In G-D We Trust, Not the Media

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Israel also needs to make its own case, because that case is not being made widely, often, or clearly enough. The advice I have for Israel stands for any organization or group with an “underdog” status or that is suffering the consequences of being misunderstood. The following points are useful for any brand or business:

Make your own case. Be proactive and passionate in educational PR efforts. In Israel’s case, for instance, there should be a concerted PR effort to continually refute “moral equivalency” myths that are perpetuated in many corners of the press. It shouldn’t be saved only for a crisis.

Argue on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Harmful framing by the media or others can be handled effectively only with counterframing—presenting your narrative without debating the negative frame (thereby giving it credibility) or trying to justify yourself against it. Israel needs to talk about how it made the desert bloom.” From its founding in 1948, it transformed a land that is 65 percent desert into a country rich in diversity and teeming with technology—Intel, Microsoft, and IBM have all developed robust, profitable, and innovative businesses in the country.

Consistent and united PR. There is nothing more counterproductive and irritating to a spokesperson than having to compete with a colleague who is operating with a different message. This is the case with Israel—spokespeople for the state often speak at cross-purposes with the press and contradict each other.

Act with rapidity. Israel is agile and dynamic. It can use this to its advantage. In PR terms, Israel can change key messages quickly and deftly when necessary. The ability to respond quickly has many benefits.

Use social media frequently. Social media shouldn’t be used only as an emergency channel or to impart pearls of wisdom a few times a year. Social media should be used on a daily basis, and in a positive way. In the long run, it is the daily actions of a brand that determine its overall image.

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  • Anamah

    Thank you Ron! We need to talk about Israel PR!!! But she must know how many millions of people around the world love her and wish her the best… while arguing defending her from the leftists and Islamist attackers, organized in anti Israelis think tanks groups. Do not forget to be specially aware of Soros and his network, his bribed groups as the betrayer JStreet… (Read The Shadow Party) Israel has the rights to live in peace and to defend herself!
    And please, tell Danny Danon, and Bibi how much we appreciate what are they doing for Israel; the educative videos on YouTube with Spanish translations are a great tool, and they are really good.
    We love you all and will always stand with Israel!

    • Asher

      I understand B.B. Netanyahu is holding bible classes on the Old testament…This is so wonderful to give Jews the real history of their birth, purpose, and Mighty Elohim…the all Powerful Messiah and God. This does more for them than any media, or aid could…Through him they draw their strength…The 144, 000 from the 12 tribes, will be gathered to their Messiah!

  • Infidel

    we will pray for the peace of Jerusalem and will support the jews right to live in the land God gave to them.

  • Lan Astaslem

    Israel belongs to the Jewish people. The arabs and muslims have plenty of islamic cesspools to live in and multiply like cockroaches. The arabs want all of Israel because the Jews turned a sliver of dessert into a thriving, modern and beautiful country and most of the arab/muslim world is a filthy mess.

    • Asher

      There is always some supernatural power that is with them, they have survived for thousands of years, despite horrific enemies, and destruction…they perservere….because it is the Lord's will…the all powerful El Shaddai the All Sufficient one, The god of the Mountains, God Almighty!

      • Jimi Belton

        The God of the Mountains……

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,one thing is for sure. The Israelis aren't the ones who scream for my blood because I'm American. They don't want to kill me. The overwhelming majority of Palestinians on the other hand,do.

  • Jim

    I have read, some where, that young American Jews do not seem to identify with Israel as much as young folk did.

    If Israel wants to inform they should start with the dis interested youth.

    Young people of any variety seem to have less faith in a god

  • Jimi Belton

    As a B.A. Christian, I do love Israel and the true people of G0d….and to the Jews anywhere on earth that fears the so called christian, please do not lump us all in the same pile…We love Mr. Netanyahu, and what he may be trying to do…..The O.T. is also our Bible, and how i would love to sit in classes with this Great Man as the teacher…..
    ………………Jimi Belton

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Torossian touts his instrumentality in the settlement of Jerusalem by name dropping Danny Danon. Rap fans are wise to him. His super PR skillz are supposed to flow from his support of P. Diddy, a softcore sellout rapper. In reality, his homeboy Danon asked Australia to accept the influx of African refugees so that Israel could maintain its racial purity. That's not good PR. This isn't good PR either:

    What's up with the Rabbi Pinto case? Rabbi Pinto is supposed to be different from Benny Hinn and the other swindling charlatans that Mr. Torossian claims to relate to the public, but claims to disavow when they get exposed for fraud and embezzlement from little old ladies?

    The article I linked is amusing if for no other reason than that Mr. Torossian or his employee does negative PR by identity theft on blogs. He is accused in the New York Times of issuing negative PR and then acting with a henchman to rescind the negative PR for a payment, in other words, extortion. There appears to be a network of scummy late 30-somethings operating scams for Israel out of Manhattan, which Mr. Torossian feels at liberty to (antisemitically) call a "gangster and this cabal of liars" when they don't pony up six figure sums.