Last Shots Fired Before New Hampshire

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The Republican presidential candidates debated on Saturday night and Sunday morning in a last bid to influence the outcome of Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire. Romney emerged unscathed from the first event, but suffered a double-teaming from Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum in the second as the two sought to chip at his double-digit lead in the state.

Suffolk University has Romney with 35% of the vote in New Hampshire, followed by Ron Paul (20%), Jon Huntsman (11%), Newt Gingrich (9%), Rick Santorum (8%) and Rick Perry with less than one percent. American Research Group likewise finds Romney with a huge lead at 40%, but differs on the rest. ARG has Huntsman in second (17%) followed by Paul (16%), Santorum (12%), Gingrich (8%) and Perry (1%). Romney is expected to win comfortably, but it is hard to predict how everyone else will perform. That made these two debates especially important for those vying to be the alternative to Romney.

Rick Santorum is now a top-tier candidate and performed like one, speaking powerfully and with an impressive amount of detail and facts. Arguably his best moment was when a moderator on Sunday asked him how he’d react if he had a son who told him that he was gay. Santorum replied, “I’d love him just as much as the second before he told me.”

On national security, Santorum reiterated that the Iranian regime’s ideology makes it different than the Soviet Union and that the U.S. should have long been supporting the Iranian people seeking to overthrow it. He said that the Iranian people “love America” because of how it stands up for freedom. He decried the Obama administration’s refusal to identify the enemy, specifically how it rid policy documents of the term, “radical Islam.”

Santorum went on the offensive against Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. He said that the former had never passed any legislation and that his domestic agenda would never get through Congress, but he could implement his less popular foreign policy agenda. “All that Republicans like about him, he can’t accomplish and all the things that worry them, he will do on day one,” he said.

Santorum contrasted himself with Romney by saying that he ran on his principles in a 71% Democratic district and won, whereas Romney “ran to the left of Kennedy” and lost. He reacted to Romney’s boasting of his record as governor by asking him why he “bailed out” and didn’t run for re-election if he did so well. Santorum was hinting at Romney’s low approval rating in Massachusetts.

Newt Gingrich, as usual, spoke eloquently and with detail. He accused the media of having a double-standard by reporting on alleged Christian bigotry but not on anti-Christian bigotry, winning a huge applause. On national security, he warned that there would be an “industrial depression across the world in 48 hours”  if Iran shuts down the Strait of Hormuz. He listed the various problems facing the U.S. in the Middle East, specifically the “decaying” of Iraq, the Muslim Brotherhood electoral victories in Egypt and the uncertainty over who will lead Libya.

Gingrich called for a “fundamentally new strategy” based on the Cold War model to change the Middle East that would use soft power more than military force. He said that the solution for Afghanistan is found in Pakistan and Iran and that Iraq “will be fine” if the Iranian regime is overthrown. Gingrich said that a massive energy independence program is needed to stop the Saudi exporting of Wahhabism and that two-thirds of the money saved would go to paying off the deficit and one-third would be invested in infrastructure if he becomes president.

Gingrich clashed bitterly with Paul and Romney. On Saturday, Paul said that he still considers Gingrich to be a “chickenhawk” that avoided serving in Vietnam but is willing to send young men and women to die in wars. Gingrich replied that Paul has a “long history of saying things that are inaccurate and false” and that he was ineligible for the draft.

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  • RINO Romney

    The real Romney?

    Issue Brief #2

    Romney’s Rap Sheet

    Subject: Romney Willard Mitt


    Subject Romney has been arrested on two occasions, in Massachusetts and Michigan and per Utah law enforcement been verbally abusive with sheriff’s deputy there. Known associates are currently under investigation for impersonating a police officer and fraud and money laundering…

    More (names, specifics, newspaper references) at:

    Did Romney berate two persons authorized to direct traffic? Did Romney engage in an obscenity laced tirade? Was a volunteer involved? Did Romney drop the f-bomb twice? Did Romney berate an officer?

    Did the cops tell the truth, or did Romney?

    And what about the “known associates” the article speaks of?

    Can Romney blame this on the Massachussetts Democrat Party? Honestly, did the MA Dem Party plant those officers and tell them what to say?

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Obviously the Obama campaign already sees the writing on the wall, as they are out in full force trying to smear Romney already.

      Man….reading that rap sheet was hilarious. Hell….most priests and pastors I know have worse rap sheets than that!

      • RINO Romney


        I am no Dimwit-o-crat. I just don’t care for RINOs like RINO Romney.

        So, do you believe the cops or not? If the cops are telling the truth, I guess you don’t care. I guess Romney could do no wrong with you then if it is all true.

        BTW, your comparing Romney and priests and pastors rap sheets is a bogus Tu Quo Que argument. Try again. Epic Fail on your part.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          I am no Dimwit-o-crat. I just don't care for RINOs like RINO Romney.

          And I'm the tooth fairy.

          Moreover, according to you who is more conservative than Romney? For instance, Romney is the only candidate still left in the race that is against amnesty for illegal immigrants under any and all circumstances, and with respect to all the other issues, with the exception of that flake Paul and that loon Huntsman, Romney is virtually identical to the other candidates, but at the same time much more capable, plus he is also not a career politician and Washington insider like the others. Hence, Romney is obviously the most conservative candidate left in the race, despite what you claim, which also demonstrates at the same time that you are really an Obama operative trying to discredit Romney anyway you can, and it is also obvious because you are not suggesting an alternative candidate, which is a dead give away, by the way. So remember that the next time.

          Of course, Romney is far and away not an ideal candidate by any stretch of the imagination, but considering who we have to choose from, he represents the best choice. As Newt is dirty, Santorum is the reincarnation of GWB on steroids, Perry is an embarrassment to himself and the state of Texas, Huntsman is a lobbyist for China more than he is a political candidate, and Paul should be locked away in a kook asylum.

          So, do you believe the cops or not? If the cops are telling the truth, I guess you don't care. I guess Romney could do no wrong with you then if it is all true.

          Give me a break, why should I believe the cops over Romney and a lot of them weren't cops, by the way? I mean it's their words against his words and all of their words were either dismissed outright by prosecutors or declined to be prosecuted. Like I said again I know priests, preachers, and pastors with worse criminal backgrounds than Romney. Not to mention that in the worse one – the false arrest – Romney sued, won, and had the records sealed. Give me a break; he has one of the cleanest arrest records I've ever seen.

          As for as Romney being barely associated at one time or another with people that later were alleged to have committed crimes, have you ever read the lists of people involved with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush, and John McCain that have been convicted of crimes. I promise you that those list are all astronomically far greater.

          Try again. Epic Fail on your part.

          Yeah right…epic fail.

          • Flipside

            A bigger fail than Gateway Pundit, Jim?

      • Asher

        1 in 5 Democrats have left the party and went Independant or Republican…Obama wants to draft Hillary for VP and have Biden step down…Don't be deceived….they are in major trouble….in spite of their spin……Get out and vote your Socks off! Numbers, Numbers, Numbers…..Unite and Oust this Dictator! Donna Brazille let the Cat out of the back on ABC debate….Of Course Obama wants the Weakest GOP candidate to run against….Romney!

  • Alexander Gofen

    This was an ugly scripted farce of the repooblican apparatchiks. These apparatchiks made a show as though they all want to defeat the opponent of the opposite party, but in fact they cooperated with the opponent Obama/Soetoro helping him to win again now, as they helped him in 2008.

    A honest contender wishing to win exposes every weaknesses of the opponent. As to the crimes of the opponent – to expose them is a must for any contender and honest citizen. All that is needed to defeat Obama/Soetoro is to expose that:

    1) He is not US natural born;
    2) He is an identity thief;
    3) He is a forger and fraud,

    (not to mention his numerous acts of treason).

    Any candidate prior to Obama/Soetoro would be ruined by only one of the above items. Yet all the so called front runners carefully evade to bring exactly those items that would definitely defeat their rival!

    Their evasion is particularly ugly and stupid now, when the investigation and prosecution (initiated by the patriots and heroes like Dr. Orly Taitz) has locked on the target. There is no way to hide the criminal evidences against the impostor any more. The judicial battle is in progress in NH, GA, NV and HI.

    The entire Republican party lost any remnants of decency and common sense if even now they maintain a taboo on such a gigantic file discrediting their formal opponent. This proves times and again that Republican party turned into a criminal enterprise, which will finally be prosecuted and thrown into a dustbin of history together with their Democratic associates.

    P.S. Today (1/9/12) a subpoena for Barack Obama to appear at trial in GA and produce certified vital records was forwarded to Obama's attorney Michael Jablonski. So far, it is not known if Obama will honor the subpoena or will move to quash it ( .

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Rick Santorum is really a carbon copy of GWB. Indeed, in response to 9/11, GWB like a Dhimmicrat on steroids doubled the size, scope, and power of the federal government and at the same time plunged America into two exceedingly counterproductive and incredibly fantasy based nation-building missions based on false PC multicultural myths and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims that inevitably turned into the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history, and Rick Santorum was right there every step of the way with GWB pushing and lobbying for it all. He also voted for GWB's “No Child Left Behind” and unfunded “Medicare Prescription Benefit.”

    In other words, like GWB, when it comes to everything other than social conservatism, Santorum is a compassionate conservative, i.e., stealth leftist, and big government liberal. Hence, the instant the economy headed south in 2008, federal deficits and the national debt both inevitably exploded through the roof as a direct result. Not to mention that we actually are far more vulnerable to violent jihad attacks today than we were prior to 9/11.

    He decried the Obama administration’s refusal to identify the enemy, specifically how it rid policy documents of the term, “radical Islam.”

    In addition, I also hate to rain on Santorum's gullible parade, but the existence of RADICAL ISLAM exactly like the existence of MODERATE ISLAM and EXTREMIST ISLAM are false PC multicultural myths of the kind that led to the two biggest strategic blunders ever in American history in Iraq and Afghanistan. As there is only MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX ISLAM and MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS, and anyone like Santorum that believes in the PC multicultural myth that there exist a so-called RADICAL ISLAM obviously also believes in the PC multicultural myth that there exist a so-called MODERATE ISLAM, and that the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world are peaceful and moderate Muslims. In other words, they aren't fit to be dogcatcher let alone president.

    • Asher

      All of Islam is in the Mode of forming a One World Wide Caliphate…They have united with the left as they did when Hitler's Nazi machine tried to dominate the World and Got their But kicked by the Allies!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Gingrich said that a massive energy independence program is needed to stop the Saudi exporting of Wahhabism

    Actually, what is needed is the seizure of the Mideast oilfields and the confiscation of the Saudi and Gulf State Emirs' immense unearned oil wealth. Not out of greed mind you, but in self-defense because they are collectively using their resources and assets to fund and finance the stealth global jihad against the West.

    I'm sorry but only seizing the Mideast oilfields and confiscating the immense unearned oil wealth of the Saudis and the Gulf State Emirs will eliminate the stealth global jihad. Indeed, if they are already waging war clandestinely against us perpetually, then common sense dictates they are our de facto enemies and as such must be eliminated.

    Not only that but the Bush administration, the Obama administration, and Congress altogether continue to approve senseless multibillion dollar weapons deals to the Saudis and the Gulf States that will inevitably be used against us and our ally Israel.

    • Flipside

      Jim, why don’t you I to Saudi Arabia and seize their oil fields? You’ll make an entertaining next Daniel Pearl video.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    To discredit Obama's performance on the economy the Republican nominee must run his campaign on honest unemployment numbers, and pledge to change the methodology back to pre-1994 once in office when discouraged workers were counted in the statistics as normally unemployed.

    Click ApolloSpeaks to read my piece, "Keeping Obama Honest About Unemployment Reality" at my top, widely linked TownHall blog.

    • Fred Dawes

      Obama is only doing what the big bankers want, and soon the people of this nation will understand what it means to live inside a third world police state with a big military that can pick you up and disappear you at any time it wants.

  • Flipside

    It is funny to watch FPM and its minions try to declare photographic and journalistic herem against Ron Paul. It’s like being shunned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • VoteRonPaul2012

    Ron Paul 2012! Audit the Fed! End all foreign wars!

    • fiddler

      And literally HAND Obama a second term? No thanks. I think FlipSide enthusiastically supported McCain in 08. The left tends to get all excited about a "conservative" they know their guy will beat.

      • Flipside

        No. I voted for McCain.

    • Fred Dawes

      THE Fool just don't get that Ron Paul is the only hope for a really foolish people.

    • Asher

      No thanks, We will not be voting for Appeaser of Islam, Ron Paul….Another Jimmy Carter!

  • Ghostwriter

    The last thing America needs is a Ron Paul Presidency. He lives in a fantasy world,not the real one. He's a isolationist that would endanger our country. We need leaders who live in the real world,not Never-Never Land.

    • Flipside

      He lives in a fantasy world where America is still a constitutional republic. We need that more than ever.

  • Fred Dawes

    The only guy that is real Is Ron Paul I understand that the Big Boys Hate real but its your only hope to.

  • Anamah

    I suspect Ron Paul had been touched by Islamic agents as Grover Norquist. This must to be investigated. Because he is not stupid nor so ignorant (may be a little but not so grossly much) however say nonsense and lies very close of what the Muslim baloneys use as weaponry against the truth and against America.