Is Russia Itching for War with Georgia?

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No one expected Russia to become a major campaign issue in 2008 when it went to war with Georgia, ripping away the regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Now, there are signs that Russia is itching for a rematch that would finish off the pro-American Georgian regime led by Mikheil Saakashvili.

Russia recently announced that it seized 10 caches of arms on May 4 and 5 in Abkhazia which were to be used in dramatic terrorist attacks in Sochi, where the 2014 Winter Olympics are to take place. The stockpiles included: 10,000 rounds of ammunition; 15 kilograms of TNT; 50 grenade fuses; 39 hand grenades; 36 mortar shells; 29 grenade launchers; 15 landmines; 12 improvised explosive devices; 3 surface-to-air missiles; 2 anti-tank missiles; 2 assault rifles and a sniper rifle, mortar and flamethrower.

The Russian government says that the man responsible for the planned wave of attacks is Doku Umarov, a Chechen terrorist leader involved with Al-Qaeda. He ordered an end to attacks on Russian civilians earlier this year. Georgian intelligence helped Umarov’s terrorists smuggle the weapons through Georgian territory from Turkey, the Russians claim. Georgia dismisses the accusations as “absolutely absurd.” The accusation provides a clear rationale to remove Saakashvili from power.

This development comes while Russia is preparing for a possible strike on Iran. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin explained, “Iran is our neighbor. If Iran is involved in any military action, it’s a direct threat to our security.” Reportedly, Russia has drawn up plans to send forces to Armenia in such an event, which requires going through Georgia, toppling Saakashvili on the way.

In 2008, Russia’s annual Kavkaz exercises were used as a cover to deploy and train the forces that invaded Georgia the next month. This year’s exercises are to take place in September. Russia announced that Spetsnaz units will be sent to the North Caucasus region for the exercises and airborne assault forces and attack helicopters will deploy to Base 102 in Gyumri, Armenia. One report claims that the families of soldiers at the base have already been evacuated.

It is quite possible that Russia will provide assistance to the Iranian regime from Armenia in the event of a conflict. After all, Saddam Hussein awarded medals to former Soviet advisors for helping him to prepare for the 2003 invasion. Russian Spetsnaz units were deployed to Iraq and are suspected of having helped cleanse the country of documents and incriminating materials. The Russians also gave Saddam Hussein details about the U.S. war plan, retrieved through a spy at CENTCOM. Russia continues to arm Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and deployed an “anti-terror” unit to assist him in March.

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  • Vladimir

    What a simplistic Russophobic view of the world, Georgia/US good. Russia bad.

    The reality if different. Georgia started the war in 2008 by bombing UN-sponsored peacekeepers, who happened to be Russian. Abkhazia and N.Ossetia fought multiple wars against Geirgian aggression since the fall of the USSR. All in all, Russia is in the right on Goergia, Iran and pretty much every other international issue I can think of right now.

    • A. Ruben

      Georgia was continuously hit by Hezbollah-style shellings from the separatists encouraged by Russia. They went in there to put an end to this criminality and they had every right to do that. Yes, the separatists did fight multiple wars with Georgia, resulting in the death of thousands of innocent people and uprooting of hundreds of thousands who cannot go home. That is the definition of aggression and war crimes. But after what you did in Chechnya, I'm sure this seems like a trivial matter to you.

      • Billy Bob

        Where is your proof of this? This is a ridiculous statement and bears no validity whatsoever. For all the wars between Georgia and its neighbors, the Georgians were ALWAYS the instigators. That is an indisputable fact. Lay off the moonshine.

        • Omega

          So… what's your proof then?
          American TV and newspapers? You guys really see this world upside down.

          • Omega

            This comment addressed to A. Ruben.

      • moshe

        Not so simple. The Ossetin are a bunch of hill bandits, it is true. But it was Georgia's high-handed oppression in the 1990s that drove them to rebellion in the first place. As far as the likes of Georgia's then-president Gamsakhurdia were concerned, the Ossetin weren't a people, weren't entitled to a language and had better assimilate or else leave Georgia. This despite that Ossetia was never part of Georgia until Stalin forced the issue in the 1930s. A similar, and very brutal, history of war and mutual attempted genocide exists in Abkhazia. The idea that the Abkhaz and the Ossetin will ever again go peacefully under Georgian rule is laughable. A thousandf years may pass, but what happened in the 1990s will not be forgotten by either side. There is no going back. If Saakashvili had launched yet another set of commando raids in response to Ossetin banditry, he would have been perfectly justified. But instead he tried to "solve" the problem by reconquering Ossetia, and killed a few dozen Russian soldiers in the process.

      • moshe

        As far as Chechnya, don't even get me started. What would the US do if some Mexican gang took control of a chunk of Arizona and began gang-raping Anglo women, crucifying captured American soldiers, trading in Anglo slaves and carrying out mass kidnappings for ransom in major East Coast cities, transporting the hostages to their little statelet in Arizona and sending videos of gang rapes and cut off body parts to relatives in order to speed up the collection of ransoms?

    • Ghostwriter

      And you,Vladimir must be a Putin fan. I think that most Russians are tired of this Cold War retread wanting another Cold War with America. You might be the exception.

      • Allister

        If you ask me, in Russia there like 50 percent for Putin, and other half dont like him. I dont like Putin, i feel myself tired of that he is doing whatever he wants. But i also think that the author of this article is a fool, or even getting money for such russophobic articles. If you think noone is getting money for such "point of view" in articles, than you are far for that an idiot. Media is the power, and politicians know it. The U.S. has huge advantage over any other country, and even over many countries together.

        In addition, the desire to create a negative image of Russia is not just the politicians. Many of the financial community are interested in this, especially those associated with the production and procurement of military equipment. You see in this world, people are nice to make the war …

        In any case, my friend, it's your choice, be a useful idiot, and in righteous indignation to scold Russia, or to consider things from a wider angle. I'm not trying to say that Russia is white and clean. But those who defending more honest than the one who attacks.

    • dibuba

      How Russians can talk about Georgian agression? The whole Easterrn Europe, all former Soviet republics, Afganistan, North Caucasus (200,000.00 killed only in Chechnia including women and children in 21 century) – and you are talking about Georgia (167 military soldiers died by Georgian forces in 2008)????
      This is not Russophobic if someone says the truth about your criminal government,This is not about Russian people.

      • jstuxx

        Dude you don't want me to get started on the USA's criminal government, everyone is criminal Georgia, EU, USA, China.

  • Alex

    Love Georgia. But aren't they behaving like little Soviet Union when they don't let Abkhazia and N.Ossetia to become independent? After all, it was Georgian dictator Josef Stalin (Dzhugashvili) who forcibly attached these small nations to Georgia during Soviet times. Georgia has every right to be independent from Russia, as well as those nations have every right to be independent from Georgia.
    I don't really get people. There are much bigger issues for all of us. Hate politicians.

    • Dennis

      Alex how would you feel if you and 80% of the population that lives in your country/region were forced to move out due to war and then that region would be proclaimed as an independent state of the minority who lives there? Those people have a right to be independent? First they should let us(im one of the refugee from Abkhazia region) come back to our homes there, and then we can vote whether we want to be independent or not. This is how it should be. I have all the rights to live where my home is and where my grandparents are buried. As simple as that.

      • Lawrence Johnson

        Dennis, remember that those people you claim are natives of ABKHAZIA actually stole the homes of native Abkhazians whom the Georgians helped the Russians murder, rape, loot, and deport from their native homes. There is tons of evidence to support these facts and your own historians openly have talked about and apologized for these events. Please see the following link for proof from your own archives of your people's atrocities:

        Since you are obviously back in your homeland now, why don't you consider the fact that hundreds of thousands of native Abkhazians are not in their own homeland and deserve the unequivocal right to return to theirs? How would you feel if Abkhazians squatted in Georgian homes and lands and then claimed it all for themselves to the world? Not very good, I would imagine. That said, don't be a hypocrite. Thanks.

      • moshe

        Right. So, because the Abkhaz were a minority in their own country, it wasn't their country anymore? Give me a break! You can come back to "your" home in Abkhazia when all the Abkhaz girls raped and murdered by Gamzakhurdia's bandit soldiery come back to life.

        • Sergo

          On the matter of girl and child raping – you should know no one can compete with the Abkhaz bandits and murderers .. oh, I mean with the Abkhaz glorious independence fighters.

          Kartvelians (Georgians) have lived on the territory of modern Abkhazia for many many centuries, sharing that land with the other ethnic groups. Political divisions and affiliations were different throughout the centuries. The Abkhaz were massacred in 19th century by the Russian tsarist army. This is no excuse for slaughtering the Georgians in the 20th by the Abkhaz and the Russians.

          What has led to war was that the Georgian populations was completely ignored by the Abkhaz government. Not only that, the Georgian population was literally annihilated. The fact is Georgia will not let go of Abkhazia and will not recognize the ethnic cleansing as a legitimate way of establishing an independent nation. No one in his right mind should.

  • crackerjack

    Saakascwili led his nation into ruin at the orders of his Washington neo-con thinktank benefactors and with the help of Israel's arms industry. The US wanted to weaken Russia in the caucasus, Israel wanted to sell arms.

    The Georgians payed the price when it came to the crunch and Washington backdown while Israel halted arms deliverys and renewed it ties with Moskow to prevent a SS20 deal with Iran, the Israeli born defense minister fleeing the country.

    Georgia must be carefull not to once again let itself be manipulated into an agenda against its own interests. Russia is Georgias overpowering neighbour and peace and prosperity in Georgia can only come with good relations to Russia.

    • steve

      Some body who knows what is reality. If Georgia wants to be independent for much longer it better think who to be close to and work with otherwise it will be once again part of Russia regardless because know one not even NATO can save them from there big brother next door .NATO openly told the Georgians this after the war they clear stated that NATO would not go to WAR with Russia for anybody..

    • Charlie

      Unfortunately, they have yet to learn this lesson for themselves. Think about it. Once the tie eater is done with his time in office, he will just scoot off to Europe or some Pacific Island with his stolen millions and enjoy his life while his country continues their rapid descent into chaos. I fear Georgia has bitten off way more than it can chew in regards to its devil's dance with the West.

    • moshe

      Uhuh. And the part where Ossetin bandits snuck across the border every week to kill Georgians should just be ignored, huh? I suppose the part where a hot-blooded (imagine that!) Georgian president faced with yet another set of grieving widows (you do recall that police car blown up the day before the war started, yeah?) finally thumped his fist on the table and ordered the army to rocket Tsinkhvali was all an American and Israeli plot.

    • Ghostwriter

      crackerjack,that sounds like something that Oliver Stone or Noam Chomsky would say. Their fantasies of American and Israeli evil must be something you like.


    America's hands are tied, can't do much of anything for Georgia or much for Israel concerning Iran due to our continued untenable position in Afghanistan. Russia has the US over a barrel for as long as we stay in Afghanistan. US needs to do a complete demolition of our Military material in county, pull out over night (as fast as possible) and then leave a note that the only thing returning are missiles aimed at every leader that is involved in attacks against Americans… Than America would be free to react to aggression to our Friend Georgia and let Russia know that a nuclear Iran is and will be a land of bomb creators, if Russian Soldiers lay dead in them then so be it!

    • jstuxx

      Then the whole world should team up to destroy America if thats the way its gonna act. America worry about your own problems: your economy is failing fast, so is the EU's but America does not care because its just a pawn in the Zionists game

  • penny lane

    Why should Russia be itching for a war with a nation it has just defeated? Russia went in and won its war within hours, and set the rules in its favour, which is more than can be said for any Western intervention over the past decades. The Red Army has settled this affair once and for all times.

    • moshe

      Because the Russian army sucks, corruption is out of control, Putin is losing populatrity and the economy is tanking. Nothing like a nice short war against a helpless "enemy" to rally the troops to the flag. Russia won the war primarily because the North Caucasus Military District alone has more troops than the entire Georgian Army.

      • Omega

        Nice set of cliches. Even the raw fact like the win at that conflict is not enough for you.
        I bet you'll be surprised to know that almost all of the statements above are false.
        Seems like these 'facts' are the last genuine product made in USA.

        • moshe

          1) The russian army sucks — this is a fact. The glorious victors of the war in Georgia could not shoot, move and communicate at the same time. Their air force couldn't hit jack, either. Their gear was obsolete in 1989, much less today. I will give them this much credit — they don't suck anywhere as bad as they did in 1995

          2) Putin is losing popularity — if this is not a fact, why did he win by a much smaller margin than previously and why did his party almost fail to get a majority in the Duma?

          3) The force ratio between the Georgians and the North Caucasus Military District is a matter of a few google searches.

          Where do you get your news, RTV? Actually, you probably do…

  • Irakli

    @ ALEX, Russians and even Abkhazians haven't had courage so far to say such nonsense as you do. Stalin had never ''forcibly attached these small nations to Georgia during Soviet times''. There is no such fact as attaching these regions to Georgia, they have been always (thats about 6000 years) home for Georgians, and of course have always been the Georgian Kingdom. In fact, Soviets are who started the separation of these regions from Georgia.
    Georgians wish Stalin did more for his home country.

    • David

      You're twisting the truth for your own purposes and judging by your name, you are clearly a Georgian with an axe to grind. In defense of Abkhazia and Ossetia (Alania), let me say that you are clearly lying about the "6000 years of history". The modern nation of "Georgia" did not exist in the past, and the current territory it claims is theirs was comprised of numerous smaller states which did not have friendly relations with one another for centuries. That said, Abkhazia actually was a medieval kingdom which had control over said territories at one point in history, with the support of the Byzantine Empire. Afterwards, the Abkhaz and Kartvelians (notice I only mention this group alone, not Mingrelians, Svans, Laz or whatever other groups your people claim are yours) attempted a political union which manifested into a joint kingdom for sometime. But thanks to pitiful efforts to maintain this situation, the political union here disintegrated. Georgians actively fought with Russians against Abkhazians and other North Caucasus during the Russo-Caucasians Wars, which means they participated in their genocide and exile from their homelands. When Abkhazia was emptied from its native peoples, Georgians were encouraged to flood their empty homes and lands and squat on them (mostly Mingrelians). Fast forward to 1920s, Abkhazia was declared a state, so was Georgia, and others around them. Why then, did Stalin (aka Djugashvili, a Georgian Jew), force Abkhazia and other nations around it into this newly created Georgian Republic? For purely selfish reasons. That said, those refugees that you claim were evicted from their homes merely took the homes of the true natives whose descendants are currently languishing in places like the Middle East and Turkey. Your people cried foul when those same refugees (who are now 4th or 5th generation!) were brought back. You have a pitiful group in Georgia operating under the name "Experts Club" which uses rumors and libel to publish "expert" articles on such things. Your media is suppressed, and your people are not allowed to gain knowledge of anything that counterargues your neo-nationalist claims. It's high time you let go of this severely crippling ego problem and attitude and dropped your outlandish and unfounded claims on lands and peoples that you have no right to. The Abkhazians still exist and number more than a million. Much like how it is a tragedy that the Kurdish nation numbers over 80 million and do not have a state of their own, your people are hypocritical in their dealings with the West and not allowing their so called "Caucasian brothers" and neighbors to have the same luxury of freedom that you now enjoy. What else but to call you two-faced? Your nation is one of the laughingstocks of Europe, and your Misha clearly cares more about buying high end ties to eat in Milan rather than catering to the people he supposedly serves. I really wish your people would stop perpetuating these lies about yourselves. We all know what you are and what you have done. Give it up already, and allow the Caucasus to live in peace. Georgia and Russia are both the biggest reasons why there is no peace there now. p.s. the West only cares about Georgia for economic and political reasons, nothing more. They will throw you away like a used rag once they're done with you or your natural resources are depleted first. Consider this point carefully.

      • moshe

        You were doing pretty well until you brought up the "Stalin was a Jew" canard. Stalin, may I remind you, attended a church school and went on to study in a seminary before dropping out and becoming a communist. The communism didn't take — from 1941 on he had a personal priest and a private chapel in the Kremlin. The leader of an atheist state and the object of a massive cult of personality took Russian Orthodox communion daily.

      • Irakli

        Yes, I am Georgian, and I know my origin, my roots, and the history of my country. And, who are you?
        If you know how to read, 6000 years was not related to modern Georgia in my comment.
        1. The understanding, that Abkhatians, Kartvelians, MEngrelians, Svans (and others your clearly have no idea about) lived in different kingdoms, at any time of the history is already the forgotten ideological lie created during the soviet union to deattach the people living in modern Georgia.
        2. The term Abkhazian means Georgian, as Mengrelian, as Svan (Mengrelian and Laz is the same by the way).
        3. Abkhazia was never declared as state, especially in 20s when Georgia regained its independence.
        4. Georgians have never fought with Russians during Russo-Caucasians Wars, because of the very simple reason, Georgia was defending from Arab, Turkish, Mongolian nations, and the same time protecting north Caucasus from their invasion, FOR CENTURIES.
        5. ''Georgian nationalism'' is the most stupid thing in your comment, even more than Jew Stalin! Do you know how many nations, religious groups live in Georgia? Do you know how many non-Christian churches are in Georgia? and do you know since when? Long before the so call Renaissance occurred in Europe! and definitely before Russians came down from trees to live on the ground.
        Therefore, you are the typical victim of harmful ideology. I am the Georgian and Abkhazian and Mengrelian, from Abkhazia, from Georgia, respecting and loving all the nations living in OUR home country.

      • Irakli

        Yes, I am Georgian, and I know my origin, my roots, and the history of my country. And, who are you?
        If you know how to read, 6000 years was not related to modern Georgia in my comment.
        1. The understanding, that Abkhatians, Kartvelians, MEngrelians, Svans (and others your clearly have no idea about) lived in different kingdoms, at any time of the history is already the forgotten ideological lie created during the soviet union to deattach the people living in modern Georgia.
        2. The term Abkhazian means Georgian, as Mengrelian, as Svan (Mengrelian and Laz is the same by the way).
        3. Abkhazia was never declared as state, especially in 20s when Georgia regained its independence.
        4. Georgians have never fought with Russians during Russo-Caucasians Wars, because of the very simple reason, Georgia was defending from Arab, Turkish, Mongolian nations, and the same time protecting north Caucasus from their invasion, FOR CENTURIES.
        5. ''Georgian nationalism'' is the most stupid thing in your comment, even more than Jew Stalin! Do you know how many nations, religious groups live in Georgia? Do you know how many non-Christian churches are in Georgia? and do you know since when? Long before the so call Renaissance occurred in Europe! and definitely before Russians came down from trees to live on the ground.
        Therefore, you are the typical victim of harmful ideology. I am the Georgian and Abkhazian and Mengrelian, from Abkhazia, from Georgia, respecting and loving all the nations living in OUR home country.

        • moshe

          Oh give me a break! Abkhaz are Georgian the way the Scots are English. The Abkhaz dutchy was part of the Georgian kingdom the way the Scots were part of the English kingdom, too. You know your history. Your problem is that you refuse to know the other guy's history, too. Idiocy like yours is what caused the war in the first place. All the Abkhaz wanted in 1989 was AUTONOMY. Then idiots like you came along with the "Abkhaz are Georgians" crap and next thing you know Cossack mercenaries were kicking severed Georgian heads around Gagra while Georgians were shooting down helicopters full of Abkhaz women and children in violation of a declared ceasefire.

          Have you learned NOTHING from this?

          • Irakli

            I really feel that we should indeed have done what we are blabed of doing, then we would not have any problem. anyway we are blamed.
            I was born in Abkhazia in 1983, my birth certificate says Autonomus Republic of Abkhazia. all they wanted in 1989 was INDEPENDENCE without asking 300.000 native Georgians including me. Do you get it now you really idiot?! you dont know the simple things and you gonna teach me history?
            The ignorance as yours and Georgian extreme and stupid hospitality is the reason of war.

          • moshe

            I was there in 1988, fool. I know who wanted what. It was an Autonomous Republic of the USSR. We both know that term meant nothing by 1989.

          • Irakli

            You are indeed and ignorante idot! Autonomus Republic of USSR? You are dahm. In addition, Unlike sauth osetia, nobody canceled the status of Abkhazia after fall of USSR. Do you know who assined Ardzimba? First president of Georgia. He also changed the balance in the parliament, there were 28 native abkhaz and 27 native georgian members. we did everything to feel them secure. There were abkhazian schools, theatres, 95% of hihgest positions were occupied by native abkhazians, and I must stress here that we have never gone against that. Nobody was going to take anything from
            Abkhaz people. but for the idiots like you and the buncher of people who wanted to punish Georgia it was not enough. The problem started ONLY after they started to proclaim independence. this was the last point of no return. idiots like you, and the abkhaz pepople must know, no georgian will ever let go Abkhazia!
            Who the hell are you anyway, why dont you no the reality if you were there?

  • wctaqiyya

    Mr. Mauro, in your scattered and confused post you first claim the Russians are 'planning' a military strike against Iran followed in a subsequent paragraph with the claim that Russia may provide aid to Iran. Confused much? Further, the evidence' you use in support of your scattered claims is very weak. Certainly, if the Russians discovered those weapons caches, it only shows that they are serious about combating terrorism. As any observer knows, terrorists in the Caucuses region have been and continue to be a perfectly legitimate concern for Russia. The Caucuses are adjacent to Russia and is a region full of valuable resources. The stability of that area is a vital Russian interest. If America focused on her southern border like Russia does on hers, we might not have as many problems with a corrupt and unstable Mexico, uncontrolled immigration, drugs and gang violence. But American leaders would rather spend trillions trying to build civilizations in places that make stones cry. Go figure.

  • andor

    Ryan Mauro is a fellow with, the founder of and a frequent national security analyst for Fox News Channel.
    Mr. Mauro is an Islamophobic contributor to the Faux News.
    No wonder the entire piece is lie built on false facts and faulty suppositions.
    Thanks to the readers' contributions, some Americans may start thinking for themselves instead of swallow Mr. Mauro's swill.

  • Alex

    The author raves.

  • nameless_hero

    OMG, Ryan Mauro paranoidal liars like you is the real threat to the world security.

  • Алексей

    кушать подано,жрите помои и не отвлекайтесь…..чем больше такого вранья будут печатать в штатах,тем быстрее они загнутся.Быстрее чем СССР….с приветом из Сибири

    • moshe

      Da, konechno. A na RTV chistaya pravda. Da zdravstvuyet Bat'ka Putin, veliki kormchii vseh vremen in narodov!

      Avtor stat'yi zdorovo uproschayet situatziyu. No eto ne znachit chto on lzhet.

  • Maxim

    Вам, русским, следует надолго заткнуть рты, а заодно поработать над грамматикой родного языка, учебники которой, как и все значительные достижения русской культуры, создали для вас инородцы. Вас коллективно необходимо отдать под трибунал за интервенцию всех республик бывшего Советского Союза с выплатой репараций в размере многих миллиардов. Пейте дальше!

    • qwerty

      +1 !

    • Alex

      Что же инородцы вам то ничего не создали?

  • Good Samaritan

    So much hatred for what? I just read a few comments up there, and it was like from the racist joke where nationals of different countries meet and brat about each others problems, unfortunately this one was for real. Armenians blaming Georgians, Georgians blaming Russians, Israelis blaming Muslims and so on…

    I just need to sort a few facts out :

    Few words About Armenian "blockade" – I have a revelation for you, there was no such thing in history. During 90's Georgian population was totally in the same situation. Famine, Cold winters, inflation, Civil War, Corruption, Gangs, warlords, in other words Georgia had an all inclusive.
    With regards to some obnoxiously delirious hypothesis, which states that Stalin somehow attached Abkhazia and S. Ossetia to Georgia, Just few facts – Georgia was annexed by Soviets in 1921, In 1937-38 without any exception Georgian intelligentsia was purged under direct order issued by Stalin (As it happened in every other Soviet Republic) – Abkhazia and S. Ossetia ( BTW proper name for this territory is Samachablo) where Kingdoms of Georgia. And everybody that states that Georgia is behaving as an imperialist has probably no idea about the number of people that fled those territories during the war! Let me enlighten you than, total number of IDPs that fled from Abkhazia and S. Ossetia is 253 thousand, when population in both separatist regions is not more than 200 thousand. If it really was for self determination it would be totally different story, but when you have families scattered in temporary shelters for decades waiting to return to their homeland to their own houses, where they were born, than the whole notion of imperialism instantly collapses.

    Muslim threat and USA:

    I hate it when someone starts to trigger this racist and provocative speeches about different Nationalities or even Cultures – God help us all to avoid the reality that was predicted by S. Huntington in his very known book.
    Moshe this one is directed to you – I believe you have some Israeli origin, I solely base my assumption on your nickname, so if I'm wrong excuse me, however this is not the point. The Muslims as you stated are not the Threat, radicals and fundamentalist are, and you can trace them in any society not only in some precise group. So please refrain from such sentences.

    Allying with United States: – I don't know if you ever heard about the term Bandwagoning (International Relations), but this is the case with US and Georgia. When you have a threat like Russia you definitely need a countermeasure for that even if that means only diplomatic support and no guaranties for military aid, you need someone who can match imperialist giant like that. In other words when you can see the picture clearly you can obviously understand why choice fell on the U.S.

    So I just really want to ask you all to read the facts before writing infuriating comments and make a fool of yourself.

  • саня

    Вы придурки прозападные. Хватит тявкать как маленькие обиженные девочки, сколько можно слушать подобную ересь? Это все политика а СМИ их инструмент, и так было во все времена и во всех странах. Когда нибудь люди доиграются, что кроме тараканов на земле ни чего не останется! Кстати единственной проблеммой Руси нашей всегда был заподно дерьмократический оскал, это ракавая опухаль нашей планеты.Ее надо вырезать!!!

  • andor

    Good Samaritan, "Abkhazia and S. Ossetia ( BTW proper name for this territory is Samachablo) where Kingdoms of Georgia."
    Abkhazia was conquered by the Roman Empire, by Byzantium, by Persia, by Arabs.. Finally, in the 6th Century AD Abkhazia became an independent kingdom.. The Abkhazian king was called the Sovereign of Abkhazety, Cartveli and Armenians. Later, in the 16th Century, Turkey was trying again to gain a foothold in the region… there were numerous anti-Turkish uprising.. Eventually in 1810 Abkhazian Dukedom joined Russian Empire. In 1917, right after the Revolution, Georgian Mensheviks seized power in Abkhazia. In 1920, after the civil war and uprisings, Abkhazia was transferred to the Georgian Republic according to the Moscow Peace Treaty. In 1990 Abhazia was declared an independent Republic, and when in 1991 Georgia declared independence of the USSR , Abkhazia chose to stay with Russia. Georgia demanded they abide by the Constitution of 1921, but Abkhazia refused, and Georgia invaded it, provoking the armed conflict. Abkhazia asked Russia to allow them to join Russia, but Russia was firm in refusing the annexation. Only after the US separated Kosovo from Serbia, Putin decided to make that separation "the universal precedent", and agreed to support the Abkhazian independence.

  • Kabud

    Russian top defence officials and rocket engeneer confirmed that

    Russia is going to built 3 times more ICBMs
    (to attack USA,. there is no other application than nuclear attack on USA for ICBM)

    And that Russia is 10-15 years ahead THE WORLD, ahead of everybody in development of THE NEW STRATEGIC NUCLEAR WEPONS(meaning 3rd and 4th generation like super EMP bombs)….

    а будет еще больше. теперь кажется очевидно для чего.

    <<Поставки ракет стратегического назначения <<Тополь-М>>, <<Ярс>>, <<Авангард>>

    возрастут в три раза>>,

    — сказал глава Минобороны о поставках вооружений в 2011–2015 годах по
    сравнению с предыдущими пятью годами.

    Именно в разработке стратегических ядерных вооружений

    Россия опережает другие страны на 10–15 лет,

    это утверждает генеральный конструктор МИТ Юрий Соломонов,
    разрабатывавший твердотопливные ракеты <<Тополь-М>>, <<Ярс>> и <<Булава>>.

    • Thor

      это та булава которая запускается 50%-50% :)
      да она у вас вообше летает ? :))))))
      еще фобос грунт чут на москву не рухнул….
      делайте такие ракети сами себя уничтожите :))))
      чем больше тем лучше русня :)))

    • iber

      все дело в том, что ракеты – это единственная гарантия от вторжения пендосов и их европейских марионеток (наТО) в ЛЮБУЮ страну. Считать умеете? Сербия, Ирак, Ангола, Алжир, Гвинея, Ливия.

  • temour

    andor: "The Abkhazian king was called the Sovereign of Abkhazety, Cartveli and Armenians. Later, in the 16th Century, Turkey was trying again to gain a foothold in the region… there were numerous anti-Turkish uprising".
    It means that Georgia, Armenia and who knows who else were part of Abkhazia. Unfortunatelly I am in a hurry and unable to go in wordy explanations, but what is for sure I cant really keep loughing. It was simply georgian king David Aghmashenebeli's title .

  • Kiel

    It's unfortunate that Mr. Mauro forgot to mention about Putin eats Georgian infants for breakfast. The article seems incomplete without that indubitable fact.

  • dfs

    Автор некомпетентен и тенденциозен.

  • Егор

    Ну просто офигеть)))). Сколько говна в американских сми. Мда… Поддержу Алексея – разваливается нравственность США. Чтож, пусть им будет уроком;)!

  • Вячеслав

    Нравственность в США – это когда хорошо США, а США хорошо когда всем плохо – факт.

  • Igvel

    Нравственность для США – это количество денег.

  • jstuxx

    Everyone here is such a hypocrite, USA is supporting Kosovo which has always been Serbian and never Albanian. If Kosovo can be Independent then why not Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Kurdistan, Tibet, Chechnya, Texas, California, Arizona, Nevada etc.

  • moshe

    Great, now we have Armenian conspiracism here, too. The Georgians have been acting like total idiots, but "US supplies to Chechen groups" and "US is in Turkey's pocket"??? Get serious! American junk in the hands of chechens means nothing — private individuals living in America can buy assault rifles and night vision goggles as easily as you can buy tomatoes at a bazar in Yerevan.

  • Serafino

    I read it somewhere that denial is the deadliest form of delay. Wise words. It seems like the world is drowning in denial everywhere you look. Irakli, I can't help you see things in true light if you and others like you keep shoving your heads into sand. I know that it is politically incorrect to say that some nations have contributed more than others into the world heritage, but nonetheless it is true. I am not scoring points in a popularity contest here. With the advent of the Internet, people have no excuse to remain ignorant. So, go ahead and dig into the web to find out for yourself what your beloved Georgia's "accomplishments" are: systemic and persistent discrimination against its neighbors, economic blocade imposed on Armenia since 1993, pressuring Armenians who live(d) in Georgia to assume Georgian names, claiming all credit for all major accomplishments achieved by non-Georgians in Georgia, etc. What does the world know of Georgia? How about any notable Georgians? Tbilisi was largely an Armenian city before commies took over. Here is a foreigner's account. Writes LUIGI VILLARI (1876 – 1959), an Italian historian, traveler and diplomat, author of number of books including Russia under the Great Shadow

  • Eva

    How distasteful of you. Before you practice sarcasm in the comfort of your home, let me give you a few pointers regarding your "homegrown" commentaries. Millions of Armenians suffered needless and brutal living conditions specifically because of the actions of the Georgian Government from the early 90's until the present time. The gas pipeline supplying heat to Armenia was cut off, as was the electric grid and the railroad connection. Armenian population endured three bitterly cold winters when many elderly residents died. People starved and many became permanently ill. My parents were among them. This is not some political studies class taught by an aging hippie in some American college. This is a reality for me and millions of Armenians. It is convenient and chic for people like you to play an expert in matters of some distant foreign land, but for us it is a reality. Georgians are lucky to enjoy the protectorate of the United States – my new home that I love dearly. But the fact remains that they have often throughout history acted as aggressors towards their neighbors, including Christian Armenians.

  • Irakli

    You got to be kidding Eva! Seriously?! Georgia cut off the gas to Armenia in 90s?! If you recall, after the fall of soviet union, which was in 90s, gas was cut off to whole south Caucasus, by your beloved Russians. But of course you are convinced, again by your beloved Russians that they sent the gas but we cut off the transit. This is very typical for them, they want you to be angry on your neighbor Georgia, which is the home country for the huge population Armenians. You should know, that after war in 2008, Georgia opened the border with Russia, only for the reason that goods could be transferred to Armenia.
    Armenia has horrible relations to every neighbor around except Georgia, and you really do not understand what dose it mean to you. So please, read more than the books where its written that Shota Rustaveli was Armenian.

  • moshe

    So, what part of "Georgians have been acting like total idiots" do you have an objection to? I AGREE WITH YOU, fool woman! The Georgians seem to have forgotten that America is 3000 miles away, while Russia adjoins their northern border. They have also forgotten that last time around there were only 200,000 of them left when the Russians finally agreed, after almost a century of pleading, to come save them from extermination at the hands of the Turks. What I objected to was idiotic conspiracism claiming that America is arming the Chechens or that American foreign policy in Central Asia is dictated from Ankara.

    I have news for you — America does not HAVE a foreign policy. America just twitches randomly based on momentary emotions and transient stimuli. Since Americans know NOTHING about any country outside their own borders, every single action they take in foreign policy is almost certain to be harmful. This is why it would be best for the whole world if America simply stopped interfering in developments outside its own borders.

  • moshe

    Yes, the Russians want their empire back and they are a bunch of shark-like ruthless imperialist bastards. How is this surprising? This is how they ended up controlling 11 time zones. Do you expect the bear to change his fur just because he changed his flag? For that matter, it's the flag of Peter the Great nowadays. That's hardly a non-imperialist statement.

    The real question is, why does your government antagonize the Russians needlessly when you should be worrying about the Moslems? Do you think America will protect you? They'll protect you the way they protected South Vietnam!

    If you want to see what a sensible Georgian foreign policy towards Russia would look like, look no further than Finland.

  • moshe

    Stop it. Next thing you will say that Rustaveli was Armenian.

    You want to know why Armenia and Georgia control countries the size of postage stamps, while the rest of your homelands have been stolen by Moslems? Look no further than this thread!