Iraq in Crisis

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Yesterday, Iraq was hit with another wave of bombings as sectarian strife continues to dramatically increase following the withdrawal of U.S. forces. At least 70 Shiites were killed, presumably by Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Across the Middle East, tension and bloodshed between the region’s various communities is increasing, prompting Turkey to warn of a new Cold War.

Three of the explosions took place in Sadr City, the Shiite stronghold in Baghdad of Moqatada al-Sadr. Another two explosions happened in Kadhimiyah district and near Nasiriyah, targeting Shiites celebrating the holiday of Arbaeen by traveling to Karbala. On December 22, 60 Iraqis were killed in terrorist attacks in Baghdad.

The attacks come as the Shiite Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, is locked in an intense political struggle with his Sunni rivals. Al-Maliki issued an arrest warrant for Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, accusing him of being involved in terrorism. He also called for the sacking of Deputy Prime Minister Saleh el-Mutlaq, another Sunni, after he accused al-Maliki of acting like a dictator worse than Saddam Hussein. Al-Hashimi is now avoiding arrest in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The al-Iraqiya bloc, led by secular Shiite Iyad Allawi, is allied with the Sunnis and is boycotting parliament. Al-Maliki is threatening to replace its representatives in the parliament. Some of al-Maliki’s opponents are calling for his replacement. Moqtada al-Sadr’s bloc, which supports al-Maliki, wants parliament to be dissolved and new elections to be held.

One concern is that Moqtada al-Sadr will make good on his threat to reassemble his Mehdi Army militia, which would prompt the Sunnis to act in a similar fashion. The Iranian-backed cleric has threatened to target any American personnel remaining in Iraq this year, including contractors. In an interesting twist, he is criticizing another militia, Asaib al-Haq (League of the Righteous), accusing it of killing Iraqis and being an Iranian puppet. The group just agreed to give up violence and pursue its aims solely through political means.

Sectarian tension is increasing in Syria at the same as it is in Iraq. The Bashar Assad regime draws its top officials from the Allawite minority, generally estimated to be about 13% of the entire population. This minority is sticking by the regime, likely fearing that it will be massacred if it falls. The Christian minority, about 10% of the population, is doing the same. The failure of the Allawites to turn on the regime is enraging the rest of the population that supports the revolution. An opposition figure named Mamoun al-Homsi angrily stated on December 20, “If the Allawites do not renounce Bashar Assad, we will turn Syria into their graveyard.”

The city of Homs is experiencing tremendous sectarian violence. Last month, 36 bodies were found dumped along the border of the Sunni and Allawite areas of the city. Some of them were decapitated and appeared to have been tortured. Opposition activists are reporting a cycle of murders and kidnappings. On December 20, five Iranian “engineers and technicians” were kidnapped in Homs, as were two more the following day. It is widely reported that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are playing a direct role on the ground in fighting the uprising.

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  • Amused

    Now there's the Iraq we all know and love ! A perfect example of the "religion of peace " in all it's unrestrained glory .Will someone please tell me the difference between Saddam slaughtering Shia and Kurds and today , Sunni and Shia Iraqis slaughtering each other . This is what muslims do best ….so let'em have at it .

  • Amused

    This is what " democracy " means to a muslim nation , you get to make a "constitution " legalizing sectarian slaughter .

  • Gareth

    Please seal our borders tight. Please.

    We should monitor immigration from these countries and kick out any politician who tries to hide the numbers.

    • joy52


  • ObamaYoMoma

    This was always the predictable and inevitable outcome even before Bush like an incompetent loon completely blinded by PC multiculturalism made the unhinged decision to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan to pursue exceedingly counterproductive and silly fantasy based nation-building missions that were founded on false PC multicultural myths and fantasies.

    Indeed, when Reagan was President, our policy with respect to the jihad between Iraq and Iran was to attempt to ensure it lasted as long as possible. Then in 2000 GWB gets elected, and he not only abandons Reagan's “Peace Through Strength” defense policy, he adapts Powell's insane “You Break It, You Own It” defense policy.

    Hence, we no longer use overwhelming brute force to swiftly eliminate our enemies while deliberately leaving behind our death and destruction to fester and to serve as deterrence. Instead, we employ a much more compassionate 21st Century cutting edge defense strategy: Indeed, we try to win our enemies' hearts and minds by foolishly occupying them for years on end in order to compassionately lift them up out of poverty and despair to democratize them, which is absolutely impossible, and the splendid inevitable outcome of our new 21st Century compassionate cutting edge defense strategy, of course, is the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history. But don't worry though, they will both be covered up by the politicians, the generals, and the media.

    • BLJ

      You speak the truth.

  • Spider

    This is what happens when the Religion of Peace runs out of infidels to slaughter – They slaughter each other. The eternal war goes on without end.

  • sandykramer

    Power abhors a vacuum. Thank you Obama for the forthcoming internecine war.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Believe it or not but internecine wars between Muslims is good for the Dar al Harb (us) and bad for the Dar al Islam (them). Indeed, exploiting more cracks and fissures in the house of Islam among Muslims in order to foment more internecine warfare between Muslims is far better than pursuing fantasy based nation-building missions founded on false PC multicultural myths and preordained to fail.

  • tagalog

    One approach to counterinsurgency warfare is to encourage the various sects to fight amongst themselves; that way, they'll leave us alone. Allahu akhbar!

    • Jim_C

      Hear, hear.

  • BS77

    This was predicted by many writers and MIddle East commentators/"experts"……Just look at Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan……..hell holes of violence, hysteria, terror bombings and squalor……What a catastrophe. I feel so sorry for the children, women, elderly and average poor blokes just trying to get by in these horrible countries.

  • Fred Dawes

    If you want war do it with real bombs kill the little monkeys but understand one fact down the road we will all know what war is, the ones who can get out of the cities we are about to see the third world war and in the end game that is what the corrupt one world guys want, read the rome boys want see Rome Treaty in it 5 million must be killed by 2050.

    I am old and i think many that read this will see that happen You are all the new jews!

  • BLJ

    I knew Sunni or later Iraq would blow up once Comrade O bailed and let those scumsuckers from Iran step in. Maybe we can get lucky and Iraq-Iran War II will break out and get rid of a big mass of them.

  • Bert

    What is everyone complaining about? Didn't Obama receive the Nobel Peace Prize and didn't he decide to keep it?

  • stevefraser

    Let the Muzzies sort it out….we Americans should spend our time learning Spanglish and deciding which Mexican name we should change our family name to.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Iraquis are in deep trouble and the world is no better off after all of the sacrafice
    we have made, I would like to think it is but Obama in the equation spells disaster.

    • ziontruth

      "The Iraquis are in deep trouble…"

      There is no Iraqi nation. As in Africa, so in the Middle East, it is delusional to think arbitrary lines drawn on the map by the British and the French could form real nations out of a patchwork of ethnicities and sects. This is more of the same from the department of Lebanon, the Congo and Yugoslavia. It is no coincidence that the few states in the ME spared this strife are those belonging to real nations and relatively homogenous: Israel (the Jewish nation), Turkey (the Turkish nation) and Iran (the Persian nation).

      To the attention of those who think multicultural experiments are just a harmless exercise in "embracing diversity."

      "…but Obama in the equation spells disaster."

      With no intention of exonerating the Marxist in the White House, it was Bush Jr. who started this debacle by making the Wilsonian assumption that mere democratization could bring peace and prosperity to any Middle Eastern country. Whoever discounts Islam from the equation will find his dreams in smoke.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        OK I will revise my remark………."The Iraquis (not a nation) are in deep trouble,
        whoever they are but obviously antagonistic within the designation Shia or
        Suni occuping the borders of contrived Iraq. As to George Bush one must
        specify the Wilson he listens to, the former occupier of the White House or
        Mr. Wilson who lived next to Dennis the Menace, both of them may not
        agree with George and George may have gotten his dreams from smoke.

        • ziontruth

          Please, William. My remarks aren't an attack on you or your every word, just a disputation regarding some of the ideas you expressed in the post, ideas that are believed by many people and rejected by many others.

          "As to George Bush one must specify the Wilson he listens to,…"

          Woodrow Wilson, president of the U.S.A. during and after World War One. He believed that the installation of democracy all over Europe and compliance with a system of international law codified and maintained by a global organization of all states—the League of Nations—would guarantee that the horrors of the Great War (as it was called before World War Two broke out) would never repeat.

          As we all know, he was wrong; democratization only served as a platform for a genocidal dictator to rise to power in Germany, and the League of Nations was doomed to be disbanded for its bumbling inefficiency. But he had the excuse of not having prior history to learn from. What's the excuse of post-WWII Wilsonians?

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Historically we can see unbelievable mistakes and todays answers
            become tomorrow's nightmare. Iraq as a major problem for it's
            neighbors for now may be over but it is payback time for those same
            peoples that Iraq under Sadam terrorozed. We see violence growing
            again and it is always unacceptable no matter who the culprit. That
            these murderous peoples will never seek peace for itself but always
            are driven to control and subjugate is and understanding George Bush
            never had and if he did then history will be all the more against him.

            The League of Nations was a grand effort to bring the World together
            according to Wilson but yes it was a geat failure. Man's attempt at
            unity is always corrupted and corrupting, The United Nations is proof
            of this and is a venue to attack Israel and America with leftists
            in both America and Israel being complicit in the attempt of undermine
            our existence. The ideas Wilsonians ascribe to are dependent on the
            sharing of mutual alturism and concord, in retrospect it was naive
            no matter if it was a true aspiration as not all men have good intentions.


  • crackerjack

    Where are the propagandists,masterminds and organizers of this war , who promised democracy,peace, stability and prosperity to the people of Iraq? Pearl, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Horowitz, Pipes, Bolton, Cheeny?

    All busy now promising democracy, peace, stability and prosperity to the people of Iran.

  • Kyra

    who can keep up with these pisslam inspired nut jobs? The good news is that they are murdering each other at an alarming rate. Less towel heads for us to deal with. Yes, snarky and unfeeling am I. I have "compassion" fatigue for animals who just want to kill, kill, kill.

  • Philosopher

    No matter how many Muslims are brutally murdered by other Muslims, we know that no Muslim will ever be convinced that the enemy of the Muslims is Islam itself and not the Infidels. They will always believe that once the worldwide Caliphate takes over, all their problems will cease. It's amazing that they just never catch on.

    • crackerjack

      No matter how many Christians were brutally murderd by other Christians over the centurys, we know that no Christian was ever convinced that the enemy of Christians was Christianity itself. It's amazing they never caught on.

  • NickDeringer

    Yes, Iraqis, it's not good bye, but see you later. We'll be back to straighten out the mess you make and threaten our interests in the process.

  • Fred Dawes

    Just look at china both country do not like what has happened both country had great empires both want the old ways back and have big Armies and big navies so keep looking away and you will see mass military action in that area. By the way if this government meaning the US Government keeps up its attacks on Americans you will see blood and mass violence here, just look at NDAA It allows for the mass murder and arrest. Of any American or could be disappeared by this one world government.

    But long before the fascism murders us all you may well see the third world war.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Ann Coulter when it comes to understanding Islam and Muslims is an unhinged loon.