Irving Moskowitz & Sheldon Adelson: You Did Build That

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It all ties into one’s views on money and the world – Many of us who work very hard for our money to provide for our families believe that we are capable of making our own decisions, want a smaller government, and we already pay enough taxes.  Unlike Soros and some in the media we don’t support socialism, as we know how hard we worked building our business, and we believe in the greatness of America. Didn’t the mega-wealthy – on the right and left – earn their money? I say bless them as they must have worked many long, painful, difficult hours to achieve personal success.

This discussion is really about choices and core values – between Occupy Wall Street & Soros – and exemplified by Obama who during the 2008 campaign told “Joe the Plumber” that he needed to “spread the wealth around.” They prefer socialism, believe government owes people, and the government built businesses.

As a 37-year-old, born-and-bred American, a product of the NYC public school system I grew up in a single-parent household where my mother worked very hard. I worked 40 hours a week from the age of 11, and founded a company 10 years ago out of a single room 400 square foot office, which today has grown into one of the 25 largest US PR firms.

Today’s government keeps taxing energetic people, and wants to keep adding taxes and hurting those who produce.  It is an easy decision to stand with those whom the media attacks like Irving Moskowitz and Sheldon Adelson – who want people to accomplish more – and did indeed build their businesses.  Working hard, building businesses, supporting success and loving America – that’s the right way, and supporting causes that strengthen people. Very different values – but little doubt about what our children will be better with.

I continue to work very hard – and today my New York office occupies 25,000 square feet in the same NY office building as George Soros’s office. Mr. Soros – come down for a cup of coffee. Even though you are the socialist, I am happy to give you a cup of coffee – but no more than that.  And please, keep those Occupy Wall Street folks away from the building – I don’t have time to listen to them complain all day.  Hire them, would you?

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  • davarino

    The government giveth and the governement taketh away. We need to taketh away the governments god complex and restore freedom in America. Why would we want to be like Europe, China, ….. etc. Why would we want to screw up the best thing that ever happened to Earth, and the only nation that people pay with blood and treasure to enter her gates

  • Mike Villano

    Davarino writes the most insightful words.
    "We need to taketh away the governments god complex and restore freedom in America."

    These ignorant arrogant obnoxious things actually expect to be worshiped and reenforce my first law of economics.
    Government money poisons those who touch it.

  • Schlomotion

    "Brave patriots" don't loudly announce that they are going to purchase the next President of the USA with unlimited funds. I live in Arlington, Massachusetts where brave patriots come from, and no, none of them do that.

    • Choi

      Wonder if Arlington Ma's residents realize that a RACIST ANTI-SEMITE is among them?

      • reader

        To be precise, troschlo is a shill for muslim brotherhood and – by proxy – for Obama, who, in David Horowitz's words, would say anything and pretend to be anybody – like a libertarian or – even more ridiculous – a patriot.

  • PAthena

    Didn't George Soros recently (2010 or 2011?) )say on the tv program 60 Minutes that he did not regret being a Nazi collaborator at the age of 14 in Hungary when he identified Jewish properties to Hungarian government officials, Hungary then being an ally of Nazi Germany? His political views are contemptible.

    • Larry

      That's one of the reasons the left doesn't object to Soros being rich, he got his early lessons in screwing people over by practicing on his fellow Jews.

  • pagegl

    Have you ever noticed that rich socialists are all for wealth redistribution, except for theirs of course.