Kim Jong-Un’s Deal for Survival

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There are at least 200,000 political prisoners living in North Korea’s concentration camps, though it can be argued that almost every North Korean is a prisoner. The former chief of security at Camp 22, Kwon Hyok, oversaw the torturing and murdering of its 50,000 residents. Now freed from the brainwashing the regime captured his mind with, he talks about the evils he took part in.

Hyok describes how he watched an entire family enter a gas chamber as scientists observed their painful deaths. “The parents were vomiting and dying, but til the very last moment, they tried to save [the] kids by doing mouth-to-mouth breathing,” he said. He admits that he felt no sympathy for his victims. He believed they were enemies of the country and responsible for all its ills.

A former prisoner named Soon Ok-lee tells a story of how a guard gave him a bag of cabbage and instructed him to find 50 healthy women at his camp. He watched as those he selected died in agony over 20 minutes.  Kim Hye Sook was imprisoned at age 13 and escaped at age 41. She likewise speaks of mothers killing and eating their children in order to survive, use of child slave labor and executions.

A former special forces commando named Im Chun-yong confirms that chemical and biological weapons are tested on children and the disabled at 5 locations at least. He says that his commander was forced to hand over his 12-year-old daughter who was mentally-handicapped, never to see her again. A U.N. official named Kim Sang-hun has interviewed hundreds of North Koreans who managed to escape. “Human experimentation is a widespread practice,” he asserts.

The U.S. role in rescuing North Korea’s population cannot stop here. The aid will only alleviate the famine to a limited degree. There are plenty of stories of cannibalism. In 2003, one refugee explained, “If a funeral takes place during the day and the burial is performed that evening, the grave may be dug open and the body stolen before morning.”

It would be a mistake to think that this agreement means North Korea doesn’t pose a threat to the West. It is armed to the teeth and is a paradise for terrorists, rogue states and criminals looking to buy weapons or lethal operatives on the black market. The regime is allied to Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Burma and any other anti-American customer. Recently, Kim Jong-Un visited the artillery station that fired on a South Korean island in 2010. He saluted those who “turned Yeonpyeong Island in flames.”

The North Korean population is increasingly challenging the regime, and the information blockade that has sustained the cult-like atmosphere is crumbling. The U.S. must use its leverage to alleviate the population’s oppression as much as possible.

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    I thought the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome. Once again, our illustrious State Department, which is about as useless as tits on a boar, is going to fall for the same old trick for the umpteenth time and come to the rescue to save the communist dictatorship from collapse.

    Look it's pretty easy, the only agreement the State Department should ever consider would be an agreement whereby in return for N. Korea letting us in to dismantle its nuclear weapons arsenal and nuclear weapons and missile programs, the USA would provide financial and food aid to help the regime survive.

    By the way, I didn't read this article because of the writer. I read the title. That's good enough for him.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Isn't there something missing in the way we play North Korea and it's people who are under no less
      a vile dictator in Un-human as Hussein of Iraq, Gadaffi of Lybia and Assad of Syria. Where is
      Obama the grand defender of the people when the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood are not
      in play? Could the entire Middle East be hypocrisy on a scale never seen before………or is it
      impossible to define leading from behind…………………………………William

  • Amused

    That communist dictatorship , is nowhere near collapse.Nor will anything we do bring about a collapse . It cares not if it considered a pariah , it cares about NOTHING except perpetuating itself , and will go to any legnths to survive . The starvation of its population notwithstanding .Any US aid going there will be considered by the peope as coming from Dear Leader ….of that you can be sure ….Kim-Jung-Un will make sure of that .THERE IS NO CREDIBLE OPPOSITION in existence there . Nor will there be . So what is the goal here ? Short term quid pro quo / food for N.Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions and sales .

  • Bertram Cabot Jr.

    Charlie Brown meet football

  • umustbkidding

    What do they say about old dogs? You can't teach them new tricks.

    Of course the communist party of Democrats will just love to comply. AND we are talking Clinton era to Clinton aren't we?

  • Amused

    No, you're " talkin ' " out your arsehole .

  • Bamaguje

    With the much more heinous North Korean atrocities, Mrs Clinton et al are worried about Syria.
    For all their human experimentation, North Korea is not known for any medical advances.

  • John

    Uncle Sucker rides to the rescue again.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama and Clinton will support a Communist tyranical government without any considerations, they are
    made just as a cover for the duped tax payers. A Murder Inc. government in North Korea is the leftist dream,
    they starve their people intentionally, keep them in poverty intentionally and will never let up, only the
    military is allowed to have a measure above the average. South Koreans are about four inches taller
    than their unfortunate neighbors to the North, just a sickening situation, something drastic should be
    done to end it……………………………………………………………………..William

  • Jon Clark

    Barry Hussein Soetoro, is leader of the hate-America movement. He wants USA to be a 3rd world country like his naive Kenya. So he helps our enemies. 9 more months of him and he's out.

  • guest

    This "agreement" has nothing to do with how many N Koreans are starving, or anything else for that matter… the Mullahs are planning a nuclear event(s), and soon – they have told us so!

    The N Koreans care nothing for starving N Koreans. What they do care about is American reaction when nuclear devices start going off in America, and around the world. The N Koreans have worked in concert with the Iranians to develop and test a functional nuclear bomb.

    What the N Koreans seek is to be able to throw up their hands and scream: "we didn't do it" – they seek, and have been given plausible deny-ability. Thanks to the Red in the White House – the fourth most wonderful President in U.S. history.

    How bad is it?

    According to the most recent IAEA report Iran has 4922 kg of low enriched uranium – Iran's stated goal was to enrich to 20% U235 enrichment – the lower bound of what is considered Low Enriched Uranium.

    Using these numbers 20% of 4922kg = 984kg of 100% Highly Enriched U235. The Hiroshima bomb used 69kg of HEU, but more recently the six South African bombs used only 50kg per bomb. That means that the Iranians have enough Highly Enriched Uranium – using the South African numbers – for roughly 19 devices!

    Say good bye to the carriers, and lots of cities.

  • guest

    Second to the last paragraph is: "- the lower bound of what is considered Low Enriched Uranium."
    Should have been: "- the upper bound of what is considered Low Enriched Uranium."