Iran Threatens U.S. as New Cyber Super-Weapon Strikes

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In October 2011, “Duqu,” also called “Son of Stuxnet,” was found in Iran and it is believed to have been infecting computers since late 2010. The powerful weapon is similar to Flame in that it records keystrokes and could potentially hijack a computer and allow an outside country to operate it. Duqu, however, was not used for that purpose. It opened up back doors in systems for 36 days and then left. Symantec determined, “The attackers are looking for information such as design documents that could help them mount a future attack on an industrial control facility.” Amazingly, those behind Duqu continued to improve it, enabling future infections even though it was already discovered.

Meanwhile, the Iranian regime is reacting to the failure to reach an agreement over its nuclear program during the meetings in Iraq on May 23 with bravado and threats. A Revolutionary Guards website said it would fire missiles at all “enemy bases” in the region if the country is attacked.

This isn’t a new threat. Iran has long threatened to respond to any military strike against it, by Israel or the U.S., with missile and “martyrdom” attacks on American military bases. In December, a regime-controlled website wrote a detailed assessment of U.S. bases in the Middle East and how they could be struck with missiles. The article specifically mentioned bases in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Bahrain, where the U.S. Fifth Fleet is stationed. The author argued that the base in Bahrain is an extremely vulnerable target because Iran’s anti-ship missiles can hit American vessels shortly after they leave the base.

On November 15, a Basiji commander said at a convention that Iran could use proxies to attack U.S. forces in Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. The bases “are entirely surrounded by holy fighters of the Islamic ummah who are counting the minutes in anticipation of the command to wipe out the U.S.”

The next month, a regime-tied website carried an article that said that Hezbollah has determined targets for retaliation in the event of an attack and would launch “martyrdom operations” in each of the 112 countries where U.S. forces are based. The author used anti-war sentiment in the U.S. as proof of America’s weakness. “America needs to know that while American youth shout the slogan, ‘Stop the War,’  for fear of dying, the children of Ruhollah [Khomeini] never flee from war and always pray, ‘Allah, give us martyrdom for your sake.’”

The European Union’s oil embargo becomes officially enacted on July 1. Iran can ill-afford further losses to its economy and has threatened Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that are encouraging the embargo by increasing their oil output. On January 27, a member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts warned that Iran could intercept tankers departing Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for Europe.

The dispute with Iran is coming to a head. The West must hope for the success of the sanctions and covert operations like “The Flame.”  Should they fail to halt Iran’s nuclear program, Israel will be left with the decision to strike or accept a nuclear-armed Iran. By all indications, Israel believes that final decision will have to be made this year.

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    The islamic regime of iran is Crusin' for a Brusin'.

    • Roger

      Begging for it.

  • Looking4Sanity

    I find it very interesting that there is no mention of reported instances of this virus in Turkey…a NATO member state with a rapidly growing radical Islamist flavor. I would think that anyone interested in developments in the Middle East would be very interested in inside intelligence on Turkey.

    Might that be a clue as to where this virus originated?

  • truebearing

    Hopefully this new virus can gum up Iran's nuclear program long enough for us to elect a real president. it would also be nice if it produced information that created a civil war, or brought the Twelvers down. I applaud whoever it was that did it.

  • John

    They wouldn't last any longer than Saddam.

  • guest

    May be. We are being attacked from within this time. Like France, now harboring muslims using rocket launchers against switzerland. Isn't that an act of war? Obama will be on TV soon apologizing for the west not being islamic yet.

    Those people in Dearborn are an obama settlement of Palestinians at our expense, btw

  • Jimi Belton

    I sure do not think that this action with the viruses would be allowed by our 0zamb0, unless he was directed to do so by the Saud Family of SA……This spineless excuse for a prezz is just sickening….he and saudi is lowering the price of gas at the pumps because 0samb0 needs to get his base back to the voting booth….I speak of the poor of this country, The uneducated, , ACORN, the Ignorant ones that cannot hold a job unless they pay off union thugs to protect them….The millions that work for the gov`t….The millions of deadbeats that would rather stay at home than work….Have i left out any of the Dem-krats….

    • EchoTangoDelta

      Oh what a dumb-assss you are . You're getting bent over without grease by the oil companies and you dont even know from what direction it comes . Imbecile .

      • Roger

        Perhaps you aren't reflecting reality?

        If you hate oil companies so much, quit using petroleum products unless it's pumped here at home and only by companies not earning a profit.

        • EchoTangoDelta

          It's not a question of "hating oil companies " it's simply a matter of knowing why the oil prices go up and down ….it's got nothing to do with the Saudis or Obama as you tunnelvision sheeple contend . Oh wait ! Youi don't believe it's those poor ole' oil companies having to raise prices do ya ? C'mon Roger you're not that dumb …are ya ?

          • Roger

            Supply and demand isn't scary. You don't think the Saudi's are part of that?

            Since liberals won't allow us drilling or refineries or pipelines then we're not part of the supply so much.


            ETD, OPEC = $100 per barrel oil.

            You think OPEC is a bunch of poor sand dune camel jockeys being stiffed by Shell/Exxon/BP?

  • Amused

    Scientists at Kapersky Labs say it may take up to 10 years to fully understand what Flame is doing . Stuxnet was 500 kilobytes and there are still 3 numerics in the code whose target/purpose remains unknown . Flame is 20 megabytes .

    Be afraid islamists …be very afraid . It's gonna give wavettore plenty of well deserved sleepless nights .It will be fun watching the mullahs flail out at a shadow .

    • patriothere

      Be afraid of what? The Iranians handled stuxnet pretty easily. Besides, if you are right and this flame virus is everything you say it is, then guess what? We don't need war. No more war talk. YAY!

      • Roger

        You poor iranian paid hack.

        Did they find you a computer to use finally?

  • StephenD

    I wouldn’t put much credence to a regime whose entire legitimacy is based upon ushering in the 12th, “hidden” Imam who is supposedly in a well somewhere. These fools could only bloody up the world for a little while before they are no more.

  • Zed

    Jesus is the leader of the Zionist Freemasons and has been since 1972. You conspiracy folk are so far behind.

    • deliman

      I didn't know that! But if so, why have all my favortie delis from the 1970s in New Jew City now closed?
      That's a consipracy worth unraveling!

    • PolandPolandPoland

      I woulda heard about thaaaaattt.

  • Spinoneone

    New viruses and malware are fine, but the question is, are you sure you have it contained? Is there any way for your target to toss it back at you? Even if you are sure your firewall will protect your servers, how about the rest of the country?

    • EchoTangoDelta

      Pandora's box has already been opened , several years ago .Flame ,Duqu ,Stuxnet are simply the nexus' in evolution . Perhaps the best option is to dump Windows OS in favor of Linux , with our own programmers and closed systyems .Windows is like a screen door on a submarine , ity has so many backdoors , the Windows writers are not even aware of them all . And that's because Mr.Billionaire Gates is only interested in cornering the software market , and he's succeeded at that , so much so , that he can now play the philanthropist , get a big soap box and screw everything else . By doing so , he choked out BETTER and SUPERIOR Operating Systems. I guess that's the downside of capitalism . There are smarter people around than Gates you know . Just not as greedy and devious .

      • Roger

        Do you hide under your soap box when you're not on it lecturing everyone?

        • PolandPolandPoland


          • EchoTangoDelta

            Sorry Rogo , but Bill Gates did more to setback software developement in this country than any foreign enemy . Buty hey if you got microsoft stocks bully for you . But dont whine about his porous software , which he gets all the suckers to upgrade every two or so years .

          • Roger

            Why reply to him if you address the comment to me?

            And I use a mac. Anything else you want to be wrong about?

          • Roger

            They are so predictable.

  • mrbean

    Security in all aspects is so lax under the Obama administration and within the key agencies that there is little wonder cyberthreats from Russia, China, and North Korea regularly occur. Since we educate most of the middle east in computer science in the best US universities, it is lttle wonder they acquire skills to carry out their cyber-jihad.

  • Youssef

    The world has witnessed the change of the North African world where the voiceless have shouted as loud as they can that it changed the face of their country today. People have suffered from economic growth, jobs and life in itself. In the Arab spring that is carrying on in some parts of the Arab world it has brought a spark to not only the Arab world but also for the rest of world today, but has it brought enough freedom even to choose to what to believe?

    Read more:


    • Roger

      Has that Arab spring made the food prices lower in Egypt? Or done anything other than turn Libyan oil revenue over to muslim militants slaughtering their way across africa?

  • Ghostwriter

    No disagreement here,kalendula25698.

  • Roger

    It was just fun watching the Iranian nuclear staff not drive to work for fear of every motorcycle in traffic.

  • PDK

    Unfortunately, Obama is still Americas POTUS. Obama is anti American, anti American military, anti capitalist, pro socialist, pro globalist socialist and pro Islam.
    The flame sounds good, if it is ours I`m glad for it. However, this is about more than just one rogue Islamic nation getting the bomb. This is one rogue Islamic nation leading the way and eliciting the desire of other rogue Islamic nations to pursue the bomb as well.
    A fundamental Islamic Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood Egypt will follow suit. It all could get out of hand quick.
    America must not allow Iran to get the bomb.
    However there is no reason to get involved again like Pakistan or even Iraq. In and out, do the job, raze their thermonuclear infrastructure, keep the hot press on them.
    One and done! Nobama 2012, vote republican. Thank you.


    islam gotta go……islam is being documented. The file is fattening.
    The macabre cult of islam corrupts the human mind ….the very fact that the good muslim is still in the macabre cult of islam means that he is open to the idea of his children being force fed hate and his corrupted children will definitely be dangerous to our children. We have to stop the macabre cult of islam in its tracks. We have to think of our children’s lives because the macabre cult of islam makes muslims think of our children’s death so then only the macabre cult of islam wins. The macabre cult of islam is in a losing position if even one non-muslim is alive. Do you understand all this ?
    What part of “NUKE-EM” don’t we understand ?
    Islam is cancer, the cure is radiation!

    Who will get into the textbooks of future-history as the planet’s real savior ?
    I HAVE A FEELING IT WILL BE AN INDIAN OR AN IRANIAN. MAYBE EVEN AN AFGAN who read his Buddhist history and came to his senses…. I HOPE IT’S A WOMAN BECAUSE IN THE END IT WILL BE A WOMAN’S JOB TO CLEAN UP THIS macabre MESS THIS ONE MAD MAN CALLED MOHA-MAD WRECKED ON THIS PLANET FOR THE LAST 1400 YEARS. All the blood and gore will come to an end at last and peace will come for our women and children. I have a feeling it’s going to be a woman who smashes macabre islam by speaking and facing the truth of this horrible creeping blood cult.
    islam has to be smashed for your sake.
    For muslims islam has to be smashed.


    THE WHOLE PLANET IS eagerly WAITING FOR THE DESTRUCTION AND COMPLETE WIPEOUT OF THE macabre CULT OF ISLAM. The death cult of islam will be smashed in our lifetime…watch. no one will miss it. peace will flourish
    Who will get into the textbooks of future-history as the planet’s saviour ?
    Islamic tolerance is a contradiction in terms. The history of islam is nothing more than fourteen hundred year story of non-stop MASS MURDER, EXPLOITATION, RACISM, INSTITUTIONALIZED RAPE, AND WIDESPREAD IMPOVERISHMENT.
    • I would agree that mosques are places where terrorists can meet with apparent safety. Only moslems go in those places. With this in mind, the government should start to destroy them. They have NO PLACE in our culture.
    Even the muslim terrorists must be amused as to why they are allowed to live in non muslim countries, have their children looked after by the state and in most cases claim money, and at the same time try to cause trouble.
    We need a world wide referendum to decide if we want muslims in our countries….including gentle INDIA.
    I would vote the muslims OUT. If they renounce their muslims links, then they could maybe stay under controlled licence. like in muslim-countries.
    The Arab Islamic Empire devastated whole continents killing and destroying Buddhist culture from Pakistan ,Iran, India, Malaysia, Indonesia. This islamic Empire as VS Naipaul the Nobel; laureate writes has ” caused psychological damage to millions of Islamic cult converts” “they must deny their culture history and ancestors for the Arab history” “This has caused these people to be dislocated,volatile and violent.”


    islam destroys any non-islamic culture it touches. muslims have no interest in further human progress or individual rights. They are perfectly comfortable being parasites on the achievements of western civilization. Their only industry is terrorism and genocide. Their only accomplishment is oppression. At least when Greeks and Romans conquered they brought with them a modicum of law, science, philosophy, and technology. islamic conquest brings only death and slavery.
    The west smashed the South American cultures because they believed in blood sacrifice. Just as the muslim-allah demands blood of the non-muslim. In the end islam is a cult a blood cult ..nothing less… a pure blood cult…. where killing and dying and human slavery and women in bondage is the order of the day since cult leader moha-mad was hallucinating verbal evil.
    2012 is the date of the beginning of the end of our world’s most evil invention begins to be smashed around the globe. islam is about to start dying officially for the record books. Sit back and watch.


    Crime and Punishment :
    islam is a crime against humanity that has gone on long enough. The planet is totally fed up of islam…..and the world is just beginning to see this fact and now the punishment is going to be severe and final. Till there are even 2 muslims left on our planet there will be blood. It’s a fact….blood always flows where the muslim goes. Time to take out the muslim from the equation. There is an inherent deficit of clear and objective understanding in free democratic societies like USA and India about the actual objectives of Islam and what it stands for. Even in a country like India where natives have faced the barbarism of Islamic persecution for centuries very few in the present generation understand the actual 'objectives of Islam'. Denying and ignoring the facts will only lead to more bloodshed in the future as the course conductor rightly puts it that "They hate everything you stand for and will never coexist with you, unless you submit to dirty islam." If we don’t do something now …our grand-children will not be grand….they’ll be finished.
    Know islam – NO peace
    NO islam – KNOW peace
    Know Shariah – NO Peace
    NO Shariah – KNOW peace



  • Looking4Sanity

    "Iran Threatens U.S. "

    Ooh! I'm a'scared now! NOT! Bring it on, clowns!

  • RonaldCarnine

    Another conspiracy! It is never a good thing to worry about an imaginary enemy when there are real enemies on your doorstep just waiting to attack. Conspiracy theories take time and energy away from real enemies. I was reading "Debate on the Constitution" and came across a conspiracy theory as old as our nation. On pg.81 of volume 2, written by Samuel Bryan there appears an article that says the Constitution of the United States was part of a conspiracy to bring this constitutional republic under the control of most of our nations founders. Here we are over 200 years later and our nation is the freest in the whole world. The conspiracy didn't happen and our nations founders gave us a document (The Constitution of the United States) that has been the envy of every country on the planet and has made this nation the best in the world, conspiracy theory or not!

  • EVABeliever

    The "Zionists"! Wow! Jews comprise 1% of the World's population yet control everyone? It's always fascinating to learn how powerful we Jews are in the eyes of people who hate us. The Nazis lost their war of hate because of their hate yet you seem to suffer from the same disease. Face facts: you are saddled with a small brain and sickly genes. You are jealous of the success Jews have had by using their God given talents for peace. You wish it were you and not them so you hate them. You hate their intelligence, their successes despite their small numbers and most of all you hate that you are not a Jew. You hate that you can't be one by birth. You hate that you lack the courage to be hated for who you are yet continue to live as you are. You wavettore are a coward and not worthy of respect.


    WW3 is being stoked by SOCIALISTS in another attempt to take over the world.

    But socialist scum will lose again because the Free World will not tolerate Socialist Slavery.


    waveturd, You rant about NWO, New World Order – islamofascist iran's "12th imam/caliphate/nakba) will be resisted by all Free People.

    Your NWO is islamofascist dominance of the World, which Free People (naturally excluding europeans) will NEVER BE TOLERATED.

  • sherwool


    Gad, what twaddle. What kind of rock did you crawl out of? People like you are long on extravagant claims, but pathetically short of any evidence or even supporting rationale in support of your bile.

    You truly are clueless about this world.

  • HoR_Emperor

    Conspiracy fantasies are the mark of a childish mind. Anti-Semitic conspiracy fantasies are the mark of a mind which is not only childish but evil.

    Grow up and seek moral redemption.

  • rockman


  • Nachman

    Would love to respond to your lunatic psychobabble, but have been requested to attend an ad hoc emergency meeting of the Jewish chess Club, a front for where we really manipulate world events and submit the feeble-minded to our control.

  • Roger

    It seems that one last computer in Iran hasn't been shut down yet.