Arab Nations Hire 10 New PR Agencies Since Last Year

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  • Terrorist organizations Hamas, Hezbollah, and certain Arab nations have hired PR agencies to lobby for them in the press and on the world stage. Terror groups have engaged reporters and journalists, shared meals and drinks with them and won their favor.
  • Fenton Communications, a New York City–based PR firm, works with the Arab state of Qatar to develop a campaign to essentially delegitimize Israel by orchestrating an international anti-Israel campaign aimed at breaking the blockade of the Gaza Strip. Fenton Communications also works for “Al Fakhoora,” a Qatar-based pro-Palestinian initiative that has “launched an advocacy campaign to file legal charges against Israel and change the public perception in the West about its actions.” An April 2012 website spoke of working with NYC Fenton Communications to help campaign to help end the blockade in Gaza. They continue to assist terror groups clearly.
  •  The PLO Mission in the U.S hired Bell Pottinger, a leading International PR agency, to provide “advice on strategic communications, public relations, media relations and congressional affairs.”
  • U.S. PR giant Burson–Marsteller, in response to Israel’s request for a meeting, said: “We will not deliver tender to such a project… we are running a commercial venture. If we accept this project, this will create a great amount of negative reactions…Israel is a particularly controversial project.”

There’s a reason the Arabs win in the media — they hire communications professionals – they spend money and will continue to win.  In the Middle East, slaughtering of innocent people continues – from Bahrain to Syria and Public Relations pros allow them to continue to sell their stories.

I was saddened this week over lunch when my peer explained to me why his agency would no longer work for Jewish or Israel interests – and while 5WPR wouldn’t work for the barbarians who slaughter innocent people, our competitors make millions selling terror and brutality.

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  • H&R_ Barack

    RE: "Arab Nations Hire 10 New PR Agencies Since Last Year."

    Not mentioned is their sponsorship of BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!

    • Roger

      They might respect the PR firms.
      Obama? He can only give Al Qaida so many Libya's and then what is he worth?

  • MikeWood

    I wonder what the Left would say to this. They after all follow the arab line like sheep. The arabs have the biggest financial clout and buy influence on an enormous scale. The Left is on the side of these barbaric plutocrats in their demonisation of Israel. The Left is on the same side as these unscrupulous PR firms as they rake in their millions. It is to their eternal shame!

  • StephenD

    I would that as each is exposed to the air (on television or radio) such as when Joe Trippi is a guest as he often is, on talk shows, that he be asked about his support for Bahrain which is documented to torture and murder its own innocent people. If these folks are confronted openly, and it is brought to light that the almighty dollar determines their moral ground, perhaps their words will be nullified.

    • Roger

      Bahrain is resisting the Iranian factions infiltrating it's economy.

      Why don't you check into that angle? Every time Obama moves it's to support an Iranian friendly regime or terror organization.

      • patriothere

        You are such a liar. Did Iran send tanks into Bahrain like Saudi arabia did? No. Did Iran give billions of dollars to bahrain to murder its shia majority? Why would Shia Iran give aid to a godless regime to kill more shia? You're stupid.

        You and the jews do not have the same interests.

        You don't want peace. You want persian blood. You want to drink the blood of every persian man woman and child. You are a hate filled monster that wants to see millions dead and the whole world destroyed so your stupid jesus can come back.

        I hate everything you stand for you monster and will continue to fight the good fight for reason, freedom and sanity.

        Every time Obama moves it's to support a zionist friendly regime or terrorist organization. Ask the egyptians who getting beat by security forces. Or the people of Bahrain or the people of syria or libya.

        • Roger

          I am not such a liar. I realize as an Iranian friendly paid troll you have to speak up.

        • Joe Honic

          Why are you so afraid to use your real name? You could be 10 people using 10 pseudonyms. Tanks are hardly the only weapons of effect. As it is the Iranian president has declared his mission not only to eradicate Israel but the hope and aim the same could happen to all Jews. Jews used to wait for the inevitable. Not anymore. As your use of the words "hate" and all the rest , you have merely exposed your own base instincts thereby erasing any sense of legitimate intent for good.

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    That is a great photo!
    Arab men holding hands and dancing together.
    Looks like they have learned from that program called
    "The Dancing Boys of Afganistan."
    Is that Obama in the center of the photo???
    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    • joy52

      Ha! That is the real truth behind all their hatred.

  • Bert

    The influence of the Arabs comes from their oil wealth. The U.S. government and its agencies have, for decades, suppressed all inventors with technologies that could replace oil, coal, natural gas and even nuclear. See and Google "alternative energy".
    Over three years ago a group of U.S. scientists sent an urgent memo to Obama and every member of Congress. It listed entire families of advanced energy technologies that can produce unlimited amounts of clean cheap energy and a specific program to develop one of the most promising. An 18 month program would cost a total of only $3.2 million. So far no response from Obama or Congress. But they all give good speeches about energy independence.

  • Schlomotion

    One can rely on Ronn Torossian to tout himself in every article. The last one had him pretending to waggle a large bundle of money in front of J-Street, and this one has him saying "me owns one of the 25 largest US PR agencies." What a brokedick impresario! Segue from self-aggrandizement to whining about the fact that money is more powerful than race, and that people are chasing Arab Hasbara dollars instead of Jewish Hasbara dollars. Your given name is unfortunate as people might attribute your bad behavior to the Armenian community instead of the Israeli community.

  • oldtimer

    This picture reminds me of a children's book. The little characters are holding hands and skipping in the flowers.

  • Choi

    Your peer is a PROSTITUTE whose GREED has CURSED HIM.
    His Arab money won't buy him a cooler rock in H$LL,and the same goes for the others.

  • Ghostwriter

    I would be surprised if Sclockbrain didn't work for one of those PR firms listed in the article. He despises Jews with every post he writes while coddling obvious monsters like the PLO. Mr. Jew Hater Supreme isn't fooling anyone. His anti-semitism is on display for all the world to see.

  • Choi

    "Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly."
    Now WHY is that ?

  • NuritG

    Money is the root of all evil and it trumps the truth, dignity, honesty and integrity!_Hitler succeeded to execute his evil by having a massive PR machine that "brainwashed" the masses!

  • joy52

    But it all eventually came out about the Nazis(after lots died). It will all come out.

  • GeorginaUSCitizen

    Israelis use PR firms. Why not Arabs?

  • salubrius These are links to two archived papers. The second is to a 5 page paper relating to the bogus legal opinion distributed by the UN concerning the illegality of Jewish settlements in Palestine. The first is a 66 page paper that is my own legal opinion on the rights of the Jewish People under International Law to political self-determination in Palestine west of the Jordan River. I have made one change that is not yet posted. I have found a credible source that shows that the date the Jewish population reached a majority in Palestine was 1948, not 1950. That is the date that the equitable interest in the political rights to Palestine vested in World Jewry under equity jurisprudence. It was just after the British legal dominion over those political rights ended because they abdicated their trusteeship powers as “Mandatory”.

    Since 1920, the Arabs have been using threats of force, actual force and fraud to try to take these political rights from the Jews. If it were the Mafia, we would call it extortion. But the view that the Jews have stolen the land of the alleged Palestinian People is the prevailing view worldwide.

    In addition to their rights under International Law based on the Palestine Mandate, the Jewish People hold the political rights to this area under Canon Law, under the domestic treaty law of the UK and the US, and under International Law based on the longstanding custom of many states before 1648 of obtaining sovereignty by asserting independence and holding the territory against all comers.

    Torossian, the ball is in your court.


    Wallace Brand JD Harvard 1967