Obama Welcomes Brotherhood Run for Egyptian Presidency

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Three long-standing Brotherhood officials resigned in protest of Shater’s campaign. One of them, Kamal el-Helbawi, suspects that a deal has been struck between the ruling military council and the Brotherhood. He points out that the council declared Shater innocent of all charges brought against him. Shater serves as an important liaison between the military council and the Brotherhood.

Dr. Daniel Pipes and Cynthia Farahat believe that the military council has a power-sharing arrangement with the Islamists that will allow the generals to justify their rule. There were widespread allegations of fraud in the elections and reports that the military council even funded and supplied the Islamists.

Another reason for the welcoming of the Brotherhood’s presidential campaign by some senior U.S. officials is that it is looked upon as a “moderate Islamist” group that can counter Al-Qaeda and similar jihadists.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said in January that “Al-Qaeda probably will find it difficult to compete for local support with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood” and that “non-violent, pro-democracy demonstrations challenge Al-Qaeda’s violent jihadist ideology and might yield increased political power for secular or moderate Islamist parties.”

When the Brotherhood’s second-in-command said it would “not recognize Israel under circumstances and might put the peace treaty up to a referendum,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland brushed it off as the opinion of just one Brotherhood member. “We have had other assurances from the party with regard to their commitment not only to universal human rights, but to the international obligations that the government of Egypt has undertaken,” she said.

William Taylor, the State Department official overseeing U.S. aid to the countries affected by the Arab Spring, struck a similar tone when he was asked about why his office was giving election training to Brotherhood members. “What we need to do is judge people and parties and movements on what they do, not what they’re called,” he replied.

The second part of Taylor’s answer exposed his ignorance of what the Brotherhood preaches. He said, “as long as parties, entities do not espouse or conduct violence, we’ll work with them.” The U.S. “should not be afraid of [the Brotherhood]. We should deal with them,” he feels. All indications are that the options are not good for the direction of Egypt. Islamic theocracy is the ultimate destination — the only question is whether the country will arrive there by street car or speeding train. And so far, the Obama administration’s role has only been to make this transition more expeditious.

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  • Brian Donegal

    The ass kissing is just sickening.

  • effemall

    The state department lads think this is great because they were told to think that way by Sheik Obama who stated openly during the so-called Arab Spring while screaming for Mubarak to "Leave NOW" that "the new government should have a religious component." Of course, to be fair, he might have had a Coptic Christian or Catholic or Jewish component in mind since he strives to be Democratic and to overcome his Muslim upbringing. The frightening and depressing thing is that the GOP has no stellar candidates and American voters are largely mentally challenged and America may bring back for a second term its biggest enemy since Benedict Arnold.

  • RonCarnine

    It amazes me that Obama's gov't is excited that someone who flat out lied to the US and the world is running for the head of the nation of Egypt. It makes no sense whatsoever to support a liar. Our gov't is led by fools and idiots and our President tops the list. It is unbelievable that we back a leader who has not only lied to us but indicates that he will work for the destruction of Israel. Israel must think we are crazy and is finding out that her greatest threat is supposed to be her greatest ally.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Why shouldn't they be excited, Americans elected such a leader……………….William

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    four muslim hands on one belly;Oh brother are"nt they hoods.

  • Steve Chavez

    WATCH CAREFULLY OBAMA'S CAIRO SPEECH on youtube. Watch his face and tone of voice especially around the twenty minute mark when he talks about "extremism" when he tells them it is not the way BUT the look on his face changes and tone of voice changes AND IS SECRETLY TELLING THEM "EXTREMISM" IS THE WAY. Everything he says is what he telling them to do the opposite if they want their way. Now you see why he supported the overthrow of Egypt and Mubarak who had signed a PEACE TREATY WITH ISRAEL.

    Libya is child's play compared to SYRIA and yet no action against them except meaningless sanctions. WHY? Syria, a proxy of Iran, aids terrorist groups that attack Israel, OBAMA'S SECRET ENEMY AND YET AMERICAN JEWS WILL STILL SUPPORT HIM and fund him because they are life long Democrats. THIS LEADS ME TO BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE FAKE JEWS!

    • Mel M

      And Obama has done nothing to stop the ongoing genocide in Sudan, where millions of innocent people have been killed. And guess what, the government of Sudan is backed by none other than the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • maghrebchristians

    The current year is seen as a crucial year for the church. There are some signs that things might become more difficult. In the beginning of March, three brothers were arrested at a coffee shop. “It was clear that they were arrested because of their Christian activity. The police asked questions about this and tried to find Christian literature or material.” According to the Open Doors spokesman, they also tried to find the pastor of the three men. He was warned, however, and went to a safe place. The three men were released a day after their arrest because of lack of proof.

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  • maghrebchristians

    Today is Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s son’s birthday. While he didn’t get the present he really wanted, his father’s freedom, he did receive a very special gift. Pastor Youcef’s son was able to visit his father in prison.

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  • Mel M

    The White House and US State Department's belief that the Muslim Brotherhood does not support violence is proof that it is run by brainless idiots . All one has to do to understand the REAL nature of the Muslim Brotherhood is to observe what has happened in the Sudan since the Muslim Brotherhood backed regime of Omar Bashir came to power in 1989. The death toll there is so high the media seldom even bother to mention it anymore even though genocidal campaigns are continuing. How many innocent lives did Mubarak kill? Hundreds? Maybe a few thousand? Meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood backed criminals in Khartoum have killed millions upon millions of innocent people. Then again, maybe Obama and his ilk do not consider rape, beheadings, slavery and the bombings of churches, schools and hospitals as constituting acts of "violence" as long as they are being committed against people who don't agree with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Of course they understand. Obama takes any excuse possible to support the muslim brotherhood, his muslim heritage means more to him than he can admit.

      • Mel M

        Yeah. It would not surprise me one bit to discover that Obama himself is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. His loyalty to them is surpassed only by James Clapper's spectacularly stupid assertions about the MB's "moderate" and "secular" platform. The Muslim Brotherhood's agenda needs to be locked in the annals of ancient human history as one of its darkest anomallies, NOT occupying a sympathetic place at the seat of governance in this world's greatest superpower.

  • BLJ

    Sure he does. His middle name is Hussein afterall.

  • Jakareh

    I don't about Israel disappearing, but the State of Egypt may soon vanish from the banks of the Nile.

  • Schlomotion

    I glean from this article that no Muslims should be allowed to run any countries. Is this correct?

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Bet your sweet @ss, Schloim baby!

      Shariah Muslim rulers suck! Secular muzzie rulers are the best the OOOOmah can hope for.

    • Tanstaafl


    • kafir4life

      I love muslim only countries! Where there are no infidels, muslims eat their own. It's a beautiful thing to see, and extremely koranic!! How can you not look at Syria and say Neat-O? muslims slaughtering muslims! I would encourage them. If every muslim killed just one muslim a day, the entire problem would be solved within months. One muslim a day. Is that too much to ask??

  • Ghostwriter

    Maybe you should reread the article,Schlomotion. The Muslim Brotherhood aren't exactly nice guys. They can be best described as Islam's version of the Mafia. They're a bunch of vicious monsters who wouldn't hesitate to kill you if you got in their way. And what's worse,they can use religion to justify their actions. Maybe,you should be careful about who you choose to side with,Schlomotion. You might end up dead.

    • Schlomotion

      I don't know. I'm pretty good with my hands. Despite the fervent wishes of the commenters here, I am not going to be killed. Regarding rereading the article, I ask you, how many times can a person reread an article by someone who claims to be an Asymmetrical Warfare intelligence analyst but is still seeking a Masters Degree in Political Science, and it's reflected in the writing? How nice were Irgun when they were trying to make their country? Not very.

  • Coptic John

    I wanna make it clear that … all islamic and jihadi groups and movements all over the world came out from one source which is MB.
    For instance Salifists are not more than another face for MB, infiltrated years ago by MB when they knew that Mubarak's regime was about to formulate another movement to hold them back in the street. so they worked in unison in the last parliamentary election and now in the parliament and the constitution.
    By the way The Muslim Brotherhood put Hazem Abu ismail up as a candidate for the parliament in 1995 and 2005 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hazem_Salah_Abu_Isma… )

  • Tanstaafl

    Dhimmis in the White House.

  • ross1948

    And then there's this, a claim by one of Indonesia's most rabid Islamist government mnisters, that he's been visited by approving Obama envoys. But he didn't identify them – can any readers shed light on this?

  • Mary

    Here is a national Petition to impeach President Obama for his traitorous actions and because he is not eligible to be President per the U.S. Constitution:
    http://www.impeachpresidentobama.weebly.com or http://www.petition2congress.com/6519/impeach-mr-

    We need a governmental reset to route out enforcement of Sharia law.

    At the very least, expose President's actions before the election.