Do Peace Activists Care More about Gaza than Syria?

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Humanitarians of the world pay special attention to Israel.  Self-proclaimed peace “activists” announced this week that a ship called “Estelle” has set sail for Gaza yet again in an attempt to “break Israel’s sea blockade” of Gaza. The ship sailed from Sweden three months ago, and will sail to Gaza from Naples in the beginning of October.

The Foreign Ministry of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, said in a statement that Israel was in contact with the governments whose citizens were passengers on the ship. Israel’s policy has not changed, the Ministry said, and the ship will not be allowed to approach Gaza. Those who pay attention to international news will remember that on May 31, 2010, while en route to Gaza, commandos from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) raided and seized the Mavi Marmara (in the first flotilla) after communicating warnings that a naval blockade of the Gaza area was in force.

The commandos were seemingly unprepared for the dozens of militant terrorists who swarmed around them wielding knives and iron bars. A bloody battle took place, and nine Mavi Marmara passengers were killed in the mêlée, and at least seven IDF soldiers were wounded. It was a major diplomatic debacle for the Israeli government. The incident damaged Israel’s image because initially it appeared that Israeli soldiers were storming the ship violently (when, precisely because of the predictable reaction of the world, the soldiers were carrying paint guns, not actual weapons), and not that they were attacked first.

These “peace” flotillas are intended to harm Israel – and nothing else.  And that’s blatantly clear as there is no flotilla to Syria, a country which borders Israel, where the Syrian government has killed thousands of its own citizens, the injured hide in private homes to avoid cold-blooded murder, funeral processions are shot at with many killed at a time when they are bereaving the dead, the detained are tortured and many die and are buried in mass graves. Yet, no flotilla to help the Syrians.

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  • Agnese

    the tragic humanitarian situation in Syria doesn't delete the tragic humanitarian situation in which Israel keeps Gaza and the West Bank. It shouldn't be discussed as a competition between desperate peoples, but I see that there are many persons that would be happy to use instrumentally a tragedy to obliterate the other one. With this specious statement about the flotilla, it sounds like you are one of them.

    • aspacia


      Israel withdrew from Gaza and as a humanitarian gesture left greenhouses. The Muslims went on a rampage, and have been shooting thousands of rockets into Israel ever since. Regardless, Israel still supplies these Muslim savages with humanitarian aid, and many from this area and The West Bank are treated for free in Israel.

      Klein's claim is fact. The Muslim's never called for a Palestinian state while under both Egyptians and Jordanian tyrannies. Why so after 67? Because they want to destroy Israel, and this is in Hamas, Hizbollah, and Fatah's Charters.

      You have been duped by the Arab lies. Read both sides.

      Can Israelis be violent? Sure, they live in a rough neighborhood with more than a billion who want them exterminated. Read and listen to the Muslim religious leaders prayers for insight.

      • Agnese

        Hi Aspacia,

        a) I have a PhD in middle eastern archaeology, so, probably, I know history quite well, I don't need to be "duped" by "arab lies", as well as, I add, "israeli lies".
        b) I am against the Hamas rockets or suicide bombers, same as against the daily aggressions and murders by IDF soldiers or settlers against palestinian civilians and the constant violations of their human rights. Not to mention the 2008-09 "operation cast lead" with 1400people killed, of whom less then a half were children, not hamas terrorists.
        c) Israel humanitarian's aid? I wish you to go once in your life in the West Bank, not even in Gaza that is worse, just the West Bank, maybe in Hebron. I went there, I sincerly invite you to go and see with your own eyes. Until you don't get there you will not understand.

        I know that when someone defines another group of persons as "savage" according simply to their religious believes or their ethnical roots, there is really nothing I can say to change his idea, so i know that my statement is totally useless. But I just want to remark that is exactly the same approch the nazis had with the jews 70 years ago, and alternatively in history christians had with jews and muslims, muslims with christians and jews, jews with muslims and christians. Think about that.

        • Drakken

          So you openly side with the islamic savages over your own, that makes you an enemy of civilization period. There is no moral equivilance whatsoever between the west and the islamic savages. Leftist useful idots like you richly deserve the same fate as Rachel Corrie, for Darwin loves winners like you and good bloody riddance. Take your bloody human rights and get bent with them.

        • Omar

          You're wrong, Agnese. Well, actually, half-right on some things. While you acknowledge that Hamas is an terrorist organization that fires rockets into Israel, you are wrong in saying that the IDF commits unprovoked attacks on Arab civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, let alone commit "human rights violations". Israel does not commit any human rights violations of any kind. In fact, Israel and the IDF make sure that civilians in Gaza and the West Bank do not get hurt during Israeli military operations against Islamist terrorism. As we all know, Hamas uses civilians as human shields in order to falsely accuse Israel of "targeting" civilians. Why do you portray the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Islamists (who want to destroy Israel and the Jews) as "peaceful" and "tolerant"? The Islamists want a world without Israel, a world where women are treated as chattel; where homosexuals are lynched for being homosexual; and where Jews and believers of other faiths (as well as non-religious people) are not allowed. On the other hand, Arabs living in Israel have more rights and liberties as Israeli citizens than people who live in other countries in the Middle East. Why don't you criticize the Russian-backed Assad regime in Syria, where the family dictatorship has murdered thousands of civilians during the civilians' ongoing uprising for freedom in Syria. The left is silent about (and some radical leftists even support) the massacres committed by the Assad dictatorship in Syria because the left views the Assad dictatorship as an advocate of "social justice". There is no Syrian flotilla because the flotilla organizers support the Assad dictatorship in Syria, that's why. Instead of criticizing Israel (which is a tolerant, democratic state), criticize real oppression and human rights violations committed by real oppressive regimes like the one in Syria.

          • Agnese

            Hi Omar, just to tell you that I was not and am not a supporter of the Assad regime, never at all, and I really would like that our governments (I am from Europe) would stop talking and indeed start doing something there. I am not even an "islamist" and anti-semite just because I disagree with the israeli government apartheid policies. There are lots of israelis I have known there that think like i do..are they antisemite and islamist jews??

          • aspacia

            apartheid policies. You idiot.

            There is equality for all people and freedom to practice any faith in Israel. In contrast, No other faith is allowed in Saudi Arabia, and all non Muslims and women are discriminated against, and gays are executed. ISRAEL IS NOT AN APARTHEID COUNTRY, THE VASE MUSLIM MAJORITY ME IS.

            Those Israelis who thing like you read the fringe rag Harretz. Geez, lambs to the slaughter.

            Oh, you will probably pull the moral equivalence bull.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "apartheid policies. You idiot. "

            There's a war going on idiot. Apartheid being applied to Israel or the disputed territories is pure propaganda and deception accepted by superficial, unreasonable people.

            Please be reasonable and study how easily people are deceived by Islamic supremacists. Palywood, "Road to Jenin, etc.

          • aspacia


            Who are you addressing?

          • Snorbak

            "…apartheid policies."
            You stated in an earlier post that you have a PhD, yet you are not able to properly apply the term, apartheid. Even a cursory glance at the wiki definition shows that Israel is far from applying this kind of "racial segregation". There are Arabs, Europeans, Africans & Asians living within Israel. Just as there are Jews, Muslims & Christians, even Arab/ Muslim Mk's in the Knesset.
            So where does Israel apply this type of segregation? I would suggest that your biased emotion is restricting your ability to apply logic & reason.
            The "Palestinian" Arabs are simply not allowed into Israel proper & for good reason. That my friend is not apartheid.

          • Omar

            Israel's security fence and checkpoints were build to prevent terrorist attacks as well as to keep terrorists out of the area, not civilians.

          • Agnese

            Hi Snorbak, the Palestianians are not allowed to free move even WITHIN the West Bank, not only versus Israel. It's very interesting the last 43pages-report by the OCHA of the United Nations. its title is "West Bank free movement and access – update Sept 2012". You can find it here along with many other reports on the area, i.e. about what the Ocha defines -literally- the "Takeover of the palestinian water", the "blockade of Gaza", the "Displacement" of the palestinian families, the "impact of the barrier on health", the policy of the permits, the "violence of the settlers", the "challenges to meeting the humanitarian needs of the Palestinians" etc.etc. After having read all these reports, I would really be happy to know your opinion (i only hope that the UN agency hasn't a "biased emotion that is restricting its ability to apply logic & reason" like i do :)))

          • Omar

            Agnese, you just posted a link to the UN's "Palestinian" affairs website. As we all know, the UN is dominated by the Islamist and leftist regimes who hate Israel. There are 57 Muslim countries and only one Jewish state in the world. Do you think Jews are treated well in Islamic countries? Why do you only criticize Israel for "wrongdoing"? Israel gives humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza and the West Bank, yet Hamas and the Palestinian Authority do not want to make peace with Israel. Why don't you criticize China for its brutal occupation of Tibet. The left supports China's aggression in Tibet because it sees China as an advocate of "social justice" since China is a Communist country. Why don't you criticize the regime in Sudan? Sudan has a racist, sexist, Islamist regime that behaves worse than South Africa's former apartheid regime. Do you support a world dominated by Marxism and Sharia?

          • Omar

            Israel is not an "apartheid" state. Arabs living in Israel have more rights as Israeli citizens than people living in other countries in the Middle East. The real apartheid state is Sudan, which has a racist, sexist, Islamist regime that behaves worse than what South Africa was during the apartheid era. Remember Darfur? Yet you and the left do not criticize Sudan because the left view Sudan as "progress" despite the fact that the Islamist regime in Sudan committed genocide against its black population. Bottom line, Israel is a tolerant, democratic state which respects everyone's rights and liberties (regardless of characteristics), while Islamist/Apartheid Sudan is a genocidal regime that is worse than what South Africa used to be.

          • aspacia


            Agi lives in the naive Ivory Tower, just as Obama does. Mores the pity.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Speaking of ivory towers, google this for a free book explaining how constrained the narratives are by Islamic corruption:
            ivory towers built on sand the failure of middle eastern studies in america pdf

            Which you accept hook, line and sinker, Next you'll be talking about the "criminal Israelis" who ignore the UN…tee hee. So does the USA. Blasphemy anyone?

            If you want to continue, I'll ask you to cite evidence for your accusations. All you can do is trace it back to liars of the "Organisation of Islamic Cooperation," if you get that far.

          • aspacia


            I hope you are not addressing aspacia?

        • Andy H.

          What the visitor to most Muslim towns will see is the same mess created by a malfunctioning culture created by a lunatic religion. It has nothing to do with Israel. You will find the same primitive, savage, if you will, conditions on every continent where devotees of Muhammad reside – including in their ghettos in Europe and unless we act decisesively in the Americas, too. Yes, indeed, they are victims. Only in the oil-rich states will the facade look different but scratch it and you'll find the same malaise. A PhD in archaeology prepares you for objective thinking no more than one in agriculture. Educate yourself on affairs taking place in today's real world.

          • Agnese

            I guess your only experience in the middle east is some kind of day-trip from a cruise-ship..anyway, about archaeology: you should better ask to an israeli archaeologist how old-.fashioned, useless and far away from the ongoing conflict it is. You'll be surprised.

          • aspacia

            I have often through electonic means. Many have found supporting evidence for the fact that Jews built Jerusalem and inhabited the area 3,000 years ago.

            Agnese, the conflict came to us in many violent attacks against our people, embassies, on our shores in 93 and 9/11. Wake-up.

          • Omar

            And by the way, the so-called "Palestinians" are an invented people. Palestine is not even an Arabic name. Palestine is a Latin name meaning Philistines. The Philistines were Greek sailors who had red hair (the Philistines were not Arabs). When the Romans conquered Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) in 66 AD/CE, they renamed the region "Palestine". This happened about 600 years before Islam was established and when the Arabs started moving into the area.

          • Drakken

            My experience in the ME ,far east and north africa go back over 25 years of dealing with the very islamic savages that you openly side with. You mock the very people who are trying to educate you and you deride their effort to do so, you completely ignore the reality and instead cling to that wishful thing of a false narrative. Leftist like you are nothing but tools to be used and abused by the islamist for propaganda purposes. You might have a PHD but your naivity and wishful thinking does get people killed.

          • aspacia

            Yes, academia is very myopic and practice their own form of apartheid against conservatives.

        • Lan Astslem

          #1 people – and I use that word reluctantly – who attach bombs to their children are savages #2 the nazis as evil as they were/are at least are concerned about their own lives whereas the palestinian savages don't and think it's just great to die as 'martyrs'

        • aspacia

          Agi, tell what is incorrect on this link::

          Most lying I have read has been from the vast ME Muslim world. Also, what about the 651,000 Jews expelled from ME lands without compensation?

          There have been far more transgressions made by Muslims against Jews since 1911 and the first legally purchased Zionist settlements peopled by Jews fleeing European massacres and discrimination.

          The IDF at least wear uniforms, and the Hamas/Hizbollah, et al terrorists do not. Remember their charters along with Fatah and the PLO are sworn to destroy Israel. There was no call for a Palestinian land or people, who are ethnically Arab, until after 67 when Israel retook their holy city Jerusalem. Why on earth do Muslims require 3 holy sites? Because they want to destroy Israel. Read the Qu'ran. Jerusalem is not mentioned once.

          If the Gazans and others do not want another Cast Lead operation, they should stop firing rockets into Israel. Frankly, they are reaping what they sowed, just as the Japanese and Germans did in WWII. A bully should not cry when her/his nose is bloodies. Tough.

          Why should I go to Gaza or the West Bank? They made their bed and they can sleep in it; they elected their corrupt leaders. Hebron??? What about the Muslim massacre of Jews there. Did you visit the shrine? Probably not. Israel survived in a wasteland, more power to them and the gifts they provide to humanity. What has the Muslim world provided, and please spare me the Muslim lies. I am a historian, and am a member of Phi Alpha Theta which is also mired in liberal hogwash.

          Many are savages, period. Use statistics regarding Human Rights in the ME. What about the women who just recently fled an abusive family, was taken to a Pakistani hilltop, held down, and her relatives cut off her ears and nose. This is savagery.

          Look at both sides, and try to distance yourself from the myopic liberal mindset. I am very liberal in many ways, but not stupid. After 9/11 I studied, read and listened to the statements that many Islamic scholars make. Try perusing Eric Bell for insight into his awakening, and this goes for me as well. He is very liberal, spoke the truth and now faces death threats from the religion of peace:

          Try speaking the truth about Mad Mo to your colleagues and see what happens. Just stay on the Human Rights issue and wait for the ad hominem attacks.

          Remember, the communists sided with the mullahs in the Shah of Iran's ouster, and then they were either massacred or now live in exile.

          Lose the ivory tower mentality because you will not survive Sharia Law.

        • mcwrath

          Agnese, You have been feed far too much palestinean propaganda. And it seems that you have swallowled it wholesale. The so called janin massacre had the palestineans claim that there were over 3000 victims from israeli action which was proven an outright lie. Seeing that their propaganda could’nt come up with the bodies they re-released a claim of over 500. Again proved false. There was 52 palestineans killed, most of them were terrorist operatives. Israel lost 23 soldiers in that action because they went in on the ground fighting house to house…as opposed to just areal bombing. And why did they go in…To hunt down the terrorist operatives that had been sending suicide bombers into Israel to blow up children in buses and teenagers in discos..
          How on earth can you make moral equivelance between soldiers who seek to take out the perpertrators of such action and those who do such action. If children are killed by israelis they are killed non-deliberatly while the palestineans go out to delibertly kill children and innocents…That is why these islamists jihadists can truly be referred to as savages
          Allow me to recommend a more accurate perspective for study in Alan Dershowitz book A Case For Israel than the usual palestinean propagandaist stuff of Robert Fisk – who passes for a ‘middle east expert’ over here in Europe.

          Again you have got it wrong on how the nazis looked on the jews..They never referred to them as savages. But portrayed them as the manipuaiters of german woes.
          But if you want to take a look at what is savage – if you can allow such a word to pass your lips in reference to any act or any person- Take a good look at what Muhammad did when and after he attacked the jews at khaybar..this man so celebrated by a billion followers…It can only give one concern for their ethical and moral standards to say the least..

        • Chris

          “I have a PhD in middle eastern archaeology”

          That tells us almost nothing other than you deem yourself more capable of forming an opinion than the average person. That just makes you more arrogant and thus more dangerous.

          “so, probably, I know history quite well”

          Not based on evidence seen in your claims.

          “I don’t need to be “duped” by “arab lies”

          You’ve already proved you have been duped; are a dupe.

    • Neils60

      Agnese, Your comparison of the situation in Syria vs. with what exists today in Israel/West Bank/Gaza is rather ridiculous. To date, 30,000 Syrians have been slaughtered in the last 18 months. What do the so-called "peace activists" do about it? Just like you, they say "It's a tragic humanitarian situation in which Israel keeps the Gaza and the West Bank." In other words, like you, they present a complete non-sequitur as an illogical solution to that human tragedy. The same thing happened in 1982, when Bashar's dad, Haffaz, slaughtered some 25,000 of his own citizens. Simply and historically, the real problem in the M.E. is the question of how to handle a group of people who genuinely appear to take pleasure in killing, especially each other. And, if not killing each other, they're busy oppressing each other. Sorry to be so blunt. But, sadly, it's the truth.

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,Agnese,you side with the same people who scream "Death to America!!" every five minutes. Who celebrated the deaths of three thousand Americans on 9/11. Who shoot rockets into Israeli communities. I know who I side with. The Israelis,who are pro-American and don't want to kill us. Not the Palestinians,who are anti-American and who want to kill us. It's that simple for me.

    • Chris

      “the tragic humanitarian situation in Syria doesn’t delete the tragic humanitarian situation”

      Who said that it does? The question is, “Why do liberals and other Israel-haters use irrational arguments and expectations? Why harp on about treating criminal terrorists as victims, using “proportional response” in military actions when there is no sense of proportion about anything from the irrational critics like you? You want to make arguments of reason, when the facts are not on your side.

      “in which Israel keeps Gaza and the West Bank”

      Israel should not “keep” Gaza and the West Bank as she does, but is being too merciful. Israel should have destroyed all military capability of the enemy, and then tried to rehabilitate the enemies who demonstrated they could be reformed and retain in prison those who continue to act violently against the legitimate and just sovereign state of Israel. Israel has nothing to apologize for, and has already apologized more frequently than needed. Duped loser.

  • EvaSmagacz

    You painted a picture of Israeli attack, in the international waters, on Mavi Marmara that nobody who was there would recognize. Most of all the team of pathologists who did the post-mortem on the victims, and found real multiple bullets in the brains of those shot at short range by Israeli commandos.
    Returning to the premise of the article, you are implying that the Anti-Jewish sentiment is a reason for people's concern with situation in Gaza, and not the fact that a historically unprecedented military, long term siege of three quarter of a million of children and minors is taking place in front of the world with a tacit approval of Americans.

    • aspacia


      You posit a false narrative. This is not an unprecedented siege:… The Israelis were assaulted by the Muslims, and the one thrown overboard still suffers, along with several of his brothers.

      A Deist.

      • zionit

        Agree. It is a-hstorical to call anything that has happened in the last fifty years an ‘historically unprecedented seige’. The seige upon the ‘average’ human being currently categorized as a ‘Palestinian’ is enforced by terrorist or mafia-black-market ‘blood’ brothers. If only those ‘palestinians’ with the ‘means’ to accept peace ‘despised not their own flesh’ I.e. cared about their own as much as the average citizen of the only democracy in the middle east who have said yes and yes and yes to peace initiatives pronounced by the international community while the muslim-mafia have said no and no and no and jihad…well, nuff said.

    • Snorbak


      You claim that Israel besieges the Arabs in Gaza & I assume that you would feel the same for the Arabs in Judea & Samaria. Therefor, given that both Gaza & Judea & Samaria border Egypt & Jordan respectively & they, like Israel don't allow free passage of goods & people, would you agree that they too are besieging the "Palestinian" Arabs?
      In considering your reply please take into consideration WHO governs the Arabs in Gaza & Judea & Samaria & provide an example of 2 bordering nations that allow unfettered movement of their citizens across their borders. Even better if you could find an example where 1 people have sworn to & desire the destruction of the other.

      So, in returning to the core of the article, can you explain why, after almost 2 years or bloodshed, & were not talking restriction of movement here but the actual murderous brutality of a government against its people, reported on the evening news almost every night, have we not seen the peace activists organizing a flotilla or march against Damascus?

      Because left wing dimwits, such as yourself ramble on about Israeli brutality & apartheid, yet lack the courage when the opportunity presents to really take a stand against true oppression.

    • Zionista

      Eva the toilet cleaner is here – I see they dumped your sorry butt from american thinker – a slimy Jew hater like you should flush herself down one of those toilets – ISRAEL is here to stay – happy eternal nakba stupid housecleaner

      • rachaelamb

        Notice that evil woman like most terrorist lovers,doesn't dare reply to any of the comments addressed to her. Because she knows Israel supporters have FACTS on their side,and she would just make an ass out of herself, terrorist murderer lover that she is.

    • Demetrius M

      When boarding a ship full of individuals armed with blunt instruments etc, the boarding party would have been engaging in a cqb scenario, thus the short range impact. Would you have preferred a sniper had taken them down with 600yrd head shots?
      I have seen the IDF videos from multiple angles (the kind not released to media) and the "13" exhibited more restraint than I would have, but when you have a public relations stunt fronting as a humanitarian mission, I suppose you have little choice.
      And Eva, have you been to the malls in Gaza lately? They are doing quite well actually. Mickey Mouse clothing, fresh fruit aplenty, toy guns and suicide vests everywhere for the kiddies, but you will always believe what you do and read from sources you like, but take it from this former pro-palestinian supporter – almost everything in their movement is based upon lies and everyday this is proven more.

      • Drakken

        To avoid a publicity nightmare, no survivors means you control the narrative, sink the ships and let the sharks have their meal. I certainly would have never gone in the way the Israelis did, which was a tactical blunder and hopefully next time the Israelis worry less about what public opinion says and does what needs getting done. Enough is enough and now is the time to get downright nasty with these savages and their useful idiot allies.

    • UCSPanther

      The idiots onboard the Mavi Marmara were looking for a confrontation and they got it. Case closed.

      It was also revealed that flotilla was more for scoring propaganda points for Turkey than any humanitarian aid. Again, case closed.

    • Drakken

      You really should be aware that siding with the muslims of our western allies the Israelis, makes you a Quisling, and if you should aid the islamic savages you deserve Quislings fate. I am fresh out of sympathy for muslim savages who are openly anti western, screw them and love ours.

    • Omar

      Eva, Israel is not responsible for the horrors being committed in Gaza. Hamas is responsible for making the civilians in Gaza suffer. Hamas uses its civilians as humans shields in order to falsely accuse Israel of targeting civilians. Israel makes sure that civilians do not get hurt during military operations The flotilla is extremely biased against Israel. Also, quit blaming America for the world's troubles. America supports democracy and freedom around the world. Instead, blame Russia for supporting the Assad regime's massacres against the Syrian people. Russia is still an aggressive power in the world today. That's the reality.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmmm …. it appears that through your work as a toilet cleaner an excessive amount of e coli bacteria have infected you, and, sadly, that irreversible brain damage has been done. Interesting … a "Brtiish" toilet cleaner, but with such an obvious Polish name….. what was it that Yitzhak Shamir once CORRECTLY said about you … imbibing hatred of Jews in your mother's milk ….

  • Dror Feiler

    The horrible situation in Syria needs action. we who are involved in "Ship to gaza" would be happy to give a helping hand to those trying to act on the behalf of the people of Syria. If some one want to start a "Ship to Syria" we are ready to share our knowledge with them. But please don't try to create a contradiction between helping one nation in trouble and another,

    • Stern

      You'd be prepared to give a "helping hand" for Ship to Syria, but you would not be prepared to organize a Ship to Syria mission of your own? You've just confirmed that Jew-hatred is a full-time occupation.

    • Drakken

      Traitors like you deserve Rachel Corries fate, and a hearty good riddance to bad rubbish. Useful idiot leftists like you absolutely disgust me. As far as Gaza is concerned, Israel should quit screwing around with these savages and push them into the sea and call it a day. I hope the boat your on sinks and Davey Jones gets some company.

    • Anonymous

      "Dror" …. a more ironically-named fool would be impossible …. (apologies to those readers who don't know Hebrew) …

      how does dror translate into Swedish … oh yes, I remember now: K A P O

      There have always been a small percentage of your kind amongst our people … disgusting … I can smell your stench all the way from Sweden ….

    • Omar

      Dror Feiler, the people involved with the Gaza "flotilla" support the Assad regime in Syria. The secular forces fighting for freedom in Syria (against the Assad family and the Islamist opposition) are the ones that need Western and Israeli help. The Kurds need help from the West as well. Besides, Hamas is the true reason why the people of Gaza are suffering from oppression, not Israel. Israel tries to help the people living in Gaza by providing humanitarian aid, but Hamas is selfish and seeks to bring oppression to anyone who opposes the Islamists' agenda of world domination. That's the truth.

  • aspacia

    Nope, the Gaza/Hamas narrative is meant to destroy Israel, nothing more, nothing less. Read its charter.

    • Roger

      Since Syria won't weaken Israel they stay focused on Gaza.

  • rejectedWhiteDude

    Why not tow the peace activists to Syria?

  • Andy H.

    I wish Israel would stop piddling and jerking around with these so-called Peace Activists, new-speak for Anti-Semites. You set a blockade then maintain it. When a would-be blockade runner approaches give them fair warning to turn back. If they don't turn back, sink the ship and if there are survivors who make it to your shore, round them up, lock them up and ship them back to their countries after their relatives have paid their fares back plus stiff, additional fines to cover the cost of the operation.

  • Drakken

    Note to Israel, quit screwing around with these commi so called peace activist, sink their boats mid Med and give Davey Jones the company he needs, no survivors and a lesson to the next group of useful idiots that want to aid and abet the enemy.

  • Ghostwriter

    Here's something for the peace activists. Why not protest outside the Syrian embassy? How about attacking the crimes of the SYRIAN government and leave the Israelis alone. The Israelis are pro-American,the Palestinians are not. I chose the Israelis because they care about America and Americans. The Palestinians don't care about us,have never cared about us and never will. And I hope those who are pro-Palestinian would respond to this. I'd love to hear from them about my statements.

    • Omar

      You're right, Ghostwriter. The so-called "peace activists" are really annoying. The "peace activists" don't want peace. They want totalitarianism. And the reason why the "peace activists" will not protest against the Syrian government is because those "peace activists" believe that the Assad family dictatorship is an advocate of "social justice". Like wise, the "peace activists" either do not care about Russian/Iranian imperialism, Communist imperialism or Islamist imperialism, or they support the Communist/Islamist imperialist aggression (a.k.a. the unholy alliance) against the free world. It is time for America, Britain, Israel and the rest of the free world to confront and defeat the unholy alliance and its imperialist ambitions.

      • Lan Astaslem

        the so-called 'peace activists' are mostly spoiled and cowardly kids

  • EmJay

    View the cliips below to get at the REAL PICTURE about how much foreign AIDE Gaza needs from "flotilla" activists! Don't let your minds be manipulated by liars. Stick to what is posted by the gazans themselves!

    1.0 UXURY and WEALTH abound in Gaza SHOPPING MALL – YouTube (about 2 min.)

    2.0 Luxury mall opens in Gaza – YouTube (about 1 min.)

    3.0 The REAL Gaza The Media Will Never Show You – Gaza Exposed – YouTube (about 3 min.)

    4.0 Palestinians expose "Gaza Flotilla" lies about food aid and "Humanitarian Crisis" – YouTube (about 3 min.)

    • aspacia

      Great links EmJay!