Obama: Sharia Enforcer

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Madness has overtaken Washington, and the world. Every day this past week has brought fresh reports of more people murdered in Afghanistan over the burning of some copies of the Qur’an at Bagram Airfield. In response, every day new apologies come from American officials. Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, the commander of NATO troops in Afghanistan, General John Allen, and others have all issued abject apologies to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the “noble people of Afghanistan,” and everyone else in sight.

Even the most minor of officials are getting into the act: Peter Lavoy, acting assistant secretary of defense for Asia and Pacific security affairs, scraping the bottom of the barrel for a suitable object for his abject submission, apologized to Muslims in the Washington, D.C. area.

Some have rightly skewered Obama and his cohorts for their cowardice and eagerness to appease the Afghan mobs, especially as the death toll steadily mounts. No one, however, has noted the most remarkable aspect of this entire episode: the United States Government has, no questions asked, eagerly embraced Islamic law (Sharia) regarding the treatment of the Qur’an, and assured the Afghans that it will be enforced.

In his apology letter to Karzai, Obama said that the Qur’an-burning was “inadvertent,” but that nevertheless “we will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence, including holding accountable those responsible.”

If it was “inadvertent,” why does Obama intend to hold them accountable? Accidents will happen. If he is going to adopt Sharia to the extent that he thinks that anyone should be held accountable for this at all, is he going to adopt Sharia punishments for this “crime” as well? Will he have the U.S. soldiers whom he finds to be responsible for the Qur’an-burning beheaded?

If not, why not?

If burning the Qur’an is now a crime for Americans, and we are thus now subject to Islamic law, how much Sharia are we under? To what extent have we capitulated? Where does Obama draw the line, if anywhere?

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  • Ken

    The slow, steady death of free expression in America!!

    • tom4you

      I'm thinking Obama is going to get re-elected because it's part of God's plan to usher in the AntiChrist (Islam)….here's one for you all….America is not mentioned in the Bible, WHY? Because it's where God has moved his people to, Christians, and we will be raptured from the Earth before sh$% hits the fan…..those left behind who thought they were Christian enough will be very upset and then the AntiChrist will appear with the false Jesus and try and sway those left to Islam…..I sure hope I'm raptured….

  • waynamal

    Maybe so but I hear the frog knows the water is starting to boil.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    I am truly shocked at the terrific tail spin one observes from the distance. Even if I knew years back that islamic forces were actively spreading in stealth in the US, I did not fathom how far the process had gone.
    The US voter does not have another chance ahead if the same people is re elected.
    And regretfully the Republican establishment is cowed and playing dangerous games as well.
    Only one Republican candidate could likely take on the onslaught and she is not officially in the race.

    • polarik

      NEWT is the ONE who has taken on every onslaught and fought back. Vote for NEWT to end the madness.

    • Snow White

      The spread of Islam in the US is planned and has been aided and abetted by the Clinton Administration and now Obama's. Did you miss the news report a couple of years ago about the 200 Muslim men, who were among the 200,000 Muslim refugees relocated to Atlanta GA from Somalia, who were roaming the streets of
      Atlanta and "curcumcising" little girls who had not already been mutilated? Seems one of the mothers reported them after her husband "circumcised" their 3 year old daughter with a pair of scissors. Atlanta is not the only city which had hundreds of thousands of these barbarians dumped on them. Detroit, and several New England locations also got a share of them. My question is…Since the refugee situation was caused by Muslim attacks on nonMuslims, why did Clinton, and now Obama, import hundreds of thousands of uneducated barbarians into this country and turn them loose to prey on the US citizens?

  • kafir4life

    Is Obama going to stop the koran pooping parties? During Friday jumu'ah, there are parties all around the country where one of the mohamadan terror guides (the koran) is placed in an open pit where bacon is openly consumed along with reasonable quantities of beer. After the feast, is the race for the Presidency, where everybody does an "Obama" over the koran in the pit, and the winner is the one who leaves a rememberence most like the current occupier of the White House. Size, form, and odor are all considered. The winner gets to "toss the match".

  • WildJew

    Spencer: "If it was “inadvertent,” why does Obama intend to hold them accountable? Accidents will happen…."

    I hear the compliant media parrot this same line in the news cycle. The Qur'ans were burned by "accident" or were "accidentally" burned.

    • StephenD

      Good point. The fact is they were burned with purpose. The (un)holy books had been used as a "kitting" vehicle (passing messages of a nefarious nature between one another). All such means of kitting are (as usual) in a prison, destroyed. They first used the rag not how it was meant to be used. They are the ones who got the pages burned not the prison officials. Anywhere else and anything else would not even raise an eyebrow. IF you used the last known picture of your dear old Mom for kitting, they would destroy it; a Bible, a letter from your front line brother wouldn't get a reprieve…but a Qur'an…without question. And now Obby “will hold them responsible.” How obsequies or rather how dhimmi of him.

      • Georgina

        Actually, it is only dhimmi of Obama if one considers him an apostate.

  • ObjectiveGuy

    What if a muslim or Al Qaida sympathizer put the Qur'ans in the trash that they knew was going to be burned so that they would have reason to riot and stir up unrest??? I find it somewhat hard to believe that in todays world of sensitivity, any soldier would throw out a bunch of holy books, no matter what religion. Other than that, Obama has always seemed to bend over (backwards?) to appease Muslims – something they perceive as a weakness. Why not some more? And the US Government starts reacting this way to riots overseas, I can easliy see Sharia becoming mainstay in the US if rioting occurs here – G_d help us if that happens.

    • Georgina

      Actually, soldiers burned bibles when the locals complained about them. No prob bro'

  • Zionista

    Remember when the cowardly palestinians were hiding out in the Church of the Nazarene and used pages from bibles as toilet paper?? When will the palestinian authority offer apologies?????????

    • kafir4life

      1. Yes, I remember
      2. Not ever. That would be against the teachings of the pedophile, mohamat, and the terror guide of the gutter cult, the koran.

      • MacDaddy31

        When have you ever heard an apology or any form of contrition out of a Muslim in regards to acts directed at non-Muslims.

    • Tychicus

      "'Greedy Monsters' Ruled Church," Washington Times, May 15, 2002.

      The Palestinian gunmen holed up in the Church of the Nativity seized church stockpiles of food and "ate like greedy monsters" until the food ran out, while more than 150 civilians went hungry. They also guzzled beer, wine, and Johnnie Walker scotch that they found in priests' quarters, undeterred by the Islamic ban on drinking alcohol. The indulgence lasted for about two weeks into the 39-day siege, when the food and drink ran out, according to an account by four Greek Orthodox priests who were trapped inside for the entire ordeal….
      The Orthodox priests and a number of civilians have said the gunmen created a regime of fear.
      Even in the Roman Catholic areas of the complex there was evidence of disregard for religious norms. Catholic priests said that some Bibles were torn up for toilet paper, and many valuable sacramental objects were removed. "Palestinians took candelabra, icons and anything that looked like gold," said a Franciscan, the Rev. Nicholas Marquez from Mexico.

      SEE: http://www.jcpa.org/jl/vp490.htm

      Godspeed and Courage,

  • kblink45

    Mr. Spencer,
    The point about whether "hold accountable" is a euphemism for execution is one that occurred to me as well. Obama must know that anything less than death will not appease. So the question naturally arises: how did a terrorist infiltrate a secure complex and execute two veteran military officers?

  • WildJew

    1) GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said Thursday a U.S. apology to Afghan authorities for burned Qurans on a military base was "astonishing" and undeserved.

    Gingrich lashed out at President Barack Obama for the formal apology after copies of the Muslim holy book were found burned in a garbage pit on a U.S. air field earlier in the week

    2) Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum criticized President Barack Obama’s apology for the burning of Qurans in Afghanistan, adding that Afghanistan should apologize to the U.S. for the deaths of four U.S. soldiers during six days of violence sparked by the incident.

    “There was NOTHING DELIBERATELY done wrong here,’’ Santorum said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week’’. “This was something that happened as A MISTAKE. Killing Americans in uniform is not a mistake. It was something that deliberate.’’

  • Dispozadaburka

    The only way a country who attacks an Islamic country can withdraw their troops "with honor"
    President Obama says he has….is to surrender your country to Islam.
    In September 2009, Obama lead 50,000 muslim men in prayer on the Mall in Washington, DC.
    They prayed "FOR THE SOUL OF AMERICA."
    This Freemasonic Rite determines the "FUTURE DESTINY OF AMERICA."
    It, in essence, was an act of "SURRENDER." That is why we are witnessing this complacency in the media, and that is why our allies are now are enemy. Socialism + Islamism = Globalism NWO

  • scotsirish

    "Thousands of Korans Dumped in Raw Sewage…" in Pakistan
    Article from Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs. http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2

  • Dispozadaburka

    I suggest reading Zbigniew Brzezinski's book "STRATEGIC VISION>" America and the Crisis of Global Power.
    Pg 99 "But America's long-standing and generous support of Israel, derived more from a genuine sense of moral obligation and less from real strategic congruity, could become less reliable….With Arab masses politically aroused and more inclined to engage in prolonged violence, ("people's war"), an Israel that could become internationally viewed-to cite Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Barak's ominuous warning in 2010- as an "aparteid" state would have doubtful log – term prospects. pg 107 America's decision to contruct a wall/fence to separate itself from Mexico as a mechanism to support border security has already stimulated anti-American sentiments. It evokes negative images of Israel's constructin of a "security barrier." in the West Bank or of the Berlin Wall."

    • joy52

      Oh, THAT guy, Carter's national security advisor? Wonder what he advised during the Iran hostage crisis?

    • catherineinpvb

      Read Zbigniew Brzezinsk?' Marxist lights' Advisor to Pres. Jimmy Carter; ideological friend of George Soros (and a host of other totalitarian globalists);and father of little communist Mika at MSNBC? And that, barely an introduction to the 'dark side' of our universe that Zbig, calls 'light'.

      A great deal of credit has gone to Jimmy Carter and his Middle East policies in affecting the Islamic disaster case we now know per entire Middle East. And of course, Zbig, Carter's Advisor; and now Obama's! (Those 'JImmy Carter' comparisons – beyond the disaster they forecast – have even more in common with Obama.) Would suggest you check out followingread/ link:

      The Brzezinski/Obama Axis: Aiming For A World Without Israel*
      Posted Saturday, February 23 @ 19:10:00 EST

      And then just Google. . .

      Just google Zbigniew and Soros; Zbigniew and Globa/Worldl Order. . Egypt; Middle East; ET AL. . .
      http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?tag=zbigniew-brzezi... Soros Behind Groups Seeking Hard-line Islamic States … Here's a hint: one of his top foreign policy advisors, Zbigniew Brzezinski, was also Jimmy …
      Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros relationship map – Muckety <a href="http://www.muckety.com/Query?SearchResult=4166…2005…?_r…” target=”_blank”>www.muckety.com/Query?SearchResult=4166…2005…?_r…

      Former Carter Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski On … – Weasel Zippers
      weaselzippers.us/…/former-carter-adviser-zbigniew-brzezinski-on-ow…Oct 17, 2011 – Former Carter Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski On OWS: There Should Be A List Of …. George Soros.
      FLASH* George Soros/Zbigniew Brzezinski is behind the revolution … http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1345912/...
      14 posts – 3 authors – Feb 1, 2011

      Go to the George Soros/Zbigniew Brzezinski International Crisis Group's website and you will see that the Egyptian clashes have hit …
      'Military Top Brass Atop Egypt Pyramid' – David Icke Website http://www.davidicke.com/…/44659-military-top-brass-at... 12, 2011 – … the International Crisis Group of Rothschild front-man, George Soros, and his associate Zbigniew Brzezinski, who specialise in triggering and ..
      Barack Obama, George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski are behind …
      theboldcorsicanflame.wordpress.com/…/barack-obama-george-soros-…Feb 4, 2011 – Barack Obama, George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski are behind the fall of Egypt and the coming Islamic Revolution. READ FULL ARTICLE … DON"T BE FOOLED!

  • Roy

    Muslims know that disposing of the koran by burning it is the proper method of disposal.

    IMAM JIHAD TURK (Director of Religious Affairs, Islamic Center of Southern California): "…When Muslims want to respectfully dispose of a text of the Qur’an that is no longer usable, we will burn it. So if someone, for example, in their own private collection or library had a text of the Qur’an that was damaged or that was in disrepair, so the binding was ruined, etc., …. And what I’ll do is I’ll take it to my fireplace at home and burn it there in the fireplace. So I sort of take the pages out and then burn it to make sure that it gets thoroughly charred and is no longer recognizable as script….In the Islamic tradition, it’s the Arabic that is really considered the authentic, original scripture. The very early scripture of the Qur’an—when it was first collated and put into a binding there were a lot of loose papers around, and this was about 1,400 years ago. The first companions of Muhammad, led under the leadership of the third caliph, Uthman, actually instructed the followers to take all of those pages and burn them, and so that kind of set the precedent as to what should be done. If you burn it, it destroys the word, the ink on the paper. It’s no longer perceptible, and so therefore it is no longer scripture. It’s just ashes at that point. …For Muslims, according to Jihad Turk, when done with the proper intent the burning of a damaged or worn out Qur,an is in no way disrespectful. The specific paper and ink may be gone, he says, but the sacred word of God endures. " http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/episode

    • JF_Hickey

      I think most Christians have the same idea with a Bible. If an old family Bible has become too damaged, we burn it with respect rather than just throwing it in the trash. I think the problem for some Muslims in Afghanistan may have been that the text was not treated with respect, and was not completely burned, but half-burned and then thrown into the trash.

      I think most of us would see it as insane to murder someone because an associate of his treated a Koran with disrespect, but the U.S.Army needs to be aware of cultural derangements that could lead to the death of our soldiers, so it makes sense for Obama to keep our soldiers from un-necessarily evoking that craziness. Nothing Obama said indicates that he wants to criminalize the burning of the Koran; he was saying he wants to enforce military regulations necessary to prevent soldiers from unnecessarily enraging the local population.

      This guy Spencer strikes me as disingenuous. I think he doesn't believe the nonsense he says, but just wants to make political trouble for Obama.

      • Roy

        Apparently the US military since they apologized to Muslims in America think that the cultural derangement of Muslims is not limited to Afghanistan, a backward developing tribal country, but also Americas who follow Islam.

        • JF_Hickey

          I certainly am not saying all Muslims are deranged, and they certainly are not. I don't think "the military" can be said as an institution to think anything at all. There may be some nuts in the military who believe all Muslims are deranged, but most military people I meet are a lot smarter than that.

          The apologies I see reported in the press are for what the military has apparently determined was the "improper" disposal of Korans. The source you quote seems to endorse a sensible approach: "to burn it to make sure that it gets thoroughly charred and is no longer recognizable as script." This is what people would do with Bibles, I think. If the military dumped old Bibles in a big heap in the garbage, wouldn't that call for an apology to those offended and a promise to do better?

          This anti-Muslim stuff is obviously just an excuse for a racist agenda,just like the Nazi agenda against the Jews in pre-war Europe. Implying that Muslims are generally deranged would just make you a fool if they're weren't so many fools doing it. Now it makes you a part of a hate-filled mob. It's certainly not a Christian way to go.

          • No Dhimmi tool

            "This anti-Muslim stuff is obviously just an excuse for a racist agenda,just like the Nazi agenda against the Jews in pre-war Europe."

            Riiight, because it's the Nazis who are attacking Jews in Europe right now. NOT – it's MUSLIMS who are attacking Jews all over Europe, so quit with your stupid and FALSE comparisons, lowlife idiot.

            Islam is evil – get over it and grow a conscience.

          • Martin Koschuttnig

            I‘d like to point out that Muslims do not follow their own religion, which says not to adore anything made by human hands as idols. If BOOKS are deemed higher than human life than this book is a IDOL. Case closed.
            Islams hoooleey trinity:
            allah their “stoned-gawd”
            MuuHAMmel the lice-ridden profeeeter
            quooooraaan books made by human hands

  • Mike

    I think I'm going to move to Canada if Obama makes it another 4 years. And if America's culture still doesn't wake up and improve both its morals, intelligence, and crybaby ways, I'll be compelled to pioneer and successfuly build a moon base before the government or any private financier has the chance to. Or maybe I'd be better off launching myself into the vacuum of space with nothing on.

    Im an American and I despise Americans now due to the fact that a majority of them voted into office Barack Hussein Obama. A sad day in history is when citizens fall for a hollow message based on the words of "Hope and Change" and never once bother to question the man on what the hope and change really is and why he associated himself with radical people, rather they're infatuated with his looks and his celebrity-like status. The man literally looks like a monkey, people. A self-righteous, apologetic, enemy appeasing monkey. If you're not voting for the other guy in the 2012 election, you're an idiot. Plain and simple.

  • WildJew

    Spencer wrote: "What will be the outcome of all this? No one knows or cares…."

    Why don't Americans particularly care? Could it be Americans are more worried about the price of gas because we feel safe? Because we feel secure here with large oceans surrounding us? Surely we dwell securely. Hasn't that been our history? We live in this impregnable fortress we call America? Often my Christians friends and neighbors assure me, America is the good guy. It's the Russians that God will judge in the last days. "America will stand by Israel," etc. But why would God forget or leave out such a prominent nation as this in the last days? Did God forget? Did such a great and prominent nation slip His mind? Consider the following that the prophet wrote many centuries back:

    "Now, then, hear this, you sensual one, Who dwells securely, Who says in your heart, 'I am, and there is no one besides me. I will not sit as a widow, Nor know loss of children.'

    "But these two things will come on you suddenly in one day: Loss of children and widowhood. They will come on you in full measure In spite of your many sorceries, In spite of the great power of your spells….

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    In a word, YES, Robert is correct on every point. When a four star Marine Corp general apologizes to the enemy in the middle of an active battlefield, we have lost. Not long ago, any self-respecting American officer would have resigned or committed suicide before making such a cowardly and treasonous statement. The general betrayed his troops, his oath and everything he is supposed to hold sacred. It's over.

  • Spider

    Housein is simply doing what his Is-lamic Masters in Mecca have ordered him to do.

    • catherineinpvb

      Difficult to distinguish the 'Islamic Masters' MO; and those who share radical Leftist/Marxist/Nazi roots. Historically; of course; they share a common totalitarian seed and a common hate that so animates them all.

  • mrbean

    Want to hear the ultimate in Islmaic A$$ kissing? On February 25th, A Defense Department officia Peter Lavoy,l visited a Virginia mosque Friday to reiterate the White House's apologies for the burning of Korans at a US military base in Afghanistan, pledging that those responsible will be held "appropriately accountable. Peter Lavoy, acting assistant secretary of defense for Asian and Pacific security affairs, attended services at the ADAMS Center in Sterling, Va., and told the congregation he was there to express his "sincere regret" on behalf of the Department of Defense for the incident. This was after 4 American soldiers had be murder by Muslim goatf*&kers. This dhimmi atrocity was the post menopausal hag Hillary Clinton's idea.

    • Roy

      Why does anyone still join the US military seeing how their leaders sell them out so fast? And why apologize to Americans who follow Islam? Afghans may be uncivilized and barbaric, but Muslims in America should know without being apologized to that the US military did not burn the korans out of disrespect any more than they did the bibles under Bush in Afghanistan. No one in the military apologized to American Christians.

  • A Boucher

    God help America.

  • http://apollospaeks.blogtownhall.com/ ApolloSpeaks


    On CNN Hillary Clinton was comparing Obama's apology over the Koran burnings with Bush's apologies during the Iraq War-for Abu Ghraib for example. At Abu Ghraib there was prisoner abuse by US soldiers and prision guards which were wrongs that Bush rightly apologized for. At the Afghan prison Moslem inmates were abusing Korans by defacing them with written messages which required their destruction. Obama apologized from weakness and timidity. A courageous President would have defended our troops and told the truth that they were guiltless of any wrong doing.

    Click my name for more on this subject

  • curmudgeon

    please stop agonizing over sharia. sharia is not the issue, for 3 reasons.
    1. if we keep importing and coddling muslims, their ascendancy is inevitable, and we will get sharia. period.
    2. if we pass the most plainly worded laws we can devise expressly banning sharia, and keep importing and coddling muslims, they will gain the majority and ignore all those silly laws while they inflict sharia on us.
    3. if we deport all muslims to some country they dont hate, and never let another muslim enter our country, we have no need to be concerned with sharia. noone but a muslim would ever want to be oppressed by sharia. no muslims, no sharia.

  • trickyblain

    We still have troops and citizens over there futilely trying to establish some sort of order. The more angry the Afghan mobs are, the more dangerous it is for them. To a logical person, it's totally understable that the President would try and disfuse the anger — even if the anger is insane to Western eyes.

    But Robert Spenser is always free to travel to Afghanistan and let the folks over there know his feelings on the matter.

    BTW, is there a source supporting the notion that Clinton is working on a "strategy" to curtail freedom of expression?
    "Meanwhile, Secretary of State Clinton has held a closed-door meeting with the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in order to discuss strategies for enforcing Sharia restrictions on free speech regarding Islam in Western countries."

    • Martin Koschuttnig

      Qur'an 4:89"They wish that you would reject Faith, as they have, and thus be on the same footing: Do not be friends with them until they leave their homes in Allah's Cause. But if they turn back from Islam, becoming renegades, seize them and kill them wherever you find them."

      Qur'an:9:5 "Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war."

      Qur'an:9:112 "The Believers fight in Allah's Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed."

      Qur'an:8:39 "Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah."
      Qur'an:8:39 "So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world)."

      Qur'an:8:65 "O Prophet, urge the faithful to fight. If there are twenty among you with determination they will vanquish two hundred; if there are a hundred then they will slaughter a thousand unbelievers, for the infidels are a people devoid of understanding."

      Qur'an:9:38 "Believers, what is the matter with you, that when you are asked to go forth and fight in Allah's Cause you cling to the earth? Do you prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? Unless you go forth, He will afflict and punish you with a painful doom, and put others in your place."

      ( this vers destroys the “Jhihad is internal struggle ONLY myth.) In fact there is more then one, on of course is the “internal” but it is the “lesser” of the two, the other is taking up arms.
      A all-knowing deity would surely know that frail humans could misapply his words, and reveal a very precise revelation. But alas unless the words are not those what was given to MoooHammel, we do NOT know what he received, and basically we must rely on HEARSAY only…

  • catherineinpvb

    It is all too pathetic; and more than painful, watching our country succumb to this insanity; of what may as well be, a visual of 'collective' America grabbing it's ankles for the benefit of those who claim an insane Islamism. These Korans were ALREADY defiled (according to Islamic dictum) by the Muslim prisoners themselves; and so even their argument for insult is baseless.

    Of course; this is just another excuse for these people to joyfully demonstrate, their inexhaustible hate for those who do not share their world view. We know too, that 'appeasement' is the worst weakness – and that weakness of and in itself; incites/demands redress, from these enemies.

    (Show your neck to them; and we should know by now; what happens.) That said; have to believe, Obama knows all too well.)

  • hammar

    these incidents are all staged for the world….So obama can kiss ass…while Americans are dying…I pray
    that these loony toons don't get elected again…God Help this country if he does…the left media will
    continue to bash Christians and Christ world wide….Look out America…we haven't seen anything yet….

  • danseagull


  • Reason_For_Life

    The Bill of Rights protects free speech and book burning has been recognized as a form of expression protected by the 1st Amendment. As an individual you can destroy any piece of your own property, but not anyone else's.

    However, the Bill of Rights is now believed by some to be not enforceable in times of war. The Patriot Act and the NDAA provide for violations of the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments. If the rights of Americans on American soil cannot be protected then what will protect our soldiers from Sharia? Observing the Constitution's limits on the power of government is our only protection against the Islamist thugs that would turn America into Saudi Arabia.

    If you want to be free of Sharia then you must protect and defend the rights named in the Constitution, all of the rights at all times including times of war. This is an all or nothing proposition – protect all rights or you will have nothing.

    To subject our soldiers to the lunacy of the most vicious, anti-human philosophy on earth is monstrous and must not be tolerated to any degree whatsoever.

  • Mal

    Were only Korans burnt? Were they among other material such as the Bible and other religious items? If so, will the same folk apologise to the Christians as well.? What about Afghans who burnt Bibles and crucifixes? Is it only one way?

  • Anamah

    Islam Muslims and Sharia have me already sick of … This is the most Machiavellic politician gullible Americans never suspected to be in charge. Stop all the madness, they do not appreciate the goodness of our country. They are unable to respect and care!

  • truebearing

    Obama is trying to create a mess in Afghanistan to justify his precipitous withdrawal. Any situation he can use will be exploited to the hilt. He wants the US to leave in disgrace.

  • omar kahlid

    Islam is obama's longtime religion. everything else is plain taqia. he is the perfect muzlim. he lies better than satan himself. he cheats our young soldiers out of their lives. he steals America's wealth to build mosques and support islamic regimes in the billions. America is lost, has lost. liberals knew very well that people would vote themselves out of existence for a government check. It worked. We are finished as a power. May God forgive us as we squandered his gifts away on porn and drugs.

  • Mary

    The little Iranian President, Karzai, and the entire "Muslim world" is acting as if the whole world has been conquered for Islam and that all non-Muslims are under dhimmitude. They are acting as if any defiance by non-Muslim (like criticizing Islam, burning Qur'ans, etc.) means any non-Muslims can be punished, abused, even murdered because the dhimmitude contract (of "protection") has been broken. It is a plan to take the world hostage, and no one should in any way be accepting of that scenario!

  • Mary

    Let's write to Congress (www.congress.org):

    Dear Representative:

    Qur'ans were used in Afghanistan as a means of communications by the enemy combatants. Those ciphers/communiques were intercepted, confiscated, and destroyed so the enemy combatants could never have access to them. But, because Sharia law forbids the burning of Qur'ans, our President is apologizing and promising to follow Sharia law instead of U.S. law. The same tactic is used when enemy combatants hold up in mosques, and are assured of a safe place from which to shoot at U.S. troops. The same tactic is used when human shields are used and killed, and the responsibility is placed on U.S. troops instead of those who use human shields and the U.S. pays blood money (prescribed by Sharia law) to the families of human shields, accomplices, and jihadists themselves. Our troops were used like this for ten years with their hands tied and the enemy combatants protected by Sharia law. This weakening and killing off of our troops was only used to procure Islamic democracies with Islamic Constitutions enforced by Sharia law. Now, President Obama has sent our troops to Africa to fight against the only opposition force to the genocidal jihad conquering the oil-rich countries of Africa. This outrageous and seditious waste of the lives and health of U.S. troops must stop.

    As a member of the United States Congress, I am asking and expecting you to put an end to enforcement of Sharia law by U.S. troops, to redefine the parameters when fighting against Islamic enemy combatants, to place the responsibility for using human shields, mosques, and Qur'ans squarely on the shoulders of those who use them, and to prohibit and forbid U.S. troops from being subjected to Sharia law, officially or unofficially. Let U.S. troops only be used to support the U.S. Constitution, let them only answerable to U.S. law, and only deployed when the safety of U.S. citizens is in eminent jeopardy. Station U.S. troops at U.S. borders and stop them from being used as pawns in the Muslim Brotherhood's global jihad.

    • JoJoJams

      Actually, Mary, the burning of a quran is the proper way to dispose of an old, torn up quran. The ones in question were already defiled by the muslim prisoners using them to communicate between each other, which is why they were being destroyed. In short, there is actually no reason for the muslims to be so upset at us, as they should be upset at the prisoners that originally defiled them. the thing is, it doesn't matter….they look for any excuse to riot and cause havoc. A strong leader would have called them out on all this, and told them where they could shove their fake sense of "injured honor". Unfortunately, we don't have a strong leader in this nation, so we grovel in abject dhimmitude, instead of telling them to ef off.

  • peter

    Lets vote Obama out comes fall election, he has ruined enough. He failed to stop the mosque building on ground zero, this was one of his priorities. If he stays on for an other 4 years we lose our country.

  • Foo Bar

    Yes, you have revealed the Truthiness. When Obama is reelected, he will impose Sharia Law on Amercia, including:
    * mandatory gay marriage (and abortion)
    * let women control their own lady parts (how disgusting is that?)
    * spare ribs and beer.

    Also, did you know that there are NO GUNS in the Koran?