GOP Debate Brings Out Tough Talk on Syria

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Paul argued that the U.S. non-militarily handled its problems with the Soviet Union, which possessed 30,000 nuclear weapons and killed over 100 million people, so Iran should be handled similarly. Paul told the audience that the U.S. has fallen into Al-Qaeda’s trap by engaging in expensive wars overseas. He said that he is the candidate who follows the Christian Just War doctrine.

The next round of primaries will take place in Arizona and Michigan on February 28. The RealClearPolitics poll averages right now have Rick Santorum in first place nationally, ahead of Romney by about 5% but he is trending downwards. In Arizona, Romney has a wide lead of about 8% and it is growing. In Michigan, Santorum is ahead by only about 1% and his lead is decreasing. Political analyst Dick Morris believes that if Romney wins both states, he will probably be impossible to stop.

Both Larry Sabato and Nate Silver felt that Romney won the debate and Santorum lost it. Sabato tweeted that Santorum was “too defensive and kept talking about issues that hurt him.” He awarded both Romney and Gingrich with a grade of a B, followed by Paul with a B- and Santorum with a C+. Silver gave Romney and Paul each a B+, Gingrich a B and Santorum a B-.

The race for the Republican presidential nomination is difficult to predict but one thing is almost a certainty: The nominee will support an aggressive policy of regime change in Syria.

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    Santorum got exposed last night. When the Republican Party morphed into the second coming of the Dhimmicrat Party during the Bush administration, Santorum was one of the lynchpins. Thus, although today he talks and acts like he is a fiscal conservative, the truth is his actions betray his words. Indeed, exactly like GWB, Santorum is a true social conservative, but when it comes to growing the size, scope,and power of the federal government, like GWB, Santorum is a bona fide Dhimmicrat on steroids.

    • WildJew

      I can't get over Santorum and Romney's attack on Newt Gingrich (in the Dec. 10 Iowa debate) because Gingrich said the Palestinian Muslims are terrorists who invented themselves into phony nation in order to destroy Israel. Mitt Romney led the charge against Gingrich the "bombthrower" for his "irresponsible" remarks.

      Speaker Newt Gingrich: 22:04:50:00 Somebody oughta have the courage to tell the truth: These people are terrorists.

      Romney: 22:05:51:00 They– Israel does not want us to make it more difficult for them to sit down with the Palestinians (the terrorists – wildjew).

      Romney: 22:07:30:00 If– if– if– if Bibi Netanyahu wants to say what you said, let him say it. But our ally, b– the– the people of Israel, should be able to take their own positions and not have us negotiate (with the terrorists – wj) for them.

      SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH: 22:07:42:00 I feel quite confident an amazing number of Israelis found it nice to have an American tell the truth about the war they are in the middle of and the casualties they're taking and the people who surround them who say, "You do not have the right to exist, and we want to destroy you."

      Romney: 22:08:29:00 And I'm president of the United States, I will exercise sobriety, care, stability. And make sure that in a setting like this, anything I say that can affect a place with– with rockets going in, with people dying, I don't do anything that would harm that– that ("peace"?) process.

      SENATOR RICK SANTORUM: 22:11:50:00 If I can finish my s– comment, I'll get to that, George. (LAUGHTER) That– that we– we have an ally here that we have to work closely with. And I think Mitt's point was– was the correct one. We need to be working with the Israelis to find out, you know what? Is this a wise thing for us to do, to step forward and to engage this issue? Maybe it is.

      22:12:10:00 My guess is, at this point in time, it's not. Not that we shouldn't tell the truth, but we should be talking to our allies. It's their fight.

      Once again, like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum proved he is a "team player." Both are parroting Republican party talking points. Both men support Bush's vision for the establishment of a Muslim-enemy state in Israel's heartland; one dedicated to Israel's destruction. Not one of these candidates, not even Newt Gingrich, has repudiated Bush's immoral vision and his road map.

  • John Rutley

    I am sick to death of heaing about 'Democracy' in the Middle East and this being brought about by 'Regime Change'. Democracy as we in the West know it does not work in the Middle East apart from Isreal. What we are getting is more monsters that are hell bent on destroying us. When Hillary Clinton said recently that she welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood and looked forward to working with them just highlights how ignorant most of our leaders are of what this organisation and its proxies are intent on achieving. She should have immediately been locked up in a lunatic assylum!

  • WildJew

    Santorum "criticized President Obama for helping the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya…"

    Who do these three geniuses think will take over in Syria once the regime is toppled?

    • Fred Dawes

      and all the political monkeys would do as that monkey is told to do only one would not. if the bankers can make money the bankers would help anyone get power.

  • WildJew

    Last night was the only debate I did not watch. The media reports, Santorum defended his vote for No Child Left Behind — "and apologized for it" — by essentially saying he cast his support for something he didn’t actually believe in because he was acting as part of the president’s “team.”

    This is one of the reasons the Republican Establishment, Ann Coulter and others support Romney and hate Gingrich. They believe Romney is a "team player." Romney will not defeat our political opponents. Instead he vows to "reach across the aisle" and work with our political enemies like Bush did.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Our candidates may not understand that when our enemies fight each other, the winner is and enemy
    and the looser is now less of a problem, helping either is insane as they are positioning to attack us.
    sooner or later and later is better. Those who would be President of America need a reality check,
    selling themselves to the public, saying anything to sound smart in all situations shows a lack of
    integrity and they should defer to our military leaders when the discussion is war……………William

    • Fred Dawes

      let the fools kill each other stay out of it and keep a eye on the monkeys.

  • StephenD

    John Rutley and WildJew are both right on. The facts are evident. Support of any kind will only change the face of our enemy but they will be an enemy nonetheless. We should not invest a penny in these countries. We should only shore up Israel. As a simple man I tend to look for simple answers. I see Islam as not merely a “religion” but rather as a Theo-Political System whose tenets are diametrically opposed to the American way of life. By their own dictates they MUST fight against us until Islam is dominant throughout the world and non-believers (of Islam) recognize their subservient status. I believe they will continue in this vein as evidenced by their behavior since its inception, some 1400 years ago. We should come to terms with this fact. Recognize that we may be able to do business with these countries but that would be the extent of it. They understand that our way of life and theirs clash…it’s time we take them at their word.

  • BLJ

    These debates are a joke in many ways. CNN and the other lib moderators want to focus on anything but Obama's horrible economic record and he constitutiuonal violation power grabs. I don't need some pinhead like John King to educate me.

  • AntiSharia

    I'd be for regime change in Damascus if there were a legitimate alternative to Baathist rule. Assad is a monster, and a client of the Iranians, and both are sworn enemies of the United States. But the only power that will take over in the vacuum is the Muslim Brotherhood. Exactly how are they an improvement? If there were a group of Syrians legitimately concerned with Democracy, individual freedom, and opposition to Sharia law, then we should back that group, but no such group exists.

    Stay out of Syria.

    • Fred Dawes

      you can see thank you.

  • JaneMiami

    Challenge: go in and listen to Romney's comments. He lists the countries in the Middle East, as if he wants us to know that he can name them all. He restates problems. Does not give one solution.

    • Fred Dawes

      mitt is a one world banker as all are.

      • StephenD

        A Conservative, a Moderate and a Liberal walk into a bar. The Bartender says "What will it be Mr. Romney?"

  • maghrebchristians

    Dear Brothers

    Let us focus on what Youcef is doing today for standing for his faith in this difficult time, saints of God lift up your voice for God to come in with breakthrough. Youssef

    God bless


    • WildJew

      The Iranians are animals.

      • Fred Dawes

        yes and no animals are good humans are butts, but little kids no matter have the right to life maybe? but understand one fact we are playing into the hands of our enemies the one world bankers by killing each other and it will at some point become a third world war and the enemy will call you animal and we will kill each other by the billions and isn't that what the god of the east want mass death?

    • Fred Dawes

      that is great but all the ideals of man want to kill each other for god.

      • Indioviejo

        Sorry Fred, men want to kill each other because we are predatory animals. When we are not at war against the "enemy", we murder each other in our streets. Socialist, progresives, Communist, Fascist, and Nazis, exercise this human impulse in massive scale. Sometimes we like to think we are tolerant and understanding, but we all have a limit to being nice. Pacifist will kill you for peace's sake, enviromentalist for mother earth, PETA will murder people for the protection of other animals, and let us pray we are not heading towards a civil war, or a nuclear holocaust. Lots of species have dissapeared, why not man?

  • mrbean

    Nation-building is not the responsibility of the American taxpayers, military, or government. It is the place of our government neither to forcibly remake the rest of the world in our image nor to conscript vast amounts of wealth from the American people to support such projects. Furthermore, from a practical perspective, our military is ill-equipped to engage in nation-building. In addition, it is immoral, because the rules of engagement place the lives of Muslims civilians (who aid the jihadists) at a higher value than those of American soldiers. The idea that we can even create a western democracy in any Muslim state is extremely naïve.

    • Fred Dawes

      only if it is in the real political and money Reason to do so. but our government is doing this BS Business of nation building for other reasons like big bankers its real goals are to make a one world system of total slavery to the banker class.

    • Choi

      Beyond NAIVE.
      Lebanon during the 1950's& 60's was Supposed to be a "working" Middle East "democracy" and look how THAT turned out.

  • tom4you

    We should as best we can try and avoid Revelations….probably why it was written, so we can avert it. Israel bombing Iran will infuriate Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Lybia, and probably Russia….this is the Gog Maggog war. There must be other means to subvert Iran…..if we bomb Iran we have to bomb Lebanon and Gaza at the same time, a quick shock and awe so there is not much of a response….I say we hit them with everything we got and tell Russia if they intervene we are prepared to nuke Moscow…I know that's not in the Bible…Somehow we have to change course because it's playing into Revelations, we have the knowledge of it's contents so we should avert them…

    • Fred Dawes

      revelation is not but was placed into the so called word of god only 150 years ago.

  • Kendrick1

    The 18th and 21st Amendments to THE U.S. Constitution show us that the government is not always right. They also demonstrate to us that our leaders seldom look back in history for answers to help with solving current questions/problems.

    A backward glance into history would show us that the "war on drugs" is failing just as did the war on alcohol. It would also show us that, more times than not, the middle eastern nations have turned and bitten the hand that feeds them. Many of the arms we gave to Afghanistan to fight Russia are now used against us in Afghanistan.

    A dumb old dog, once sprayed by a skunk, won't go back for seconds! What does that say about our leaders?

    • Fred Dawes

      you can see

  • Fred Dawes

    Wekk looks like wR FOR THE BANKERS, And after all the muslims want war For God and the jews want war for God and we want war to keep out little banking system going so it can rape us all for God, watch the movie called Decision before Dawn many of us who are real Americans will become what the movie is talking about don't be a God german see with blinding sigth and don't be the one with blind eyes.

    For God do not go into the good night, in other words don't be a fool and never be that wise butt, its all a setup by our owners and want to do a selling point so you will become a good little monkey in our new world order BS.

    BY THE WAY GOVERNEMT IS THE REAL TERRORISTS All governments who only work for the world banking system.

    • Choi


  • alexander

    why do Republicans let leftist moderators make a fool of themselves?
    Name your moderator – and it will be he/she, or no TV debate.
    Whoever says the southern border will be closed, Obamacare repealed, oil extraction in USA wherever possible – that one wins.
    SAY IT………………..anybody?

  • RonL

    The only Republicans who took the Muslim Brotherhood seriously were Bachmann and McCotter. The media destroyed Bachmann and declared McCotter an unperson during his campaign.
    Santorum used to take the Muslim Brotherhood seriously, but his desire for revolution seems to trump logic here.

  • crackerjack

    Republicans sing Israel's praise but fill their wallets in Saudi Arabia, always have done and still do. The notion that the vile, medieval House of Saud and its Arab Leauge ship of criminals, torturers and psychopaths will bring democracy to Syria or anyone else is a joke.

    But do these so called "candidates" know the difference between Shiite, Sunni and Wahabite? Do they even know where Syria is on the map?

  • maghrebchristians

    Here are the updates on pastor Youcef in what is happening today. Please pray.



  • Asher

    Once again, Newt shows his true intelligence and understanding of foreign affairs…There is no way we should arm Syrian Rebels, we don't even know who they are aligned with….Too many in the Muslim Brotherhood are funded by Iran. Advice from General Thomas McInerney. Look at the destablization after the ousting of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, they were a stable force in supporting Israel…