Peter Beinart and the ‘Open Zion’ Fringe

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Could one imagine if Ron Paul supporters in England were considered to be the most influential voices in American politics and offered a blog by a major British paper? Would one ever think, say, that a Lyndon Larouche movement in Canada would be offered a platform on which to espouse Larouche’s views by one of the largest Canadian media outlets? One would think not – as these extreme views have little semblance with political reality in the country where the viewpoints actually matter.

That is precisely what is happening for Peter Beinart by virtue of his “Open Zion” blog at Newsweek/The Daily Beast. The radical fringe viewpoints expressed by Beinart have less support in Israel – a democratic Jewish state – than Paul or Larouche have in America. Beinart has written that “saving liberal Zionism in the U.S. – so that American Jews can help save liberal Zionism in Israel – is the great American Jewish challenge of our age.”

Israel, the “start-up nation,” with plenty of military and demographic experts, with plenty of political experts – they need an Upper East Side American Jew to “save them”? Of the millions of voters in Israel – seemingly intelligent folks – how come Beinart’s viewpoints have nearly no representation in Israel? And not only does Beinart’s extreme views of comparing Israel to the segregated South and advocating boycotting parts of Israel he deems “non-democratic” have nearly no representation in Israel, they also have nearly no representation anywhere else in world Jewry.  Only in America – supported by liberal media – do these people not seem to realize that Israel is a self-sufficient country, no banana republic of Beinart.

How egotistical is it to lecture the Israelis that this Peter Beinart will come and save them? Many have opposed Israeli policy from America – but those who have opposed, whether right or left, have at least had some standing and support in Israel – Beinart’s views have nearly none. This eloquent man speaks of “the gift of a Jewish Democratic Israel he received from his parents and grandparents” but doesn’t mention why he doesn’t move to Israel and lead this movement. Nor does he mention that within the electorate (which includes Arabs) his viewpoints have virtually zero acceptance.

This American Jewish left-wing extremist has made a lot of noise in the United States  – and his support and influence comes from the Islamists, the neo-Nazis, those of the Radical Left, long-time haters of Israel and its would-be destroyers. Ron Paul and Lyndon Larouche have much more support in America than Beinart does in Israel – would anyone in a foreign country pay attention to such fringe characters? So why allow Beinart such exposure?

Beinart’s values are not at all reflective of the American Jewish community, the world Jewish community or the Israeli electorate – and the millions of voters in Israel don’t need a Park Avenue Jew to come and save them. As the great Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky said many years ago, “What interest can the Jewish nation have in individuals whose supreme pride consists in the fact that they have renounced their own people?”

Peter Beinart can be called many things – a supporter of Israel or Zionist wouldn’t be amongst them. Beinart should be shamed out of our community – as his viewpoints have nearly no acceptance in Israel, or anywhere else worldwide in the Jewish community.

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  • Schlomotion

    "Could one imagine if Ron Paul supporters in England were considered to be the most influential voices in American politics and offered a blog by a major British paper?"

    Yes. In fact the UKIP (UK Independence Party) has a lot in common with American political values, and Nigel Farage could outdo any political candidate that Mr. Torossian could put up here, including Danny Danon.

    Mr. Torossian is really defaming and miscategorizing Mr. Beinart's views. His views are rather middle of the road, moderate, Western. It is Zionism that is the radical fringe ideology. J Street has a rather reasonable, conciliatory centrist ideology. The radical fringe of World Likud supports a fortress state and annexation of its neighbors, demands money from the US and at the same time vilifies the US, demands fealty from the Jewish diaspora and at the same time despises it. That's pretty radical and fringey, as well as odious.

    Mr. Torossian, ostensibly an American, but really an Israel Firster, hates the Independents and twins the Libertarians with the Larouchians while saying Jabotinsky is a "Great Zionist Leader" with all the fervor of a supporter of Chairman Mao. He claims that Libertarians have no support in the American fabric, but expects us to believe that the Latvian Jewish nationalist organization Betar, of which he is president, does.

    This article collapses when you consider that Mr. Torossian slanders Mr. Beinart and Mr. Paul on the same basis which his own idiot-fringe organization, which holds great sway in Israel but none here, does. Of course his stock and trade is Hasbara and PR which is just a fancy word for B.S. and lying to the public about how good something is.

    • Ar'nun

      Just wanted to pick apart your comment line by line to illustrate how stupid you are.

      "Yes. In fact the UKIP (UK Independence Party) has a lot in common with American political values," Not relevant. The point was Ron Paul (not similar ideology) holds no influence in the UK.
      "J Street has a rather reasonable, conciliatory centrist ideology.” There is nothing reasonable about the destruction of Israel and the death of all the Jews in Israel which is what J St and Beinart's ideas would bring.
      "Mr. Torossian, ostensibly an American, but really an Israel Firster," FYI bigot, the Anti Defamation League declared the "Israel Firster" slogan blatantly anti-Semitic in nature.

      • Ar'nun

        "Jabotinsky is a "Great Zionist Leader" with all the fervor of a supporter of Chairman Mao.” Chairman Mao was a Communist Dictator who murdered millions of his own people. A Zionist supports Israel's right to exist. Most sane people not brainwashed by the left will find a hard time with this moronic parabola.
        "He claims that Libertarians have no support in the American fabric,” National elections show they are barely able to break the 3% mark. I guess mathematics is a big Zionist conspiracy too.

        • Ar'nun

          "This article collapses when you consider that Mr. Torossian slanders Mr. Beinart and Mr. Paul on the same basis which his own idiot-fringe organization." Should I supply the definition of 'Analogy'?
          "Of course his stock and trade is Hasbara and PR which is just a fancy word for B.S. and lying to the public about how good something is.” The best of the best in sales and marketing isn't lying about how good something is like a used car salesman. The best of us find practical solutions and with passion and conviction are able to advocate the right choices in a coherent manor. I wouldn't expect a Leftist dependant on the Government to understand the trade however.

      • Schlomotion

        I hope you feel like you accomplished what you meant to do. You split one hair, claimed the sky will fall and then told me what Abe Foxman says I may or may not say.

    • Stern

      So let's see. Even Nakba, a fellow troll, has told you to shut up and stop your constant Jew baiting. But now you presume to tell us how we, Jews in the diaspora, feel? You don't even speak for your own side any longer, but you presume to speak for us?

      Poor little slow-brain, Lost his mind, now losing his constituency. Such as it is.

      • Choi

        He never had a "constituancy".
        He's a JEW-HATING TROLL.

      • Schlomotion

        "Jew-baiting" is a funny word. How could you bait Jews if they did not reliably prefer certain kinds of bait and have hysterical feeding frenzies when you do certain things like:

        Disagree with them.

    • Zionista

      I guess all that a%#hole stretching has got you even more bent out of shape! You are BORING and crazy!

    • Jpeditor

      "His views are rather middle of the road, moderate, Western."

      You lie, and it's either for pity-sex from your jihadi whoremaster or for money.

      "It is Zionism that is the radical fringe ideology."

      Your and Beinart's anti-zionism CALLS FOR THE EXTERMINATION of the current Jewish State. This makes you both persona non-grata in Israel, and soon to be in the U.S.

      Get off our internet, or stay and continue to wildly flash your smelly behind and your IP address.

      • Schlomotion

        That's a doozy! You're going to make me a persona non grata in the US?

    • @RonPaulKicksAss


    • Mike Villano

      This guy just doesn't get enough attention in his life but his views actually do illustrate the parallel thinking of the aptly named "Red Green Romance" between jihadis and the Western left.
      Anyone who doesn't get Zionism and the need for it simply hates Jews.
      And who hates Jews more than any other 2 groups??
      By the way the same hate Americans too they're just more circumspect around us….at least those of us they know won't take their trash sitting down.

  • Ar'nun

    Too bad we Jews don't have a mechanism like the Catholic's discommunication. Beinart would be at the top of that list. To think that there are actually some brain dead morons in the world that consider this baffoon a "centrist" is the even scarier side of the coin.

    • Schlomotion

      I am sure that if he were excommunicated, he would be embraced by the level headed-thinkers that were not gripped by the fanaticism of that religion.

      • Jpeditor

        "level headed-thinkers" = those like you and Beinart whose quisling efforts have earned them a place at the END of your jihadi masters' beheading lines.

        A plague and a pox on you and your descendants, that no tech nor medicine ever created in Israel will ever cure.

    • Raymond in DC

      Actually, we do have a form of excommunication called "herem", but it's almost never carried out. (The most famous victim of herem was Spinoza.) A few isolated groups might impose their own excommunication, but the consequences are about as significant as someone expelled from a co-op. No one outside that group cares.

      But Torrosian shouldn't think Beinart doesn't have support within elements of the more liberal American Jewish community. He debated Rosen (formerly of AIPAC) at one DC synagogue about two years ago, and more recently Gordis in New York. But he gets more "press" than substantive support, and his recent book was a flop.

      He *is* a Zionist of a sort, but it's a fantasy version. He's sympathetic to the "Zionism" of Buber, Magnes, and Wise, which didn't fly even in their own times.

  • Ghostwriter

    With all his hysterical attacks on Jews and so-called "Hasbara propaganda,"is it any wonder that Schlockmotion should be called a modern day Julius Streicher? He did the same things in his newspaper,"Der Stumer,"revel in anti-semitic hate. The big difference is people had to PAY to read Streicher's nonsense. We have to read Schlomotion's nonsense for free.

  • @RonPaulKicksAss

    "Could one imagine if Ron Paul supporters in England were considered to be the most influential voices in American politics and offered a blog by a major British paper?"
    I am a Ron Paul supporter, and I will NOT vote for ANYONE who supports the Project for the New American Century and the Foreign Policy Initiative, the think-tank which promotes: diplomatic, economic, and military engagement IN THE WORLD! Romney and Obama BOTH support PNAC, Romney even named his foreign policy plan An American Century. Iraq was all lies, so is Iran. The US and Israel already assassinated Iran's nuclear scientists, and the US inserted the Stuxnet virus into Iran's computer systems which broke all of their equipment. End the wars! End ALL foreign aid!
    I am voting for Ron Paul!

  • MM

    Blair has said everything Jimmy Carter said in support of Palestine. But Mitt sits with Blair for press photo op?

    Mormons aren’t zionist by creed, so why is Mitt pulling this Evangelical Choosen People/Promised Land sled?

    Its like the 1980s with Hal Lindsey’s ‘The Late Great Planet Earth’ but with Iran filling the part of the Russians.

    Very odd.

    Mitt keeps talkin about lrtting Israel bomb Iran. Both Thatcher and Reagan condemned Israel striking Iraq in 1981.

    Thatcher condemned Israel’s bombing of Osirak, Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor, in 1981. “[The Osirak attack] represents a grave breach of international law,” she said in an interview with London’s Jewish Chronicle in 1981. Israel’s bombing of another country could lead to “international anarchy.”

    I think Reagan said something about,

    “….the inalienable sovereign right of Iraq, and all other States, especially the developing countries, to establish a program of technological and nuclear development.”

    Iran is no different.

    In his STAR WARS Speech didn’t Reagan say, ‘We will never be the aggressor.”?

    I’m looking for the first few Reagan Republicans to condemn the said planned attack against Iran. Betcha not one has the guts to make a stand for fear of being called an

    anti-something. I have no idea what Mitt is doing.

    And then Mitt knocks Socialism? But now he’s gunna go visit 3 socialist countries?

    Bolton, Edelman…all these anti-Arabists Mitt has surrounded himself with, makes no sense when Arab revolution is widespread. The Arabs aren’t going to get the shaft again as they did post-WWI where even Lawrence of Arabia was ashamed of Britain’s destruction of promised Arab self-determination.

    Good ol’ Mitt, knocks Socialism, then goes and visits 3 Socialist countries.

  • Ray

    BeinArafat don't deserve the ink this paper is written on. Simply annul him!

  • Bob

    The no1# jstreet political brainwashing tactic, is they call themselves centrist, in fact jstreet is a soros elitist organization as all soros organizations for policy change & to shape people thinking in his form of criminal thinking.

  • Bob

    The Israel firster term is invention of the soros jstreet progressives,

    I had a thought remembering when the media was joyfully covering the news of heroic mayors lilleagly issuing marriage licenses to gays. (interesting they were never charged criminally) maybe the term:
    GAY FIRSTERS will fit these progressives & see how the left swallows it, they will prob’ call for jail for whOever uses the term.