My Offer of $100K to Peter Beinart

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Mr. Beinart and Mr. Ben-Ami, you attack the Jewish state, but ignore Arab belligerence – is that not a racist approach if you truly seek peace? This Zionist Revisionist is offering you the chance to spread your message – will you accept? Jabotinsky wrote in a 1929 essay called “Peace”:

“A noisy whining is now being set up by a chorus of ‘peace seekers’ who aim to achieve (by preaching exclusively to Jews) conciliation with the Arabs. It is difficult to free oneself from a feeling of disgust. On the morrow of a slaughter so mean and so foul – let us confess our sins and ask that they not beat us again.”

He also wrote in 1929, “The Jewish people – all of us, 100 percent want peace” – and the same holds true today. To me it seems that the interests of Beinart and J Street are focused on weakening Israel, but if they are indeed so concerned with re-conciliation with the Arabs they need to stop preaching exclusively to Jews. If the Arab world wanted peace, there would be peace. If Mr. Beinart and Mr. Ben Ami feel I am wrong then they will surely take up my challenge, right – How about it?

Ronn Torossian is the CEO of 5WPR, a Top 25 PR Agency and author of Amazon best-selling PR book “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations,” which is available for purchase here.

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  • stern

    Do you even see the idiocy in your opening two sentences? You wish to ban Jews from living in the US because of their political beliefs, but it's just fine for Irish-identifying Americans as long as they don't "operate here".

    Your anti-Semitism shines through even the worst of your BS.

    • reader

      Schlo is not just a troll. It is a Hitler Jugend for.. just Hitler Jugent, that's it. It has no place in America.

    • stern

      More anti-Semitism. You're not satisfied with your first attempt at being offensive, you have to multiply it.

  • Robert

    Glennd1's contention doesn't even pass the giggle test. Look at all the polls. 75% to 80% of Americans support Israel, indicating that Israelis hold values that most Americans hold dear.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Yes, but Glennd1 does not appear to be your average American.

  • Abu Zubi

    Remove the illegal Palestinian settlements from Jewish lands!