The Convenient Resignation of General Petraeus

Apparently overcome with guilt over an extramarital affair, General David Petraeus abruptly resigned as director of the CIA Thursday. A suddenly socially conservative Barack Obama accepted his resignation Friday, as Petraeus explained in a statement made public Friday afternoon (the time when all stories that the administration wants to bury are released). But Petraeus’s statement simply didn’t hold water — not only because it assumed an Obama as strait-laced as Pat Robertson, but also because it comes just after the House Foreign Affairs Committee asked him to testify in its investigation of the Benghazi jihad attack and subsequent Obama administration cover-up.

“Yesterday afternoon,” Petraeus wrote, “I went to the White House and asked the President to be allowed, for personal reasons, to resign from my position as D/CIA. After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours. This afternoon, the President graciously accepted my resignation.”

Parson Obama, that well-known moral crusader who praised Ted Kennedy as an “extraordinary leader” and Barney Frank as “a fierce advocate for the people of Massachusetts and Americans everywhere who needed a voice,” may indeed have been so indignant over Petraeus’s affair that he accepted his resignation with alacrity. On the other hand, maybe his willingness to see the last of Petraeus had something to do with the statement that the CIA issued on October 26: “No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.”

This came after Fox News had reported that same day that “sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that an urgent request from the CIA annex for military back-up during the attack on the U.S. consulate and subsequent attack several hours later on the annex itself was denied by the CIA chain of command — who also told the CIA operators twice to ‘stand down’ rather than help the ambassador’s team when shots were heard at approximately 9:40 p.m. in Benghazi on Sept. 11.”

But if it wasn’t Petraeus who ordered that no help be given to Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff when jihadists attacked the embassy, the order would have had to come from someone who outranked even the director of the agency. Thus Petraeus’s denial that the order had come from him pointed the finger directly at Barack Obama. And while the mainstream media buried that fact before the election, probably the House Foreign Affairs Committee would have asked Petraeus just who did give the order.

For surely it was just a coincidence that Petraeus resigned on Thursday, the very same day that Fox News reported that the Foreign Affairs Committee was planning to call him to testify at their Benghazi hearings, along with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Matt Olsen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Surely that had nothing to do with Petraeus’s decision to submit his resignation. This couldn’t have had anything to do with his quitting. It is much more likely indeed that suddenly, just as the news that he was going to be summoned to testify came in to his office, Petraeus was overcome with remorse over his affair, and decided – although apparently the affair began some time ago, since there were rumors about it while he was still in Afghanistan – that Thursday was the day, right then and there, to come clean and resign his position.

The preposterousness of this scenario is obvious. And the convenience of the timing for Barack Obama cannot be overlooked. Now Petraeus will not be testifying at the House hearings, and so, barring a subpoena, the primary witness to who ordered the CIA to stand down in Benghazi has been removed.

The transparently flimsy justification given for the resignation is also troubling, reminiscent as it is of the charges that Stalin suddenly brought against his former friends and comrades in the Soviet Union of the 1930s, when overnight heroes of the revolution became hated class enemies. That a Democrat administration as socially to the Left as Obama’s would use a charge of adultery as an excuse to remove a hitherto respected public official already strains credulity well beyond the breaking point. It also has more than a whiff of totalitarian-style denunciations and purges. Will a show trial follow?

And the worst part of all this is that the election is over, the opposition to Obama is reeling and toothless, and clearly the man believes that he can behave this way without worrying about any accountability. And he is probably right.

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  • @surfcitysocal2

    When I heard about the resignation, I immediately thought: so Petraeus becomes Obama's fall guy for Benghazi. This is getting stinkier and stinkier…and Nixon may end up not being the only president ever to resign.

    • LMBass

      Absolutely! In fact, the House Republicans really need to start thinking about impeachment. This is especially true, if Obama repeatedly lied to America before the election, he made extensive efforts to cover up this scandal, and he made the decision to let the embassy staff get killed.

      • arcman46

        The problem with impeachment is twofold as far as I can see. We have the House, which can start impeachment hearings, and there are at least 2 scandals that are impeachable offenses in the Obama White House; however, we don't have the Senate, which acts as judge and jury, and we don't have a Press that is interested in anything other than propping up Obama. Nixon, resigned under the pressure of the Press. Clinton, while being impeached, was never convicted, therefore nothing came of it.

    • adinakutnicki

      'The One' may not be as smart as he thinks he is. Surely, the Islamist-in-Chief decided to sit on this info, to spring it at an 'opportune' time. Nevertheless, it is not as if he can't testify as a private citizen, and he will be called to do so. Guaranteed.
      It is also obvious, placing this cloud over his head was meant to weaken his morale, as well as his cache. However, when all the facts come out there will be nowhere for the Pyromaniac-in-Chief to hide -

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Sabo

      Not understanding why he won't be able to testify?? I believe he can and will. Why would they release his resignation on the very day Obama has a news worthy speech regarding the financial cliff..

    • bigbiz2

      Blacks never have enough honor to resign..

      • kel

        Racist idiots, like you, make me sick.

        • Alert

          And Hussein getting Americsn diplomsts murdered; then covering up, does nmske you sick? Your trechery makes everyAmericanpatriot, sick!


        bigbiz2, You sound like a socialist.

      • Mary Sue

        now that's just wrong.

    • Jim Heath

      I cannot forsee any possible scenario in which General Petraeus does not testify at these hearings. He may well have resigned to signal the coming earthquake to the Obama Administration.

    • Marlon Miranda

      HA,HA,HA…Get over the bitterness! The election is over! Obamacare is the "law of the land" now. Benghazi is HISTORY and democrats are here to stay for a long, long, long, long ride… Hillary Clinton 2016 and 2020, if she performs as well a Bill Clinton, Democrats will be in the White House until the GOP stops the stone-age demagoguery.

      • Drakken

        You effing libidiots are going to take us for a ride alright, right over a fiscal cliff and into the worst economic depression in the history of the US, but hey your comrade Obummer won so what could possibly go wrong now?

      • Mary Sue

        if she performs as well a Bill Clinton,

        Oh, you mean like when Clinton approved the creation of Freddy Mack and Fannie Mae, thus getting the ball rolling on the collapse of the banking industry and thus the economy?

    • mlcblog

      That's how it hit me. General falls on own sword, a time-honored military tradition.

    • Thor

      Seems you desperately need some democrat to overshadow Tricky Dick Nixon? IMPOSSIBLE!

  • The Truth

    I guess we can scratch that race horse off of Alan Dowd’s 2016 Presidential hopefuls list.

    • @Brett_McS

      Unless he runs as a Democrat.

      • Amused

        He can always go rogue and join the Tea Party .


          Better the Tea Party than the Commie Party.

  • Impertinent

    What interest would Petraeus have to cover up the president? He was appointed by W in Iraq, his major achievement. So he is not tied to this administration.

    • Mary Sue

      I'm guessing someone gave him an incentive to not go spilling it all just yet. Not sure what that would be, so I won't bother to speculate. Must be a doozy though.

      • traeh

        Or a disincentive to spill it. Might be some sort of stick, not just a carrot, involved.

        • Mary Sue

          well yeah, either one.

        • Mary Sue

          well yeah, either one.

    • Earl

      oh yes he is tied to this admin……..any good General even though retired WILL do as told to do………just Oliver North. I`m sorry IMP but this wreaks of Obamas crap in the toilet

    • Alz Heimers

      Duhhh… Gee George…Go Fffor a Ride ? Ummm When BO APPOINTED him DIRECTOR of the CIA, that tied him to THIS administration. Petraeus effectively becomes the Patsy. Got rid of Hillary Clinton too…Wow!


        Right. Hillary said she takes responsibility for Benghazi.

        So she should, she MUST step down.

        But who would replace her?

    • traeh

      Maybe he's covering for the president and himself. Maybe both he and the president screwed up.

    • popseal

      Anybody that's a threat in any way, regardless of background, is toast………..

    • Shane

      Petraeus was appointed by Obama to the CIA, and he probably has evidence that would hurt Obama. I wouldn't put it past Obama to threaten to ruin Petraeus if he testifed before Congress. The truth must come out; America deserves the truth.

      • WeHaveToFightThem

        AMEN TO THAT !!!!!

  • Mary Sue

    I think Petraeus knew damn well he had to get out. Staying in that nest of poisonous vipers would be too dangerous to his career, among other things.

    • amused

      Mary Sue , do yu actually think , before you open your mouth ? His career IS over.

      • Mary Sue

        he didn't *have* to resign. He chose to.

    • mlcblog

      I agree. They even made him give a phony press release last week. It was gross. I believe he wanted out no matter what the cost, and this is high stakes indeed.

  • Frances in Tokyo

    I’m not disagreeing with the article, but when I was a military (USAF) brat in the 50’s and 60’s, adultery was a punishable offense and officers are held to a higher standard. In other words, from a military point of view, this is not a strange reason to resign. His poor wife and kids. What is going on here? Why sacrifice your reputation, your sacred honor for Obama? I don’t understand.

    • for the record

      I believe Petraeus is a civilian now, and has been a civilian ever since he took the CIA job.

      • WeHaveToFightThem


    • paul

      I've no doubt that they knew of his affair but saved that knowledge for use at an opportune time. He would have known this could happen. He may even be using it as his exit strategy.

    • mlcblog

      I think he may be doing it for his own ability to sleep at night. He is a man of honor, forgiving this slip with an attractive and very vivacious young woman, and I do not believe he was able to stomach working with the O admin.

      • Flynn McMahon

        The problem I have with some of this is that it has been reported that the affair was at least rumoured when Petraeus was in Afghanistan. If he had such high standards he should've resigned there and then and certainly never have accepted the post of CIA director. It seems his standards where only as high as the degree of public exposure of his behavior. It would be very interesting to read his confirmation testimony prior to his appointment to determine what he may've disavowed or claimed to be with regards to upholding moral standards.

      • mlcblog

        Now I am thinking he may have been set up. Who is this woman? Something doesn't add up.

        To further my dismay, I watched the link supplied here and saw Petraeus at the 4:00 mark. This was truly surprising. Yet it's him. In the flesh.'

        I think I was idealizing this clever and winning General and thinking he was being made to say things, but apparently he was one of Obama's guys.

    • abcd

      maybe he doesn't have such a "sacred honor" for Obama, and rightly so. He doesn't give a crap about anyone but his lame self. Have you seen how disrespectfully he salutes and acknowledges military personnel? HELLO LIBYA…..

  • Uncle Jaque

    I really don’t think that Petraeus will be testifying at any Bangazi hearings.

    Also sense a 3-star suicide (or arkencide) coming on about the time that said subpoena comes down.

    Have been warning of a Stalinesque military purge being imminent – it worked to keep Stalin in power for life, with no worry of a popular coup de’ etat.

    The military has been under a “soft purge” for years now, with Chrisitans, “Birthers” and political dissidents like Lt. Col. Allan West being cashiered out or in some cases imprisoned after a kangaroo court martial. Our forces are being increasingly infiltrated by Islamic supremacists and gang members, which does not bode well for patriotic American Warriors.

    I expect the purge to go ‘hard” and bloody any time now. I opine that Ft. Hood was just a small scale trial run.

    The slaughtering machine is all in place, just waiting for the order…. or the fatwa. Right now the remnant of the US military which is loyal to Country and Constitution is an impediment to the Obama / UN / NWO agenda, and a potential threat to his dictatorial power. It will not long be tolerated.

    Watch your six guys; Blue on blue “friendly fire” likely incoming any day now. Know who you can trust and covertly make defensive plans. Survival may soon be your main mission.

    • Mary Sue

      geez I hope he doesn't pull an Admiral Boorda.

      "Admiral Boorda committed sooeeecide for far less than this" (paraphrased) – Rep. Tom Lantos, to Craig Livingstone, during hearings into the White House FBI Files scandal (during Clinton's tenure)

    • traeh

      Uncle Jaque,

      I don't support Obama, and I think Islam is a totalitarian nightmare. But you've got to be kidding. And what will you say a year from now, when your fantasies have not come true? I'll tell you what you'll do. You will come up with other fantasies whose coming fulfillment you will again prophesy, as you will have probably learned nothing from the failure of your earlier fantasies. That's how the hardcore conspiracy mind works.

      I remember back in the 90s, I was working at a firm where one of my associates swore that Ronald Reagan — who at the time was still alive — was literally the anti-Christ foretold in the Bible. This work associate said Reagan would soon return to power by a coup, and pointed out that Ronald Wilson Reagan is three words of 6 letters each, i.e., 666. The associate kept pulling out a calculator and showing me by a seemingly endless series of calculations how this or that statement in the Bible supposedly indicated mathematically when and which apocalyptic events were going to happen, and he could prove it all, simply by citing the Bible and tapping out various numbers on his little box. Good grief. Whatever happened to critical and self-critical thinking.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Petraeus made it impossible for himself ever to become President a while ago in Afghanistan:

    • mlcblog

      Your name does not induce me to explore your link.

      • Anonymous Coward

        I must remain anonymous for several reasons. Look at the YouTube video. I think the part about Patraeus starts about 4 minutes into the 10 or 11 minute video.


          Just make up a name.

  • Chanameel

    I loved the fact
    that Bill Clinton
    as he campaigned for
    that Mitt Romney would lie
    to the American people!!!!

    Ha ha!

    I guess he didn't wear Monica' tie that night!!!

    • Mary Sue

      Clinton calling anyone a liar is like the pot calling the kettle black.

      • amused

        good point , but Romney had already lied to the people , several times in fact . As did Obama .But I guess during a campaign , that character fault is simply overlooked , depending on who is doing the fact checking and who is doing the looking .Welcome to American Politics .

        • Earl Cote

          please show us your lying facts about Romney……….I`m sorry but Romney was not and is not the president…… now we hold YOUR god at a higher standard and he just can`t make the cut can he?

        • Mary Sue

          did he lie or did he change his mind? Those aren't the same things.

  • Alex

    Not testify? I doubt it. If the general can take Obama down, he's set for life.

    • Looking4Sanity

      No one is taking Obama down. He owns the White House, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the MSM.

      Get comfortable. It's going to be a LONG four years…IF we have four years left. That is imminently debatable.

      • WeHaveToFightThem

        TRU DAT.

  • amused

    Patreus can always go Rogue and join the Tea Party .

    • BLJ

      You still around? I thought you were dating Chris Matthews?

      • amused

        Sorry " BJ " but that aint my stick , yours maybe but not mine …I stick to dating women . However if you ask Matthews , he's in a ood mood , you might have a shot at , giving him a quickie . Yu go girl ….give him a try .

        • Mary Sue

          I think you should go see Dr. Dre about that Humor Impairment Syndrome you seem to have.

          • amused

            Hey Mary Sue three words for you my dear GFY ….do it now …it's been sooooo long for you eh ?

  • amused

    Patreus can still be subpoened to testify . If adultery was truly the reason he resigned , waiting till after the election was a smart move , he was obviously an Obama supporter and why risk so close an election based on a personal peccadillo ? The question still remains -IF there was an order to stand down , as is alleged ,and that order was not given by Patreus , it's rather obvious that order had to have come from either the Joint Chief , Clinton or Obama himself .

  • Cato the Younger

    We don't have the full story on what triggered an FBI investigation that lasted months, but reports indicate she tried to access Petraeus' email at CIA. Why she would have done something so stupid we cannot know, but surely that breach of security, not the infidelity, is the principal credible grounds for the resignation. This aside, however, everything everybody is saying about the timing of this act is spot on, and given that Petraeus is a West Pointer it would be hard for me to imagine him selling his soul to protect Obama. He'd give his life, but not his integrity. So if he has a story to tell Congress had better get it immediately before anything happens to him. (Another example of Obaman amateurism: if this were the Clintons the general would never have been appointed to such a critical job instead of keeping a political hack like Panetta in place, and having made this mistake, would have figured out a way to do him in even before the October 26 statement.)

    • traeh

      If she tried to access his email at CIA, her motivation may have arisen from the fact that she is/was Petraeus' biographer, and was trying to ferret out juicy or fascinating secrets about the general.

      • Drakken

        She was the Generals mistress, and to make matters worse, she got promoted to light Colonel under the Generals watch.

  • JakeTobias

    I don't know what I'm missing on this one. He quit his job, so now what he knows about the facts, are no longer need? Gee, if only criminals on trial knew about this. You don't have to kill anyone, just get them fired, and your worries are over.

    Unfortunately, I do not think this will result in Obama resigning, no matter what. Remember, Nixon finally quit, because of non-stop hammering from the press, that went on for two years straight. And I know, if Nixon was a crook, Obama is worse. By a factor of about…. well… I'm not sure what number that would be, do you? But I've come to believe Obama could kill someone, and the press wouldn't care. Wait a minute!

    • Anne M McLaughlin

      This laddie would never personally kill anyone up close and personal. Would you want him at your back in a fight ? It takes a pair to play that game. That's why he utilizes the lowest types of thug. Venezuela was once free and is now another Cuba. 52 % of our people chose evil and in doing so made our Nation a city of the plain. The 21st century of Sodom and Gomorrrah. God is in charge and will use this tool to destroy the Nation whose people told Him to get lost. Pray, and protect your families .The unhallowed reign of little Barry soetoro won' t be pretty.

      • JakeTobias

        It's been a day or two now, so I am hoping General Petraeus can "take take him down." But I honestly do not know, if the General is the Obama sycophant some make him out to be.

        • JakeTobias

          Happy thought. Dan Rather had to resign.

          To those who insist Bush was trying to avoid combat, that Rather just did not quite nail it, I do not think so. And I'll tell you why. Bush is a fly-boy. That is a different mentality. Fly-boys do not fear combat like ground troops do. They like the idea of testing their skills against an opponent, or enemy.

          I am not kidding. Just check out Chuck Yeager's book. Fly-boys have a different view point. Especially compered to pacifists, which all lefties are. Bush was probably disappointed he did not see combat, but does not want to say. I think the reason he wanted a private doctor for his exam, was to get a pass. He might have been afraid a military doctor might ground him. Why, who knows. Maybe his eyes were going, just a little bit. That could be disqualification from flying.

    • kathy

      Yes, wait a minute! Er, I think that has already happened….

  • Mary

    Just as the Muslim Brotherhood's global jihad is purging the Muslim world of all the secular Muslim leaders supported by the U.S., so Obama will now purge the U.S. Government of anyone opposed to his agenda of dhimmifying the U.S. under the Islamic caliphate. (He hopes to be the political Mahdi)

  • adinakutnicki

    Oh well, it is not as if something of this sort is above the machinations of goons, under the thuggish reign of Obama. This is not about marital infidelity, not at all. After all, Clinton stayed in office (even after his impeachment) as Commander-in-Chief, even after lying under oath about diddling an intern! Give this blogger a break…

    However, assorted, sordid facts are at play -

    Take it to the bank…

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • BLJ

    Obama needs to go up against the wall. The sooner the better.

    • Flynn McMahon

      I'm not an Obama supporter but this kind of talk is really out of order. Please remember that we do have a functioning democracy and not liking the results and trying to create mayhem is exactly how communists work.

  • Lonni

    Just when I think that Obamas golden egg is nothing if not polished, something else happens to dent the shine. The resignation of General Patreaus is one such dulling moment. Based on Obamas MO as to how to "govern", as well as win elections, the first thing that discerning people concluded was that it was perpetrated as an out to testifying before Congress on Benghasi. See, the American people aren't as stupid as the Obama Administration believes they are!
    Since I was so far wrong on prognosticating that Romney would take the White House, I dare not make any predictions concerning how Petreaus' resignation will affect the investigation into the CIA's handling, or not, or Benghasi. The one thing it has done, however, is(as FOX pundits have stated)given the mainstream media the jolt they needed to cover Benghasi even just a tad. Put "sex" in the body of the report and the MSM "is on up in here!". What that says about them, I don't even want to speculate about. So, now Benghasi has more coverage, now what? Either Petraeus will fade away into the sunset of retirement and try to salvage his marriage or he will come back from a different angle and do the honorable thing concerning Benghasi. As a General in the Army and the super soldier in turning around the Iraqi War, one thing is for sure and that is that Petreus knows how to recalibrate a frontal attack or even one that comes in from the side. It ain't over for him yet.

  • bigbiz2

    Look for that P O S Colon Powel to surface for a job…

    • amused

      yea , now he's a POS , because he endorsed Obama . This smackdown by the American Electorate is really gonna have morons like you ,hurting for a long time . If I could , after that remark , I'd appoint Powell CIA chief ,just to jam it up your butt .

      • JakeTobias

        Powell would make a hell of a lot better president than Obama. And don't think Obama doesn't know it.


          confused, You'll be working overtime defending Obama and his screwups.

          We'll be laughing.


      WOW! You are probably right.

  • joe

    Petraeus is part of obama's circle – no different than Axelrod, Emanuel, Jarret, Panetta . . . I don't quite understand all of the sympathetic comments about Petraeus. He is either stupid, or an obama sycophant. Anyone who can sign on as head of CIA while having an affair with a journalist and having it known by the clown-in-chief who hired him is either stupid or solidly in the camp of the one who hired hime. Seems to me he fell on his own sword at the direction of the boss he adores. He was nicknamed Betray-Us by the very folks who later hired him. What kind of man does that? I can't bring myself to feel sorry for him. Maybe some facts will be forthcoming to exonorate him. We'll see I guess.

    • Flynn McMahon

      I think the Betray-us moniker actually came from the Daily Kos. You might say there's no difference but my guess is that they probably weren't in favor of his CIA appointment. More than likely they're not in favor of a CIA period.

  • boon doggle

    Faustian pacts all round!

    • Looking4Sanity

      That's certainly my take on it.

  • Daphne

    L M Bass (above) suggested IMPEACHMENT, but I cannot imagine the "Republicans " calling for that. It would make their essential political role as "the opposition" impossible. Depending on the official hearings, this should be taken up by the media (Ha, Ha ! ), by other public watchdog organizations, and by concerned public bodies. Do we know who is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee?
    I believe that no matter what the findings of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, this also depending on their level of bravery, nothing will change.

  • Christian Miller

    Read Obama's autobiographies–it's ALL there. The guy is a socialist racist, a guy with a Muslim name and background elected to the Presidency of the United States 7 years after the most successful most deadly attack on American civilizns by foreigners ever perpetrated. And those foreigners were Muslims–each & every one of them, paid for and recruited by Muslim nations. This is NOT a coincidence; this is NOT an example of Chicago machine politics. This is clearly the result of major forces at work both within the United States and without. Since this happened, the treasury of the United States has been drained–hopelessly drained. Tens of trillions of American wealth has vaporized–America is worth about half of what it was when Obama took office, in terms of value of the land & structures. None of this is an accident, none of this is a matter of routine political shifts. We are living through the actual destruction of the United States. How glib we are about it. How quickly it has occurred. And most Americans still don't have a clue. They think they deserve this.

    • Jan Hill

      You are right on the mark. Have read both of Obama's books (did he write the second one or is this also deception?!)in which he himself reveals his attitudes and values that are incompatible with his present position. It is obvious that the man who occupies the White House had none of the requirements for the Presidency of the U.S. While he speaks of 'democracy' his actions promote its destruction;he is systematicly undermining that which made America great. His apologies to questionable international
      'allies' has denigrated the country internationally. He has skillful campaigning skills but lacks the ability and judgment to lead. The post-election revelations about the Benghazi massacre, the drone shooting, and the Petraeus resignation were intentionally withheld for political reasons. We have a most corrupt administration at this most critical time in U.S. history.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    ~ GEN. Petraeus, GROW SOME STARS!!

    Stand tall. – NAIL OBAMA's EXTRA-MARXIST affairs. dang it!

    • stevef

      but can't they take his pension?

  • garyfouse

    There is little doubt that everyone who was wearing a uniform on 9-11 was chomping at the bit to go to Benghazi. The only ones who could have stopped them were the men in suits.

  • Christian Miller

    It is quite clear the Petraeus has been silenced. Who initiated the supposed FBI investigation? Probably Eric Holder, who heads the Dept of Justice, likely after a conversation or two with Barack Obama.

    The committees should subpoena Petraeus and have him testify. His resignation has not bearing on these hearings. He was the CIA Director at the time, and the American people must hear from HIM, not some hand-picked stand-in.

  • Jeanne

    Petraeus could now do something honorable and tell us what he knows about Benghazi. I don’t see that there is anything stopping him from testifying.

    • mlcblog

      From your lips to God's ears.

    • Malfleur

      Only the possibility of a boating accident before he reaches the hearing room… By the way, is his first army loyalty to the commander-in-chief or to the constitution of the USA? I ask as an interested foreigner.

  • Mike Villano

    The toothless cowards need to issue a subpoena.
    I'm sick of the whining from Republicans.
    Learn to fight and stop crying.
    Force Petraeus to testify.

  • amused

    For the hopelessly uninformed and higly opinionated sycophants on this thread , Patreus' cell phone communication were picked up by NSA , and were considered to have cryptic conversation . You know like two people having and hiding an affair . The FBI was sent in to invetigate and the affair was exposed .
    BTW , that happened BEFORE Benghazi , so it still leaves the question , IF as alleged there was an order to stand down , and Petreus says he didn't give it , then there only a few possibilities – THERE was no order to stand down / CLINTON gave the order / JOINT Chiefs gave the order /The US Commander for the M.E.,a position Petreus himself once held / or Obama .

    • Mary Sue

      that probably means there were some other things were going down that weren't kosher.

    • Drakken

      Ask yourself these following questions, if there was a standing order,stand down or enguage, it has to be a written order so where is it? Why were a General of AFRICOM and a 5th Fleet Admiral relieved of duty for saying screw it, were sending men anyway in spite of said order of standing down? Granted there are certainly more questions than answers, but why are questions leading to far more questions ? As for General Patreus, his mistress was in a pissing contest with another woman over the good General which lead to the FBI to start an investigation, and I believe the General fell on his sword, the why is the question and we may never no for sure, but there will be a few whistle blowers who might tell the tale.

  • Conservative Mark

    If Obama can get the FBI to investigate the CIA, then why can’t we get the CIA to investigate Obama? Seems logical to me.

    • amused

      I bet it does .

  • Bert

    Perhaps it was time to replace him with someone who will be more mallable.
    Was the woman he had an affair with somebodies agent?

  • popseal

    The unstoppabe 'Bam seems more like Hal Lindsey's anti-Christ than ever. I'm very cautious about our Christian obsession with that prophetic character. I took a pass on several candidates during my adult life of 42 years a believer, but given 'Bam's worldwide popularity, the fearful sycophancy of everyone inside the Belt Way, and now this benghazi business and the CIA director's sudden exposure/resignation I have no other explanation. He has the smell of sulphur……………….

  • stevef

    Isn't the message that if you're not a man sexually interested in other men, you're gonna have a problem in today's miltary?

  • amused

    Yes Steve, That's true ……… your Bizzarro Universe .

  • Infovoyeur

    We need 'most everyone of the 70 commenters here up to now, to hijakk a media and GET WORD OUT which is like fresh oxygen to a state starving under Orwellian smoak & fog. Oras the commenters resolutely reveal (and more on-target than distortingly) much worse. Downward slide indeed. I thank people here for their hold-fast resoluteness. Patriotic realism is a dirtie word among the MSM and the Lefties?!

  • fanlad

    Let's get to the bottom of this mess. How far and how deep does this go, my gut tells we have not heard the whole story on this yet. The blood of four Americans demand that Congress press the truth out this Benghazi gate, sex affair. There is something rotten and it is not in Denmark.

  • Thomas Hansen

    ROFLMAO :) – Let's bring the President down, the 21st of December, 2012!! –


    If Petraus had to resign for screwing around with women, consider the history of

    – Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Clinton, JFK.

  • Burticus

    Would Gen. Betrayus betray us? Act surprised.
    You just can’t make this $#!+ up.

  • CurmudgyOneJr

    The Benghazi problem is meaningless. In a country where people kill their babies as they're born, where violence by mobs, blacks on whites, hispanics on whites is not even reported as such, but white on black crimes are touted to the skies, why would they care at all about four white guys murdered in a country halfway around the world whose religion is the same as the cheating, lying, sleazy US President? We might as well give up on this idealist crap and start fighting the same way these lying greasy b******ds in the government do. … Petraeus has now earned his previous nickname BETRAYUS.

  • Vicky Avare

    Unfortunately, Petraeus was misguided and inadvertently protected the great pretender Pres., Obama when he stated the attack was because of outlaws angry with the notorious video! He was not mining the store and apparently distracted with his adultuous affair. Thus, he doesn't want to reveal his failure to act strong and competent as was his job etc,. His words helped save the President, prior to the election, from rejection. Our hero Petraeus will lose alot more honor if he doesn't set the record straight! Ex Democrat

  • Peter

    Who resigns because of an affair? looking at the current line up of Washington's who's who's ,most of the government is out of work! Petraeus is the fall guy clear and simple and he should watch his back, commiting suicide with your hands tied behind your back or being involved in a fatal car crash has a tendency to upset the people asking for answers.

    • fiddler

      Let's see who else has had an affair? Hmm, well there's REVEREND Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, and you know the like. Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas when he did Juanita Brodderick, so his history goes WAY back. Too bad people like him aren't held to the same stanard.

  • Ellie

    Who is brave enough to take the chance of being killed (an accident, of course) and bring this treasonous traitor to justice? Millions of us know what is going on – who has the guts to do what needs to be done and get this snake out of the White House ? If I wasn't 78 years old, I would try to do it myself! I love America – I know we aren't all doing what we should be doing (keeping the 10 suggestions/commandments) but it could change everything if we would. At least we would be on the right side!!!!

    • Peter

      Better watch it or the men with black sunglasses who talk to their fingers will be knocking on your front door!

  • fiddler

    This kind of reminds me of when Ms Fluke appeared out of nowhere to replace the other guy in the hearings on contraceptives at the behest of Nancy Pelosi. Darrel Issa didn't have a chance to consider her, she just appears as a star witness. Democrats love to game the system. Maybe that is why I have such contempt for Lawyers. To them life is a court room.

  • Looking4Sanity

    This scandal makes me wonder how different things would be today if G. Gordon Liddy would have just killed the hapless janitor that stumbled across him in the Watergate Hotel that fateful night.

    I'm glad he didn't. Even the fate of a Nation is not worth a man's soul.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Why are we constantly amazed that people whom we have trained and paid to lie and kill commit acts that get people killed and then lie about it? What does that say about us?

  • Erwin

    I think the opposite is true. Who knows what scandals are down there in the White House.

    Gen. Petraeus is a careerist. And as the top man at the CIA he knows a lot more than we do. If the **** is going to hit the fan and Obama's presidentcy is going down in flames, he is the person who is most likely to know that.

    I think this move saved his future career.

  • kathy

    What's interesting is how lonnngggg these things are held close to the vest. Apparently the affair was so old it was long over….I guess it's considered politically savvy to save the knowledge of the transgressions until it is politically expedient to release them (and this one for which a court martial is usually called..hmmm)….same thing with the video released months ago…but it makes such an excellent "fall" for what happened in Benghazi. Before that, it had no notoriety…no one noticed…gotta love people who know how to collect stuff on people and save it for the right time. O must have a research team that spans no other.

  • Asher

    Although surprising, the Affair is but a fly in the ointment…The bigger event has been covered up….probably more Gun running to AlQaeda. Regimes changing hands, and weapons in the hands of the unruly is going to destablize everything.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    I agree with joe. Why all the sympathy for Petreaus? Robert Spencer seems to be spinning a highly implausible conspiracy theory in this post. The spook in charge of the CIA resigns because he is vulnerable to blackmail? Shocking indeed. Does Obama need to be puritanical to accept such a resignation? Nonsense. And about the testifying thing, what are any of you thinking? If Obama doesn't want Pet to testify, he won't. Period. End of story. Totally irrelevant to the resignation, or anything else. What Obama wants, he gets. Children, when has the Congress ever forced or tried to force Obama to produce anything or anyone he didn't want to produce? That's right, never. Dictators in chief don't worry about such things.

  • Jim_C

    WOW! Such imaginative conspiratorial theorizin'! I love it!

    Of course! How else would one of the most respected military leaders in recent history provide cover for Benghazigate than by deliberately besmearching his own character to provide cover for The Little Scandal That Wasn't?

  • stevef

    Anything to get the continuing horror of Sandy out of the "news".

  • Frank Livingston

    If you want to save America and stop Obama, Democratic Party and the RINO leadership/followership in the Republican Party from destroying us you need to first identify and defeat our real enemy! This enemy has replaced national/Homeland Security and our Constitution but our politicians from BOTH political parties at the local (city/town), county, state and national levels continue to ignore it! Why?
    It is called “Cultural Marxism” and it has been renamed to what we commonly call it and that is simply “political correctness” or PC for short. Cultural Marxism is the flying carpet for the Democrat Party (communist, socialist, Marxists, Islamists, progressives, liberal, left-wing radicals), it is also the glue that holds them all together in their quest to destroy America.
    Go to and read more about it. Go to YouTube and watch some of the excellent videos on it.

  • flowerknife_us

    Fundamental change=changing sides.

    Now we may actually find out just how sharp a turn the US has made.

    Way too much has been held back, ignored. and lied about to have ever allowed Obama to get re-elected had these things been known in their time.

    Romney had his chance to dig Obama a very big hole he could never crawl out of. The Press would have had no choice but to actually shed the light so richly needed.

    Romney ran on no foreign policy of note and failed to create one or call others into question.when the golden ring passed by.

    Now were all screwed-just more so.

  • DrewNY58

    With the exposure of the affair, what more does the General have to lose? Why would he not now be eager to testify that Obama gave the "stand down" order? Prior to the revelations, Obama could silence him by threatening to reveal the affair, but now it's out. So why wouldn't Petraeus fire back now?

    Unless they have even more on him. I don't get it.

  • amused

    Tell me why did not Tea Party Waterboy Eric Cantor , spill the beans on Petraeus , he knew about it in October , and as the story unfolds , so did others , since January .
    All you need to get is ….you lose for 4 more years , and the way the GOP is going quite possibly another 4 . Deal with it .

  • @DarcyBlaze

    For his military knowledge, he is plucky and adventury,
    Brought down by two women in the twenty-first century;
    But still, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral,
    He is the very model of a modern Major-General.

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