Muslim Brotherhood Convention Comes to Chicago

For the second time in two months, stars of the Islamist movement in America will come together in the Chicago area, parading as the moderate Muslims we need to guide us. This time, it’s the 11th annual convention of the Muslim American Society and the Islamic Circle of North America on December 21-25.

Both the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) are in a 1991 internal Muslim Brotherhood list of “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.” Imprisoned Brotherhood operative Abdurrahman Alamoudi testified that “everyone knows that MAS is Muslim Brotherhood.” ICNA is closely linked to a Pakistani Islamist group called Jamaat-e-Islami and its 2010 handbook laid out a five-step strategy that culminates in a “united Islamic state, governed by an elected khalifah in accordance with the laws of shari’ah (Islamic law).” A former president and secretary-general of ICNA, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, is accused of committing war crimes by Bangladesh’s International Crimes Tribunal.

The theme of the event is, “Toward a Renaissance: Believe, Act & Engage.” The “Arab Spring associated with the Islamic Awakening in many parts of the Muslim world” is given as an example of this “renaissance.” By “renaissance,” MAS-ICNA means the Islamist ideology. That is the message an expected audience of 9,500 will hear.

The roster of speakers is filled with Islamists, one of which is even called an Islamist in his biography on the convention website. The page for Sheikh Abdelfattah Mourou, a founder of the Tunisian political party Al-Nahda, says he “started his Islamist activities in the 1960s.” He worked alongside Rashid al-Ghannouchi, another one of the party’s founders, who has a very extreme past but is still consistently described as a “moderate” in the Western media.

One major speaker is Tariq Ramadan, who was banned from entering the U.S. in 2004 because of a donation he made to a Hamas front. The ban was lifted in 2010 on orders from Secretary of State Clinton. He is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and the son of Said Ramadan, who was a major Brotherhood leader in Europe.

Nihad Awad is the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history. The federal government says CAIR is a creation of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee. Awad publicly supported Hamas as far back as 1994 and referred to the terrorist group and Hezbollah as “liberation movements” in an Arabic interview with Al-Jazeera in 2004.

Siraj Wahhaj is a favorite of the various Brotherhood affiliates and was listed as an “unindicted person who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He preaches that the U.S. should become an Islamic State.

“If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. If we were united and strong, we’d elect our own emir and give allegiance to him. Take my word, if eight million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us,” he said.

Wahhaj has said that “America is the most wicked government on the face of the planet Earth” and that the U.S. is a “garbage can” that he prays “crumbles.” The book Muslim Mafia quotes Wahhaj preaching violence. “We don’t need to arm the people with 9mms and Uzis. You need to arm them with righteousness first. And once you arm them with righteousness first, then you can arm them,” he said, as well as “I will never tell people, ‘Don’t be violent.’ That’s not the Islamic way.”

Imam Zaid Shakir told the New York Times in 2006 that he hopes to see the U.S. nonviolently become an Islamic State one day. He approves of attacks on U.S. soldiers in America and says that Hezbollah’s bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon was not an act of terrorism. In April, he wrote a poem that put the U.S. and its military in a disgustingly negative light. He believes in 9/11 conspiracy theories and blasts the U.S. for “demonizing” Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban, while characterizing Al-Qaeda, Hamas and other Islamist terrorists as flawed freedom fighters.

Mohamed Qatanani leads a mosque founded by a Hamas operative and the Department of Homeland Security wants to deport him because of his terror ties. He did not disclose on his green card application that Israel convicted him in 1993 for his involvement with Hamas. He admitted to having been a member of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood but says he left in 1991 because of time limitations.

He has also made shady money transfers. The DHS explained in a 2008 court filing, “It is certainly suspicious when a person who has been convicted of being a member of, and providing services, to Hamas, who has personal ties to a Hamas militant leader, and a Hamas fundraiser also sends undisclosed cash to the West Bank.” More recently, he said the U.S. should institute laws against anti-Islam speech.

Jamal Badawi is a founder of MAS and his fundraising for the Holy Land Foundation got him designated as an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial of the charity. He made a theological case for suicide bombings in 1999 by saying the action doesn’t qualify as suicide. In February 2009, he referred to Hamas terrorists as “martyrs” and endorsed the group’s “combative jihad” in March 2010. His name also appears in a 1992 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood phone book.

In July 2007, he spoke at an event in Qatar honoring senior Brotherhood cleric, Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, who likes to call himself the “mufti of martyrdom operations.” He is also on the board of Qaradawi’s International Association of Muslim Scholars that endorsed the killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

Imam Suhaib Webb is the imam of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. The mosque was founded by Abdurahman Alamoudi, the senior U.S. Brotherhood operative that now sits in prison on terror-related charges. The mosque’s 1998-2000 tax filings lists Qaradawi as one of its officials.

Hatem Bazian is the chairman of American Muslims for Palestine, the host of another major Islamist gathering in the Chicago area in November. In 2004, he called for an intifada in America to “change fundamentally the political dynamics here,” calling on Muslims to follow in the footsteps of Palestinians and Iraqis involved in an “uprising,” a subtle endorsement of those fighting U.S. soldiers in Iraq at that time. He eerily predicted, “They’re gonna say some Palestinian [is] being too radical – well, you haven’t seen radicalism yet.” In speeches this year, he made the U.S. sound like a racist, imperialist country that wages war on Islam abroad and persecutes innocent Muslims at home.

At MAS-ICNA’s 2009 conference, Ragheb Elsergany preached that Muslims must “liberate all of Palestine from the North to the South, from Al-Quds [Jerusalem] to the sea.” When this got attention, MAS-ICNA issued a statement saying “we deeply regret and affirm that such individuals will not be invited to future conferences,” not mentioning him by name. That same year, he said Allah commands Muslims to engage in jihad by “supporting the fighters, and the mujahideen and the besieged, and those in need there in Palestine.”

The 2009 statement was insincere. MAS-ICNA had him back in 2010 and he said that the Arab Spring would make Israel “vanish absolutely.”  He is speaking again this year.

Kifah Mustapha is also an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial and, like CAIR, was listed by the federal government as a member of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee. He used to be a volunteer for the pro-Hamas Islamic Association for Palestine, another Brotherhood front and he fundraised for the Holy Land Foundation, CAIR and MAS. He also was a vocalist in a band that performed pro-Hamas songs. He is an imam at the Mosque Foundation, which has strong Brotherhood affiliations.

The conference’s speakers include numerous senior officials from the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), another unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land trial that the federal government says is a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity. The FBI identified ISNA as a Brotherhood front as early as 1987 and a 1991 American Muslim Brotherhood document confirms it. The MAS-ICNA convention features ISNA Secretary-General Safaa Zarzour and former ISNA President Imam Mohammed Magid.

The MAS-ICNA website does not list the sponsors of its 2012 event but last year’s sponsors include the Dish Network, the Islamist group Islamic Relief USA, Turkish Airlines, Shop & Save Market, Allied Assets Advisors, Dar El Salam Travel, Zakat Foundation of America, Zaytuna College (America’s first Muslim college), Helping Hand for Relief & Development, Life for Relief & Development, Alwan Printing and Azzad Funds.

This December, while many of you will be celebrating Christmas, nearly 10,000 Muslims will be coming together in Chicago for a celebration of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This article was sponsored by the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

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  • Mary Sue

    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Anybody see the irony of meeting in the very city where destructive ideologies come to fruition, except that this one will undo all the things the previous garbage have been fighting for, should it gain in popularity?

    Irony: rejecting judaeo-christian values and whine about how the Bible has things in it like stone adulterers even though no Christian on earth wants that. Eventually get overrun with terroristic people who believe not only that this should be done, but that homosexuals should be killed too.

    Boy these commie bastards sure can pick 'em, can't they? (their allies)

    • gosha

      Mary Sue, you are right! Those who make such comments about Judeo-Christian values have a very poor understanding of the Bible. Stoning of adulterers was practiced during a time of direct Theocracy, that is when G-D was in direct rule over the Israel. This means that before stoning the inquiry will be made to G-D by the Levites priests and only upon confirmation by G-D such punishment will be done. It was done because an act of adultery would be considered a desecration of G-D’s name in His presence. This punishment was not practiced by Jews ever since second temple was destroyed and Theocracy ended.

      • Mary Sue


        Even then, it wasn't a vigilante mob that went around finding people to stone on the mere suspicion. People don't seem to comprehend why stoning stopped being used.

        Properly, stoning was outlawed by the Romans because only the Romans were to give out capital punishment, and Jesus knew this (which is why some people cornered him with the question of whether a woman should be stoned for adultery, with said adulterous woman in tow. Note that the MAN was nowhere to be found! They wanted to entrap him.) Now this isn't to say that stoning didn't occur after the Romans took away the Jews' right to enforce their own capital punishment. But if the Romans caught them doing it, they were in heap big trouble.

  • Spikey1

    At first I was surrounded only by Demotards now I have:
    islamists to the left of me
    and now islamists to my right.

    I'm about to say "f it" to Illinois.

    • erica

      IL also has huge populations of illegals ,Hamas members,muslim "refugee" Somalians and "Palestinians".
      Durbin the turban plans to make IL the most diverse state in the nation . He's also in competition with CA to have the most people on welfare and to bankrupt the state.

      So it's no surprise Chicago is hosting terrorists .
      It's easy to see why Obama ran from Chicago :

      In Illinois, for federal, state or local offices, candidates affirm that they are legally qualified in the Statement of Candidacy which, essentially, is an application form to get on the ballot. The election authorities do not check if this statement is true. All affirmations of citizenship are accepted as true by election authorities in Illinois. No proof of citizenship is included in the public record. Privacy laws, combined with a restrictive 5 day challenge period, completely prohibits the public from investigating on their own.

      As voters, we assume only legally qualified candidates are allowed ballot access. Defend the Vote has proven that when it involves citizenship, Illinois does not check, and prohibits citizens or other candidates from checking even when challenging during the 5 day qualification period allowed by Illinois law.

      February 2012: Senator Dan Duffy (Illinois 26th Senate District) introduced in the Illinois Senate, Senate Bill 3553 which has the following text:
      Amends the Election Code: Provides that, along with each petition for nomination, either (i) a certified copy of the candidate's birth certificate or (ii) any other reliable proof of the candidate's citizenship shall be filed with the appropriate election authority. Provides that the appropriate election authority may allow a member of the public to visually inspect the copy of the birth certificate or other proof of citizenship at the office of the local election authority but may not release a copy of the birth certificate or other proof of citizenship for duplication, transmission, or any other purpose. Permits the candidate to redact from the birth certificate or other proof of citizenship the maiden name of the candidate's mother and any social security numbers included on the document.

  • kafir4life

    These are the "values" that President Stinky's (BO) pal and lover (he's the first out of the closet POTUS, as per Time) Rahm was speaking of when he lambasted Chic-Fil-A for coming out against Stink's sexual proclivities. I wonder if Stink's and Rahm know what the followers of the RoP(tm) do to his fellow homosexuals. I wonder if any of the dolts who voted for Stinks know. I wonder if Moochie (the fat-bottomed first muslima) knows.

  • drivesguy

    With any luck, maybe one bunch will say something to set the other bunch off, like the Sunni and Shia in Syria, then they can off each other.

  • BLJ

    Where is a daisy cutter bomb when you need one?

    • Guest

      Or, a McVeigh-esque , truck-sized, dynamite-manure bomb,parked next to the facility?

      • Drakken

        Inside would be much better and more effective.

  • gman213

    Sounds like a good location for thousands to march in protest…calling them out for what they are SAVAGES

    • Mary Sue

      It's days like this I miss ProtestWarrior. :(

    • Herbster

      You are tight on the mark, GMAN213. 7th century savages. I'm sure our demander in chief, the islamo/communist, will send them, "Warm greetings of welcome and salutations, etc." I'm also sure that he will let them know that he really wanted to invite their "Leadership" to the White House, but he needs a little more "Flexibility" for that. Maybe next year?

    • Michaellaborde

      The po po there will arres any protesters against these terrorist.

  • Arlie

    Are you sure of the date of December 21-25? An earlier article I read had the date of November 21-25. Or is this a different conference. God help us. There is no such thing as a moderate mooslum. That is the first Lie they want us to believe.


  • Guest

    WHAT "Racism"?
    WHAT "Oppression"?
    WHAT "Persecution"?
    WHAT "Islamophobia"?
    WHAT "Intolerance"?
    WHAT "Unfairness"?

    To name but a few of their millenium-long litany of childishly,fevered,dementia,delusions,and pathological lying against the West.

    Expect Bill & Bernardine to be there,behind the scenes – most likely, two of the organizers….

    • ssgrick

      Behind the scenes….Bill Ayers behind the scenes???????? Hardly that communist will most likely be front and center in this also look for that other communist Our now ridiculed former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones. Of course you can just about expect any and all of obama's henchmen / women to be there.
      I definitely had to include women in my last sentence because lets face it obama hasn't made a single decision on his own without the approval of Valerie Jarrett, who by the way is really the person in charge right now.

    • Herbster

      I can assure you that "The administration" will (Quietly) be represented. Perhaps the "Outstanding MUSLIM representative from Minesota" will be there (Undercover) to represent our islamist-in-chief.

  • Drakken

    Imagine if in one fell swoop you could eliminate a major threat to us in the west if patriots would do what is neccessary. Enough is enough, to let our enemy openly stick their middle finger at us is outrageous.

  • weroinnm

    Godfather of The Islamic Revolution!
    “Food For Thought”

    Semper Fi!


  • gosha

    Somebody, Please explain to me if this all is such a common knowledge and all those people are known terrorists why they are still not in jail? If journalist knows this all, where is our FBI?

    • Truthbetold

      Hanging Patreaus and Allen to cover up for POTUS's poor excuse for Benghazi. They are more interested in the "affair" than the real affair.

  • riverboatbill

    Where else?

  • kyra

    sounds like a great opportunity to do some mischief with them all gathered together like a swarm of insects.

    • Lois

      Pore some pig blood on them.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Islamist's confer on Mullah Obama's adopted turf, Chicago, Hell is for later…………William

  • H.j.Dcruz

    The Muslim community are working quietly in getting politically strong and make the Islamic caliphate in the western countries.The white westerners are groomed to destroy their values , culture and tradition and are in moral decay. Chicago is a hotbed for radical Islamic followers.The will arrive in the USA and other western countries are students, businessmen ,refugees and marriages of convince. They are working on ways how to get around the immigration and other social security laws to benefit.The are going to abuse the freedom of the west.Yasmin Ali-brown a renowned writer and journalist says wherever Muslim go freedom is abused and destroyed.

  • Auntie_Lo

    Be interesting to know if any of the persons mentioned on are the "no-fly" list.

  • towtruck

    Let me get this strait… mutilation, rape,amputation,beheading,stoning
    How much of this is peaceful????

    How much of this is hate and rage??????

    Is there anyone who wants that in USA? In Britain?

  • t.towntraveler

    No fly list?
    Which Chamber of Commerce invited this group?
    How much longer do the "mice of America" just turn their little heads and let them do whatever they want? Aren't we still in a war with these 'peaceful' people?? What if Japanese who planned the Pearl Harbor bombing before WWII decided they wanted to 'fly into Chicago and have a convention in 1942'…thing we would have just opened the gates and welcomed them??? SAME THING FOLKS Wake up!!!!