Bulgaria Terror Attack: What Would Ze’ev Jabotinsky Do?

In the wake of the terror attack on Israelis in Bulgaria that killed seven people and wounded 30 on the 18th anniversary of an attack on the Jewish community in Buenos Aires, Israel debates what comes next.  The best answer can perhaps be found in the words of  a Jewish prophet who passed away 72 years ago this week, Ze’ev Jabotinsky.

This situation of Jews being hunted and slaughtered like animals is the normal course of events and has been for the better part of the last four thousand years. Even today when there is a State of Israel, Jews are hunted.  Some solace can be taken in knowing that today there is a Jewish army dedicated to finding the terrorists who perpetrated this attack upon the innocent. Only minutes after this attack occurred, soldiers of Israel boarded a plane to Bulgaria to work on finding the perpetrators.

Jabotinsky was a Revisionist Zionist leader, author, soldier, and founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization – and he had so many relevant words which guide what needs to be done in situations like this:

We were not created in order to teach morals and manners to our enemies.  Let them learn these things for themselves. We want to hit back at anybody who harms us. Whoever does not repay a blow by a blow is also incapable of repaying a good deed in kind.

The terrorists will be found – and will pay a harsh price.

The Latin proverb says “of two evils choose the lesser.” When we are in a position where – through no fault of our own – physical force dominates, only one question can be asked: what is worse? To continue watching Jews being killed and the conviction grows that our lives our cheap, and among the whole world that we are spineless?…[T]he blackest of all characteristics is the tradition of the cheapness of Jewish blood, on the shedding of which there is no prohibition and for which you do not pay.

A price must be paid.

The Jew is everywhere in reach; he can be pointed out at any street corner; and he can be insulted or assaulted with only the minimum of risk, or with none at all. ..one permanent assignment that is entrusted to each of us, old and young, men and women, educated and ignorant, as a group and as individuals; this assignment is the defense of our people’s honor.


It is always aimed at us, and we must respond. We must end this abuse of ourselves, at all costs. And it is very easy. They spit in our faces without fear, “in passing,” for no reason – not because our insulters are blessed with courage and want to pick a fight with us, but because this pleasure is so cheap for them: they will spit at us and go on their way, and nothing will happen.

We must accustom them to the thought that from now on this pleasure will come at a hefty cost. A new commandment must enter our hearts: that even where there is only one Jew, the word ‘Zhid’ must not be heard without response.

Wise people will come and try to dissuade us – But it is not our purpose to win in every single incident. Our objective – to create about us the belief that a slur on our national feelings is no longer what it once was, a small diversion free of cost – but will rather, with an absolute certainty and a mathematical precision, result in a sharp and unpleasant confrontation.

As these quotes from the Jewish Garibaldi, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, said, during two thousand years of exile, the Jewish nation lost the habit of concentrating its willpower on an all important task, lost the habit of acting in unison as a people, lost the ability to defend itself, armed in case of emergency; instead, the Jews became accustomed to weakness. But today’s Jew understands that revenge is a Jewish concept, and a price will be paid for those who killed today.

May Hashem avenge their blood – and may the mighty military of Israel help that day come very soon.

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  • A. Keen Observer

    I wish I knew him.

  • http://frontpage.com richard sherman

    Jabotinsky would have agreed with Winston Churchill who declared in 1948: MEINKAMPF was the new KORAN….

  • Schlomotion

    Jabotinsky would have started a Madrassa for Jews. He would train his private army to defend Jews no matter what luxurious seaside resort they were staying at. Maybe Mr. Torossian can be the defense minister for the big Palm Beach Restoration Week fundraiser that's coming up, jut out his jaw prognathically and strut around in military regalia like Jabotinsky. Spencer, Ingraham, and Glick will then feel safe in their beach towels.

  • Sage on the Stage

    Jewish self-defense; I'm all for it. And let's not forget Josef Trumpeldor.

  • Bert

    A very good article. The problem is that most Jews are cowards and will run from danger or appease their enemies just like the corrupt Israeli government. The more cowardice that Jews display the more they encourage attacks from the enemy. The foolish and cowardly Jews then conclude that their problem is that they have not grovelled enough or offered enough concessions. This mentality does not represent Judaism but rather the sick mentality of the leftist atheistic Jew.

    • Sage on the Stage

      Try running your "most Jews are cowards" act on one of the young Jewish men from America, that volunteers for the IDF's Lone Soldier program. After they scrape you up from the floor, bleeding and unconscious, they might give you some first-aid. I probably wouldn't.

  • EthanP

    I know what he would due. But the current Israeli Gvt will plan a devistating retalliation. Or maybe a pending strike on Iranian nucs will be the retaliation!

  • Vermont Yid

    WAKE UP YIDDEN! The next attack on a Jew may very well be on you. Quit crying. Quit complaining. Quit pizzing and moaning about all the antisemites. Get a damn gun – preferrably a Glock. Get some training on its use. Get good, very good with it. Have it with you (on your person) at all times. Those who are prepared will be survivors. Those who are not will be only a memory.

  • Ghostwriter

    And as usual,we have people like Schlockmotion who revel in Jew hatred and would celebrate the deaths of Jews. Most likely because they don't see them as human beings,but animals.

  • TessMax

    excellent article by Mr. Torossian…Jabotinsky was one of the greatest Jewish leaders of all time…a timely gift from G_d, no doubt.

    Here are my own recent takes on the Bulgarian massacre and Jabotinsky–about whom I did extensive doctoral research…Remember the Michael Keaton and Joe Piscopo movie, "Johnny Dangerously" ?

    And this next article is an earlier edition of a chapter in my own book ( http://q4j-middle-east.com )…

  • masood kowalsky

    less jew pigs is a win-win for all races and nations.