10 Tips for Tim Tebow (When He Arrives in New York)

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In a world where heroes are people who throw touchdowns, and dunk basketballs, someone like him seems different, as he is seemingly a good and decent man, and what a real role model should be. One wonders if he can handle the scrutiny, possible lies, and the harshness of what the New York press can produce.

From a lifelong New Yorker who works with the media on a daily basis, 10 tips Tim Tebow should follow:

1. Remain strong, maintain your faith – Your belief in holiness and goodness is a clear message. Even with liberal media in this big city, heroes can be real. Keep your faith.

2. Be natural and real – There are many posers and characters in this great city – you may be young but you are loved and made it this far by being yourself.

3. The media are not your friends – Beware. Don’t trust them, for some will try to bring you down. They can and will try. They aren’t balanced, and they are biased.

4. Have a good media adviser – they matter, and look out for your interests. (The Jets will look out for their interests as your employer – it’s different than Team Tebow).

5. Don’t stay out too late, too often.

6. Do focus on your football (after all its what got you here) – everyone loves a winner

7. Follow Jeremy Lin’s advice: “Everyone gave me some advice. They said make sure not to read the papers.”

8. Beware of the big city

9. Continue to laugh, joke and smile – Laughter makes everything easier.

10. Don’t buy any bridges in Brooklyn; none are for sale.

As the ink dries, Tebow should begin to prepare himself for one of the toughest games he’s ever played — he is up against the New York media and its one hell of a game.

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  • kong.ming

    Personality baggage and media should be the last of his worries.

    Every see anyone run option in the NFL? Remember Rodney Pete vs. Darren Woodson? It's going to be ugly. AFC East is much worse than AFC West.

  • truebearing

    I wish him the best. May the same grace that allowed his birth be with him in Gotham.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Amen. I fear for his spiritual well-being. NYC is Babylon reincarnated. Satan's playground. I pray his angel remains vigilant.

  • H&R_ Barack

    TEBOW TAX TIP #1: ~ Establish a residence in TEXAS, amigo.

  • Schlomotion

    Oh man, here it is again:

    "As the CEO of a top 25 PR Agency, who has represented celebrities and athletes…"

    I think you are glomming onto Tim Tebow for your own self promotion and not vice versa.

    "Tim Tebow is already a marketing sensation—highly visible;"

    Try not to screw it up for him, huh?

    • Looking4Sanity

      Do you ever have anything positive to say about anything, or are you genetically incapable of goodness and decency entirely?

      • Schlomotion

        I do. You know that Nikola Tesla was a swell guy. He sure invented a lot of cool stuff.

        • Looking4Sanity

          We all appreciate your verbal generosity, and you have revealed more of yourself than you know with that statement. But, we all appreciate honesty and kind words…so keep it up. We may rehabilitate you yet.

  • Steve

    I have no trouble with Tim Tebow expressing his "faith" on the playing field; however, I do have a few theological questions for him. Does he think God only responds to his prayers? Are there no Christians on the other team? Does God really give a damn about a football game and the final score? Are there no other problems in the world that God may care about, if he does in the first place?

    • Looking4Sanity

      God answers ALL prayers. Sometimes the answer is "No".

      He knew you before you were conceived in your mother's womb.
      He knows the number of hairs on your head.
      A sparrow does not fall from the sky that escapes His notice.

      Does He care about a football game? Why would He not?

    • Crossbow87

      Well, given God's omnipotence and omniprescence, the world can not have more problems than God can handle. I believe God cares very much about football…just like he cares about every other human activity that involves human beings doing human things. I would like to ask you to consider the questions you are asking before you put finger to key because it sounds like you are projecting your disdain onto God and wanting all of us to believe it is God's.

    • Walt

      Tebow has already responded to those questions (many times) and was consistent in his answers. He doesn't believe that God responds only to his prayers, but to everyone one of faith. You should remember, Tebow isn't praying to win – he is praying to do his best. After a play that has produced a touchdown, for example, he is thanking God for allowing him to perform at the top of his ability. Seems like a pretty decent guy to me and one that would be a great life-long friend, whether you agree with his religious beliefs or not.

  • BS77

    Suggestion #11…..stay far away from idiot New York liberals and their corrosive ways………

  • wctaqiyya

    Tim Tebow is a very young athlete who needs to dramatically improve his quarterbacking skills. He also believes in God. I expect that his throwing will improve over time. As far as Tim being a Christian goes, so what? Doesn't he share that faith with millions of Americans? My concern with Tim and his faith is that many people may expect a lot more from him than he is able to deliver. Tim is no Martin Luther or Billy Graham. He is not the second coming, he will not heal the sick or make the lame to walk. Good for him that he is not afraid to express his faith in public, that is regrettably infrequent nowadays. Most public figures are afraid to express any religious thoughts for fear of offending somebody. But, for any Christians out there looking for miracles on or off the football field or maybe a Christian revival, please get a grip. Tim, bless him, should not be burdened with that kind of expectation. On the other side, the forces of evil are already licking their chops. They will undoubtedly howl every time Tim drops the ball on or off the field. When he loses a game, throws an interception or misspeaks, the scumbags will mock him and say his prayers are not being heard. They will laugh and say Tim's God is hard of hearing. Tim should probably take a page from Mariano Rivera's play-book, keep it simple and keep it humble.

  • dennis x

    You better pray he learns to throw a football or convert to fullback. If not there will be alot of bench time.

  • Msgtusaf

    I don't know Tim Tebow, personally, but I do Know his heart. I know he prays that his appearance in the game will bring honor to God. He prays that all who are on the field will be safe and that whether, win or lose that Gods will be done and that His Grace be sufficient for all. That is the mark of a true Christian.

  • wctaqiyya

    And so it starts. Nothing profound here folks. It's just that Tebow fell into a classic trap yesterday when he said he was going to sue the marketers of a NY Jets themed T-shirt that says 'My Jesus'. It's funny in a way, Timmy is making it look like he owns the rights to Jesus or the theme of Jesus, or something. Peculiar also, Timmy wants the heart of darkness, in the form of lawyers and the Godless court system, to render JUSTICE unto him. Is he seeking justice for himself, for the name of Jesus or for Tim's rights to the royalties Jesus can generate? It don't matter, it stinks any way you slice it. Imagine the hubris of the boy thinking he can deliver justice for Jesus? Imagine his ignorance in asking Caesar for the judgment that belongs exclusively to God? Well, that's what happens when a boy gets the idea he can speak for God. I think Sister Mary Elephant said it best, if it's none of your business, SHUT UP!

  • Tanstaafl

    I can only hope the Almighty is not a Jets fan.

  • Tanstaafl

    Go Pats!

  • lakewoodbob

    Get out of town as often as you can and stay in close touch with your parents which I am sure you will do! God Bless!