Islamists have more in common then you could possibly fathom between the Christians and any hate group.

      By the way, Louis Farrakhan should be in jail also, for supporting terrorism but he is free as a bird and there are a number of organizations that mean harm to this country at large right under our noses. So please, read between the lines, no one can accuse our current justice system of being perfect or even smart.

      • RoguePatriot6

        "….Christians are fanning the flames of Muslim-hatred."

        Maybe they wouldn't be so quick to do it if Muslims would stop the killings of Christians, harrassment of Christians and Jews, gangrapes of Christians and Jews, the suicide bombings of Cathedrals, refferring to Christians and Jews as "dogs" or "infidels", cursing and denouncing holidays like Christimas while at the same time delcaring jihad on anyone that insults Islam, threatening or firebombing news stands and other establishments in host countries that excepted them with open arms….etc

        You know, I think Islamists have done a great job of fanning the flames of hatred for themselves.

    • Boo

      Islamophobia is a term made up by the Muslim Brotherhood. A Lenin strategy to muzzle any opponents to Islam, its agenda and it's masses of human rights violations. Despite you being a typical, run of the mill Jew hater, that has bought into the lies of the made up country of Palestine, the fact that you used the term "islamophobia" shows what a useful idiot and lackey that you are. Joker!

    • hajid

      If people are like KKK, there won't be any Muslim here.

      Sounds like you are educated under PLO and/or Hamas.

    • Maher

      What about the FACTS? Nothing. As usual. As usual you are victims, eternal victims Nakba for ever! The Arabs are the worst predators, just ask the Copts. We should act on a RECIPROCITY basis vis à vis the Arabo-Muslim world.

    • Ted G

      Actually R.Spencer is only dismissed by avowed islamists and liars.

      Incidentally the new word is "islamonauseous" as in sick to the stomach of all things islam.
      Islamophobe is a made up construct, designed to deny the free speech of anyone that has teh audacity to deny the right of muslims to murder them.

      Signed Nakba570….you know that catastrophe when that guy mo was born.

  • George Lasker

    The charges weren't dropped. CAIR is still listed as a co-conspirator. Do you really think with a name like "NAKBA1948" anybody takes your Islamic nonsense seriously? Go blow yourself up in god forsaken garbage dump, along with the rest of your pathetic bunch.

  • Ghostwriter

    Please,Nakba1948. Go back to the ooze from which you were spawned from. We don't need either your Jew hatred. Why don't you reread "Mein Kampf?" That's been a perennial favorite among people like you.

    • jacob

      We should remember the words of the mother of the last Moorish king of
      Granada (Spain) :

      LIKE A MAN"

      Let this penetrate the thick skulls of all those believing in "MODERATE" Islam

  • steven L

    Islamists are at war with the rest of the world. The left refuses to face the truth because it wants other to deal with it.

    • Jaladhi

      "Muslims are at war with the rest of the world." There is no difference between Muslims and Islamists. By definition every Muslim has to be an Islamist or they are not Muslim at at all.

  • http://1389blog.com 1389AD
  • sod

    New York’s Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly will only resign after CAIR denounces Hamas and all Islam terrorist acts as well as guarantee all MSA organizations in the US won't incite any racism against Israel.

    Again, this maybe too optimistic, since Islam encourages it's minions to lie in order to gain strategic advantages.

    • jacob

      It pays to remember that BLOOMBERG and his commissioners saw nothing
      wrong with building the GROUND ZERO mosque…

      But, will the ROTTEN APPLE vote him out ????
      LOSE NO SLEEP OVER IT, same as New Yorkers won't boycott and get rid
      of the wet used toilet paper the New York Times has been since long I can

  • jacob

    I would like to ask a foolish question, hopping for an intelligent answer :

    If the Muslim world prohibits the building or repair of othe religions places of
    worship (churches, synagogues, etc,.) and rather destroys them, why in the
    hell do we allow this diarrhea of mosques and madrassas building ???
    Damn the rotten "political correctness" and each and every one of its supporters

  • Western Canadian

    This is about the ONLY article that obamayomama has NOT posted his drivel about jihad NOT being terrorism…. Interesting that he didn’t, when it was written by one of the foremost experts on islam and jihad….. who does not agree with obym, and actually knows what he is talking about.


    A caravan pirate created a religion of piracy which spread easily at first to men in a part of the world where life was short and often cheap. The pirates moved from raiding caravans for whatever booty they carried to villages and cities where they made slaves and concubines of those they did not kill. God what fun it was, and God (Allah) was pleased.