New York Times: Sheldon Adelson Is Evil — But George Soros Isn’t

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He puts his money where his mouth is – legally and openly. The son of Jewish immigrants, Adelson grew up lower-class, dropped out of the City College of New York, and transitioned to the Republican party for a fairly simple reason. As his wealth increased, he asked, “Why is it fair that I should be paying a higher percentage of taxes than anyone else?”  And that of course is a damn good reason to oppose Obama – his pocket book will be hurt. And what exactly is wrong with that?

And last I checked, when it comes to criticizing the man who has “made more money in the last three years than any other American,” and commenting on his success overseas, nearly every wealthy American makes money overseas. Major Obama donors like DreamWorks big-wig Jeffrey Katzenberg (who is under investigation by the Securities Exchange Commission for bribing Chinese officials to secure exclusive film rights in the communist country), former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt, who is worth $7 billion and others all made money overseas – and the NYT isn’t criticizing them.  Yes, people vote and donate to candidates who support their interests.  What’s the news flash there?

Regarding Israel, it is quite simple Adelson and his wife are proud and tough Jews whose foundation gives more than two hundred million dollars annually to Jewish causes and the man simply is standing up for what is right.  As he has said:  “The two-state solution is a stepping stone for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.”  He couldn’t be clearer: “I really don’t care what happens to Iran. I am for Israel.”

Sheldon Adelson is a heroic man who should be recognized as such – arguably the richest Jew in the world he deserves the thanks of every American.  He thinks quite clearly and puts his money where his mouth is – “Is it good for America?” And that’s how he makes his decisions.

We must never forget that only 80 years ago the whole world stood by as six million Jews were slaughtered – people like Sheldon Adelson and Dr. Irving Moskowitz put their money where their mouth is.  The Jewish community – in fact, the entire Western World needs to say, “Thank you, Sheldon Adelson.”

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  • Dave

    the new york slime and george soros are evil lying, radical, left-wing extremist propagandists!! Thank God for Sheldon Adelson who clearly sees the truth before him!!!

  • Cynic

    But of course the NYT would never write about Soros in the way they did about Adelson because Soros helped get rid of some of the Jews of the world during WWII as the NYT covered up the Nazi slaughter of Jews.

  • Fred

    Why isn't there a congressional investigation into Soros? Does he own all of our congressmen?

    • Ronald Johnston


  • Sage on the Stage

    Also, contribute to Meir Panim. Mr. Adelson was one of the founders of this organization; a network of free cafeterias, that feeds the hungry in Israel. Nobody–Jew or non-Jew-is turned away.

  • Sage on the Stage

    Also, Mr. Adelson was one of the founders of Meir Panim; an organization that feeds hungry Israelis. No one-Jew or non-Jew-is turned away.

  • A.T. Halmay

    The NY Times broadside was not an op-ed piece – it was straight editorial. And they don't invite comments on editorials. I felt obliged to immediately send a letter to the editors (which in all likelyhood they will never publish)
    It will doubtlessly find a better welcome here so I copy and paste it in here:''Your editorial on Sheldon Adelson is wildly at odds with the nation’s needs.

    "What Sheldon Adelson wants is what every enlightened American wants; to rid America of its greatest enemy, a fraudulent man who should be impeached and tried for treason.

    You might give consideration to changing your name from the New York Times to American Pravda.

    Adelson will go down in history as having helped save America from bankruptcy, from Sharia Law and from total destruction."

  • Anamah

    No surprise there…as we can expect from the NYT, is a well known Democratic think tank, in line and coordinated with the W.H., Media Matters, and the rest of the corrupted media to distort and cheat public opinion. Almost everything is in coordination, and fake…a dishonest way if you believe in the good journalism, you will get only lies…So forget that Liberal Progressive mafia to address the important thing. Mr. Sheldon Adelson: thank you for your fine actions; I appreciate your generosity and everything you do to help this country. We are going to take back our beautiful and prosper America.

  • Schlomotion

    "Does every American – in fact, every person in any democracy — not follow and vote with their “personal, ideological and financial agenda?"

    No, Mr. Torossian. Not with bribery and underwriting apartheid and genocide. Nice try trying to call that "a vote" though.

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  • Sheldon Adelson

    Welcome TO the KOCH BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a wonderful country they have created!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jews not worried about Edwin S Rubenstein and the Manhattan Institute need to see a shrink!!!!!!!