The Jew Among the Christian Evangelicals

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The media covering Mitt Romney’s visit to Israel talked a lot about Romney’s pursuit of “the Jewish vote,” but much less about the Evangelical Christians.  In reality, whether the mainstream media want to recognize it or not, Evangelicals are of course much more important – and frankly closer and more connected to Israel than most American Jews. The Evangelical audience’s religious faith is predicated upon Israel – and unlike liberal Jews they practice their religion.

As a traditional American Jew who owns a PR agency, I have often been the Jew amongst the Christians, and through the years worked with many Evangelical organizations. From Pastor Benny Hinn, the Christian Coalition of America, Pastor John Hagee, Trinity Broadcasting Network, the ACLJ and their brilliant leader Jay Sekulow, I know first-hand the strength and power of this community – as well as their devotion to a safe and secure Israel.

As an American, as a father of young children, I am honored to be able to work with pro-family concerns – and this community is pro-business, pro-America, and understands the dangers the world faces with radical Islam. As a proud Jew, I see Israel facing enemies on their borders, rampant European anti-Semitism, assimilation and so many other evils, and the Christians simply stand by the Jewish state.  These folks care for Israel and raise money, that both Israel and the Jewish people needs.

I feel more at home with these people than I do in many Jewish events. Having shared many meals with Pastors, managed media for the Christian Coalition’s annual conference, it’s great to see people who urge their lawmakers to fear God and to say, “This is our land and we will think of God when we make decisions.” Imagine if all the leaders of the Jewish people could say such a thing? Imagine if every American Jewish organization had leaders who followed the laws of our Holy Torah and urged people to be closer to authentic Judaism?

Prayer in school, In God we trust and Pro-family judges scare the liberal American Jewish community? Why? Those who fear God are better people, and will make America a greater, stronger country. The truth of the matter is that before many Jews read the Torah, they read the party line of the Democratic Party which is their Bible – so even an anti-Israel president like Obama has a shot at getting their vote.

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  • Dennis Avi Lipkin

    Shalom Ronn, Nice to meet you. My name is Avi Lipkin and I have been a "Jew among the Evangelical Christians" for the last 22 years. It would be great to meet you some time. My cell is 904 536 4664. I will be in the US until September 11th and then return to Israel for Rosh Hashanah and the other High Holy Days.

    Shalom from Avi Lipkin, presently in Commack, Long Island, NY.

    • mlcblog

      Bless you!

      One radical follower of Jesus Christ.

  • scotsirish

    Why? Why were Jews not taught to love Israel and their God?
    My memories, from childhood, were of being taught that the Jews were God's choosen people, that Israel belonged to them, and that the Jews had been terribly mistreated, killed, for simply being Jews.
    I was taught to love the Jews and to love Israel. I don't understand this.
    (It is at this point that Ithank God for being a Southerner with Christian Grandparents.)

    • johnnywoods

      Well scotsirish, to answer your question, most Jews do not really believe in the GOD of Scriptures or they believe in a god of their imagination which is very sad. As for voting for Democraps, I cannot even imagine why they continue to do that.

    • nita

      As a "Northerner" with Christian parents, this was also true for us. it isn't a North/South thing, it's a BIBLE-Believer thing! :-)

  • Schlomotion

    "The media covering Mitt Romney’s visit to Israel talked a lot about Romney’s pursuit of 'the Jewish vote,'" but much less about Romney's pursuit of "the Jewish money." For kissing the behinds of a few rabid foreigners and selling out the American people to a foreign lobby, Mr. Romney netted a million dollars in geld from Israelis and another $10 million from scummy Jewish casino interests in the US.

    As for the rest of this article, Mr. Torossian is bragging that he is Jewish, that he owns a business, that he has children, that he likes eating dinner with Evangelical Christians, and that he reads Norman Podhoretz. None of these are really uncommon preferences, nor are they accomplishments, yet they are spun and exaggerated into licenses to pontificate about one's own biases as if they are real feats or material contributions to civilization. This is the harm of blogging. People literally lose their mind while publishing entries to their internet diary.

    Going back to the original topic of the article, which was Mr. Torossian's race pride and his business partnership with the television hucksters Benny Hinn and John Hagee, it just seems like a desperate plea to make 5WPR a new location for Romney to promise even more stabs in the American back on behalf of the fringe Christian Zionists with Mr. Torossian as interlocutor and grubby middle man. I managed not to be sick all over myself. Is that an accomplishment?

    • reader

      Don't equate your back with that of America, tro schlo. You are a muslim brotherhood shill and a Jew hater. There's nothing American about that.

      • Zionista

        the shmo is a pathetic and irrelevant Jew hating nobody – better to ignore things like shmo

  • Janet S

    I completely understand you, Ronn. I am a Jewish lady who grew up in a small town in the Midwest but now lives in California. I find that I have far more in common with my Christian (generally evangelical) friends than I do with the (mostly liberal) Jewish people in my town. I used to be very involved in the Jewish community here but gave up because I was always the odd person out for my support of conservative values and Israel. My kids have both attended Catholic high school because it was the only place with decent values (the alternative was a California public high school). But my kids both also went to Chabad (my son still studies every week with the rabbi) because the alternative was the mushy reform temple, where my daughter once thought that one of the ten commandments was saving the rain forest. OMG, what have we come to? Thanks for reminding me that not all our people are insane.

  • Richard Rosenthal

    Thank You Ronn Torossian for this great article. I voted Obama last time, but wont again enough is enough.

  • Bert

    I am not a historian but didn't the Jews in Germany prior to WWII also drift far from their Jewish roots to become 'good Germans"?
    The term "liberal" makes me uncomfortable because that term has been redefined from its original meaning. To me liberal means open to ideas without preconceived notions. In practice liberal has come to mean an intolerant, secular leftist who is also anti-Semitic. It would be more accurate to use the term leftist rather than liberal. President Harry Truman was a liberal when liberals stood up to oppose Communism.

    • @NYCRight

      Liberals are not good Americans. They are members of an alienated culture at war with traditional America. Their watchwords are oikphobic, not patriotic.

  • Western Spirit

    People who were nominal Christians used the rationale of Christ killers to legitimize their Anti-Semitism and their totalitarian efforts to force conversion. Something a real Christian would never do.

    So Jews identify persecution with Christianity and the more devout the supposed Christian the more the persecution.
    When the reality was just the opposite.

  • Western Spirit

    Jews identified Christianity with the nominal Christians who used the rational of Christ killers to legitimize their anti-Semitism and in their totalitarian mind set tried to force conversion. Something a true follower of Christ would never do.

    So Jews saw Christians as the more devout the more persecution they handed out. When the opposite was true.

    In the covenant with the Jews God predicted He would call another people, other than Jews to be his people, too. A people who had never sought him.

    And the Jews spread Christianity to the gentiles, a people who had never sought him.

    The founders of this nation used Christianity as its guide and welcomed Abraham’s stock to these shores.

    Something a true Christian would do.

  • judahlevi

    As a religious Jew, I find more in common with believing Christians than liberal Jews. I had someone in the community tell me that they were a Democrat first and a Jew second. So much for the Torah.

    The universality of Christianity, the fact that anyone may become a believing Christian, is a wonderful and welcoming religion. The demonization of Christians by liberal Jews comes from their 'Democrat first' mentality, not from the Bible. Christian support of Israel, which in some cases is stronger and more fervent than Jews, is not based only on their religion, but their recognition that Israel is the only country in the Middle East which supports American-like values.

    As a proud Jew and strong Zionist, I welcome the support of Christian evangelicals for Israel. May they go from strength to strength.

    • johnnywoods

      Judahlevi, You are correct in your assumption and you nay be reasonably sure that Evangelical Christians will NEVER turn against Israel.

    • mlcblog

      Bless you! a devout follower of Jesus himself and the father and the holy spirit.

  • Ghostwriter

    Unlike Schlockmotion,whose hatred for Jews is well-known on this site,I don't mind that Jews have minds of their own. The majority of American Jews are very loyal to this country,in spite of what people like Schlomind say.

  • A. Keen Observer

    In May there was a celebration of Israeli Independence in Los Angeles. Among the many booths was a Christian and a Mormon booth. I went to both and thanked them profusely. The people at the Christian booth told me that over 200 Jews came over to them and thanked them and thanked God for them. Quite a difference from the welcome Christians received at the Muslim festival in Dearborn.

    To Evangelical Christians and all Christians including Mormons: We are stronger together than we are apart. Jews and Christians have learned a great deal from each other. I consider you my brothers and sisters. May God bless you.

  • mlcblog

    My daughter says I am enthralled with Jews and everything Jewish. She has a point.

    In my religious and spiritual search (returning to my 6- and 12-year-old understanding), I attended one conservative synagogue regularly and one reformed from time to time. Fabulous.

    I am always touched by the presence of God and consider it a privilege to be included in this belief.

  • Jimi Belton

    How can us Born Again Christians NOT love G0d`s people the Jew and Ysrael…..Yes and thank you for this good testimony………

  • Indioviejo

    I understand the frustration that comes when dealing with Cain in your own Church. Over thirty years ago the Catholic Church was subverted by the so called "Liberation Theology" and the clergy became infested by its end product of social justice. Without their benediction there would have never been so much bloodshed in Latin America. Some Jews brought their Marxist POV as they immigrated to America. This is something David Horowitz has documented in his writing about red diaper babies' and their Communist parents. The way I see it, it took a long time for the devil to infiltrate our religions, but the damage has been done. It is not the first time he has driven a wedge among the faithful, did not Moses have Aaron execute 3,000 idolaters in Mt. Sinai?

  • Jerry Hersch

    One has only to remember the Joe Straus affair.Straus,a Republican Jew,was elected Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, however there was virulent opposition from the Evangelical wing of the Republican Party..far more than the final vote tally.
    Every voice against Straus because he is a Jew..was also an outspoken"champion" of Israel.Israel and Jewish are not synonymous..American Judaism has its own idenity.
    We can see from the Straus affair that one cannot equate the not seeing that is the danger to jewish life in a secular nation