Shame on Ha’aretz

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Why is it that the media has this sick obsession with Jewish “settlers” – or people who simply work in their people’s best interest? I have yet to read features of this length exposing the Arab who killed his fellow Arab for being a collaborator – where is that article? Why doesn’t Ha’aretz publish the first photo of the proud Arab who made a better life for his family financially and sold a home to a Jew in the interest of mutual co-existence? Indeed, only 70 years after the Holocaust what could be more natural than Jews working to help the Jewish state?

A Jew can buy a home in Kiev or Paris, Chicago or Tokyo – what’s the issue with Jews buying homes anywhere they choose in the Holy Land? Does not the whole world speak of human rights, equality amongst people and recognize the rights of Jews as equals? The great Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky declared that settlement of the “land” is the only “law.” He declared: “There is no justice, no law, and no God in heaven, only a single law which decides and supercedes all — [Jewish] settlement [of the land].”

Shame on Ha’aretz, Uri Blau and Evelyn Hayes for working against those putting facts on the ground and putting them and their efforts in danger. The next time you see more Jews living in Israel we have people like Elon, Mamo, Silberstein, Dan and Zwickler to thank – and worldwide, Jews should stand up and say: “Thank you to all the brave Jewish patriots working to support the land and people of Eretz Israel.”

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  • C.R.

    Israel has many anti Semitic self hating Godless Jews–who are promoting Godless Arab Muslims–who are working to destroy Israel!

    • Required

      Godless Jew is redundancy.

  • HermitLion

    Just in case anyone lacks context for this, Haaretz, while being printed by Israelis, is a rabidly anti-Israeli, leftist newspaper, that routinely spreads propaganda and spinned stories as if they were facts.

    Any person who is interested in the truth of what's going in Israel should never read it.

    • Glennd1

      Haaretz is a very well read paper in Israel though. And I wonder, does the author have any concerns about that fact that these same land sales could be described as covert for other purposes, given the same fact set? Is the author not aware of the history of Zionist land purchases of questionable ethics in Palestine? The author seems to be coming from a place where such a suspicion is crazy. And guess what, when a Jewish family or business moves in, the ruse is blown, so really, the idea that this is best explained as in the interest of the Palestinian side of the transaction is not nearly as convincing as he seems to think it is. I'm just saying…

      • HermitLion

        You are obviously here spreading anti-Israeli propaganda, so I'm not talking directly to you, but for others who read this – there is nothing questionable about buying lands, or houses.
        Of course, Arabs who live in Israel are used to build wherever they please, because law enforcement agencies are afraid of being lynched by them, so I understand how to someone with a similar mentality the idea of having to pay for something looks weird.

        For the record, though, Haaretz is not very well read in Israel, except for the leftist fringes, and of course by everyone who wants to hate Israel in the world.

        • BagLady

          Arabs who live in Israel are used to build wherever they please, because law enforcement agencies are afraid of being lynched by them,

          What utter nonsense you do write! A picture of the IDF cowering before Palestinian farmers is not an easy one to conjure, particularly in light of the many, many news videos of demolitions and weeping old men.

          Criticism of Netanyahu's policies is not necessarily anti-Israeli.

          • esatire

            BagLady, if you don't know what your talking about, please refrain from denying information given to you by people who actually live in Israel.

            Utter nonsense, so far, is the perfect description of the words that come from your mouth.

    • BagLady

      … but then we'd all have a one-sided view. I prefer to read opinions from left, right and centre, and from a variety of different countries, which is why I am reading FrontPage this minute, straight after reading Haaretz and PressTV. However, I am not afraid of reading other points of view and feel no danger to my soul by doing so.

      • HermitLion

        If you like to see being lied to as "opinions", then by all means, enjoy yourself.
        But what you really say is, that you only want to read what you already believe is the truth. The 'one sided' person, therefore, is yourself.

        For those who are still in possession of a functioning brain, however, I'd like to add that just today, Haaretz – after Israel was attacked by egyptian terrorists from across the border – only bothered to cry "'violation of the peace accord!", following the Israeli reaction of moving tanks closer to its side of the border.
        Opinion, or one-sided propaganda?

  • oldtimer

    History repeats it's self. Just like in the days of Ezra and Nehemiah, the priesthood and the scribes were infiltrated by outsiders who, over time, took over these positions. Same today. They claim to be of Judah but are of the synagogue of Satan.

  • RonaldCarnine

    Jews have been buying land in the Middle East since before 1948. Their is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is even an organization which buys land that nobody else would buy and then turns it into an oasis. The Palestinian's charge prices way above market value so how can they claim that Israel stole their land? Much of it was purchased, land that already belonged to them by the promise of God. When dealing with the Palestinian's and their supporters its "damned if you do and damned if you don't!

    • Looking4Sanity

      "When dealing with the Palestinian's and their supporters its "damned if you do and damned if you don't!"

      That's because they exist in a culture of damnation.

    • BagLady

      Much of it was purchased, land that already belonged to them by the promise of God.

      Get real!

  • mgoldberg

    Having visited Israel, Judea, Samaria, Gush Katif, the Golan each year for four or five yrs in a row, I was amazed at the simple dignity of these people- especially Judea, Samaria and Gush Katif. These people were living in small communities, working hard, possessed of little except desire to make their land blossom and indeed everywhere I went, that was the case. Even in places of hardship and difficulty there was that same spirit and culture. And the ever present muslim attacks and horrors caused by that 'culture' were evident. Now of course, with all the free aid from american, europe and the left, they brag about conquering 'Andalusia' and making Europe sharia compliant, and conquering it, and so on and so forth. There is nothing remotely pleasing, just, generous, nor acceptable in any of those positions, and 'invasions' by muslims.
    I recall seeing the beauty of those Jewish lands pregnant with that happy 3000 yr old promise so often denied to them, and stolen from them again and again. Go see for yourself. It's a sickly denial and replacement theology and history by the muslims and their kapo left supporters who display their tyrannic culture and 'crusader' mentality, which of course they began with Mohammed. Go look at the lands of the 'arab spring' if you dare, or the enslavement and conquerings of the Sudan by muslims or the serial killings throughout lands currently undergoing muslim resurgence. Go see what 'joy' they bring to those lands, just as they do elsewhere. The word 'Freedom' is non-existent, and see what fools we have made of ourselves unable to distinguish the values and standards the absence of which, lead to this absurd moral inversion.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Way to unload with both barrels, brother! Amen to all of that!

    • Cindy

      Very good description of the situation. We will never have peace when discrimination is constantly being used by Palestinians as well as the Muslims who claim Sharia is good for all, NOT SO….

  • Indioviejo

    One can only admire the bravery of these families who chose to stand up for their God given right against the World. God has blessed us all through them.

  • dennis x

    Can Arabs buy homes and live in any part of Israel they want, just asking?

    • JoJoJams

      actually…..YES!!! They can also (and do) have representation in the knesset, and full rights as Israeli citizens – more rights then they could have in ANY islamist tehocratic hell hole!! Just telling….

      • Lan Astaslem

        Israeli Arabs have a higher standard of living than most arabs living anywhere else in the mideast – not counting rich dictators and sheiks

      • BagLady

        You didn't answer the question. Having representation in the Knesset has nothing to do with buying Jewish houses. All the footage I see – on various channels – is Palestinians having their homes and businesses bull-dozed and their crops burned. Show us the 'truth' , if this is propaganda, and we non-Israelis will have a more rounded picture.

  • Required

    "They who refuse to believe in Christ are insane." ~ Bl. James of Voragine
    Just another line Usurped by khazar ashkeNAZIS and used today as their own……….. must suck to be of No Culture to the point that you mascaraed as though you are of My Tribe of Judah!

    • Larry

      Happy nakba, nazi.

      • HermitLion

        This person, Larry, is actually a "mizrachi" Jew, driven by the hateful teachings of his rabbis.

        It might surprise you, but there are many of them in Israel, who hate European Jews just as much as muslims do, thanks to their victim mentality.

  • Harvey Jamison

    I am not surprised that this happened in Palestine. When I was living there for 6 years to work for a Palestenian company, it is very noticeable how different the Jews are from them. This disparity dates back to some hundreds or thousands of years ago. Of course I'm hoping that the people can put an end to it someday, somehow.

  • Catholicon

    They who refuse to believe in Christ are insane. ~ Bl. James of Voragine