The Top 10 Living Tough Jews

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From Samson to Judah Maccabee, Ze’ev Jabotinsky to Hanna Senesh, there is a valiant history of tough and brave Jews who made tremendous marks on the world. While the image of a Jew has not always been that of a “tough” people, it is important that the world sees tough Jews.  Owning a PR firm, I help build brands and create personas – and as a proud traditional Jew and Zionist, approaching two important Jewish holidays – Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and Yom HaZikaron, (Israel’s Memorial Day for its fallen soldiers), I offer this list in tribute.

The list of the Top 10 Living Tough Jews it is not only about brute physical strength – it is about a people who are smart, strong, resilient, rugged, bold and fearless. This is a reflection of good, tough Jews who are positive representations of the Jewish people, (no gangsters here) – don’t let a yarmulke fool you.

In no particular order here’s my List of the Top 10 Living Tough Jews – it’s a list compiled by a Public Relations pro, not a Rabbinical Authority.

Open for Debate, (In No Particular Order):

1. Israel Defense Forces: All of the men and women of the Israel Defense Forces – the holy Jewish army are the toughest (and holiest) Jews one can ever imagine. They protect the people of Israel against tremendous odds, and with Israel’s survival threatened daily these Jews are consummate warriors, fighting not only for a country but for an important ideal.

2. Elie Wiesel & All of The Holocaust Survivors: Elie Wiesel and all of the Holocaust survivors who survived the tremendous inhumanity of the Nazis are tough beyond comprehension. Wiesel said: “I have tried to keep memory alive. I have tried to fight those who would forget. Because if we forget, we are guilty, we are all accomplices.” The Holocaust survivors all lost so much – and fight on every single day in life; few can imagine how much toughness and inner strength that takes.

3. Yitzchak Shamir: Israel’s founding father, Shamir served as Prime Minister of Israel in 1983–84 and 1986–92. Before Israel became a state he served in the heroic underground, and then in the Mossad (Israel secret service).  Shamir is a man with amazing legacy – elegant, strong and determined, this tough man devoted his whole life to building the land and people of Israel. Shamir, whose name means “hard stone,” always said “I would like to be remembered as a person who loved Eretz Israel and never ever gave up an inch.” Tough man.

4. Liev Schreiber: Defiance is one of the greatest Jewish movies ever, as it makes my point clear for audiences around the world to see, and it can make any tough guy cry. Schreiber’s character in the movie, Zus Bielski, is a real life tough Jew.  (Bielski is one of three Jewish warrior brothers who fought the Nazis). As Schreiber says, “this was a remarkable story — a triumphant story. It sets out to redefine the Jewish image — that of fighter. We all know tough Jews like that. My own grandfather was incredibly tough and athletic and was the main male role model in my life.”  For his portrayal and his own pride of his heritage,  Schreiber makes the list.

5. Sandy Koufax: Perhaps the greatest known Jewish athlete ever, Koufax was a legendary pitcher – the youngest player ever elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972 at the age of 36. Skilled and determined on the mound, he had tremendous inner strength to be able to not pitch in Game One of the 1965 World Series because it fell on Yom Kippur.  As legendary Dodgers scout Al Campanis said, “There are two times in my life the hair on my arms has stood up: The first time I saw the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the first time I saw Sandy Koufax throw a fastball.”

6. Sam Zell: This business magnate may be the most hated man in the newspaper business – and he’s one damn tough Jew. “I’m an immigrant’s kid. I have a very different perspective on the world than somebody who grew up in Chicago and led what I would call a normal life.” Zell was raised in an Orthodox household and is a supporter of Israel, and says no matter where he travels: “In no way, shape, or form do I hide the fact that I believe in Israel—open kimono!” he declared. “There’s this Yiddish term, derech ertez, and it means respect. My father and mother, particularly my father, brought us up with the premise that respect was non-negotiable. Love was optional. I’m not saying this in a bad way. It was: ‘I want you to love me, but you have to respect me.” A great lesson for all of the Jewish people.

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  • Banastre tarleton

    what doesn't kill you makes you strong …jews have been hated and reviled throughout history , much of it has to do with envy and jealousy …the eternal wandering Jew …jews are probably the greatest tribe to ever walk the earth , only the Scotts come close to second best

    • Harry

      I've always wondered why it is that people talk about "tough Jews" when the history of Jews is of a people FLEEING persecution.

  • Banastre tarleton

    PS/ it was the Jews that gave us the ethical monotheism and wisdom of the Old Testament …a quantum leap forward in the evolution of religion …they have bequeathed to mankind a great intellectual tradition

    • H&R_ Barack

      The Bible is God-Breathed. it is God's authority. It is God's revelation to man, and a means by which He communicates His message to us. Jewish writers spoke with authority because they were communicating the Word of the Lord as it was revealed to them. The Bible both records the aspects of special revelation and IS revelation itself.

      How astonishing that the infinite Creator of the universe offers Himself to such degraded creatures as ourselves!

      • tarleton

        That is your opinion and you're entitled to it

        • sod

          Open your heart and listen to what God has said to you and you'll be wise.

      • Western Spirit

        this exalts God because such humility and love is an example of what we all should emulate. if we did then we wouldn't be degraded people but exalted, too, and that's God's intent in redeeming us.

    • patriothere

      The jews gave no such thing. The bible is plagiarized from other cultures pre-existing the jews by thousands of years. This seems like a hateful racist site. A bunch of like minded people who have already made up their minds.

      • Ghostwriter

        And there we have the reason for the article. Fools like patriothere who contribute nothing but anti-semitic nonsense.

        • Roger

          He's just an iranian troll paid to post here.

          It's what happens when a cleric pays you to translate talking points into english and spew them mindlessly.

      • Western Spirit

        what on earth is racist about giving jews their due? methinks you are the racist.

      • Stan Lee

        And your mind? No one is throwing stones but you.

  • gideon

    I am Jewish, and I did something that invited the opposite of respect. I am not a "tough Jew" at all. I found that weakness, and contempt and disgust directed to a person is followed by an attack. In my case, I was drugged, sexually assaulted, and worse.

    • Vermont Yid

      You damn well better get tough or get armed. Even better – get both. Whatever it was that you endured should have been a wake up call for you. Given that you had a very difficult lesson, if it happens to you again, it's your own fault.

      Jews who run from a fight or do not fight back send our enemies a bad message. Never mind that eye for an eye crap. It should be a head for an eye.

  • Schlomotion

    What's that? You say you own a PR firm?

    • stern

      To be ignored.

      Once again, the troll proves it has nothing to say with a post that says nothing.

    • poppakap


  • Western Spirit

    my husband was a tough jew. a black belt in karate, a champion boxer in the marines, and when any one started anti-semitic harassment he nailed the guy first so didn't have to deal with the guys followers because they shut up.

    for fun he explored caves, climbed, and white water canoed.he also played racquetball and practiced karate because he was a gifted athlete who was going to play for the giants before he hurt his back.

    on top of that he was a charmer who won people over and backed aggressors down because he was bright and competent in everything he did . he once played my brother checkers all night until he threw a game so he could
    go to bed.

    my brother was mad at me for suggesting they play checkers, but i didn't know my husband was a new york state champion checker player. he was also a champion new york state zen archer.

    what you saw was what you got. i don't think he had a deceitful bone in his body.
    an israeli tried to get him to move to israel because they needed jews like him. he was devoted to israel but declined. after all he needed to meet me first.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Well said, and thanks for the great contribution. Cheers.

    • Israel Chai!

      Sounds like a fine man! May Hashem bless his memory! Zei Gezunt!

      • Western Spirit

        Thank you he was indeed an excellent man. When we met I felt he'd swept down like a jet and sucked me up into his engines. I didn't know what hit me, but I liked it.

    • Harry

      Sounds like a great guy. Do you know that there are plenty of Jews who engage in racism as well? Sometimes I get the feeling that it gives them a sense of being accepted in America.

  • waterwillows

    What a wonder article. So many brave and strong people.

    Let's not forget all the good peoples of the nations who stand with Israel and against the Jew bashers.

  • @rushetteny

    Sam Zell should not be on this list. He is part of the Chicago Machine. He owned Chicago Tribune and censored news about Rezko ties. He is on the wrong side of everything I can think of. He has the information to — singlehandedly — bring down the NewLeftNazi party and yet he sits in silence. He is on the side of Lester Crown, Newton Minnow, Penny Pritker, Alan Solow, etc.

  • Tony Kondaks

    Dershowitz should have made the list…despite his liberalism.

  • marios

    I think David Horowitz, Robert Spencer, Mrs. Geller should be in this list.
    They do tremendous job for sake of this country, Israel and all Western civilized world as well.

    • Louella

      Spencer's not a Jew. He's Orthodox Reformed Shaker, or so I'm told. Does visit Miami Beach a lot so I guess that's where the confusion comes in.

      • Ray Sears

        Mr. Spencer is a Roman Catholic ! Or so he claims !

      • Mitt

        Actually he's same as I. LDS. Latter Day Shaker.

        • poppakap

          Now you know what it feels like to crack wise and hear no laughter.

    • Supreme_Galooty

      Folks can quibble, but I second your nomination. David Horowitz, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer are special regardless of their being Jewish or not.

    • Choi

      Pamela Geller is today's Hannah Senesh.
      Robert Spencer,while not Jewish,IS "Jewish" and is a BRAVE HERO.
      David Horowitz is also a JEWISH HERO and this site and the "David Horowitz Freedom Center" are Aircraft Carriers in the INFORMATION WAR.

  • Jay

    Morty, my landlord. On the first of every month whether rain, sleet, snow, war, natural diaster or pestilence
    Morty is here to collect.

    • Choi

      And your point is what,that "Morty" is not entitled to your rent?
      If you were his landlord ,you would be entitled to his rent.
      You're likely one of the "Occupy" LEECHES!

    • poppakap

      Jay, engage in stereotypes and bigotry much?

  • 080

    Why did you leave out Caroline Glick?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Good question, Caroline is the voice of truth and spont on when reporting and discerning
      what is happening in Israel, her intelect and voice is a treasure and deserves high praise.

  • Sage on the Stage

    Ari Fleischer–honorable mention.

    • Lady_Dr

      Ari Flescher? who would not take direct questions from retirees in south Florida? Ari Fleischer who married a goy? (it was announced in the New York Times society pages). You must be joking. There is nothing tough or admirable or even very Jewish about Ari Fleischer.

  • joy52

    Forgive me, and I don't like the guy for all the evil he is responsible for, but what about Soros? He has had a very negative effect on Jews from his youth and in adulthood, globally.

    • Larry

      Soros is a disgrace not just to Jews, but to the human race.

      • Stan Lee

        Soros isn't a Jew, get yourself informed. His father was of Jewish birth (allegedly) and was a virulent Jew-hater, his mother was born of a Christian family, she made no pretenses about her Jew-hate…a perfect pair to raise a Jew-hating kid and a family which assisted the Nazi S.S. and Hungarian "Arrow Cross" police in hunting down Hungarian Jews.
        Having been born of a father born to a Jewish family, doesn't make Soros a Jew. He is anything but a Jew.

    • Choi

      TOUGH JEWISH HEROS DEFEND the Jewish People and Israel.
      Soros is a TRAITOR to his blood who happily HELPED the Nazis round up Jews and steal their properties.
      His fortune was likely built on what the Nazis allowed him to keep in return for BETRAYING his own Flesh and Blood.

      • Lady_Dr

        Agreed – he is a big disgrace to the Jewish, the Hungarians, and to the entire human race.

      • Stan Lee

        Blood has no significance at all. It's what's in the heart. Soros grew up like a weed would grow, he had no direction except Jew-hate as a young Hungarian. How he got into the USA, and became a citizen, is a mystery to me, he was a Nazi collaborator like his parents were. That would have been a disqualifier. He also had a superior bent towards finance, that didn't make him a Jew, although there's always been the bias fallacy accepted by the ignorant, that Jews are "good" with money, so Soros HAs to be Jewish! (like nobody else isgood with money!)
        So were the Henry Fords and the Duponts good with finance! Don't bother looking them up, they weren't Jews!
        Soros is a traitor to the human race, he would "sell-out" absolutely anyone to achieve his goals…anyone!
        He thrives on chaos, because like Obama, he's the devil's spawn.
        It's OK to believe Jesus was a Jew, he actually was and he was loving and tough at the same time.

  • Mathias

    I’ve never understood all the hoopla over Jonathan Pollard. He may have had good intentions for what he did, but that doesn’t change the fact that he committed treason. He deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison, like any other traitor. I say that as an Israel supporter and great admirer of the Jewish world and Jewish culture.

    If the situation were reversed, and Pollard had been an Israeli spying for the US, I wonder if there would still be the same support for him in Jewish circles. The patriotism and loyalty to their homeland that proud Israelis feel is exactly what Pollard should have felt toward the US, regardless of his background or religion. Instead, he chose to violate and betray that spirit.

    • Sage on the Stage

      The hoopla has to do with the fact that yes, Pollard committed treason, but he's been in jail for 27 years,
      and has therefore paid for his crime. Others, who have committed crimes worse in degree and results, have
      suffered far less, and been freed after a few years jail time.

    • Phil

      Jonathan Pollard was never convicted of treason. People who make this charge are misinformed or don't care to make sure they are right before making a statement. The thing that really gets me about those hard-hearted people like Mathias is that they can't think and refuse to do research. Despite the behind the scene lies by the most antisemitic secretary of state ever(Caspar Weinberger), none of the information was given to an unfriendly country and the reason that the intelligence community fights Pollard's release is that they were embarrassed by the ease that Pollard removed classified information.
      Mathias also cannot think. Pollard deserved to be punished because he broke the law. But, he gave the information to a friendly country and none of the information damaged America. Compare that to the ghould like Walker and Hansen who gave information to enemies that resulted in the deaths of some of our American spies.Now Pollard is sick and should be released on humanitarian grounds.

      • Choi

        Casper Weinberger is ROASTING in H because of his actions.

      • Stan Lee

        Phil, your comments are right to the truth. Cap Weinberger was in a cabinet where he wasn't the only Jew-hater. I forget the man's name, he was a presidential advisor, a Texan, but he had stated, regarding the Pollard conviction, (paraphrasing) "So what, what are the Jews doing for us?" The man also was against cooperation with Israel. But, Weinberger was the tip of the spear as regards Israel in this case.
        Pollard, a professor of the U. of Notre Dame, paid dearly for his conviction, 27 years is more than enough! Unfortunately, no President cares to risk his political standing by granting a Presidential release to Professor Pollard. Yet, Soviet/Russian spies get off quite lightly. You're right, none of the information he secured to a friendly ally caused any repercussions to U.S. defenses. Chances are, the Israelis already knew, anyway.
        As a matter of fact, todays military electronic technologies, many of which are shared by U.S. military and Israeli military, were developed cooperatively by joint U.S.-Israel research.
        I'm certain there is American espionage in Israeli ranks, espionage abounds everywhere, in every nationality, today…whether between friends or adversaries.

  • Ghostwriter

    I know one thing. People like Schlockmotion and hatriothere are going to hate this article. They want defenseless Jews,ready to be killed by their enemies.

  • George Collord

    Too bad he wouldn't let a few dead ones sneak in, like my GGGGGGgrandfather Harmon "the Portuguese" Rosencrans who was staked out naked in the sun for eight days by Indians in New Amsterdam, before escaping—to get back to his tavern biz

    • Stan Lee

      Now, that was a tough guy! 'Someone to be proud of.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    One of the greatest hero's of the Old Testament was the son of first King Saul, Johathan. His
    exploits were great, the time he took his armor bearer and entered enemy lines and asked his
    servant how they were dong and he was told "we are surrounded" and he replied "good, now I
    have them where I want them". So it is with Israel, the Almighty gives power to them when seemingly
    overwhelmed and in a bad spot. Surrounding Israel is dangerous beyond belief because the
    Spirit of Jonathan lives on just as Israel will live on and Jerusalem is the eternal Capitol of
    Israel and belongs to no other than the Almighty……………………………………..William

    • Stan Lee

      'Sounds like what the 101st ABN said at Bastogne, during the Battle of the Bulge. When told they'd be surrounded by Germans,their common response to those who were warning them, "We're paratroopers, we're supposed to be surrounded."
      The Old Testament had come a long way from Jonathan to Bastogne!

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Attitude Stan, it can make all the difference in the world……………..William

  • geula

    Besides Dershowitz, at least one Nobel Prize scientist should have been included. What about Ramon, the Israeli astronaut, also? Otherwise, it would seem that intellectual toughness refers only to money making and business. And that does not help the Jews. It is actually bad PR, which is a shame, since the actual idea is wonderful. Needless to say, some did not belong on the list.

  • dougjmiller

    Ronn, this was a great article. Real food for thought. Thank you. Keep up the fight and you might have to put your own name on the list.

  • Linda Rivera


    September 26, 2001
    Terror in the U.S. and the Jonathan Pollard case

    By Larry Dub
    © 2001

    "… thanks to Jonathan Pollard, Israel was ready with gas masks and sealed rooms when Iraq attacked her during the Gulf War…

    The usual sentence for spying for an ally is 2-4 years…

    Indeed, the Government's own Victim Impact Statement (VIS), which was submitted to the court prior to sentencing indicated that Pollard's greatest "sin" was that by giving Israel vital security information which permitted the Jewish state to act in its own defense, he had made Israel "too strong" and thus angered America's "moderate" Arab allies…"

  • Linda Rivera



    The European Parliament Resolution on Jonathan Pollard
    September 16, 1993

    The European Parliament,

    1. noting that Jonathan Pollard, then of the US Navy, was convicted in 1985 of passing classified information to Israel concerning the military activities of Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern nations,

    2. noting also that the information dealt with the chemical, biological and nuclear arms build- up in these countries and that Pollard considered he had a moral duty to warn Israel of the developing massive threat to its security and to the lives of its people,

    3. whereas Pollard has expressed remorse for his action,

    4. whereas Pollard, who was not accused of treason, or of intending to harm the US, pleaded guilty under a plea bargain, and was thus convicted and sentenced, without a full trial, to life imprisonment, despite the Government's promise not to seek such a penalty,

    5. noting that the sentence imposed on Pollard was grossly disproportionate to those imposed on others by US courts for supplying information to a friendly power (normally from two to four years),

    6. shocked that most of Pollard's eight years in prison should have been spent in solitary confinement and underground,

    7. astonished that Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, described by one of his Under-Secretaries for Defense as having had 'an almost visceral dislike of Israel', should have sent a message to the trial judge, one hour before the sentencing hearing, asking for the stiffest possible sentence commensurate with Pollard's 'treasonous' (sic) behavior,

    8. noting however that Mr. Weinberger stated recently that he thought it was time that Mr. Pollard should be released; aware that Christian and Jewish organizations throughout the world have pleaded for the harsh sentence of life imprisonment to be commuted and that Judge Steve Williams wrote, in a dissenting opinion to an appellate court finding, that 'the government's conduct in this case resulted in a 'complete miscarriage of justice',

    1. Urges the US Administration to commute Pollard's sentence to one of time served and to release him immediately;

    2. Calls on EPC to intercede with the US government with this end in view;

    3. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, EPC and the Government of the United States.

    Voted almost unanimously on 16th September 1993.
    See Also:

    * Euro-Parliament Adopts British MEP's Motion Urging Pollard Release
    * U.S. City and State Resolutions
    * The Calls for Pollard's Release Page

  • Linda Rivera

    The WYE DOUBLE-CROSS. U.S. Leaders' Continual Betrayal of Israel, our dependable, trustworthy ally.
    America's commitment to release Jonathan Pollard, made as an integral part of the Wye Accords, still stands and is not limited to any specific government.

    The US commitment to release Pollard as part of the Wye Summit was explicitly given to Israel twice:

    prior to the Wye summit, President Clinton unequivocally committed to freeing Pollard as an inducement to Netanyahu to participate in a high-profile summit before the mid-term House elections in November.

    during the Wye summit, the US again committed to Pollard's release as an integral part of the Wye Accords as a quid pro quo for immunity for terrorist Ghazi Jabali, plus the release of 750 Arab terrorists and murderers, with Jewish blood on their hands.

    As a consequence of its failure at Wye, the Netanyahu Government fell, and the next Government, fully cognizant of the deal Netanyahu had made, released the murderers and terrorists who were the price paid for Pollard. Despite Clinton's behind-the-scenes promise to do a "review" of the case and then release Jonathan Pollard parallel to the release of the 750 terrorists, America did not live up to its end of the deal and Pollard remained in prison.

    The double-cross that Israel experienced at the 1998 Wye Summit is fundamental to an understanding of how this case has continuously been exploited by the US to elicit painful concessions from Israel. Israel routinely delivers and the US contemptuously continues to ignore its commitment to free Jonathan Pollard

  • Choi

    In a coma,but ALIVE,is one of the TOUGHEST JEWS ever born,Ariel "Arik" Sharon,who should be in the top 5 ,certainly above an actor.

    • Lady_Dr

      Yeah Sharon was a tough guy – then he became a traitor. That kind of cancels the whole premise. I don't get the actor thing either, but Sharon is getting what he deserves. He is a modern day Judas.

  • Wow

    This is a joke. Koufax? Are you an idiot?
    Won't you list Bob Dylan? Maybe Rahm Emanuel, Sasha Baron Cohen, Chomsky, Finkelstein…
    For the love of God. This is pathetic.

    • UCSPanther

      Bob Dylan-Entertainer, therefore, not relevant
      Rahm Emanuel-Crook. 'nuff said. A disgrace.
      Noam Chomsky-A clueless leftist who has assisted holocaust deniers.
      Norman Finkelstein-A holocaust denier, in the same league as David Irving and Ernst Zundel.

    • poppakap

      Speaking of pathetic, you couldn't have articulated a better list, with perhaps the exclusion of Dylan and SBC. Finklestein hates Israel, is a self-loathing Jew, and would be more comfortable in Tehran than Jerusalem. Chomsky is in the same class as Finky. The Enforcer, His Holiness of Chicago is a vulgar man obsessed with personal power and wealth. That you would call them out as examples of tough Jews in the same class as those mentioned in the article shows either you didn't read the article or you missed the point completely.

    • Lady_Dr

      None of the people you mention OR the entertainers and sportsmen should be on the list, except perhaps Koufax who if I remember correctly refused to play on Yom Kippur – it was/is a big deal and showed his loyality to his Jewish heritage and the Jewish people and was evidence of character, a characteristic sorely lacking these days.

  • Ronald Johnston

    Why don't we hire the Jews in Israel to come run our government and give Israel to the rugheads so they can kill each other off? They would do a much better job than we ever have running this country!!!

    • Lady_Dr

      Actually Andrew Klavan, the comedian, has a very funny take on the Middle East and says it should be run by the Jews. That way it would be successful and tolerant. Of course it would mean a major shake up – but only the Obama-trons would be upset (and of course the loony Islam-otrons).

  • SchlomoBagelbaum

    I once ate several boxes of matzah on Pesach and lived to tell about it! Can I be a Tough Jew too? Please?

    • Choi

      How "clever" you think you are, you pathetic Jew-Hating Professional TROLL?
      An upgraded Anti-Semitic Screen Name ?
      What will you think of next?
      Or is it your EMPLOYERS that concoct your screen names.?

      • poppakap

        Ease off the brakes Choi. SchlomoBabelbaum is making fun of the serial troll Schlomo and was quite funny doing it.

    • Priscilla

      You da man, Schlomo, you da man!

  • misfit

    I am a Spanish guy of Colombian Origin and proudly an American citizen; But most of all I am an American (of Colombian origin) thats how I see myself. through my 45 years of my life in the united states (I am 58) I had the honor and pleasure and honor to meet all different types of people, black, white, jews, Asians, good people, bad peole (which is found in each and everyone of us) but one thing that is for certain that I have seen in Jewish people (I SPEAK FOR ME! only) I love their determination, I love their belief in themselves, I love their honor to their culture, their history, I love and respect the fact that no matter what, they WILL NEVER DIE! THEY WILL NEVER SURRENDER! I wish I was a JEW!!.

  • Aliko

    Look up Meir Har-Tzion – a legendary soldier who really should've been on this list for his actions after his sister was murdered by Arabs. Tough doesn't begin to describe this guy.

  • themerchantofvenice

    What better way to celebrate the toughness of Jews than have them wear Nazi helmets?

    • poppakap

      That's a pretty ugly thing to say. Are you suggesting that a significant proportion of Nazis were self-hating Jews? Either way, your comment was not funny, instructive, or factually relevant. How about dropping the arcane for something clever or thoughtful?

  • El Zopilote

    Pollard was a spy. Spies go to jail.

    • Lady_Dr

      DUH! Pollard was simple fulfilling the agreement that the US government had made with Israel. It is Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Casper Weinberger who should have been jailed.