Hamas-Linked Fundraiser in Florida

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A high-level Justice Department source mentioned Islamic Relief in a conversation with counter-terrorism reporter Patrick Poole in April 2011 about U.S.-based Hamas fronts. He said, “Ten years ago we shut down the Holy Land Foundation…Then the money started going to KindHearts. We shut them down too. Now the money is going through groups like Islamic Relief and Viva Palestina.”

The National Geospatial Agency is being sued for cancelling the security clearance of Mahmoud M. Hegab, who says the agency declined it because his wife works for IRUSA. The agency was concerned about her “current affiliation with one or more organizations which consist of groups who are organized largely around their non-United States origin.”

These facts have not stopped the U.S. government from working with IRUSA under both parties. The current administration has been particularly friendly to the charity. In April 2010, its CEO, Abed Ayoub, was appointed to the U.S. Agency for International Development Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid. He then was appointed to the State Department’s Religion and Foreign Policy Working Group in November 2011.

In August 2011, the White House’s website promoted an article about how the U.S. Department of Agriculture is working with IRUSA. The Department honored IRUSA that month during its third annual Iftar dinner, giving a Distinguished Community Award to Ayoub. During the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2012, President Obama boasted of how the administration included IRUSA in faith-based initiatives.

The June 16-17 fundraisers feature Dr. Hatem Bazian, chairman of American Muslims for Palestine. In a 2004 speech at an anti-war rally, Bazian said, “We’ve been watching intifada in Palestine, we’ve been watching an uprising in Iraq…How come we don’t have an intifada in this country? It’s about time that we have an intifada in this country that change[s] fundamentally the political dynamics here…They’re gonna say some Palestinian [is] being too radical—well, you haven’t seen radicalism yet.” Aside from this frightening sentiment, it should be noticed that he referred to those fighting U.S. forces in Iraq as being part of “an uprising.”

AMP’s leadership includes at least two fundraisers for the Holy Land Foundation, including a board member named Salah Sarsour. His brother was arrested in 1998 for his support to Hamas and, according to an FBI memo, disclosed how he was financing Hamas through the Holy Land Foundation. His brother said he was also using the Islamic Association for Palestine, a Muslim Brotherhood front, for the same purpose.

AMP’s conferences feature extremist rhetoric and the group helps Viva Palestina raise money. Viva Palestina’s support for Hamas is well-documented. At one event, AMP board member Osama Abu Irshaid said that Hamas’ firing of rockets into Israel indiscriminately is “legitimate resistance” under international law “because they are under occupation.” He referred to Hamas as “the resistance” in his speech.

The contact listed for the June 16-17 events is Ahmed Bedier, the former executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ branch in Tampa. He left in 2008 and founded his own group, United Voices for America. CAIR is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood and was listed by the U.S. government as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land trial. A federal judge subsequently upheld the designation because there was “ample” evidence tying CAIR to Hamas.

Donors at the June 16-17 fundraisers may think they are just donating to a charity that will help Palestinians in need of humanitarian assistance but if history is any indication, there is a strong possibility that their money will pass from IRUSA to IRW and from there to the pro-Hamas Islamist cause.

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    • kafir4life

      Jamil – I think what you have failed to understand is that muslims worship a made up moon god (allah), and read a terror guide (the koran) that was shat from the anal orfice of the pedophilic false prophet they call mohamat, or momo the pig faced dog. You see, one day, mohamat was having sex with, then later a meal of his favorite pig (he called him daddy). Not understanding about proper cooking of pork, he hada bout of intestinal distress, and literally shat the koran into the arabian sands, where it hardened. When mohamat was looking at his "work", he realized he'd just invented islam!!
      And the difference between Jimmy Carter and the current president Barack Hussein Obama, is that Carter was the worst president of the *20th* century.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        He should have gone farther and mentioned the 6 year old bride and her dolly.

      • RoguePatriot6

        You find his comment funny and threw some sarcasm at him yet you see no humor in the rhetoric he was responding to.

        Now, that's REALLY funny.

    • mosche

      Jamil: Is it just the "Jewist Zionist" that bothers you? How about Jews in the USA or your own country, if you live somewhere else? Are there any Jews left in your country?

      • patriothere

        Anybody that supports the zionist expansionist state in the middle east. We know that the zionist regime does not wish to just stop at palestine. I have read the bible, I know what they have planned for greater Israel. Parts of Iraq, all of lebanon, all of syria, parts of egypt. From the nile to the Euphrates. That is in the bible. And these zionist extremists like Baruch Goldstein and Kahane are serious. If they can start a conflict between all these nations and weaken them and destroy them, then they can swoop in and steal that land too.

        It sounds far fetched but israel was far fetched 60 years ago, but it happened anyway. Same thing here. Greater israel sounds far fetched, but not when you consider America decimating lebanon, iran, iraq, egypt, syria etc.

    • Zionista

      crawl back into your cave pig

    • choi

      PI$$ on YOU,Jamil.
      You ,Hamas,and the FAKE Palestinian "people" are GENOCIDAL WARMONGERING SAVAGE BARBARIANS!
      There is JERUSALEM,NOT "Al-Quds".
      You CANNOT and WILL NOT EVER "drive the Jews out" of THEIR HOMELAND.

    • Drakken

      Mohamed, may you pizz on that filthy pedophiles grave!

    • Dalong

      Yu are always liars. Or could be talking out of ignorance. No muslim speaks the truth when it comes to rooting out the infidels!

    • trianglewhip

      Mr Jamil ; Well if the [Zionist] are running things in this world, good! they are the ones that are doing anything right, in this world. God bless them. I can't say anything good for you and your socialist Palestine. You crackpipe welfare grabbers, don't work, but get billions$$ in aid. And what do you accomplish? Terrorism , Jihad, and throwing YOUR children with bombs strapped to em at Israel.. For that alone, you all should be wiped out. Because you hate Israel alot more than you love your children.. Instead of sending money to you, why don't we just send you our abortion doctors?! Your children would be better off.. Find Jesus in your heart, and leave Islam. otherwise you are hopeless.

  • Money Jihad

    This is the best compilation of reasons to be concerned about IR-USA that I have read.

    On top of everything you have said, hosting a "Palestine" fundraiser that will be attended by a former official from CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF Hamas-funding case, is a signal to donors that once their donations are transferred to "Palestine," the cash could very likely end up in the hands of Hamas, or at least third party psuedo/front charities that operate within Gaza for the purpose of accepting international aid which will be quietly transferred to Hamas.

    By the way, these guys really seem to enjoy raising money in Florida.. I'd say their three favorite states for fundraising are Florida, New York, & Illinois.

    • patriothere

      "On top of everything you have said, hosting a "Palestine" fundraiser that will be attended by a former official from CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF Hamas-funding case, is a signal to donors that once their donations are transferred to "Palestine," the cash could very likely end up in the hands of Hamas"

      Where do you EXPECT the money to go? Hamas is their democratically elected government. That is who they chose to represent them. That is democracy in action. That is what bush wanted and the zionist regime wanted. The people living there understand that the only solution is for israel to be destroyed. I mean the Afrikaan regime was destroyed. The soviet regime was destroyed. That is what they mean by destroyed. The zionist regime will be destroyed in a similar manner. Of course zionist extremists around the world have a field day twisting and spinning phrases disappear from the pages of time to mean holocaust. But people who actually care about peace and an end to this drama know that they mean political end to the occupying regime.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It is nice to know someone is keeping track of these criminals and who is helping them. It will
    help the police in finding them for deportation if we ever get a government back in power that
    is interested in America's safety and cleansing the Nation of enemies……………William

  • StephenD

    Is there a group in the Orlando area I could stand shoulder to shoulder with in protest outside of this event? I can see holding signs and calling these guys out for their affiliations. Fight fire with fire. Make them defend their position. We shouldn't cower from this but stand bold in its lying face. Maybe, just maybe, it will get some much needed coverage from the media.

    • choi

      You couldn't be more right about fighting fire with fire Stephen.
      Imagine protestors screaming: "DIE,DIE,PALESTINE",or " FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA, ONLY WILL ISRAEL BE".

  • Michal

    StephenD, I agree! Is there a South Florida group that plans to attend and protest in Fort Lauderdale? It would be an honor to be counted among them.

  • StephenD

    I'm trying to come up with a slogan for a sign even if I'm there alone. How about this:


    Where the desire to kill is greater than the desire to live


    Our $$$ helps them teach their children…to HATE.

  • StephenD

    Support Palestine ~ where Terrorists have streets named after them.

    C'mon folks. Help me come up with some slogans.

  • Schlomotion

    Joe Kaufman has been rejected and criticized by the Anti-Defamation League and has been subject to various restraining orders including one by a Texas district judge, blocking him "from threatening the plaintiffs or causing them bodily injury." He was rebuffed by Mayor Bloomberg for trying to enforce apartheid tactics at the Muslim Day Parade in New York. Kaufman is a witch-hunter trying to disenfranchise Muslims by denying their right to peaceably assemble. Some of his attacks, such as the one against Ibrahim Dremali were launched from the highly corrupt Jewish diaspora community in Boca Raton, FL, the US capital of wire fraud, tax fraud, and investor fraud. It's no surprise that Joe Kaufman runs a Zionist harassment company as a non-profit out of the part of Florida where the slumlords hide out and funnel money to the illegal settler movement and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

    • Zionista

      so now your a fan of the ADL – you're so twisted it's pathetic – I'm sure your were cheering on the burka clad savage screaming that Jews need a big oven at a muslim protest in Ft. Lauderdale a few years ago. As the talk radio legend says, you're a fake, phony fraud

      • Schlomotion

        I would not be surprised if the screaming burka clad savage was a Jew from Revolution Muslim.

    • RoguePatriot6

      Wow, truly strange, LOL!!!!!

      You blaspheme and mock God and His followers with just about every other comment and with every comment you have some comspiracy theory about Jews, yet you use the Anti-Defamation League as a source to discredit, Kaufman.

      I'm sorry but I can't seem to stop from laughing.

      • Schlomotion

        Good. This Hasbara thing is all a sad joke after all. We have to find the humor.

    • patriothere

      He's probably one of those kahane followers. Or a follower of that doctor that murdered all those palestinians, what was name? Baruch goldstein?

    • Ted G

      I have confronted Schlomo before about his propaganda and his dishonesty. I was polite and earnest in my attempts to get him to define and explain his comments and true motivations.

      He apparently was getting tired of my dogged pursuit at finding a real human being in there somewhere because In the end he finally resorted to attacking me and if I'm not mistaken accusing me of being a Jew and blah blah blah.
      Though I am not a Jew, I certainly don't take that as a bad thing at all.

      What I find interesting is he seems to thrive on "Plausible deniability". He claims to not support totalitarian ideologies, but he constantly attacks anyone or any org that opposes these totalitarian ideologies.

      He is the epitome of hypocrisy. Probably the graduate of some liberal college where group think and indoctrination are looked at as tools for a better tomorrow.

      Usually my logic detector alarm goes berserk when I read his posts. Over all I find him unimpressive.

      I also have directly questioned his writing skills as it appears in many of his posts a challenge to make a cogent point in some of his ramblings. Especially once he goes off on some anti Jewish rant.
      And when questioned he turns around and says it was I that was making false assumptions.

      Oh and Schlomo if I may, do try to improve on your one line responses to various criticisms. Your attempts at wit are just that…

      Sorry for some of this obvious sarcasm but I guess I too can grow weary, not of a good debate but of dissemblers.

    • Ghostwriter

      Amazing,Schlobrain. You continue to peddle your anti-Jewish garbage much to the disgust of everyone here. Why don't you go back to your cave,you neanderthal and leave the rest of us humans alone?

  • Zionista

    watch Tom Trento's youtube video "Ft. Lauderdale muslim protest" — then we'll see if you have another inane response – like you usually do

  • Drakken

    CAIR and their fellow travelers are nothing but muslim jihadists period, why they are allowed here in the West and not swinging from the gallows with a porckchop shoved in their jihadist mouths is beyond me.

  • watsa46

    Being a crypto-Muslim would be the greatest taqiyya of all committed by an American.

  • patriothere

    On Sunday, June 16, a widely-exalted charity embraced by the U.S. government called Islamic Relief USA is hosting a “Palestine Benefit Dinner” in Orlando. A second fundraiser will be held in Fort Lauderdale the following day. The events feature the chairman of Americans for Palestine and a former official of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Islamic Relief USA says it belongs to the “family” of Islamic Relief Worldwide, a group tied to Hamas, but it has received little scrutiny.

    Good. What's the problem. Jews have AIPAC and JINSA and ADL fundraisers and benefits all the time. Obama panders to AIPAC and is talking about delisting the MEK from the terrorist list. That's worse if you ask me. The MEK is responsible for killing innocent civilians and is a communist terrorist group.

  • george

    for the wages of "sin' is death !!! , mankind are nothing but a bunch of ignorant fools !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dougjmiller

    Where is Homeland Security? I know that Obama hates Israel and the Jewish people and that he supports terrorist organizations, like Hamas and whole host of others, who are waging a genocidal war against Israel and the Jewish people. But Hamas is also a blood thirsty enemy of America. Where is Homeland Security?

  • Ghostwriter

    Hamas is the last organization I want building ANYTHING here in America.

  • Nezar Hamze

    Read MUSLIM MAFIA by Dave Gaubatz

  • Ronald Johnston

    Why would anybody need any more proof that osama obama is muslim and is as evil as all muslims????