Should Israel Agree to a Cease-fire?

The Jerusalem Post reported Monday that “Israel agreed to briefly hold off on sending ground forces into Gaza to allow time for cease-fire efforts to continue.” Meanwhile, Hamas top dog Khaled Mashaal demanded that Israel initiate a cease-fire if it wants a truce, and even claimed that Netanyahu asked for one: “Netanyahu was the one who requested a cease-fire from the Americans, Egypt and the Europeans. We were not the ones to ask for a cease-fire.” Israeli officials denied this, but did avow that “Israel prefers a diplomatic solution,” and was postponing a ground invasion in anticipation of one. Meanwhile, according to the Post, “Quartet Special Envoy Tony Blair told President Shimon Peres that Egypt, Qatar, America and the UN were working to put in place a ceasefire.” And so here we go again.

In all negotiations that may transpire, Israel will insist that the rocket attacks from Gaza must cease. But no cease-fire or previous negotiated settlement of any kind has ever accomplished this; why will this one be different? For that matter, no state has ever successfully reached a negotiated settlement with an enemy who had vowed to destroy it; why is Israel constantly expected to be different? Blair and all the others who are calling for an immediate cease-fire and negotiations seem to have forgotten, if they ever knew, what Hamas is, what its goals are, and who forms its leadership.

Many analysts continue to view Hamas as a nationalist group that will ultimately be pacified once a Palestinian state is set up. And to be sure, the Hamas Charter of August 1988 addresses nationalism, but not quite in those terms. It declares: “nothing is loftier or deeper in Nationalism than waging Jihad against the enemy and confronting him when he sets foot on the land of the Muslims.” When will it end? The Hamas Charter quotes Hasan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood: “Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors.”

Hamas identifies itself in the Charter as “one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a world organization, the largest Islamic Movement in the modern era.”

In keeping with this guiding idea that Islam must be and will be the force that ultimately eliminates Israel, and that Islamic principles must rule all aspects of life, Hamas states its membership and its mission in the broadest possible terms, complete with copious quotes from the Qur’an: “the Islamic Resistance Movement consists of Muslims who are devoted to Allah and worship Him verily [as it is written]: ‘I have created Man and Devil for the purpose of their worship’ [of Allah]. . . . They have raised the banner of Jihad in the face of the oppressors in order to extricate the country and the people from the [oppressors’] desecration, filth and evil. ‘Nay, but we hurl the true against the false; and it does break its head and lo! it vanishes’ Sura 21 (the Prophets), verse 18.”

Hamas sees its Islamic mission as universal: “Its spatial dimension extends wherever on earth there are Muslims, who adopt Islam as their way of life; thus, it penetrates to the deepest reaches of the land and to the highest spheres of Heavens. . . . By virtue of the distribution of Muslims, who pursue the cause of the Hamas, all over the globe, and strive for its victory, for the reinforcement of its positions and for the encouragement of its Jihad, the Movement is a universal one.”

Hamas disdains peace talks: “[Peace] initiatives, the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement. For renouncing any part of Palestine means renouncing part of the religion; the nationalism of the Islamic Resistance Movement is part of its faith, the movement educates its members to adhere to its principles and to raise the banner of Allah over their homeland as they fight their Jihad: ‘Allah is the all-powerful, but most people are not aware.’”

In laying out its aims in this way, Hamas and similar groups such as Islamic Jihad have painted themselves — and the Middle East — into a corner. The Muslim militants who see their struggle against Israel as part of their religious responsibility cannot and will not ever recognize Israel’s right to exist, or reach any kind of negotiated settlement with “the Zionist entity,” without denying what it has identified as “part of its faith.” After all, the Muslim Prophet Muhammad himself warned Muslims that “the last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him” (Sahih Muslim 6985).

This tradition is repeated, with small variations, numerous times in the Hadith, and is well known among Palestinian Muslims. In January 2012, Muhammad Hussein, the Mufti of the Palestinian Authority, quoted this notorious hadith at a Fatah event: “The reliable Hadith,” noted Hussein, “in the two reliable collections, Bukhari and Muslim, says: ‘The Hour will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jew will hide behind stones or trees. Then the stones or trees will call: “Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”’”

For someone who believes all this, the only prospect for peace is the death of Israel.

Hamas announces its intention to fight “until the Decree of Allah is fulfilled, the ranks are over-swollen, Jihad fighters join other Jihad fighters, and all this accumulation sets out from everywhere in the Islamic world, obeying the call of duty, and intoning ‘Come on, join Jihad!’ This call will tear apart the clouds in the skies and it will continue to ring until liberation is completed, the invaders are vanquished and Allah’s victory sets in. ‘Verily Allah helps one who helps Him. Lo! Allah is strong, Almighty.’ Sura XXII (Pilgrimage), verse 40.”

Is all this merely religious window dressing for Hamas’s political goals? The Charter itself rules out that interpretation in the course of a fervently pious reading of history. “The greedy,” it asserts, “have coveted Palestine more than once and they raided it with armies in order to fulfill their covetousness. Multitudes of Crusades descended on it, carrying their faith with them and waving their Cross.”  While the Crusaders met with some success, they weren’t able to withstand the Muslims once they returned to the full practice of their religion: “They were able to defeat the Muslims for a long time, and the Muslims were not able to redeem it until they sought the protection of their religious banner; then, they unified their forces, sang the praise of their God and set out for Jihad under the Command of Saladin al-Ayyubi, for the duration of nearly two decades, and then the obvious conquest took place when the Crusaders were defeated and Palestine was liberated.”

Against Palestinians and others who may place their hope in socialism, or democracy, or the United Nations, or some other imported Western utopia, the Charter asserts that Islam and jihad represent “the only way to liberation, there is no doubt in the testimony of history. That is one of the rules of the universe and one of the laws of existence. Only iron can blunt iron, only the true faith of Islam can vanquish their false and falsified faith. Faith can only be fought by faith. Ultimately victory is reserved to the truth, and truth is victorious.”

Not that Hamas doesn’t offer its own vision of peace. “Under the shadow of Islam,” its Charter asserts, “it is possible for the members of the three religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism to coexist in safety and security. Safety and security can only prevail under the shadow of Islam, and recent and ancient history is the best witness to that effect. . . . Islam accords his rights to everyone who has rights and averts aggression against the rights of others.”

In this the Charter is referring to the laws that designate Jews and Christians as dhimmis, protected people who are accorded certain rights and restrictions in Islamic society. This means that the peace that Hamas offers “under the shadow of Islam” is nothing like the unfettered tolerance of secular society. The laws of dhimmitude only allow Jews and Christians to “coexist in safety and security” with Muslims under conditions that relegate them to second-class citizenship. “The subject peoples,” according to a manual of Islamic law, must “pay the non-Muslim poll tax (jizya)” and “are distinguished from Muslims in dress, wearing a wide cloth belt (zunnar); are not greeted with ‘as-Salamu ‘alaykum’ [the traditional Muslim greeting, “Peace be with you”]; must keep to the side of the street; may not build higher than or as high as the Muslims’ buildings, though if they acquire a tall house, it is not razed; are forbidden to openly display wine or pork . . . recite the Torah or Evangel aloud, or make public display of their funerals or feastdays; and are forbidden to build new churches.” If they violate these terms, the law further stipulates that they can be killed or sold into slavery at the discretion of the Muslim leader.

A negotiated peace allowing Israelis and Palestinian Muslims to coexist peacefully as equals on an indefinite basis is not possible in light of this. A ceasefire under these circumstances will only give Hamas time to gather strength. Israel faces no good choices. But those who profess to be allied with her should stop offering false hopes.

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  • Mary Sue

    Should Israel agree to a ceasefire?


    I'm sofa king tired of ___t not getting done because idiots won't let them.

  • Larry

    No hudna this time around, Israel should continue, not until HAMAS is bleeding and broken, but until HAMAS is destroyed.
    One of the problems in the ME is that everytime Israel has been in a position to completely knock out one of the genocidists arrayed against it other powers interfere and prevent Israel from doing so. This time Israel should just keep going. If you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't, you might as well do and get the benefit from it.

    • Miriam

      No hudna., now. II agree. Israel should go on.

    • IsraelFirster

      This. For every rocket attack, twice the number of shells lobbed at Hamas stronholds in Hamisistan, otherwise known as Gaza.

  • Coptic John

    Hell No … Do not make deals with murderers and savages because they won't keep it …

  • David

    The hypocricy of the west amazes me. If Mexico was dropping rockets on the U.S. there would be no talk of a cease-fire or any kind of settlement at all. The military would stomp them like bugs and that would be that. Israel should crush them now before international pressure mounts any higher. Then they can negioate with whatever remains of these genocidal vermin. I don't really wish death and destruction on anyone but Hamas has earned it a thousand times over.

    • Robert

      This would not happen as long as Obama is in charge, he would moist likely beg for a cease fire, even is thousands were killed.

    • teq

      Mexico is dropping a different kind of Rocket on the US today, and not just anchor babies! We are entering the schools and latinizing them, we are exercising our right to vote and electing good, Catholic hard-working Hispanic Americans like ourself.
      Maybe the Palestinians should try something like that.

    • EthanP

      Unfortunately David, "civilized" nations now wage PC war. I suspect even a Bush43 or Romney admi would try to find a "peaceful" solution. Or do you not think our border with Mexico is under attack while we do, as always, NOTHING!

  • Eduardo

    Israel should not attend the UN and Barak, they are friends of Islam. Israel is sovereign and must take strong measures against the Islamic killers. Hamas must be annihilated. Terrorism must be fought until the extermination. Islam is death. Death to Islam. Israel always!

    • ze-ev ben jehuda

      Reading your comment I can leave mine out, yours says it all.

  • issac

    It is sad that even one of gods creature dies.The sheer hate that some of your readers express is shocking.What is there to distinguish the extremist terrorists.Whether yours or mine they are created in the image of god.If Israel must defend itself let Israel preserve its soul and mourn also the death of its adversaries even when the sword of Israel is drawn…that is what distiguishs' us from the barbarians at the gates.To rejoice in the death of a child irrespective what religion is a betrayal of our heritage and good fortune whether jew,christian or muslim.

    • Mary Sue

      who rejoices in the death of a child? Certainly not us. It pains us as much as you. The twisted teachings of the Islamists caused it.

      They hate not the people, but the vile twisted Islamist, freedom-hating theocracy that spawned this war.

    • David R

      We must presume you just landed from Lala Land, and unless you're under the influence of some substance you certainly don't express logic or understanding of the facts regarding the circumstances expressed in this article._Realize that when these Islamic savages get a chance to vent their hatred towards their enemy, they have no respect for children…much less their own. Installing rocket launchers besides kindergardens does augment the risk of that school and its kids being destroyed. Shooting sub-standard rockets at random targets in Israel exhibits the same hateful and blind disregard for human lives, including children…blowing up schoolbuses in Jerusalem is another example.
      Oh and by the way…God is spelled with a capital "G", or are you trying to put Him too to your level of understanding? _

    • WildJew

      If you step into a red ant pile, do you lament the killing of even one of God's creatures? If you found a scorpion or a black widow spider in your house or a rattle snake in your garden, do you lament the killing of even one of God's creatures? Are those (like the 9/11 hijackers, Hamas mass-murderers and other subhumans) who behave like savages and beasts part of the human family? Are they in the image of God?

    • Rostislav

      Worthy pilots of the WWII Flying Fortresses were too busy with fighting to rejoice over the death of babies down there in Berlin, Hamburg or Koln – even if they had such an unholy wish. But I'm dead sure that they hadn't. It's thanks to these heroes we live now in the world, which is free of death camps. And one of the ingredients of their victory was stopping the Nazies' feeling of impunity ("we can kill their babies as much as Hitler orders, but they wouldn't dare to kill our dear ones"). By the way – my two elder sisters died of hunger during the Nazi siege of my city, and I was the only one child in our family to survive). Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    • Asher

      That goes for Islam too…hatred and anti-semetism has ruled their minds and hearts for centuries against the Jews. Genesis 16:9 Angel of the Lord to Hagar: You are now with child and you will have a son. You shall name him Ishamel, for the Lord has heard your misery. He will be a wild donkey of a man; is hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers. Get a grip, there more to life than Jihad!

    • Tmantom

      Yes Issac; I guess it was sad when God destroyed everyone but Noah and family in order to defeat evil;- plus many other examples we find in the Bible; but this is the "real order" of things,- believe it or not. It has been this way for thousands of years; and you crying crocodile tears for terrorists will not change things. God does eventually get tired of the evil Himself and uses humans to intervene on His behalf. – I only wonder when He will use someone with the perception of "King David",- re-capture all that lost land, and restore Israel's glory. YES; IT CAN HAPPEN ! ! !

    • Ghostwriter

      We're dealing with people who strap bombs to kids and send them to places like pizza parlors,movie theaters,etc. Peace doesn't really seem to be in their vocabulary.

  • Rifleman

    Sure Israel should agree to a cease-fire…when they run out of hamas targets to hit.

    • tinydancer2010

      I like the way you think!

  • Chezwick

    I've been thinking about the timing of this conflict. It was timed to come after the US election (so as not to hurt Obama's re-election chances) and yet before an Israeli strike on Iran.

    The reasons are two fold:

    Strategically, to occupy the Israelis and to galvanize the international community against them, hopefully sapping the Jewish State of its eagerness to take on a major task such as attacking Iran and coping with the bloody aftermath;

    Tactically, to practice on a small scale the circumvention of Israeli anti-missile defenses…in anticipation – after Israel's attack on Iran – of the launching of tens of thousands of missiles from Hezbollah's arsenal in Lebanon.

    It's absolutely devious….and quite logical.

    • @toooldsmart

      No Isreal was Praying that America got R&R ! not bo!

      • Chezwick

        Perhaps I didn't make myself clear enough. The timing of the conflict – as well as the conflict itself, was initiated by Iran via the Palestinians. I cited THEIR reasons. They are HOPING to induce Israel into a ground campaign in Gaza so that the Israelis are sufficiently distracted so as not to attack Iran's nuclear program at its critical final stage.

        • PaulRevereNow

          Why can't Israel mount a ground offensive in Gaza, while striking Iran with the IAF? Besides, Iran probably doesn't have enough 90% enriched uranium to build a bomb right now. Israel might well be able to conquer Gaza before any strike on Iran. If Israel can chase Hamas out of Gaza quickly, that will be a welcome victory that will stop the rocket attacks. Then they can prepare for air strikes against Iran.

          • Chezwick

            You might be right….but my understanding is that the window is closing on stopping Iran; time is of the essence.

          • Rifleman

            It's one of those "how could they be so stupid" moments in human history. Do you sometimes wonder if your understanding is a curse, rather than a blessing? I still can't quite wish for ignorance, though it is appealing at times.

    • teq

      Another take on it — mine — is that Bibi was left so furious after the 2012 results, he had to release his anger or suffer an aneurysm. Since he couldn't pound Iran, he had to find a scapegoat,. Hamas always makes a good scapegoat because it's a bad guy anyway. This way Bibi gets it out of his system, shows the world he's not intimidated by the Kenyen, and pleases Shelddon Adelson.

      I think it's a pretty smart strategy.

      • Chezwick

        Utter nonsense. The conflict was started by Iran…via its proxy.

      • Mary Sue

        Except for the fact that Hamas was steadily firing rockets for quite a while now, and it reached the straw that broke the camel's back point.

        Look at what happens each time Israel defends itself. The UN and the brainwashed International Community go nuts. And not in a good way.

  • tinydancer2010

    No, no, no. I repeat: NO. Finish the job this time. You can do it. Your friends will still support you, and your enemies won't. Nothing will change except Hamas will be neutered.

    • Rostislav

      You are 100% right, and so are the majority of commentators here – but I'm absolutely sure that the already familiar situation would repeat itself again: another cease-fire with the newer, more sophisticated rockets launched on Israel right the next week after "guarantees" are done, and so on, and so on (to tell nothing about the well-guided explosions of the indignant progressives all around the globe. As well as inside Israel too: while terrorists' rockets were approaching Israel's cities, Israel's leftists were blocking the road between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. If the country is that openly suicide-bound (just remember that Jews were thrown out from Gaza not by Arabs but by their own IDF Army!), then no God and no human comments can stop it, unfortunately. I'd like so much to be wrong, though… Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • Bert

    We need a clear solution and here is mine. Israel announces that all those countries that stood by while Hamas armed for attack will be held responsible for the consequences. Israel announces its terms as follows. Hamas must surrender, leave Gaza with Israel confiscating all weapons. All Gazans will then be relocated to other countries where they can be safe and begin new lives. Problem solved! If Hamas refuses then Israel will fight as did the U.S. in WWII where we destroyed entire cities from the air. Israel will not invade and take casualties.
    The responsibility for the lives of Gazans must be placed on the backs of those countries that preach to Israel. Israel offers peace. If the offer is refused then destruction must follow. In WWII the U.S. insisted on unconditional surrender and Israel must do the same.

  • Steve Chavez

    "HAMAS IS NOT A TERRORIST GROUP. They are the legitimately elected government."

    "The leaders of HAMAS have doctorate degrees which proves they are not fanatics."


    HAMAS IS WINNING THE PR WAR again and due to Obama's media, except for FOX and sites like this, and newspaper headlines show photos of Palestinian children killed. Facebook leftists are bombarding their friends with these photos and none, except for me, challenge them.

    PROBLEM AND SOLUTION: IRAN! Imagine a world without IRAN, N. KOREA, CUBA, VENEZUELA, SYRIA. The world needs to stand up to these terrorist regimes and all eyes are on ISRAEL TO START THE BEGINNING OF THE END!

  • Steve Chavez


    Our local news outlets are putting on these FAKE JEWS as if they speak for the majority but this majority also VOTED FOR OBAMA, a closet Muslim who will eventually publicly convert proving his allegiance with Islam all along and spitting on Jesus. His downfall will be J. CHRISTopher Stevens.

    • Tmantom

      Ms. Chavez; I have you to know that I am not a Jew by blood nor of religion, however I am a person that has studied history in depth plus that 5000 year old book called "The Bible". This is where I suggest that you may read, though I doubt you would comprehend it's meaning or that God would open your eyes to it's truth. I really feel sorry for you, "for ignorance is truly a burden for mankind" ! It doesn't have to be this way,- but ignorance is something that you have chosen. Hatred also is chosen ! It goes along with evil & what Satan wishes for us. I guess I'm really wasting my time on someone brainwashed by Islam.

  • WildJew

    Re-occupy Gaza. Re-build Gush Katif. In decades past, Israel's response to Islamic terrorism was to build a new settlement or Jewish community at or near the site where the terrorism occurred. Even left-leaning Labor governments did it. This is the BEST response to Islamic terrorism. Israel should never have left Gaza. When the Israelis vacate land, leaving it to the Palestinians, it becomes a terror enclave. "Disengagement" from Gaza was a huge mistake. Should Israel (God-forbid) leave any part or parts of Judea and Samaria, it too will become just like Gaza.

    • LindaRivera

      I agree one hundred percent! YES RE-OCCUPY Gaza!

      Not one inch of Jewish land to the enemy! Not now. Not ever!


  • drivesguy

    No cease fire. No quarter either. Israel should clean out that rats nest otherwise known as Hamas, then keep marching all the way to Cairo and bring back the head of Morsi.

  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    This piece of news is a bit puzzling:

    Israel demands 15-year lull,7340,L-4308099

    But a hudna can only be for 10 years. It can be extended, but as far as I know it cannot be set initially for a period longer that 10 years This is 1 1/2 hudnas in length or 15 tahdias. Could they be doing this on purpose knowing that Hamas will never accept it?

    • Mary Sue

      They haven't accepted anything else.

  • Arlie

    I am ashamed of America. This once great country has a dhimmis president. I will not submit to a world governmental system of tyranny that is coming if this war against this evil is not won by God fearing men. Bombing Islam out of existence is the only way. The cowardly leaders that have been duped around the globe to stealth jihad have allowed this evil to creep for 1400 years. STOP IT NOW. My prayers are with Israel and the IDF. God help them to victory.

    • brianrichardallen


      Well said.

      Hear! Hear!

  • lone ranger

    Israel needs to unfortunatley destroy these enemies, as thety will continue to lie, and murder
    if you look at history, and do not lern from it, you are doomed to repeat it

  • Asher

    Israel should never give up more land for peace…they have lost the peace because of it. Hamas with the help of Iran is deliberately targetting innocent civilians and children. More than one million Israelis have spent nearly a week in bomb shelters under constant rocket fire from Gaza. Tens of thousands of school children have spent nearly a week out of school due to the rocket attacks. CNN Poll shows 57% of Americans were in favor of Israel's attacking the Gaza Arab terror infrastructure, while some 25% were opposed to it.

  • HermitLion

    Was it a rhetorical question? The only thing keeping us in Israel from being completely screwed with this 'cease-fire' hoax, is Hamas' reluctance to agree to it.
    Ironically, the more they continue firing on us, the better we stand against the politicians who try to ensure the next war will take place sooner, rather than later.

  • brianrichardallen

    …. Blair and all the others who are calling for an immediate cease-fire and negotiations seem to have forgotten, if they ever knew, what manifestation of evil Hamas is, what are its goals, and who forms its leadership ….

    When the other Big Liars pick a frontscreep to best represent evil's banality, the many promotions past the Peter Principle's perfect poster person: Blair's ugly mug'll surely be the one we see! Eichmann with clipped vowels. Sniveling little barsteward.

    • EthanP

      Israel is a Jewish nation. When did the world ever care about Jewish blood!

  • Thartea

    As of now, if Israel agrees to a Cease fire as it is today, it would make life more and more difficult in future.
    They are the ones who is more sure than other nations that, Palestinians will never stop hating or arming themselves untill and unless Israel is wipe out of the map.

  • pierce

    No one in their right mind would ever, or should ever, agree to any cease fire with the Palestine's. They have shone no inclination in their history, they would carry such an armistice to a conclusion. Unless you been there, done that, the US is barking up the wrong tree. Not even GOD could solve this problem. The bigger question is '"How far will the US go to back up the Israelis"? With Hilary and Barack pulling the strings, Washington will get impatient, heck, they already are, as they can't manipulate Israel, they only think they can. And this is not the big picture, IRAN is the Provocateur of this whole situation, and if they won't back off, be prepared.

  • umustbkidding

    Notice that this is happening after our country went full retard and elected Zero again.

    Weakness is provocation for attack. The entire world knows that when push comes to shove Zero won't back Israel up.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah, your country disregarded the advice of Robert Downey Jr.'s character in Tropical Thunder.

      "Sean Penn, he went full retard. Never go full retard."

  • Marty

    hamas would only want a (temporary) truce or hudna to rebuild and import more rockets to try to kill Israeli civilians. The best case scenario seems to be the one Israel is already employing: targeting hamas and islamic jihad leaders and sending them off to paradise. Eliminating as many of these inbred sociopaths as possible is the best truce and will lead to a longer period of peace.

    • Mary Sue

      I remember hearing about "Hudna" last time around. Forgot where I heard it though. Hadn't found this place yet. I think I'd just started to learn stuff about Walid Shoebat at the time.

  • jacob

    I take exception to this fable of HAMAS being the "democratically" elected govmt. of GAZA…

    I''ll never forget the story of the Russian guy who receives a summon for voting….
    He gets to the voting place, identifies himself properly (ID picture identity card, not like in the good
    old US and soon to be. by the grace of Allah, USMA) and notices the secretary takes a page from a
    pack of papers, folds it , puts in an envelope and as he is about to close it, the fellow says :
    But Comrade Secretary, allow me at least to see who am I voting for…!!!!!
    To what the secretary answers :
    So much for Hamas being the legitimate government of GAZA….
    As to the present situation, I wonder what kind of "OFFER IT CAN REFUSE" is Hillary bringing Israel.
    Then again, Israel stopping at Gaza's border will end up being just another saber rattling sample…
    Muslims were waiting for OBAMA to speak out and he surely did :
    He approves Israel's right to defend its people but doesn't approve entering GAZA….
    Typical "forked tongue" language…
    And so, this disgraceful "statu quo" will be allowed to fester and the Iranian animals will score another

    But, if it is OK for the Israeli people, why should it be "NOKEY" for me ???
    After all, Hamas rockets are raining on them, not on me

    • ObamaYoMoma

      I take exception to this fable of HAMAS being the "democratically" elected govmt. of GAZA…

      It doesn't matter if it is a democratically elected government or not, as long as it enshrines Sharia and denounces freedom and liberty at the same time, it is still a draconian Islamic totalitarian state. Indeed, what do you think the governments in Iraq and Afghanistan are today? I certainly hope you aren't gullible enough to believe like the vast overwhelming majority of Republicans do today, that they are true democratic governments, even though they both denounce and eschew freedom and liberty.

  • grayzel

    Simple, NO. Not until they eliminate the rockets.

  • Blue Frost

    No they shouldn’t agree unless Hamas is gone, and all their influences.
    The international community has prolonged this long enough, and this needs a resolution even if in blood.
    They will never stop attacking unless a strong hand is applied, if not they count it as they won like every other time Israel stopped.

  • Bartemais

    Baring a mass conversion of the Islamic peoples that would change them from their warrior religion to an actual peace loving tolerant people, there is only one other option for peace. The Western nations must hold the Arab/Islamic nations and the “Palestinian” people responsible for their lawless behavior. The moral equivalence doctrine that is the popular position at this time will never make for lasting peace. The aggression/victimhood strategy that is being acted out (very effectively) must be torn down and truth to aggression/victimhood must be proclaimed forcefully. Islam must be held accountable for its ingrained anti-Semitism and aggression against non-Islamists or the west will lose, both as regards peace in the middle-east and its own democratic systems. The question is will the west wake up in time?

  • watsa46

    The choice is between fantasy, western universalism (Jewish!!!) and Islamic universalism. Too bad.
    At least we have the Chinese and Indian options. Russia slowly but surely will melt away.

  • EthanP

    Doesn't matter what Jerusalem wants. Obama says ceasefire or lose your supply line. Same for attacking Iran. Israel has become a colony of the US and must act accordingly.

  • Jossi

    Cease fire? Only when the fire ceases from the terrorists!

  • LindaRivera

    Muslim Cease-fire = Israel stops defending Jews. Muslims keep on firing rockets.

    DON'T agree to a cease-fire, Israel !

  • Felsen Stark

    Hamas may simply have been testing the iron dome defenses for Iran in anticipation of Israel destroying Iran's nuclear facilities and Iran's retaliation.

  • cheese_burger

    Muslims are bullies. If you appease a bully, the bully will see you as weak, and the bullying will never stop. It will only get worse. Non-Muslims must unite globally, against all Muslims, and put them and their filthy religion in its place. Do unto Muslims, as the Muslims do unto non-Muslims. Give them a 100 year taste of their own miserable, hate-filled medicine. Show no mercy.

  • Marken

    Hamas is Iran’s proxy, they are testing Israel’s defenses, a thousand of these rockets can do relatively little.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Forcing Gaza into Egypt is the only long term solution. Doing so really compounds Egypt's internal troubles. While cleaning up Israels Southwestern border. The press won't like it nor will the Europeans.Historically, almost all of Europe gave up their Jews to Hitler.So Israel should worry about what they think given history?

    Too bad our own Press has become so European in its outlook on events.

    Israel cannot expend all its Irondome systems on just Gaza. Too many Rockets in the neighborhood that will need to be saved for.

  • UCSPanther

    The only ceasefire that should occur is when Hamas is a smoldering heap of twisted, burnt metal and red paste.

  • LGA

    Do not back down from these madmen and enter into a"peace" agreement. Look to "The Prophet" to understand how they work. Declare a truce when you are relatively weak ,then show no mercy when you have the upper hand. It is only to buy more time to rearm.

  • Terry

    I don't want a ground invasion because of the Jewish losses that will occur. (Gaza voted for hamas, so gaza must wear the consequences, which by its own had means civiliasn will die).

    But more than this, I feel Israel should finish the job, totally destroy hamas, kill its leadership and any followers who won't denounce it and cease fighting its racist war against the Jews.

  • Reis Kash

    Israel is reluctant to invade Gaza; to do so would be like wading barefoot into a tub full of infected poison snakes. Muslims only offer or accept truces when they work to the advantage of Islam – they never keep a promise and, according to the Korean, they don't have to keep a promise to an Infidel. I don't know what the answer is, short of using a nuke and obliterating this snake pit, but a truce is not the answer.

    • Larry

      The answer is going into Gaza full battle rattle and taking the entire population of said cesspool and pumping it back to the country that created it – Egypt.

  • Rosey

    Should Israel agree to a "Cease Fire." NO. The only cease fire is always by Isreal. If the Islamic jiahad leaders don't decimate Israel and its citizens today, they will wait and try again the next day. I am of Catholic/Christian background and decent. I respect the Jewish faith. I believe the Jewish state must now rely on their own will to survive as the international community will not come to their defense. "Kill or be Killed?" Where is the choice.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Here's a few inconsistencies to ponder: Is this a conflict between Israel and the so-called Palestinians alone? Is Israel the only non-Muslim country in the world that borders Muslim countries and that is currently under assault by Muslims? Can anyone name another non-Muslim country in the world that borders Muslim countries that isn't under assault by Muslims?

    If the Jews in Israel are so aggressive and evil towards the so-called Palestinians, then why is every non-Muslim country in the world that also borders Muslim countries also under assault by Muslims too? Connect the dots. What makes the so-called Palestinians somehow different from other Muslims around the world that are also waging jihad against not only their neighboring infidel countries that also border them, but also the non-Muslim dhimmis that are unfortunate enough to live inside Muslim countries?

    Are so-called Palestinian civilians that get killed or maimed in the crossfire really Israel's victims as presented by the Muslim controlled medias in the USA and throughout the world, and I say Muslim controlled medias because every news organization today, including Fox News, has a Middle East News Desk that tightly controls the news so that only the Islamic perspective as opposed to the Arab perspective gets presented, (as being Arab has nothing whatsoever to do with jihad since Christian and Druze Arabs aren't waging jihad against Jews or any other infidels, only the Muslims). The truth is those so-called Palestinian civilians that always like clockwork get caught up in the crossfire are in reality not innocent victims but instead willing human shields that are also jihadists, because all Muslims in the world are jihadists. Indeed, all Muslims in the world are either jihadists or otherwise they are blasphemous apostates that per the dictates of Islam must be executed, as all Muslims are required first and foremost as a condition of Islam to submit totally, completely, and unconditionally to the divine will of Allah. And what is the divine will of Allah? It's Sharia and a super draconian form of totalitarianism, especially for non-Muslim dhimmis unfortunate enough to live under Muslim authoritarian rule.

    Since Western style democracy, the kind that includes freedom and liberty, is an abomination in Islam that must be obliterated, how is a two state solution, two democratic states living side by side in peace and harmony, somehow a viable solution? It's not. Don't believe me? Well how is those two so-called democracies the US allegedly created in Iraq and Afghanistan doing these days and where is the missing freedom and liberty in those two Islamic countries, by the way?

    Meanwhile, Sharia is the law of Allah (God). Therefore, Sharia is flawless and infallible, and because Sharia emanates from the divine, it is perfectly just and supreme, whereas because democracy is the rule of man, i.e., human beings, it is therefore imperfect, inferior, and unjust by comparison.

    Open your eyes Republicans and pseudo conservatives; there is no moderate Islam and radical Islam and there are no moderate Muslims and radical Muslims. The sole purpose of Islam in all of its various incarnations is to make Islam supreme throughout the world via the imposition of Sharia for Allah. Indeed, all Muslims are jihadists and worldwide only tiny portions of Muslims are violent jihadists, while the vast overwhelming majority of them are non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists. In fact, of the two varieties, I fear the non-violent stealth and deceptive variety far more than I do the violent variety.

    It's time for the Republican Party to grow up and stop emulating the Left when it comes to being blinded by political correctness and duped by Islam, as today both Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same leftwing coin and both sides are totally corrupt and incompetent. Indeed, as long as the Republican Party fails to publicly acknowledge and renounce its errors, while at the same time remaining duped by Islam and blinded by political correctness, it will continue to lose elections after elections.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    A truce means no peace for Israel. Iran wants Israel to use up it's Iron Dome capabilities
    prior to a wider war, this is all to weaken Israel and allow the miserable press to do it's
    job blaming the Jews. If Israel was to nuke Tehran they can claim they did it to save Gaza
    and it's mentally diseased citizens. If Israel is to survive it must take a no truce, no quarter
    and no turning back policy, it would end the evil and bring about a new era on Earth.
    Fire and blood will mark the advent of the next age as divine intervention will be to
    help the destruction of evil as evil refuses to change…………………………….William

  • MixMChess

    Why should Israel be bullied by European intellectuals and "cultured" leftists into agreeing to another hudna?

  • Hank Rearden

    A very interesting article. I don't know if the quote from the Muslim Brotherhood is accurate, but given the author of this article, I assume it is. Think about this…

    The Hamas Charter quotes Hasan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood: “Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors.”

    hmmm….ELIMINATED ITS PREDECESSORS!!!! Meaning that the founder of the MB believes that Israel has HAD predecessors!!! He didn't get the memo.

    Islam ruled over the Hejaz in 632, on the death of Mohammed. So how did it get from there to Palestine, among other places? By conquest. The Muslims are johnny-come-latelies to Palestine, while the Jews have been there for 3000 years. The Crusades are an incident. Let's not get tied up with that.

    Given the realities of diplomacy, it looks as if Israel has to go with another cease fire. So, let's do it. The terms of the cease fire are…one more rocket fired from Gaza to Israel and Israel will defend itself. It's policy? Simple. Unconditional surrender.

    Either Israel believes in its sovereignty or it doesn't.

    Unconditional surrender.

    And Israel's position with the world community? YOU brokered this cease fire. YOU guaranteed it. We went along with it on that basis. If it is broken, the responsibility is YOURS. YOU have let us down.

    Hamas will attack again. Why? Terrorism is their ricebowl. Do they want to worry about municipal sewers? About building roads? Haha. They want to live large on the money that rolls in in "aid" and keep up the gig. The Rolling Stones are going on tour again. I don't say that with any sarcasm. I am a big fan.

    But…does that tell you anything?

    Hamas is not going to retire. They have no marketable skills Iwhich is not a knock on the Stones). Without terrorism, they'd jut be a bunch of unemployed lazy old men drinking coffee in some shop somewhere. Losers.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    A "cease fire" is a terrible error as it not only perpetuates the horrors in Aza but sends a weakness message to Iran and others. Hamas has to be demolished to also prevent the ghastly acts of the cult of death against normal Muslims.

  • LittleDon

    Should Israel Agree to a Cease-fire? Hell NO! Kick those Bas 'ds As 's, Hamas needs to be taught a lesson and be totally evaporate from this Earth! They are the "Devils Children" and "also their Religion" If you want to call it that!
    God Bless America and Also Israel

  • Anamah

    Do not stop now please! Continue dear friends until all these criminals are killed.

  • wsk

    Israel should agree to a cease-fire when every last Palestinian cockroach is squashed.

  • richard ahern

    Whip put Hamas-Jihad-the enemy of Isreal-The Washington Establishment is out of Control. We Americans have aloud this to happen
    Fredom or Tyranny