Saudi Arabia Prosecutes PR Groups Aiding Terror

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It’s a continuation of how democratization of the media can be used for good and for bad. With modern day technology changes and the democracy of media, it’s a scary coincidence that rial (what I believe to be the 1st) of someone being prosecuted for providing PR support for terrorists is occurring right around the time that Israel launches Google Street View. In a country where military headquarters and the Prime Minister’s residence have been blurred for security reasons one can understand concerns that terrorists could use the services to target civilians.

In the past, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) has indicated that it made use of Google Earth technology to fire rockets into Israel. In an interview with a Beirut news agency in 2008, a spokesman for PIJ said “when the militants fire missiles on Israeli targets, they do so in collaboration with the experts in the unit who specify the military and political positions. They also use Google Earth, which helps a lot.”

“Shouting fire in a crowded theater” is a well known paraphrase of a U.S. Supreme Court decision which served as an example of the limitations on free speech when the speech is imminently dangerous and has no conceivable purpose. It’s clear that modern day law and ethics need to recognize that good guys and bad guys can both use PR to utilize media without a filter. PR Firms, Twitter and modern day technologies are enabling terrorists to shout “fire in a crowded theater.”

Terrorism won’t be stopped overnight, but one wonders if Saudi Arabia is prosecuting someone for providing PR support to terrorists, why is it that Twitter and American PR firms are allowed to continue doing the same thing?

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  • keblon19

    I think the saudi group are want to make a great war and I dont know who is their boss now?

  • Schlomotion

    What? No reference to the "fact" that Mr. Torossian is the "owner of one of the top 25 PR firms in the United States?" That was becoming a trusted watermark. Anyway, the article leaves off the obvious and glaring issue: Twitter is where the CIA and the FBI and the Pentagon get the majority of their info on Hamas. If you blocked Hamas' Twitter feeds, you would plunge the US intelligence infrastructure into darkness.

    • wctaqiyya

      Who writes this stuff? Even my kindly old social studies teacher would have slapped me upside the head if I submitted some of these posts. Words can be used to both help and harm? Manny is doing what Manny does? Is it somehow startling that the Saudis might play one side against the other while poking the third against the middle? Excuuuuuuse me! But wasn't it the Arabs who elevated regular bullsh*t to the art-form we enjoy today? Why, how, where and when is this remarkable stuff? Now, if Ronn tied in some reasons for the Yankee doldrums, it might be worth a thought…

  • Ghostwriter

    I thought you liked Hamas,Schlobrain? They hate Jews almost as much as you do.

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    Obama surrendered us to Islam, the moment he held the {Prayer on the Mall , Sept 2009) for The Soul of America"

    It was/is a Rite of surrender to Islam.

    Which determines the "future destiny of America."

    It is Freemasonic in nature and globalistic in nature.

    Our MSM is globalistic in media.

    Get ready for the new freedom of Islam, which is an oxymoron in and of itself.

    "Doublespeaksoto speak"

    Three cheers for the Left!!!!!!!!!

    May you live in complete freedom of Islam!!!!!!!!!!!!!