Video: Jamie Glazov on Obama’s Betrayal of Free Speech

Jamie Glazov is the son of freedom fighters who combated Soviet tyranny, and he knows very well what a society looks like when citizens do not have freedom. In this appearance on Michael Coren’s superb Sun TV show, he discusses how Obama is kowtowing before violent Islamic supremacist intimidation, Islamic antisemitism and its potential genocidal implications in connection with Iran and Israel, the Muslim persecution of Christians, and what the President of the United States should and must do in order to preserve the freedom of speech and our other freedoms. If only his words were heeded.

To watch Jamie Glazov’s Frontpage’s tv show, The Glazov Gang, which this week deals with Obama Surrendering to Sharia, click here.

To order Jamie Glazov’s new book, High Noon For America: The Coming Showdown, click here.

  • LindaRivera

    Muslim Obama sitting in the White Mosque and other Western leaders
    apologized profusely for the movie to the world’s Muslims and
    continually grovelled before Muslims. It was quite irrelevant to Obama
    and other merciless Western ruling elites that the Muslims barbarically
    murdered the U.S. ambassador and other non-Muslim innocents.

    Muslim Obama and Western leaders are extremely DELIGHTED to use the
    movie as an excuse to DESTROY our freedom of speech and implement
    Islamic sharia blasphemy laws.

    Barack Hussein Obama told the UN General Assembly: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
    One blogger stated: I consider that statement a death threat to me and all anti-Islam
    bloggers, authors, and activists by the President of the United States…

    When DECEIVER, Emperor Barack Hussein Obama declared: “The future
    must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” he meant
    the future must not belong to those who tell the TRUTH about Islam.

  • amused

    hey , what happened to that PHONY " Obama considering releasing the Blind Sheik " Story ?? Did the facts get in the way ? For Shame !

    • oldtimer

      As you said yourself…"considering releasing"…maybe he still is "considering" or maybe he decided to "reconsider", until after the election that is, because of stories such as this one.

  • amused

    Jaime , I'll send you an e-mail . I have a question .


  • amused

    To all those dolts who believed that 'story ' ….you got punked .

  • TMay

    Too bad they don't let you see the video. I saw it once and I wanted to refer other people to it but it is gone. My reaction was that first Obama said that the US had 57 states, then Obama has shown that he doesn't understand the US constitution, nor his role as a US president. Now he shows he does not understand the laws on slander. What a travesty for Harvard Law School. He uses words as if they have no meaning. They just sound good.

  • TMay

    My mistake. I thought the video would be named "Obama's Betrayal of Free Speech".
    .The 7 minute video visually appears to be titled with tiles that range from "Real Threats to the West" to " The Threat Facing Western Civilization" to "Ahmadinejad's Push for a New World Order" which makes it confusing to a visitor. Also it appears to only play if freshly loaded it. Yet it is worth the trouble to watch it.
    The video is Michael Coren of Sun News Network in Toronto interviewing Jamie Glazov, author of "High Noon for America The Coming Showdown".
    Michael Coren has it wrong, IMHO. He says that when the 12'th Imam returns that we will enjoy prosperity etc.Not exactly. Ahmadinejad is trying to create the conditions to bring the return of the 12'th imam which is violence death and destruction and blood flowing in the streets. These are the conditions for the return of the 12'th Imam.

  • Joycey

    Thank you. I must purchase that book.