Major Covert Campaign Claims Another Iranian Scientist

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On November 28, massive explosions were heard in Isfahan, where there is a uranium conversion facility. The regime first claimed they were due to an “accident” and then said the reports were false. It has been reported that Western intelligence believes that a “bombing squad” infiltrated the site, setting off blasts that “wrecked” the site, including its stock of low-enriched uranium.

The Institute for Science and International Security, on the other hand, looked at satellite photos and concluded that the explosions did not occur at the conversion site and actually happened at a site 400 meters away. The buildings at the site were no longer standing when the photos were taken. The organization said that “this underground facility was originally a salt mine dating back to at least the 1980s, and that it has more recently been used for storage.  It is unclear what Iran stored in this underground facility.” The ISIS says the eliminated buildings were being demolished before the explosion happened.

On November 23, there was an explosion in Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, reportedly destroying a stock of hundreds of missiles and rockets. Hezbollah’s headquarters in Beirut suffered a blast in July. On November 12, a Revolutionary Guards missile base at Bid Kaneh near Tehran was destroyed, killing a top engineer overseeing Iran’s long-range ballistic program and at least 16 other Revolutionary Guardsmen. Michael Ledeen reports that Ayatollah Khamenei was informed that the real death toll is 377, including 4 North Koreans.

On October 12, a Revolutionary Guards base at Khorramabad experienced an explosion at an ammunitions stockpile. The reported death toll was 18. The site has an underground stockpile of Shahab-3 long-range missiles and launching pads. The International Atomic Energy Agency says that this is the missile that Iran has been designing a nuclear warhead for. This same month, the “Son of Stuxnet” was discovered. Stuxnet is the name of a “cyber superweapon” that damaged centrifuges and possibly the Bushehr nuclear reactor in the summer of 2009. Those that found the new virus are certain that it had the same authors.

On July 23, an Iranian nuclear scientist who specializes in neutron transport, the kind of expertise needed for nuclear reactions, was shot to death at his home. There are unconfirmed reports that he worked on nuclear triggers at a secret site in northeast Tehran. He was the fourth scientist to die. In November 2010, two were attacked in the same manner as Roshan. One died and one was wounded. The one who died specialized in neutron transport (just like the one that died on July 23 did) and the other had been blacklisted by the U.N. since 2007 for his role in Iran’s nuclear program.

In January 2010, a nuclear scientist was killed in a bomb attack. It is less certain that this was at the hands of a foreign intelligence service because he supported Mir-Hossein Mousavi, an opposition leader who ran against Ahmadinejad for the presidency. A man thought to be a top Hezbollah operative was witness to the scene. In January 2007, a scientist who worked at the Isfahan conversion site died when he was “suffocated by fumes from a faulty gas fire,” according to Iran.

In 2009, there was an explosion at Natanz, after which the chief of the Atomic Energy Organization was fired. Three years earlier, an explosion at the site destroyed 50 centrifuges. The regime said that “manipulated equipment” caused it. The U.S. and Israel have long tried to sell Iran booby-trapped equipment for its nuclear program on the black market. David Ignatius has reported on how faulty equipment has undermined the Isfahan site’s ability to remove impurities from low-enriched uranium.

There are too many incidents in too short of a period for these to be accidents. One or more foreign intelligence services must be behind them. The tempo of these incidents has increased sharply since October. A major covert campaign to rip apart Iran’s nuclear program is underway. If the pace holds, we should expect another incident within weeks.

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  • formationrx

    What BS! Their is no "mystery" who is behind these terrorist attacks– it is the mossad and terrorist group MEK. Israel and the US fund, provide intelligence, and weapons to the MEK terrorists. This is COMMON KNOWLEDGE in the intelligence community. This has been going on for years WAKE UP. Our leaders stand up and lie right to our faces. PATHETIC- and if anyone one of you believes otherwise you are a complete fool.

    • davarino

      Ouch, I'll get our people right on that. Heads will roll……..snicker……..thanks for stating the obvious.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Don't like Mossad? Then put them out of business. Hop to it!

    • mrbean

      Ahh comon you know that the Iranian scientist was transporting a bomb and it went off on him, the poor fellow, heh heh heh heh.

    • mikeb

      If it was the Mossad, then good.
      If US funds and intel resources helped, then double good.
      If it was internal Iranians who don't like seeing their country as an Islamic latrine hole, then good.

    • Stephen_Brady

      You're surprised? This is what covert operatives do. This blow things up, kill people, and break things. Iran is just angry that … this time …. they're the targets.

    • Fred Dawes

      We are a doomed nation and God is not coming back to save anyone.

    • alan g

      I get it. This is why 24 was cancelled. Jack Baur is on special assignment. Way to go Jack and Cloe.

    • Larry

      To Formationrx: The only complete fool seems to be you. While nobody is perfect I have to admit you are the perfect jackass.

    • alphakilosingh

      Well said.
      Onus is now on Mossad and the US Government to prove that they didn’t do it!

    • Ron Carnine

      I must be a fool then. There is no evidence linking Mossad to any of these attacks. When evidence comes then you can blame Israel. I didn't know you had access to the intelligence community so that you could call it "common knowledge". I was a cop for 16yrs. and no one called me to make it "common knowledge". Iran is led by insanity, who ever blows up their nuclear weapons program is doing the world a favor.

    • bearone7777


  • David M

    Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan´s elimination was more important because he was a ”basiji”
    ( very similar to Hitler´s SS) , second (if not first) man at Iran´s most important nuclear facility at Natanz. Basijis are awarded degrees without any merits and Roshan had only a degree in chemical engineering which is worthless because of the low education standards in Iran. He was the second man at Natanz not because of his ”scientific” merits but his loyalty to mullahs and as a basiji acted as the ears and eyes of mullahs at Iran´s most secret nuclear facility.

    Iran (although primitive and backward) has ideologically become Germany 1938 and it threatens the world peace. Mullahs should have been stopped many, many years ago. I don´t believe gutless, coward, worthless Barack Hussein, stupid David Cameron or clown Sarkozy have done anything to stop mullahs. Iran has given Israel the right to defend herself and I wish Israel every success.

    Iran is a danger to Israel but more to the Gulf states among them Saudi Arabia and UAE. They lack sophistication (contrary to Israel) but they are worried and they have money and money can buy not only politicians and journalists but also professionals who can do the job.

    • Carson

      Thank you for very informative analysis.

  • crackerjack

    If Hammas and Al quaida are wise, they should from now on declare their attacks as "covert campaigns"

    • Stephen_Brady

      And only you would believe them …

    • Fred Dawes

      Both setup by the CIAment And mosad.

    • kafir

      I love the smell of burnt muslims in the morning.

  • crackerjack

    And if Iran is wise, it will declare its nuclear programm " ambiguous" ;-)

    • CanadConserv

      Moral equivalence alert

  • reader

    I marvel at the reaction. Those who preach Ron Paul's "containment doctrine" to allegedly avoid a large scale catastrophy are all of a sudden angry when surgical moves are taken to slow down Iranian nuclear program. In other words, they really are all for the Iran becoming a major nuclear threat.

    • Fred Dawes

      why do you hate Ron Paul? is it he will not send out billions to others and allow our own people to die? stop the hate vote Ron save your own nation stop the hate remove 5 million muslims and save this nation, buy Guns we must STOP THE HATE! ( :-)

      The USA IS A doomed Nation but we can re

      • reader

        Judging from Ron Paul's News Letters, I hate Ron Paul much less than he does hate the Jews and the blacks. Now let me ask you this question: why do you keep repeating Ron Paul's idiotic straw-man about removing 5 million muslims? Is it because your IQ is lower than a floor trim, or is it because – like Ron Paul – you treat other people as though their IQ is lower than a floor trim?

  • Asher

    Just goes to show that there are other forces unseen who are in control of all that is happening!

  • Marty

    This sort of thing can't happen often enough. The iranian political and religious leadership should be eliminated as soon as possible. The country might dissolve into chaos and various subjugated non-persian minorities could break away and establish sovereign states. There really is an opportunity to make iran go away once and for all.

  • Indioviejo

    I see it as a very necessary preemptive strike on a savage enemy. This should be followed by covert support to Iranian dissidents for regime change, encouragement for Kurdish separatist to take up arms against Iran, and continue to take the fight to a sworn enemy of humanity. Whoever is responsible for this courageous action, should be commended.

  • Stephen_Brady

    When a nation's "leader" declares his intention to wipe another nation off the face of the earth, he can't be surprised when the target nation takes action against against him. Take note of all of the Soviet colonels who suddenly died or disappeared throughout the Third World, several decades ago. Lots of colonels. They died like flies.

    • Stan Lee

      Certainly, the Iranian regime has made an enemy of Israel, but there are interests in the Arab world that also have become silent enemies of the Iranian regime.
      There could be any number of interests involved in undermining the Iranian regime.
      Iran is under internal seige. Finally, the Arabs and Israel have found a common, mutual, enemy.

      • Stephen_Brady

        The oil-rich states of the Persian Gulf are, quite frankly, terrified of Iran, and would like to see the regime topple. Israel and the Arabs have, indeed, found a common, vicious,and brutal enemy.

  • BLJ

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • Fred Dawes

    and your point is? after all the system we have has NDAA And at some point will use it on Americans so you show pictures of monkeys??, is obama your best friend now? or maybe Mitt the white obama who want Americans to pay the bankers debt so the one world bankers can total control over us all?? and we can live in a big fake nation that has no Laws but one murder any who ask question or ask why the the money can't buy anything? the fact is we the people are about to become the new Jews and the camps have been setup to murder millions of real Americans

  • IranAware

    I love those on the job accidents

  • tanstaafl

    I believe the phrase "hoisted by your own petard" is germaine at this point.

    • scum

      Are we still allowed to say 'petard?'

  • Seamystic

    Thank You Whoever!

  • Bashy Quraishy

    Ryan Mauro writes: "Major Covert Campaign Claims Another Iranian Scientist" and then asks" Attacks increase fivefold, but is it enough to derail the nuclear threat?”
    I would call the above statement, a shameless admission of guilt as well as gloating on a naked aggression.
    How low USA has sunk that it is carrying out this covert assassinations of scientists in Iran and still talks about human rights violations there? How long this so-called civilized country would keep on doing such crimes, get away with it and still wish the world to respect them.
    No wonder, USA is loosing friends faster than a quick sand dune.
    Kind regards

    • tanstaafl

      Of course, the soldiers of Allah never would do such a thing! Never, ever!

    • reader

      Iranian nuclear weapons program is already an act of naked agression. Speaking about losing "friends" faster than a quick sand – why don't YOU get lost this fast then, a "friend"?

  • 9-11 Infidel

    I don't why everyone assumes that the US is behind all these targeted assasinations and sabotage efforts. Especially since Oblitherer has come out in support of Islamist efforts to usurp secular regimes in the ME. He did not support the Iranian opposition and has facilitated kicking out an opposition group in Iraq. I think the sabotage and assasinations are the work of the Iranian opposition. Call them members of the Green Party who are convinced that peaceful regime change is not possible. Of course Mossad is involved as well. But the US? The US intel community is run by incompetents who still think the boogey-man is AQ…when in reality it is Islam.

  • Nakba1948

    Gee, Israel is murdering Iranian civilians and impersonating American intelligence officials to hire known terrorists to strike against Iran, but Iran is the threat to world peace? Give me a break.

    • UCSPanther

      Glad you disliked this little "accident".

      Plenty of room in Iran for the likes of you…

  • scum

    What will become evident before too long is that Obama is working closer with Mossad than his predecessor, despite the blathering mantra of the 'Israel-hating president' we often hear on this site. Shared intelligence and resistance groups within Iran made it possible.

  • Flipside

    Every time I read the title, I imagine Ryan Mauro yelling “MAJOR COVERT CAMPAAAAIGN!!!!” through a megaphone like Rita Moreno.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Another possibility is that this guy was killed by the Mahdi-ists themselves because he crossed swords with the wrong people. In Iran, people are killed just based on rumors and innuendos. The Mahdi-ist government is a typical paranoid police state. Tehran has police, cameras, checkpoints and militias everywhere. It would be very difficult for an outsider to get past these checkpoints and simply disappear like the bombers were able to do so easily. It was an inside job.