Irving Moskowitz & Sheldon Adelson: You Did Build That

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Mega-funders of right-wing causes face vicious attacks in the media. It’s really just awful, unfair and brutal. In many ways, however, it’s the difference between the right and the left – the right admires and respects the wealthy (particularly the self-made), while the left is jealous, tries to hurt and attack, and fundamentally believes as Obama said recently, “You didn’t build that.” The media and organized liberal left skewer brave patriots like Sheldon Adelson and Irving Moskowitz in a way that George Soros, labor unions and countless academic institutions have never faced.

Soros has donated millions to Obama – yet we rarely see him in the mainstream media headlines, and certainly we don’t see “exposés.” Soros donates millions to the American President, yet recently said: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” Could one imagine the uproar if a conservative said such a thing?

Soros uses his billions to fund left-wing causes and organizations worldwide – he’s a major funder of Occupy Wall Street, and has said that European-style socialism “is exactly what we need now.” Soros manipulates currency worldwide, and believes the totalitarian Chinese government is “a better-functioning government than the United States.” Joe Lieberman – no radical right-winger — says Soros’s views on America are “so negative, so critical, and so often anti-American.” Destructive and negative.

Contrast that with the two conservatives who have been attacked ad naseum in the media for their donations to the right – Irving Moskowitz was born the ninth of 12 children to a poor family who lost 120 relatives in the Holocaust.  He bought his first hospital in California after putting himself through medical school, and has since done tremendously well. He opposes the West’s enemies in the Middle East, and supports many philanthropic projects, from feeding the poor in California to athletic programs, and says he gives because “What could be more natural for a person with [my] upbringing, than to want to help his people in Israel who are being surrounded by people that want to destroy the country?”  Dr. Irving Moskowitz speaks often of loving America, loving his people, and these are “natural things.”  He’s so right.

Sheldon Adelson grew up lower-class, dropped out of the City College of New York, and transitioned to the Republican Party for a fairly simple reason. As his wealth increased, he asked, “Why is it fair that I should be paying a higher percentage of taxes than anyone else?” He works in a legal, highly regulated industry, and puts his money where his mouth is and makes his decisions on what’s good for his people. Does anyone doubt his personal life would be easier if he wasn’t involved in politics? But he’s doing the right thing and is speaking out – And that’s how the man who has become one of the richest in the world makes his decisions. Can anything be more right?

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  • davarino

    The government giveth and the governement taketh away. We need to taketh away the governments god complex and restore freedom in America. Why would we want to be like Europe, China, ….. etc. Why would we want to screw up the best thing that ever happened to Earth, and the only nation that people pay with blood and treasure to enter her gates

  • Mike Villano

    Davarino writes the most insightful words.
    "We need to taketh away the governments god complex and restore freedom in America."

    These ignorant arrogant obnoxious things actually expect to be worshiped and reenforce my first law of economics.
    Government money poisons those who touch it.

  • Schlomotion

    "Brave patriots" don't loudly announce that they are going to purchase the next President of the USA with unlimited funds. I live in Arlington, Massachusetts where brave patriots come from, and no, none of them do that.

    • Choi

      Wonder if Arlington Ma's residents realize that a RACIST ANTI-SEMITE is among them?

      • reader

        To be precise, troschlo is a shill for muslim brotherhood and – by proxy – for Obama, who, in David Horowitz's words, would say anything and pretend to be anybody – like a libertarian or – even more ridiculous – a patriot.

  • PAthena

    Didn't George Soros recently (2010 or 2011?) )say on the tv program 60 Minutes that he did not regret being a Nazi collaborator at the age of 14 in Hungary when he identified Jewish properties to Hungarian government officials, Hungary then being an ally of Nazi Germany? His political views are contemptible.

    • Larry

      That's one of the reasons the left doesn't object to Soros being rich, he got his early lessons in screwing people over by practicing on his fellow Jews.

  • pagegl

    Have you ever noticed that rich socialists are all for wealth redistribution, except for theirs of course.