Boycott Best Buy

On April 19, Marc J. Fink at Islamist Watch broke the story that Best Buy was a “Platinum Sponsor” for a fundraising banquet for the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). After Best Buy defended its donation, the Clarion Fund’s started a petition on April 24 for those committing to a boycott of the company until it rescinds its support for CAIR. Within one day, nearly 5,000 people had signed it. You can sign it by clicking here.

On January 23, the Facebook page of CAIR-MN announced that Best Buy would be a “Platinum Sponsor” of its fifth annual banquet. CAIR was labeled by the federal government as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation, a charity that was shut down for fundraising for the terrorist group Hamas, whose charter calls for the extermination of Jews.

CAIR grew out of the Islamic Association of Palestine, another group that was shut down for being a Hamas front. The Muslim Brotherhood’s secret Palestine Committee in the U.S., set up to support Hamas, listed CAIR as a “working organizations” in one of its documents in 1994.

In a 2007 federal court filing, it is stated that, “From its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists” and “the conspirators agreed to use deception to conceal from the American public their connections to terrorists.” District Judge Jorge Solis ruled that the government provided “ample evidence” tying CAIR to Hamas to justify its designation as an “unindicted co-conspirator.”

This information can easily be found in a quick Internet search, but Best Buy wasn’t simply negligent. After the story broke, Best Buy could have said it acted hastily and would change course. Instead, the company boasted that the donation proves its good will and tolerance.

Best Buy’s customers and employees around the world represent a variety of faiths and denominations. We respect that diversity, and choose to engage with our customers, employees and communities in ways that reflect their traditions and maintain good relationships for Best Buy,” a statement on Facebook reads.

Nearly 5,000 people signed the pledge within the first 24 hours to boycott Best Buy until it rescinds its support for CAIR. Add your name to the list by clicking here.

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  • Ken

    Best Buy just lost a customer. I will never shop there again.

    • the truth

      good. and good luck buying elsewhere!

  • davarino

    Ditto on that

  • oldtimer

    Agree, and besides, they aren't doing well financially. Also, Ben & Jerry's gave a couple million to the occupy movement, I hear.

  • StephenD

    Passing the word. Already signed.

  • Amused

    Now here's a boycott in which I'll participate , unlike Michele Malkins call for lackeys of ALEC to boycott companys which are abandoning an organization DEDICATED to BUYING POLITICIANS , and subsequent favorable legislation which is made into LAW .

  • nacho

    Best buy sells cables valued at $30 for $500, and their customer service is a joke, is a better option.

    • AFJOE

      Only if you don't get the employee discount! I gets my cables cheap. YOu people really think your "boycott" will hurt Best Buy…bvoycott away, less people in line when I shop!

    • whatever

      which cables is $500? and the customers like yourself are a joke.


    If Best Buy thinks it can delay the inevitable by taking petrodollars from CAIR they are dancing with the devil.

    How can Best Buy survive with petrodollars and NO CUSTOMERS?


    Having used to work with these greedy and insensitive bastards (the people that took over my store screwed me over and acted like a bunch of high school juveniles and bullies), I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this company is getting exactly what they deserve. This is especially true considering they're shutting down 50+ stores, their CEO Brian Dunn resigned after some misappropriation and female employee relation allegations, over-pricing accessories (e.g. HDMI cables, surge protectors, etc.), piss-poor services (e.g. Geek Squad) and customer service, just to name a few things they do to screw over employees and customers. It seems like a new norm for businesses like this; work hard and instead of getting rewarded, you get pissed on and screwed over.

    If you want to define an insensitive jerk, go into a Best Buy store and speak to a manager, or contact district management, or speak with corporate or customer service. I say DOWN WITH BEST BUY!

    • truth

      you probably dont work there anymore because you were either too stupid or stealing. As far as bullies, cry me a river you wimp.

  • Pyeatte

    Okay Best Buy, why are you supporting a group that wants to cut our throats and exterminate Israel? I clearly will not buy anything from Best Buy as long as you have this idiotic policy.

    • Hans Stuk

      Oh man, because donating $1450 is supporting terrorism. Let's ask the US government how much money, weapons, arms and technology has been given to Israel who does the same thing as Hamas.

  • ZionistLibertarian

    I was going to go to Best Buy after work. I'm going to Fry's instead.


    Wow, they have sunk to a new low with this! And to think they've been hit hard in the news as of recently with the Christmas debacle, Brian Dunn (now the ex-CEO) doing inappropriate behavior, stores closing all over the place, bad ratings of customer service and sales, and now this.

    I can see why Amazon and are destroying them, and rightfully so considering Worst Buy has overpriced products and services.

    I give them a couple of years (at most) before they go out of business.

  • David

    What do you expect from a company run by a bunch of arrogant a$$holes?

  • kafir4life

    Signed, cancelled my account and emailed the newly dhimmi'd future muslimas. Got their stock "diversity….." response. I then informed them that being supporters of terrorist supporters wasn't diversity, but support of terrorist supporters. Then I had to stop at Lowes for some porch lights.

    Remember Circuit City? Me either.

  • Oleg

    Easy decision to make, boycotting a mass market junk "consumer" electronics retailer, shopping in any one of those stores is my definition of hell. For some reason Circuit City went bust but their former local outlet "The Source" did not even though it's one of the worst run stores I have ever had the misfortune of entering.

  • Schlomotion

    Sorry, Raphael Shore. I am going right to Best Buy to buy a bunch of Cat Stevens CDs.


      A fitting addition to your osama bin laden video collection.

    • Amused

      Why is schlomo that you can be trusted to make an assshole of yourself on nearly every thread ?

      • Schlomotion

        Nunc concipitur mali hominis crimen.

        • Where's America?

          supportantes malum facit malum

          • Schlomotion

            Malum is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Chris

    Wow, how blind are you people? So if Best Buy Sponsored something for jews it would be fine? yet American jews run the Capitol Hill and are the reason we are in this nice mess. Im not anti-semetic, but this country has good and bad people. And of course this article attracts the wrong kind of people that think negative. Come on how many times has the gov't lied to us? and how about New Corporations? wake up. Best Buy is not a sponsor of hamas. The real threat is AIPAC<—— google it if you don't know.

  • Daniel

    Chris "I'm not anti-semetic" (it would help if you could spell it Chris), your post demonstrates otherwise.

  • Amused

    Huh ? What are you saying Chris ? CAIR -unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land funds for terrorism case , initiated by the muslim brotherhood ,who've stated publicly that they will bring down the US , Cair who has supported more than just Hamas who stated goal is the destruction of Israel – read their charter genius . AIPAC , yea a lobby for Israel , but you make a disingenuous comparison of the two ? Cair whose upper management and directors are and have been known terrorists ?

  • Thunkn

    Great, a handfull of small minded racists that read one article online will boycott a multi-million dollar international retailer. Now just sit back and watch the world change.

    This site is a joke..hit me back on my email addy! Wtf?

  • Bill K

    Help us out here wise one. You say that those who wish to boycott Best Buys, because of that company's ties to radical Islam, are racists? Perhaps you'd be kind enough to explain that in detail. Exactly which race is "Radical Muslim"? Would it be the black race from Africa? There certainly seem to be a lot of muslims down that way, and we're hearing about the atrocities that they committ. Perhaps you're thinking of your middle eastern type muslim that blows up school buses full of Israeli children?
    Maybe it would be best to put the race card away altogether. It's obvious that you dont even know the differenc between race and religeon. For that matter, the race card is so overused that it no longer has value anyway.

  • Frito Lays

    Thunkn was wrong, you're not a racist. You're just an idiot. It's $1450. I highly doubt feeding children in Minnesota translates to bombing schools.

  • mem1

    i'm going shopping there now quit being babies.

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